Did Sony lose the “know-how” on the PSP?


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82 Responses

  1. ace says:

    that is true hackers actually know much more about the PSP than Sony themselves,

  2. luminoire says:

    HW different from SW. i guess it’s different team that makes the emulator, not the PSP HW team.

  3. Yes says:

    If they didnt care about the PSP emulator on the Vita, then the exploitable games would probably still be available.

  4. Jvhellraiser says:

    I believe the original team didn’t work on
    The Psp Emu for the Psvita and as i new team
    step up they know less thhan the original team
    making mistakes that lead of what we know today
    on the Psvita,that scene dev kow more of the psp
    than Sony dev team Yes i believe so. iam like 99.9%
    sure of this statement.

  5. Dewey says:

    Highly doubtful. It’s not like the PSP creators/dev teams just vanished into thin air. They can still can upon their services…

  6. thanatosysp4r4d0x says:

    Well, its a possibility. Anyway, buying PSP games in Vita´s PSN is giving money to Sony. I believe, if there´s no way to do piracy in Vita games using these PSP game exploits, this cat-and-mouse game will continue until a “real danger” to the Vita comes to exist. Sorry for my bad english.

  7. mimar says:

    thank you for this news.en this instant I work on a program which allows to abolish the lisence when they telecharge games vita on the psn and to saveguard them on PC .I knows it’s illegal it’s a great tournament. a good motivation to double sony

  8. Febag says:

    The PSP Emulator inside PS VITA is still a program running withing the PS VITA OS.
    The Vita have a manager to handle all the hardware requests the Emulator has.
    We have full access to the emulator, while unlikely, a Vita exploit within the emulator e possible. The Emulator allocates RAM from the VITA, that part of the RAM is reserved to the emulator, but who knows, we might find a way to overflow the RAM and get access to the PS VITA one..
    Time will tell :)

  9. Crimson says:

    All they care is munneh

  10. Jd8531 says:

    You also have to take into account they have had a financial burden and many lay offs hanging over their head. Along with that most of their resources are spread among other huge projects. It seems its in their best interest to not do anything but pull, everyone still has access to the store and they still get to make money. Plus im sure they are aware of how big this is and how unlikely it will be for people to update so with the huge releases coming up they most likely dont want to split the user base online to offline.

  11. mimar says:

    what would be an interessant to install emulator psp and homebreuws without crossing by one games or a sauvegarde game.for to make be of benefit has all world.I am programme planner I am tres motivate.

  12. wistine says:

    Humm they should probably prepare the update of the year! (with lots of change)

  13. trecenters says:

    Maybe Sony didn’t realize and maybe you just explained it to them.


  14. jinozuke says:

    no one can be Dark Alex

  15. NakedFaerie says:

    It looks like $ony dont have a clue or a care about the PSP anymore.
    The PSP is left at 6.60 and the PSP Emulator in the Vita is 6.60.
    I’m guessing as its all the same they have no care to update either as its too much trouble for them to go back to an old system.

    Lets hope they dont so we can keep this exploit.
    If it is really 5% of Vita owners that can use this exploit then there is really no need for them to update the system to stop 5%. Pretty stupid if they did. What if the firmware update broke the Vita, then you will have 95% of Vita owners punished for the stupidity of Sony for trying to stop the fun of the 5%.

    Homebrew doesn’t hurt the sales of the system, it actually helps it. As soon as homebrew is running sales go up as thats when people buy the consoles. I know a lot of people that dont have a Vita as they are all waiting for homebrew to run on it. Some were really close to getting one but as the exploited game was removed so fast so was the sale of the console. Sony ends up loosing when they do that.

    My Vita has been crashing on a daily basis. And that was before the exploit. It was running nothing in the way of homebrew, just PSN and cards, no exploits so as its crashing so bad I got the game and ran the exploit and its actually better. Looks like the exploit game doesn’t crash the system so I can happily run PSP backups and unavailable games on the Vita without problems now. :)

  16. Satan says:

    Is this what we got? A ecfw that can only run on exploited games? I may empress if one person here have try to tink a custom apps for vita to make, which is it can install in all users account.

    • >_> says:

      What? Huh?? I think you need to reword your response.

      • Jd8531 says:

        I dont think he is impressed by eCFW and would be more impressed with a full Vita CFW. If that’s the case feel free to go make that on your own and let us know when you are done otherwise bite your tongue.

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      GTFO people like you make end-users look bad. I am so tired of people who contribute NOTHING thinking they have some say on what is worthy or not, or those that say all exploited games should be free. I bet you pirate ALL your games too.

    • ZorakTorok says:

      Wow, did you get here by accident? How did you expect it to work? Better part of a decade it has been this way.

  17. bromanbro says:

    Interesting, but it may be that Sony just does not have it too high on their priority list. Unfortuntly, there’s no way they’ll leave the exploit for 1.82 because others will port future VHBL exploits to eCFW…so Sony will patch it out just to stop future users from accessing it :(

  18. mimar says:

    A other projet may be downgrad ps vita.I have three projet(lisence, emulator+iso,downgrade).the best alone program may be.

