So, you missed both the Urbanix and Mad Blocker Alpha exploits? Seems like Frostegater might have something for you…


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283 Responses

  1. Darkanubis74 says:

    I really am kind of mixed on it, I voted no, but i understand some people missed it because of sheer bad luck. I just hate the thought that even after this there will some people complaining that they missed it.

    • wololo says:

      Same here. I feel bad for those who ran into issue (far away from their vita at the time of the release, or psn card came in too early, or messed up with accounts and lost the game in the process… or just got their vita too recently to actually be able to purchase the game, or believed having it on the ps3 would be enough, etc…), but I also *know* we’ll stil have people asking for a new one after this one gets patched.

      • Roland says:

        I found out the hard way having it on the ps3 wasn’t enough. Sony pulled MBA before I ever even got my g/f’s Vita home.
        Sucks cuz she wants to play Wagic…

      • yukon says:

        Nah, he shouldn’t release it until the upcoming games are released. Then, we could have that battle Royale All-stars game or Call of Duty: Declassified and Homebrews at the same time. Its just my idea, but if they are having a difficult time choosing whether to update or stay playing homebrews, it’s on them.

    • MacksG says:

      I honestly feel we should wait untill this new “realease of psvitas” are out! because look america, and japan and europe are all getting exclusives from now, till about januray. if we wait till about thanksgiving or christmas, and have 2, maybe 3.. everyone should be able to have PSP for their vita, without Sony even trying.. its genius.. but only for the ones who use the internet.. but Hmm.. lol

      • MacksG says:

        and we should work on a way to port the Already exploited games, without lisences. (resigning proceses) like on xbox and ps3.. idk, i’ve been trying to figuire out that system.. its sorta intrecate. Anywho. its not my work, can’t decide for them.

        Thats just my two cents, if you do release an exploit.. make sure your ready to have more.. because the new ones are coming.. colors in japan, and white in america.

        Keep the Psp alive! and yes please share for all, since its just that.

      • ゆりあき says:

        Somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas would be perfect, I don’t actually have a Vita but I plan on buying one on Black Friday.

  2. Jon says:

    Great! I missed both exploits… maybe I can get this one? I am on 1.81 firmware.

  3. youngoz says:

    I feel bad for those people because I was once in the same boat but got tired of missing the releases so I checked back often and I’m currently running the Urbanix exploit… but in my personal opinion I think the release of another game should be wait to see what Sony does and responds to this… but if Sony patches this completely then releasing the game is the best option…. so…. I’m mixed on it too..

  4. IRONCHEFion says:

    I don’t know, I wanna say no because I don’t want this, meaning these exploits, to get out of hand. If those people missed the 2 and was told ahead of time, then what makes this third one a better success for them?
    I missed the Urbanix one because I didn’t know it was an exploit. I thought urbanix was just a free game to get off of fscebook… nothing more. But I kept tabs on future releases which is why I heard about Mad Blocker being released on the following Tuesday and I got it. So to those that missed the 2 and if you miss this one then I say 3 strikes… you’re out.

  5. keyz16b says:

    Coming up with the best way to release the game info is the hard part. I’m suggesting a date and time for the announcement. Perhaps a time when most Sony employees around the world are away from the office. I have a strong feeling that PSN USA network server is in Californa, PST. So please plan accordingly :-)

    • MacksG says:

      I second this.. when they all were getting to work (5-6am eastern) the game was removed short after. It was about 3-2 am in cali, and they didnt’ get it till 6 am, PST

      Europe had it off within 2-3 hours from the leak at Pspk.

      idk about the JP and AU store, but i think if they wait till about 12,24pm GMT )night time in the europe / aerican sea and do the JP release around the same time but middle of the day.. i don’t see why everyone wouldn’t be able to get it..

  6. venjo says:

    Sorry but iam not agree releasing it too early.can we just w8 for the FW 1.82 patch so we can be all ready for the release!

  7. Well I would say its not too late for the release of this new exploit, but on the other hand, Sony might patch the PSP sandbox emulation etc etc….Sony looks stupid but they aren’t. They are going to take the new PSN Interface release as an escape goat to actually have time to Patch the whole thing in this so called 1.82 update….But how can you miss Two EXPLOITS??? I try to feel sorry for these people, but I don’t since they had not one but two chances. Total_Noob keep on noobing 😉

  8. natsu says:

    just what i needed… i bought a $10 psn card hoping that it will be enough for another release..

    • gonnagetpsvita says:

      uh.. i still have spare $10 in PSN US Wallet..
      backup all JP games.. and jump to US Account if the game less than $10

  9. fabian says:

    Just wait for firmwareupdate, but when is the update???

    • cch81720 says:

      i’m from taiwan and my vita is 1.81 some games i cannot get i hope that this time i can get it, but i’m not sure can fit in 1.81?

  10. didich says:

    please explic what a ninja communiquer what is the methode ?

  11. ddich says:

    what is the methode for libereting the ninja release ?

