Release: 6.60 TN-B for Monster Hunter (all regions)


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221 Responses

  1. vita says:

    does this work 1.81 please reply guys

  2. C:D says:

    It works but FTP doesnt show up TN menu

  3. Darton Staker says:

    I’m currently looking for an exploit within FF Duodecim savedata.
    Any help in creating these? i dont even know where to begin, i have zero programming history, quite the noob if i say so myself. im well versed in the PSP scene and intend to join in on the Vita, if i could get some suggestions and foresight, ive also read wololos posts on finding and creating exploits yet have been unsuccessful.

  4. Darton Staker says:

    @ Wololo I’m on 1.81 with the MH title. is there any method of running TN-B without the Urbanix or Mad Blocks Alpha? just curious, i have asked this before and have yet to receive confirmation. I am aware of the patch, i just want to know if the savedatas coul bypass this restriction by some slim chance?

  5. Darton Staker says:


  6. el o el says:

    So, can anyone confirm that Valkyria Chronicles II is working?

    I renamed it to VALKCRON.ISO (which showed in properties: VALKCRON.ISO.iso) and transferred it over, and it showed up perfectly in my games list.

    However, the game crashed upon launching.
    Am I doing something wrong? Ace Combat X worked perfectly.

  7. Kragoth26 says:

    Hello I recently aquired a vita running 1.69. Can I update this to 1.80 without Sony as it has monster hunter on it. Thank you much and I hope for a response.

  8. RICHIE says:

    Please release Coldbird’s CFW it doesnt need any PSP PSN
    GAMES for psp iso to run, Its a full CFW Exploit..

  9. FruityPebbles says:

    I am 1 of the millions that didn’t get the mad blocker / urbanix, what can I do, help please befor I miss out on something new.

  10. randombullsh*t says:

    so you know when is the Colorbirds full CFW hack coming out???

  11. vincent says:

    Hello, I just downloaded MH freedom unite 4 days ago. TN-B Monster Hunter Freedom unite for updates 1.81, it is on this site does not work it says error 2858-3 C1-why? I’m versions 1.81.

    someone just helped me to solve the problem, so I’d like to play PSP games are. thank you, vince

  12. Genesis says:

    Oh well, it won’t work for me.
    If I understood correctly, it should work with the MHFU exploit (1.80) without needing any other game.
    But when I copy the savegame on the vita, start MHFU and go to Download, I get an error.
    The vhbl works perfectly though.

  13. el o el says:

    Still not working, and now my vitaFTP app gave up the ghost. Going to try and reinstall that, but it’s getting annoying.

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