Release: 6.60 TN-A H.BIN mod by Hiroi01: run TN HEN on any usermode exploit


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275 Responses

  1. pie2007 says:

    the mod link is down must be getting hammered

  2. rewrite says:

    Wow, and right after I updated to 1.81 and lost my 1.67 Super Collapse 3. 😐

  3. ricerrr says:

    sound like it should work perfectly

  4. ricerrr says:

    you can also get it here

  5. rewrite says:

    For those of you who can’t download it from the direct link on the Wololo page, get it off the main page here

  6. Sakuryu says:

    wow lol, knew it was gonna happen but this fast?

  7. Abdou007 says:

    This must be useful eveb for the upcoming firmewares thnx

  8. Maxxy says:

    That’s great news! Does it run just as stable as the Urbanix version, or as the version for the new game on Tuesday will? VHBL on MHFU always had the problem of crashing after a while, will that occur with the CFW too?

    If not, there’s really no reason for me to update at all anymore! Thanks for letting us know!

  9. sdf says:

    monster hunter 1.81 very well!!!!

  10. sdf says:

    thanks monster hunter 1.81 very well!!!!

    • Moska de bar says:

      Sdf Hello!
      It is true that 1.81 works MHunter …. is that I have the firmware update 1.67 and I want to be certain it works in 1.81 ….. I hope you can answer me … greetings

  11. sdf says:

    1.81 mosnter hunter runing succes

  12. MNM87 says:

    Now that was fast. But I’ll wait for a more stable release. Waiting for it to be ported to MHFU US. Good news for the community!! :)

    • wololo says:

      That could be the only release you’ll see. There is no reason to see any other release than this one, unless it just doesn’t work.

      • MNM87 says:

        I shall follow the great wololo’s advice then. Thank you everyone for making everything possible even for noobs like me. 😀

  13. DudeWheresMyVita says:

    1.80 w/ patience is a virtue. Dl link hit hard.found source in the comments. I will check back soon.

  14. Dante69 says:

    CFW loaded for me with MHFU. Now I need to try some iso and homebrews on it

  15. Dante69 says:

    I’m on 1.80 fw

  16. BD says:

    Anyone can Release a step by step for this even tho it look simple i have no idea what i am doing,i have MH2G V1.80 BTW

  17. Dazman says:

    What about all who updated to 1.81.

    • carrot says:

      yeah wot about the people dat missed urbanix and havnt got MH2

      • OciexGamer says:

        What about them? Sure it’s sad that people didn’t get enjoyment of the eCFW

        But hey you who are crying wich i see alot,
        How about you boot up some games find yourself an exploit
        And then make your own eCFW

  18. lee says:

    can it runing at mosnter hunter 2G ?

  19. Dazman says:

    He sits with a 1.81 vita after having all the expoits in the past and looking at the microwave and thinking (Should I)

  20. testing123456 says:

    won’t work

  21. jwolf3 says:

    wololo alright i get the vhbl exploit for mhfu then i get the urbanix and dump it into the vhbl or just install it onto my ps vita? can someone give me a bit more details?

  22. et3 says:

    hrm. had mhfu with vbhl working, confirmed because i could play wagic.

    copied over US Urbanix files…. (is there something to run/install here?)

    go into mhfu, but tn exploit wont work, just a loading screen that asks if i want to delete the savegame…

  23. Brickpsv says:

    it work ,i can load tn menu

    i have MHFU on fw 1.80

  24. Videomenace says:

    Wait does that mean i can use the mh exploit on 1.81 to load the cfw?

  25. Sirap says:

    Works like a charm! Successfully loaded MHP3rd

  26. fengmodong says:


  27. kingzhaoqq says:

    can 1.81run?

  28. fengmodong says:


  29. luxx says:

    oh the suspense, my vita’s battery is flat so I can’t try out yet :(

  30. BD says:

    can this be used on MH2G help~~ T_T

  31. sakonshima says:

    mhfu of 1.81?

  32. fengmodong says:


  33. fengmodong says:

    How to get Loophole The game name?

