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A Very Busy Day – Rogero 4.30 Release + New versions of MultiMAN, PS Tools and Yet Another Bypass released.

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  1. luffy says:

    still cant use this .. cant downgrade my ps3 .. any other way of downgrading a ps3 from 4.30 to 3.55 without using e3 flasher?

  2. Killbenn says:

    Can we install ps2 games and play them?

    “PS2 Multi Tools:

    Fixed copying PS2 Games to HDD (now works perfectly)”

  3. Orochi says:


  4. Linkedot says:

    Yes ! Amazing progress.
    Now just one last thing.
    A soft downgrader for Ofw.

  5. scousetomo says:

    im currently running this now as wololo says even if you havent downgraded before make sure to dehash

    • Tonakai says:

      I’d love that too.

      • Tonakai says:

        That was a reply to the wrong thing, sorry 😛

        This wasn’t written by Wololo though, just so you know. Also, in regards to that, I did not mean if you have never downgraded before. You only need to Dehash if you’ve converted CEX to DEX.

  6. TheSpillmonkey says:

    When upgrading from 3.55 to any of these 4.x CFWs, can you always then soft-downgrade back to 3.55 if you needed to?

    I assume part of the CFW is keeping the exploit within 3.55 (or that they are built from the 3.55 ofw as a base)
    Am I correct in that assumption?

  7. DefproHD says:

    So, does it work on the ps3 slim 3k models?

  8. BGamerz says:

    Can I run MultiMan signed with 4.21 keys on 4.30 OFW if I Data Transfer it?

  9. FruityPebbles says:

    Ninja hear my cry, I need something new for ps vita, release something bro.

    • HIMFan says:

      No. You have to start from 3.55 or lower firmware. Super slim’s came out with 4.XX on them. You cannot downgrade lower than what your PS3 came with.

      And the reason that YAB has no love on 4.30CFW is because you can get online with 4.30, theres no need for a workaround.

  10. echocrome says:

    hi there – everything work fine, except some of my psn titles dont start
    anymore – what happend?
    any idea?

  11. lol says:

    Sadly even with LV0 keys leaked I don’t think any of us that are.above 3.55 will be able to have cfw without the mentioned 3 ways, don’t think we will ever have an easy way to jailbreak 🙁

  12. raymond hemphill says:

    I bought a used Slim ps3 it started at OFW 3.66 and I updated to 4.30. Can I downgrade it?

    • Tonakai says:

      You can downgrade back to 3.66, which is largely pointless as you need 3.55 or lower.

      Sadly, the only option open to you is to get another PS3. :/

      • I might do that in the far future trust me will get one even if I don’t even update my ps3 next update I use my vista and hack that. I’m on of 1.81. So I’m good on that had Until they release a new hack for it.

      • Aces says:

        You miss the important part. He clearly said “Used”, he may of got it at 3.66 but theres no telling how low it was when its original owner bought it

      • Aces says:

        Below is a list of PS3 models (for fat and slim) and their base firmware courtesy of tito1:

        Base Firmware for fat PS3 model:
        40GB CECHG04 – Fat OFW 1.90 (Max. Downgrade)
        40GB CECHG04 – Fat OFW 1.90 (Max. Downgrade)
        60GB CECHC04 – Fat OFW 1.0 (Max. Downgrade)
        60GB CECHC04 – Fat OFW 1.1 (Max. Downgrade)
        80GB CECHK04 – Fat OFW 2.16 (Max. Downgrade)
        CHECHE11 80GB – Fat OFW 2.40 (Max. Downgrade)
        Fat DECR1400A – FWD 2.60 (Max. Downgrade)
        80GB CECHE01 – Fat OFW 1.00 (Max. Downgrade)
        160 GB CECHP04 – Fat OFW 2.45 (Max. Downgrade)
        Base Firmware for slim PS3 model:
        120Gb SLIM OFW CECH2004A – 2.70 (Max.Downgrade)
        120GB SLIM OFW CECH2001A – 2.70 (Max.Downgrade)
        250GB SLIM OFW CECH2004B – 2.70 (Max.Downgrade)
        320GB SLIM OFW CECH2504B – 3.40 (Max.Downgrade)
        FYI 🙂

  13. MUD says:

    I’m sold!
    Now can some one give me a tutorial on the safest way to upgrade from 3.55 Kmeaw to 4.30 Rogero?
    I’m guessing.
    1. Go back to official 3.55 with USB update.
    2. Install Rogero 4.30 with USB update.?

    Just sounds to easy…?

    • Tonakai says:

      It’s really simple (luckily).

      First you’ll need to dehash if you’ve converted to DEX. It may be better to use Rogero CEX3.55 v3.7 for this (Download here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6njwvd)

      Next update from the Recovery Menu using the files I provided in the article using USB like you said.

      Good Luck 🙂

      • MUD says:

        The DEX thing, was that the one that came out about a year ago? you need to get files off the PS3 then install stuff using them.? If so I didnt do that. 🙂

        Is it safe to go straight from 3.55 Kmeaw to 4.30 Rogero or should I go to 3.55 OFW then Recorvery Menu then the Rogero install?

        Big thanks. Tonakai
        I cant find a upgrade 3.55 CFW to 4.20+ CFW walk threw anywhere.

        • Tonakai says:

          I’m not entirely sure how you convert CEX to DEX because I never felt any need for it, so maybe you should research this just to be sure you didn’t and avoid a brick 😛

          I’m not sure how safe that would be (lol I’m a great help!), but using Rogero’s 3.55 is recommended by his upgrade tut (which you can read here: http://tortuga-cove.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=127&t=3708). Personally I would do it just to be on the safe side.

