Hey Wololo, when’s the next Ninja Release?


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195 Responses

  1. Darenvy says:

    You know, if people wern’t able to get any of the previous releases in time, I don’t know if they are ready for another release. If you are a active member you get quiet a fair amount of time to act in my opinion.

  2. toby says:

    i cannot wait for the next coming iso loader!!!! but i had a problem whit the monsterhunter my OPENCMA whas not installed so i upgrade my system to 1.81! but now i see on youtube how to instal opencma on the good way… dump from me but now i need to wait for another exploit! i hope it come soon !!! bye and keep up the good waork guys!!

    • alpmaster007 says:

      Did you get the Super Collapse 3 exploit when it came if so and you backed the game up on PC. Then buy a used PSVITA and hope it has a low firmware.
      Incidentally what Firmware a factory shipped Vita come with anyone Know?

      • Mr Jack says:

        If I recall they came at 1.60 but I may be wrong

      • jamesssss says:

        The problem with this is that you can’t “activate” your account on the Vita so wont be able to use your Open CMA saved content.

        I had to get mine replaced when I was on 1.80 and tried everything to stay on 1.80 but no matter what I did I had to end up activating to 1.81.

        Luckily Urbanix came out a few days later so I was happy, I also got Mad Blocker just in case something happened to Urbanix as a kind of backup.

  3. cucu says:

    I managed to get the last three. almost got the super collapse but i didnt work fast enough and i didnt let it happen the next three times around. If some people could not get it i feel the same way as last poster they may never get it

  4. alpmaster007 says:

    Thanks for making it possible for me to get any of the exploits. I am working on getting the PSX to work. i was wondering if had Mad Blocker Alpha in a bubble on my PS3 and i was forced to update my second Vita to 1.81 do you think that with my Vita and Ps3 connected to the internet that when i transfer the Game will it be patched. Even though i downloaded it before it was off the servers for U.S Thanks Wololo WTH Rocks. =]

  5. Motorstorm Arctic Edge says:

    Patiently waiting for TN port on Motorstorm Arctic Edge…

  6. Leires says:

    I’ve just been holding out for P4 the golden. I’m really really hoping -something- is discovered for it, but if not, it’s not such a huge deal. I’m more worried that P4 the golden won’t be as good as P4 ._. P3 PSP was okay, it added stuff, but it took away one of the bigger vital things, like being able to change your main weapon, and making the world 3D and not so much like a visual novel or something (not that those are bad or anything). Anyway, keep up the good work, wololo good sir. Even if some of the community is a bit stagnant, at least we can still depend on you, TN, Coldbird (sorry for what happened about that, sir ._.), liquid snake, neur0n, and everyone else who’s a part of the PSP scene, all the ones who work behind the scenes, away from our prying eyes and pointing fingers. You guys know who you are D;

  7. Jan says:

    Thank you Sir for the 6th release, my family enjoyed it

  8. PlayerGG says:

    Remember this? “Finding gamesaves exploits on the PSP”
    “@kirby1997 : it might work on HBL (I never tried), but I think a part of the process requires kernel access…”-wololo

    Okay it requires a kernel access which now PSV has it.
    So can we now exploit the PSV without the PSP?

    • Necrotek says:

      I guess there still is an issue with USB connection to provide link with PC. Anyway, I’m interested in details about it too.

    • psp411 says:

      I belive this is the real cuestion
      free vita to cfw from vita itself is the way to play ps3 titles, ps1, ps2 and psp games and that is the primal intemption for vita and ita has the power to do it
      the right cuestion = to the rigth answer

      tnx Wololo, tnx Total Noob, tnx all sceners and tnx Dark Alex
      wo dares wins

    • wololo says:

      Maybe, if somebody gets psplink to work

  9. Minimur says:

    im really enjoying crisis core, thanks total noob and everyone else:)

    • V says:

      Totally same here… I’m not too much in to the rest honestly(homebrew) although I really do worthship psp brains since DarkAlex.. So all I can do is a contribution for donation to buy them Coffey. Sorry coldbird I was outdated(stop playing since a thief stole all 3 of my psp and left me only my crisis core)and only recently did research about you after you left, so I didn’t donate to you yet.

  10. Mr Jack says:

    The Exploit works great. So far my only problem is when MGS Peace Walker freezes.
    Can TN-B play Pro Online servers? Just wonderng

  11. NoneBelieveMe says:

    >_> can’t find MBA on PSN JP, that’s why !

