E3 CFW 4.30 Release + Info

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  1. Zyphs says:

    Do you think there will be one out soon for 4.30/4.25 without being on 3.55?

    • ghost wolves says:

      from what i’ve gathered it would require some sort of game exploit like the vita hacks use.

      • Koji says:

        Wouldn’t necessarily have to be a game exploit, it will however need to be SOME sort of exploit. Old PSP TIFF style exploits are unlikely, but there could be any number of software glitches or possibly another simple hardware hack (ala the original dongles)

  2. SMOKE says:

    The PS3 scene is coming alive! :)

  3. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    This is not very important as soon as is not to be installed on > 3.56

  4. robin994 says:

    i’ll waiting for the 4.30 cfw of the rebug team

  5. Minimur says:

    whats so special about 3.55??

    • Tonakai says:

      Basically, it allows unsigned/modified PUP files to be run. After 3.55 Sony modified this, and it was rendered impossible.

      Since the LV0 keys however, it is possible that there may be other ways around this in the future… who knows?

  6. Minimur says:

    whats so special about 3.55?

  7. Roland says:

    That feels so weird seeing THAT news here…
    Like seeing snow in the middle of summer or something. My two worlds are colliding…

  8. ace says:

    wait for Rogero 4.30cfw, i hear he’s looking into E3 team’s cfw and may come out with 4.30cfw sooner or later

  9. xentar says:

    Ok I’ll start by stating my understanding of this is incomplete and possibly very wrong. Although I have run lots of exploits and apps made by other devs since my japanese 1.50 psp all the way through to the newer ps3 and vita exploits, my only real contribution was grunt work for a translation patch, which when everything has been provided is of similar difficulty to following the instructions provided to implement the before mentioned exploits. At least I didn’t have to attempt HEN 50 times though, that was painful ;).

    So, experienced forum goers please correct me on any of my errors as I don’t expect to be correct in all this (honestly I’d just like to know on which parts I am incorrect =p.)

    I bought a used 3.55 ps3 soon after geohot’s leaked keys and the during the media storm. It is my understanding that these keys allowed the running of unsigned code fairly directly so, after the initial dongle period that I ignored we ended up with kmeaw 3.55 firmware. This allowed the running of unsigned code from the xmb which meant emulators, hombrews, psn titles (these may have required addition decription since they were always released under scene names) and multiman/ rogero apps that allowed the user to backup any bd that didn’t require a higher fw than 1.55.

    My knowledge here is incomplete but I don’t mind a little flaming while people correct me. Learning is worth it ;). In 1.56 sony fixed both the issue with keys by using a lower level key to secure those further along the chain preventing those on higher fw versions from running unsigned code. They also made other changes, which I believe has to do with how firmware was updated from that point, preventing software firmware downgrading.

    Now as to where we are now, the private keys are public so it should just be a matter of time before that issue is overcome. Even though the issue preventing the downgrade is independant of the keys themself the keys should allow the skilled community that remains on this scene to find an exploit.

    Note: I am not an expert in any of these areas; do not take was I have written as fact as it likely isn’t. Instead, read the follow up posts along with this one and the more knowlegable people should correct any blunders in my explanation. Or perhaps use google (I’m not is because I believe the forum users here will give me a more satisfying answer then the disjointed, incomplete answers on the chronology of the scenes progress, although it will yield some nice answers for the importantance of 1.55 fw I don’t doubt.)

  10. HeMan says:

    Is it possible to downgrade once you are on CFW.4.30?

  11. Mlamont30 says:

    Any word to when the newer series of ps would be able to take advantage of this cfw.

    • Tonakai says:

      I doubt it. 3.55 is required, and Sony are well aware of the security issues in that FW, so the likelihood that they would release a new console on that is pretty much non-existant. They’ll most likely be 4.20+

  12. FruityPebbles says:

    I am 1 of the millions who missed out on the mad blocker / urbanix , any info on a new way to get some home brews?

