PS3 Blown open, Scene chaos, LV0 keys Leaked and Working!


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173 Responses

  1. Fox says:

    Shazam! watch all the same questions over and over….

  2. Aye Guy says:

    I should get a PS3

  3. Zin says:

    Now to wait and see what awesome stuff is developed within the PS3 scene now! 😀

  4. livepixel says:

    Wow. Finally time to get a PS3.

  5. Guy says:

    Does this mean that I can buy a PS3 on the latest firmware and install the CFW on it?

  6. Ukdna says:

    heck yeah! Leaks have been real good to me this month

  7. Jd8531 says:

    in some way get* -_-

  8. trollkilla says:

    Nice article, well written.Only thing i would do is put in Bold big letters ,
    Rogero cfw 4.21 can brick your system , only compatible if your lucky.

  9. GraphicsApathy says:

    Does this mean that pretty much the only thing really impeding piracy from soon on will be whether or not you can manage 25 GB or so per game on your HDD? And all it will take to hack it to the point of easy piracy is a bit of googling? If so, the PS3 is doomed IMO.

  10. PeterGriffin says:

    Remember guys, why all don’t want custom firmware for piracy, we want it for almost non-existent PS3 Homebrews and to prevent scratches on our Blu Rays !Piracy is evil !No one needs it, no one wants it !

    • thebigc says:

      3 big reasons why I looked forward to having my PS3 hacked:
      – Translation patches, specifically Tales of Vesperia
      – Media player that can play any format, specifically mkvs (with subtitles)
      – Emulators

      My Internet sucks. Pirating a PS3 game will probably take me many days. lol

  11. Pop1 says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhh Holy S**t this is great news!

  12. trollkilla says:

    I have a ps3 on cfw and theres 1 homebrew i use alot
    and thats showtime with navi x pluggin.Better than netflix.

  13. gunblade says:

    Well on da gAMes they do tend to tak u alot of spaces good hng hhd a getting cheapnot days butihopping did can help me add more hadware to da system guess can find out aas to my slim on 4.25 ofw right now thks.

  14. fivezer0niner says:

    I dunno what’s happenin’ but it angers me when someone takes credit on someone else’s effort… >:C

    AND THEY TRIED TO SELL IT TOO!? ***??! shame.

  15. blahh blahh 123 says:

    wow this is a very great accomplishment for the hacking community and in the near future i hope sony goes bankrupt for their spitefullness on thier clients

  16. Stiffeno says:

    I might just end up buying another PS3 (i sold my last one) in the near future! Thanks for the heads up about this 😀

  17. super says:

    Inb4 someone finds something in the PS3 that would be able to port into the Vita..

  18. gungah says:

    I have a slim PS3 that was on 3.55.2 cfw but got updated a while back to a ofw below 4.21? is it possible that i can downgrade that using this new method once its released?

  19. MC says:

    Want to thank you guys for putting it all in one forum and outlining what happened!! Great news BTW!!!

  20. bass4040 says:

    With this new cfw is the usb flash stick, powering on off and game disc in the ps3 required before play?

  21. Ocha021 says:

    I personally think this is horrible news.
    Hey, Wololo, how do you think… T.T
    PSP is now fully left Sony’s hand,
    and now PS3 will be fully leave Sony’s hand.
    I really dont see a future of Playstation.

    Well you freaken dumb people, we all will be able to
    enjoy the games that ‘have been released’,
    but if this goes worse, there is no more playstation.

    Sony is already running out of money…
    And if this gets them bad, there wont be even Playstation 4.

    • solala says:

      are you serious ?
      iam sick of 5 years old like you hat only do th eone road thinking, than of course hacking always means destruction.

      Not only the fact that many people buying these articles don´t know about any hack and some dont even want to use it ,there many other reasons how this will not destroy anything imbecile.

      Next time just look at the past generations and even the current generations of piratable systems (especially the pc) and dont tell me any of them died in a horrible way.

      Enjpy sucking your dicks and may ANYTHING in this world finally let your brain start working

      • starfall05 says:

        well everything should be balanced,

        the problem is that i believe most of us here knows that hacking is great and piracy is not, but what the games developers are seeing and reacting towards the so called “hacking” these times are in my opinion not good for playstation.

