Release: 6.60 TN-B for Monster Hunter (all regions)


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  1. Darton Staker

    I have tested my theory already but was served with an ERROR of something to the value C3:XXXXX…. Or the format it is in, so I’m not sure if its possible

  2. Darton Staker

    An error has occurred.


    This method seems very difficult, wih all the problems
    involved, there should be an easier way.You need certain
    psp game exploits for this to work, what happens if i cant
    get those games from the psn store, then its useless trying this Hack, Please Explain…..

  4. Darton Staker

    Sigh i assume my questions have answered themselves.

  5. wartaf

    hey, good day to all, where could i download the exploited games?

  6. Haziq

    Does this works in 1.81??

  7. Diceaurora

    when a psp iso doesn’t work in vhbl i cant get to my vhbl after a restart, and must format my mem stick. any one else have this problem or is it just me?

  8. Darton Staker

    @ Wololo
    Please can you verify that there is NO method of using any of the save data exploits on fw 1.81. ive tried numerous times adding PSPfiler( PSPFILER.ZIP) to both Urbanix and MHFU save data to no avail. i keep receiving the Error message. like aforementioned, i updated because I wasnt sure whether a exploit would be released for the game only to find out once i updated to 1.81 that it would only be achieved on 1.80, it came as a shock with the forced update and im curious to know if there is at least the slightest of hope left for those dealing with the same implecations. Thanks much appreciated.

  9. TheHuntIsOn6

    Hi I have a quick question:

    I bought Mad Blocker Alpha and everything is running fine CFW wise. I was going to buy PS PLUS at the end of the month for the buy $100 get $20 promo since in November the vita gets a bunch of free stuff supposedly but since I currently have MBA on my ps vita, can I still access the PS Store or will it delete / patch my copy of MBA on my vita?

    Many thanks in advance 😀

  10. KNOB5

    I am having problem runing this well not really but the problem that I am facing right now is that I can’t install or run anything on TN B when it loads it only shows the MHFU game and thats all. I tried to install a Homebrew and ISO but it doesn’t work I don’t really know why so I am seeking for help here 🙂

  11. Darton Staker

    Are you compressing your home brews?
    PSP/GAME/XXXXXXXX(game folder renamed with 8 characters)-add to winrar> compression type STORE and rename to XXXXXXXX.ZIP(ALL CAPS and 8 characters long only)> put it in your savedata exploit( Urbanix or mad block alpha.)
    If this isn’t the issue try stating where the problem arises. You should be able to load homebrews since the evidence is in your favor.

    • KNOB5

      Mmmm I guess I didn’t know about the renaming of the folder (8 letters long) but I did rename the Zip file 8 letters, I am going to try that tomorrow. Now let clear another point, I have the MHFU hack and you mention that I need to put to put it in my save datat exploit so wich one do I have? or do you meant the extra folder wich came with the MHFU Save data????

    • KNOB5

      Ok couldn’t wait till tomorrow, so this is what I did. I download PSPFILER and put it in a folde like this PSP/GAME/GAMEFILE (8 characters) then I compressed all the folders: Right click, add to archive, named it GAMEFILE.ZIP (8 letts all caps) then I put it inside the Urbanix folder name “NPEZ00176” on PSAVEDATA. I finally transfer everything but still not working 🙁

      • Darton Staker

        I assume you made sure the compression type was set to “store”, otherwise you have to be on 1.80 fw for this to work, I know this because I have tested it, otherwise you need the physical game(Urbanix or mad blocks alpha) to achieve this. It cannot be done from MHFU on fw 1.81 due to the patch.

    • KNOB5

      thank you Darton Staker I know how to work it now jaja you did clear thing up! 🙂

  12. jbob

    can anyboy help i installed 6.60 TN-B but now i need help installing the isos can someone tell me how to install the iso file

    • Darton Staker

      Try installing PspFiler( PSPFILER.ZIP) in your savedata exploit then install it, put your isos/csos into the savedata folder, then using your installed PspFiler create a folder on the root named ISO and move the ISO/CSO into it using PspFiler as well. This should work, otherwise install FTP and use the IP given to load ISOS/CSOS. Same concept yet easier to manage and time saving.

    • Darton Staker

      There is also a link earlier in the comments section above that has a video tutorial, although in German is should be easy to follow since its the entire procedure from the top.

