The new exploit. Please read


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422 Responses

  1. Legit says:

    wish we would get some more info atleast if it will be release anytime this year that way at least i would hasve an idea of what to expect.

  2. Squallo says:

    I am anxious to know: p

  3. Aye Guy says:

    I have been following this for a week now and I am so surprised about how patient I have been…

  4. mark90 says:

    where do you get the public release can someone please give me the link?

  5. mark90 says:

    i know its not out yet but where is the thing posted

  6. McLoven says:

    hi guys, if some1(wololo:)) can just tell if there will be a exploit release for sure, that’ll be great, coz the thing is I need to buy PSN cards/credit/vouchers, and its not that easy to find in South Africa where I’m at, before this exploit gets released. I don’t own alot of vita games, and i sold my psp, but i just want to play my psp games :(.

    Anyways is it save for me to buy the PSN card(s)?

  7. mimar says:

    good night.the release is finish.annuled

  8. postpone says:

    The game exploit is Final Fantasy Tactics

  9. bsnsnss says:

    the real game is Ape Quest, it has a free demo on the PSN

  10. gjsgshjs says:

    I confirm the real game is Final Fantasy Tactics

  11. mark90 says:

    how do you know this is the real game?

  12. ralfinegotro says:

    Yup, confirmed to be FFTactics by a trusted source

  13. Shuar says:

    It’s not confirmed by wololo, and since its a ninja release, learn to read the rules or gtfo!

  14. mark90 says:

    dont trust these comments lol

  15. speedbump says:

    i thought so… now i wanna play ff tactics

  16. hrunting says:

    you are saying don’ t trust my comments but i have proofs ,liar….

  17. Shuar says:

    Why do my comments get removed?? Can anyone confirm if FFT is the one?

  18. ssxangel says:

    your stupid if u trust this scammers

  19. ramones says:

    if game exploit is still not here after so many days scamers will act with fakes game names

  20. Minimur12 says:

    Its been a week since any news, frostegator cancelled his release and theres another
    release going to happen…..

    Couldve told everyone

  21. duran says:

    Please if arrive the messege please dont say nothig because is the work of wololo take care with that place of work and thanks for your colaboration,me too lost the games in the past but wololo work for me and you and lots of people cause apparent be here.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Confirmed from a trusted source, that the game is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
    I will later post links to the game specific VHBL (save with the exploit) download now before it is removed! Keep a lookout for my future comments.

  23. ramones says:

    wololo is not responding at all about exploit ,he shoud say if exploit release is canceled or we have to keep waiting

  24. vegetag5 says:

    good news folks!!!!!!
    i just saw a dog whith a ninja in is mouth running that way

  25. vegetag5 says:

    leave the people concentrate in the work please

  26. ramones says:

    vegetag5 u are a moron…go play tetris

  27. duran says:

    I wanna see a the true cfw for vita (USER MODE) please wololo.

  28. KHALID says:

    wololo : i have 30 clown $ on my psn . is it enough for the new exploit ? thanx .

  29. leandrimfc_ says:

    Wololo the new ninja release will be compatible with 1.81?

  30. fresno says:

    Thank you Wololo

  31. duran says:

    Ok i feel fine but i am perturbaited with the people who dont have the exploit,i feel what we need cfw vita the people who dont have psn credit are fried and that is bad i feel good with this exploit but to me you know wololo is the people want.

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