          As for the thanks; you’re welcome! 🙂

  14. abdou007 says:

    not good enought

  15. John_Scott says:

    “mere hours” it takes mere seconds to replace the coldboot image with ps3mfw builder. you should try it sometime 😉 you could call it 4.30-MFW-Tonakai.

  16. Trevor says:

    can any CFW be run on a Playstation 3 with a 256 MB NAND?

  17. John_Scott says:

    diff of e3 cfw and Rogero 4.30 v1.00

    $ diff -r -q ./430_rog/update_files ./e3cfw/update_files
    Files ./430_rog/update_files/CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg and ./e3cfw/update_files/CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg differ.
    Files ./430_rog/update_files/dev_flash/vsh/resource/coldboot.raf and ./e3cfw/update_files/dev_flash/vsh/resource/coldboot.raf differ.
    Files ./430_rog/update_files/dev_flash/vsh/resource/theme/01.p3t and ./e3cfw/update_files/dev_flash/vsh/resource/theme/01.p3t differ.
    Files ./430_rog/update_files/UPL.xml/content and ./e3cfw/update_files/UPL.xml/content differ.
    Files ./430_rog/update_files/UPL.xml/info0 and ./e3cfw/update_files/UPL.xml/info0 differ.
    Files ./430_rog/update_files/UPL.xml/info1 and ./e3cfw/update_files/UPL.xml/info1 differ.
    Files ./430_rog/update_files/UPL.xml.pkg and ./e3cfw/update_files/UPL.xml.pkg differ.

      • John_Scott says:

        i posted this in the 4.30 E3 CFW thread. just letting people know that the last thing came true 😛
        Rogero 4.30 CFW v1 = E3 4.30 CFW.

        [quote]Rogero v1.00 = BLUEDISK cfw without drm.
        Rogero v1.09 = MONSTER 4.21 v4 cfw.. the one the Chinese where testing.

        not 1 patch is new from Rogero in those fw’s.. he just put his image/name all over it.. and caused many people bricks.. because he has no idea what he is doing.. and if there is a future Rogero MFW for 4.30 it will just be a repack of this one with his name all over it.[/quote]

  18. tha boss says:

    is this way of by passing safe to use??? because i dont want a bann or brick

  19. gungah says:

    My ps3 slim is a 2501b model that was previously flashed with 3.55.2 rebug before i updated is it possible to downgrade it for cfw?

  20. MUD says:

    There’s got to be a easier way for PS3 3.55 Kmeaw someone let me know if this will work.

    0. Start from 3.55 Kmeaw.

    1. Install 3.55 OFW from the Recovery Menu (I dont need the downgrade tutorial or install anything from it because I was on 3.55 CFW and never over 3.55? Right?)

    2. Now that I’m on 3.55 OFW I can install 3.55 Rogero CFW from the Recovery Menu.

    3. Now that I’m on 3.55 Rogero CFW I can go to the Recovery Menu and at last install 4.30 Rogero CFW.?

    Will that work or do I need to follow the downgrade tutorial to?

    I dont want to install things to my PS3 that I will not need?

    Hope this helps me and other people. 🙂

  21. Michael says:

    A quick question. if i upgrade from 4.25 to 4.30 will that reduce my chances of being able to use a software downgrader if one gets developed?

  22. kosuke says:

    is it possiable to downgrade a 4.25 2gen ps3

  23. owanef says:

    Looks like sony tryng to keep him busy cause they just rolled out OFW 4.31. AND *** WERE IS THE VITA EXPLOIT BEEN NEARLY 2 WEEKS. HOW SAD.

    • Michael says:

      be patient. 1: 2 weeks is not even long, think about it. and 2: stop acting spoiled, we don’t deserve an exploit, we may get one and we should be grateful if and when we do.

  24. Hugguito says:

    ainda espero um ninja para o ps3 também
    I still hope for a ninja ps3 also

  25. >_> says:

    Hey mods, quit deleting my comments XD A professional troll’s gotta troll ya know?? 😛

  26. mani says:

    i have ps3 running on 3.55 ..should i have to update it on 4.30

  27. Spring_yan says:

    For waiting people is a good news!
    Thank you for your hard!
    Take a break please!

  28. Chess says:

    Can I downgrade to 3.55 from the official 4.30 (latest offical update)?

  29. MUD says:

    lol, how to make a Nand dump using multiMAN, I hit Start and Select and it gives me a windows’ish screen now what?


  30. HORSE says:

    Were is the exploit DARN.

  31. MUD says:

    This is stupid I cant find a tut for making a nand backup using multiman!!

    I keep finding this.
    “Hit start and Select then O on the file then no no yes”

    All I get is a Windows’ish screen when I hit Start and Select.?.?

    Someone make a more detailed tut for updating from 3.55 Kmeaw to 4.30 Rogero. :/

  32. AiRMaXIX says:

    PS Multi Tools (V6) “This brings a lot of new features to work with 4.21-4.30 consoles….”

    I couldn’t get the ps3usercheat to work on my 4.30 cfw console? Any help? Thanks

  33. dakota says:

    You only worry about de hash if you went to dex?

  34. MUD says:

    OK I updated to 4.30 Rogero to play my retail copy of Twisted Metal and I still get a error when loading the game any idea why?

    I just wanna play my game.
    I am trying to play from the HDD my brother has my disc I’ll get it back and try that this week end.

  35. tglforwololo says:

    Do the good job~ I am studying

  36. linxing123 says:

    good job

  37. Beautiphulsoul says:

    Anyway nice work:)

  38. rocanloverzz says:

    hehe no entiendo nada pero suena genial la noticia 🙂

  1. October 31, 2012

    […] the cfw come with instructions? A Very Busy Day – Rogero 4.30 Release + New versions of MultiMAN, PS Tools and Yet Another Byp… that link might help a little..not too familiar about cfw on ps3 other then being on 3.55 or below […]

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