The new exploit. Please read


My name is Justin Hartman. I enjoy video games, writing, Modding and anything to do with the scene in general. I look forward to creating quality articles for others to enjoy.

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410 Responses

  1. owanef says:

    yOur right bro sorry :] good night folks.

  2. riowzl says:

    First? A ha

  3. John says:

    I was having the segment test when the TN-A released, but I still get it. Maybe someone is too lazy to check the website and with no patience.

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      If you sign up in advance you would know the game BEFORE the release. it won’t matter where you are at the time of a public release. I have heard a lot of school and work excuses, unless you work 48 hr shifts you won’t miss it.

      • gunblade says:

        Getting da game before sony pulls it from psn is da tricky part think we got less then12 hours not sure but yea region wise around 12 hrs.

  4. gunblade says:

    Nijah relase r fun.

  5. Catherine says:

    To the people who DEMANDED for a new xploit. A straw. So you can SUCK. IT. UP.

  6. gunblade says:

    Well i guess dea can be sum sleep tonight so i going go play sum games or sumthing. Probly jus watch tv

  7. gunblade says:

    Okay well joke do …….(?)…….(
    before demaned suck it up) ……….must have been on caps lock.

  8. Duran says:

    I have a question,is necesary the money for this ninja release.

  9. cbepx says:

    ninja release is good!

  10. HaYNigloo says:

    Sorry Dark, but I believe the /talk forum will overflow with asinine questions in the sense that it had already been ask, and solved(in the wake of the release). It’s something that perpetuates itself time and again, in the excitement of having the exploitable game & gamesave we see “Okay, what do I do! What do I do!”. Mod’s enforce rules, but we still have people and there excuses for posting something already posted/solved. This blog falls on deaf ears, I didn’t say all, but it will happen with some. IMO, the rules should be strictly enforced. I’m not perfect nor is anyone, but I feel we could all practice a little patience when it comes to researching for answers to our own questions. This community has been here for a really long time, I’m pretty sure we’ve come to a point where nearly all the questions have been asked and solved. /rant

  11. Duran says:

    Well ok,i like this page.

  12. Duran says:

    But please,respect each opinion.

  13. ADR says:

    I really agree with this article. Some people here need to stop being so immature by keep on demanding a release. We’ve got to realize that the devs got their own lives to live. It WILL be released when it IS released. Also, this had been said before, but if you missed the release twice, why do you think that you can catch the next one? Just simply wait, stop demanding, and get a life.

  14. psv123 says:

    Do you guys think this exploit will be released before Oct.31th? The reason I’m asking is because I would like to get that AC3 white vita bundle but I don’t know if I can get it in time.

  15. gunblade says:

    Was wandering wen sony going get ps2 game on da vita since the rear touch screen does rufly work fo psoxe games

  16. REMILI says:

    es que une personne pourrais menvoiye le communique ninja slvp jai rater les 3 autre

    • H4ckvit4 says:

      C est un forum anglais donc fait un effort deja tu parles pas anglais mais en plus tu ecris mal en francais. Et tu ne lis meme pas l article car sinon tu n aurais pas donné ton email. Il faut s inscrire sur le forum et attendre…. Un effort bordel!!

  17. REMILI says:

    please es que vous pouvezz menvoyer communique ninja sur mon mail

  18. speedbump says:

    Very good article enough said

  19. gunblade says:

    so in tran span eng epan fron eng span english

  20. gunblade says:

    Ment so in trans span eng from eng span english cool on da vita sony new serch is cool.

    • gunblade says:

      ooh sorry meant no disrespec jus was trying to say probly use da tranlater to fingure out wat mean in spanish was no big deal…wat pouvezz mean. idk nvm..

  21. matt says:

    little bit harsh, dude

  22. Duran says:

    Jeje oooh god.

  23. gunblade says:

    (I like lil wayne)Is da limit on da vita memory to 64 or 32 cuz win 8 takes up 20 gig

  24. TelgarDrakore says:

    Thank you so much for saying this Wololo. I honestly applaud you for finally saying what a lot of the people on this site, both old and new, have been thinking about this idea of a 3rd chance (4th if you count MHFU now being a kxploit) at the kxploit. I honestly think it would be a good idea to release another game simply because its a kxploit and it will very soon be gone forever, so why not take advantage of it, but if Frost releases it, I hope he does it to better the scene and to help spread the availability of the game, not because of demanding newcomers.

  25. SARS1983 says:

    who talk some is the one who have already had the last exploit and didn’t want other own, so never mind the bad ,we all for you.^-^

  26. gunblade says:

    (Probly my bad sorry was) da internet load time 3g still not f04r .atnt. . Da wifi dough . Youtube sony should fix dea youtube app. If maybe they can.

  27. HappyJoe says:

    That was a bit harsh, but I agree with Darkanubis74. There are too many people who are no longer interested in the “scene” and just want to pirate isos. As much as I’d like to finally retire my PSP, I don’t want to have the exploit at the cost of further development, whatever that may be. Just my 2 dimes.

