The Possibilities Behind the Vita’s Only Publicly Available PSP Emulator Kernel Exploit

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65 Responses

  1. senas8 says:

    So it began. 😀

  2. vcb04 says:

    First, lol But seriously…speaking of anythig running in sandboxed psp, has anyone got pmpplayer to work, or even tried?

    • Telgar says:

      I would imagine when this release finally comes out and people start focusing on the possibilities and not the releases, then we will start to finally find out the full extent and power of the sandboxed psp. If all we know the cpu could be throttled in the sandbox, or there could be ways to juice it up past the psp’s old limits. Same with other aspects of system resources. Only time will tell.

  3. Rafael707 says:

    Long live hbl xD

  4. thecoldest1 says:

    That would be very cool to use full capacity of the psp onto the vita

  5. C_4evaspeaks says:

    Well put!I thought of it as it was when the very first psp was released and the dev scene was forming.Now that it is formed and growing it’ll be sooner than later to have all the benefits we once had on the first portable sony gaming system.

  6. Betwene says:

    Before we get some real ps vita games, we can enjoy the psp games for a while. That is my point.

  7. senas8 says:

    The XMB would be by far the greatest.

  8. Omar says:

    HBL will never die!, Believe it! l XD

  9. janbee says:

    What if sony focre us to update firmware tonite? then most of us cant download the game on tue , waaaa thats a bummer >_<

  10. yu8hai says:

    wo… a amazing news from you guys. bring back the golden memory we have on pap 1000 since several years ago.. good job.

  11. Abdou007 says:

    Is it possible to get faille to access to the psvita ram through the emulated psp ram ??

  12. flynn says:


    Actuellement détenteur de la faille monster hunter(merci wololo) est il conseillé de passer sur la nouvelle faille prévu demain ? Sera t il plus simple d’utilisation ?

  13. qwikrazor87 says:

    I’ve looked into the Vita’s PSP emu flash files and noticed that there was quite a few *.prx and *.rco files missing, mainly for the VSH.

  14. Vitality77 says:

    I was just wondering ……

    Which PSP (1000) firmware is Sony emulating in the Vita ?
    It’s not 1.50, is it?

  15. tonyuk73 says:

    Nice read.thanks :-)

  16. Rac says:

    hi what is wrong when i click on the activation link i have this

    The requested user does not exist.

    what should i do??

  17. Six says:

    Man o man I can’t wait!!!

  18. SofaKing™ says:

    thank you again for this hard work,got SC3, didnt want to spend $20 on MH , missed urbanx (excecpt on EU accnt, as it was a free game a few months back) and thank you for this, i have tried with pssuite to make RADIO PLAYER from psp to vita but to no avail, i miss my SDHOUTCAST and urge someone to try to port it over . thank you all

  19. Chaosruler says:

    I bought the Vita solely for the purpose of Persona 4 Golden..
    since I won’t be able to get a physical copy of it I will have to get it via PSN, which requires me to update… therefore I am out of the league of keeping the kernel exploit in the near future (20th of November).. but I do understand the amazing work of this exploit, I just don’t understand how you can sign an XMB via Urbanix’s kernel exploit (or any kernel exploit), it will still be up to loading a save file to load the exploited security, the XMB will be more of a loaded menu to that exploit than the real XMB which we really liked

  20. BuZz says:

    Cant Wait………. Very exited

  21. BuZz says:

    Cant Wait Very exited

  22. osamatyan says:

    salut wololo ,
    je ne veut pas etre rabajoie mais c’est certe une excellente avancee ce kernel exploit pour l’emulateur de la psp mais qu’en es-t-il d’un hack de la vita elle meme , apres tout pour 99 euro on peut tres bien avoir une psp street avec un full hack . la question est pourquoi s’obstiner a hacker l’emulateur de la psp sur la vita si celui ci n’aurais pas de suites vers un hack de la vita ?.

