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Downgradable PS3 Models


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87 Responses

  1. Ukdna says:

    How do I tell which of the CECH 25..B I have?

    • ricerrr says:

      there’s a sticker on the bottom of the ps3 that says the date mine says July 2010 witch is the SKU Release Date 7/2010

  2. DivineBliss says:

    Lets just put it this way. If you updated past 3.55 you’r totally f@cked. That’s all this article should say. And if you do have 3.55 then you already know all this and their is no reason to read it.

    • wololo says:

      Not true, this article is about downgrading. It is *exactly* for people who updated past 3.55, but at *some* point were at 3.55

    • joejoe says:

      You need to learn to read the article as wololo explains here.

      • Andrew Wright says:

        you mean Jd8531

        • DecisiveGamer says:

          No, he means as wololo explained to him:
          “Not true, this article is about downgrading. It is *exactly* for people who updated past 3.55, but at *some* point were at 3.55″


      • malik says:



  3. :p says:

    so pretty much all fat models shippped with firmware below 3.55

    • Brandts says:

      It seems like pretty much every console bought in 2011 and 2012 can’t de downgraded (that indeed includes all the fat models)

  4. Scousetomo says:

    Great post mate this will help many people out before buying a flasher on a ps3 that cant be done

  5. Albie85 says:

    It’s good to no for people who r using hardware flasher to downgrade some people ain’t so lucky to already have cfw. I’ve got 2 one 60gb fat jb and my slim untouched on 4.30. As soon as u can install on higher fw ill jus be using 1. Jus like the psp only need 1. Long live pandora battery!!

  6. liblame says:

    I was lucky. Bought a PS3 Slim J-Model new from Amazon.de and it was shipped with 3.50
    I want to flash it this week and try myself on some homebrew.

  7. Tony486 says:

    Verry usefull guide, thx!

    PS3 minverchk tell me I can’t downgrade under 3.60… So, I’m sc***…

  8. MUD says:

    Can some one please tell me how to do a NAND dump.

    Every tutorial says start multi man then hit “start and select” this brings me to a window’ish screen what do I do from here?

    • Tonakai says:

      To dump NAND/NOR: mmOS->Select any file->Open in HEX viewer->[SELECT]->[START]->DUMP LV2(NO)->DUMP LV1(NO)->DUMP FLASH(YES)

      • MUD says:

        OK select any file? I see PS3 Root, MultiMAN, Games, Themes, ShowTime, WW Browser and Whats New.txt

        It looks kinda like Windows OS.?

        This is driving me nuts.
        Thanks for the help Tonakai.

  9. DS_Marine says:

    Nice article. I don’t own a PS3, but the ‘flash reader’ column means that I can dump the ps3 flash AND ALSO write to it?

  10. Tonakai says:

    Great article here, JD. It’s something that definitely needed to be put out there (and something I had considered doing myself – though you went into great detail and included clear images too). Nice one!

  11. Reshiram says:

    PS3 SLIM
    CECH 2001B
    DATE DEC 2008

    Can I still use software or hardware to downgrade?

  12. gunblad says:

    so i have a fat 80gig n a slim 25b1 i was wandeing wich of the two would be better to put downgade on the fats on 3.XX firmware n the slims on 4.30..

  13. Reshiram says:

    I mean Dec 09

  14. Yoti says:

    Thanks, Jd8531!

  15. xoombie503 says:

    i had custom firmware before and updated cuz there was only emulators and the scene looked dead..now im stuck.i can downgrade if i buy a flasher but thats complicated and none of us noobs would like to even try

  16. Mr. Jack says:

    So the Slim (CECH-3000B) can be downgraded. So does this mean the Slim (CECH-3001B) can be downgraded or not? I own the Slim model that came in a bundle with the Playstation Move at OFW 4.11if I remember correctly.

  17. spearcom says:

    I want to downgrade and ive never used a hacked pa3 before.
    i have had psps including the go on cfw before.

    i just want to know what i can do and if i can rip my on games and blurays directly on to it. im sick and tired of having to change discs.


  18. Drew says:

    And all of these consoles require hardmods, correct? Or is there a game with a flaw like PS2’s 007 or Xbox’s Splinter Cell, or a flaw in the OS like Wii’s Bannerbomb?

    • hammer says:

      no if you are on 3.55 or below you just need a jailbreak dongle or 1 of the many psfreedom ports.