  28. gunblade says:

    Well if sony had more time they could have the vita n dea current games patch. but trying to put ps3 ps2 psone mini mobile n apps would still take like how long it psn was down wen the ps3 brought psn down

    • gunblade says:

      N i was tring use my vita fo get wifi. N my psp fo run window faster was thinking if i jus had the thing on umd like barts i could have one small computer on da go but wit wifi.

  29. gunblade says:

    But wit dvd size umd i could only get one hard drive hook up to da psp cool by da wAy

  30. mimar says:

    Hello.what’ s game please I don’ t found?

  31. didich says:

    Merci je suis français, excuse pour l’anglais, merci pour le codage, longue vie

  32. Gadrastus says:

    You will get people like that. It’s just a thing that we have to deal with but you can certainly do something about by neglecting them during the ninja release so they will only get the name of the game once every one you trust has it first. Sort of like a… Put them in their place type thing but then again, why bother. It just makes me mad people would do something like that.

  33. C_4evaspeaks says:

    The truth is you cannot control the opinions of others.
    I feel that it’s expected to get certain people to have behavioral issues when it comes to something they wanted to have and after finding out news they can’t get it to go on and rant about why and when and how they want to have it only
    to annoy the devs or others.

    Remember these exploits are for the world to have and should never ever be charged for installation for any reasons what so ever.
    Massive respect to all my dev friends and brothers.

  34. gunblade says:

    So wy sony neva jus wait fo da vita realse along side dea orisi at least den they could have but more hardware in the thing. Rufly thikng on da quick realse of the vita. I would have jus made it like the wii u but atleast have dual analog.

  35. gunblade says:

    yea ipad mini maybe come out next month

  36. gunblade says:

    haha vita wit dual retina veiw touch screen . Lol

  37. fivezer0niner says:

    can’t wait for my first ninja release download. :)

  38. gunblade says:

    Anybody no jus how much da game card can hold was thinkbsince they like basic sd cards it be like 32 still a lot on a card from umd (blueray)

  39. Eazon says:

    Who ever came up with the term “ninja release” is a genius.

  40. 张叔叔 says:


  41. Mr. Shizzy says:

    Hmmmm… I moved and had no internet for a few weeks, and missed the first two exploit releases. (luckily I’m on 1.80 with MHFU exploit)

    So excited to see there may be a 3rd exploit release for 1.81 !
    Hats off to frostgear! 😀

  42. mimar says:

    Hello friend.say me what’s is the game please?

  43. gunblade says:

    Thinking vita game maybe new

  44. gunblade says:

    Probly find out in a lil bit give it about half a month i think around halloween . Sumwat around

  45. gunblade says:

    Back in fudel ere ninjah had samurias.

  46. Darton Staker says:

    Absolutely squat came from all these sad excuse of comments.

  47. mimar says:

    You don’ t funny.ah ah ah comic alien

  48. H4ckvit4 says:

    i have juste a little question. i’m on the forum for ninja release… i haven’t posted message on forum because i don’t wan’t to flood so i have 0 messages… i will see the banner for ninja release than other people?

  49. Just wanna say thanx says:

    i missed the last releases n im really happy n grateful you guys got one more for us thanx wololo n friends im excited for the new release!! 😀

  50. dboyz90 says:

    True enough bro, i’m with you

  51. Cervantes says:

    guys… please make it a point that the next release can play psx eboots lol

    • Hello_indigo says:

      What a ***. Does exactly what the article says not to do: demand moar.

    • Bunk3r says:

      The worst thing is that people think that a new user exploit will bring new features, when they do not realize this is just a gateway to the kxeploit that was released before. So if there are new features, they do not come from the exploit, they come from the people behind the CEF or CFW or what ever the people want to call it.

  52. fresno says:

    Thank you Wololo, we are patient.

  53. svenn says:

    Kexploits are verry rare, so giving people 3 chances is extreme, and might never be seen again. Sony has never been so slacky in fixing a kexploit. I do understand the rage.

    • gunblade says:

      Yea sony new tech do jus has the memory card n vita game card rufly for softmoding hardmod wise i guess it has dat lil port thing by the game slot port.

  54. leotist says:

    thanks for the contributions by you all.hoping and waiting now!

  55. CreepOnIn320 says:

    Patiently Waiting…

  56. kevin says:

    Thank you Wololo, we are patient

  57. mangosteam says:

    i hope i get it this time last time our credit card in asia fail so we needed to buy psn card but the psn card dint make it in time cause i also got little time to prepare i hope i get it this time and get notice much earlier than hours

  58. Atlas13 says:

    Dude, everybody knows is pokemon gray. Duh!

    • Atlas13 says:

      But for real, thank you Wololo. I know that i will be playing Pokemon blue again on my vita thanks to you. Thank you bro.

      • H4ckvit4 says:

        lol pokemon blue and red was the best 😛

        • theMang says:

          I never liked Pokemon specially because every time I would walk through the grass a Rattata would come out to fight me :(

          • gunblade says:

            u make sure u tring ur starter hard wen u fist start. i spend an hour in da fisrt grass area i can start traing my starter.

      • Cloud says:

        Not trying to be a d*ck, but Wololo doesn’t make these exploits.