  23. shades says:

    Can’t wait to see what else is to come, SUPEr exited for the XMB to be ported 😀

  24. natsu says:

    that is why i am desperate to have a psn card… but the problem is, i can’t because its not available here in my town… grr.. even game retailers here dont have it.. and second, its exams week….

    so if anyone has a kind soul to help.. i would really appreciate it… even just the smallest amount available which is $10,..

    if i don’t get the chance to get this game this time and sony puts a firmware update, i just hope that we see more developments after this kernel exploit is patched…

    this coming semester break, i wanna try looking for exploits.. :)

  25. solala says:

    welll this is nice and all but the basic thought is why schould i do it on such a much more expensive device when i can have all of this much cheaper …

    the scene will get intresting once full vita acces is possible with alll its aspects(yes this includes a real iso loader)

    • Gadorach says:

      Don’t get me wrong with this, as I personally don’t promote piracy for any device but those that are discontinued, but as the PSVita has cartridges rather than disks/enclosed disks for titles, would it not be more proper to call any rips “ROMs”, instead of “ISOs”? Therefore, it would be a full “ROM” loader, not an “ISO” loader.
      Just my two cents. 😉

  26. V says:

    Wololo, I’m a newbie and still extremely new to the Vita.. so far emulation of a PSP is still not perfect, are we saying that we can now somehow get the full potential “PSP” & “PS Vita” emulation created? (is this question even legal)

    • MacksG says:

      Freedom of speech my man. But what he’s saying is this will open your Vita open to Any and all options that come out. (because most work will be using this most likely)

      The vita Will probably be openned up before the end of the world (Mayan calender harhar) Have faith these Devs Are Geniuses.

  27. Mr.Dave says:

    I’ve been waiting for Ragnorok Odessy for months now. Here’s hoping they stay on 1.81

  28. francis says:

    yes!! finally ill wait for ninja! soooooo excited…. wanna use my psvita 1.81. flexibly! i havnt got the urbanix and monster hunter..better these new “ninja”.. see you soon..harigatu!

  29. Thecobra says:

    wololo, sorry to inform but not EVERYTHING is there from psp side. for example the USB storage driver is not there but the USB system is there so theory indicated that we can make our own version of it and implemented it. I am sure there more stuff like so 😉

    • MacksG says:

      Cobraaa 😀 i was wondering if we’d be able to implement our own flash0 and flash1 files to make the XMB exsist, like this and other “MUSIC” ideas 😉 or is that just making it sound easy? lol

      • Thecobra says:

        in theory, it possible but it take a lot of work and patching for it work. I don’t think a lot of developer would waste their time on it unless they really want to

  30. Z3N says:

    Brilliant, just brilliant! I got the new exploit game thanks to Wololo and enjoying playing FIFA online until this exploit is released and Sony releases an update. I was on the 1.80 MHFU exploit but I figured I should update while I can.

    One question, does having kernel access in this exploit allow us to use more RAM for emulators? I am basically asking if Daedalus64 will work better. Great work everyone!

  31. gonolo says:

    this is great.
    but are there any news about a team working on hacking ps vita games? i don’t care about online gaming, i just wanna play ps vita backups!

    • MacksG says:

      Why? I;d like to be able to use the ones i own (EX; the gamecarts) and play them without a card in the system, but thats it. i buy and sometimes import games i like. so why want Vita backups..? .. i’d rather have freeroam to use the vita as a tablet / computeing system to help at schools or in offices.. not just as games. but as a tool :)

  32. eric264 says:

    The logical move here for any PS Vita enthusiast is to just suck it up and buy another Vita. That way you’ll have a way to play legit releases, keep supporting developers, play online, etc, while still being able to stay on the cutting edge of the homebrew scene at the same time. You’ll also be helping out the Vita community by doing your part to increase Vita sales.
    It’s expensive, but I’m willing to do it to show my continuing support for both sides of the fence.

    • Sorun says:

      My thoughts exactly, take a look at craigslist and you can find used Vita 3G’s for only $200 with games. So many people are giving up on there Vita’s it’s the perfect time to buy used.

