You can’t wait for the next exploit? Here’s how to find one yourself!

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  1. owanef

    i wanna try but i sold my psp

  2. soulscape

    Thanks for the info, I just recently got into the scene and was curious about the process.

  3. dey

    I don’t have a psp, Can I use the psp emulator(eg: jpcsp) to try it.

  4. Aye Guy

    I honestly don’t mind waiting but i am interested in this

  5. Xinefury

    Third, and was wondering if i will ever get the chance to download games on vita for free like when i downloaded iso’s and cso’s for psp….

  6. tianjianerp

    I heard you third flaw is not a perfect operation right, and the addition of a hacker to find new PSV vulnerabilities to you the development of new third game bugs!

  7. itsugawakun

    Somehow i can’t really update my psp2000 to 6.60 since its stuck on 5.50

    • jd20dog

      change the version.txt in flash0 or flash 1 to to have 5.50 in it instead of 9.00
      this was done so people wouldn’t brick they’re systems or update out of cfw back in the day

      • I should have seen that from before. Guess i didn’t really try to get there. anyways i could not get anywhere anyways cause of the fact that the psp could not read anything higher than 1gb. My lowest was 2gb and it kept blinking so i transferred this screen to another psp that i had that was missing a screen and basically going with that psp since it is at a 5.01 m33 firmware. upgrade that and be on my way into helping the scene. can’t wait to get home today.

  8. Tvivallo

    but i don’t have a psp, i have only the ps vita

  9. NakedFaerie

    Very nice tut. I’ll be giving it a go later tonight.

  10. Maxilus

    Haha! I think most of us doesn’t have PSP anymore. Some move on to PS Vita. No wonder I see alot of 2nd-hand used PSP being sold in game store.

  11. jerryming

    It’s Very good of you.I very want to know how to exploit the psv more than only play a video game.

  12. ssxangel

    too bad my psp were stolen

  13. xoombie503

    wololo..after we save the sdata.bin how do we load it in the psp or how do we encrypt it? do we put back on savedata plain or where.thanks

  14. ssxangel

    err this is not wololo =)

  15. Mazet


  16. heritol

    this means that the new exploit was false?

  17. BuzzSaw

    Hey, look, someone else who likes HxD.

  18. gunblade

    dang missed the seven day head start bumers .Psp go on the first though.

  19. riowzl

    I’m gonna grab a preowned psp at gamestop…

  20. Bromanbro

    Good tutorial. Thanks.

  21. bronz777

    я бы хотел чем либо помочь, но я не понимаю как это сделать!
    хотя тут все прекрасно описано.

    • V

      Trying makes best practice and google makes you smile.. the best part is you found the program, you even have people to ask. This is an advantage already comparing to developer who started with nothing(eg. Dark Alex)

    • >_>

      Не волнуйтесь о нем, то, пусть профессионалы это сделать.

    • kl8on1

      закидываешь сейв димер сюда:ms0:/SEPLUGINS/ folder, потом запускаешь любую игру, которая есть в пс сторе, создаешь профиль и сохраняешься, сейв димер создаст какую-то папку с сейвом, но уже с декодированным, там через редактор хекс таблиц находишь имя профиля и дописываешь много символов “а” в него, сохраняешь его, потом подгружаешь псп-линковские плагины usbhostfs.prx and psplink.prx, in game.txt and in vsh.txt. Потом запускаешь pspsh.exe and usbhostfs.exe. Теперь с загрузки модифицированного профиля будет выдавать ошибку pspsh.exe и её нужно копирнуть на форум, а девелоперы скажут, можно ли сделать эксплоит с помощью данной игры) Что-то вроде того, сам не имею псп, если бы мог попробовать сам, то описал бы точнее)

  22. garv

    Could it be that someone is being devoted to the release of the PSVita 3G network?

