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What will be the future of the PS3 scene?

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  1. Chris

    Honestly I don’t think we are going to see any more progress on the PS3 scene, due to its difficulty to find exploits for.

    • Maxilus

      Yes I agree you too. As long the sale of PS3 and the games is still ongoing, consumer are buying it then the PS3 will survive. But I don’t think nowadays hacking a console is a big deal. Most of the time people would just rather buy the games although it may be expensive for the disc you pay for. Compare to the times where PS1 and PS2 were hack and pirated disc was found on sale in some region. The hardware sale went high for that particular reason but not for the original games. I don’t see anyone backup thier PS3 game into a disc. For me, I did not hack the PS3 since the day I bought. I wanted to but I did not due to the difficulty for hacking it. Because I don’t want to get blacklisted from Sony and I want to play online. Except for PS Vita, there is a reason why handheld gaming device is some kind a must to hack just like the PSP. We need to play games that was brought from the past like PSP UMD games or PS1 games and also homebrew. And was easier hacking on handheld devices. So I think if the future console came up, it would probably the same as PS3 did.

    • TEC


  2. wololo

    M.rr, I majorly disagree with you on this. First, saying that the Vita scene is making better progress than the PS3 scene is a stretch. We’ve barely been scratching the surface, while staying sandboxed in the PSP emulator. And as for UVL, nothing official yet.

    The PS3 scene has seen homebrews updates come regularly (I’m thinking mostly of Showtime and Retroarch, but also some dev tools such as NoRSX). Sure, it’s not as lively as the PSP scene in terms of homebrews, but it’s better than it used to be.

    Clearly, the PS3 scene is majorly oriented towards piracy, which in my opinion is a shame, but saying it is making no progress is quite aggressive. If anything, the CEX to DEX hack was a major breakthrough this year.

  3. owanef

    nahh it aint going anywere. to get cfw u need the old ps3s. if u bought a ps3 today u would never ever have a chance with cfw. and the proof is that with the new ps3 cfw that is suppose to be released, the 4.21 cfw you will first need to be on 3.55 and most ps3s nowadays dont come with that firmware and it is impossible to downgrade to that firmware if your ps3 was never at that version

    • ue

      There ARE these things callled hardware flashers and there are more old ps3’s floating around on second hand markets than I can count.

      Whether you have one or not is IRRELEVANT

  4. Jd8531

    PS3 hackers are getting close to lvl_2 krnl access, I would say that’s a huge step so i doubt it would just disappear out of the air. However I think it will get even busier as the PS4 comes out. Consoles are a different environment too. Another Dongle (which i hate strongly) team has claimed to have made progress on 4x hacking CFW.

  5. Videoman1313

    Isn’t ModderExcess one of the ps3 devs trying to hack 4.25?

  6. chaves2

    The ps3 IMO has a lot of potential, but is already wornout due to all the attacks it has suffered. Now there’s A LOT of crybabies a A FEW devs. lots of people could help, but just won’t. Instead, will just keep asking and asking…. It is very immature and that discourages the DEVs big time….

  7. Hugguito

    Save Wololo!
    I look forward, however, it seems that the scene PSVita be more shining than the ps3, but I still think we’ll see a “bloom”

    Long live VHBL 😉

  8. Dorron

    It’s a pitty. We’re next to this gen’s end and there’s almost nothing for PS3. Once the PS4 arrives it’ll make no sense working for it.

    Let’s hope PS4 turns out to be different…

  9. tonyuk73

    Would like to see another cfw For the PS3 but I feel it’s going to be sometime.I was one of the foolish ones and updated My gift of geohot never thought two years later I would be still looking every day on psxscene to see if I can get cfw back on my PS3.:'(

    The homebrew scene is one to envy, its moving fast and us on stock fw left well behind but with a glimmer of hope who knows what the PS4 will bring and going of $onys record they will abandon the PS3 like the PSP.that’s when it just might get interesting.

    but you read things on progress like emulator of PS3 on a pc, the advance of the CPU power of mobile devices who knows in the future the PS3 will be a app on your 10 gig google core Android.just never update people ecfw forever.;)

  10. Linkedot

    I say it’s just a Matter of time… Wise patience is what is on demand for the PS3 Scene !

