Backing up Vita games using the new 4.21 CFW by Rogero.

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  1. abdou007 says:

    thanx but what is that for ?

  2. Henrique says:

    Lets go

  3. varinek says:

    working :)

    PS3 MODEL CECH 2504 B – Rogero 4.21 CFW
    PS Vita – 1.81 EU MadBlocker Alpha exploit

    full dump of Unit 13 :)

  4. Tony486 says:

    We can do this with OFFICIAL pc Sony app call “Content Manager Assistant”.
    You don’t need PS3 for it, and there is no any differences of ps vita games copyed with CMA and PC.

    • gokuhs says:


      This create the same as if we use the CMA in a PC.

    • Andalia says:

      If you just use CMA you still would need to connect to Sonys server.

      • Tony486 says:

        Not if you use OpenCMA and put your Vita in airplane mode

      • z3 says:

        Yep, this can be done on PC too with Content Manager indeed. It is the exact same folders and file structure. I’ve dumped a game many months ago just to test it :)

      • z3 says:

        Oops, this was ment to be a own reply, not a reply to what you said, sorry.

        But i can add that you need to be connected to internet when using a PS3 as well, unless this is patched out somehow in CFW 4.21. Otherwise you can just use OpenCMA as Tony486 mentioned :)

    • troy says:

      lol if backup with cma , u got the encrypted version of the game (psvimg) ….if use the above method u got the .pkg …easily to extract XD and piracy possiblity

  5. crow132 says:

    It’s the same of doing it via CMA.


  6. Reaper666 says:

    i do this to my pc all the time … is there a difference? when he puts it on the usb could it be transferred back to another vita you might own? is that what the diff is …. if not i can make psvita game backups on pc with open cma

    • Reaper666 says:

      i also messed with the other files it comes with so i could get my jap games installed on my eu version i got it to install just didn’t know it was the other game so it didn’t launch …. i dont remember … i think because i had an older one or something where you didn’t have to format the card it read the jap games as mine still so i liked that …. didn’t bother messing with files … wouldn’t work anyway… just board …

  7. shaitan says:

    This is just a guy backing stuff up with CMA on the PS3, he can’t do anything with it. I’ve got no doubt that good things are coming but what this guy is doing is just a round about way of backing up, the files he’s copying will probably only be able to be used on the ps3 and at the moment it still needs psn to recover them

  8. zoraktorok says:

    Right….. So anyway, I won’t be updating still more apps are available and a more stable cfw update… plus no working disc drive so I NEED to be able to use app/home as rogero 4.21 dosn’t support that unless I’m missing something.

  9. Pop1 says:

    Need a Rebug CFW 4.25… That would be nice… =)

  10. The Budds says:

    Why is this even a article? Why all the run-around for?

  11. Mr MaGoo says:

    Well, I think we are about to see our first sighs of vita pirating

  12. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    Shut the fuuck up pepople ,,,
    For those who keep saying ” we can do it with CMA ”
    Can you ceate a pkg for your games with CMA ???
    motheerr fuucker

    • NakedFaerie says:

      You can backup the games via CMA and restore the games via CMA so how is this any difference?

      There are enough PKG makers out there so probably YES you can make a PKG with the PC.
      Can you make a PKG with the way it says here? NO so *** are you going on about?

      I’ve got the game shown in the video and I have all the same files as it shows in the video and the dump either to PS3 or PC are the same so this is nothing that good.

    • WolfRamiO says:

      we can download PKG from Sony servers -_-, you can use charles proxy to see the urls

    • TheBudds says:

      Whatever buddy, you can keep yourself excited for nothing. Don’t mind us.

    • James Way says:

      Chill brah. Why you got your panties in a bunch? Go get a hummer or something to make yourself feel big.

  13. kagaelus says:

    Sweet. waiting for my new super slim. Hopefully someone comes out with a hardware flasher for them in a timely manner. If not I will get an old one and drop A 500g into it. Don’t care to backup to my laptop. I think it’s awesome like having openCMA on the PS3. Plus if the new firmware has the vita keys and decrypts files???

  14. Gameblamer says:

    The video is from me and I am aware that you can do this with cma on your pc…BUT You dont need to be connected to the internet with the PS3 when it has CFW 4.21 on it and multiman.
    And the other thing is you can copy all the Bubbles shown in the xmb to your usb stick (.PKG files together with the *.pdb files) thats something your CMA can not.
    I´m just trying to find something out and test some things. I am no Hacker and no programmer but I try my best to bring some progress to the scene.