  12. psp411 says:

    I allmost forget to coment:
    yesterday I have some trouble transfering GoW Gost of sparta to my vita via ftp, the vita freezes, I have to go to recovery menu just to shoot it down, scare the heck out of me, and the eCFW from MU stop working, I belive this is it for me.
    but reinstall the exploit and all was fine again, then, I instaled from VHBL ad-hoc transfer, put the GoW in mi psp 2000 and transfeed to iso folder in Vita, It was perfect, I´m playing it right now and no more issues, I think psp ad-hoc transfer is more realiable for this cases than ftp transfer, I coment jus if someone having the same problem than I haved

    cheers and respect to all comunity

  13. luminoire says:

    i can’t find urbanix & mba on japan psn -__-

  14. Zimond says:

    Uhm, well.

    It is not that i am not grateful for your work, but : Why spending so much time on re-opening the PSP emulation in the vita for the same homebrew we know for years? This seems to be a lot of work battle against sony just for enabling stuff to the Vita that the PSP can do since many years.

    Again, i know it is a lot work and currently it is far more easy to find psp exploits then a Vita exploit but i simply do not see the point in re- and re- and re-enabling PSP homebrew on the Vita. For 50 Bucks you can have a psp and use all homebrew without any trouble and fear for loss.

    • jamesssss says:

      The screen alone makes a PSP game look so much better, I love playing my PSP games on the Vita’s screen as well as homebrew.

      Vita is a great piece of hardware it is just a shame Sony are doing everything in their power to destroy the platform before it can take off (lack of decent PSP games for example on PSN).

  15. sangtram says:

    I was not able to grab the MBA because of my bad luck but it was really fun to wait for the Ninja release and the disappointing feeling when you know the game but cant do anything about it other than checking PSN Store still its no longer there. X'(

  16. RodPin says:

    Even working offshore, without any access to Internet through my Vita, I was able to get the MHFU when I got home because I was warned by Ninja Releases and when I arrived, the game was still available at the PSStore.

  17. annoyimous says:

    Is there any option that can change CPU speed to default? The games like Tekken 6 can’t run normally.

  18. snaker says:

    I can say one thing for sure wololo.I am new at the site.I didnt even own a psvita 7 days ago.When i saw your post about urbanix i ordered a psvita the same day,but unfortunately it was too late as in 3 hours after your post the game was down from eu servers.
    When i read about the second chance i was like a soldier ready for battle.Bought the psvita,made a psn account,set up my mastercard,got familiar with the psvita menu and even thought i knew i were a new member(only one day) and that i would be one of the last persons to see the ninja release i staied awake.I was sleepy and i was working the next day but i HAD to stay awake.
    When you really want something you sacrifice things even if these things are small or big.
    When i saw the name of the game i grab it in seconds.Thanks for everything.

    • Ghack says:

      I had to ditch school to get the Monster Hunter exploit i just jump the fence and came home running i didnt want to miss it:)

  19. quetz says:

    agree at all. off course if you missed 3 releases, sure you’ll miss the 4th…
    and if you’re european, and didn’t know about free giving urbanix, means you don’t care at all about “legal” gaming scene either!

  20. Thanks Total_Noob! says:

    Instant game collection for vita is coming in November with ps+ I believe. It will be hard not to update. Since I don’t have another Vita. Plus my MBA expires in some months since I got it free with plus.

  21. rockyard says:

    Well, what you forget in this little article is that people actually BUY vitas after hearing this stuff – so did I. I’d love to use the Vita as a perfect, little emulation machine.

    I only bought the Vita after hearing after the Urbanix/Mad Blocker exploits were released, yet when the Vita arrived, the games already have been taken off the store.

    So yeah, I’d appreciate yet another release.

  22. jse says:

    will it ever be ported to the motorstorm exploit? or should I give up hope 😛

  23. heRooomanX says:

    hello wololo are a god I hope the next game to be a mini porq exploit ue others as monster hunter games are 30 dollars thanks hopefully take out another mini :)

  24. alex says:

    This may sound stupid. I respect the way wololo has been handeling the releases, but I think untill u can filter out the less trusted members, the ninja realeases should simultaneously happen just a few days before the official release. This way any leaks can be minimal.

  25. SmartFart says:

    Hey Wololo, when’s the next Ninja Release?

