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You can’t wait for the next exploit? Here’s how to find one yourself!

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  1. h4ckvit4

    grrrr i tried 20 games today…. when i put many “aaaa” everywhere and when i load, some game continue to play normally, other are stop on an image and the sound continue, but i have 0 game crash :(:(:( i continue

  2. fresno

    Does this TUTO works wuth a UMD game or not?

  3. kgsws

    Hey but wait, you forgot about format-string exploit … people always forget about this one. Basically it is same as tons of ‘a’, you just use something like %500X – this could substitute 500 ‘a’ (spaces actually), if name field is vulnerable to format-string exploit.
    But remember that this might be exploitable later in game, like in MOHH, exploitable part was when player died, not when game loaded modified save – it tried to display your name – with 500 characters instead of simple %500X. Check every place where you can find your name if you plan to try this.

  4. h4ckvit4

    when i remplace with many “a” i write maybe 4 or 5 line of a and i delet the other letter who was write before, the exploit can be run?

    • Victor

      May be you can try to use Mad Blocker Alpha first? Then you’ll know how’s the behaviour of the game that works on the exploit? Just a suggestion…

  5. Kenny530

    Do we actually have to have a PSP with CFW 6.60? I don’t feel like updating my PSP.

  6. Yesterday i was born

    I wanna know where is the freaking exploit at? :{

  7. hgoel0974

    I wish PSPLink worked on Vita, I really want to contribute but don’t have a PSP

  8. Deagle275

    I’m having some problems with psp savegame deemer.it’s not working on killzonde liberation!

  9. error15701

    interesting,i will attempt

  10. seddik

    please wololo can you do hack with ape quest pack demo

  11. stOneskull

    who cares if you don’t have a psp or other problems in your life… get a blog. tired of these useless facebook type comments. if you have a psp and want to help follow the directions and read comments, including previous forum posts about the subject. then the comments can be easier to read and freed up for those who ARE participating to get their questions easily seen and answered.

  12. mr.sigint

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does upgrading to OFW 6.60 disable/block pandora battery. I’m on 5.50 prome-4 and I want to try and find and exploit on DFF012 prologus, but I need to be in 6.60 CFW. I can’t try it right now because the select button on my psp is stuck and won’t let me switch between options. I have a faulty home bar and I already ordered a replacement from DX but I don’t know when it will arrive.

    • ChaosAgent

      Pandora battery is a hardware hack. If your hardware supports it (1k only?), then it can not be blocked by software. The battery puts your PSP into a repair mode allowing you to flash any firmware you want (or at least any your system is capable of running). So, as long as your have access to a hacked battery (or do the hardware hack on a normal battery) you can update as high as you want or as low as your original firmware (the one it had when it was new).
      Does anyone know if the batteries themselves were updated (removing the ability to to do the hardware hack on them or something similar)? I have a total of 5 minutes of battery life on my current battery (making it a PSUnportable 🙂 ) and need to buy a new one.

      • mr.sigint

        Thanks. I just didn’t want to upgrade and find that I can’t downgrade anymore if I wanted to or that my game saves were corrupt.

    • Dilan Parmar

      I had a PSP I had a temporary hack so when I pull the battery out or completely discharge you have to run the program again. I used to run 6.60 pro-b I even think there is a pro-c now

  13. walala

    is there anyone find some?? share please, even title of the game only, thanks in advance…

  14. Chris

    How do u do this sombody tell me all easy way

    • ChaosAgent

      Check the forums. I can not imagine an easier way to explain the process. If you’re determined enough though, all the info is in this and the linked above post from Wololo or in the forums of this very site. I wish you luck 😀

  15. m0rb1t

    got everything working now….

  16. Mojo jojo

    It’s all part of my elaborate plan >:)

  17. Azio

    Hey wololo i talking with u i need the texas hold em poker zynga.Can u make it homebrew?

  18. Dilan Parmar

    Hey wololo I had a great idea when my Vita crashed I had to go to the recovery menu to reboot (how to access the menu you turn off psp and hold Ps button and the r(toggle) button and you have several options. One of which is to update. I am not sure if it ANY use at all. But it could allow possible downgrading.

  19. Xinefury

    There has bin no news about vita hacking for days now…

  20. tglforwololo

    it is used for sb who missing the chance. Thanks for sharing…

  21. tglforwololo

    just come on. We will suport u all the time

  22. does the save gotta come from an original UMD or can we use an iso to do this?

  23. xyphon

    wololo,may I ask a question?

  24. Sephisel

    recently, i have been looking for exploits within psp games, but i have difficulty for the games in which you dont put a name. Usually most minis dont have the option to put a name to your save game. Now, my question is how do you create a buffer overflow with these, where should a place a bunch of “aaaa” in order to get a crash?
    Any help will be welcomed.

  25. Sergey

    i have a question … i have edited the file from the SAVEPLAIN but when i try to load the save data the name on my save is still the same ???

  26. Sergey

    do we still need to encrypt the save data ???

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