Clarifying the confusion on the PS3 development


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82 Responses

  1. looser says:

    1st also tl;dr

    • Jd8531 says:

      I understand its long, that’s why I bolded the parts that are important in his answers. This was necessary, its a big topic :)

      • moo says:

        One thing I do not understand:

        “but 3.56 and later change that so that flashing is more complex than just using the recovered keys.”

        What changed?

        And what exactly must be done for 3k/4k models?
        Does this leak help them in any way?

        • me says:

          I assume he means that Sony fixed their ECC private key generation so you can’t easily recovery the private key and use it sign an updater that the console will just run.

  2. owanef says:


  3. ZorakTorok says:

    I follow the ps3 scene just like i do the vita here… I just remain silent on the others. Been on 3.55 since it was current, loaded karoktos flawed cfw but got lucky and didnt brick… Stayed with that till rogeros update a few weeks ago. I encourage you to give us more updates as you can to keep me from navagating away from this site. Others would disagree, but i look for homebrew to incorporate the vita cross functions so it is valid here too.

  4. gunblade says:

    so now we make(ps3) …..frakenstine…..

  5. xoombie503 says:

    you should add,what can be done if you are on 4.xx

    • zoraktorok says:

      At the moment 4.20 can be downgraded with a hardware flasher, same as it was. Cfw for 4.25 will show up pretty soon because of this.

      • z3 says:

        I also think that downgrade to 3.55 will only work if the PS3 came with this from the factory. If the PS3 came with i.e firmware 3.70 to begin with, then downgrade with a hardware flasher to 3.55 will not work.

  6. Pirate Cat says:

    Thanks for posting this, it ought to clear things up for the doomsayers. Here’s hoping that no one kicks out a way to install CFW on 3.6+ anytime soon.

  7. Astig_808 says:

    nice work!i cant wait

  8. VinsCool says:

    OMG I can’t wait, that’s an incredible achievement. I’m ready for the next step… (I pray for an upcoming cfw for 4.xx wich could be installed without an hardware flasher.)

  9. Maxilus says:

    Can’t wait to get the Super Slim PS3 now!

  10. naki says:

    Great article!

  11. etertay says:

    wait. so that means that CFW for slims is inevitable? What about lv0.2 and all that?

  12. mike says:

    im on 4.25, i have an “old” ps3, should i stay on 4.25 and wait for CFW or would it be ok to update to 4.30? is it reasonable that there could be a way to go from 4.25-4.30 OFW to CFW without extra hardware any time soon?

    • Mr MaGoo says:

      not to sure. I would stay if u intend to go cfw in the near future. Sony released that literally the next day after they announced that they would be releasing 4.21 cfw

    • hammer says:

      only way to exploit ps3 is to downgrade to 3.55 with a hardware flasher.
      no exploit has been found for 3.6+ ,this means that any new exploit found has as much chance to run on current firmware as it does to run on older firmware.
      so if you like online play then I would just update if I was you.

  13. Bromanbro says:

    Thank you! I’m wondering though…if I want to get a PS3 that is vulnerable to this, should I get one now before Sony releases new PS3s with different lv0 keys?

  14. Leftthescene says:

    I left the ps3 scene a long time ago , my ps3 is still on 3.55 kmeaw cfw, it’s a slim, anyone in UK is interested? I only used it to emulator snes and stuff – piracy was never an interest to me, I’m selling it for £150 with 250gb , and all accessories ,in a perfect condition, iI don’t need the money or the console, I’m no longer a gamer, video games are simply too boring for me now – snes was to me the best console and that’s what I used my ps3 for(snes emulator).

  15. ajm_64 says:

    being new to the PS3 scene and reading this just made my head hurt lol what I understood is I need to downgrade my current firmware first before I can make it a CFW..
    I wish we had a FAQ about this topic…

  16. YouDontHaveToKnow says:

    “Bootldr suffers from the same exploit as metldr”…
    That’s not true!

  17. Question says:

    I would like to know how it was possible to get the lv0 Keys?
    Nobody is talking of that.
    Also I never read how the dongle fraction could get games run 3.55+
    Woulf be gr8 if somebody could write understandable like here about the past and how it came to this right now 😉


    • ViRGE says:

      Marcan postulated on one possible method: using a hardware device to provide bootldr with bad data (fuzz testing) until it gave up control to the hackers.

      “For the exploit that we knew about, it would’ve required hardware assistance to repeatedly reboot the PS3 and some kind of flash emulator to set up the exploit with varying parameters each boot, and it probably would’ve taken several hours or days of automated attempts to hit the right combination (basically the exploit would work by executing random garbage as code, and hoping that it jumps to somewhere within a segment that we control – the probabilities are high enough that it would work out within a reasonable timeframe). We never bothered to do this after the whole lawsuit episode.”

  18. ViRGE says:

    Oh cool. I didn’t think anyone outside the Wololo forums would ever see this, so I’m glad to see this is helping more PS3 owners.