  12. starfall05 says:

    well guys how about giving ps vita hack a rest? hehe, since majority has the exploits from day one, then lets be contented with it. let the ps vita grow and the hacking continues in the future. since we all don’t want the ps vita publisher support to diminish give it time to expand as i believe that support for ps vita right now is low as developers are not taking the risk. since we all know that ps vita iso loaders will not be possible, lets just all be contented with the homebrew available and enjoying what emulators works with vhbl currently. :)

    • wololo says:

      This would not add more pressure on Sony, it is still sandboxed in the PSP emulator, there is no ongoing project related, directly or indirectly, to Vita Piracy, as far as I know.

    • gunblade says:

      Sony need more apps n they try compete wit mobile gaming apple n google get overcouplemillon games n apps

  13. Orochi says:

    @wololoi : i would like to know that if i bought the game on psn from my psp as i don’t own a ps vita ‘planing to by one soon’ can i transfer that exploited game to vita and enjoy the ecfw later

  14. mimar says:

    Hello all.what game download for exploit?.thank

  15. sora_kun says:

    i vote no…my advice is,peoples should wait until sony next vita update because its surely patch MBA and Urbanix..people should have some patient..its for our good too..

  16. riyaz says:

    my vita is new so i want this exploit 😀

  17. deckardbr says:

    Everyone voting no should remember what it felt like to have missed a release. I know alot of us caught the last mad blocker one but theres still people without cfw and thats never a good thing. Only positive about keeping the release held back is to wait for the next firmware if its even possible to exploit.

    • gunblade says:

      Think wit how much units sony sold we good in by percentige wit cfw sony should have made backword easyer wy i had umd but they did dat after the fisrt ps3 think was da 60 gig but we had ps2 games dat could boot games. Now they went digjtal in da vita thinking doing da same in oris hope is not all download n live game cloud streming. Nice network if u tell me .

  18. UKDNA says:

    I’m voting yes because my MHFU takes up a lot of space – I can’t imagine a new exploit being bigger than MHFU (though it could certainly well happen… It would also give me a chance to D/L all my purchased VITA games I don’t have on my system since I just upgraded to 32gb

  19. Catherine says:

    “Pressing F5 over and over won’t make a magic ninja release happen”, they said.

    Damn it people. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  20. Raziel says:

    Should I keep the Kernal Exploit ? ( Urbanix) Aside from missing out on PSP IOS games and PsP homebrew games, won”t there be other Kernal Exploits in the future along with a possible exploit that allows us full excess of the Vita”s power ? Just alittle confused on the subject.

  21. Raziel says:

    Basically What are the benefit”s of keeping the Exploit?

    • NakedFaerie says:

      If he keeps the exploit there is a big chance the hole wont be plugged in the next firmware so we will be able to use it there.

      If the next firmware doesn’t plug that hole and TN’s eCFW kernel exploit then it will be better if he waits.

  22. jse says:

    we should have a release for currently exploited games first like motorstorm and sc3

  23. Angraecum says:

    FYI, new users joined the community eveyday, bough their psv and so on.
    Just like many, they want free games, free psp games on their psvita, thats where they start, it’s not old users that missed the opportunity to get those exploits, well maybe some of them are.
    Most of them are new players, who just bought their psv, and some of them are lazy people who only visit the community once a while.

    So yes there would be people that will miss the opportunity everyday, it will continue, until someone makes an official cfw for vita’s.

  24. MainCypher says:

    I, would say both decisions would be reasonable! But I think to release it right now would be the more safe one. Less people will benefit from it, but the people that benefit will have a eCFW. The kexploit within the emulator will be fixed, and a new one is far away i would guess. So I voted yes.

  25. MainCypher says:

    What about a ninja developer releasing a PSP Mini, that “unfortunately” has a Usermode Exploit? :)

  26. Gat says:

    PSV was in my sony home repair I j price mhfu on ps3 and Urbanix then was mad bloker leake results on Tuesday, the game was more n

  27. Minimur says:

    I already have eCFW on Urbanix, which i didnt pay for, so if this new update is eCFW then i will purchase the new one, sony needs a bit of support

  28. Norml says:

    As long the public gets a taste at PSVITA homebrew sooner, do what you must. The PSP is old news and $ony continues to degrade the consumers experience.

  29. alvin says:

    i wonder mybe focusing all of developer of ecfw on masstorage of the vita is the only way to make all users happy

  30. Necrotek says:

    I think you need to be really unlucky to miss exploits so many times (or they just didn’t try hard enough to get it) that I doubt that this time they manage to get it. Well, that’s up to Frostegater to decide.

  31. wartaf says:

    waiting for this! i didn’t get MH and Urbanix so i need it.

  32. gunblade says:

    Anybody no wat update the assassins creed bundle coming wit.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      I expect that to come with the next firmware, 1.82 or 1.90 or whatever Sony want to call it.
      If it comes with 1.81 thats even better as we get the game and the exploit. :)

      • gunblade says:

        yea was thinking they relases a nw firmware with the bundlde n da game but dont wont to update above 1.81 right now .tought the outher bundle came wit 1.80 n 1.81..but idk i jus wana get an extra one but the bundles only have the wifi version so if anything ill jus get the game n a refubished 3g vita..(hoping can get one under 1.80)

  33. gunblade says:

    Vita posibly linex virtulzation n cloud.?