      • gunblade says:

        Well if sony having money issue gussing by how bad our economy is dis year. They can merge with microsoft or sumthing (kinduf idk on that perticler merger) but i tought sony has share in other companies to n sony is also a pc company as well as house hold goods so i think they have extra money around to spend on the playstaion side of there business but if they r worried about money could do what any smart in business would do spend sum money and buy shares and stock.

      • Neoguy says:

        Solala you are actually the kiddy one here, you don’t insult a person just because you don’t like their opinion- whatever happened to this world?

        If a man can choose to insult another man because of video games ? Then our brains need some heavy checking,

        A real and wise person doesn’t have to insult to get their point across so now I say apologise to the other guy and give him a hug, tell him you love him and you are sorry and that human race are not supposed to be rude to each other because of some silly video games .
        Daddy is watching

  22. SupahLeecha says:

    Hello Sony, you are now forced to release ps4, mwahahahaha.
    Sony should be happy, bcoz of these, people would buy “Sony ps3.” it’s a win-winwin situation.

    • ue says:

      actually I think sony would have been happier if this had happened a year from now (closer to the ps4 release)

      Then they would get rid of bulk excess stock… Even saying this the percentage of pirating console users is still low (10% or so) with many that would never have bought the game/console in the first place.
      People see it as a loss but aslong as it is publically frowned upon and not easily happened upon early in a system’s lifetime people just don’t do it.

      Honestly sony need to provide a better service (steam like environment) with their system really and that will be one of the best ways to best pirates and keep profits high.
      Just like steam has done.

  23. deckardbr says:

    Finally! When I updated my ps3 past 3.55 that was pretty much it for cfw until this. Can’t wait to install new awesome cfw.

  24. Bromanbro says:

    That’s BS. Here’s some reasons why:

    1. Sony isn’t going anywhere. They are far too big. They aren’t as successful as 2004, but they still have the $$$
    2. The Nintendo Gamecube AND Wii were both hacked/pirated early on. heck, even PC emulation with higher resolutions then the Wii are possible. Also, the DS was hacked, yet was still successful.

    3. MS and Nintendo are still profitable despite piracy (big games like COD and Halo are leaked like a week in advance to pirates), so although piracy’s bad, MS and Nintendo are doing well anyway. Piracy’s just an easy scapegoat for guys like Sony and Ubisoft when they want an excuse to shareholders/the public for poor sales.

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      Nintendo survived for ONE reason. Their main audience are children (whether people believe it or not) and the amount of shovelware parents bought was ridiculous. The DS and Wii both sold alot due to being kid friendly and user-friendly. The PS3 on the other hand has an audience base of older teens- to adults, who search google, constantly have access to main stream gaming media telling them hacks are there and just generally more savvy and aware. So, No he is right if this comes to full fruition to PS brand is in serious danger.

      • gunblade says:

        Well wen the ps3 n xbox360 fisrt came out i know in my area the ps3 was more populer then the xbox and still is prety much. yea nintendo has always been more for kids n i guess it was there idea with the game cube since supernintendo back then was more family oriented. But i had one of does game card for the ds and i still buy full games jus to have them. there has been that drive to hack sonys system do to the sense they always realsing updates. money wise i just herd sony bought a new company.

    • gunblade says:

      on piracy wise i herd that the next gen consoles saposed to be able to play games on one systhem so i cant buy a game for my ps4 n after playing it play it in say my brothers sytems games saposed to be lock to one system.. think sony cant do this on dvd n blueray disk so guessing there game will be more sd card type cartige since they can then just update the game cartrigde it self n not just the game install on the system.. but atleast there a challenge now for the next gen consles. but from what i herd about the graphic being 4k thought they take up alot of space hopping they still wont the system to be a media system they prboly might have a dvd n cd drives..

  25. UKDNA says:

    Screw you Sony, that’s what I call karmic revenge for Geohot

    • gunblade says:

      Yea n it would be : “and thats wats happens when we try get os on the thing.” but there was a few moments on the way that jus betterd how dev dealt with things. n i was a little upset with the sense that sony made os seems so awsume with the thought of sony wanthing more programers to work with them n i was like just getting in to linux an wanted to get the ps3 mainly for that reason but think i ended up playing wit linix n wine on the pc wich was fun. But i dont hate sony i guess since they have games like final fantasy n i kind of like there new vita werd i just noticed (or remebered)that i played final fantasy on a nintendo before i played tactics on the psone nice times.