  26. mangosteam says:

    well i dint get the ninja release because of credit problems from asia and i only receive the ninja release on the same day they anounce it on public.. so before i can buy a psn card damn the game was already been patch too bad

  27. Jareid says:

    I bought my PSVita last monday, i was able to get Urbanix or Mad Alpha but i didnt know how it works and i heard about versions, wololo, etc, like wednesday, and its too late.

    “no extra Ninja release planned by me so far for 1.81″

    i’m sooo sad, i missed my only chance because i didnt buy my PSVita one week before

    Please can you do a last Ninja release for those like me who didnt get the knowledge in time. Pleeease i will check every days!

  28. Alucard says:

    Actually , I don’t think the story of the release should putting in one story. I just brought my play station vita and playing diva project f for a month. Then, I started to noticed the usb was full of limitation. finally,when I started to get the information, Urbanix was missed.
    Also,when we hear coldbird news. Lot’s of people was tried to follow the law for the ninja release. But, It was a game only in EU/US. I don’t think everybody would have their visa and change their playstation account(Paid DLC for something else).

    Nothing would gained form past. I only want to heard was good news on exploit…

  29. Rorreresak says:

    First sorry my english! because I am Brazilian. HaHaHaHa
    I’ve been watching you for a long time and everyone involved in these exploits, are to be congratulated that it is teamwork, so I have a more telling observation, can be even more precipitate being we are focusing on the work of a feat for psp PSVita and we behind a run for PSVita games for the vita, since ja thank you for all that you are doing this and apredendo and a family. kkkkk

  30. Ivo says:

    Hi wololo, u know patapon ninja? Should still work or reckon it never had a signed liscence release? Never found one game with an exploit unless i allready had it … Maybe u should host a poll on witch games u allready bought mechwarrior.

  31. ddich says:

    artic edge version is planned? with what fw?

  32. enavered says:

    in my case I could not get the alpha blocker getting mad xploit that fails to do the bank transaction to buy ask you to understand why users of underdeveloped countries that do not have the same facilities as you

  33. KingOfPower says:

    Please hurry up and either find another game exlpoit or Monster hunter for 1.81 !!!! please

  34. ienmity says:

    People shouldn’t be complaining about not getting the release. The vita is still very new, and lets face it, we all probably have a hacked psp. My point is, if you didn’t get the release then just play on your psp. It’s not like it was a vita hack. I’ll keep rocking my psp in the meantime until there is a cfw hack for the vita, just because I’m cheap and don’t want to keep buying games for the vita that I won’t play. I love read the site daily though, just because I love the scene.

    • WhyKlef says:

      Exactly my thought, people want the lady in bed without getting acquainted first! If you really are interested, put the blog in your favorites and visit it at least daily.

      Get to know your way better around the scene and next time, you might be lucky enough to get a date! 😉

  35. WhyKlef says:

    Maybe I’m not one to speak as I managed to grab Super Collapse 3, MHFU and Mad Blocker Alpha (can’t believe I missed Urbanix!!)

    But the way I see it, Sony will reply ASAP as this is a more serious release, they could either release a new fw now but they could wait for one if not the biggest IP on Vita so far Playstation All-Stars. I’d personally hope for the titles to be released then rather then now but oh well… As I said, I’m not one to speak! 😀

  36. gomados says:

    Tnx for all your work, and of course for the fantastic idea of ninja releases i catch the everybodys tennis but was usermode but i had luck and downloaded mad blocker and of course i’m happier with kernel mode. tnx all, now i think can store psp.

  37. psvrox says:

    thx wololo!
    i was new registered short before the release and got plenty of time to decide, put money on my acc and finally buy mba!!

    i checked very often the forum and was really happy to see it hours ago – and yes at this time it allready was leaked by sam and that utube guy (but waited for the ninja box to be sure!)

    i hope that if u adopt the system, someone like me gets also a chance – cauz there r people out there like me.

    i was very active on other sites/boards but went away from psp. but came back with vita – so
    i am not a total noob 😉 and flashed a lot of cfw and psp’s before 😉

  38. Вован says:

    please I really want to play a normal game, not demo))
    Please Throw a suite of games on, I swear I will not tell anyone please please please

  39. Вован says:

    this is my mail

  40. Вован says:

    i wait

  41. reno says:

    Great work, everyone! ^^

  42. Rac says:

    HI everybody

    sorry to disturb you i have a little question does the ecfw work the same as a cfw for psp i mean can i be able to play my psx eboot?

    on it i read and i know that the sound is missing

    how are you doing? wololo

    take care guys

  43. keyz16b says:

    @ Wololo: First off, I appreciate the work you and others are doing to “exploit” the PSV. I view the exploits more like enhancing the functions of the PSV! PSV is used to play PSV games and I own 10 PSV games.. this device truly is a hardware marvel!! Thanks for enhancing its capabilities in each exploit. There some entertaining homebrew games that I enjoy playing (billiards & simon)!!