    • TheBudds says:

      OpenCMA – you can be offline as well. You still have only discovered a longer way to back up games that anyone can do already. Plus your doing it for the hits, not to further along the scene.

    • shaitan says:

      unless theres some hack I misseed yes you do need an internet connection to transfer between the ps3 and vita

      • TheBudds says:

        He was talking about CMA, which of course if your dumb enough to use that…yeah, you need to be online. The smarter ones use OpenCMA and have for awhile. The newest version of OpenCMA keeps it completely off-line.

        • Satan says:

          Hahahahaha. I’ll review the code of openCMA and i am trying to modify it but sometime i dont have time to give a time just to modify it. I find out some codes tobe add on it and no need to update it all the time sony release new update. Maybe i’ll wait for the next modified openCMA then i’ll do the move. Hahahahahahahahahahaha burn in heck. As guys hahahahahahaha.

    • THEGUY says:

      GAMEBLAMER, thanks, some people don’t see far, your idea is really great, i see the potential of those who are stuck on the old vita firmware due to VHBL and the TN-B cfw to finally buy ps vita games on a jailbroken ps3 and then transfer them to the vita. (you can’t buy ps vita games via your PC)
      some people at ps3iso are now able to access psn so if i can access psn on my cfw ps3 and be able to buy games then use your method to transfer them to my vita – i will be a happy man :).
      downside is if the game asks for a higher firmware on the vita then i’m sc***!!!!

      but thanks for your hard work.

  15. solala says:

    good work fellow hacker, hope this will also be possible on the pc in the future (including the pkg files and maybe more..)

  16. NakedFaerie says:

    Is there any difference to the PS3 dump to a PC dump from when you sync it with the PC?

    As you have to move it to a USB stick and then a PC doesn’t this make it an even longer more complicated way? Just sync with Content Manager and you have a backup which looks identical to what you would get if you did it this way.

    Nice find but totally useless if you ask me.

    • Tonakai says:

      CMA and OCMA do NOT allow the backing up of Vita games.

      • Tonakai says:

        This information was incorrect. I verified that you can do so on OCMA.

        Anyhow, this provides an alternative if you do not have a PC for example or limited access to one.

    • Satan says:

      Hahahahaha.···· the openCMA must be decoded to target the game card reader on our system w/this we will have access to buck-up all games we have some of hucker here don’t think that this is possible, may question is how did sony access it to our system and once we inserted the psvita game card its installed the game Then if vita or other sony device are the same as vita then why we don’t do the move todo this? I knew that this is hard to do but huckers don’t do a moves in easy ways it always do the way how hard it is there will be no eximent if all of programes to hack is too easy. Hahahahahahaha.

  17. NakedFaerie says:

    The only difference I see between this PS3 version and CMA is MAYBE and this is a very slight maybe there is less protection on the PS3? I doubt it but $ony might think the PS3 is secure again. LOL

    I’m guessing the next firmware for Vita and PS3 will lock everything down even tighter which will be a huge joke as we now have full access to it all. Just need someone to either leak the Vita keys or find a way to use the PS3 keys to access the Vita.

  18. Sam says:

    Working on FAT MODEL CECHK03

  19. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    plz tell those motheerfuuckeer more

    • TheBudds says:

      What? That he wants hits for his site and found nothing more than a longer way to backup a game?

      • Tonakai says:

        Well, I am in no way affiliated with GamerBlamer, therefore getting hits for him is none of my concern.

        As for backing up the game, it’s not possible to do so on the PC (and I would absolutely love if you attempt to prove me wrong on that statement).

        • TheBudds says:

          ?!?! You must not have a vita if your wondering how you back up your games to the PC using OpenCMA. I don’t know what else really to say.

          • Tonakai says:

            What you are CLEARLY misunderstanding is that I am referring to VITA Games.

            Let me say that again: VITA GAMES.

            Yes, you can back up your PSX, PSP and Minis, but you can NOT back up Vita games to your PC.

          • Tonakai says:

            Well, I’ve just had a look at my Vita, and I’m clearly mistaken on that; I guess it’s been too long since I’ve attempted anything of the such, so my apologies for that.

            However, the point is that it’s an alternative method that allows you to do it without connection to the internet via your PS3.

            Oh well.

        • Satan says:

          Review before complaints. Hahahahahaha

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      You really need to chill out, like seriously. Being a jerk about it is not helping your case at all…

      • TheBudds says:

        When it’s to keep the “So I can play anyone’s vita games now” I find it ok, plus the jerks who don’t realize it’s nothing more than a back-up and then tell the people who explain that to shut-up.