  26. Norml says:

    “PS3 Blown open” yet again, until $ony patches it.
    It’s sad, devs either tell $ony how to fix the issue or they claim it can’t be fixed.

    Than next thing you know a patch is released and people run scrambling.

    10 year plan, might pick one up one day.

  27. Dorron says:

    Great news! I won’t be updating to 4.30 just in case. Waiting for more news on this…

  28. gilbert says:

    my videos on the web wont load no more after i update my ps3 any1 have this problem?

  29. Darkanubis74 says:

    That’s bad news. If this is all true, The PS3 is dead. and Sony may be dead with it. Especially if a Vita hack comes from it…

    • UKDNA says:

      verily I say to thee… screw ’em

    • Jd8531 says:

      Its sad news, but I wouldn’t say its dead just yet.

      • Darkanubis74 says:

        I mean if it gets blown wide open beyond repair and the worst case happens where vita gets hacked by collateral.

        • Norml says:

          So you think the PS3 has a Vita emulator and it’s keys like what happen with the PSP….interesting.

          PS3 was hacked a long time ago, is it dead?

          • gunblade says:

            well ill say idk…. but there is remote play… but from what i herd when the vita first came out it was reconized by the ps3 as a phone.and dat was on a cex ps3(cfw)i think.. the dev system was preety sweet n nice breackthrough. well wouldent say the ps3 dead but it seems like got shot couple times n was recovery around 360. n 4.0 but then got like hospitalized so now its like waiting for sony to pull the plug…but then we have to figure to take care of it buy identifiying its next of kine(think that how it speeled) the ps4

          • gungah says:

            That was years after it came out so it had time to grow into something…. the vita is on the edge of the cliff as it is

        • gunblade says:

          well ur on my level….

  30. ZorakTorok says:

    Well, this is what the future of the ps3 scene is. Missed the boog by a couple of days!

  31. Crimson says:

    I bet the devs will make something out of this for the vita in the future

  32. vwownsu says:

    The worst part is that people actually buy stuff like this from the wrong people hahaha.
    I would love to do this on mine even with the risk of bricking it. The PS3 is the king of consoles (yeah 360s suck with Halos altogether) and it would be kinda sad if it died.

  33. ji5aw says:

    i still dont get how the key was leaked in the first place. so-called social engineering?

  34. MarSprite says:

    Exciting news.. I just traded in my old and tired fat ps3 and preordered the new super-slim assassins creed 3 bundle ps3, so I don’t know that this means anything soon for my new system, but I’ve been considering obtaining a backwards compatible ps3 anyways.

    I don’t need game “backups”, just give me other OS, homebrew and PSN access in one easy bundle, and I’ll be as happy as can be.

    Probably a pipe dream… but it’s good to dream.

  35. Kevin says:

    Wololo I have a ps3 that once had 3.55 cfw installed but since then I have updated now to 4.25…Does that mean that ps3 will be able to install cfw 4.25 straight from ofw 4.25?

    I’m trying to make sure this is right so I don’t update that certain console.

    Please respond.

  36. wartaf says:

    that’s great! if i can only able to do it! lol!

  37. Maxilus says:

    So this is like “Pandora Battery” kind of hack is it? Any FW will be to hack? Even the latest OFW 4.30 too?

  38. Mr. Shizzy says:

    Fudge Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Maxilus says:

    wow! I think im getting back buying PS3 again soon! I sold my 4 years old Slim PS3 to trade for PS Vita. I miss playing PS3 games..

  40. neverthewiseone says:

    good news for sony, ps3 will increase in sale just before it gets old with the upcoming release of the ps4.

  41. Crow132 says:

    I have a few questions..

    First: How do I know if my console is downgradable?

    Second: Am I already able to install the CFW from the latest firmware? Will I be able?

    Thank you.