      • Drew says:

        Ah, but any higher and you must hardmod in order to get to 3.55 which then requires a dongle or “port”?

        • hammer says:

          yes any higher than 3.55 and you need a hardware flasher to downgrade’
          ps my earlier statement wasn’t right, because if you are on firmware lower than 3.56 than you can install cfw without the need for dongle/port

  19. vegetag5 says:

    usb flasher !!!!!!anyone

  20. gungah says:

    I have a CHECH 2501B made in August 2012 and a CHECH 2501A made in November 2010

  21. yyy says:

    Why is a downgraded needed actually? Why not just flash a PS3 that is on OFW 4.25 for example, and flash it directly to CFW 4.25?

  22. iDok says:

    ok greeting, why always same table ?!!
    plz update CECH 250-4A 160GB its a 3.56 ofw from factory !!!
    so MinVerChek ll say 3.56 last ver to downgrade

  23. hammer says:

    just downgraded my ps3, took forever as I ran into many problems but what a feeling of accomplishment

  24. kingzhaoqq says:


  25. kingzhaoqq says:


  26. thecoldest1 says:

    It is nice to hear about the ps3

  27. RealityCheck says:

    DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BE FOOLED INTO THINKING THAT NEWER PS3’S CAN NOT HAVE CFW INSTALLED ONTO THEM! I HAVE SEEN IT IN ACTION! There is a big debate as to whether or not releasing to the public as to how to install or not! EVERY KEY HAS BEEN DECRYPTED! Some dev’s wanna keep it to themselves, others wanna wait till the end of the PS3 is near, and others think it should be released to the public but are worried of repercussions from sony! If you don’t believe me, ask yourself one question, how long did the Three Musketeers have the keys in their possession before they released it. Only because they “HAD” to right? All the while letting people think decrypting the key was next to impossible. Do NOT be fooled! It has been done, but is being kept under wraps for the time being.

  28. kjhkj says:

    how bout super slim?

  29. Zix says:

    damn it, mines a Slim CECH-3003-A, I bought this one preowned at CeX in the hope it was downgradable. Aw well suppose ill have to live with the disappointment.

    @wololo….. will us unlucky folk ever be able to mod our PS3. Would something similar to HBL be possible on PS3?

  30. Qaisar says:

    i have “CECH 250-7A” plz u tell me this model is downgradeable or not,, Thanks

  31. Ali Asad says:

    Please tell me , I have bought ps3 slim from Canada and I checked my ps3 Version 3.72 and serial CF622050339-CECH-3001B . I wanna play 3.55 games from net download and can it be hacked 3.55 . Please help me

  32. Moe says:

    I just found out i could downgrade and jb mine its unbelievable happiness and relief GTA IM COMING

  33. Zach says:

    I need to dump the 4.46 ofw keys and use them for my cfw.

  34. Fckdstar says:

    Wooott D: What about 3011 e-e, noothign about it ? D: Dev, help us D:, we pay gud muney!

  35. hussam says:

    Mine is super slim cech4006c…it can be jailbreaked??

  36. Hafeez says:

    Ihave ps3 cech 250 1 a how to jailbreak

  37. Hafeez says:

    i have “CECH 250-1A” plz u tell me this model is jailbreakable or not,, Thanks


  38. islem says:

    Hello , i have a PS3 cech-30.. i want to know how to downgrad it ?

  39. mo says:

    Hi need to know one thing can you downgrade any PS3 to CFW as long as it is higher than the lowest required Praxis?

  40. Jetfirejake says:

    So if the console is updated past 3.55 it can be downgraded as long as it was shipped at a firmware lower than that?

  41. SKUD says:

    Yes assuming you dont have an Eflasher or Offical Firmware updated past 3.55

  42. Kwame says:

    Can I downgrade my ps3 slim cech 3003A, version 4.01?

  43. hacker says:

    so i cant downgrade my ps3 to 3.55 because if have CECH-4..B

  44. i need ps3 data cesh mmc setup pz

  45. mike says:

    I have a cech 2001b 260g hdd it has 4.66 fw currently, according to ur chart it came factory with 2.76 fw. so my question is can I just factory reset it thru the systems menu. and if I do will it take me back to “true factory setting”

  46. ibra says:

    How can i downgrade my ps3

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