Release: 6.60 TN-B for Urbanix and Mad Blocker Alpha


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504 Responses

  1. KingpinZero says:

    So, whats the current state for those who didnt grabbed the games for the exploit? EU 1.81 here.
    Does the exploit still works with MH3, Urbanix and MBA if i get them, like now, from the store?
    Or i need to wait the next release?
    Thanks :)

  2. Chadderbox says:

    Hello. Couple quick questions here. I recently got a ps vita and was able to get the Mad blocker alpha game on it in time. But the Vita only has a 4gb card. Will this still work if I upgrade to a 32GB card? Where does the actual mad blocker alpha game get stored? Thank you.

  3. Kial says:

    still got a hunk data failed to allocate 27 megs on one of my Games is there any way to fix this?

  4. LolName says:

    I found out about the exploit late, so I wasn’t able to directly download Urbanix or Mad Blocker Alpha from the PSN. But I did come across an Urbanix.cso. It’s on my PC right now. Is it possible to install it onto my Vita? I haven’t updated my Vita in awhile. (It’s at 1.61)

  5. reza says:

    work in v2.02???????????????????

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  7. Person says:

    woks on MHF US, thanks again!

  8. trap says:

    do u have to have vhbl in mhfu on 1.80, to be able to have vhbl on 1.81? i bought the game while on 1.81. Please help

  9. MAXIMUM says:

    Whats actually the purpose of the iso folder?
    So y can access the game from XBM?
    Thx in advance

    I can finnally put my vita to work lolz!!
    Thx for all Wololo

  10. Go onto /Talk forums for help. Ask your ? there and we will gladly help you out. :-)

  11. wololo says:

    Next ofw will patch the kernel exploit. If we wait until that, we go back to vhbl. We preferred to give people an additional chance at kernel.

  12. Gunblade says:

    Think i saw the samme post wen i was googleing about vita cracks

  1. October 9, 2012

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  2. October 9, 2012

    […] […]

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