Hey Wololo, when’s the next Ninja Release?


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195 Responses

  1. beggache says:

    hello.I need save game urbanix load on pc compatible ps vita (exemple file: psvimg
    ).thank you

  2. beggache says:

    thank you conctact by my email thank you

  3. Krasy says:

    im also one of those guys that did nt caught the games on time. but i keep coming to the scene and hoping for an exploit that doesnt require a game “like a new firm” i got my ps3 cracked for since i can remenber and i wana do the same for psv. keep up with the good work!

  4. z-upper says:


    so because i had no access to my vita I downloaded MBA with Madia Go, but there is no chance to get it right on my vita or? Have been working on this two days now (Tried exchanging URLs with SKFU Proxy and tried to transfer it to PSP then to PS3 and then to PS Vita, but Media Go extracts the pkg to a eboot for the PSP, and there is the Stop in this chain) So if there are any suggestions or solutions please pass them :). Else i have to wait for Yifanlu presenting a supernice kexploit in “jailbreakme.com” style :), while playing Mad Blocker on my PSP :) cheers, themostunluckyguy

  5. sangtram says:

    I spent whole day reading the usermode exploit but I have no idea where to start. 😐
    Never learn IT in my life so I hope there will be a 4th release before Sony releases 1.82.
    Can TN please release another exploit?

  6. BigCockSurprise says:

    I followed this site since I bought my vita. it was right after super collapse was removed from the store. I decided to play motorstorm rc and mhfu while waiting for the next exploit. lucky me, I was out of town for the release and as a big surprise the exploited game was mhfu, since then i’m enjoying my vita so much now that i can play my iso games. 😛

  7. V says:

    Wololo, I wanted to ask this question awhile ago although i think i know what’s the answer already.

    With the PSM Dev, i remember you’ve posted someone trying to create their own game. With buffer issue of buffer overflow, can someone “purposely” create a game with an “acception” of exploit to allow buffer overflow exploid?

  8. Diceaurora says:

    I wish there were a permanent hen

  9. beggache says:

    hello to have search a bit for a long time I know next games ouon will be able to throw homebrews and isos.he will be devoiler next Tuesday. ‘ espere that c ‘est the check I says nothing they will see bien.I am going to take it on PSN.

  10. beggache says:

    may be JEWEL KEEPERS:easter island psp mini.I tested save NPEZ00185 with fake iso and h bin.OK homebrew and ISO

  11. beggache says:

    the game is JEWEL KEEPERS:Easter Island.I ve tested Iso and homebrews OK.The file is NPEZ00185 (fake iso,h bin ect..for tuesday normally.

  12. Eazon says:

    My Vita is still at 1.61 do you guys think I should update it to 1.81?

  13. zoraktorok says:

    drunk———- what you want? I started viewing some games…… more time consuming than you think. Asking for stuff gets u nowhere and makes you look 15 in the process, if you are 15, sorry, but quit being your age. rise to the occasion and be beyond your normal remifications……. love you all, but quit fing begging, please…… I stand for me and no one else so there it is…. follow this blog and take what you will…. goodnight.

  14. Darton Staker says:

    All I hear is release this release that, be patient, I’m sure most devs are well aware I the options and limitations. Asking for something can only suggest that we ourselves are unable to fulfil the task of finding and creating exploits, let the devs and those involved work on in peace, suggestions can be vital but harping on wont get it out any sooner. Just wait like the rest of us.

  15. BharathKKB says:

    First of all Awesum work by WOlolo.
    I am one of those unlucky guys who got into the scene late and couldnt get my hands on Mad Blocker or Urbanix.
    Waiting for another one!!!!!
    Keep up the good job.

  16. XStationBR says:

    Any chance to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on 1.81 and RUN any VHBL or eCFW?
    I Buy this game but i can’t find noone working.
    If anybody here can help i thanks lot.

    • Charls says:

      i have the same problem i bought MHFU yesterday and i try the normal vhbl and the mod from Hirios and nothing (doesnt work), i think we need be waiting for a new ninja realases, or may be not, who knows, anyway i pay for MHFU im going to play this for a while and wait for the Need for speed most wanted, and the battle royale and maybe i got plus membership for PS, its comming in november for vita, hope Sony give us a lot of minis and normal games for free.

      • XStationBR says:

        yeah! i think, if Need For SPeed Most Wanted 2 is not everything criterion says.

        I think the PS Vita will be lost with good games.
        not see hardly any decent game to this platform, when iPhone e Android platform has good games and stunning graphics like N.O.V.A 3 and Modern Combat 3, or Real Racing 3.

        I like would live the day when an Jelly Bean was ported to PS VITA as Other OS is to PS3. and i will say goodbye to PS Vita GAMES or maybe no more worry about CFW. Because Android Games or GAMELOFT GAMES is much cheaper which PS STORE.

        When we pay $39,00 in Fifa 13 in PS STORE on the GOOGLE PLAY we just play only $6,00 or $10,00 bucks.

        Well well live and let die.

    • wololo says:

      No. Mh exploit is for 1.80

      • XStationBR says:

        Oh! Thank you So Much Wololo.
        But any fix to MHFU to play on 1.81 by the way?

        I think the next release will be to another game and i need to learn like MHFU again as the first time when i had played on PSP hahaha.

