Did Sony lose the “know-how” on the PSP?


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  1. svenn says:

    In essence, no. However PSP Vita & PSP are different products and as a basic in-house security it would be obv. that these are seperated and one can not look from VITA development info to PSP development info. I hardly doubt the “info” is lost. As for the reason why 1.82 isn’t here, I have no clue.

    I do believe psp emulator has been implemented ASAP, and therefor might not be as sweet as one should expect from a multinational company.

  2. theMang says:

    I do think it is possible that they don’t really know what to do or they are doing anymore. To me it is like everything else. If you spend most of your time experimenting with something (sports, devices, cars etc) one day you become really good at it. All your experience is yours to keep and nobody will take that from you. Now, engineers and developers (in this case Sony) are subject to changes that sometimes make them “forget” stuff about what they are doing. Let alone the risk of getting fired then hiring a new person with no experience or some experience on the works.

    I could relate this to the newer Android releases. Motorola has struggled to keep its promises up for the public releasing Jelly Bean for many of their products, yet many developers and tinkerers already managed to get roms or leaks (sometimes not fully functional) which allow them to taste what isn’t even official yet.

    Maybe I am not making much sense but sometimes developers outside a big corporation do better than the actual people in charge of the project.

  3. Jahmel says:

    i believe they are letting you guys win the battle to avoid losing the PSV ISO/CSO war

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