Downgradable PS3 Models

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  1. Moe says:

    I just found out i could downgrade and jb mine its unbelievable happiness and relief GTA IM COMING

  2. Zach says:

    I need to dump the 4.46 ofw keys and use them for my cfw.

  3. Fckdstar says:

    Wooott D: What about 3011 e-e, noothign about it ? D: Dev, help us D:, we pay gud muney!

  4. hussam says:

    Mine is super slim cech4006c…it can be jailbreaked??

  5. Hafeez says:

    Ihave ps3 cech 250 1 a how to jailbreak

  6. Hafeez says:

    i have “CECH 250-1A” plz u tell me this model is jailbreakable or not,, Thanks


  7. islem says:

    Hello , i have a PS3 cech-30.. i want to know how to downgrad it ?

  8. mo says:

    Hi need to know one thing can you downgrade any PS3 to CFW as long as it is higher than the lowest required Praxis?

  9. Jetfirejake says:

    So if the console is updated past 3.55 it can be downgraded as long as it was shipped at a firmware lower than that?

  10. SKUD says:

    Yes assuming you dont have an Eflasher or Offical Firmware updated past 3.55

  11. Kwame says:

    Can I downgrade my ps3 slim cech 3003A, version 4.01?

  12. hacker says:

    so i cant downgrade my ps3 to 3.55 because if have CECH-4..B

  13. i need ps3 data cesh mmc setup pz

  14. mike says:

    I have a cech 2001b 260g hdd it has 4.66 fw currently, according to ur chart it came factory with 2.76 fw. so my question is can I just factory reset it thru the systems menu. and if I do will it take me back to “true factory setting”

  15. ibra says:

    How can i downgrade my ps3

  16. amir says:


  17. jibran says:

    can i jailbreak my ps3 cech 3003a 160gb slim software version 4.70 ? help plz

  18. mano says:

    what about cecha01 fat model on 4.70

  19. Abdul says:

    Pls am using ps3 cech 2501B can it be jailbreakable. Pls tell me the site were to download the cfw file pls 4.46 to 3.55 tnx

  20. Dushy says:

    read carefully…i talked a guy from delhi regarding ps3 jailbreak. i had a ps3 3008b and he was saying that 3k model cab be jailbreak also. He assured me about that. even he was sure to jailbreak the 4k models. He told me that the cfw for 3k series is available in the market from two years back.

  21. andrew says:

    Hey wolo was curious i have a file that says its compatible for cech-3001a ofw 4.76 its a jailbreak was just curious is it even possible todo that yet

  22. andrew says:

    Hey wolo was curious i have a file that says its compatible for cech-3001a ofw 4.76 its a jailbreak was just curious is it even possible todo that yet?

  23. INK says:


  24. Oink says:

    Hi. Can i Jailbreak my ps3 phat cechl00? please answer me tia. (y)

  25. I have a phat chechl01 can it be downgrade full chart won’t load?

  26. seth says:

    How come the whole model numbers are not on there?

  27. Tarun says:

    can i downgrade PS3 super slim model no CECH-4008A

  28. tarish says:

    can i jailbeck my ps3 cechlo6

  29. lheeth says:

    Can i jailbreak my ps3 slim model cech-2112B 4.46 downgrade to 3.55 possible to jailbreak??

    Thnx..if any one can answer my question…

  30. Hopeful says:

    Please is it possible to jailbreak my CECH-4011B?

  31. Amir says:

    Hi can I Jailbreak my ps3 CHECH-3004B ?

  32. carlos says:

    what flash reader means ????

  33. Martin says:

    My ps3 super slim is chech 4001c can it be jailbreak?

  34. rey says:

    what about cechk01 can that be downgraded

  35. Joyfyul says:

    I have FAT CHCHE01 MG how do i jailbreak. please email me at

  36. Xavier says:

    can downgrade a CECH-2501B 4.80? I’ve had the ps3 for about 4-5 years now.

  37. Acts says:

    can slim cech2501b be downgraded?

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