So, you missed both the Urbanix and Mad Blocker Alpha exploits? Seems like Frostegater might have something for you…


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283 Responses

  1. Shim says:

    i want to konwn the minigames name

    my e-mail adress :

  2. MeyMey says:

    Stop with your e-mail. I think nobody knows the name of the game ! :) Just Wait Friends :)

  3. mimar says:


  4. H4ckvit4 says:

    do you think the release will be today?

  5. scousetomo says:

    wololo how long is this pole likely to run as since it was announced there hasnt been any info and i have refreshed my page constantly from when it began i even slept with my motorola xoom and kept checking threw the night in bed hows that for desperation thanks mate

  6. Michael says:

    New Version of VHBL

  7. Benhor22 says:

    please , dont launch game exploid in format minis games, hackers friends, peoples disadvantaged who do not have access to these games, because in PSN is not available, an example PSN Brazil and some in Latin American… would not be too much to ask that a survey be done to see if the game you’d have to use PSN of every region have, please hug and good luck to you at work …

  8. REMILI says:

    JATTEND LE communiquer ninja es une personne peut Me l envoIYer Sur mon mail jai rater les 3 AUTRES DEGOUTER

  9. SARS1983 says:

    oh……I cant wait……20$ are prepared for every refresh in 10 mins .

  10. scousetomo says:

    this thing on u tube is this to do with the exploit i cant see the video in the uk its blocked

  11. Sanket says:

    hi guys,,,i unfortunately missed the games,,as by the time i got updated ,,they got removed,,,,i was late :/
    i am checking the site every now and then bt my timezone is different,,,,,if the game comes out while im asleep or something ,,please mail me the name of the game,,,ill be keeping my mail alert on,,,,
    my email id is
    please send me the game name as soon as it released

  12. jagoretorna says:

    MY MAIL IS please name new game for exploit tanks!

  13. Elmo says:

    I also missed the other two releases.

    Could someone please email me at the ninja release?


  14. mimar says:

    All friend.stopped the email.patient patient patient

  15. Lucky :P says:

    I had Urbanix exploit and i hacked my vita .. it’s really nice to play some amazing psp games for free 😛

  16. Nando says:

    i wanna the game title :3

  17. J’avais pu téléchager Mad Blocker, mais l’ayant supprimé malencontreusement, je suis bloqué… :c

    Si une âme charitable passe par ici 😀
    k-corp [at]

  18. tehkittez says:

    Seriously. There is a system in place for releasing exploits. Putting your email here won’t make it come out any faster. I got my vita and i don’t have internet at home. I want this just as much as any of you.

  19. mimar says:

    I reads the message below It ‘ is Pix’N Love Rush or Athena true or not.

  20. Gustavo Moreno says:

    Please, hackers must understand that they are killing PS Vita with this actions, any game that has an xploit on it, is being taking out of the store, so few games are in there to purchase thanks to this antics, hackers must let PS Vita software and games to grow fisrt, them, un 2 or 3 years, homebrew would be more than welcome, there is almost no mutch games on vita and with this, surelly vita will no see more games in the future…………….and no, i´m not a pro sony guy, is just my opinion, thats all.

  21. Future says:

    I see we should keep going with the exploits, nothing will change, and we will still be able to play ps vita games

  22. Past says:

    the vita just came out not many months ago, so there should be cfw and exploits, and thats why i want them!!

  23. scousetomo says:

    Gustavo Moreno your on the wrong site here they have removed 2 mini games thats totaly destroyed the game industry these exploits let us play psp games what i have bought or own on umd and i can assure you im not buying them again to play on my vita

  24. owanef says:

    Please send me the name on of the game

  25. scousetomo says:

    Gustavo Moreno i think your a sony spy waiting for the exploit to run back to ya masters and snitch and get a special badge lol

  26. owanef says:

    i could be, LOL

  27. Vitatastic says:

    I am soooo eagerly awaiting for the Ninja to strike! i missed the other 2. :(

  28. owanef says:

    i know right, i got $10 in my psn account just waiting. PLEASE RELEASE ALREADY ITS FRIDAY MY FUN DAY AND IM BORED. i wanna play naruto on my vita

  29. vegetag5 says:

    Boas.Parece que cheguei tarde e tão depressa não consigo
    chipar a minha ps vita.Para quando um cfw que rode os jogoa da vita ??

  30. flashmozzg says:

    Sorry for posting this here but could this be reliable? PS vita beta browser spotted on html5test.

  31. Aiko says:

    i want to konwn the minigame name, pleasee!!! and thx!!! a lot!! 😛

    my e-mail adress :

  32. gr8n00d1e says:

    refresh all the time!

  33. yhea says:

    i want to konwn the minigames name

  34. yhea says:

    i want the know game

  35. owanef says:

    i hope u guys are voting cause i think thats when he gonna release it. when the maximum of people vote.

  36. dreo says:

    pendiente de la publicacion

  37. K1NG says:

    Hopefully he doesn’t release it yet , cause i have to be away for 6 hours and I don’t want to miss it . Are there any useful information where I can learn how to hack ps vita ? I want to learn ,if I knew about hacking I would release exploits everyday withouth asking silly questions,wether u people want it or not ? haha

  38. Frostegater says:

    I have good news guys !!! I’m about to release the exploit !! make sure you visit my post for more updates.
    The games for the exploit are Wackylands Boss,God of war:Ghost of Sparta,Earthshield,Ace Combat join assault and Legends of War:Patton’s Campaign. Make sure you get one of those games and stay tune for the exploit release :) LET EVERYONE KNOW!!!!!!!!