    • mrSoczi says:

      How to know Your console is downgradeable:

      1. If at one point in its lifetime it had a 3.55 or lower firmware then it is downgradeable.

      2. Look up your PS3 model on the back and look on the internetz for the answer.

  42. Edz says:

    I predict PS3 sales skyrocketing…

    By the way, you can install content on PSVita using PS3, maybe this hack can even save the Vita

    • darksmile says:

      Good point. It is good strategy for more sales. In the end of PS3 life SONY lose nothing form this. They sale their already builded consoles. I think that keys are leaked by SONY but.. who knows…

  43. Dovahkiin says:

    This sounded awfully similar to the PSP’s Team C+D exploit aka “Pandora”… like how they were forced to release it immediately to the public…

    • gunblade says:

      yea but some people still bought the batery n the memory sticks since u still needed a psp with custume firmware to still make the pandora kit.. i end up having like two extra battery n the blue (pandora)battery since it made my psp have a longer batery life…

      • Dovahkiin says:


        You don’t necessary need cfw for the psp to create pandora kit, you just have to have a 1.50 ofw installed.

        let’s not hijack this comment section and talk about the psp… :)

  44. Does says:

    Does this mean we can pirate games on any firmware?

  45. Primal-evil says:

    First ever post!!!

    This should definatly open the way for many others to use emulators, homebrew and replacing faulty bluray drives.

    But the thought of many using this just to pirate and play games is quite daunting which will prob mean many game developers pulling the plug on creating new games for the ps3,
    Which hurts all of us in the long run.and if it leads to hacking the vita completely so early on will confide it to an early death.

    Also if sony never took away OS this might not of come round!

  46. Jvhellraiser says:

    Iam not very happy about it…….3 minutes later
    Call his causin hey cause u want a Psvita right?
    I change u the Psvita for the Ps3 what do u say
    Causin U change me the Psvita for my Ps3 but
    it wont run homebrews! yeah i know dont worry
    causin iam in the latest FW is ok come and get
    The Psvita tomorrow,Me buahahahaha!!!! He
    Does not know the LV0 keys are out buahahaha.

    Ps.just kidding gosh my Psvita is my Baby,i’ll buy
    A used Ps3 the bastards are in $150 in any gaming store.

  47. quetz says:

    ok.. getting a new slim 12gb for christmas.. 😛

    • gunblade says:

      realy i wanted to get the superslim 12 gig but all they have hear for now is the bundle packs assassins creed blackops..did not see the system them selves yet at gamestop. i hope we get the 12 gb in the usa heard it was for uk or some thing idk n hope its not any different then the 500 gb models

      • quetz says:

        price is very different.. 12gb go + controller here in Eu it’s for 219€, and the FIFA 13 bundle 500gb go + game + controller 319€.. ! i want it just for cfw and online gaming, vita interacting maybe, really don’t need that space in ps3, for pirate games i got x360 with xk3y 😉 and i think you could easily replace the hard disk with some other lately

  48. job says:

    This always annoys me xD

    1. fail0verflow DID NOT cause piracy. The USB Dongles did that. Nobody knows where the USB exploits came from.
    2. fail0verflow gave us a way to bring back Linux (OtherOS) to the PS3, WITHOUT giving a security exploit that can cause piracy.
    3. GeoHot later released the metldr keys which cracked open the entire system till 3.60. GeoHot is not a part of fail0verflow.
    4. Sony changed the chain of trust with the 3.60 firmware. Leaving metldr out of it and having lv0 load all the other stuff.
    5. Now lv0 is cracked and the only way to solve it for Sony is to release a new hardware revision.

    1. Presentation of fail0verflow at 27C3:

  49. Loerderon says:

    And what about 4.30 update? Will i be able to install CFW in time, if i update my v2 SLIM to 4.30 and other ofw Sony will release further?

  50. Gustbran says:

    Muchas gracias

    Arigatou gosaimasu

    • z3 says:

      Gozaimasu is spelled with a Z, not a S. “Gozaimasu” is the correct spelling :)

      • MizuhoChan says:

        日本語は難しい ;_;

      • F says:

        You realize that all romanization of Japanese is an approximation of the language? In other words, correcting peoples’ spelling of an approximation is not all that bright.

        • z3 says:

          Maybe in some cases, but not always. The Hiragana alphabeth is set to fixed translations, that one sign mean one spelling. I’ve never seen that this could be used very flexible, as but i might be wrong.

