Release: 6.60 TN-B for Urbanix and Mad Blocker Alpha


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504 Responses

  1. Diceaurora says:

    I use the mad blocks exploit and then load monster hunter in order to run the ftp client to transfer isos and csos

  2. powerking230 says:

    i was soo but soooo happy when i saw there was another ps mini to get ecfw but when i came home from school i saw it already was deleted from the ps store :(

  3. Diceaurora says:

    I wonder if it would be difficult to create an open license file so we can just upload the game and add the open license file then anyone could use the exploit

    • Gadorach says:

      If we could do that, we wouldn’t need a kernel exploit to play game backups…

      But if you find the keys for the Vita, please, let the rest of us know 😉

  4. Da says:

    Thanks so much for your work ! Really great !

    Hope you can pass trough all those poor guyss who don’t respect your work and understand it :)

  5. icyheart says:

    Good sleep

  6. hello wololo looks just a little thing that I mean most people have the psp game easter island jewel keppers then came a cfw as it is today 09/10/12 CFW 6.60 TN-B which is the alpha of the mad … I suggest you do this as a suggestion only 1 beam that most people keppers Download the jewel easter islan wait a day or two after you post a CFW 6.60 TN-C which is the jewel keppers game easter island. SAVEDATA–I’m hoping the Jewel cfw keppers wololo do it now

    • 91 says:

      Wololo has givin u like 6 or more chances for Vhbl and eCFW stop begging and find ur own exploit. I only check 3 times a day and have had EVERY Vhbl and eCFW game.

  7. miguel says:

    how can i transfer mad blocker that i bought before it was down to my ps vita from the ps3 any help plz

  8. Trivium says:

    I had to format the PSVita and when I go to re-download the Mad Blocker Alpha is no longer in the store xD
    I tried to transfer from ps3 to vita and did not appear in the content manager: S
    Anyone had this problem?

    • Dante69 says:

      Should have backed it up to your pc using open cma then format your vita.

      • Ghadz says:

        Even if you format your vita as long as you dont format the memory card the game is still in your card.!! Use opencma and transfer the game into your pc and transfer it again to your vita.

  9. miguel says:

    cause i downloaded to my ps3 and havent update to 1.81 but i have mhfu cfw on my ps vita should i update or should i stay in 1.80

  10. miguel says:

    try to copy the game with no internet

  11. MrJack says:

    how would i go about transferring MGS Peace Walker to the Monster Hunter cfw? Kingdom Hearts BBS and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy work great but MGS Peace Walker wont even transfer. and The 3rd Birthday wouldnt either.

  12. Spartacus says:

    I had TN A working perfect Urbanix US. I just deleted everything in my CMA NPUZ00077 folder and replaced it with the new TN B and I get at the loading a black screen and a (C1-2858-3) error. I hope someone knows why that is as others here are having the same issue.

    • Sephisel says:

      yeah, i experienced the same problem.
      I speculate that TN-B is not compatible with the MHFU exploit. I guest we have to wait patiently for someone to port TN-B into the MHFU exploit.

    • citats says:

      Same issue using Urbanix… going back to A for now.

    • psp411 says:

      same than you friends, but TN-A works fine so, load in vita TN-A
      in oters isues, I have to tell, the TN-A don´t let me acces bookr or doom or Quake, simply don´t apear in TN-A window, so I have to delete it reinstall VHBL MHU to acces again Bookr, to sad

      I realy want to evolve to next update but in my country dosn´t are available psn cards, (region usa), they simply desapear 3 monts ago, and ny wallet is allmost empty, The vita is sense since VHBL is in it, please do I have to lose 1.80 and update to 1.81 in spect of kernel access (and empty and die my acount in psn) or stay in mhu please answer me
      tnx Wololo, Total Noob and tnx master Dark Alex we follow your steeps

  13. gabriel says:

    please for easter island jewel kepper <—-i am peru

  14. sh4kesbeer says:

    Hi, i have bought and downloaded the game to my Laptop, will i be able to copy it later and use the exploit? Because i have no Access to my vita right now and i have doubts that cma will refuse to copy it, or Update sth in background.