  34. mlamont28 says:

    Hey Wololo:

    When the game exploit is downloaded from PSstore is there a way to dump the game so that others can download the eploited game even after PSstore removes it from site. Kinda like the Pattapon game demo for PSPgo? Then has there been any exploits to the memory card it self?

  35. neverthewiseone says:

    i hope he release the exploit so that other people will enjoy what we are experiencing now. who knows what the new patch will bring but at least few people will have regrets.

  36. hmldragon says:

    I am waiting for this!

  37. MeyMey says:

    I agree with this idea ! I’m waiting too. I need play Kingdom Hearts BBS on my Vita so much ! 😀
    Thx in advance for the work !

  38. NakedFaerie says:

    I think every week we should announce a different ninja game and see if Sony will remove every game in the PSN. LOL

    Lets make this weeks Ninja Release the latest Mini game that was just released. Lets see how long it’ll stay in the PSN store. HAHAHA

  39. Kamil says:

    Can anybody tell me, where the information about new game with exploit will be released the soonest? Last time Wololo write about MBA with parallel announcment about taken it down from EU PS Store… That’s the reason I missed last exploit. I would rather to avoid this situation this time. THX very much for any infos!

  40. BigCockSurprise says:

    Meh, we should wait. I had the mhfu exploit but i decided to upade to 1.81 to get playstation all-star battle royale beta, but i still think that before posting a new release hackers should cook something with more features. For my part I can wait since I already have a pro cfw on my psp and battle royale is like the first great game to come on the vita.

  41. mimar says:

    hello Frostegater yes said it is nice to us

  42. Leires says:

    I’m..kinda worried, honestly. I have a feeling sony is going to do something drastic about this, like they did with the PS3..Call me paranoid, but the last time sony got sick of releasing .1 firmwares, and something big was released, they got quiet for a while too..I know there’s only so many user exploits, but something is nagging at me that they’re going to do something crazy to prevent all and any exploits. Sony isn’t known for kindness to it’s customers, and they’ll gladly remove gigantic things from their things if it means they can stop this stuff. PSP they didn’t really have a game plan, i’ll admit, but they’ve shown they don’t give two franks about people on PS3. Why would vita be any different?

  43. Jdubs says:

    I have the Mad Blocker exploit on 1.81 and I still vote yes. Who knows what sony will take away in upcoming patches. Still, I have great faith in this development team to find a way to load custom firmware and find new exploitable games no matter what sony does. You guys enjoy it too much.

  44. I was born says:

    ive been wait a while to play kingdom hearts birth by sleep on my vita

  45. svenn says:

    dump the ninja release, we had multiple like this, the voters are saved in the database, pm them to tell there getting a mail on … then randomly send these mail during that day.

    Pseudo-ninja release.

    • Roland says:

      Hey I like that idea. Though there should be a note in there about ninja-releases not being leaked or something. People should feel umm ‘threatened’ if they leak. (ok so threatened may seem like a really harsh word but people need a reason to not leak. like the possibility of stopping ninjas entirely if they leak or somethin…)

  46. swit says:

    I approve the new exploit release (I’m the new vita owner) :) Not sure if the ninja release is the way to go – old forum members already have exploited games and newest ones will be last in line to see the announcement. No idea how we could improve this system, though…

    • gunblade says:

      well i i was think about try to get the vita to be able to load media(pic video music) from a portable cloud hard drive.

  47. h4ckNsl4ck says:

    I think they should release another exploit. Just an idea but before releasing the name of the game post on the home page something stupid like “My review of Urbanix from the psn” dont say its the exploit no ninja releases cause of samjordan or whoever it was very few if not no one can be trusted so just hint it in a headline post if no one gets its ohwell.I did miss the 3 new exploits as I am still on super collapse 3. Sony seems to only release fw updates that are far and few in between it took how many updates till they added psONE classics other than 1.80 all the other fw updates were like if you update we will give you this cheezy feature like facebook or youtube wow they really out due them selves.

    sorry for my corrupt paragraph

    @ all the great Dev who make these great things happen Thank You Very Much!!!

    • Nazeem says:

      pleeaaaase email me the ninja releases name whenever it is releases im from South africa but i work a lot but always have portable wifi modem with me so i can downlod the game any time im always on the road responding to calls im a medic that’s how i miss bout game i always check my emails regularly please

  48. h4ckNsl4ck says:

    Though they could wait for a more useful firmware update but the future of the vita without all these great h4ckers would not go as far as it has been going. The vita is useless with out these great devs

    • illLoGiQ says:

      I agree with h4ckNsl4ck. As much as people rag on hackers u know Sony is secretly thanking them cause im pretty sure vita sales went up a little due to the exploits to play psp games that are not in the PSN store or games that people have to repurchase through digital copies. Backwards compatability should be a standard with consoles these days or provide software to make playable on new hardware. Also honestly these exploits are probably nothing new anyways there just hidden features that Sony “forgot to tell us” like PS3 remote play with BF3 and other PS3 games but we have to find this stuff out through people who are just plain smart and gifted at tinkering with stuff than hearing it from Sony at a press conference but we didn’t and it’s stupid cause I’m pretty sure that would of kicked up even more sales. I really don’t know what there marketing strategy is these days but something has to change cause it’s the furthest thing from genius right now.