  13. theking says:

    im still on 3.55 kmeaw, i will not touch any new cfw for awhile, i’ll stay on my rgh xbox, and will use the ps3 only for exclusive games when i’m sure that new CFWs are stable.

  14. Linkedot says:

    I don’t have a Cfw yet on my ps3.
    But how come one can remote play Any game ?

  15. meep says:

    Exactly what would be needed to sign a PUP for +3.55?
    Is bootldr not enough of an entry point to the console to somehow find a solution within 4.21?

    • ChaosAgent says:

      (I believe) We have access to $ony’s keys, but not the per console keys located in bootldr. They broke LVL0 not bootldr. An exploit (like the 3.55 usb exploit) is required to allow installing CFW (and signing homebrew). I think it boils down to this; we can UNencrypt anything that a PS3 can (like on a PC to see how it works/ remove DRM/ add features(?)), but if it is modified (or homebrew) it needs an exploit to be run (like 3.55FW).

  16. gunblade says:

    Idk think in 421 they was protecting the vita more since 410 wast he addon fo the vita nn ps3 !

  17. gunblade says:

    Ment 410 was the add on for the vita n ps3

  18. vita84 says:

    i think im gonna update to 4.30 because every news now is related to 3.55 so i guess its gonna take a while before we’ll see a cfw on recent firmware and i miss playing online…looks like things are not that easy after all !

    • gunblade says:

      Iam on 425 of wanna update to get games for the vita. Think going wait a while since lv0 public realese things got exciting abit.

  19. gunblade says:

    But 425 or 430 i think is for the vita n da super slim.

  20. gunblade says:

    Thks e3 this realease 430cfw was like fast As to how 430 just came out nice.!

  21. miguel says:

    am on ofw 4.25 can i download the 4.30 cfw and download it to my ps3

  22. miguel says:

    when i bought my ps3 it was on 3.55 but i updated so i can download the 4.30cfw and download it to my ps3 that is on 4.25 with out updating

  23. miguel says:

    i mean without downgrading

  24. GigaGaia says:

    The scene isn’t making any progress at all. Progress would be to install this on firmare past 3.55. Not everyone can install flashers, since you need to solder some wires.

    The scene is dead till a way to install cfw on newer firmwares is found.

    • Tonakai says:

      Hmm, I can see where you’re coming from, however I highly disagree with your statement.

      The fact that we now have access to the LV0 keys is a GIGANTIC leap in regards to progress, and considering they’ve only recently come to light, the fact that there has been two new CFW is rather large.

      I understand that there are people who cannot revert to 3.55, and yes, this is a shame for them, however; a few people not being able to downgrade is not a reflection of the scene’s advancement on a whole.

      Also, if I’m not mistaken you do not actually need to solder for the E3Flasher , though I’m not entirely sure about Progskeet and Teensy++ 2.0

      I’m not disputing the fact that it would be great to be able to install CFW on higher FW than 3.55 (which will probably be a matter of time since the whole LV0 Keys thing), but again, you can not really judge an entire scene’s advancement on things such as that.

      • The Budds says:

        If you buy the more expensive E3flasher package, you get the ribbon that clamps down over the chip rather than soldiering.

        To add in my own question, will it be best just to wait a bit for more study on this new firmware?

  25. Madblaster6 says:

    Is there a way to downgrade OFW 4.25?

  26. Madblaster6 says:

    Is there a way to downgrade OFW 4.25 yet?

  27. John_Scott says:

    Sorry but you find it to be shameless advertising putting E3 on it for free?? and yet recommend rogero cfw..

    Rogero v1.00 = BLUEDISK cfw without drm.
    Rogero v1.09 = MONSTER 4.21 v4 cfw.. the one the Chinese where testing.

    not 1 patch is new from Rogero in those fw’s.. he just put his image/name all over it.. and caused many people bricks.. because he has no idea what he is doing.. and if there is a future Rogero MFW for 4.30 it will just be a repack of this one with his name all over it.