  15. icyheart says:

    The war is began

  16. HappyJoe says:

    So, if I downloaded the game from MediaGo and it is not transfered on my Vita by now, I’m boned. Is that about right?

    • rodman says:

      i dont know about that, but bro we had a solid 4 days to make a acc and get in on the ninja release. make a acc and keep your fingers crossed for a possible exploit this christmas.

      • HappyJoe says:

        Haha. I know. I’m on vacation and left my vita home for the first time… Lame, but not the end of the world. :)

        • The game was leaked muliple times, Ninja release was even said right before the game was released. We have people moaning and asking all these stupid ?. Hope Santa Claus has a surprise for xmas this year 😉

          • HappyJoe says:

            1) It was a valid ?
            2) Not really moaning. I still have SC3. Just wondering since I paid for MBA regardless if it helps.

    • Chingon says:

      Pretty much buddy…

  17. JSlim says:

    Damn you SONY!!!!!!! Ahhhh.. I just want to play my 500 iso psp on my vita!! They so fast to pull game off there store. Damn I hat them rat that be snooping around the scene. =(*****

  18. DANIEL says:

    thank you, all involved in this “project”, i got a problem, some homebrews and iso/cso, dont show in the menu, after the loading the save of mad block, some “content”, show up, some not, anyone else with the same problem?thanx in advance..

  19. Dark Collector says:

    Ok, I’m sorry for asking this but… I have Mad Blocker. And I was sucessful at getting ECFW installed but how do I install the FTP client when I dont have VHBL installed for lack of a way to install it? I’m not sure how I do this. Usally there is an exploit save file for the exploited game in question them you simply load the save file like with Monster Hunter and then you have VHBL the you just transfer the zip files inside the save file and have VHBL unzip them and install them. How do I get VHBL back on my Vita to do this or what am I missing? I know the answer is right there in front of me I just don’t see it. Please help!!! :(

  20. Jdubs says:

    Okay, so I loaded some homebrew no problems, but I can’t seem to get my ISOs to show up to transfer them through OCMA.
    Im trying to transfter Tactics ogre iso over the file is named TACTOGRE.ISO, and I put it in my save folder just like everything else but it doesnt recognize it. What am I doing wrong?

    • Mr Jack says:

      I had the same problem with Metal Gear Solid Peace walker, The 3rd Birthday, and other titles. Seems like some work and some don’t. Kingdom Hearts BBS worked great along with Dissidia 012 final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. I’m gonna try to FTP it when I have a chance. (Gotta wait til my son is sleeping)

      • All games are playable on the vita. but some games come like this when they are converted. For example I want to play Madden12.iso but the vita wont read it why? Well you have to convert the game so the extension can show up as Madden12.ISO. I recommend to try out CisoXP1 psp cso/iso converter. its fast and works with the vita. Goodluck.

    • Jdubs says:

      Nevermind, i’m retarted. Was putting in the saved data folder but not it the custom firmware folder. Derp!

  21. 6060-842 says:

    Does anyone know if open cma works with 1.81

  22. Waiting says:

    Everythings OK! But how can I Install the PSP Filer in to my Vita and Run it? Big problem -.-

  23. xdarkmario says:

    i am not moving off vita 1.80 monster hunter exploit, i got iso support thats all i need.

    P.S i think their is a spy among us…..$ony gets this information a bit too fast……hmmmmm

  24. Jdubs says:

    Okay, now I get the psp ISOs to show up and I hit x on them to tranfer them to ms0:/ISO/ , but it just freezes my vita and nothing happens….