  17. ReadyForAnotherExploit says:

    HURRY UP WITH ANOTHER EXPLOIT ALREADY, I want to play kingdom hearts BBS on vita!!!

  18. I was born says:

    I hope the exploit is on MHFU 1.81 or another mini, doesnt matter with me as long as theres a exploit pronto

  19. icyheart says:

    oh my God Iam realy waiting

  20. I am born says:

    Please come out with an exploit tommorrow or sometime this week please!!!, i want to play hombrew so bad!

  21. swit says:

    I suspect most people who missed the previous releases are new Vita owners. My Vita arrived on Wednesday (I expected it on Monday…), and it was already too late to download exploited games from PSN. I wasn’t even planning to get the Vita as of yet, due to it’s questionable future and lack of third party support, but the whole PSP homebrew possibilities convinced me that it is indeed worth it. I will patiently wait for next ninja release. I registered just recently so there is a chance that I will be last in line to see it, but oh well… I’m afraid that if 1.82 firmware will block kernel exploit one of the major benefits of PSP homebrew will be blocked: plugins.

  22. Daniel R says:

    I am really thankful that I did get this release and so did 3 of my 4 friends that own the Vita. I made a commitment to check every half hour or so during the day so that I could see any changes or news about the release.
    Thank you again for this great place and I hope I am moved to the trusted list :)
    For those of you who missed it I would consider using my 3G everywhere at all times and perhaps quitting your job so that you can come here more often hahana

  23. Hell666 says:

    Instead looking for exploit why dont we play those in pc?,i was looking for that because i didnt have any game on the card but now i have 5 games on it,Mk9,Ultimate marvel 3,Little big planet,megaman maverick hunter x,parasite eve and a mobile puzzle.I understand if you said that you dont have any game.

    • Hell666 says:

      I was looking for that only to play ds games but i guess it will be imposible,i want to test castlevania touch before you can say the same as i did about playing those in pc XD.

  24. Cloud says:

    Well, I was waiting for a backport on SC3, but I wanna update so I can try out the PS All stars public beta. I wasted $10… damn.

  25. wizwizard says:

    Hope they release the an exploit on Nov.1 So I can get my hands on the new white PS vita come out on 10/30/12. (My First vita by the way)

  26. deathscythe says:

    this is fcking ridiculous they said before tuesday thats long gone now… whats up wololo i just got my stupid vita how about ill pay you $50 bucks for the stupid name of the game or even $100 now if you are interested email is

  27. Patrick says:

    Going to update my vita , hombrew isnt worth it , its only runnin on a psp emulatpr just get a fckin psp and stop complaining . Most of you are pirates anyway. Im glad i updated to play ps all star beta n the upcoming psv games

  28. mimar says:

    Patrick on October 17, 2012 at 2:23 am
    keep your reflexions for you.if you are not happy not needs of poster

  29. mimar says:

    Patrick on October 17, 2012 at 2:23 am
    if is to make reflexions or you are not happy post nothing.

  30. hao11000 says:

    oh,it’s a good news! Please tell us the new exploit release

  31. nunbgu says:

    Please if you find a new exploit for the ps vita 1.81 please email me right away please i believe in you.

  32. nunbgu says:

    Please if you find a new exploit for the ps vita 1.81 please email me right away please i believe in you. My email is nunbgu@yahoo.com

  33. emmanuel says:

    will urbanix work on the ps vita if you buy it from the gamestop website? please comment back i am willing to pay $5 for it

  34. SupahLeecha says:

    My vita is 10 months old already. I always missed all the exploit due to busy work. Although I reserved something in my psn wallet, I wasn’t able to have a single chance. Pretty bad for me. I dreamed of playing cso and iso in my vita before the day it was released in my region.
    So people who had their chance were so lucky. And so for me, I’ll just wait for the right time. I have a lot of patience anyway.

  35. Drum_modek says:

    Ohhhh yeeeahhh!!!!! Thank’s, i’m waiting for you.
    Listen to me everybody: This man not is a man… He is one machine!!!!
    Jeje, i’m spanish and don’t talk … And don’t undestand nothing to english.
    Escuse me and thank you.

  36. Ivo says:

    What about a patcher for game backups that could enable the exploits for later firmwares? aka 1.81 and beyond. As i understand liscences can be generated or packages created from eboots… Only no way to get the games if u dont rave like craven.

  37. HIMFan says:

    Theres no point now if all you care about are mods on your Vita. The next LOGICAL release for a VHBL or TN eCFW would be after the next firmware update. Update then.

    If you want to play online and download things, then yeah, sure, 10-4 good buddy. All systems go.


  38. V says:

    Although i can’t help to think that if you want to “purposely” create a game with an “exception” you might as well create the CFW itself. And I think Sony would have block some access directly to it’s kernel.

  39. UKDNA says:

    It’s the grass-is-always-greener effect – I was dying to play CSOs on the Vita – now that I have them, well… they aren’t as great as I remember… but boy did I feel left out, like I was missing something, before I got MHFU

  40. wololo says:

    I’d take into account the PS3 in the picture though. If the Vita is as strong as the PS3, Total_Noob’s eCFW might be as close as we’ll ever get from a mainstream hack. See how long it took to have the CEX to DEX method…

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