  19. j0k3r says:

    Hi @ all,

    I have a SlIM CECH-2504A with 4.25 on it. Does i have to downgrade these ps3 to 3.55 for using future cfw´s, or can i install these future cfws, on my ofw 4.25 ?

    thx in advance,


  20. squiggs says:

    uhhh.. i saw a report about the leak on bbc world news

  21. Minimur 12 says:

    So is this ‘compatible’ with the old fat ps3’s ?

  22. vbrlogic says:

    stupid work

  23. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    R.I.P Sony :(

    • z3 says:

      Actually this is good news for Sony (good news concidering the situation). That you need to be on firmware 3.55 or use a flasher to be able to do this will limit how much this is used. A lot of people don’t want to open their PS3 to flash it, and a lot of people are on firmware 3.60+.

  24. ia says:

    Interesting news. However, I don’t see a lot of people are willing to risk their expensive PS3 for opening and downgrading it. In addition, there is the PS Plus membership to consider.

    If signing homebrews would be possible, even for a particular firmware (firmware by firmware), that would be great. Note: one could possible write an article about PS3 homebrews.

  25. kevin says:

    what about psn? will that be available to cfw users?

  26. miguel says:

    so i am on 4.25 ofw can i stay there and wait for cfw or do i have to downgrade my ps3 and with what

  27. Duff says:

    that feel when lv0.2

  28. Foot says:

    So let me make sure I get this right if I should wait I may be able to go from my current 4.25 OFW to a CFW as though I were installing an OFW without having to open and modify my console? I dont care bout the modding itself I hate the way it looks like my PS3 just shat its innards all over my tv stand. like wise I do have a PS+ subscription and I’m not overly worried bout losing it but I do still buy games from the PSN. Is it safe to assume provided the right console one can run a custom without fail that will be PSN able and the new cat and mouse game will be keeping it PSN able? Big Borderlands 2 player and loathe to leave the multiplayer online behind just yet…

  29. hmmm says:

    soy is not gona work on PS3 Slim Models CECH-3001A/B 4.25 OFW i shod jast update 4.30 OFW?

  30. Tha boss says:

    Will this make it possible to run backups and play on the psn without a possible bann or brick?? Or is the only way still duo boat loader true the dongel??

  31. xxmodnaRxx says:

    I want that PS3 at the top of the screen… (It’s probably photoshopped, but I don’t know.) Would be the best PS3 for putting CFW on. It just screams “Pirate”.

  32. Lorz says:

    Wololo…. What in the world happened to you? Your beliefs seem to waver in the wind? At one time you were all for giving users control of their hardware, now you’re calling firmware hackers “jerks”?

    I don’t get it? How can a persons beliefs change so radically overnight?

    I mostly overlooked the fact that you reneged on your boycott of sony by going right out and buying a PS vita… after all geeks love tech….. but with this…….. it’s getting harder and harder to respect you, or even take you seriously.

    Wololo, there’s an old saying… it goes something like this “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

    • Lorz says:

      *oops* I retract my previous statement, i see the two PS3 articles were not written by wololo.

      • Lorz says:

        Even still…. more power to the hackers!!!! BURN SONY BURN!!!!!

        • Jd8531 says:

          Just to be clear, my view isnt on firmware hackers, its the dongle teams that decide to charge for exploits and hacks. Especially this one, who stole another teams work and wanted to profit from it.

          • Lorz says:

            Ok, on that point i agree, stealing someones work and then profitting from it… yeah, there’s not much more of an insult than that.

            I apologize for reading more into your statement than was actually there.

  33. XStationBR says:

    If sony update Hardware even will be able to launch games or eboot signed to run on theses new hardware then.
    Sorry but sony will and no would launch another new revision of Super slim at time just have one unique option.
    Acelerate new PS4.
    And try update system update all time.

    Maybe if the 8d CPU inside PS3 be used to security well all history can change but i can’t imagine this happens because these is a CPU for backup like RAID 5 is for HDDs on PC.

  34. illLoGiQ says:

    Quick question, is this structure from an old PS3 FAT? Like the first ones that came out with PS2 emulator built in. Im just asking cause (and dont chop my head) I was looking at lv2_kernel.self and notice root ps2_ (emu.self, gxemu.self, softemu.self) is this anything to do with the PS2 emulator. Would the layout look different on newer fat and slims who don’t have the PS2 emulators. Like would their be just Lv0 and Lv1? Noob question but was curious.

  35. ethomaz says:

    Hi @Jd8531, I liked your article but I think you forget to explain better which models the hack works because there a dude that read your article and didn’t understood it after all.

    The new PS3 that come with factory OFW bigger than 3.60 have a new lv0.2 without know keys (yet)… so these model can’t be hacked neither with lv0 keys or metldr method… the model are these shipped by Sony after July, 2011… the Slim CECH-30* (and some CECH-20*) and all Super Slim.