    • Waiting says:

      Same here THat what im talking about
      you need psp filer installed like me do.
      but I don’t know actucally how to install it.
      big problem

      • Jdubs says:

        Everyone says to use FTP so I got that installed, but I need to create an ISO folder in the root, but I dont know what is concidered the “ROOT” and I can’t figure out how to create an ISO folder inside…

      • Jdubs says:

        Strike, that again. I didnt have the FTPfire addon working. Created an ISO folder and am transferring files as we speak. Its soooo slow…

    • JonnyC says:

      When it asks you if you want to back up to ms0:/ISO/ select NO, then it will ask you if you want to start the game, select YES and the iso will run

  25. Blaze2k9 says:

    Duodecim Dissidia and Type-0 disc 2 wont work for me, dissidia just black screen followed by an error and type-0 stuck at launch on the “now loading” screen…. any advice?

  26. Bryan says:

    Hello every body have a question there is a homebrew app for psp called unersal tv remote will that app work on the psvita?

  27. xfreyr says:

    I would like to know where all those datas go, like save game, isos or what ever… is there a way to see al those things. i would like to know what happens whit my memcard.

  28. bahiano says:

    I do recommend using ymenu if you are having difficulties. thank, all involved in this cfw.

  29. 91 says:

    Thanx TN and wololo. MB TN-B works GREAT. Got everything running!!

  30. aoshi says:

    exelente *–* Thanks Total Noob \O\

  31. mike says:

    I just missed mad blocker alpha. Now I have nothing.

  32. awnyc2 says:

    Does the job.

  33. Chompira says:

    i test power stone colection and no work :S

    i have 1.80 MHFU us and tn-b

  34. alex says:

    for the US just a heads up, if u keep the MHF VHBL u can load TN B and from there run MHF wich will in turn run VHBL so u don’t have to reinstall all your home brew. And to anyone having problems with PSP games. I used FTP to make the ISO folder. In the FTP chose make new directory it should when u make it the path should look like

  35. Wyldstallyn says:

    Mad blocker exploit an TN-B powerstone works great.

  36. luffy says:

    can anyone help me? i was playing nfs most wanted before and then got back to the vita menu and when i tried to open mad blocker tn menu wont load. i only get a black screen and then an error c1 2858 3 comes up .. tried to recopy the savedata but still no avail any fix?

    • Thorwak says:

      Seeing the same here, haven’t found a way past it yet. It happened after I installed a new (rather large) .CSO to ms0:/ISO (using the built in move function). I have a feeling it may have gotten corrupted, and now I can’t even erase it since the exploit keeps crashing.

      There are a few other bugs concerning ISO/CSO:
      – If trying to install a .ISO/.CSO with built in move mechanism and ms0:/ISO doesn not exist, menu freezes (workaround: create ms0:/ISO with pspfiler)

      – If launching HEN with a .CSO/.ISO in savedata dir that ALSO exists already in ms0:/ISO, menu crashes (workaround: remove .CSO/.ISO from savedata dir on PC, recopy savedata to remove offending file)

      • Thorwak says:

        EDIT: Using a hex editor on MENU.PBP and changing the string ms0:/ISO to something else made it possible to launch the menu normally and then PSPFILER can be used to erase any offending files.

        Maybe using a different menu like someone suggested is a good idea for now.

  37. deckardbr says:

    Thank you this release has been flawless for me!

  38. sencerio says:

    the exploit is really awesome and really thanks!

  39. Jdubs says:

    Goofy question, but does anyone know if this works for UMD movies too?

  40. sasaki says:

    i want jp version
    tn-a is awful when copying isos/csos.
    thank you very much

  41. Daralo says:

    Hello I have a 1.81 FW OPENCMA AND Mad blocker alpha!
    I launch mad blocker alpha and quit error message:C1-2858-3
    Can I fix it? Send here comment and send me e mail?
    Thanks all men to help me!(i in the tn menu and run mba! got this error i copy pc the game recopy vita! not work!:(

    • ZorakTorok says:

      See if any of your other psn games work… If none of them work format the vita (not the memory card). The drawback to this is that you have to sign in to psn to register the system reguardless of it telling you it will remain activated unless deactivated befor the format. Everything is current at the moment but you can hit system update and check, it wont force you at the first step. I worry about this for the long term and have no idea what causes it. It wouldnt hurt to back up your exploited game with opencma befor doing this. –My suggestion only, worked for me but there could be another way