    • KuroRyuu913 says:

      its not totally useless, but it can do alot better. I dont know why sony doesnt push more devs to work with Playstation Mobile, they could be rolling in money, making apps and games for dirty cheap. Oh well. Homebrew is always the best way to go when it comes to sony i guess.

      • gunblade says:

        yeah i no i got to get a better pc since u need 4gig or more the run the develoment kit fo sony mibile but there sum prety good moble dwnloads on psn..

  49. eviLucifer says:

    It’s better to wait for 1.82 then release the exploit..

    • super says:

      The exploit might get patched on the next update. Its best if our Russian friend here gives the exploit to Wololo and his team of testers 😉 so he can release another VHBL until TN finds a way around the patch. (If it does get patch.)

  50. psv123 says:

    I won’t miss this one, I swear

  51. h4ckNsl4ck says:

    doubt there will be any other fw from sony unless there is another there plans for sony to release a fw 1.82 or whichever here soon i doubt it they are watching the scene like nintendo did with wii how many updates of junk then you finally get something usefull

  52. the3 says:

    I wonder if they can even fix a kernel exploit. I’ve been messing with arm and android/lin kernels and trying to figure out how they work on the psp/vita and it seems kernel gets installed first os 2nd and it has to be unencrypted thru usb. I may be totally off base but if vita works the same as android i don’t think Sony would trade us having potential access to full vita kernel/os just to patch a psp sandboxed exploit. Like i said i maybe totally off base but with what I’ve researched so far that’s how i get it works

    • Yes says:

      The kernel exploit is within the PSP emulator itself, not the Vita hardware. So all Sony needs to do is to patch the PSP emulator. This should not affect anything on the Vita side.

      • the3 says:

        Are u sure cause it seems like to do it that way they would have to reemulate the psp arm. So why emulate a processor that’s already there even the 4 core should use the same assembly launge

        • z3 says:

          I cant say 100% for sure, but i’m under the impression that the PSP emulator in the Vita is purely software based. In that case, it is simply to do a change in the software.

          • the3 says:

            I guess the only way to know for sure is on the next vita fw update if ecfw works on new ul exploit then were prob accessing vita kernel if not they did a whole lot of unnessasary emulating to keep us limited

          • z3 says:

            Yeah, we will know for sure after the next update if the exploit is fixed or not. But Wololo says that it will most likely be fixed, so it doesnt sound like something big that Sony has to do.

            We’re not accessing Vita kernel, that i know for sure. If we were, more things could be done. We are still locked in the PSP sandbox. I’m not the most knowledgeable on this topic however, but maybe Wololo or anyone else can reply with more info than what i know :)

          • wololo says:

            z3, your summary of the situation sounds good enough to me :)

          • Yes says:

            It is not unnecessary emulation if that it what it takes to keep the PSP mode sandboxed. The PSP emulation on Vita works fine too, so there shouldn’t be any problem with it being 100% software emulation.

    • gunblade says:

      well da thing is sony kinduf rush da vita relase so wen they did they basicly true the psp in the da vita dats wy wen it first came out dea was homebrew running before us realse n hackers r cool…

      • the3 says:

        If the emulator/kernel are packed together to keep the whole thing sandboxed why can’t we treat this like any other prepared Rom/boot image open in an editor that doesn’t decompress the kernel image and turn off drm check its done with android all the time. Looks like i need to finally break down and get ecfw to check this out lol

  53. wizwizard says:

    Getting my first vita on the 30 of this month hope they don’t release it before then (by the way its the white Vita)

  54. AlphaKiloCharlie says:

    I would love this since so far every single exploit or game I happened to miss. The only one I ever had a chance on was Monster Hunter since it was right infront of me on the store but I didn’t have the money at the time to get it. Right now I have $5 I can spend on my card and I have $15 on PayPal but sadly Sony doesn’t accept PayPal.

  55. applesauce says:

    Like some of you have said it before and I totally agree… stuff like this is giving Sony a boost in sales and they should be thankful since more people are aware of the exploits. But also by saying that many users arent and werent able to get the previous ones for one reason or another therefore I believe there should be another ninja release.
    It is not so pleasant when many people have the access/right to something then it is denied to you. I am just trying to be on someone elses shoes.

  56. PlayerGG says:

    What can you do with their mac address?