  19. jig5aw says:

    maybe sony outsourced pspemu to other software vendors? that could explain why the quality of the code has a sudden drop.

  20. Squiggs says:

    Maybe sony is waiting for the psn plus update so the will not have to make another fermware from now and then

  21. Darton Staker says:

    Has anyone stopped to think about any natural occurrences of the disastrous kind?

  22. chodi26 says:

    is there a new user mode exploit???

    I’ve missed both the Urbanix and the Mad blocker alpha exploits =(

  23. xdarkmario says:

    well dont remind sony! shhhhh… we got a good thing running lol

  24. xdarkmario says:

    oh and there are still new psp games coming out next year. off the top of my head god eater 2 vita and psp!

  25. mimar says:

    Yes I think

  26. yukon says:

    What if they’re trying to get a hold of Total_Noob, Coldbird, Wololo, Dark-Alex, and other PSP CFW developers to make their PSP’s and Vitas unhackable?

    • wololo says:

      Being a good hacker is not the same as being a good security engineer :)

      • Norml says:

        Very true, M$ tried that with the 360…

        • marx says:

          we may have a clue if there are card reader for psvita as i’ve seen on vita when my vita hang-up and when i restart it there are 5 or 6 options to select, once i’ve tried to select rebuilt data base, the system asked for the earlier version of fw. if we could have a card reader we will have access to re-engineer the firmware. even how good the security engineer. there are one & only code to break the security. and maybe coldbird knows it as he says on his site “the security we make by sony…..”

  27. ambrosjb says:

    I think they are not that eager to fix the kernel exploit because they would also have to do it for the psp. At this point we have been on 6.60 for quite awhile. If they were to patch the kexploit in the sandboxed vita they are in essence doing a 6.61 update to the firmware for vita and psp. I think psp firmware updates Will not be done. They’ve given up. They are happy just removing the game. The proof will be in the pudding if the kexploit is still there when the new vita firmware comes out.

    • Cheesethief says:

      This kernel exploit relies on a disabled k1 check. The PSP has this enabled, so this is only possible on the PSP Emu, not a PSP itself.

  28. lol says:

    Sony>moar munny

  29. Showstoper says:

    If you can’t beat them – join them, Sony has finally given up on the chasing game or may be just may be Sony wants to keep it friends close (microsft and nintendo) and its enemies (hackers) closer.
    It costs them money to employ a security team to patch all these exploits, they are not doing well financially and they know that everytime they patch one game a new exploit is found.
    May be sony will give up on the chasing game.

    Whatever happened to DARK ALEX? I would never have bought the psp if it wasn’t for him. DARK ALEX please resurrect from the dead. I had a dream that dark Alex people and WOLOLO people got together and turned the ps vita into a full cfw gaming device

    • wololo says:

      The dark alex people and the wololo people are mostly the same. We opened /talk when darkalex closed, and I was myself a mod there for a while.
      Nice dream though :)

      • rafael707 says:

        remember advancedpsp.tk? that use to be the forum ^_^

      • Showstoper says:

        Haha now u made me smile I’ve been wanting to ask u the same question for a very long time I had a feeling that you guys worked together . Now I got my answer , thanks wololo , you guys are the reason why I joined the psp scene

  30. tiffany says:

    It’s almost 2013 do you honestly think Sony is going to focus on the psp emulator?I DON’T THINK SO!

    I will use ps3 for example.Sony is the type of company to move on to another project rather than focus on the care of the current one.Ps3 had many phases from the 60gb version with the ps2 emotion chip to the emulation version which was the 80gb then after they wanted to release lesser quality ps3 machines like the slim and the super slim.
    They also do not want to honor the warranty of the machines they release even if it is an old one and if you have the proper proof to provide that it is still in the stage of it’s factory warranty and if you buy a warranty directly from them.

    The monkey supervisors they have working there need to be dropped back to package handlers as they ruin the company!

  31. Tez says:

    i posted on the forums that i have a close friend that works at sony, and he told me himself that sony are having “issues” trying to block the exploit. my thread got locked though. i dont expect any of you to beleive me, but just saying; if sony knew how to block it, they would have done it by now.

  32. ZorakTorok says:

    Here is to hoping they just leave it alone, i have spent atleast 600 in psn content for my vita and will continue to shell out if i can. It is really up to them, leave 3% alone and im sure they will continue to see our dough.

  33. SupahLeecha says:

    Maybe Sony tried to show that they were very careful from piracy to show game devs that their games are safe from piracy and encourage them to develop some more. But on the other side, Sony purposely kept the exploit as a rumour to people haven’t bought the vita. In which rumour is an interesting thing. What more if the user discovered that this rumour is true. Then Sony just fishing interested people to buy their new and dying(on the market) console.
    All of these are “maybe”. We don’t know what’s their marketing plan.

  34. Necrotek says:

    I guess that they’re just too busy with vita to do in-depth analysis of exploits. It seems Sony doesn’t care about that quite little group of people who was able to get ecfw, maybe it’s because those people are already lost as customers. Sony need to do their best about vita itself. They prevent large-scale spreading so there is no much of a problem.