    • CPF says:

      Hello I have a 1.81 FW OPENCMA AND Mad blocker alpha!
      I launch mad blocker alpha and quit error message:C1-2858-3
      Can I fix it? Send here comment and send me e mail?
      Thanks all men to help me!(i in the tn menu and run mba! got this error i copy pc the game recopy vita! not work!:(

      i got exactly the same thing did i go wrong somewhere?
      please help

      • ZorakTorok says:

        Im a little confused, you say you launch mba and get the error then at the end you say :(i in tn menu and run mba! got this error)

        If You initially try to run mba and you get the error my directions should work. If you are trying to run mba within tn’s menu after loading the save it will not work. Within tn’s ecfw you can run homebrew, isos and csos. It will not run anything downloaded from psn. If you want to play mba just delete the exploited save file from the vita, launch as normal. Simply replace the save with the exploit when you want to return to the Ecfw.

        After further research i see some people saying that if you make a backup of your vita with opencma you can use the recovery menu to bypass the authentication but if you havnt done so already, backing up now wouldnt be helpfull till your files are straight.

      • CPF says:

        sorted now had .cso instead of .CSO
        will this work with iso movies?

        thanks for your hard work

      • Gunblade says:

        I got to same setup monster hunter seems to work fo me from the mad blocker tbn was trying to get urbanix n was gokng to tey run one gMe ex of of anader but cant find urbanix but ithink u should cheack ur game save files i had dA same problem trying to install hombrew oooh n j need sum help i installed dat cheat code thing for the psp da save game thing action replay (demo)but it not on the roots of the emulater i cheack it wit psp filler n its in da game folder as update

  42. gliitch says:

    To have the isos show up in YMenu copy them to /PSP/GAME/XX.ISO & they will show up along side your homebrewz : 3

  43. NakedFaerie says:

    I got a question for Total Noob or Wololo.

    Is this exploit patchable by Sony? In other words will they release 1.82 and we wont be able to use this exploit anymore?
    Or is it a huge hole thats unpatchable?
    I’m hoping for the huge unpatchable hole. I’m hoping its a huge flaw in the PSP Emulator that cant be patched. :)

    • wololo says:

      It’s patchable.

      What we seem to have been experiencing recently however is that Sony lost lots of “know how” on the PSP side: The MIPS glue between the PSP and the vita was apparently coded by somebody who did not know well some of the basic security features of the PSP (or didn’t care), and the recent patch for Monster hunter was done in the vita code rather than on the PSP modules. Based on these examples, it looks like they are “afraid” to touch the psp code, as if they lost the knowledge on it. One possibility is that the team that used to work on the PSP has moved on to other projects, and the teams working on the vita have lost that knowledge. As a result, it’s possible they will have a hard time patching the kernel exploit…

      That’s just random speculation of course. I would actually expect them to patch this. The question is, will they patch it good or not…

      • ZorakTorok says:

        I expected an update tuesday. It does seem to be taking them awhile.

      • NakedFaerie says:

        Thanks for the reply. It’s great to see you replying so fast and a good reply at that. I’m still use to the other devs that don’t reply or give pathetic answers.

        $ony are just like Apple. All they care about is money so they probably sacked everyone that worked on the PSP and hired a whole lot of new people for the Vita so your theory is probably correct.

        Sony have never really done anything the smart way. They release a whole firmware update for a tiny patch. I cant remember which firmware version but it was to patch an error with a demo game. Instead of patching the demo they patched the whole firmware.
        Lets hope they do another dodgy job as patching this and make more holes than they patch. :)

        Oh, has the PSP emulator been updated in any Vita firmwares? That might be the flaw that we’ve been waiting for? They might not know how to patch it if its never been updated or not able to be updated.
        Didn’t TN say the PSP Emulator is 6.60 emulated? I’m guessing it’s bringing over all the 6.60 holes and exploits too.

