The reason to own a Vita this year


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  1. gunblade says:

    cant wait fo game relase but getting mines da first i think

    • nobody says:

      i heard rumors about sony having retail games released on october 30 to include day 1 patch same for the psn version for the new firmware they will release on october 30….source said every major game release there will now be a firmware update…..

      now we get this firmware updates unneccessarily because of this vita exploits

      • sdfsdf says:

        Vita have 4core CPU
        it have iPads 3/3s 4core GPU,
        it have 512mb ram

      • gunblade says:

        Yea idk sony reslse pointless firmware before n they still didnt fix the vita webbrosers yet. yea da vita youtube app can pla video but i was like i would like to watch outher movie site but even da sype app n da music unlimited app u have to pay for to realy use them n they 3g data plans is not that good at the moment but yea if they were to realse updates they could also work on dea apps but if they was to have an update i would like them to work on things n not just have patched the firmware.

    • lol says:

      Dats mah nicca

  2. gunblade says:

    i like how sony realse like speacial editin to ps3 game well differnt tittle games but running on da same plot to da story line.. like the resistence burning sky.. but still dea cross over games r prety good..

  3. Darkanubis74 says:

    Looks good, Not a big AC fan though.

  4. Keneth says:

    Meh Not my kind of game Pass on this one Would love for GTA on PS VITA tho lol…

  5. wololo says:

    Pretty excited about this one. A colleague of mine bought it, so I might borrow it from him… I never played any of the Previous Assassin’s Creed either, might buy them sometime soon.

    • Jd8531 says:

      They’re really good and I highly recommend them. The way they blend real history and conspiracies makes for a really unique experience. You actually learn things from the games.

    • gunblade says:

      playing brotherhood now try number 2 i think prety werd plot to it.. i like da matrix sense i guess.. but havent played as a gurl yet but got to have lke a lil guild of assassin in brother hood. but brother hood came wit the ps3 i think its a 320 slim 1b its say 250 ib..

  6. owanef says:

    Thats my girl, she got sent back in time, Nooo

  7. Mr MaGoo says:

    I hope that there will be a way yo keep the exploit along with the game. Last thing u need is a silent update

  8. Ukdna says:

    Franchise… So… Boring… Must have… More color. And… Non-repetitive game play!!!


  9. Bromanbro says:

    A – All the AC2 era games were great. The first AC was the only short game in the series. Therefore, I’m expecting (hoping) for ~20 hours from this
    B – Looking forward to it! Hoping it’s as good as AC3, so that I can justify getting both


  10. Kouri says:

    This? No. My reason for a Vita this year is DJ Max Technika Tune.

    Though I did pre-order the Assassin’s Creed bundle to get a matching white Vita, so I might as well give it a shot. >->

  11. Charls says:

    Probably gta v its going to have croosbuy you buy it for ps3 and take it free for psvita that is just a rumor but hope this came true

    • gunblade says:

      hope its cheaper den the liberation gold ubt if its a dwnl i was thinkg wont sony loose in a small sense since if i only had i ps3 n my vita already had the game card da dwnl would be jus extra on my vita unless they have were da ps3 n vita game r like under 70 dallers think spending not as much as one would for a ps3 game

      • trey says:

        *it’s*then*but*download*thinking*won’t*lose*and*the*download*just*the*are*dollars. Please learn how to communicate with proper english. It doesn’t make you look cooler to spell everything wrong.

    • Rowan says:

      a GTA game would help the vita

  12. gunblade says:

    n wanting on da vita god of war n skyrim

  13. deckardbr says:

    This looks amazing! But what if there is a firmware update required and we have to give up cfw to play it? Hard choice there.

  14. gunblade says:

    Idk wat a choice dough if i was getting da white bundle i wouldent worry. N i would ask sony to hurry wit the game library but they was jus hacked. Well sum time ago. So they probly busy but still a bunch of games people have yet to play on da vita from alot of the early sony gaming systems nice thks sony fo da vita been hearing things of wat u put it to her it into orisi.

  15. Just Gaming says:

    Thats not a good reason to buy a Vita. Persona 4 the Golden is a good reason to buy the Vita.

  16. xchu says:

    Really hope this is a full version just like the other consoles versions and not a cut down version like Lego batman 2 was, saw friend play LB2 on the ps3 so I ran to buy it for vita and was disappointed :(

  17. svenn says:

    borderlands 2, is highly doubtfull … GTA i haven’t heard eather, so i fear. This looks like a nice game, but i’m not really a fan… So no Vita for me still :)

  18. khosro says:

    when we the name relaese?

