Say hello to the new PlayStation Store

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  1. SuperVisionaryHD says:

    Wow just like the Xbox Live Market sleek and shiny!

  2. SuperVisionaryHD says:

    Now just the games.

  3. Wrozen says:

    I Simply Love It.

  4. Arashi no yoru ni says:

    That’s it? lol

    I was hoping for good news like more games for the VITA.

  5. ZeRo says:

    1st: Sucks
    2nd: copy & paste
    3rd: no psn games for vita( ex: i am alive can works in PSVita)
    4th: sad 🙁

  6. darkshin0b1 says:

    Nice look.

  7. MarSprite says:

    But the important question is: can I search my immense ever growing library of purchased content and/or organize it?
    The whole one big list thing is freaking annoying.

  8. ZorakTorok says:

    Mabey when 3key comes out ill get to see it…

  9. Stiffeno says:

    Now all they need to do is make a new PSN interface for the PSVita :D!

    Oh yeah, and MORE new games for Vita please…like GTA, GT and a WWE game thanks Sony lol

  10. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    It looks like the Xbox 360 dashboard…A lot…

  11. gunblade says:

    well dis is nice i notice dat da sony store was having problems wit the catagory. wit da vita i was on da store n mini n ps one games was showing up in da psp catagory

    • grammer police says:

      its this, that , and the .not dis dat and da.
      it really grinds my gears when people misspell things on purpose, thinking its cool.

  12. Evilmax says:

    Looks great but if sony remove the download limits on ps vita 3g version it’ll be great for us to download applications. And i can’t update my games etc. using 3g connection. So what i am going to do now is to buy wifi modem that cos a 400 saudi rials or 106.4$. this 3g version is *bleep* sony is *bleep* also for making limted access. you know wololo the reason i buy 3g version is it can download application but in last its *bleep* coz i need to buy wifi modem just to download applications.

    • Jd8531 says:

      3G limit wont be removed, its the same rule on phones too. I cant download games or updates over like 250mb on my iPhone.
      As an alternative to save money if you have a phone just use that to create a wifi hotspot and then connect the vita, or go to a local cafe/store.

      • Evilmax says:

        Oh it does? Then why my sony experia phone can download over 100 mb? If on experia can donwload a tons of size then why vita can’t?. The sony experia phone have recomendation or askin “do want to use wifi” or “please use wifi to continue”something like that if select no mobile 3g download will resume and it says it will take time to finished the download something like that. Then why vita can’t? And on my place its not that easy to go on cafe just to Download some games i need. Allday long are my working time and for the taxxi to ride its very difficult to wait. Well anyways i do that i use my experia as a hotspot but as of now i have no phone coz i send my phone to my wife on philippines. well thanks for your info. this must be review by sony or extend the download limit to 50 mb what do you think ?

        • Jd8531 says:

          No problem, just helping. It may not be Sony but rather the Carrier, could be Sony. I hope they do remove the limit and at least come out with a 4G vita.

  13. PlayerGG says:

    Sony is on the Darkside now.

    Wololo, has the force in you.

  14. crow132 says:

    But the Vita Store will still looks so bad.. u.u

  15. Norml says:

    It’s sad how slow these big companies like $ony are at providing innovation to there products.

  16. Vitality77 says:

    Who cares how the store? It just needs to be functional. Don’t fix it if it aint broken. They should be working on some decent Vita games instead.

  17. ndh777 says:

    Ugh…Sony wasting more of our time when they could be updating the Vita to play more PS1 titles, more PSP titles, and perhaps even some PS2 games. Instead, they’d rather change up the look of the store. I’m sorry, but who cares, Sony? It’ll probably end up making gamers mad anyway. People don’t like change as we have seen with the many changes done to the Xbox interface.

    • Jd8531 says:

      I hope you do understand Sony has multiple departments, it’s not just one small group of people.