      • gunblade says:

        Well one vita game card wit blue red n of course da yeloww wit da surfing pichachu would be prety sweet to get from game stop but play it on a system its desing for would be nice pushing it. hard cuz u be going from nintendoes werd duel screen thing going on to a touch screen but but i guess game boy advance title n game boy color would be much of a problem . trying to get ds games going

  59. ryujinn_24 says:

    I got SC3 and MH but i updated the firmware….. :(
    was late for MBA and Hope i get to DL the Goodies :) in time.

  60. filodude says:

    hey i just created an account. would i get any chance if I didn’t make any post at all?

  61. flash_falcon says:

    It is rather childish for people to demand this info absolutely. However, for those who do have the exploit and said no because people are too slow and pretty much continued to insult others should also be ashamed of themselves. You are in no way special and don’t understand what you have that others don’t. Grow up everyone, its only a game for cryin out loud.

    And in case someone wants to put me as a bad person, my opinion on the forum was to only release the exploit if it involved using a PSVita game (physical copy) like the PSP did with GTA. This would shut people up on both sides and allow those who don’t want to babysit the site the opportunity to enjoy homebrew material (or illegal stuff if you are too cheap to buy a game).

    • H4ckvit4 says:

      ahhh i remember with my old PSP 1000 when i waited many night on my computer the release of CFW and know the name of the game with exploit and after buy the game with the good serial number at shop… i hope we will have the same exploit one day on PS VITA

      Sorry for my poor English 😀

    • gunblade says:

      Well sumkids be good all year waiting fo christmas stuwie was good fo a night n got Plutonium. Nah but da list of new vita games souds good.

    • gunblade says:

      Yea all i rember after loco roco was lucky to have my system on 3.55 i think n being to make my sytem ready. Sony even got batry upgrade after dat psp lasted long on da road.

  62. Shuar says:

    Thanks for the hard work.. Waiting for ninja release patiently!

    Cheers from Portugal \m/

  63. l.o says:

    where can i see a ninja released because i dont get any messages in the last released sorry about my english

  64. darkimchi says:

    I missed both of the past release, since I just bought my PSV:) Now I’m really really looking forward for this release.

    I wanna say thanks to both wololo, frostgator and everyone else that involving in this awesome exploit;) Without you guys none of this would happen, keep up the good work.

  65. be0ut says:

    i totally agree with this article, but i think in many cases either the users are young and a little immature or english is not their first language so they come off pushy. Either way it’s never good to demand something from or put pressure on a dev, remember they have their own life (work school kids parents) so just chill and be thankful they are in the scene helping everyone out for FREEE!

  66. Darton Staker says:

    The new exploit has to be DBZ… Since its available on the psn. Oh and that’s might contain just a hint of sarcasm. Seriously, I can understand for those that aren’t fluent in engrish, but for the rest, GIVE IT A REST.

  67. CyberMarco says:

    Sorry guys but I’m a little confused. I managed to grab Urbanix (EU) in time and now it’s sitting in the bubble in my PS3. Will I be able to use the game for the current (and maybe future) exploit, I’m going to get a vita around Xmas. Thanks!

    • H4ckvit4 says:

      no you need to download the game only on the PSVITA and not delet it…. you can’t DL on PS3 before…

    • gunblade says:

      well thinking sony will realse a new firmware since they got ps2 game now on psn … it will probly depend on wat firmware is on da system wen u get it.. think by crhistmas we be in oficialfirm 2.0 n they have a bunch of bundles for da holiday season.. hope the system will be cheaper by then..if any thing u can get a refubished or used system from like gamestop…

  68. Binary says:

    I look forward to this release, if there is one of course.

  69. Marcelo says:

    I’d really like to thank you. It’s a great job.

  70. lichunxiao says:

    thank your job,wi look foward to the new release

  71. Tony says:

    Thanks for this, i really appreciate it. Hopefully it wont go public too soon, I have to wait until thursday to get some more money on my PSN account :p

  72. lichunxiao says:

    I am waitting for the new exploit realease

  73. rorreesak says:

    That’s right, you have to organize so that more people achieve the feat, and thank you again for your attention to us.

    • gunblade says:

      ..l.o … yeah alot of people neva now about monster hunter or urbanix till layter.. but we got more time now n since sony seems busy wit mad blocker n urbanix since they did realse n update yet we jus need to get evenbody ready. but since next months the start of the holiday rush sony probly going be pushing alot to the vita since nintendo i heard to realse there wii so n da ps4 wasent saposed to be ready till next year… but yea (a roman phalaxn works best in rows n lines…

  74. cscash241 says:

    Hoping for no new release.No need to waste another game exploit, there are already two of them for the kxploit.

  75. ah3703 says:

    Thank you very much wololo , u are wonderfull

  76. Duran says:

    The people of republica dominicana greeting to hackers,and thanks too wololo.

  77. arong33 says:

    Thanks Wololo

  78. razor says:

    Good article in deed. Well spoken and explained.
    those beging for the name of the new exploid should just wait since the devs have other things to do also.
    They don’t just live stuck to the computer 24/7 trying to find new exploids. They also have a life of their own.

    On behalf of my self and others gamers I want to thank you guys (the devs) for taking the time to find new exploids and share it with the world. You do this for nothing in return from us. This speak very highly of you guys. Thank you very much, you guys are awesome.

