Review of the MK802 (Android mini PC)


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73 Responses

  1. droyd666 says:

    The only reason I would buy this would be to download torrents. I don’t like leaving my laptop powered on day and night since I also use it for gaming. Overall, I do see a lot of potential in this product and I hope to see some newer versions with tegra GPUs and dual core processors(that are still somehow cheap)

    • wololo says:

      The Mali400 is better for Video than the Tegra2, and much cheaper. The Tegra processor are useful only if you plan to do some gaming with this device, but they would bring the price up by a significant amount :(
      Dual core processor, I agree. That’s what the UG802 is about, and I have good hopes for the MK802 III

      • Thomas says:

        I have multiple Tegra 2s multiple Tegra 3s Multiple Mali 400s and help dev roms for all 3 and I have to highly disagree with your saying the mali is better for Video than the Tegra 2, it’s not even close to the ability of the Tegra 2 to code decode or process any video atleast not when paired with an Allwinner A10, given Antutu isnt a perfect example but your talking the difference between 850 gpu points and 1900 gpu points. I may be missing what you’re saying so is there any way you could explain exactly how you came to that conclusion?

  2. James Way says:

    I have bluetooth dongle and a sony tablet S, Do you think both could be used any of them to control the device? IE remote desktop the mini pc using bluetooth.

    • wololo says:

      The device does not have blutooth support, but your tablet could be used with droidmote to control the device through Wifi

      • James Way says:

        Being that it uses a client and server setup I assume it is like remote desktop, if not RDP itself. I currenty use webkey for remote control of my android devices, some which I use as remote ip cams, and splashtop for RDP of my win7 pc. I see the server has to be paid for, for droidmate, if anyone has used both webkey and droidmote, are there any noticeable differences?

    • Thomas says:

      bluetooth is supported the was a small error that can be corrected easily, google bluetooth fix then goto the 1st listed Riko link, the fix is for cm9 but is basically the fix from stock image that wasnt yet corrected at cm9 release for allwinner

  3. Danniemon says:

    How does this handle Gta 3 or Dead Trigger?

  4. The Budds says:

    OMG! Trigun!

    Heh, on another note. This mini-computer is pretty cool, I’m gonna check up on this.

  5. MUD says:

    I’m getting a MK802+ for my emulators!
    thanks Wololo.

    Wheres a reliable place to buy one?

  6. xyz says:

    The huge problem with those devices (allwinner a10) is that they can’t output true 1080p from Android (they do output upscaled 720p). Another one is that there is no hardware video decoding support in “true” linux (which can output 1080p). So it’s pretty useless if you want to watch full HD movies.

  7. FeL says:

    Hi wololo this looks like a really nice device. I was looking for a mini PC to connect my security cameras (a camera system that has a web server), do you think it could handle it?

  8. Jvhellraiser says:

    I will ask simple thing about it cause iam intrested.
    I will use it for simple work,my very first question is
    Can u connect CMA or openCMA to it? For connecting
    The Psvita. If it does i would buy it and can this be connected
    To a normal Flat Pc monitor?

  9. rath_iruzer says:

    @wololo: can that device play 10 bit anime?

    • xyz says:

      No, there is no hardware decoding support for hi10p in a10 (it still can be played using software decoder, but it’s damn slow).

  10. jlo138 says:

    You could of got an Apple TV 3 for $99 U.S. Then get an HDMI cable off eBay (all day) for .99 cents U.S. Has one simple power cord and HDMI to the TV. I can mirror my iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4th, and the wife’s iPad 3 to it wirelessly. All my photos are automatically pushed to it through wifi, it has YouTube (although searching is tedious, and you can’t comment unless your mirroring), and even Hulu which I have yet to use. There is a remote app to use the phone as a remote too. Also has Netflix and the HD videos look great, if you use iTunes then all your music and movies are available as well. Gaming, not so much. You can mirror any game but most don’t change the output orientation (you’ll be looking sideways) unless its been optimized for Apple TV. I’ve seen people jailbreak them so they have more features. And another downside is you can’t download apps to it. You get what is preinstalled and that’s it.

    • w7y7a7t7t says:

      yeah, it works great! as long as you use it only with apple products and exactly how apple says to. but, he said he has to use a VPN for netflix, so the netflix for his apple tv would not work (as i understand it). hulu *should* be the same. he also said he doesn’t want to convert all his videos to the “perfect format”. oh, and this is just a guess, but i’m betting wololo doesn’t own a single apple product.

  11. svenn says:

    Rasberi pi only cost 25$ ofc so there is no comparison ;)

    I think its still early to hop on this train, but its definatly a interesting market. If we ever are gonne break the ipV6 numbers :D

    • Magimog says:

      I agree. Along with the bare bones setup and official development for the Pi, there is a 100% chance of getting an authentic product. Chinese clones of clones cannot be trusted.