  13. Darton Staker

    Are you using the EU MHFU exploit? Or US? This is important because you need to use either the EU or US savedatas together, you cannot use MHFU US and URBANIX EU. But I wouldn’t know since your CEF TN-B loads in general, doesn’t make sense that homebrews don’t show with the steps you’ve done. If the VHBL loads and your TN then there shouldn’t be an issue loading homebrews, otherwise try using FTP, it uses your browser to establish an IP link to your folders( be careful not to delete important files) and this will allow you to copy directly to a folder without renaming them AFAIK.

  14. Gessekai

    So for this we need a monster hunter game and Urbanix?

  15. Mike

    Having a problem getting this working. So I downloaded it, archived both folders into INSTALL.ZIP and copied to a saved file and copied to psp. Installed it with VHBL and when I go to load it I get a black screen, this pops up real quick
    “Config file:
    ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA/ULUS10391/hbloonf.txt” and goes back to the VHBL main screen. Using the MH exploit. Any ideas?

    • Mike

      Happens when I load “ULUS10391”. When I load “NPEZ00176” I just goes to another menu and shows the files in the folder.

  16. MrPotaDos

    Is there anyway to use the Inferno iso loader on this?I can only switch from Sony and March33.

  17. BuZz

    Some games like Dbz Tenkaichi tag team dont work plzzz help

  18. razor

    Can someone explain to me please, how to install ISOS on my PS Vita.
    I’m on filmware 1.80 and I have Monster Hunter Freedom Unite install on my vita. I got the game before it was patch by sony. I know how to install VHBL and I have some emulators on my vita but I’m having trouble understanding how to install isos on the vita. Thank you for any help I can get in advance amigos.

  19. Drew

    Can it run PSP eboot’s? I have it installed along with yMenu and the only thing I’ve got working is the FTP app and gpSP/gba roms. I tried copying over an eboot that works fine on my PSP Go but on the Vita it just makes the screen black/error code.

  20. Vita-Tron

    Ps vita 1.80 w/ MH3 JPN. I have a problem and need help. Although I have the necessary tools. My vita is register under a different account so when I go to use MH3rd JPN it will ask me to activate my vita with the jpn account which will require psn! Does anyone know a way around this?

  21. Chris

    Does this work on 1.81

  22. vita

    does this work 1.81 please reply guys

  23. C:D

    It works but FTP doesnt show up TN menu

  24. Darton Staker

    I’m currently looking for an exploit within FF Duodecim savedata.
    Any help in creating these? i dont even know where to begin, i have zero programming history, quite the noob if i say so myself. im well versed in the PSP scene and intend to join in on the Vita, if i could get some suggestions and foresight, ive also read wololos posts on finding and creating exploits yet have been unsuccessful.

  25. Darton Staker

    @ Wololo I’m on 1.81 with the MH title. is there any method of running TN-B without the Urbanix or Mad Blocks Alpha? just curious, i have asked this before and have yet to receive confirmation. I am aware of the patch, i just want to know if the savedatas coul bypass this restriction by some slim chance?

  26. Darton Staker


  27. el o el

    So, can anyone confirm that Valkyria Chronicles II is working?

    I renamed it to VALKCRON.ISO (which showed in properties: VALKCRON.ISO.iso) and transferred it over, and it showed up perfectly in my games list.

    However, the game crashed upon launching.
    Am I doing something wrong? Ace Combat X worked perfectly.

    • Claudio

      Make sure the name of file “xxx.iso” doesn’t exceed 8 characters, also you should enable windows explorer option to show file extensions so you can rename it without problems.

      In your case try something like “VLK.ISO”, all with capital letters.

      • el o el

        Still not working, and now my vitaFTP app gave up the ghost. Going to try and reinstall that, but it’s getting annoying.

  28. Kragoth26

    Hello I recently aquired a vita running 1.69. Can I update this to 1.80 without Sony as it has monster hunter on it. Thank you much and I hope for a response.

  29. RICHIE

    Please release Coldbird’s CFW it doesnt need any PSP PSN
    GAMES for psp iso to run, Its a full CFW Exploit..

  30. FruityPebbles

    I am 1 of the millions that didn’t get the mad blocker / urbanix, what can I do, help please befor I miss out on something new.

  31. randombullsh*t

    so you know when is the Colorbirds full CFW hack coming out???

  32. vincent