  35. Batfink says:

    Just a theory…
    Sony stand to lose money by patching TN because if they do the majority of exploit owners would never update firmware and sacrifice their potential Vita software purchases on the PSN store?

  36. Norml says:

    The real question,
    “Didn’t Wololo already blog about this?”

    Deja Vu

  37. xoombie503 says:

    all i have to say is that we will see a firmware update to get ready for vita ps plus,thats why sony is taking thier time to make people update

  38. dboyz90 says:

    well , IMO sony’s still investigating about how to patch this exploit without causing any crashes on the PSP emulator itself

  39. lol says:

    So much lame news lately :(…

  40. john says:

    Homebrew does hurt the sales for Sony. They want you to be on the psn store pretty much 24/7 its a win lose win lose situation

    Win- you bought a game from the psn for the exploited

    lose- you could pirate games on tn-a

    win- they update psvita. You downlo ad it by accident. To play new games you need to update

    lose- you don’t update,stay on the exploited

  41. Stiffeno says:

    Maybe they are patching the exploits at the Vita firmware level because its security is still intact. That is, you cannot currently hack the Vita system, merely the PSP portion of the Vita.

    I dont think its a matter of them losing the ‘know-how’ of the PSPs system, i just think its coz what i listed above!

  42. NakedFaerie says:

    The SDK for PS Mobile is out. Cant we make an app that will load the exploit from Vita XMB (Is it called the XMB in the Vita???)
    There has to be an app maker so instead of finding holes in games and savegames just make an app that will load the PSP Emulator and exploit that.

  43. jester says:

    For me its a lost in term’s of knowledge on the system, cause hacker can do/hack sony system and even though they will provide high security on the system hacker will definitely find its way to touch that system like eCFW. Maybe hacker seeing it as a challenge. =)

  44. Akabane87 says:

    It is not really a secret that sony manages its dev teams stupidly. They gave the development of the ps2 to the team in charge of hifi and appliances stuffs rather than letting the team that brillantly brought the ps1 to the top continue its work on the ps2.
    So I won’t be surprised at all if it happens that sony gave the vita dev to another team that the one in charge of the psp.

  45. sonofskywalker3 says:

    The reason they’re taking so long to release the new firmware is that they’re going to remove the PSP emulator, just like they took away Linux on the PS3. Sony: “You going to use our ‘gift’ to you as a way to hack ‘our’ system! No PSP for anyone!!!”

    • ZorakTorok says:

      Unless someone finds a way to use it to get to UVL I find it highly unlikely. Other os enticed people to buy a ps3 that had no desire to ever buy a game or accessory in order to get a top of the line pc for well under cost at the time. Systems do not make money, it is content thereafter. Removing the psp emulator would cost sony potential revanue as well as making 3rd parties upset. Psp games are digital… No manufacturing costs involved, so it is all bank.

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      Too many people have paid for PSP games that do not own a PSP Sony will not remove support because people would be very angry.

  46. Gadrastus says:

    Maybe you’re right, maybe they don’t care because it’s all PSP emulation. Wait and see what happend when the actual VITA FW gets messed with though.

  47. mangbhoy says:

    “Between that, the relatively long waiting time for the yet-to-be-seen firmware 1.82, and the “let’s patch the vita OS rather than the PSP firmware for PSP exploits” attitude, I am wondering if Sony has progressively lost technical knowledge on their own device, as their engineer teams moved on to other projects…”

    I don’t think they “lost” technical knowledge; surely there must be a database of information – maybe you meant ‘technical capability’ (workforce of IT and engineering personnel being shifted as you’ve mentioned)

    “Do you guys think it might be possible today that some hackers actually know much more about the PSP than Sony themselves?”

    Sony v hackers: I think Sony knows more about the PSP in absolute terms (besides IP, materials testing, marketing, business strategy, etc.); but if we talk about relative terms (which I think you meant the software side of things), surely there must be a subset of individuals who know more or at least have equal knowledge about the PSP software.

  48. svenn says:

    In essence, no. However PSP Vita & PSP are different products and as a basic in-house security it would be obv. that these are seperated and one can not look from VITA development info to PSP development info. I hardly doubt the “info” is lost. As for the reason why 1.82 isn’t here, I have no clue.

    I do believe psp emulator has been implemented ASAP, and therefor might not be as sweet as one should expect from a multinational company.

  49. theMang says:

    I do think it is possible that they don’t really know what to do or they are doing anymore. To me it is like everything else. If you spend most of your time experimenting with something (sports, devices, cars etc) one day you become really good at it. All your experience is yours to keep and nobody will take that from you. Now, engineers and developers (in this case Sony) are subject to changes that sometimes make them “forget” stuff about what they are doing. Let alone the risk of getting fired then hiring a new person with no experience or some experience on the works.

    I could relate this to the newer Android releases. Motorola has struggled to keep its promises up for the public releasing Jelly Bean for many of their products, yet many developers and tinkerers already managed to get roms or leaks (sometimes not fully functional) which allow them to taste what isn’t even official yet.

    Maybe I am not making much sense but sometimes developers outside a big corporation do better than the actual people in charge of the project.

  50. Jahmel says:

    i believe they are letting you guys win the battle to avoid losing the PSV ISO/CSO war

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