  57. scousetomo says:

    i have only just bought my vita and am a member of lots of psp sites as i hack or mod every single device ive got from jtag xbox to cfw ps3 ipads its not mine till i void the warranty so everybody who is saying no to this exploit is already taken care of cfw wise i am willing to wait as long as it takes id love a complete cfw but if this is going to be patched and it will the same thing with the ps3 untill they bolt it down tighter than a nuns knickers

  58. heRooomanX says:

    I hope that does not cost more than $3 dolars xd

  59. Gadrastus says:

    I’d love to get more people to try it out but in the end, it will be the same story. Many will miss out on it and we will still have people begging for another release. I say let it out as usual and let the whining ensue.

  60. MainCypher says:

    Oooh dreamin of Dark_Alex again…, pls come around with a vita kexploit some day :), any ways in several years i will tell my children about you and the holy PSP 2.72 times! It always has been a kick to flash the new firmwares! After some time the Pandora Battery made PSP hacking boring 😛

  61. owanef says:

    heck yeah, i wont miss this one. DONT WAIT FOR THE NEW OFW UPDATE 1.82. the reason why sony has not released a new update already is probably because there working there buts off to try and fix as many exploits as possible in the firmware. TRUE Story BrO

  62. Ruben says:

    Wololo any idea about the release date?
    I have to stay tuned to the blog full time?

    • PlayerGG says:

      Nope, just register. (easier)
      If you really want it.
      You should try to check it every day.
      Or if you can, every hour(s)
      And no release date. Just stay toon :)

  63. cscash241 says:

    SC3! SC3! But seriously I want to know what the heck is taking so long to patch the damn exploit. I think Sony has given up for the time being.

  64. marlewuk says:

    release please how do i get in on ninja. i’ve joined forum

  65. scousetomo says:

    this poll how long is it going to run im checking back hourly plus if the name of the game gets released im in the uk and it gets patched within a hr or so any idea Wololo

  66. PlayerGG says:

    This website so so far…

  67. owanef says:

    I really Hope It gets released today, PLEASE. sony has something planned hurry and release it or my eagerness will burn a hole in me boot

  68. AyeGuy says:

    Damnit i formatted my vita thinking i could just redownload the game again…now i got to wait for the new exploit…

    • Austin says:

      Same thing happened to me man some files were causing the exploit to not run properly so I figured it’d be easiest to just format and start over. If this exploit gets released i’m for sure backing it up this time haha.

    • I was born says:


  69. owanef says:

    im constatanly refreshing the page

  70. choppa says:

    gives us a hint plz

  71. KnowName says:

    So, this exploit’ll be coming to 1.81/2? I’m debating on whether I should install ecfw now on 1.80, or get Battle Royal. I’ve seen some people with 1.81 and eCfw, but I don’t know how to do it :(

  72. Xhack says:

    @scousetomo the PS3 is open now too.. not open enough but by the way you can be on actual firmware 4.25 and play all new games on 12.12.2012

    but you must have a 3.55 cfw Playstation to read out your DVD key and than you can update.

    check out 3k3y for Ps3 (by aka x360key-Team xk3y)
    website http://www.3k3y(dot)com (not dot .com not (dot)com

    I don´t now if I is alowed to post direct link so…

  73. The Z says:

    “Well, either way, stay tuned, and if you already got CN’s eCFW running on your Vita, be a kind soul, and let your friends know, so that they don’t miss out for a third time!”

    CN’s eCFW? A mix of CB and TN? Nice spelling mistake wololo ^^

  74. be0ut says:

    here is my question wololo.. (correct me if im wrong) im sure many people were not able to download the previous game because it got removed too fast.. reason being that people who were more “trusted” leaked the game before the people at the lower end of the ladder were able to get it.. so now even if u were to tighten the trust circle isnt it possible for the same thing to happen again to the same people?

    • wololo says:

      Yes, the possibility exists, but we are changing some of the rules to try and reduce the risks of leak, and to give more chances to people who never got the exploit before.

  75. hmldragon says:

    will you plz tell us how much the game used for the exploit is? Ensure that we will not miss the exploit for the third time,thx.

  76. itsmeMimi says:

    missed those exploits…

  77. Stiffeno says:

    I voted No because i think that, bar a few unlucky ppl, the ones who missed the last 3 exploitable games will more than likely miss the next one, so why waste it?

    I think you guys should SAVE this exploit for a future firmware version.

  78. Stiffeno says:

    And besides, most of the ppl who missed the last 3 game exploits probably arent that “into” the whole homebrew seen, most the hardcores dedicated to the scene haunted this site till they found the game name. So bar a few unlucky guys, most of the guys who would really appreciate an exploit for the Vita have already got one!

    Dont waste it, save it for the next or a future Sony Vita firmware!

    • Aardy says:

      Why would it be a waste? If the OFW gets updated, than the CFW will get updated. There are a lot of people who would like a new exploit, me included. There are plenty of reasons somone could miss the last ones. Instead of saying ‘screw you’ to the unlucky ones, share the love.

      • Stiffeno says:

        There have been 3 or more chances to get an exploit. IMO giving ppl a “Fourth Chance” is going a bit too far!