        • wololo says:

          From what I heard the 6.60 exploits are actually patched in the emulator. It seems they are not that lazy :)

        • Gunblade says:

          Well i tought they upgrade the vita instead of the psp emulater to lock down the outher parts of the emulater probly seems like they had to fix vita system in the 1.80 n 1.81 well i notice the psp emulater i think runs da minis psx n psp games well so i guess. well like the psp wen it first came out da1.5 i think could do hombrew right out the box its prety much they same thing hea wea wen da vita first vame out u could install games prety easy then the patch it there jus locking the system down more ooh iam in update 1.81 i downloaded the demo of little big planet n it wont work it says sum werd hinglike ask me to send erro report i gussing 1.81 has sum bugs

  44. Jan says:

    wololo’s website opened 24/7, thank you for this release.


  45. sora_kun says:

    quick question,does anybody have tried playing KHBBSFM with english patched iso?does it work with you?because i got only black screen after i load the iso.. :/

  46. rathalos says:

    dissidia doesn’t work anymore…..
    someone tried it?

  47. inguru says:

    Thank you developers. Tiny Maldives is enjoying the exploit. Really amazing.

  48. rathalos says:

    same games does not work if copied to ms:0/iso just launch it and the game start

  49. Peleep says:

    I definitely get the black screen then error for TN-B on both Urbanix and MBA.

    Have backed up. Formatted memory card. Restored, then copes the Urbanx and MBA TN-B saves via Open CMA. Black Screen then error after opening the saves.

    When i use Urbanix TN-A: it works perfectly.

    I have an EU 1.81 Vita.

    Is there a TN-B error/bug page?

    • Soldier says:

      If its only happening on your end and you haven’t seen any posts about it happening ot others, it might be something you’re doing…

      • Peleep says:

        thanks for your comment. Due diligence was done first… there are a number of people experiencing Black screen errors on this post. search and you will find them. keywords “error” or “black”

        • un3gr0 says:

          @peleep The problem is YOURS, its perfectly working for everyone else in World and its not a bug. So i think you should be more lowly, and start searching in the foruns.

          -Delete all save data.
          -Copy again the save data using openCMA
          -I have urbanix and Mad Blocker All working fine.
          -You dont need to format you psvita memory card

          • Peleep says:

            thank you for your comment. If you cared to search this post and the talk forum, you will find there are an array of folks who have the problem.

            this is what i did, and i shared a solution to those who it is relevant to. You are blessed with not having any issue.

            have a nice day.

          • Darton Staker says:

            By “all savedata” are you referring to any and all Psp savedata no relating to the exploited games?

    • Gunblade says:

      got to watch how u try install things in da save n wat file r in da save

  50. Soldier says:

    I can confirm that Mod Block Alpha works perfectly fine on the American release, but people have to read up how to add ISO files. I think they can only be added through ftp but if I’m wrong correct me. I haven’t gotten it to work through OpenCMA.

  51. Owl says:

    To add ISO files just copy the ISO and paste it inside the Mad Block save folder(or whatever exploit you’re using)as far as i know the ISO has to be named in caps and must be 8 character long not counting the extension, like this:


    when you try and launch the game you’ll be asked if you want to copy it to the ISO folder which i belive can only be created by using the ftp homebrew (maybe theres some other way, i don’t know) just say no and it’ll ask if you want to launch the game, thats it, have fun gaming.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      You can make directories the same way you install apps.
      Make the directory then zip it and install it.

      C:\ISO\ISO_here.txt (Dummy file, just an empty txt file)
      ZIP this so you end up with ISO.ZIP
      move to the savegame folder.
      Goto TN-B
      click ISO.ZIP and it should ask to install.
      It’ll most probably make the ISO dir.

      Would someone try this and tell others if it does work.
      I tried to install homebrew but got the dirs wrong and this is what happened so in theory it should work.

      OR, does TN-B make the ISO dir when you try to copy it over? I’m guessing it does but not sure as I did mine manually.