  79. gunblade says:

    Is dis expoit realy wort it . I mean ive be softmoding things since da first xbox. Things seem jus not wort it games wish i can probly get most of wat i would play from psn

  80. ZecamagrelaBr says:

    Hello everybody, it happens that I am Brazilian and my English is horrible (as they should have realized) for that reason do not post much here …

  81. gameMuantebs says:

    Please email me if the new exploit release. Thanks wololo ^_^

  82. Matt says:

    Seriously? We don’t want this, it’s another excuse for Sony to patch it.

  83. gunblade says:

    Probly try triple my storage to 32 gigs next month wana put movies on my vita but cant store much on wat storage i have now.

  84. EmoteNooBskills says:

    I have a question does this new exploit run tn the same as urbanix and mad blocker?

  85. Huron says:

    Hi could someone tell me if the new exploit was allready released?

  86. gunblade says:

    I was lucky to get mad blocker after misplacing urbanix n updating after after monster hunter. But the custume psp emu prety cool. dont no wy my urbanix 125mb freezes at stRt screen but cool i guess it worked.

  87. trap says:

    “we’re not worthy!”

  88. vegetag5 says:

    From Portugal Whith Love…Keep Up the Good Work
    Nice discussion

  89. DigiTak says:

    People are always so greedy…. it’s disgusting.

  90. gunblade says:

    Yea i once was staving in a resturunt watch people mopsdown burger n fries wihle i had a cup of water nice enough sum lady was dun eating her fries n gave it to me n my fren den before leaving a tip gave us ten dallers

  91. Yop says:

    Thanks to all those who developed it for make as possible it.

  92. yuanhuang says:

    wololo is the best!!~!!

  93. bigjoe says:

    Keep it up guys! you rock!

  94. owanef says:

    YAAAAWWN, I just woke up from a very nice rest. ThanxX again Frosgater i cant wait for psp isos on my vita YEAH.

  95. jechomh says:

    I only want to know the game will be eur por us because i have a us account thanks and just wait you are amazing thank you

  96. DiGiTaL-CORE says:

    I wouldn’t be bothered if he keeps the exploit hidden. Hate loosing something with potential because people can’t keep their mouth shut.

  97. s-bi says:

    Thanks for all the works (y)

  98. Zero_Cool says:

    Thanks for the update.

  99. Aye Guy says:

    Waiting patiently

  100. Kyhassen says:

    YOU TELL EM BOSS!!!! lol I wait patiently every time. I love the work that is being done. With awesome work comes with great responsibility and takes a large amount of time. nothing is like click done oh here it is. it has to get built, tested many times and by multiple peeps as well as tweek’d to ensure its ready.
    I hate all impatient people, they need to be shot and have their wounds heal slowly.

    • gunblade says:

      …..sounds fun do all dat code…….reminds me of the movie sowrdfish wen the main guys was working on the hydra n putthing it toghter took couple tries den he did it n den the went after the hardline …. cool movie dat 360 veiew of the bomb exploding was nuts n prety new fo da time den had to fly bus wit helocpter smart…. but yea softmoding a prety in thing now dat …..

  101. owanef says:

    thats low bro

  102. TheHollander says:

    I would make it a rule on your forum, that if you post anything asking for the game, or DEMANDING thing like new features, you should be banned imediaty, no chances, just banned… Maybe that’ll make people learn curtiousness… Too bad there wasn’t a MEMBERS ONLY section where only members can view certian things too…

    • Kyhassen says:

      I almost agree. but i would at least send them a letter in their inbox warning them first. if it happens again then crack out the ban hammer!

  103. vita says:

    thank you for your kind.and your are the one of the hopeless for us. i cant wait for your new exploit so do your best .we counting on you

  104. Aye Guy says:

    For exeryone praising wololo…it is frostegator that is realing the xploit not wololo so praise frostegator

  105. Almanova says:

    I do not wait!!! 😉

  106. DAMARR B says:

    Just wanna say thanks to all the devs i have every psp and they all have the cfw’s on them i personally want the new exploit just 2 complete the family i ruined my monster hunter exploit either way it goes thanks for the work its well appreciated. P.s people shouldnt cry or complain about things they dont contribute to. How many of you sent money with your demands lol.

  107. vegetag5 says:

    02:38 lisbon time any good news ???

  108. Yop says:

    I hope that the new exploit be upgraded later, i go to sleep in spain is 4:30, i will put my clock, to can wake up in 3 hours…thanks to all programmers, i need get the exploit.

  109. esvito says:

    I think it is a good method. I wait patiently. Thank you very much to all who make this possible.

  110. mypengpengli says:

    thanks for your all works very very very muck ,please ,i want to a THIRD chance

  111. Joe says:

    asia game


  112. psv58588 says:

    wait? game,,,
    what’s name?

  113. icyheart says:

    realy think you Iam every day come here to check

  114. francis says:

    would this work on 1.81 vita?