    Secondly, I suggest for the next exploit game you schedule a specific date and time to release the information that most of the world can meet. Today’s social media makes this very possible (FB, T, RSS, webpage, etc.) And if the game gets leaked out before the designated time, you should just release the information sooner!

    Let me know what you think.
    Thanks again for the awesome work and dedication to the scene :-)

    • Andrew Wright says:

      the problem about setting a date is that Sony will learn of this and then have the game removed 10 mins after its released which might not even be enough time to fully download it and then nobody would get it. I like the ninja method. I’ve received the ninja in plenty time to get each game so I’ve been quite lucky and I do see the problems with people leaking it but its still a better method than a set time and date in my opinion

      • keyz16b says:

        Ok, true. And I see your point…

        But setting a date is exactly what happened in the MBA release info. That tues I stayed up till about 2a local time (EST) hoping to discover which game to download. Lucky for me I slept light and had my phone alert me of any tweets from woholo. At 7a that tweet but it said the game was taken down in EU PSN Store. I got on US PSN Store anyways and still was able to get it.

        If we can pinpoint the exact location of each major PSN server for each region then maybe we can come up with a time when no sony employee is around to take the game offline. It should at least buy us more than 10 minutes. For instance, I believe the US PSN server is in California simply because the MBA game was taken off the PSN store around 1p EST, which would have been 10a PST.

        eh, that’s simply my suggestions. Maybe try this method on the next exploit ONLY IF there’s a backup game (like Urbanix & MBA). But I also do see your point for a ninja release. I’m just trying to help out with the scene, LoL.

  44. Andrew Wright says:

    you said total noobs kernel exploit.. isn’t this coldbirds kernel exploit that total noob released his eCFW on?

    • keyz16b says:

      Seeing how coldbird walked away from the scene, I don’t think he’d mind – especially if Sony were to take any legal action! Although we should also give credit where it’s due!!

  45. owanef says:

    I ain’t gonna miss the next release, im gonna have $5 in my account just waiting to buy the next game. If u dont believe me just take a look for yourself. my psn email is THEMENICE3@GMAIL.COM AND MY PASSWORD IS THEMENICE40. check the credit card info if u want, DONt buy anything.

  46. sam says:

    i accidently erased mad blocker from vita its still on ps3 when i try to copy files over with cma it shows the ps3 as no files but i still have the game bubble there what is going on is my game blacklisted from transfering again its a bunch of bull i paid for it that game is mine i will back it up next time i had to restore vita cause i messed up with ftpvita can u help me wololo?

  47. reaper1105 says:

    thanks again to everyone who has been working on these ninja releases i was lucky enough to get the mad blocker and im happy for now.

  48. damian says:

    super collapse 3 vhbl will it work on firmware 1.81

  49. caiosc says:

    Hello to All!

    First of all, thanks very much for the job done until now. Expanding PSV usability will make the console more and more attractive.

    I just bought my PSV and, unfortunately, I couldn’t grab neither of the exploits on time.

    I’m checking the site constantly, hoping a new ninja release will rise.

    Until then, i’m enjoying the scene and the community here!

    • KuroRyuu913 says:

      Welcome, i hope you enjoy ur new PSV. what kind of games do you play? If fighting, i recommend Blazblue. I would say UMVC3, but people rage quit so u dont get ur score up. Also waiting on SFXT on the vita. not bad, i guess. also Ragnarok Odyssey. SO GOOD! comes out at the end of the month in the USA.

  50. damian says:

    super collapse 3 is back on psn will it still work?