      • wololo says:

        I’ve been told that it takes up to 4 months for a Pi order to ship, that’s a bit long?

        Svenn: Actually, if you take into account everything you need to get the device running, the MK802 is cheaper. As you can see, mine was 52$ + shipping, but it can now be found at 44$ + shipping (free in the US, on amazon).

        Discard the price of the HDMI cable (5$) as well as the A/C adapter (5$) – neither of those ship with the Pi . Finally, the Pi model B, which is closer in performance to the MK802, costs 35$. So, there you go. They are roughly the same price, except the MK802 is smaller, comes in a case, has more Ram, integrated 4GB of storage, and integrated Wifi. Add the required SD card for the Pi, it is more expensive…

        • svenn says:

          Well, there is no model A anymore, Pi always comes as B for 25 €. Shipping time for EU, is about a week. Obv the pi is more hacker-ware then this finished product. Pi uses a micro-usb, that is 1€ cable @ dxetreme or most geeks have them for mobile phone/other devises. HDMI is true, but the issue there is Pi supports HDMI -> VGI.

          Ofc, they don’t compare, however I think if you really want a media player, you should have spend a bit more and looked for 100$ + device (inc a controller). Pi is more hacking, and I guess this MK802 is a hybrid. A Chinese hybrid however.

          As I said, its an early market and I think this MK802 is a version “greater” then the Pi but I think the both tools still compare greatly, with the difference Pi has a great community of hackers behind it.

          Its a nice review, and money wise you are probably right. (I have a bunch of old hardware around so I do my calculations different ofc ;) )

  12. ricerrr says:

    can you use it to stream videos from your computer to it? like with a media server?

  13. w7y7a7t7t says:

    with ouya coming our march 2013 for only $99, paying $52 for this junk just seems wrong lol

  14. Norml says:

    Damn, kinda sounds close to my P4 Dell….the horror stories I have, everyday it’s getting worse. It’s starting to fail at doing the most basic features, like connecting to the internet.

  15. Carlos says:

    I have Cubox from and works perfect,
    I use for bittorrent,nzb downloads,dlna,oscam with 1,5TB hdd and debian for arm

    And works perfect

  16. cscash241 says:

    Can it run Backtrack 5? I could do some evil things with this device.

  17. Norml says:

    I see a baby toy infront of that t.v.!!!!

  18. NakedFaerie says:

    Nice review. I already have a NAS and the WDTV so watching movies is not a problem for me. :)

  19. I make this skin for windows 7 looks amazing and only need install my skin and install rainmeter

    i call JELLY IDEA

  20. James Way says:

    I’m employing a vaio dock with an SA and I use my tablet s and the splashtop app to remote desktop to the pc and control it all this way. The only problem is having to set it up everytime I want to watch some teamcoco or hulu. It takse about 5 minutes tops to turn on, sign on, establish connection with RDP, but if something cheap came along that could stay on at all times that would be awesome. Even more if it was bluetooth control. My vaio has my wifi tech so I can maintain more than one shared wireless connection but for some reason my tab does not find my laptop for RDP in this manner even if I do have it connected to my laptop’s signal. It has no issues via the home network, but being that it is the BEST rdp server/client I have ever used, runs HD like it’s nothing, it does use up considerable bandwidth so there is some lag with the bandwidth on the network. Bluetooth would resolve this for me as it has high speed connection when within a few feet/meters.

  21. Foleyfactor says:

    Nice review, I was only loooking atr these yesterday on eBay. My concerns though were that with all the clones around, there is no certainty that you will be buying what is advertised. I remember all those usb/sd/micro sd memory cards before coming from China/Hong Kong that were advertised as a bigger storage capacity then they actually were(even the computer thought they were the advertised storage until you formatted them with a certain program to reveal the REAL storage,which was usually 512mb or 1gb).
    I would like to get one of these though as I think they are a good price for what they actually do and as @Wololo said, low power consumption for using bittorrent clients and so on(my electricity bill is getting really expensive).
    I would definitely be looking at one of the dual core options though and hoping that it will actually have a dual core instead of just stating it on the box!!

  22. natsu says:

    same GPU as my phone – galaxy note, but since mine got dual core, i guess CPU is really a game changer.

    you can check gsmarena for my phone’s spec…

  23. GalaxyWing says:

    Can it play FIFA and/or those 3D Gameloft Android games?

  24. job says:

    Given the fact that the XIOS DS Media Play can run XBMC and has an AMlogic chip inside, I would prefer that one.

    AMlogic released the kernel source code, so the open source community can create their own native software for the chips (eg. XBMC).