          The reason why i mentioned it is because when starting to learning japanese, one often start with a lot of Romaji. Therefor it can be important to learn the correct spelling to begin with. If you think one word is spelled a certain way in Romaji, if you try to apply/translate this to Hiragana, then you get spelling error.

          In this case, if you translate “gosaimasu” to Hiragana, you get “ごさいます”. This is not the correct spelling. The correct spelling is “ございます”.

          I don’t see why you think it is not to bright to point this out. Nothing negative towards Gustbran, just a tip to correct the spelling :)

  51. tha boss says:

    is there allready a way to hack your ps3 and play online without buying a dongel for duoboot??(without spoofing so you wont get banned)

  52. z3 says:

    Good article :)

    There is one question that i’m wondering about of all of this. Right now i know you need to be on firmware 3.55 to be able to install CFW 4.21. But is possible to modify a PS3 firmware so that it can be installed on even the newest OFW without downgrading? Like making a CFW that removes some security checks, so that the PS3 think it is a new firmware. Or do you need the new private keys to sign the CFW? That is the biggest question i’m wondering about of all this.

  53. z3 says:

    And about Vita hacking, i can’t see how this will change anything. From what i know, the PS just acts like a Content Manager. The Content Manager excist on PC as well, and PC is the most open platform out there. I don’t see any need to go through the PS3 first when everything can be done directly between the PC and the Vita.

    • Jd8531 says:

      You are way off, PC and PS3 CMA are different first of all. Its not just about transferring files either. There may be other secure data that the PS3 contains that could open the Vita security wise. There is also suspicion that the keys are similar too along with some other things.

      • Yes says:

        Do you have any more info on this? I’d like info that its not only about transfering files on PS3.

        • Jd8531 says:

          There will be more info soon, but right now everyone’s still looking into everything :)

          • Yes says:

            Nice :) But about the other stuff, you said that he was way off and wrote it in a way that this info is already known. Can i have some source/link to this info? I’m interested in reading more about it :)

          • Jd8531 says:

            I dont think I did? First of all i said “nothing to confirm” in the main article. Regarding CMA its more common sense, hacking CMA wasnt ever said anywhere to begin with thats why I said you’re way off. However I stated “there may be” and “suspicion” about the part the other part. About how CMA is different, is it decrypts and runs differently.

          • Yes says:

            It was said that PS3 CMA acts like the PC CMA. This means that they both serve the same purpose, file transfer only. You said he was way off on this and then you said “it is just about transferring files either”. I was looking for info to this statement :)

          • Yes says:

            “It is not” is what i ment to say, sorry for the typo.

          • z3 says:

            Yeah, i was only refering to that the PC and the PS3 CMA works in the same way, that they only do file transfers and that the Vita does the encryption/decryption for security reasons. I don’t see why different encryption would be used between the PC and PS3 CMA when the Vita is assumably doing the encryption. But if there is any sources to this saying otherwise, i’d like to read and learn more about it :)

  54. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    Sad news for Sony. I can visualize a lot of developers walking away from Sony.

  55. hitler says:

    the downfall has begun!

  56. GigaGaia says:

    Considering you can only install this from 3.55 or below and that the majority of people don’t have flashers to downgrade, this is the furthest thing from blown open. The PS3 is still pretty closed.

    It’s gonna be blown wide open when you can install a cfw from 4.25 or 4.30.

  57. tonyuk73 says:

    Just phoned my son to tell him not to update the ps3.guess what I’m the owner of a ps3 with 4.30 on it dam!

    take it I’m sc***?

  58. Squiggs says:

    Did any one else see this on bbc world news?

  59. marx says:

    so in this case the ps vita will be soon hocked?… nice work out there i’ll look forward for this hack…

  60. SILVIO says:

    Hi guys:)
    Could anyone tell me how we I can use the latest release of the LV0 keys to be able to play PS3 games which I have on my external HDD? Thanks

    Please mail me directley to my mailadress (

  61. Hunter138 says:

    And now, Can I update my system or waiting for some news?


  62. Hugo says:

    Get a life ^^^

  63. Chun says:

    What does this exactly mean for us end users with a ps3 on 4.25OFW?