  51. m0rb1t says:

    I’m probably one of the minorities Wololo is talking about…
    I got 2 PSV’s one to keep virgin, one to remain updated with everything thats going on..
    i ‘m checking the updates of the PSV scene since it was released…
    I was unlucky with all of the ninja releases because i didn’t know how they would work…
    for the last one i even bought PSN credits to get it… With the urbanix exploit,
    for witch i had the chance to get for free, i was in an other city on a job without my PSV… I got the codes from FB and tried to call my housemates to ask if they would DL it for me…
    none of them was reachable…

    with the last one i woke up, checked this site first thing,
    but it was already removed….

    So yeah some people might never get it…
    I think i’ve been unlucky…
    I understand all of the things that are going on right now…
    So i’ll just have to wait and stay alert before i can get in to the juicy homebrew fun….



  52. Resinmg says:

    Thank u guys so much for this and for all the other people that are leaking info and flaming that they didnt get it in time need to think these guys do have regular lives and just be happy that they are nice enough to share there hard work with u. They could have just kept it for themselves and not have to put up with all this. Just the fact that he made this post for everyone shows the dedication they have to the scene and if everyone gave as much as these guys have the scene would be alot better

  53. trap says:

    they may not have another release but ill still check this website daily because i missed my chance.

    bought mhfu on 1.81 and evendently u can’t put vhbl on it, bummer wasted $20. unless some miracle happens and we can downgrade. until then if anyone knows a method please tell me

    • luminoire says:

      if we can downgrade then we already has PSVita CFW by now, or at least downgrade to OFW where they still use PSP keys to encrypt the data, then we can make homebrew signed using PSP keys ~just my tought~

    • taj1994 says:

      How was it a waste? You still got a great game

  54. Goku22 says:

    I hope to see a new ninja release I made the mistake to keep the game on my ps3 hardrive and now I can’t transfer the game

  55. Xtremzero says:

    Hi, ahm I dont write english well but i do my best.

    I dont have a PSV, yet! and i see every day this website reading all about the scene, i’m so exited to see all you can maked, and i wait the day to have my PSV ready to launch games on CEF..

    so, thank you so much for that work and many hours used in this projects.

    Regards from Guatemala.

  56. CyberMarco says:

    Hey guys, I managed to grab a copy of Urbanix (EU) before it was taken down, sitting in the bubble in my PS3. I’m planning to get a PS Vita somewhere near Xmas. Will it be compatible with the future versions of VHBL/CEF?


    • Nope, the vita will most likely not read it on your ps3. I have the mad blocker exploit. I downloaded it to my ps3, but the vita wont find it on the system. so your basically out of luck.

  57. Kokumotsu says:

    hopefully people will not see the difficulties of this, as its not your option to give a release on said date as your not the one making all these exploits,
    though im glad i picked up Twitter haha
    everything i need to know gets posted well on hand,

  58. Rob S. says:

    I have MBA but my Plus expired (rendering MBA unusable)so I’m outta luck 4 now

  59. icyheart says:

    You are astroger man It is very very good Idea to do
    I am waiting Good Luck

  60. Zychion says:

    I know that you guys continue to say that if you missed three exploits so far, then what makes you think that you could catch a forth.
    Well I’m sure my situation may only be small but I can’t believe I’m the only one. I’ve only owned my PV for about a month now and I have it set to HongKong because I bought it in HongKong. So when the MH exploit was released I wasn’t even really looking in to hacking. When the Urbanix hack came out I was at work. I checked Wololo before I left for work and by the time I got home it was all over. And now with MadBlocker, it isn’t even available in the HongKong store.
    I understand that you wrote that one could just make a new account, but then I couldn’t access all the games I actually own on PSN and it is those games that I own a PV. I just wish I could play my UMD’s on it.

  61. deckardbr says:

    Thanks for everything you do wololo. You and the developers have helped make the Vita a much better console with vhbl and ecfw. You also post regularly which is great and make sure when an exploit release is coming that we have as much warning as possible. Not alot of websites would do so much.

  62. Goku22 says:

    I will donate if I see another ninja release

  63. heRooomanX says:

    Wololo hey ​​look what i found it true?

    [Scam link removed by Wololo, don’t test my patience]

  64. MoCoLoCo says:

    Just curious if anyone knows. I got MBA on my PS3 but I cannot transfer it to the Vita. Anyone know why? Did $ony block this specific game from being transferred? And finally is there a way around this?


    • Josh says:

      I’m in the same boat as you. It is no longer on the store, so that is why it won’t transfer. I think we are sc***.

      • PlayerGG says:

        try to disconnect the internet before transferring.