        Chances are the ones who missed the last 3 will miss the 4th also!

  79. Jd8531 says:

    IMO I think Sony is just pulling the games and doesn’t plan on releasing an update. I have a gut feeling if we release another exploited game it’ll push them over the edge to do an update. Let’s face the facts, a Vita OS patch takes like an hour to do and release so the fact they haven’t yet shows something.

    • wololo says:

      I think it takes much more than that, I’d assume they have some manual QA to perform for each update.

    • Stiffeno says:

      It would def take more than 1 hour. They would need to get permission to modify the software, and then would need to take various steps to make sure its not all buggy. They cant just code the patch for the exploit, and then release it…they have to test it first!

    • gunblade says:

      Well thinking deas an up date fo the end of october there dea updateting psn till den. But on how fast the game getting pulled wy not relase like a sumwAt sum of games in one relase done a day or so. But seems it good fo now current firme running psp emu . They updating n patching dea vita dwnload more.

  80. Aye Guy says:

    Hope it is cheap like made blocker alpha

  81. tatsuya says:

    well even thought i didnt get both urbanix and madblocker or mh3rd well my opinion is no because how about focus the psvita exploit instead…. making hbl are not worth it because sony like to remove they game in psn in 24 hrs ~_~

  82. wartaf says:

    when will it gonna release?

  83. scousetomo says:

    i even slept bad and woke up early to check for any hints of the game that we will need just so i can at least have the game on my vita when the exploit gets released isnt it better to maybe try run the exploit of a actual vita game that isnt a dload as i would go out and buy it asap were at least sony cant remove it

  84. mimar says:

    To be patient normaly today.

  85. snake2243 says:

    begs for new exploit

    get a 1 week heads up AND a ninja release

    game gets announced

    miss the exploit because i was ***************

    beg for another exploit.

  86. meye says:

    ^ yes i hope so too. and i hope the game should be fun too.

  87. H4ckvit4 says:

    Hello, i wouldlike to know when the next game will be know? because, i didnt get urbanix and other game… :/

    The next game will be release today?

  88. wartaf says:

    dammit! why my post here is always deleted? 😀

  89. azrayl says:

    I would recommend you stay on 1.80 if you have Monster Hunter installed on your Vita. You can only use the eCFW on 1.81 if you have Urbanix or Mad Blocker Alpha already installed on your Vita but still it’s up to you. Most people even The Z from PSPKing recommend you update to 1.81 in order to download the next game from the PSN so you can use the newest game exploit but nobody knows when that will be released or if the ‘new members’ will be able to download it before Sony pulls it out of the PSN.

  90. MeyMey says:

    I’m so excited about the new exploit ! I think on this week-end might be a really good idea :)

  91. H4ckvit4 says:

    please can you release the game today wololo? i wait on the PC

  92. noirsus says:

    A la ansiosa espera del nuevo exploit, ya que como a otros me pillo trabajando y no pudo comprar el juego :(.

    Gracias a todos los que haceis posibles los xploits

  93. XplosivePi3 says:

    Someone, pleeeaaassee email me the ninja release :)

  94. H4ckvit4 says:

    When someone download the game, is it possible to connect ps vita to PC and copy the file’s game on the PC?? I think with a hack it’s maybe possible and after, other people can copy the file’s game in their PSVITA and have the hack too??

    I know it’s not possible now but maybe in future?

    Sorry for my poor English but I’m French and i don’t use translator…^^

    • dey says:

      You can use Charles to map the download link to a local file if you can get the pkg first.

      • H4ckvit4 says:

        i said that because i don’t understand why we can’t download the game with the exploit on the PC, send this game to other PSvita users and after, use this game in others PSVITA just with a copy of this game?

  95. jweed says:

    I already lost many feats since he broke my psp, now I have the vita and I could not try any so far, I just hope to be lucky because I have loaded purse for the occasion.

    my English so the translator is not very good, but it’s the only way to follow. jajaja

  96. Almanova says:

    Please we need a new exploit. Thank you for your incredible work Wololo!!!!

  97. XplosivePi3 says:

    Can anyone email me the ninja release?
    (pleeeeaaaaasssseeee I missed the other two :(…)

  98. hanwei says:

    i want to konwn the minigames name

  99. Ivan says:

    I want to known the minigames name. My email is

  100. Shim says:

    i want to konwn the minigames name

    my e-mail adress :

  101. MeyMey says:

    Stop with your e-mail. I think nobody knows the name of the game ! :) Just Wait Friends :)

  102. mimar says:


  103. H4ckvit4 says:

    do you think the release will be today?