  33. jamesssss says:

    Was looking at VGZ charts and noticed that the Vita in the last 7 days was up by about 20% globally, I wonder if that might be due to the CFW? I know I nearly sold mine to just go back to my PSP as it was annoying me but now I am happy :)

    If you look week on week apart from the launch of Project Diva F (that sold nearly twice as many Vita’s in Japan in a week than the rest of the planet for that week) the Vita has not had a boost like that since its decline post launch.

    Will be interesting to see this weeks as well to see if this trend has continued.

  34. b2p1mp says:

    Wololo can you speculate whether UMD video backups will get support? If you have no clue that is fine, if you have a definite NO because of certain hardware issues then I would love to know. I know that they started allowing a file to be mounted as a UMD file and it would appear on the XMB like you placed the UMD disc into the system. At first it required a working UMD drive and 1 UMD video in the drive. They unlocked it so that NO UMD drive was needed as well as not needing a real UMD in the drive. This would be a nice feature since I own so many real UMD of Videos.

  35. james way says:

    so to get this straight, it’s a psp kernel exploit we have, not a vita one right?

  36. Mr MaGoo says:

    Ok, I am curious whether to update to 1.81 and wait fir tomorrow for the kernel exploit or will I have the same access with urbanix? I am currently on 1.80 with monster hunter and urbanix

    • chingon says:

      UPDATE ASAP and waight for the game tomorrow…

      • Mr MaGoo says:

        After going over several posts and making sure I was doing the right thing by updating, I realized that urbanix is a user and this is a kernel. Huge difference. Once I made that awareness, lets just say I wasted no time getting ready to download it. I think there may be a problem with the upcoming release and Charles proxy. I have a feeling that it will not recognize the game and therefore will be forced to update to download from the store. Read into it…

  37. Charls says:

    i know a little bit about c++, visual basic and its hard make simple programs to me, i wish you luck guys you make a great job doing this for us.

  38. jok3r0314 says:

    how do i know if open cma installed correctly i dont want anything to jepordize my chance at this exploit

    • thecoldest1 says:

      Don’t worry if you don’t install open cma correctly nothing bad will happen but how to check if you installed it wright is if you can open cma without being connected to the internet.

  39. MacksG says:

    So Personally; i’m Glad we have just the PSP . I’d really like to see a plugin or Homebrew made to remoteplay SEEMLESSLY WITHOUT LAG from ps3. Without restrictions; because i want it to be seen as a psp (running HB or Plugin) but be able to run using both Analog sticks..or even the touchBack as R2 and L2 (changable settings) Not to much to wish for eh?

  40. lol says:

    still, wouldnt sony have signed up for the ninja releases long ago?

  41. 0ver4ual says:

    If we pull some files using PSPFiler, like, a BUNCH of files, and compare them as what they were before they were encrypted with CMA, then after, what do you think the odds are we could crack the encryption? Then eventually make something that actually mounts the Vita like the PSP did, while still making the CMA on the Vita think it’s trading data with CMA. I think that would be crazy useful. Then we wouldn’t have to overwrite the save data for our exploited game of choice

    • wololo says:

      What you suggest is impossible. Read a bit about how encryption work, good encryption algorithms are especially designed to not be vulnerable to that type of “brute force” comparison.

      • 0ver4ual says:

        That’s too bad. I guess I should have known it wasn’t possible after vHBL had been out for so long and it wasn’t suggested previously. Anyway, thanks for your (and your team’s (Not to forget TN)) hard work. If I have anymore questions or ideas, I’ll pop in here. If we’re lucky, we’ll see full out CFW :)

  42. Now all we need is a dump program to dump the PSVita game cards and ill be set.

  43. Andre says:

    Wololo, sorry if this is a bad answer, but stop to show the exploited games even in ninja releases or leaks, see how much person would like to have cfe tn cfw in their psvitas and tell then to send to you (by email), and to other persons that you know who don’t will tell to everyone about the exploited game, to send their psn accounts (off course with the amount of money of that game will cost) and buy it and inform then by email that you have bought the exploited game, so much more persons will use that game…is an idea

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