        • Josh says:

          I tried that on Tuesday. To transfer to the Vita, the PS3 needs to be signed into the PSN. Once it does this, it probably checks to make sure the game is “compatible” with the Vita.

          My only hope is that when they add the game back to the store, it will let me transfer it to the Vita.

  65. ZorakTorok says:

    Ive been a leech, id like to give back a little, so luck or no luck Il’ll start doing the research tomorrow on xploit searching. Im not a dev and i havnt read up on it yet but i remember the “battle scars” post for the psp. Since i have no intentions of updating my vita im assuming that anything i find that is not on that list AND works on my 8.1 will work on future updates. <— Though it is a statement its an assumed question.

  66. jse says:

    is anyone working on porting it to the motorstorm exploit?

  67. heRooomanX says:

    a question with this hack you can still play online on the PSVita?

  68. gr8n00d1e says:

    It’s too sad that I didn’t catch any exploit on time. But anyway thanks for everybody who works for exploit.

  69. vhblfans says:

    Thank you Wololo!

  70. ZorakTorok says:

    Okay, read up a little, seems confusing at the moment but i think i can wrap my little head around the most part of it. I know i ask questions first THEN research (i really need to stop that), but is there a list somewhere with a list of throughly tested games so that i can waste as little time overlooking what has already been searched through ?

  71. bibo650 says:

    4th Times the Charm!!!!!!

  72. alert('test'); says:


  73. someone says:

    Hello wololo
    Your blog and forum make me interest in PSV hack.
    My work is encryption and decryption of data, DES AES ECC or other. I will PM you if I success.
    Google is your friend and teacher, Great!

  74. alex says:

    thank you very much for all the work and I’m others who are waiting for the next exploit. Hopefully will be soon

  75. Hypnotoad says:

    Thank you wololo for this great scene. From hacking my psp with the pandora battery to the MHFU exploit on VITA, i can say this is my favorite place for recent news.

  76. UKDNA says:

    Hey Wololo – remember how the MHFU ninja release worked so great? Can you start by considering those involved in that successful release for inclusion in the future ones? I did benefit from that release, but as I tweeted a couple days ago, would really LOVE a mini exploit so I can save the 700mb used by MHFU… missed out on Urbanix and MBA. Thanks for everything. I’m not much of a programmer, but if you need any grunt work done, let me know.

  77. EmoteNooBskills says:

    uh eeh uh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang.

    • ZorakTorok says:

      Ewe E ewe ah ah ching chang walla walla bing bang ewe E ewe ah ah … Sorry :-> sounds are at personal discretion… Im bored.

  78. beggache says:

    hello.I need save game urbanix load on pc.because compatible ps vita (exemple file:psvimg)

  79. beggache says:

    hello.I need save game urbanix load on pc compatible ps vita (exemple file: psvimg
    ).thank you

  80. beggache says:

    thank you conctact by my email thank you

  81. Krasy says:

    im also one of those guys that did nt caught the games on time. but i keep coming to the scene and hoping for an exploit that doesnt require a game “like a new firm” i got my ps3 cracked for since i can remenber and i wana do the same for psv. keep up with the good work!

  82. z-upper says:


    so because i had no access to my vita I downloaded MBA with Madia Go, but there is no chance to get it right on my vita or? Have been working on this two days now (Tried exchanging URLs with SKFU Proxy and tried to transfer it to PSP then to PS3 and then to PS Vita, but Media Go extracts the pkg to a eboot for the PSP, and there is the Stop in this chain) So if there are any suggestions or solutions please pass them :). Else i have to wait for Yifanlu presenting a supernice kexploit in “jailbreakme.com” style :), while playing Mad Blocker on my PSP :) cheers, themostunluckyguy

  83. sangtram says:

    I spent whole day reading the usermode exploit but I have no idea where to start. 😐
    Never learn IT in my life so I hope there will be a 4th release before Sony releases 1.82.
    Can TN please release another exploit?

  84. BigCockSurprise says:

    I followed this site since I bought my vita. it was right after super collapse was removed from the store. I decided to play motorstorm rc and mhfu while waiting for the next exploit. lucky me, I was out of town for the release and as a big surprise the exploited game was mhfu, since then i’m enjoying my vita so much now that i can play my iso games. 😛

  85. V says:

    Wololo, I wanted to ask this question awhile ago although i think i know what’s the answer already.