    Can you just confirm if I’m right/wrong or just update your article for better clarification just for that dude understand how the hack works.

    Thanks so much.

  36. Finaly says:

    yes i rely need know if my CECH-3001a/b gona work CFW in fucher

  37. miguel says:

    i have cech-3001 a
    does it work

  38. :( cry says:

    i jast got info on ps3 CECH-3001a/b 4.25 OFW u need 0.2 lvl keys soy jast update 4.30 OFW. CECH-3001a/b 4k not gona be CFW foret

  39. Joe says:

    Basically, people who have the launch ps3 fat and slims will have to keep waiting for a software downgrade method. Assuming that doing this will be difficult and there’s already hardware downgrading methods, I can’t see anyone putting forth the effort into making a software exploit.

  40. Luigi says:

    What’s a matter new Ps3 Super Slims +3.6, if my Ps3 still 3.55 Online PSN! \o/ Victory!!!!

  41. Henrique says:

    Pls Need CFW PS3 Ultra Slim 250gb CECH-4001b T_T

  42. AfGhAnMoDz says:

    hi guys i need help i am making 4.31 and 4.40 jb spoofd to 4.40 but ewrytime i am building it then i getting this error (patch_lv1::patch_self self) please help

  43. twig says:

    thanks for taking the time to translate that!

  44. zoraktorok says:

    Want to sell the one without a drive? Thats all im using right now and i need another to put in my blockbuster kiosk i got when they went out of business.

  45. Joe says:

    Sorry bro, but Sony is the more evil of the two here. What kind of a company takes away features from its consoles with every update instead of adding them? And lol at Sony plus, if you buy games you can’t even keep them if the subscription runs out. Your comment reeks of blind microsoft hate.

  46. Killersmod says:

    One: im not mad at the three musketeers im mad at the one who leaked the codes

    Two: i would rather get them free but when it comes to the point of having a possibilty of taking out sony then i would rather just not having them

    Three: sony requires a continous ps plus sub. To keep your games but when your getting multi games a month and early beta access then yea i think in comparison to microsofts pay for our more expensive premium service that without it you dont get to play online with your frinds and you still dont get ‘free’ games

    Four: sony added playstation home and its still here so theres one of many updates thats has stayed

    Five:I would like to confirm that when not comparing and just looking at facts sony and microsoft both have their up and their downs and in the end their both companies looking for money i only think that sony does it with more reasanable manners

    I hope that clears up any confusion and to say i have blind hate i do not i have very good reasons i hate microsoft and i have valid reasons why i hate sony but the purpose of this post was to say that im mad at the ones who leaked the codes because hacking leads to piracy which isent the hackers fault directly but still when sony is having to fight hackers and still release new games,content, and etc. And xbox is just relaxing over there and not putting half the effort that sony is then of course im going to be mad when sony is put at risk of being taken down but when it comes down too it i do not wish to see either company destroyed but if someone is going to leak something that can kill one then in that case i would rather microsoft be the one taken down.

  47. Foot says:

    Check your facts son… games bought with a PS+ account are as “yours” as ones bought without it, even if they are discounted. this includes add-ons and anything else. If Sony chooses to put the game up free to PS+ subscribers they do expire if you let your PS+ lapse. A little bit of reading and critical thinking could make you sound a bit more on it. I do agree with you though while I have no great love for either game giant I agree the previous poster sounds about as in bed with Microsoft as you can get without catching something. I would honestly love to see either company humbled, not destroyed mind you, but reminded where they came from and who it was that helped them get where they are now.

  48. Foot says:

    My mistake I meant in bed with Sony I agree with you completely that the poster is bias

  49. Joe says:

    Why do you hate Microsoft though? You still haven’t given a valid reason for the hate. Wow, Playstation Home, filled with virgins who pester females who might actually be guys and trolls. Honestly, I’d rather pay for live and get good online play than the lagfest and unreliability that is PSN.

    Don’t concern yourself with console piracy because it occurs a heck of a lot less than PC game piracy. PC gamers are the ones who are suffering, not the average joe who wouldn’t even know how to jailbreak/flash a console unless he was somewhat tech savvy.

    I’m not a MS fanboy, but it really annoys me when people needlessly drag them through the mud over a problem that’s been fixed 3 years ago and a silly little argument like paying for xbox live. I have both consoles and I can honestly say that I’m disappointed with the PS3 and with Sony.

  50. Joe says:

    Another thing, locked gamesaves.. seriously? The fact that you need a jailbroken console to bypass that is hilarious and all this does is annoy the heck out of people who formatted their hard drives but can’t use their own saves just because it’s from a different user profile that they themselves made.

    Whoever at Sony or whichever *** developer thought of that needs to get slapped.

  1. October 25, 2012

    […] mais uma vez o Wololo dá um show de conhecimento em seu blog e explica em profundos (e simples) detalhes o porque o vazamento das chaves LV0 do console […]

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