Clarifying the confusion on the PS3 development

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  1. Joe says:

    Basically, people who have the launch ps3 fat and slims will have to keep waiting for a software downgrade method. Assuming that doing this will be difficult and there’s already hardware downgrading methods, I can’t see anyone putting forth the effort into making a software exploit.

  2. Killersmod says:

    I have no problem with hacking but hacking leads to piracy and this very well could hurt sony and maybe even kill them and i for one think that sony is much better and more caring than freaking microsoft. I know this statement wont change anything but i wanted to voice my opnion and excuse my language but if sony is taken out by this then f the *** who leaked the level zero codes and if you would so kindly go dig yourself a grave. If sony is not taken out then next time you decide to be a *** then go and kill microsoft instead,you know because everyone needs a break and sony isent an exception but i think xboxes break is way overdue even if halo is amazing 🙂

    • Guykild says:

      Would you rather pay for these keys or have them free, cuz what i heard is that some team named the three musketers hacked these keys first but they weren’t going to give them to just anyone tho they did give them to a “trusted” circle of people and then another hacker/s came along and got on his hand what the three musketers had worked so hard on, then they (the other hacker/s) were developing a dongle so people would have to buy a stupid dongle (usb stick for ps3), so the three musketers said they were so *** off and they didn’t care about the ps3 scene they just gave these keys away rather than let the other hacker/s get money from people like you and me.

    • Joe says:

      Sorry bro, but Sony is the more evil of the two here. What kind of a company takes away features from its consoles with every update instead of adding them? And lol at Sony plus, if you buy games you can’t even keep them if the subscription runs out. Your comment reeks of blind microsoft hate.

      • Foot says:

        Check your facts son… games bought with a PS+ account are as “yours” as ones bought without it, even if they are discounted. this includes add-ons and anything else. If Sony chooses to put the game up free to PS+ subscribers they do expire if you let your PS+ lapse. A little bit of reading and critical thinking could make you sound a bit more on it. I do agree with you though while I have no great love for either game giant I agree the previous poster sounds about as in bed with Microsoft as you can get without catching something. I would honestly love to see either company humbled, not destroyed mind you, but reminded where they came from and who it was that helped them get where they are now.

    • Killersmod says:

      One: im not mad at the three musketeers im mad at the one who leaked the codes

      Two: i would rather get them free but when it comes to the point of having a possibilty of taking out sony then i would rather just not having them

      Three: sony requires a continous ps plus sub. To keep your games but when your getting multi games a month and early beta access then yea i think in comparison to microsofts pay for our more expensive premium service that without it you dont get to play online with your frinds and you still dont get ‘free’ games

      Four: sony added playstation home and its still here so theres one of many updates thats has stayed

      Five:I would like to confirm that when not comparing and just looking at facts sony and microsoft both have their up and their downs and in the end their both companies looking for money i only think that sony does it with more reasanable manners

      I hope that clears up any confusion and to say i have blind hate i do not i have very good reasons i hate microsoft and i have valid reasons why i hate sony but the purpose of this post was to say that im mad at the ones who leaked the codes because hacking leads to piracy which isent the hackers fault directly but still when sony is having to fight hackers and still release new games,content, and etc. And xbox is just relaxing over there and not putting half the effort that sony is then of course im going to be mad when sony is put at risk of being taken down but when it comes down too it i do not wish to see either company destroyed but if someone is going to leak something that can kill one then in that case i would rather microsoft be the one taken down.

      • Joe says:

        Why do you hate Microsoft though? You still haven’t given a valid reason for the hate. Wow, Playstation Home, filled with virgins who pester females who might actually be guys and trolls. Honestly, I’d rather pay for live and get good online play than the lagfest and unreliability that is PSN.

        Don’t concern yourself with console piracy because it occurs a heck of a lot less than PC game piracy. PC gamers are the ones who are suffering, not the average joe who wouldn’t even know how to jailbreak/flash a console unless he was somewhat tech savvy.

        I’m not a MS fanboy, but it really annoys me when people needlessly drag them through the mud over a problem that’s been fixed 3 years ago and a silly little argument like paying for xbox live. I have both consoles and I can honestly say that I’m disappointed with the PS3 and with Sony.

        • Joe says:

          Another thing, locked gamesaves.. seriously? The fact that you need a jailbroken console to bypass that is hilarious and all this does is annoy the heck out of people who formatted their hard drives but can’t use their own saves just because it’s from a different user profile that they themselves made.

          Whoever at Sony or whichever *** developer thought of that needs to get slapped.

  3. Luigi says:

    What’s a matter new Ps3 Super Slims +3.6, if my Ps3 still 3.55 Online PSN! \o/ Victory!!!!

  4. Henrique says:

    Pls Need CFW PS3 Ultra Slim 250gb CECH-4001b T_T

  5. AfGhAnMoDz says:

    hi guys i need help i am making 4.31 and 4.40 jb spoofd to 4.40 but ewrytime i am building it then i getting this error (patch_lv1::patch_self self) please help

  6. twig says:

    thanks for taking the time to translate that!