Using ZeroVSH Patcher to mod your PSP

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  1. garrei says:

    first 😛

    • Chasez671 says:

      You must know the meaning of life

      • garrei says:

        that i do…

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        • PlayerGG says:

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    • trecenters says:

      first!! 😀 .. I need attention… Mom doesn’t love me..

      Anyways … Would a Vita port be possible?

      • >_> says:

        Cool story bro. >_>

      • mvd says:

        I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the vita doesn’t make use of any of these files. The PSP emulator runs straight up binaries and doesn’t emulate any other function of the PSP. Everything else is looked after by the vita OS (sound overlay, etc) so these files are unnecessary.

  2. skies says:

    what is this?

  3. HIMFan says:

    The article title is misleading.

  4. RzmmDX says:

    Wait, why does it say ALL PSP and ALL FIRMWARES while it only works for CFW/HEN.

    Unless I missed the boat on some important information about OFWs.

  5. m.rr says:

    It doesn’t

  6. PlayerGG says:

    Now someone ganna have to make that for the Vita.

  7. Rafael707 says:

    NS3 ftw, too bad he doesnt have a vita.. .

  8. tonyuk73 says:

    Nice. I like the examples, I wonder if it’s possible to do this to my Htc one x.(in fact I’ve just found something to do this week :Custom boot images.)

  9. Vincenzo says:

    This is awesome! A was waiting for something that allows, in a simple way, flashing the PSP for custom themes.
    Thanks Wololo 😀

  10. Davee says:

    Aren’t gameboots illegal? or has that changed since the 5.00 era?

    • Nickolas says:

      I haven’t posted for a while but this tempted me… Really? That’s the real Davee? Why would gameboots be illegal? Gameboots are just custom loading screens. You know, the thingy
      that appears after you launch a game and before it is actually launched? That’s a gameboot.

      • wololo says:

        Some of those are indeed copyrighted content that is ripped from UMDs, that might be what Davee is talking about. I agree it’s far fetched, if copyright owners start fighting on those, where does it end…

        • Davee says:

          Actually, the tools to create gameboots are from the leaked SDK, at least, normally are.

        • Nickolas says:

          WOW… Well then, I am really sorry for having offended one of the greatest devs in the PSP-CFW history. Oh and, gameboots aren’t really illegal, as long as they are created and not ripped from UMDs.

          P.S. Again, I am sorry, Davee, for what I said.

  11. I was born says:

    Wheres the flaping ps vita exploits?????? i dont care about this vsh , i want an exploit!!!

  12. Skrillex50 says:

    Reup Skrillex’s gameboot please 😛

  13. Roland says:

    Man I miss my persona 3 gameboot…
    Main character says per-so-na and there’s that gunshot and the game launches.
    Ah good times. I really should have backed that up to the internet…

  14. Skrillex50 says:

    Skrillex’s gameboot please :p

  15. C_4evaspeaks says:

    The beauty of being a dev soon we will have our fun on the vita!

  16. Sylen7Nato says:

    u can still find the program to make ur own boots, as well as other tools for all other module editing…google it or PM me, cuz i have still have all of them…i still make my own themes from time to time, but havent used this plugin yet…i use ctf tool with rco edit when i want to make a quick theme, cuz creating the modules from scratch is something i can only put myself through once in a great while…i want to see if maybe this suits those needs a bit better.

    on a side note, is there a video of this skrillex gameboot?…if so, id be willing to recreate the .pmf and upload it for everyone…or i can take requests too, just shoot me a quick message.

    • Skrillex50 says:

      “on a side note, is there a video of this skrillex gameboot?…if so, id be willing to recreate the .pmf and upload it for everyone…or i can take requests too, just shoot me a quick message.”
      Yes please =D

      • Sylen7Nato says:

        sure bro, np…if u just give me a link to a video clip you want, a music track you want to hear with it, and how many seconds you want it to last, i can make a new one for you…sry, cant seem to find the one that was uploaded here and im afraid i dont know anything about skrillex to know exactly what you are looking for as a gameboot.

  17. Sylen7Nato says:

    can i get an explanation for that, mods? dont know what was wrong with what i said…was just trying to help and nothing more.

  18. Sylen7Nato says:

    says files do not exist any more…sry, havent been checking in as much lately.

  19. TobeyDemon says:

    TobeyDemon from psn, running official firmware 6.60, lcfw pro b10 6.60, & a temporary 6.60 test version of hen on a psp 3001. bunch of plugins. love cxmb, cw cheat, & zero vsh patcher. love zerovsh patcher because it gifts me with the psp go’s clock & calendar on it. so cool.

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