    With the PSM Dev, i remember you’ve posted someone trying to create their own game. With buffer issue of buffer overflow, can someone “purposely” create a game with an “acception” of exploit to allow buffer overflow exploid?

  86. Diceaurora says:

    I wish there were a permanent hen

  87. beggache says:

    hello to have search a bit for a long time I know next games ouon will be able to throw homebrews and isos.he will be devoiler next Tuesday. ‘ espere that c ‘est the check I says nothing they will see bien.I am going to take it on PSN.

  88. beggache says:

    may be JEWEL KEEPERS:easter island psp mini.I tested save NPEZ00185 with fake iso and h bin.OK homebrew and ISO

  89. beggache says:

    the game is JEWEL KEEPERS:Easter Island.I ve tested Iso and homebrews OK.The file is NPEZ00185 (fake iso,h bin ect..for tuesday normally.

  90. Eazon says:

    My Vita is still at 1.61 do you guys think I should update it to 1.81?

  91. zoraktorok says:

    drunk———- what you want? I started viewing some games…… more time consuming than you think. Asking for stuff gets u nowhere and makes you look 15 in the process, if you are 15, sorry, but quit being your age. rise to the occasion and be beyond your normal remifications……. love you all, but quit fing begging, please…… I stand for me and no one else so there it is…. follow this blog and take what you will…. goodnight.

  92. Darton Staker says:

    All I hear is release this release that, be patient, I’m sure most devs are well aware I the options and limitations. Asking for something can only suggest that we ourselves are unable to fulfil the task of finding and creating exploits, let the devs and those involved work on in peace, suggestions can be vital but harping on wont get it out any sooner. Just wait like the rest of us.

  93. BharathKKB says:

    First of all Awesum work by WOlolo.
    I am one of those unlucky guys who got into the scene late and couldnt get my hands on Mad Blocker or Urbanix.
    Waiting for another one!!!!!
    Keep up the good job.

  94. XStationBR says:

    Any chance to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on 1.81 and RUN any VHBL or eCFW?
    I Buy this game but i can’t find noone working.
    If anybody here can help i thanks lot.

    • Charls says:

      i have the same problem i bought MHFU yesterday and i try the normal vhbl and the mod from Hirios and nothing (doesnt work), i think we need be waiting for a new ninja realases, or may be not, who knows, anyway i pay for MHFU im going to play this for a while and wait for the Need for speed most wanted, and the battle royale and maybe i got plus membership for PS, its comming in november for vita, hope Sony give us a lot of minis and normal games for free.

      • XStationBR says:

        yeah! i think, if Need For SPeed Most Wanted 2 is not everything criterion says.

        I think the PS Vita will be lost with good games.
        not see hardly any decent game to this platform, when iPhone e Android platform has good games and stunning graphics like N.O.V.A 3 and Modern Combat 3, or Real Racing 3.

        I like would live the day when an Jelly Bean was ported to PS VITA as Other OS is to PS3. and i will say goodbye to PS Vita GAMES or maybe no more worry about CFW. Because Android Games or GAMELOFT GAMES is much cheaper which PS STORE.

        When we pay $39,00 in Fifa 13 in PS STORE on the GOOGLE PLAY we just play only $6,00 or $10,00 bucks.

        Well well live and let die.

    • wololo says:

      No. Mh exploit is for 1.80

      • XStationBR says:

        Oh! Thank you So Much Wololo.
        But any fix to MHFU to play on 1.81 by the way?

        I think the next release will be to another game and i need to learn like MHFU again as the first time when i had played on PSP hahaha.

  95. ReadyForAnotherExploit says:

    HURRY UP WITH ANOTHER EXPLOIT ALREADY, I want to play kingdom hearts BBS on vita!!!

  96. I was born says:

    I hope the exploit is on MHFU 1.81 or another mini, doesnt matter with me as long as theres a exploit pronto

  97. icyheart says:

    oh my God Iam realy waiting

  98. I am born says:

    Please come out with an exploit tommorrow or sometime this week please!!!, i want to play hombrew so bad!

  99. swit says:

    I suspect most people who missed the previous releases are new Vita owners. My Vita arrived on Wednesday (I expected it on Monday…), and it was already too late to download exploited games from PSN. I wasn’t even planning to get the Vita as of yet, due to it’s questionable future and lack of third party support, but the whole PSP homebrew possibilities convinced me that it is indeed worth it. I will patiently wait for next ninja release. I registered just recently so there is a chance that I will be last in line to see it, but oh well… I’m afraid that if 1.82 firmware will block kernel exploit one of the major benefits of PSP homebrew will be blocked: plugins.