      This can also be used for other homebrew like plugins for SBSettings etc. :)

      • NakedFaerie says:

        I forgot, when you move the ISO.ZIP to the savegame folder you need to sync it over to the Vita. THEN load the game and install it. :)

    • Soldier says:

      That is weird, that method you mention always ends up freezing the ISO file for me. It doesn’t freeze tho when I use FTP, just takes awhile to add a game.

  52. lol says:

    it is very likely sony has signed up for the ninja release

  53. Nate junior says:

    It work on my vita 1.81 , but not all the iso or cso of psp game,for example work coded arms and this game isnt in the italian psn store,but other like 3th birthday and metal gear pace walke not and not work all the save imported from my psp 6.60 prometheus with the is launched with the exploit,the strange thing is that the tn menu show the other game psp i have buy from psn.!!!!for the homebrew,picodrove not work,gba,doom,quake yes with no problem!!!?

  54. Josh says:

    So..I bought MBA yesterday on my PS3 but didn’t transfer it to my Vita. I tried last night to transfer it, but it didn’t work. I’m guessing that it wouldn’t transfer because MBA is no longer considered a “Vita Compatible” title.

    Do you think when they re-add MBA to the store, it will transfer? This seems to be my only hope, unless someone else has an idea.

  55. Owl says:

    Every game i tested so far worked with no problems, im sure gonna miss playing Monster Hunter 3 on the Vita when i update to play newer games.


  56. Jason says:

    i had Mad Blocker Alpha but i get a Red Flash >< so how ?

  57. wolo says:

    so its impossible to upload any PSN game once you’ve downloaded them by paying on the psn? its it encrypted or something DRM huh

  58. Jdubz says:

    Got everything running smooth. Some psp game just flat out dont work, but only a handful.

    Tactics Ogre works 😀

    Valkyria Chronicles II does not :(

  59. sora_kun says:

    can anyone list out games that has been tested whether it is working or not? i have tested:-

    KHBBSFM+eng patch (doesn’t work),
    Naruto Shipudden Ultimate Ninja Impact (doesn’t work),
    DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team (doesn’t work),
    FFVIICC (working!)

    hope all of you can list games that you’ve tested already..

  60. gyoku says:

    Tekken 6 shows only black screen. I tried everything, but the result is still the same.

    Please help. T_T

  61. drawerfloat says:

    This because TN-B set CPU speed to 333. Tekken 6 can’t load with this speed.

  62. WooTz says:

    God Eater Burst works =D

  63. Diceaurora says:

    Does anyone know if any of the japanese games work like senritsu no stratus or psx games converted to eboots? or would psx games work in a psx emulator for psp

  64. KF1 says:

    How do you get WAGIC to work on this?

  65. anon says:

    Might as well just use vita FTP! Works great for me….no hassle of copying to folders, content manager, blah…blahh……blaahhh! Just drag and drop nicely done!

  66. Cheese says:

    Can this be uploaded to something besides mediafire? thats blocked in china…

  67. iTzdixon says:

    unfortunately I need help to move the game to ftp the ps vita had an error, I’ve uploaded a few games that create iso folder ms0: and putting the ISO or CSO inside. what happens is that when I finished I wanted to start loading but when entering the mad blocker alpha menu does not start the TN screen goes black and I get an error (C1-2858-3) and I have not made ​​a backup of the ps vita … apparently the only option is to format the memory as I can not delete the games loaded with FTP and even that I reload files and overwrite TN-B with the CMA error still occurs and does not start the menu TN. …

    • un3gr0 says:

      Delete the SAVE data only, and copy again. Maybe you copyied the wrong savedata. Dont format, when you restore, it will be the same as it was before backup and formating.

  68. WooTz says:

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep works!
    Phantasy Start Portable 2 works!
    Yu Gi Oh Tag Force 6 works!