        All it does it create un-needed attention for the scene just simply for some hits for a youtube channel, though if people really want to hope against hope…aw let them. I guess it keeps down all the topics they might be making.

  20. Inferno says:

    jajajajajaja my god the guy is stupid -_-

  21. Aneudi says:

    I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but can now people download vita isos and play them?

  22. jd20dog says:

    one big problem with the blog here
    Sony isn’t losing money…
    the sony corporation has been one of the most profitable in the world for over 40 years, not once has it had a negative year….
    also bankruptcy to a company doesn’t close it down
    that’s a corporate foreclosure

  23. MainCypher says:


    i have bought MBA and have the PKG on my PC, is there any Way to get it on my Vita? I also have a PSP 6.60 PRO and a PS3 (not hacked/jailbroken). If i would get my PS3 hacked would it be possible to transfer the PKG from pc?


  24. liomajor says:

    Doing it with the PS3 at this moment is a waste of time.

    Gameblamer didn’t know psvimg is still crypted and
    the same as doing it with your PC. Reliable? no!

    Fetching the PKG url works with proxy tools and ddl
    direclty from sony servers.

    In my old days when PS3 hacking started, i took a
    look at the files and with other ppl we builded
    tools to fake pkg installer packages.

    Even if you decrypt the PKG, manipulate the content,
    rebuild the PKG and use my way injecting it as real
    installer on PS3, the PS Vita denys playing them!
    (no valid sign)

  25. liomajor says:

    Injecting Urbanix is possible, but the license is missing!

  26. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    Find us some way to patch the fuucking license motheerfuuckers

    • TheBudds says:

      …and this is why this video should have never been a blog piece. How many months are we going to be dealing with people like this cause the guy in the video wants hits for discovering the long way around to make a back-up.

      • liomajor says:

        Fame that might backfire.

        Old big brother is a thread to his little brother.

        no psv support psv support > FW 4.300 > no PSV support ?!?

        Sony pulled the plug.

        Its unwise to make everything youtube and can end in homevisits.

      • Tonakai says:

        There’s no need to patch the license as this is for personal usage. You can take your files, place them on removable media, then place them back on to your Vita whenever you do so desire.

        I, in no way stated that this would be a way to share games, nor play them on another console that you may own.

        • TheBudds says:

          but yet look at all the newb users thinking just that due to him wanting hits for discovering the long way around for backing up a game.

          …and this guy claims he wants to help the scene.

    • Zyrkl says:

      Why don’t you?

  27. h4ckvit4 says:

    do you think psvita will hacked soon?

  28. Tonakai says:

    Clearly some clarification is required (sadly).

    For those of you who do not see the point in this, it is quite plain and simply to BACKUP your DIGITAL games.

    No, this does not allow you to play your games on other consoles, no this will not allow you to rip your Games and yes I understand that they are encrypted.

    For those of you stating that you can do this with CMA or OCMA; you can not. You CAN back up PSP Games, Minis and PSX Games, however you can NOT back up your Vita games, so having a method of doing so is a positive thing.

    As stated, I understand that these files are encrypted, but what’s negative about that? I did not state that this would open the door to piracy or allow you to play them on any other console.

    I personally prefer to have my Games on removable media in general (especially if there’s possibility that servers may go down, or I should happen to lose access to the internet).

    Finally, in regards to people thinking that this post was simply to bump up the views on the video, it was not. I am in no way affiliated with GamerBlamer.

    • TheBudds says:

      So the full back-up I have of my vita is some type of conspiracy to lie…pretty elaborate since my vita games also come back if I restore it, but let’s keep on saying that OpenCMA can’t do that :)

      • Tonakai says:

        Indeed, as I replied you in one of your previous comments that I had not attempted to do so for a long while, and forgotten that it was actually possible.

        Anyway, it’s a way to back up without the use of the internet on the PS3 if that is your preferred method, or if you have no computer.

        Whatever, it’s just an alternative that I found interesting enough to write about.

        • Darkanubis74 says:

          If it doesn’t do everything every one wants they are going to flame. I found it interesting also, Budds has been flaming this for three days pay no attention to him IDK why he cares that much to post 12363647464 times saying the exact same thing…

        • shaitan says:

          Yes you do need an internet connection for any communication between the vita and ps3, so far, but we probably will soon see OCMA for the ps3

      • Satan says:

        Yes it does and i traid it a couple days ago. so why complaining? just ride and feel free you devilworm.