  64. tigerchitpile says:

    It’s intresting how the PS3 has been the reason for everyone be able to run homebrew on the psp, due to ppl being able to sign homebrew. i wonder if it will have the same effect on the ps vita. will the ps3 be a gateway to the vita also?

    • MarSprite says:

      PSP was full of homebrew way before the ps3 hacks happened. CFW was easy as pie to install on a PSP. The pandora battery was the final nail in that coffin, once that got released everyone had the option of CFW.

      • tigerchitpile says:

        pandora battery only worked on older psps. And yes i know homebrews where on psp before this, however i think that being able to sign ur own homebrew is a way bigger nail in the coffin then the pandora battery

  65. n3rk3 says:

    Ohhhh a miracle! I am thankfull for the professionel ps3 devs! Not like the crapy psvita devs andthere Ninja releases

    • -X-77 says:

      HEYYY, these guys work hard to give us all the opportunity to get the exploited game off psn, days b4 its publicly announced and pulled by $ony in the following 24hrs… just so we all can enjoy all our games and homebrew we have on our hacked PSPs…
      Although.. i barely have even a third of the content i did on my hacked PSP, on my newest vita eCFW…..
      On second thought, YEA WHAT THIS GUY SAYS, CRAPPY!

  66. Finaly says:

    Finaly i stop pay for games on my ps3 and can get us many games i wanna ty god some one liked keys in HAPPY u made my day

  67. -X-77 says:

    ok so my ps3 is on 4.25 now, does this mean i would be able to hold off updating my ps3 and be able to install a cfw 4.25 on it? (btw i have no e3 flasher or anything of that nature)

    please respond, i would like to have some cfw on my ps3, but if its not possible i might as well update my ps3 to enjoy some netfix.


  68. maddin says:

    so when can 3.56+ (4.xx) OFW users expect a CFW without having to downgrade our ps3?

    • yyy says:

      From what i understand, they need to find an exploit in the new firmware. If this isn’t found, i see no way to use CFW without downgrading first or signing it with the new private keys.

      • Stolas says:

        Exploit? It wouldn’t require an exploit because they have access to the update files, thus they can simply decrypt the latest firmwares, edit them to include the ability to install apps from a usb and bam you’re in.

        • z3 says:

          But how are they going to be installed on OFW 3.60+? Those firmware version (i’m talking about them being installed on the PS3, not the .pup file) are already protected, you need a way to modify lv0 first.

  69. anhell28 says:

    could some psvita keys be included or shared with the ps3? could be a possibility.

  70. miguel says:

    am on 4.25 does this mean that they are working in a cfw for 4.25

  71. miguel says:

    should i upate or not

  72. arnookie says:

    Update all you like cos Sony are sc*** now.
    We decrypt any firmware now because we have the access to edit them to do what we want : O)

  73. marlewuk says:

    nice article wololo, a little hard to follow for my simple mind but easier than other forum posts. keep it up

  74. CS72 says:

    What I don’t understand: With these keys we can decrypt LV0. Will this not give us the possibility to get all other keys, to sign homebrew and code, that this run on a normal official firmware? Why a lot of people speak about custom firmware in this case? What I hope: That these keys will not kill Sony because a lot of people will use this for playing illegal copies. I hope that these keys will open a big homebrew development like at the psp a few years ago.

    • armookie says:

      No really you want official firmware to run homebrew and unofficial stuff? Would you not like a custom firmware with no cinavia protection and that would allow you to backup and play games/homebrew and apps from your external harddrive?
      Simple choice! No?

  75. miguel says:

    so i can stay on 4.25 and wait until they release a 4.25 cfw cause am on 4.25

  76. miguel says:

    so this mean any update can get hack

  77. Binary says:

    After reading through all of this and a few other websites, I’m realizing very quickly how invaluable this really is for most of us considering most people have newer firmware than 3.55. I have one with 3.73 on it and still can’t do jack with it without opening the console. I don’t think Sony is really in any danger due to this LV0 key being released.

  78. OB says:

    So, should I not upgrade my ps3 from 4.25 OFW to 4.30, or should I wait for a CFW for 4.25 if I want CFW. I know this was asked by people above me but the answers weren’t really clear and I’m not a programmer so I couldnt understand the article very well.