  115. francis says:

    06.30a.m. italy-milan here

  116. rdlfo129 says:

    12.00 in peru… waiting for the good news

  117. H4ckvit4 says:

    7h42 in france-paris

    • crusher says:

      thanks a lot!, you dont know how happy I was.. since i missed the 1st exploit, I decided to keep my vita once again on its box,. but now, maybe its time to unboxing it again :) thank you, thank you, and thank you…

  118. owanef says:

    Right now its 5:10am in the US, its dark :[

  119. MATTEO says:

    asia game please thank you,sto a Milano,aspettavo 3 giorni@@

  120. H4ckvit4 says:

    i hope it’s not a fake… i think no because the dev is on the forum… but not news about him since 2 days and i remember in past, with psp we saw many fake…

  121. nunbgu says:

    Thanks for all the hard work you have been doing and if others agree you should listen and respect them by not yapping about the new exploit

  122. AyeGuy says:

    Hope the game is cheap so i wont have to spend $20

  123. x499899534 says:

    I m so tired that I cant carry on waitting for zhe game name.I almost didnt sleep in three days and this is fourth night.I will sleep a while then get up have a look.Tommrrow I must go back to work.If I m missed the third times at last,I will to buy a PSP3000.At last thankyou for your work and share with are worthy of respect.I will support you in spirit! Thank you!

  124. Juan says:

    Can’t wait !!!!!!

  125. il.muka says:

    The name is?

  126. Scousetomo says:

    Il.muka if you read the post ect your demands of the name it will make it never be revealed when people ask like you

  127. Bruphiyo says:

    Tired waiting for this exploit. everytime I checked if anytin new has been posted abt the new exploit but now I dont care anymore. If I missed it, I missed it. waiting for sony new update now. anyway thanks to all the dev’s here in this great site.

  128. Teasy says:

    Dear Dev Team.
    In my eyes you´re more godlike than the most people belive in religious ways, but please give us any information about time. because most of us have a job and it is very disappointed to check this page every 10 minutes and nothing, really nothing happened. it makes me sick not to read something really new the last 3 days.

    • Yatessama says:

      Lol good grief man

      • Teasy says:

        Thank you.
        Something about within the next … days or hours or something like that would be so helpful.
        or maybe it is something we dreamed of the whole time, something i do not have to mentioned here could become real.
        YESSSSSSSSSSS ???????????????????

  129. Bruphiyo says:

    Tired waiting for the announcement of the game for the new exploit. always checking the forum every minute. any way If I missed it, I missed it. Just waiting for sony new update. thank you wololo and all d dev’s in this great site.

  130. vegetag5 says:

    Hy i think mr. teasy is right it´s nice to have a tread to read every once in a while.
    But paincience it´s a virtude.keep up the good work and good luck to us all.

  131. Tecnico says:

    Hi Could you send me which game will be, my email is

  132. Scousetomo says:

    Tecnico why should i stalk this topic since fri just to email you the name keep checking like the rest of us

  133. darren521 says:

    Be patient your time will come

  134. artistic32 says:

    Waiting patient get back thanks

  135. vegetag5 says:

    This page is open on my browser for the last 3 days.
    I read a lot of topics in this website just to keep my mind
    busy.i just don´t want to miss the ninja release.

  136. vegetag5 says:

    How do you spot a ninja in the night…
    The ninja way

  137. Duran says:

    I want to know since they feel with the ninja release.

  138. Duran says:

    How do you feel guys.

  139. vegetag5 says:

    I have heard on this that people registred only a few weeks ago won´t
    receive by email the name of the next exploit.
    My credit on psn is zero.I just hope to grab it in time,if indeed the exploit is released.

  140. heRooomanX says:

    these days as it leaves the new hopefully not cost more than $ 3 Very Thanks

  141. vegetag5 says:

    Any news at this time r welcome.

  142. heRooomanX says:

    Say please

  143. heRooomanX says:


  144. vegetag5 says:

    Let´s pray for god to release the exploit in a demo.

  145. NinjaKakashi says:

    Ok I dunno if I said anything like that but if I did I meant it would be for the better with whatever I said:D

  146. leandrimfc_ says:

    hello excuse my English friends. I wonder if the new ninja will be compatible on 1.81?

  147. tha boss says:

    I have been following wololo for over 3 years but always trough the site and later the RSS feed and never made An account. So im pretty sc*** right? Or is there an onther way tot get the ninja release early??

  148. heritol says:

    I think it is a confucion not been revealed yet

  149. vegetag5 says:

    Stay sharp guys.A ninja is on the way

    • walala says:

      the ninja is already dead!! no more ninja will come, its better now to smash youre ps vita, bcause every people that doesnt catch the 3 xploits are finnished,.. theres no hope! get a samurai and make a ninja move, slice your ps vita… some of you guys are bad but you got the xploits, but some are gud but unlucky, and at the end they become bad as badass..

  150. vegetag5 says:

    That´s the milion dollar question

  151. Duran says:

    What do you want to see in the feature?,I want to see in the FEATURE,dbz ps vita,cfw ps vita,ps2 emu vita,notepac vita ,copy and page vita,more apps and any megaman game vita,i want to see all thing for vita and wololo is the best for all these feature AND THAT IS FEW,THE FEATURE IS WIDE AND HUGE FOR PLAYSTATION VITA.