  39. owanef says:

    u are such a dam liar and a poser, were is the proof. HELP WOLOLO A POSER. U MUST DELETE THIS

  40. H4ckvit4 says:

    Yes i finish to download wackyland thanks!!!!

  41. owanef says:

    its probably a lie

  42. owanef says:


  43. H4ckvit4 says:

    It s a fake?!

  44. owanef says:

    Why the heck do people do this, its evil

  45. AyeGuy says:

    Damn I wasted $5…

  46. scousetomo says:

    wat a arsehole im shocked nasty basket

  47. owanef says:

    Dam, this is horrible. PLEASE MAKE OFFICIAL RELEASE Frostgater cause we and he is causing ha got a real poser on our hands and he is causing havoc

  48. H4ckvit4 says:

    Well it s 00:25 in france and i m tired… I can t wait all the night… Good day everybody!!

  49. owanef says:

    dam bro just release ur losing people :[

  50. arnookie says:

    This guy posted fake info, Trust me. : O)

  51. speedbump says:

    I missed the first exploits due to me not having a vita. I did not have money to buy one:'( . Hopefully I will catch the next. Let us keep this community alive.

  52. marlewuk says:

    must stay awake zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  53. Jesus CFW says:

    Dafaq man im stoned and all what im doing is lookin + refershin this page .. c’mon release it i wanna finally make a use of my useless vita

  54. gunblade says:

    Well think i ready for dis explit. hope not to fall asleep fulled an all nighter. But ready

  55. owanef says:


  56. gunblade says:

    obama 4 mo yearz

  57. >_> says:

    The game is FF7. If you have the original game discs, you can convert them to level 3 compressed CSO’s. Make sure you have a save game right after Aeris dies. Load the save game and BAM. Homebrew to your heart’s desire! 😀

  58. gunblade says:

    wy dosent nintendo let sony port dea game it be alot easier to play pokemon on da vita if it was on the psn they can even have um on the game cartige..

  59. Just wanna say thanx says:

    Stayin up drinkin me some vodka watchin thats my boy lol tis a good night!

  60. Xhack says:

    @wololo on October 19, 2012 at 6:11 am

    no its not a Scam but this 3k3y for PS3 cost money ~100-150 €
    and come on 12.12.2012 and not faster

    and the only thing you can did with it is ripping your own games from Bluray to HDD and play all new games who need update for example 4.21
    but no homebrews !!

    And I know for sure that isn´t a fake because I have bought xkey for Xbox 360 and it works over a year long even with newest dashboard update. (3k3y for PS3 and xk3y for xbox 360 are the same but 3k3y has a little more futures) and developed by the same dev´s or team or what ever…



    sorry for my bad english

  61. Vergillxx3 says:

    Will it work on uk wersion?

  62. nano_Sphere says:

    = = I only have 4$ left. Is that enough?

  63. hasu says:

    i think it’s ready, we just have to wait :)

  64. Godmod says:

    I joust got my new vita 8 gig memory card and 6 games uncharted,wipeout,marvel vs capcom,litle devains,gravity rush,modnation racers 10£ top up on psn and my qestion is,
    will the exploit work on uk version of game? thank you guys

  65. hasu says:

    looks like frostegator have some problem with the game save data exploit, will this still happen at all ?

  66. Legit says:

    guys i have news you can still get urbanix if you buy it from gamestop

  67. darren521 says:

    this is USA only

  68. mark90 says:

    has the exploit game been released yet? have i missed it again?!

  69. nano_Sphere says:

    what‘s the name of the fourth vulnerability game

  70. mark90 says:

    how much cash u need i got £10 on card that enough? and where does it say USA only?! this should work on eu versions too

  71. mark90 says:

    forget the usa com mistake, where do you register to get email when the exploits released is it at wololo/talk?

  72. mimar says:

    frostegater has decided don’ t release for next game.sorry all friend

  73. mark90 says:

    sorry for all the comments i just got my psvita, i kow how it works now XD

  74. wenlay says:

    I can wait!

  75. Yunxiang says:

    Hi Wololo Many thanks to you on these exploits. Can send me a exploit game name and CFW? I am make sure only use it by myself . I am use Aisa PSN for Vita. Many thanks. Send to my email is okay.

  76. linhuop says:

    Thank you for you did

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    famous, due tto its quality contents.

    Also visi my website: dien dan mua ban hieu qua

  78. Darkanubis74 says:

    You don’t like the way it is done, go away. No one is making you wait for anything. you are a prime example of an ungrateful spoiled little brat and you shall be treated as such. Stop flooding the page.

  79. Metarortiz says:

    I was working on a exploit myself, im using a game that everybody should have, but im running out of help. If i dont get this exploit i will start making my own.

  1. October 18, 2012

    […] Proximamente un Nuevo Exploit modo Kernel para PSVita Bueno desde el foro de wololo nos informan q el coder tras la azana de Mad alfa al parecer tiene otro exploit pero ha echo una escuesta si es mejor liberarlo ahora o despues de q SONY actualice estar atentos a las proximas noticias o a los Ninja Release y aqui la info completa So, you missed both the Urbanix and Mad Blocker Alpha exploits? Seems like Frostegater might have so… […]

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