PS3 Blown open, Scene chaos, LV0 keys Leaked and Working!


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  1. OB says:

    Okay thanks, I’ll just play campaign modes of Cod and skyrim and fallout. I was just confused because there are a few youtube videos with a lot of likes of things like ps3 4.5 CFW, and I wasn’t sure if it was real or not because tey had a ton of likes.

  2. Harvey Birdman says:

    Ok can someone explain to me what this all means in the simplest of terms?

  3. HDgames says:

    yes piracy is a problem, but the 360 has a similar problem with c4evas custom firmware. You can burn the latest games and go online. Yes there was a ban wave in 2009, but since then the newest cfw hasn’t been beaten. 360 still has lots of software sales. Longs story short, there are people like us that cfw our ***, but there is a much bigger percentage of console owners that don’t know about this ***. I don’t know why ppl hella trip about this all the time. Yes is going to be a majority of us(cfw users) pirating games, but its a much smaller percentage of us then the whole customer base. Developers/publishers lose more from used game sales.

    • zorrodood says:

      i was thinking about that. i don’t know any numbers, but the amount of people who pirate games can’t be so significantly high, that they could ruin the games company. if anyone has statistic about that i would be interested.

  4. SupahLeecha says:

    Please don’t make vita the next target. Let the major release come out first. Thanx.

  5. Adil says:

    Guys plz just tell me that can I have a 4.21 ps3 CFW now???

  6. Tha boss says:

    Will this make it possible to run without cfw in the future??? Or is there no way of saying such thing. This is because i woud like to keep playing online without a possible bann.

  7. CJW says:

    I think everyone that’s isn’t on 3.55 or lower is getting way too excited here. It sounds like phat and pre 3000 series slim users may eventually get a solution that doesn’t require a flasher…maybe. That’s a lot of IFs and given the speed things have moved on this scene I wouldn’t expect anything soon. I think this benefits the flasher sellers the most as now many people who have a downgrade able console may invest in a flasher so they can get to 3.55 and then to 4.x CFW. I am lucky to have a Phat on 3.55 TB so I will be going back to 3.55 OFw and then to new CFW as soon as a more stable version comes out. I don’t think this will crush $ony as bad ad people are thinking. If 3000 series is ever hacked I expect they will put out a new slim with some hardware change that prevents this exploit. To be sure this is exciting news but I don’t think it changes the dynamics that much until we so a CFW for all consoles that doesn’t require a downgrader to implement! So chill!

  8. georgie says:

    “The LV0 is not patchable, which is to say there is nothing at all Sony can do to fix this.” That’s exactly the same thing hackers said about the previous hack 😛

  9. ricerrr says:

    Thats how big its getting

  10. Yes says:

    Maybe regarding the hardware, but the software is still under copyright. If i buy a piece of software, it is not 100% mine. If it was 100% mine, it would mean that i could copy it and give it away for free to everyone online. I’m not allowed to do that even if i bought a game/program/movie.

    Why did you get banned by the way?

  11. PS3 ALL DAY says:

    DUDE. you have been able to do this to xbox 360 nearly since it was released, and really they ban you if they catch you, end of discussion.

  12. Yes says:

    I see. Yeah, if you posted on the Playstation forum with your PSN account, that counts towards the PSN rules i think. It is weird that your console got banned because of this though. I havn’t heard of anyone getting banned because of PS3 CFW, but that is interesting. I think that Sony has a way to detect CFW.

    Yeah, i don’t think that anyone cares if you only modify your own stuff. The problem is more when people put this online, so it gets very widespread. But the software restrictions has always been there, not just for Sony, but for everyone else as well. Even before the Playstation excisted too.

  13. Shmo says:

    your apple pie analogy is fallacious. it’s more like buying apples and giving poison to children. you didn’t just buy a console, you bought a user agreement. your complaints sound as if you’ve never read one. you are allowed to use the product they’ve sold so long as it is used in the way they intended. however, people consume poison regularly for enjoyment, and youth is often a perspective more so than an age. often there are tools available for us to exploit for our own gain, and often nobody will be able to stop you before you do it, but you will have to accept the consequences of your actions eventually. the majority of people are not going to stop using sony because they are held accountable for their actions. microsoft will not be able to support innovation if they don’t hold people accountable for their actions. that is the short of it. they wont care if you hack your console if it’s not in their interests’, that’s what people here look forward to. you say your house, your rules, but you are mistaken if you think you can do whatever you want and not have to accept the consequences of your actions. ask anyone in prison.

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