  152. PSV says:

    I want no PSV new game name please wololo God tell me, THINK you very much!

  153. ivan says:

    Thanks for the hard work

  154. meye143 says:

    lets just wait. thats our only option. thanks wololo.

  155. tianjianerp says:

    Who can tell me the new game name think you very much! im so hand to keep 20 American money! i want to play PES2012 so much but PSV’s PES2012 to Expensive!

  156. maicon pimentel says:

    a doubt no one invented a Memory Card reader not? hey missed two chances to unlock my ps vita, can someone sends App youtube? I am anxiously awaiting Wololo! 3 ninja = ^. ^ =

  157. tianjianerp says:

    14:43 China, What Wololo God’S Good News! These years we thank you for PSP/PS3/PSV’s player’s contribution

  158. asgu10 says:

    speriamo in bene

  159. levis says:

    2morrow new firmware coming for ps3,i hope vita w’ll not get update on desame time …..

  160. levis says:

    bruphiyo if u dont wanna exploit why u are here !

  161. Mustafaaja says:

    Yes I’ve got the ninja release game – it’s pursuit force 1 go go go and get it like right now , early April fool

  162. Almanova says:

    Tomorrow there will be new firmware for PS3, the same will happen withthe a PS Vita? sniff sniff

  163. mimar says:

    Hello wololo, hello everybody.nice day

  164. il.muka says:

    hello everybody, de release name?, any new?
    hola a todos. que pasa con el release, alguna noticia.
    Regard, Saludos.

  165. levis says:

    seven sony will patch kernel exploit with new firmware no point to wait …read more before
    u post something

  166. Joshua says:

    Whats a Ninja release??

  167. Dink says:

    Could i be guided to an article on how to prepare and be ready for this exploit? And is there any articles explaining how to exploit the kernel exploit once made public?

  168. vegetag5 says:

    No recent post´s yet ?
    Any good news

  169. l.o says:

    where can i see the name of the game?

  170. xD says:

    i think that they are waiting the store update, i think that maeby the game of the exploit could be removed tomorrow and if its happens they are going to know if someone tells sony about their work

  171. GottZ says:

    too bad i still dont have a vita..

    money money money.. dammit..

  172. vegetag5 says:

    The site is very post no exploit no nothing
    Any progress in the release ?

  173. darren521 says:

    A Ninja is quiet shhhhhhh

  174. vegetag5 says:

    It´s 4 days now this is open.
    No sine of any ninja or anything i think the ninja died in
    a battle or somenthing..Yes SOMETHING PLEAASSEEEE

  175. il.muka says:

    shhhhhhhh apura la wea po tonto culiao

  176. Aye Guy says:

    Thought the exploit would have been out by now, but i am still waiting patiently

  177. VitaBoy says:

    awwwwwww 4 day , master ninja please please we need you !

  178. vegetag5 says:

    The ninja died doing a backflip.Now our only hope is the samurai..

  179. NinjaRelease says:

    Got my Vita yesterday! Can’t wait for the next title release!

  180. heritol says:

    waiting one hundred years ¬_¬

  181. H4ckvit4 says:

    if you so want a release you can try to find an exploit yourself…It’s not hard. You just need an old pep with custom firmware, and a computer.
    You install save data deemer on your psp.
    You run a game and save.
    then on PC, you open the save with an hexadecimal log and you change your nickname by “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” and you save.
    you copy your new save in the game and you load this save… if the pep crash when charging, you have maybe an exploit…. for the next step, you can read a tuto…

    But as you can see it’s not hard so i think many people can try to find an exploit and don’t stay on the laptop all days and stay a release of the game…

  182. ourengland says:

    wow… i been up all night practically last two days

  183. vegetag5 says:

    It’s the game of cat and mouse.
    The launch of the highly anticipated game title, which will allow ps vita run
    homebrew will remain a mystery to all.
    The vast majority at least for now and would not make any sense now with sony on top of things.
    The launch of the ninja will go through a storyline so that the sony does not realize that the game has a fault.

  184. vegetag5 says:

    Some master Plan i think..which is good thinking
    Let´s hope sony doesn´t get their first

  185. znake_10 says:

    I’m so glad after reading this, because of the upcoming of that funds savior ninja. I would like to thank all the proponents of this ninja, thanks in advance. I hope that I could also receive mine, but I am not rushing for it. After all I just bought a game card yesterday. Just kinda upset with those people who’ll gonna be leechers, and so demanding without being respectful and not appreciative with the advocates of our awaited ninja. Anyways, again thanks in advance.

  186. scousetomo says:

    i like the video good stuff we need a bit of fun

  187. vegetag5 says:

    rumors relating a ninja exploit or whatever.Just a bunch of
    fucckkinf rumors..

  188. l.o says:

    could someone send me the name of the game to please ?

  189. mimar says:

    Hello wololo.stop asked release.patient,patient and patient.

  190. I thought i was born says:

    Looks like its going to be ages until the next release, but only thing i can do is be patient instead of trolling this time :)

  191. fresno says:

    I think that more we are visiting Wololo’s site, more he can sell a publicity spot on it. So keep on clicking and visiting.

  192. Duran says:

    Its out Ninja release? I lost that?.