    • Tonakai says:

      I guess I should have said “Shameless product advertism”. E3 could have used dev’s names or whatever(which is what the vast majority do – such as Rogero), however they used E3 which advertises their flasher.

      Also, I have in no way recommended Rogero’s work, which is illustrated by the fact that I remain on 3.55 Kmeaw.

    • bob_jones says:

      So that is all Rogero does – guess you put him on his place, good to know he doesn’t know anything and hasn’t helped the scene. thanks for this enlightenment, couldn’t have found this from ANYONE else. I feel graced.

  28. MUD says:

    So I have 3.55 Kmeaw and want to play the new Twisted Metal what are my options? Is there’s a patch for T.M. can I copy it to my HDD and patch it, if so anyone know where I can get the patch files and a walk threw that tells me how to patch it? I really dont want to do a risky update.

    • Tonakai says:

      If I’m not mistaken it has been patched for 3.55. I can’t look right this minute, but I’m sure a simple Google search will do the trick.

      (I’m also unsure as to the legality of this, so it’s best not to post it on this site as piracy is not condoned on this website)

      • MUD says:

        I got the game as a gift and when trying to play it ask for a update… I was just trying to find a way to play it with out losing my CFW. :/ Ive looked for a patch and all I can find is the True Blue patch witch I think only works with that stupid usb hack. Anyway if anyone can help me play it from disc or hdd please let me know.
        Thanks Guys!

  29. Maxilus says:

    So is there any downgrader from higher FW to 3.55?

  30. stonie says:

    so seeing how u will need an exploit to get any of these CFW on the ps3 3.56+ is there going to be a ninja release of found exploit, i can see sony push hard to patch any exploits that allow cfw til it’s spread so far it becomes moot lol.

  31. stOneskull says:

    the rogero 4.30 cfw just got released.. a triple pack with multiman and showtime

  32. I was here says:

    Need to explain more on this..

  33. GlueGun says:

    Nice to see the works of Homebrew 
    capable, and soon to be “more” secure
    Data Structure for the ps3 scene,
    But I was wondering if any ps vita game,
    For example, wipe out 2048 save data exploit, or any other vita based game exploit
    Are in the works, mabey best to buy two vitas, one NOT update but Decrept useing ASCII encodeing to “clone” the smallest vita ROM, and if you or any body know ASCII to the point of know the source code buy ASCII decoding, (like cmd makefile ect,) and cloned that to show same Charecter, Whould it be a kick start for a terrible signed homebrew? Like I’m saying plants vs zombies clone that after few months and use that to exploit the vita to gain Acsess and dump lots of info for a signed version of Homebrew/ps vita Encrepter. Whould it be Possable?. BTW this is just my thought…

  34. RT says:

    I am still sit on 3.41: )

  35. marjowikid says:

    sooooo is there a way to downgrade a ps3 that can be downgraded to 3.55 without using the e3 flasher? my brother has one of the 1st 80 gig ps3s is there a way we can downgrade that to 3.55

  36. tiffany says:

    All this takes time i would say either by thanksgiving or christmas we will get a nice surprise from the dev teams hack the world!

  37. stOneskull says:

    playstation 4 will be announced within 3 months, and probably released in 6 months… and then will follow the end of nintendo hardware.. in 3 years time nintendo will follow sega in making software only.. mark my words

  38. raziel says:

    Guys any hope for 3.56 ?

  39. Dorron says:

    Waiting for a CFW that can be installed directly from OFW 4.25…

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys , plz some patient
    I am on the final test of my perfect CFW 4.21 to be installed on all models of ps3
    Fat,Slim and Ultra Slim

  41. Nirubu says:

    Smart guys, give me a speculation answer on this:
    When, or will I ever be able to get CFW 4.30 on my PS3 Slim with OFW 4.30?

    I revived it 2 days ago because I heard about this.

  42. lizeng520 says:

    WELL Done!!

  43. Roland says:

    From what I understand it’s not gonna happen.
    The system may be riddled with holes now but they still need a way in. 3.55 is the way in. I forget the word for word details as to why but yea…

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