      • ndh777 says:

        Of course, but this is what they decide to spend their time and money on? Rather than devoting teams to actually doing something, Sony would rather continue having teams dedicated to “updating” interfaces. If all the new VHBL releases were just new interfaces, there wouldn’t be much to praise except how pretty it looks. Rather than focusing on something so mediocre as a store’s look (that hasn’t really been trash-talked by the community much), they should focus their time and efforts into other areas that improve the gaming and performance. I heard that Sony laid off a couple hundred or even thousand employees, yet they still insist on doing things like this?

        • Jd8531 says:

          This helps bring in more revenue by making it easier and cleaner for the average and even hardcore gamers. How do you even know they wasted their time on this? This could have taken a mere week to compile. I think you are being a little quick to jump the gun at them. This department may have yes, they also work on multiple projects at a time. VHBL doesn’t have anything new, its a re coded version so I dont get the point you are trying to make there. What would you like them to do? Games? Sony doesn’t make games besides a few, the rest are other companies jobs.

  18. thommo says:

    bet you will have to update ps3 and vita and psp to use it

  19. azrayl says:

    well you always had to update ur console in order to connect to the psn store.

  20. 9rockky says:


  21. wolo says:

    i can only access PSN on internet browser website(don’t have vita, don’t have ps3,no psp lol sad, can i buy any ps3 or ANY games to my computer? or sony did away with this to prevent piracy? thanks

  22. StepS says:

    Worms Revolution! :p

  23. jamesssss says:

    1) its a complete rip off of the Xbox store and Metro in general, are Sony going to start innovating soon instead of releasing *** updates and generally treating its consumers with hate and disdain

    2) will never see it as I am on CFW 🙂 love showtime but would go back to OFW if they EVER make it play all media and generally act more media centric.

  24. BigCockSurprise says:

    Nice new look! It was about time they changed the f**** search… every time you search a game, you get everything in the search except the game!!! anyway just 11 days to wait I can make it 😛 as for the vita store, it wasn’t that bad since you can only buy psv, psp and ps1 titles so it was less scrambled.

  25. XSpalter says:

    the new store looks verry good *_*

  26. Cloud says:

    ***? No Vita update. Well I guess that’s better for the people who don’t want to update and lose their CFE.

  27. tonyuk73 says:

    Shame $ony don’t invest more money on there stock web browser and maybe a buck on the vita browser too 🙂 looks good almost looks like multiman.

  28. NNNRT says:

    Why doesn’t Sony change the PSP PS store. It looks uglier than the old PS3 store. There are more PSP owners in the world than any other PlayStation device, so update! it’s been since august 2011!!!

  29. s7ypher says:

    yes yes yes. looks shiney and all…but does the damn thing work? i mean, did they get rid of that rediculous “invalid card” error they are so infamous for?

    until you fix all your *** sony, you have no business updateing a unstable/unusable service.

  30. lol says:

    Looks like ***

  31. Telgar says:

    I cant believe all the complaints that its just like the Xbox store. Who cares. Phones rip off the iphone design all the time and no one complains about that, and they shouldn’t because its a good design. Metro is a nice design and even though there are some instances where things are very messy and sloppily strewn all over the place, its visually appealing and its functional. I for one would LOVE this kind of layout on the OLED Vita screen with touch controls.

  32. lol says:

    How did my “looks like ***” comment get deleted when the other guys “***” comment didn’t ? I swear the devs on here are ***

  33. lol says:

    Oh nvm, the comment feature on here is all fcked up on the mobile format, recent comments don’t show up until after you post a new comment

  34. Minimur says:

    it looks like windows 8 menu

  35. Saba says:

    Man wish ps vita would get a psn store like that.AWESOME

  36. gunblade says:

    Sony store doing mantance

  37. Wrozen says:

    It is now October 30th. Where is this update?! Playstation store looks the same.

  38. aflickted says:

    This is cool and all but can someone please tell me how to find the bloody export key so I can download my rock band songs to my ps3?