  100. Daniel R says:

    I am really thankful that I did get this release and so did 3 of my 4 friends that own the Vita. I made a commitment to check every half hour or so during the day so that I could see any changes or news about the release.
    Thank you again for this great place and I hope I am moved to the trusted list :)
    For those of you who missed it I would consider using my 3G everywhere at all times and perhaps quitting your job so that you can come here more often hahana

  101. Hell666 says:

    Instead looking for exploit why dont we play those in pc?,i was looking for that because i didnt have any game on the card but now i have 5 games on it,Mk9,Ultimate marvel 3,Little big planet,megaman maverick hunter x,parasite eve and a mobile puzzle.I understand if you said that you dont have any game.

    • Hell666 says:

      I was looking for that only to play ds games but i guess it will be imposible,i want to test castlevania touch before you can say the same as i did about playing those in pc XD.

  102. Cloud says:

    Well, I was waiting for a backport on SC3, but I wanna update so I can try out the PS All stars public beta. I wasted $10… damn.

  103. wizwizard says:

    Hope they release the an exploit on Nov.1 So I can get my hands on the new white PS vita come out on 10/30/12. (My First vita by the way)

  104. deathscythe says:

    this is fcking ridiculous they said before tuesday thats long gone now… whats up wololo i just got my stupid vita how about ill pay you $50 bucks for the stupid name of the game or even $100 now if you are interested email is

  105. Patrick says:

    Going to update my vita , hombrew isnt worth it , its only runnin on a psp emulatpr just get a fckin psp and stop complaining . Most of you are pirates anyway. Im glad i updated to play ps all star beta n the upcoming psv games

  106. mimar says:

    Patrick on October 17, 2012 at 2:23 am
    keep your reflexions for you.if you are not happy not needs of poster

  107. mimar says:

    Patrick on October 17, 2012 at 2:23 am
    if is to make reflexions or you are not happy post nothing.

  108. hao11000 says:

    oh,it’s a good news! Please tell us the new exploit release

  109. nunbgu says:

    Please if you find a new exploit for the ps vita 1.81 please email me right away please i believe in you.

  110. nunbgu says:

    Please if you find a new exploit for the ps vita 1.81 please email me right away please i believe in you. My email is nunbgu@yahoo.com

  111. emmanuel says:

    will urbanix work on the ps vita if you buy it from the gamestop website? please comment back i am willing to pay $5 for it

  112. SupahLeecha says:

    My vita is 10 months old already. I always missed all the exploit due to busy work. Although I reserved something in my psn wallet, I wasn’t able to have a single chance. Pretty bad for me. I dreamed of playing cso and iso in my vita before the day it was released in my region.
    So people who had their chance were so lucky. And so for me, I’ll just wait for the right time. I have a lot of patience anyway.

  113. Drum_modek says:

    Ohhhh yeeeahhh!!!!! Thank’s, i’m waiting for you.
    Listen to me everybody: This man not is a man… He is one machine!!!!
    Jeje, i’m spanish and don’t talk … And don’t undestand nothing to english.
    Escuse me and thank you.

  114. Ivo says:

    What about a patcher for game backups that could enable the exploits for later firmwares? aka 1.81 and beyond. As i understand liscences can be generated or packages created from eboots… Only no way to get the games if u dont rave like craven.

  115. HIMFan says:

    Theres no point now if all you care about are mods on your Vita. The next LOGICAL release for a VHBL or TN eCFW would be after the next firmware update. Update then.

    If you want to play online and download things, then yeah, sure, 10-4 good buddy. All systems go.


  116. V says:

    Although i can’t help to think that if you want to “purposely” create a game with an “exception” you might as well create the CFW itself. And I think Sony would have block some access directly to it’s kernel.

  117. UKDNA says:

    It’s the grass-is-always-greener effect – I was dying to play CSOs on the Vita – now that I have them, well… they aren’t as great as I remember… but boy did I feel left out, like I was missing something, before I got MHFU

  118. wololo says:

    I’d take into account the PS3 in the picture though. If the Vita is as strong as the PS3, Total_Noob’s eCFW might be as close as we’ll ever get from a mainstream hack. See how long it took to have the CEX to DEX method…

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