  11. bigjoe

    Actually i wonder what will happen to PS Vita scene now after Coldbird left. I mean he was the only one with a CFW right?

    • ZorakTorok

      ? Ummm… Be nice now… Please check the posts from about 3 weeks ago on the main page or look at the downloads section. Coldbirds absence is not good… Not good at all, but you can still see very real progress if you check it out.

  12. workaholic

    @ chaves2: Honestly, this comment could apply to ANY “console scene”. I remember reading the same things back in the Dreamcast days in the 90s… People complaining about the pirates ruining the scene and being impatient, it happens with every console released that gets hacked ! (which means all of them :D).
    Somehow, i don’t get why, some attribute the “lack” of progress towards the hack of a console to the pirates, when it’s simply because it’s harder to do than other or previous consoles.

    About the PS3, i feel the exact opposite as the author of the article: the CEX to DEX conversion, the ps3key for the end of the year (can’t you convert homebrew programs to iso?), the 4.21 CFW (Come on, Deank wouldn’t tease us like that if something wasn’t around the corner). Great days to come, i say.

  13. marjowikid

    i dont think its dead and truthfully saying its dead is like saying no ones doing anything for the psp anymore or that no ones trying to actualy hack the vita there are people out there still messing with the ps3 redpower is rumored to be coming out with a 4.21 jb here soon and ive seen some infos on creditable sites saying there is a 4.25 jb coming out with in the next month or 2 rather its true or not i dont know but never know

  14. ZorakTorok

    My ps3 is the preferred media outlet in my house. From 1080P mkv’s to Bugs Bunnys rabit rampage on SNES. I havnt loaded anything “new” on it since Soul Calibur 5. I did install the new rogero cfw 3 days ago, but that was just out of bordom. I would love to see Witch Haven, Rise of the triad, Jedi Knight 2 or some other ports but lets face it, everyone wants to play Nazi zombies online and it pretty much stops there. The scene isnt dead, the opportunity is wide open, the demand is just wrongly placed by the vast majority. I think that after a ps4 the true potential will be known as people care less about pirating up to date games.

  15. T?M

    – Mathieulh only released what was given to him, he almost didn’t achieve anything by himself on the PS3.

    – Deank only made some changes to MultiMan according to the red power MM leak.

    As long as every bit is spread across various groups (or cicrles), we won’t see the situation get better.

  16. quetz

    i think i’m going to buy a new ps3 model instead, as i don’t have any… or maybe a used one, or a slim with some discount.. let’s see. and i’d like maybe to interact with it using my vita. you didn’t mentioned 3key because it’s not hen, and able’s just piracy, but still a great machine work.. i got a xk3y for my x360 and i love it hehe 😉

  17. lol…true in a few aspects, but completely off the mark in the main subject. specially centering the whole scene on two names….there’s plenty of developers and teams in the PS3 scene, some flashy and some behind the scenes. This article I’ll disagree with. 🙂

  18. Nope

    I wish it would get hacked again. I bought a PS3 too late to enjoy all of the current exploits 🙁

  19. gamerb0y

    That’s why we should have great respect for the effort of the developers in the scene.. thanks to all of them! I’m excited with CFW 4.21 hehe

  20. losthacker

    i will soon release my 4.21 cfw for ps3
    ******************I M BACK********************************

  21. losthacker

    see to it that u dont update further ps3 FW…
    thnks 2 our team losthackers regrouped

  22. losthacker

    if u are on 4.21 then u r lucky nd dont update to 4.25

  23. losthacker

    we are working on our website ….

  24. losthacker

    wololo v might be needing u ..we will contact soon

  25. jamesssss

    My aren’t $ony having a bad month, first the eCFW for the PS Vita and now the PS3 has had its security destroyed again with CFW 4.21.

    Would love to have been a fly on the wall at Sony HQ this morning when they walked in to that!!

  26. qwikrazor87

    I really hope a software downgrader will become available.

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