    Allwinner and RockChip, the creators of the chips in the MK802 and UG802, didn’t release their source code. Making it impossible to have hardware accelerated video decoding in anything else than Android.

    When there is a Dual Core AMlogic mini pc available, I will be getting that one. And I have good hopes that it won’t take long :) (

    • wololo says:

      Based on the amazon reviews, the xios doesnt seem much better than the mk802, for almost 3 times the price… It was recommended to me, but I am not convinced. Xbmc is reported to be slow and buggy on that device too…

  25. Jvhellraiser says:

    Wololo!! I just found about Mk 208 III with android 4.1
    It is said this is the newest version of mini Pc for this year
    And has a dual-core 1.6 with 1gb of DDR 3 And thats pretty
    Amazing i must said if this one is not fast then i believe none
    Of them is,i want to buy this one but iam not sure if its a fake
    One or and original ,or someone made it up so can u check?

  26. tonyuk73 says:

    I think I’ve just found what I want for Christmas….nice read.thanks;)

    • wololo says:

      Where are your numbers coming from? Also the nexus has its own screen, which defeats the purpose. Either way it is 4 times the price.

      • Shinny says:

        “Recommended accessories for any Android USB stick:

        A Wireless keyboard/mouse system will make the device your perfect smart TV. I am very satisfied with Logitech’s K400 ($35).
        If you plan to connect many devices to your MK802, a USB hub ($8) will be needed
        Many people complained about a weak Wifi power, an Ethernet to USB adapter ($20) has helped me with performance and network
        If you want to use it as an FTP Server or a Bittorrent client, an external hard drive ($100 for 1TB, works fine but in my experience disconnects once in a while because of the lack of power provided by the MK802).
        For gamers, a compatible gamepad such as this one ($25)”

        These are my numbers.. Well you can HDMI adaptor or something like this on Nexus.. Whitout those accessories i dont even imagine how to use MK802.. Yes the MK802 is great, doesnt cost much and has almost everything you want.. but then again accessories are needed..

        • Shinny says:

          Well you can buy HDMI adaptor or something like this on Nexus.. *

        • wololo says:

          How do you plan to control your nexus from the couch if it is connected to your tv? You are talking of a completely different usage here.
          Also the usb hub, ethernet adapter, and external hard drive would be needed on a tablet as well. Dont play with numbers to make them say stupid stuff…

          • Shinny says:

            Well the cable could be long, while the external hard can be replaced with google drive.. the only thing you cant replace is the ethernet adapter.. And calm down, im not trying to say that the MK802 is a pointless waste of money.. In fact it a good idea, but needs an better android rom on it..

    • Thomas says:

      Why is amazon trying to get $30 over retail? lol trying to run people over to their crappy Kindle HD

  27. meanmachine781 says:

    aww man i didnt know this kind of thing existed, i bought a freaking roku to watch netflix, but it just does that nothing else, im going to check this out, thanks for the info! more post like this please :)

  28. Sweet a new excuse to use velcro. I will wait on that mk802 III coming.

    I love how they took it upon them self to rename the processor “Allwinner A10″ to confuse people when its really a A8, lol @ marketing.

  29. ramenking says:

    hey thanks for the info wololo waiting for u next post bro :P

  30. MUD says:

    Quick question,
    Will I be able to play computer games like Star Craft 1 or Diablo with programs like PowerISO to load Image/ISO files or with a USB external DVD Reader?

    If so what version do you recommend for that kinda stuff?

  31. gunblade says:

    sumhow i want like 10 android micro a small system… nice on there price even sd n hdd n cheap now days…

  32. MUD says:

    I just bought two MK802 III for my brother and I “Christmas”, will the Android version of Wagic work with them? (I love Wagic) and are there any homebrews for the MK802 II/III other than emulators.?

    Mega Thanks!

    • wololo says:

      Yes wagic will run but you might have to fight a bit in order to change the controls. For other games, the google store has lots of free games :)

  33. svenn says:

    Wololo said you could go for linux ;)

  1. December 26, 2012

    […] The first generation of MK802 was very good for the price, but it also had some drawbacks. “What would you expect for $40″ is what I’ve been told several times, but honestly for the price I was still quite impressed. The original MK802 was doing very well at playing HD video in various formats (I’ll talk later about my favorite apps on these devices), even highly demanding MKV videos, thanks to the Mali400 GPU integrated in its core. Sadly, the CPU itself is not really powerful (a single core Cortex A7 running at a bit less than 1GHz), and this made simple actions such as checking your email or browsing the web extremely slow and painful. Overall, the first generation of MK802 was very good if your only goal was to watch your local video files and Netflix, but not recommended for other things such as browsing the web, checking your email, or playing video games. You can read my full review of the first generation of MK802 here. […]

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