    • liomajor says:

      So, what is this?

      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\addcont
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\app
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\appmeta
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\license
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\patch
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\savedata
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\sce_sys
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\addcont\addcont.psvimg
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\addcont\addcont.psvmd
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\app\app.psvimg
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\app\app.psvmd
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\appmeta\appmeta.psvimg
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\appmeta\appmeta.psvmd
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\license\license.psvimg
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\license\license.psvmd
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\patch\patch.psvimg
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\patch\patch.psvmd
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\savedata\savedata.psvimg
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\savedata\savedata.psvinf
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\savedata\savedata.psvmd
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\sce_sys\icon0.png
      PS VITA\Backup\APP\myuniqueid\PCSA00015\sce_sys\param.sfo

      Lemme guess, US Wipeout PSVITA GAME

      Digital game backup via CMA.

  29. GigaGaia says:

    Considering Sony won,t fill for bankruptcy anytime soon, I don’t see the point of that article.

    • Tonakai says:

      Clearly that wasn’t the focal point of the article.

      Sony have been having financial issues, and it is possible that one day they may end up filing for bankruptcy, but the point was not the fact that this may happen, but the fact that you can Backup your games for future usage, if you (such as myself) prefer to have your media on removable storage.

  30. Charls says:

    but you can make a backup on your computer, rigt??

  31. m.rr says:

    I disagree with you. Sony is one of the most important and most profitable companies in the world. It’s like saying Adidas or Nike have got financial problems.

    • Tonakai says:

      You are correct, however the reason I mentioned that is that in the past 8 months they have lost approximately 7 Billion in profits, and there has been a clear lack of interest in the Vita for the vast majority.

      Anyhow, it’s merely my opinion that it could, possibly happen one day.

      • Satan says:

        Sony will never falldown they have lots of asset in this word. This is just a minor problems to them in 40years of service they are still on number one when its comes on console and other gudgets. The psp sales are still on goin on sales even it was hacked they knew that coz of hack. Their sales on psp goes up. And sony knew coz of this hack made they will make new console to sale. With out hacks psp is doom.

        • dante says:

          Almost all sony’s other departments, especially their electronics part are having heavy financial issues. Their shares are falling, and a lot of shareholders will withdraw their shares if they see the shares drop too low. When shareholders withdraw, then a company of any size and any amount of “assets” can fall on their face. And assets are usually used to take out more debt, so they can grow, put in more research into new tech, etc. This will also hit their cashflow and that is why it is said that Sony might have to let go a lot of employees.
          The CEO wasn’t replaced for no reason, replacing a CEO is a huge step and usually done when a company needs to be taken into a new direction.

  32. Adil says:

    Guys I have a ps3 on 4.21 plz plz plz just tell me that is there a cfw released for it or not and if there is then tell me how to install the cfw.

  33. DS_Marine says:

    2 words…
    baby steps. oh, and well done, that’s 4 words then.
    These days looks like that if you don’t found a kernel exploit then you did squat.
    Well, having another way of backup the games is a good thing, someday we could find us in a position where we can’t use CMA and we could resort to this method…

  34. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    Hey motheerfuuckers we want to play downloaded games plzzzzzzzz

  35. psVitovic says:

    can we then transfer ISOs and PSX and PSP games from USB Sticks to the PSVITA using this metod????

  36. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    Why the big hacker are not intersted by the fuccking hacking ps vita ?

  37. Zonic says:

    So what this does is it lets us back up our psn vita games. That’s actually pretty cool considering you won’t have to re-download all your games.

  38. ndh777 says:

    I’m a bit confused as I’ve been out over the last few days…

    So…I’ve been reading that Rogero made a 4.21 CFW. I have my PS3 Slim on 4.21 (waiting for the jb) and was wondering if this announcement is for us on 4.21 OFW that can move over to 4.21 CFW or is this for people who have had the 3.55 jb and can now move to this 4.21 CFW and only them? Or is this for pretty much all consoles running 4.21 OFW?

  39. HallelooQurL says:

    So basically people will start dumping Vita games, learn to sign them or get CFW that can run them, and thus starts the piracy of the Vita.

    • Jd8531 says:

      No, decrypting these games in my opinion is close to impossible and even then it would need a full Vita exploit to run.

  40. abelhinhaz says:

    Good news :)

  41. fail says:

    What this guy did is using the official PSV backup function and then used a manager to copy the game elsewhere: this isn’t a huge news…

  42. Reaper666 says:

    fun long conversation about this …. its still a good video on backing up on the ps3

  43. kramoyag says:

    if you backed the game….can you copy that to other ps vita?