  193. heritol says:


  194. walala says:

    I’m gonna loose my faith… i’ve got sick of waiting for something I dont know if its coming or nothing… I can’t stop my feeling for being mad..

  195. Darton Staker says:

    Who cares, where’s development of full exploit CFW. This can only last so long, the percentage of those already counts for a minority. I would be working on this myself had I the time to learn programming etc. just wait like us all. Sigh

  196. huh? says:

    So I can’t figure out this security question to register

    type the first 2 characters and the last 2 characters of this “word” :ak6sdferadf:

  197. il.muka says:

    huh? the characters is ak df

  198. l.o says:

    i cant find the name of the game someone could help me?

  199. Legit says:

    Well I had no idea that cfw for the vita existed and I am just finding out that I will probably get another chance in obtaining one. Which i believe is awesome I’m grateful to see that we have devs that work hard to provided us with these chances and believe that we all should be patient and stop demanding things as if we have rights in demanding anything of anyone for free. maybe we will see some iso for a vita game in the near future one could only hope.

  200. leandrimfc_ says:

    pass me the name of the new game will not want to miss this! please help there who knows ..

  201. Legit says:

    You guys can still get urbanix if you buy it from gamestop link here

  202. vegetag5 says:

    Did you tested ?

  203. Legit says:

    no im getting the game when i get home just figured i would give you guys the heads up. I’m sure it works the same way just put the redeem code in and then download it.

    • rdlfo says:

      i try that but it doesnt work… i have downloaded it before in my european account but when i try to download it again because i erase it… it wasnt available

  204. Legit says:

    I just bought the game ill test it to see if it work wish me luck guys.

  205. Duran says:

    Ps vita style,i wanna fly and touch the sky post comment in this site,i need to play solo and multiplayer wololo go to the feature is the best than marco polo.yeap dominican republic represented greeting to wololo in the house.

  206. Zin says:

    Every time I sign up, it seems like it never existed thenext time I try logging in, so there’s no way I can get updated on this =\

    • wololo says:

      Most people who’ve told me that ended up realizing the mistake was on their end: incorrect password, can’t remember their own username, etc… Our Database tells me you joined on October 8th. Try the “forgot password” feature if you can’t seem to log in

  207. heritol says:


  208. Fimo says:

    Hmmm how long we must wait for the release?!

  209. Almanova says:

    Wololo, does the announcement of the next game is next?. I say this because refresh the page every half hour creates stress 😉

  210. mimar says:

    All friend.patient.

  211. Aye Guy says:

    Patience is key young grasshoppers

  212. Raul Parra says:

    Does the game’s name been reveled?

  213. walala says:

    to all of you that didn’t catch the 3 exploits,
    dont be SAD and MAD,. Maybe our great programmers
    are planning for a CHRISTMAS GIFT, just like total_noobs
    way of giving PATAPON 2 expliot on PSP 6.20 :)
    so everyone would be happy this comming christmas..
    (I wish its a holloween surprise, but maybe not)

  214. Duran says:

    CHRISTMAS GIFT,with a cfw finish the problem.

  215. Legit says:

    sorry guys it didnt work it got the code from game stop when i redeemed it it said not valid anymore. gamestop refunded me my money and i apologize if i gave your hopes up.

  216. levis says:

    wololo anounced this exploit to quick now is 6 day of waiting for any news and nothing is hapening …anouncent like this shode be few days before release not a week …good luck guys i give up

  217. heritol says:

    at least say as I have only cost 3 dollars in my account!

  218. ArriffoSaaaale says:

    Saaale che ci vuole meglio dell’olio, civuoleSALE !

  219. ArriffoSaaaale says:

    Quando mi cercateee non mi trovate !Sale biancopulitooo e raffinatoo quattro pacchi … mille lire !

  220. vegetag5 says:

    Hello Wololo hope your strategy goes well
    See you in about 5 minutes..

  221. AyeGuy says:

    I wonder when the game will be revealed

  222. vegetag5 says:

    The game will be release the ninja way.
    This means no one will now for now.Only a certain amount of trusted people will have acesses to the exploit,and from there things will grow quietly.

  223. vegetag5 says:

    Hy wololo is this “ninja release” a possibilitie for this year ?

  224. il.muka says:

    ya po conchatumadre apurate con el exploit y leberalo lo mas pronto…

  225. soulscape says:

    Gamers, sure are an impatient lot aren’t we. I’m excited about a future exploit but give them time.

  226. ramones says:

    i cant check wololo page every day for few times…last exploit was leaked and i miss it,now propably when this one will be released (i hope in this year,but u newer know heh) i’ll be in work….checking this wepsite for couple weeks will be good demotivation for not hacking my vita!!!! if somebody have exploit the shode release one asap before sony patch ketnel exploit in next update whith happens very soon …good luck

  227. AyeGuy says:

    Just doing my hourly check.

  228. Legit says:

    wish we would get some more info atleast if it will be release anytime this year that way at least i would hasve an idea of what to expect.

  229. Squallo says:

    I am anxious to know: p

  230. Aye Guy says:

    I have been following this for a week now and I am so surprised about how patient I have been…

  231. mark90 says:

    where do you get the public release can someone please give me the link?