    Enjoy =D

  69. hossein says:

    whithe knight chronicle orgin work perfect
    i miss this game when i have psp i realy happy now

  70. Crusca says:

    Is it possible to run PS1 isos with this firmware ?It does not work for me …

  71. Symon says:

    For the people that are having problems with installing ISO / CSO’s using either Mad Block / Urbanix, use the following guide:

    {providing you have vitaftp installed on your PSV)
    1. Download / install Filezilla onto your PC
    2. Turn on your Vita & turn your wireless “ON”
    3. Run MB / Urbanix & select Vitaftp from the menu
    4. wait 10 – 15 seconds for the server to start, you should now see, at the top of your vita screen a server address (something line
    5. Run Filezilla program & navigate to [File] > [Site Manager]
    6. input the ftp server address from 4. into the host input area & click Connect
    7. The left-hand part of this screen is your computer, the right-hand part is your vita, create a folder on the vita (right-hand part) called ISO, do this by right-clicking anywhere in the area & clicking new folder
    8. Open this newly created folder.
    9. navigate to the directory where your ISO is that you wish to install using the left-hand file system of Filezilla (computer)
    10. Drag the ISO you want into the ISO folder created on the right hand side.
    11. Wait for the file to fully transfer over to the vita, then press the [] (square) button on your Vita, select the newly created icon on your menu & install the ISO
    12. Click & Play, HF

  72. Symon2 says:

    For the people that are having problems with installing ISO / CSO’s using either Mad Block / Urbanix, use the following guide:

    {providing you have vitaftp installed on your PSV)
    1. Download / install Filezilla onto your PC
    2. Turn on your Vita & turn your wireless “ON”
    3. Run MB / Urbanix & select Vitaftp from the menu
    4. wait 10 – 15 seconds for the server to start, you should now see, at the top of your vita screen a server address (something line
    5. Run Filezilla program & navigate to [File] > [Site Manager]
    6. input the ftp server address from 4. into the host input area & click Connect
    7. The left-hand part of this screen is your computer, the right-hand part is your vita, create a folder on the vita (right-hand part) called ISO, do this by right-clicking anywhere in the area & clicking new folder
    8. Open this newly created folder.
    9. navigate to the directory where your ISO is that you wish to install using the left-hand file system of Filezilla (computer)
    10. Drag the ISO you want into the ISO folder created on the right hand side.
    11. Wait for the file to fully transfer over to the vita, then press the [] (square) button on your Vita, select the newly created icon on your menu & install the ISO
    12. Click & Play, HF

  73. Peleep says:

    heh everyone.

    I did a couple of things and I’ve found the solution for people experiencing perfectly working TN-A but black screen errors when trying TN-B.

    I have an EU 1.81. Perfectly working Urbanix TN-A. I also have MBA installed but could not get TN-B to work on it, or on Urbanix. I kept on getting the black screen. I renamed my existing ISO folder with ISO’s and CSO’s to something else. and voila, TN-B worked.

    So then i did the following, and now TN-A on Urbanix works perfectly as expected, PLUS TN-B on MBA:

    Via FTP, i renamed the existing TN-A ISO folder containing ISO’s and CSO’s to another name. I created a new folder called ISO. Using PSPlorer, i moved the existing ISO’s and CSO’s across to the new ISO folder.

    Now I am able to access all my previously installed (via TN-A) homebrews, emulators and ISO’s and CSO’s on BOTH TN-A and TN-B.

    Hope this helps!

  74. AR says:

    i have urbanix EU 6.60 TN-A was working fine but 6.60 TN-A is showing me black screen after loading the save data ,help needed

  75. Peleep says:

    Maybe read my comment, which is just before yours.

  76. AR says:

    i think 6.60 TN-B have more bugs then 6.60 TN-A some time i copy the game through ftp ,when the copying is done it does exit to TN-B menu ,and then it always give me black screen even when i restart my psvita and open urbanix again :/

  77. AR says:

    i think 6.60 TN-B have more bugs then 6.60 TN-A

  78. sora_kun says:

    why when im moving the game to iso folder using tn menu with some games like KHBBS, the data always did not fully moved..the data is 1.6gb,but when the moving finished, the data only moved about 500mb only..sorry for my bad english..i need help… :(

  79. Cervantes says:

    Hey Guys i just observed this no need for any violent reaction ok…

    for the errors of unable to load the exploit and it turns to black and get some number code error, i feel you guys coz i experienced that and i think it has something to do with the file transfer client you are using.