  44. PlayerGG says:

    This what sony do,
    Let a little of hacked. If they don’t, no one will buy PSV.
    If they do, no one will do business with them…

    Is it clear?
    But still too dumb for a move?

  45. TooCoolToRule says:

    Rogero has put up the advice that people should not use this version of his custom firmware, because it is not brick-proof. If you use it and it bricks your PS3, you won’t be able to go crying to him ;-). He suggests to wait for the safe version he is trying to build ;-).

    • Tonakai says:

      Yeah, this is true. That’s why I added this line “With the release of the LV0 keys, and CFW on 4.21, if you were lucky and updating didn’t brick your console, then this is for you.” as if I read that, I’d have to go find out why there’s a possibility of this.

  46. Old wise man says:

    I have 4 ps3s, so i think i will give this a shot on one of them, then comeback and let everyone know the results and what model it was one on, and if it was successful

  47. jechomh says:

    I hace the pkg games of urbanix and jewels thats with exploit can i pasa it to ps vista or i cant pass it with ps3 cfw4.21¿¿¿

  48. MUD says:

    So I have a 3.55 CFW on my PS3 should I upgrade to 4.21 CFW or should I stick with 3.55?
    I really want to play the new Twisted Metal game.
    And is there really a semi strong risk of bricking with the 4.21CFW?


  49. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    What the fuucking you waiting for ??
    Just follow instructions and never install CFW on another CFW , return to the OFW 3.55 and then install the 4.21 CFW ROGERO
    belive me just stupid guy who brick his console

    do it and play download games whithout even have to fuucking fix it
    download and play even the online

    • TheBudds says:

      Hey Darkanubis74, you gonna say anything to him since you don’t like people acting like dicks or you going to try to keep riding me for calling this what it is “a long way to get a backup”?

    • MUD says:

      Sorry your getting a bad rap Zamorichardinhohoholinamara
      thanks for the info.

    • Stiffeno says:

      If by “Download games” you mean pirated games, then please DO NOT post about things like that, nobody in the scene worth a damn is Pro-Piracy…nobody WANTS nor NEEDS the ability to pirate games, if you only use CFW so you can get free games then you are a low-life scumbag!. Stop being a leech and get a job to PAY for your games!

      If you didn’t mean pirated games, then im very sorry and you should just disregard my post :)

  50. zoraktorok says:

    ————————– Brick free/ app_home working version now available! ————–

  51. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    Fucck you TheBudds why do your eye on me motheer fuccker ??
    Stay in your business ***h0le

  52. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    Do you want to proof something motheerfuccker ?? You keep blaming Darkanabus
    Oh i think that you are jalousie because darkanabus is very famouse than you biiiiiiitch
    And for the hack or the piracy every have his opinion or you want me to like your oponion because you that you are better then me ***h0le?

  53. Resinmg says:

    This does not work atm unless u have reactpsn on ur ps3 and thats assumeing that it still working. It asks to connect to psn as soon as u connect the vita. i am getting that and trying it now.

  54. ivo says:

    what ur backing up vita games
    on cfw on facebook remote play ?

    • Resinmg says:

      Okay man there is nothing to do on facebook. The PS3 has finally been completly hacked all the way down to the bootldr. With that being said they can have CFW on any PS3 firmware. Just needs to be made first. Eventualy Sony will either give up or push release of the PS4. Anyway it was possible for a couple of days while the new CFW still had PSN access to copy ur vita games to ur ps3. ATM u cannot do this because there is no PSN access due to a new system firware sony just came out with but trust me in a couple of days u will see CFW 4.30 on the ps3 just wait for that and backup all u have and take pictures let everyone on here know that hey we can see the file system on the PSvita. TBH i am really exited about this, just watching his video i can see how to change the icon of a psvita games. I dont know alot about this stuff but it should help the PSVITA SCENE ALOT.

  55. FruityPebbles says:

    I am 1 of the millions who missed out on mad blocker / urbanix a for the ps vita, if there is any news on something new hit me up, miss my home brew games from my psp :(.

  56. rahul vyas says:

    I am not able to connect vita to ps3. Help Needed. I have Fat PS3 With Rogero CFW 4.21 and PS Vita with 1.61 (Everybody’s Tennis Exploited). When I Connect Ps Vita to ps3 via usb ps3 shows connect to PSN to use same psn profile of vita. Does someone knows how to connect ?

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