    • gunblade says:

      Wen ever there a new exploit it always a good idea if u have a real low firmware so if u want to you can but i would keep a 4.25 just untill they reasles anthing unless u need the psn or play games guessing on tye assassin creed now anybody know if u need 4.30 to play it?

  79. T-Bo-_- says:


  80. OB says:

    Okay thanks, I’ll just play campaign modes of Cod and skyrim and fallout. I was just confused because there are a few youtube videos with a lot of likes of things like ps3 4.5 CFW, and I wasn’t sure if it was real or not because tey had a ton of likes.

  81. Harvey Birdman says:

    Ok can someone explain to me what this all means in the simplest of terms?

  82. SupahLeecha says:

    Please don’t make vita the next target. Let the major release come out first. Thanx.

  83. Adil says:

    Guys plz just tell me that can I have a 4.21 ps3 CFW now???

  84. Tha boss says:

    Will this make it possible to run without cfw in the future??? Or is there no way of saying such thing. This is because i woud like to keep playing online without a possible bann.

  85. CJW says:

    I think everyone that’s isn’t on 3.55 or lower is getting way too excited here. It sounds like phat and pre 3000 series slim users may eventually get a solution that doesn’t require a flasher…maybe. That’s a lot of IFs and given the speed things have moved on this scene I wouldn’t expect anything soon. I think this benefits the flasher sellers the most as now many people who have a downgrade able console may invest in a flasher so they can get to 3.55 and then to 4.x CFW. I am lucky to have a Phat on 3.55 TB so I will be going back to 3.55 OFw and then to new CFW as soon as a more stable version comes out. I don’t think this will crush $ony as bad ad people are thinking. If 3000 series is ever hacked I expect they will put out a new slim with some hardware change that prevents this exploit. To be sure this is exciting news but I don’t think it changes the dynamics that much until we so a CFW for all consoles that doesn’t require a downgrader to implement! So chill!

  86. georgie says:

    “The LV0 is not patchable, which is to say there is nothing at all Sony can do to fix this.” That’s exactly the same thing hackers said about the previous hack 😛

  87. ricerrr says:

    Thats how big its getting

  88. Yes says:

    Maybe regarding the hardware, but the software is still under copyright. If i buy a piece of software, it is not 100% mine. If it was 100% mine, it would mean that i could copy it and give it away for free to everyone online. I’m not allowed to do that even if i bought a game/program/movie.

    Why did you get banned by the way?

  89. PS3 ALL DAY says:

    DUDE. you have been able to do this to xbox 360 nearly since it was released, and really they ban you if they catch you, end of discussion.

  90. Yes says:

    I see. Yeah, if you posted on the Playstation forum with your PSN account, that counts towards the PSN rules i think. It is weird that your console got banned because of this though. I havn’t heard of anyone getting banned because of PS3 CFW, but that is interesting. I think that Sony has a way to detect CFW.

    Yeah, i don’t think that anyone cares if you only modify your own stuff. The problem is more when people put this online, so it gets very widespread. But the software restrictions has always been there, not just for Sony, but for everyone else as well. Even before the Playstation excisted too.

  91. Shmo says:

    your apple pie analogy is fallacious. it’s more like buying apples and giving poison to children. you didn’t just buy a console, you bought a user agreement. your complaints sound as if you’ve never read one. you are allowed to use the product they’ve sold so long as it is used in the way they intended. however, people consume poison regularly for enjoyment, and youth is often a perspective more so than an age. often there are tools available for us to exploit for our own gain, and often nobody will be able to stop you before you do it, but you will have to accept the consequences of your actions eventually. the majority of people are not going to stop using sony because they are held accountable for their actions. microsoft will not be able to support innovation if they don’t hold people accountable for their actions. that is the short of it. they wont care if you hack your console if it’s not in their interests’, that’s what people here look forward to. you say your house, your rules, but you are mistaken if you think you can do whatever you want and not have to accept the consequences of your actions. ask anyone in prison.

  92. zorrodood says:

    i was thinking about that. i don’t know any numbers, but the amount of people who pirate games can’t be so significantly high, that they could ruin the games company. if anyone has statistic about that i would be interested.

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