  19. ASH says:

    I too hope this game isn’t short, I want to spend some time with it. I played it at comic con, and It’s amazing! Can’t wait!

    I’m doing a giveaway for the bundle, feel free to enter

  20. ace says:

    wish this game doesnt do a force update, looking on getting this for sure on launch day but do not want to lose my TN-B, fingers crossed we will be able to play with 1.81 fw and nothing higher till sony decide some new way to make us force update,

  21. Darenvy says:

    excuse me while I change my pants

  22. jolu64 says:

    wait so if I buy this game and I have eCFW will I be able to play it without updating or will it force me to update first before I could play the game?

    • Jd8531 says:

      For now the answer is yes you can have both, but there is no way to tell until the game actually comes out. It shouldn’t though.

  23. Cercata says:

    This is only marketing at the moment.

    We will see how log the game really is, and how big the world is on october 31 😉

    If it’s what expected, it would be a trap for me, i’d buy a Vita I guess !!!

  24. PSVitality says:

    This game is gonna be awesome
    Now watch sony torture the hackers by requiring an update to play the game which would patch the tn cef

  25. BuzzSaw says:

    IT’S A TRAP!

  26. Inferno says:

    Gta?,Assasins Creed?,come on,dont tell me you have never played parasite eve,rockman x,mk9,marvel vs capcom 3,splatterhouse sega genesis,mega turrican,contra hard corps,the house of the dead dreamcast,skies of arcadia those are the great games,i hate ASC and of course gta and cs,when the kids were playing those i was playing kof,ki gold,re2,castlevania,they say,wow!!!,those are great games,have you ever played gta?,i said,yes i tested over 5 minutes and then deleted from my pc and bought Guilty gears xx reload.

  27. Mars says:

    I’ll take Persona 4 Golden over this game any day.

  28. gunblade says:

    think if sony upgrades dea data plan online portable gaming should be fun

  29. gunblade says:

    den can play mw3 online in da bus to downtown.. or da mall.

  30. WizardinBlack says:

    heck yeah, i preordered the game a while back wih high hopes and i am really excited about it! i will probably post some sort of review and some screen shots for you guys! also, i played the ps all stars game and i think its a lot of fun.

  31. xoxid says:

    I actually tested this game a couple of month ago. The graphic are really stunning. I just hope they fixed the lag with the right joystick, the version I played had a nearly 0.5s delay on the right stick, making it hard to play.

  32. Norml says:

    Same game just on a handheld, this series became ruined after the first one.

    I’ll get it once it’s $20.

    • Roland says:

      Wait what?
      They are 2 completely different games…
      Sure the gameplay and controls may be similar but the story and certain gameplay features will be completely different…

  33. SupahLeecha says:

    Exclusive for vita is the best release would be.
    If Sony would release some more of this exclusive for vita, surely I would buy a 2 more consoles for my brother and sister.

  34. Roland says:

    I’m so buying 2 copies of this game! (1 for the g/f who now loves AC thanks to me ;-p)
    Even if I have to update f/w and lose Urbanix it’ll be the only time I’d be happy I can’t play Wagic. (or rather it’d be worth it…)

  35. gunblade says:

    Hope it has online play

  36. Just Gaming says:

    Who the heck would pick this over Persona 4 the Golden?

  37. Scousetomo says:

    My writing and spelling is awfull but some of these comments are like trying to read martian i know you think your street and hip but you sound a bit ***

  38. Codestorm says:

    I thought you said earlier that there are too many ports and it’s bad for the PS Vita, and now you’re asking for more ports. What’s up with that?

    • Jd8531 says:

      If you were referring to me, yes I believe there are, mostly franchise ports and not new IPs but it never hurts for more games then what we have. GTA V/ B2 do not have to be ports they could be entirely different spin offs like we’ve seen with Borderlands 2 IOS for example.

  39. gunblade says:

    just went on psn seen strret fighter vs tekken might get to or a shooter when i get assassin creed

  40. gunblade says:

    yeah resistenace bs was real short da boss was fun beated it in dificult yet n not only yet tryied online.still yet to finish the rest of my vita games…online mutiplayer would be fun on da vita but we would need antn n unlimited data plan…

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