Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

PSN access for PS3 DEX users

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  1. >_> says:

    Not first. >_>

  2. cucu says:

    doesn’t work idps error 224

  3. Gerbil says:

    I’m running Kmeaw 3.55 CFW CEX, is it worth the trouble to upgrade to DEX at this point? honestly i’m confused as to what everything with DEX means but i’m seeing newer releases working only on DEX so I kinda want to but if there’s going to be that 4.21 CFW will you be able to go from DEX to the new CFW if it ever gets released? >_<

    • Jd8531 says:

      Unless you know how to, swithing can be complicated and is very advanced. There are some risks involved to an extant. Im not sure because not much has been said about the 4.21CFW, yes you can go back to CEX but only if you do it right when converting. You have to backup your CEX Flash Dump or your stuck in DEX. Main differences are:
      1) Every normal retail console is a cex console
      2) CFW 3.55 on CEX (kmeaw or rebug IE)
      3) Can play games on it which are fixed for 3.55cfw
      4) No HDD limitations
      5) To play latest games you have to wait for patch fix

      1) PS3 console used for testing purposes is called DEX; debug machine.
      2) HDD limits.(you need a external hdd for dex use only)
      3) [DEX] console can play all newer games(they need a game update .pkg)

  4. owanef says:

    ahhhhhhhh, WERE IS THEEE NEEEEWWWSS. my eye lids are dying. And u guys know what news im talking about ;] wink Wink

  5. Leonardo says:

    Is it? I don´t think it´s stuck. Bluedisk 4.25 CFW is out. Sure is not 100% perfect but it´s a huge step.

    • owanef says:

      im gonna stay away from that for a little while. dont wanna get stuck. new ps3 firmware, this means there might be a new vita firmware but yet still no name of the vita game exploit. How sad :[ ill keep waiting

  6. gunblade says:

    well dis is gong be cool as soon as i fugue out how to dev my system…prety cool now dough…

  7. Knuckles says:

    Hey Wololo,

    With the recent release of the LV0 keys, do you think those keys will effect the Vita as well? Knowing Sony I am sure they added the same keys for the Vita since they thought developers could not make it this far lol

  8. Ivo says:

    What about a cex+dex jig with spoof update and store update bypass damn sony gov reclaim the product u bought!

  9. teh lul says:

    FcCk! release UVL alredy, Yifanlu said its ready whats he waiting for??!!!!???????

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