Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

Backing up Vita games using the new 4.21 CFW by Rogero.

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  1. This is really good progress in the psvita scene everyone is *** about “I can do this with CMA or OPENCMA” yeah you could but thats it. You were forced to use sonys CMA now we found a way out. I see good things coming from this like backing up vita game carts and maybe PS1 games. Consering sonys great track record of how they sign everything and putting psp keys inside the Ps3 system this hack my bring new things to the vita. I can comfirm this working on my CECHA01 with 4.21cfw I been waiting almost 2 years now to update my cobra-usb 3.55. Its too bad my ps2 backups dont work anymore

  2. marjowikid says:

    i agree that’s one of the reasons why i don’t like iPhone i don’t like being forced to use their program to put something on my device and yes this will lead to piracy not by wololo or the people making the cfw but by other people rather they are *** bags that are just wanting to take money away from Sony (which i don’t believe) or what ever it will happen thing is we arnt all looking to pirate all i wanna do is use my vita like i was told i was going to be able to do i wanna play fall out or battlefield or *** killzone 3 like Sony demonstrated through remote play i mean *** really is it to much to ask that i get what i paid for

  3. abelhinhaz says:

    Good news 🙂

  4. fail says:

    What this guy did is using the official PSV backup function and then used a manager to copy the game elsewhere: this isn’t a huge news…

  5. Reaper666 says:

    fun long conversation about this …. its still a good video on backing up on the ps3

  6. kramoyag says:

    if you backed the game….can you copy that to other ps vita?

  7. PlayerGG says:

    This what sony do,
    Let a little of hacked. If they don’t, no one will buy PSV.
    If they do, no one will do business with them…

    Is it clear?
    But still too dumb for a move?

  8. TooCoolToRule says:

    Rogero has put up the advice that people should not use this version of his custom firmware, because it is not brick-proof. If you use it and it bricks your PS3, you won’t be able to go crying to him ;-). He suggests to wait for the safe version he is trying to build ;-).

    • Tonakai says:

      Yeah, this is true. That’s why I added this line “With the release of the LV0 keys, and CFW on 4.21, if you were lucky and updating didn’t brick your console, then this is for you.” as if I read that, I’d have to go find out why there’s a possibility of this.

  9. Old wise man says:

    I have 4 ps3s, so i think i will give this a shot on one of them, then comeback and let everyone know the results and what model it was one on, and if it was successful

  10. jechomh says:

    I hace the pkg games of urbanix and jewels thats with exploit can i pasa it to ps vista or i cant pass it with ps3 cfw4.21¿¿¿

  11. MUD says:

    So I have a 3.55 CFW on my PS3 should I upgrade to 4.21 CFW or should I stick with 3.55?
    I really want to play the new Twisted Metal game.
    And is there really a semi strong risk of bricking with the 4.21CFW?


  12. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    What the fuucking you waiting for ??
    Just follow instructions and never install CFW on another CFW , return to the OFW 3.55 and then install the 4.21 CFW ROGERO
    belive me just stupid guy who brick his console

    do it and play download games whithout even have to fuucking fix it
    download and play even the online

    • TheBudds says:

      Hey Darkanubis74, you gonna say anything to him since you don’t like people acting like dicks or you going to try to keep riding me for calling this what it is “a long way to get a backup”?

    • MUD says:

      Sorry your getting a bad rap Zamorichardinhohoholinamara
      thanks for the info.

    • Stiffeno says:

      If by “Download games” you mean pirated games, then please DO NOT post about things like that, nobody in the scene worth a damn is Pro-Piracy…nobody WANTS nor NEEDS the ability to pirate games, if you only use CFW so you can get free games then you are a low-life scumbag!. Stop being a leech and get a job to PAY for your games!

      If you didn’t mean pirated games, then im very sorry and you should just disregard my post 🙂

  13. zoraktorok says:

    ————————– Brick free/ app_home working version now available! ————–

  14. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    Fucck you TheBudds why do your eye on me motheer fuccker ??
    Stay in your business ***h0le

    • Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

      Fucck you TheBudds why do you keep your eyes on me??
      Stay in your business ***h0le

      • The Budds says:

        Cause it’s obvious what you want and your the one acting lke a ***, so I’m just wondering if darkanubis really cares or just doesn’t like what I’m saying.

        Though you can continue wasting your time cussing at everyone thinking you can pirate vita games, due to the maker of the video getting carried away with finding out he made a backup.

  15. Zamorichardinhohoholinamara says:

    Do you want to proof something motheerfuccker ?? You keep blaming Darkanabus
    Oh i think that you are jalousie because darkanabus is very famouse than you biiiiiiitch
    And for the hack or the piracy every have his opinion or you want me to like your oponion because you that you are better then me ***h0le?

    • dante says:

      Maybe retards must first learn to spell their swearing words before trying to type them? But again retards don’t understand what they say so guess Zamorichardinhohoholinamara is a total ***. heck even his name is ***. I like chocolate mousse but this famouse Zamorichardinhohoholinamara is talking about sounds interesting… maybe specially made for someone like him?

  16. Resinmg says:

    This does not work atm unless u have reactpsn on ur ps3 and thats assumeing that it still working. It asks to connect to psn as soon as u connect the vita. i am getting that and trying it now.

  17. ivo says:

    what ur backing up vita games
    on cfw on facebook remote play ?

    • Resinmg says:

      Okay man there is nothing to do on facebook. The PS3 has finally been completly hacked all the way down to the bootldr. With that being said they can have CFW on any PS3 firmware. Just needs to be made first. Eventualy Sony will either give up or push release of the PS4. Anyway it was possible for a couple of days while the new CFW still had PSN access to copy ur vita games to ur ps3. ATM u cannot do this because there is no PSN access due to a new system firware sony just came out with but trust me in a couple of days u will see CFW 4.30 on the ps3 just wait for that and backup all u have and take pictures let everyone on here know that hey we can see the file system on the PSvita. TBH i am really exited about this, just watching his video i can see how to change the icon of a psvita games. I dont know alot about this stuff but it should help the PSVITA SCENE ALOT.

  18. FruityPebbles says:

    I am 1 of the millions who missed out on mad blocker / urbanix a for the ps vita, if there is any news on something new hit me up, miss my home brew games from my psp :(.

  19. rahul vyas says:

    I am not able to connect vita to ps3. Help Needed. I have Fat PS3 With Rogero CFW 4.21 and PS Vita with 1.61 (Everybody’s Tennis Exploited). When I Connect Ps Vita to ps3 via usb ps3 shows connect to PSN to use same psn profile of vita. Does someone knows how to connect ?

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