    using “My Computer” Method — total error like heck only minis were transfered good but some iso’s/ciso’s were somehow broken

    using firefox ftp plug-in — get’s this NOOP command that how was it?? hmmm i think it interferes with the transfer of data something but whenever i see it after the transfer i get blackscreens and error

    using Filezilla Ftp client — very good… all huge games successfuly transfered (Metalgear peace walk, kingdom hearts, gta chinatown, resistance retri, monster hunter portable 3rd)

    I may be right or wrong… hope i helped

    • Cervantes says:

      1 more thing when transfering files via FTP please have the patience to wait for each files to be transfered 1 by 1… example after transfering 1 file… exit via vita button and scroll out the urbanix page, then launch urbanix again, launch the exploit then run ftp and transfer again… then repeat after every file transfer, i suggest using filezilla…

      • AR says:

        i have formatted my memory card and again copy urbanix from PC TN-A and TN-B works fine unless i start coping large ISO/CSO file from ftp .large size ISO/CSO is 100% transferred to memory card and then black screen occurs even when i restart the urbanix TN screen goes black and I get an error (C1-2858-3)need help !

        • Cervantes says:

          Be Sure that your ISO/CSO is 100% working i suggest downloading ISO’s from a very reliable source, also ung Filezilla when transferring

  80. gunblade says:

    if i get da urbanix from gamestop can i get it from the store now..

  81. KingpinZero says:

    So, whats the current state for those who didnt grabbed the games for the exploit? EU 1.81 here.
    Does the exploit still works with MH3, Urbanix and MBA if i get them, like now, from the store?
    Or i need to wait the next release?
    Thanks :)

  82. Chadderbox says:

    Hello. Couple quick questions here. I recently got a ps vita and was able to get the Mad blocker alpha game on it in time. But the Vita only has a 4gb card. Will this still work if I upgrade to a 32GB card? Where does the actual mad blocker alpha game get stored? Thank you.

  83. Kial says:

    still got a hunk data failed to allocate 27 megs on one of my Games is there any way to fix this?

  84. LolName says:

    I found out about the exploit late, so I wasn’t able to directly download Urbanix or Mad Blocker Alpha from the PSN. But I did come across an Urbanix.cso. It’s on my PC right now. Is it possible to install it onto my Vita? I haven’t updated my Vita in awhile. (It’s at 1.61)

  85. reza says:

    work in v2.02???????????????????

  86. Dźwig HDS powiększa się rzadko przy zbieraniu po remontach.
    Jeśli na placu postaci stwierdzają się
    metaliczne pojemniki z gruzem, rzeczone okłamując łamane ramię HDS, umiemy zjada szybko umieścić
    na automobilu zaś wywieść do terytoria przetrzymywania.

    W krańcu HDS Jednostka jest przydatny to, skoro hodujemy priorytet odbyć
    wykopaliska miękkie o
    całkiem niezłożonym rozmiarze. Więc HDS pragnie dotrwać
    dopasażony w metaliczną łyżeczkę a
    okrzepłego kamerzystę, jaki będzie posiadał taki wyszukaj skończyć

  87. Person says:

    woks on MHF US, thanks again!

  88. trap says:

    do u have to have vhbl in mhfu on 1.80, to be able to have vhbl on 1.81? i bought the game while on 1.81. Please help

  89. MAXIMUM says:

    Whats actually the purpose of the iso folder?
    So y can access the game from XBM?
    Thx in advance

    I can finnally put my vita to work lolz!!
    Thx for all Wololo

  90. Go onto /Talk forums for help. Ask your ? there and we will gladly help you out. :-)

  91. wololo says:

    Next ofw will patch the kernel exploit. If we wait until that, we go back to vhbl. We preferred to give people an additional chance at kernel.

  92. Gunblade says:

    Think i saw the samme post wen i was googleing about vita cracks

  1. October 9, 2012

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  2. October 9, 2012

    […] […]

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