  104. scousetomo says:

    wololo how long is this pole likely to run as since it was announced there hasnt been any info and i have refreshed my page constantly from when it began i even slept with my motorola xoom and kept checking threw the night in bed hows that for desperation thanks mate

  105. Michael says:

    New Version of VHBL

  106. Benhor22 says:

    please , dont launch game exploid in format minis games, hackers friends, peoples disadvantaged who do not have access to these games, because in PSN is not available, an example PSN Brazil and some in Latin American… would not be too much to ask that a survey be done to see if the game you’d have to use PSN of every region have, please hug and good luck to you at work …

  107. REMILI says:

    JATTEND LE communiquer ninja es une personne peut Me l envoIYer Sur mon mail jai rater les 3 AUTRES DEGOUTER

  108. SARS1983 says:

    oh……I cant wait……20$ are prepared for every refresh in 10 mins .

  109. scousetomo says:

    this thing on u tube is this to do with the exploit i cant see the video in the uk its blocked

  110. Sanket says:

    hi guys,,,i unfortunately missed the games,,as by the time i got updated ,,they got removed,,,,i was late :/
    i am checking the site every now and then bt my timezone is different,,,,,if the game comes out while im asleep or something ,,please mail me the name of the game,,,ill be keeping my mail alert on,,,,
    my email id is
    please send me the game name as soon as it released

  111. jagoretorna says:

    MY MAIL IS please name new game for exploit tanks!

  112. Elmo says:

    I also missed the other two releases.

    Could someone please email me at the ninja release?


  113. mimar says:

    All friend.stopped the email.patient patient patient

  114. Lucky :P says:

    I had Urbanix exploit and i hacked my vita .. it’s really nice to play some amazing psp games for free 😛

  115. Nando says:

    i wanna the game title :3

  116. J’avais pu téléchager Mad Blocker, mais l’ayant supprimé malencontreusement, je suis bloqué… :c

    Si une âme charitable passe par ici 😀
    k-corp [at]

  117. tehkittez says:

    Seriously. There is a system in place for releasing exploits. Putting your email here won’t make it come out any faster. I got my vita and i don’t have internet at home. I want this just as much as any of you.

  118. mimar says:

    I reads the message below It ‘ is Pix’N Love Rush or Athena true or not.

  119. Gustavo Moreno says:

    Please, hackers must understand that they are killing PS Vita with this actions, any game that has an xploit on it, is being taking out of the store, so few games are in there to purchase thanks to this antics, hackers must let PS Vita software and games to grow fisrt, them, un 2 or 3 years, homebrew would be more than welcome, there is almost no mutch games on vita and with this, surelly vita will no see more games in the future…………….and no, i´m not a pro sony guy, is just my opinion, thats all.

  120. Future says:

    I see we should keep going with the exploits, nothing will change, and we will still be able to play ps vita games

  121. Past says:

    the vita just came out not many months ago, so there should be cfw and exploits, and thats why i want them!!

  122. scousetomo says:

    Gustavo Moreno your on the wrong site here they have removed 2 mini games thats totaly destroyed the game industry these exploits let us play psp games what i have bought or own on umd and i can assure you im not buying them again to play on my vita

  123. owanef says:

    Please send me the name on of the game

  124. scousetomo says:

    Gustavo Moreno i think your a sony spy waiting for the exploit to run back to ya masters and snitch and get a special badge lol

  125. owanef says:

    i could be, LOL

  126. Vitatastic says:

    I am soooo eagerly awaiting for the Ninja to strike! i missed the other 2. :(

  127. owanef says:

    i know right, i got $10 in my psn account just waiting. PLEASE RELEASE ALREADY ITS FRIDAY MY FUN DAY AND IM BORED. i wanna play naruto on my vita

  128. vegetag5 says:

    Boas.Parece que cheguei tarde e tão depressa não consigo
    chipar a minha ps vita.Para quando um cfw que rode os jogoa da vita ??

  129. flashmozzg says:

    Sorry for posting this here but could this be reliable? PS vita beta browser spotted on html5test.

  130. Aiko says:

    i want to konwn the minigame name, pleasee!!! and thx!!! a lot!! 😛

    my e-mail adress :

  131. gr8n00d1e says:

    refresh all the time!

  132. yhea says:

    i want to konwn the minigames name

  133. yhea says:

    i want the know game

  134. owanef says:

    i hope u guys are voting cause i think thats when he gonna release it. when the maximum of people vote.

  135. dreo says:

    pendiente de la publicacion

  136. K1NG says:

    Hopefully he doesn’t release it yet , cause i have to be away for 6 hours and I don’t want to miss it . Are there any useful information where I can learn how to hack ps vita ? I want to learn ,if I knew about hacking I would release exploits everyday withouth asking silly questions,wether u people want it or not ? haha

  137. Frostegater says:

    I have good news guys !!! I’m about to release the exploit !! make sure you visit my post for more updates.
    The games for the exploit are Wackylands Boss,God of war:Ghost of Sparta,Earthshield,Ace Combat join assault and Legends of War:Patton’s Campaign. Make sure you get one of those games and stay tune for the exploit release :) LET EVERYONE KNOW!!!!!!!!

  138. owanef says:

    u are such a dam liar and a poser, were is the proof. HELP WOLOLO A POSER. U MUST DELETE THIS

  139. H4ckvit4 says:

    Yes i finish to download wackyland thanks!!!!