  23. w7y7a7t7t

    umm i don’t want to be rude, but wololo wrote a much more detailed and better explain tutorial on this a while back, he also didn’t tell you to rely on others to confirm it. i would that just reposted that is you wanted to remind people it’s not to hard to find an exploit :p

    • w7y7a7t7t

      umm i don’t want to be rude, but wololo wrote a much more detailed and better explained tutorial on this a while back. he also didn’t tell you to rely on others to confirm it. i would have just reposted that if you wanted to remind people it’s not to hard to find an exploit :p
      (my grammar was soooooo bad above, i had to fix it in the reply haha)

  24. xj107359

    Hi, I’ve tried , neither the gamesave file nor SDDATA.BIN contain username after enable SaveGame-Deemer. Is there any other tools can decrypt savegame file?
    Thanks in advance.

  25. francis

    psvita are being used right now…never mind psp..lets move on to the vulnerability of the psvita…come on!

  26. Darton Staker

    Thanks wololo, you really helped clear that up!

  27. AsifWani

    hey wololo can i somehow load plugins in ps vita it’ll help me in loading the psp dlc’s using the NPLoader….
    so far i’m successful in playing all the iso’s,cso’s and homebrews through the CFW for vita but the plugin thingy bothers me as it needs going in the recovery mode of psp…
    as far as i know…. hope u help me… :)

  28. Chema

    Wololo Hello, I have a doubt about this.

    Is it possible to find the exploits in psp games that you download from a different place to the store and that they function in ps vita? Buy games and games until one works is very expensive.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    • h4ckvit4

      hey i’m trying but many games have an autosave… is it possible to find explois “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” with autosave?

  29. >_>


  30. m0rb1t

    are there similiar mac programs?

  31. Victor

    I’ll try out tonight. Thanks for the post wololo.

  32. harrd100

    i got no psp or psp go
    so guess ill wait for the hack to come
    ”sigh” ill never play kingdom hearts birth by sleep

  33. Seddik

    Can you please wololo give way to hack ps vita without need psp

  34. SupahLeecha

    Come on people, let’s have a try (for those who still have a psp.) My psp stuck on 6.39 PRO-B6 since i adopt PSVita. Tommorow I’ll go on 1 day urgent leave and spend my time on this. I might discover somethin interesting. That’s the spirit people, don’t lose hope. “If there is wheel, definitely there is a way.”

  35. kramoyag

    ill just wait for the next exploit…i have patience…maybe ill wait till the next firmware update and maybe soon after the release of next update wololo will release the next exploit…^_^

  36. abelhinhaz

    This tutorial is for the PS VITA?

  37. h4ckvit4


  38. Leonardo

    Hi, Just one stupid question. I don´t have a PSP to find a exploit, can it be done on PS3 CFW?

  39. m0rb1t

    is there asimiliar way for OSX?

    • h4ckvit4

      i have osx too i installed bootcamp and after you can run osx or windows 7 on your macbook. I installed it for this reason because the programs doesn’t exist for osx.

  40. h4ckvit4

    grrrr i tried 20 games today…. when i put many “aaaa” everywhere and when i load, some game continue to play normally, other are stop on an image and the sound continue, but i have 0 game crash :(:(:( i continue

  41. fresno

    Does this TUTO works wuth a UMD game or not?

  42. kgsws

    Hey but wait, you forgot about format-string exploit … people always forget about this one. Basically it is same as tons of ‘a’, you just use something like %500X – this could substitute 500 ‘a’ (spaces actually), if name field is vulnerable to format-string exploit.
    But remember that this might be exploitable later in game, like in MOHH, exploitable part was when player died, not when game loaded modified save – it tried to display your name – with 500 characters instead of simple %500X. Check every place where you can find your name if you plan to try this.

  43. h4ckvit4

    when i remplace with many “a” i write maybe 4 or 5 line of a and i delet the other letter who was write before, the exploit can be run?

    • Victor

      May be you can try to use Mad Blocker Alpha first? Then you’ll know how’s the behaviour of the game that works on the exploit? Just a suggestion…

  44. Kenny530

    Do we actually have to have a PSP with CFW 6.60? I don’t feel like updating my PSP.

  45. Yesterday i was born

    I wanna know where is the freaking exploit at? :{

  46. hgoel0974

    I wish PSPLink worked on Vita, I really want to contribute but don’t have a PSP

  47. Deagle275

    I’m having some problems with psp savegame’s not working on killzonde liberation!

  48. error15701

    interesting,i will attempt

  49. seddik

    please wololo can you do hack with ape quest pack demo

  50. stOneskull