  232. mark90 says:

    i know its not out yet but where is the thing posted

  233. McLoven says:

    hi guys, if some1(wololo:)) can just tell if there will be a exploit release for sure, that’ll be great, coz the thing is I need to buy PSN cards/credit/vouchers, and its not that easy to find in South Africa where I’m at, before this exploit gets released. I don’t own alot of vita games, and i sold my psp, but i just want to play my psp games :(.

    Anyways is it save for me to buy the PSN card(s)?

  234. mimar says:

    good night.the release is finish.annuled

  235. postpone says:

    The game exploit is Final Fantasy Tactics

  236. bsnsnss says:

    the real game is Ape Quest, it has a free demo on the PSN

  237. gjsgshjs says:

    I confirm the real game is Final Fantasy Tactics

  238. mark90 says:

    how do you know this is the real game?

  239. ralfinegotro says:

    Yup, confirmed to be FFTactics by a trusted source

  240. Shuar says:

    It’s not confirmed by wololo, and since its a ninja release, learn to read the rules or gtfo!

  241. mark90 says:

    dont trust these comments lol

  242. speedbump says:

    i thought so… now i wanna play ff tactics

  243. hrunting says:

    you are saying don’ t trust my comments but i have proofs ,liar….

  244. Shuar says:

    Why do my comments get removed?? Can anyone confirm if FFT is the one?

  245. ssxangel says:

    your stupid if u trust this scammers

  246. ramones says:

    if game exploit is still not here after so many days scamers will act with fakes game names

  247. Minimur12 says:

    Its been a week since any news, frostegator cancelled his release and theres another
    release going to happen…..

    Couldve told everyone

  248. duran says:

    Please if arrive the messege please dont say nothig because is the work of wololo take care with that place of work and thanks for your colaboration,me too lost the games in the past but wololo work for me and you and lots of people cause apparent be here.

  249. Anonymous says:

    Confirmed from a trusted source, that the game is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
    I will later post links to the game specific VHBL (save with the exploit) download now before it is removed! Keep a lookout for my future comments.

  250. ramones says:

    wololo is not responding at all about exploit ,he shoud say if exploit release is canceled or we have to keep waiting

  251. vegetag5 says:

    good news folks!!!!!!
    i just saw a dog whith a ninja in is mouth running that way

  252. vegetag5 says:

    leave the people concentrate in the work please

  253. ramones says:

    vegetag5 u are a ***…go play tetris

  254. duran says:

    I wanna see a the true cfw for vita (USER MODE) please wololo.

  255. KHALID says:

    wololo : i have 30 clown $ on my psn . is it enough for the new exploit ? thanx .

  256. leandrimfc_ says:

    Wololo the new ninja release will be compatible with 1.81?

  257. fresno says:

    Thank you Wololo

  258. duran says:

    Ok i feel fine but i am perturbaited with the people who dont have the exploit,i feel what we need cfw vita the people who dont have psn credit are fried and that is bad i feel good with this exploit but to me you know wololo is the people want.

  259. miguel says:

    how to Register plz help

  260. HaYNigloo says:

    who cares, we need more constructive comments than this. It’s the only way forward.

  261. wololo says:

    I lol’ed :)

  262. >_> says:

    Or maybe if you matured some and didn’t post useless comments……..

  263. Bromanbro says:

    Well said. Hopefully some of those guys will read this. The fact that we already got 2 exploits for this FW (also a well done MBA ninja release that I was able to get well in advance of it being leaked) was already a lot, and people who missed the first 2 should just feel lucky to see a possible third exploit, rather then self-entitled.

    Whether or not this gets released for 1.81, thanks for all your work frostegator @ crew :).

    *takes a bite of chocolate ice cream*

  264. H4ckvit4 says:

    I’ m agree with you but it´s normal that some peoples like me don’t write with a perfect english… I m not english and it s hard to speack an other language…. I m sure you can t speack french.

  265. Dirtydan says:

    If you people were so interested in getting homebrew to run on your Vita, you will always check the forums and blogs daily. If you’re too busy, well games aren’t for you.

  266. gunblade says:

    they gave us 4 days last time saw friday heard tuesday dat was fo mad blockers dis relase from the same guy i think i heard so probly will be herd wen they going relase a few days before hand wich is like wat we doing now so if anything we got plany time n werder planinng on dis realse. n i reseved a pokemon white n black two from gamestop did not get it yet but playing emu on da vita probly be fine fo now..

  267. Stiffeno says:

    The point of my post wasnt to insult members who dont speak English as their first language, by no means. My point was that a lot of the ones demanding features or new exploits not only dont know how to program…but dont even take the time to write a literate post…

    Sorry if you got offended for my last post, it wasnt my intention!

  268. cuppajoe says:

    Jesus please speak a language that actually exists.

  269. gunblade says:

    Sure wy not.

  270. TooCoolToRule says:

    I understood everything he said.

  271. gunblade says:

    Hellow have a nice day.

  272. @gunblade says:

    seriously dood, I came here to read the comments and all I found is you flooding the responses section with #@#$#$% grammar. A good portion of your responses aren’t even related to the topic

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