  140. owanef says:

    its probably a lie

  141. owanef says:


  142. H4ckvit4 says:

    It s a fake?!

  143. owanef says:

    Why the heck do people do this, its evil

  144. AyeGuy says:

    Damn I wasted $5…

  145. scousetomo says:

    wat a arsehole im shocked nasty basket

  146. owanef says:

    Dam, this is horrible. PLEASE MAKE OFFICIAL RELEASE Frostgater cause we and he is causing ha got a real poser on our hands and he is causing havoc

  147. H4ckvit4 says:

    Well it s 00:25 in france and i m tired… I can t wait all the night… Good day everybody!!

  148. owanef says:

    dam bro just release ur losing people :[

  149. arnookie says:

    This guy posted fake info, Trust me. : O)

  150. speedbump says:

    I missed the first exploits due to me not having a vita. I did not have money to buy one:'( . Hopefully I will catch the next. Let us keep this community alive.

  151. marlewuk says:

    must stay awake zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  152. Jesus CFW says:

    Dafaq man im stoned and all what im doing is lookin + refershin this page .. c’mon release it i wanna finally make a use of my useless vita

  153. gunblade says:

    Well think i ready for dis explit. hope not to fall asleep fulled an all nighter. But ready

  154. owanef says:


  155. gunblade says:

    obama 4 mo yearz

  156. >_> says:

    The game is FF7. If you have the original game discs, you can convert them to level 3 compressed CSO’s. Make sure you have a save game right after Aeris dies. Load the save game and BAM. Homebrew to your heart’s desire! 😀

  157. gunblade says:

    wy dosent nintendo let sony port dea game it be alot easier to play pokemon on da vita if it was on the psn they can even have um on the game cartige..

  158. Just wanna say thanx says:

    Stayin up drinkin me some vodka watchin thats my boy lol tis a good night!

  159. Xhack says:

    @wololo on October 19, 2012 at 6:11 am

    no its not a Scam but this 3k3y for PS3 cost money ~100-150 €
    and come on 12.12.2012 and not faster

    and the only thing you can did with it is ripping your own games from Bluray to HDD and play all new games who need update for example 4.21
    but no homebrews !!

    And I know for sure that isn´t a fake because I have bought xkey for Xbox 360 and it works over a year long even with newest dashboard update. (3k3y for PS3 and xk3y for xbox 360 are the same but 3k3y has a little more futures) and developed by the same dev´s or team or what ever…



    sorry for my bad english

  160. Vergillxx3 says:

    Will it work on uk wersion?

  161. nano_Sphere says:

    = = I only have 4$ left. Is that enough?

  162. hasu says:

    i think it’s ready, we just have to wait :)

  163. Godmod says:

    I joust got my new vita 8 gig memory card and 6 games uncharted,wipeout,marvel vs capcom,litle devains,gravity rush,modnation racers 10£ top up on psn and my qestion is,
    will the exploit work on uk version of game? thank you guys

  164. hasu says:

    looks like frostegator have some problem with the game save data exploit, will this still happen at all ?

  165. Legit says:

    guys i have news you can still get urbanix if you buy it from gamestop

  166. darren521 says:

    this is USA only

  167. mark90 says:

    has the exploit game been released yet? have i missed it again?!

  168. nano_Sphere says:

    what‘s the name of the fourth vulnerability game

  169. mark90 says:

    how much cash u need i got £10 on card that enough? and where does it say USA only?! this should work on eu versions too

  170. mark90 says:

    forget the usa com mistake, where do you register to get email when the exploits released is it at wololo/talk?

  171. mimar says:

    frostegater has decided don’ t release for next game.sorry all friend

  172. mark90 says:

    sorry for all the comments i just got my psvita, i kow how it works now XD

  173. wenlay says:

    I can wait!

  174. Yunxiang says:

    Hi Wololo Many thanks to you on these exploits. Can send me a exploit game name and CFW? I am make sure only use it by myself . I am use Aisa PSN for Vita. Many thanks. Send to my email is okay.

  175. linhuop says:

    Thank you for you did

  176. Since the admin of this website is working, no doubt very rapidly it will be
    famous, due tto its quality contents.

    Also visi my website: dien dan mua ban hieu qua

  177. Darkanubis74 says:

    You don’t like the way it is done, go away. No one is making you wait for anything. you are a prime example of an ungrateful spoiled little brat and you shall be treated as such. Stop flooding the page.

  178. Metarortiz says:

    I was working on a exploit myself, im using a game that everybody should have, but im running out of help. If i dont get this exploit i will start making my own.

  1. October 18, 2012

    […] Proximamente un Nuevo Exploit modo Kernel para PSVita Bueno desde el foro de wololo nos informan q el coder tras la azana de Mad alfa al parecer tiene otro exploit pero ha echo una escuesta si es mejor liberarlo ahora o despues de q SONY actualice estar atentos a las proximas noticias o a los Ninja Release y aqui la info completa So, you missed both the Urbanix and Mad Blocker Alpha exploits? Seems like Frostegater might have so… […]

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