  34. EeGo says:

    1.81 test froze… thought id let you know

  35. sakonshima says:


  36. fanwender says:

    in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, 1.81 ps vita. does not work, follow all the steps, and when I downloaded. Charged tells me and the screen freezes.

  37. darkauron says:

    If I buy monster hunter today I can use the exploit?

  38. woloLove says:

    after running MHFU exploit it froze with a thumbnail photo of the MHFU save file and if i press triangle asks me if i want to delete.

  39. Abdou007 says:

    What if sony has already the update ready and just wait for the releasing of game’s name and put his update online?

  40. 666 says:

    Hello, can someone please give me a link to a EU MH-FU pre-modified save, I always get error C1-2858-3…
    Thanks !

  41. berto1989 says:

    Failure, vita version 1.81 Eur monster hunter

  42. Elratauru says:

    Well, Updated to 1.81 yesterday for the new leak/game exploit so I dont think this is gonna work on the new game just yet.

    Still, It’s nice to know that stuff is really going on :O

  43. Proelio says:

    This souldn’t work on 1.81, isn’t? I mean, there is no VHBL for 1.81…

  44. vcb04 says:

    Well I think I got it to work, but its just a whiteish-grayish screen dipicting my psp/ps savedata, wth? Im a member of the forums, so if somebody can PM me wth I do now that’d be awesome?

  45. Dante69 says:

    Playing Breath of Fire 3 cso on the 1.80 MHFU US version and so far it works. Saves and all. At the beginning it says there isn’t enough room on the memory stick duo, but that is a lie cause the game saves fine. lol

  46. eviLucifer says:

    Will it work on 1.81 MHFU (EU)?

  47. noaec says:

    it didn’t work with mhfu(us) on 1.81.
    replace h.bin then copy save file to vita, then tried to run it it didnt work. btw why do we need urbanix files?

  48. snakekill77 says:

    Do I need to delete all my homebrew (VHBL 1.80) before I upgrade to OFW 1.81?

  49. Marto says:

    Anyone that tested it on a old FW where Motorstorm Artic Edge savegame exploit is active on?

    I have it still on the FW where I got it with, Motorstorm AE installed but haven’t used the savegame exploit yet. So if anybody has tried or will try soonish, please drop a status update!

    • cscash241 says:

      You can try it but I was not succesful on 1.67 with sc3 and I was told by wololo that a backport would most likely happen and then I was told by the Z that it would require a lot of unnecessary work and that I should get the new game.

  50. woloLove says:

    1.80 MHFU(US) replaced vhbl’s h.bin from mod us urbanmix save copied when i run the exploit goes black then it turns gray screen with MHFU labeled on top and a MHFU Photo. Need Help

  51. sasuke1981 says:

    sorry for asking but i didnt understand yet, i can run psp/psone iso with this one? =/

  52. gagdet says:

    teen warez shitcocks.

  53. Mad_Hatter says:

    MH Freedom Unite exploit with 1.80 firmware, EU version of 6.60 TN-A Mod.

    I have replaced vhbl’s h.bin from mod EU, Urbanix save copied with OpenCMA but when i run the exploit the screen goes black and get error: C1-2858-3

    Need help…. thank :)

    With orignal h.bin VHBL still works, but cant install Urbanix savegame.

  54. jwolf3 says: has the files already prepared

  55. mike7500 says:

    im getting the exploit to run but it only shows me the monster hunter save data

  56. Cloud says:

    Can anyone confirm this working on a US 1.67 FW with Super Collapse?

  57. Rac says:

    wait for tomorrow as i update yesterday

  58. 666 says:

    Here is a pack for MHFU EU users 😉 :
    Just copy everything on your vita : MHFU save + Urbanix CFW + FTP !

  59. Kenzo says:

    i dont get it…
    Copy the modified H.bin to MH savedata folder?
    copy the urbanix savedata
    and run MH?

    All i get its a Black Screen

  60. Dannytk says:

    I’m 1.80 and same Error on EU MHFU C1-2858-3…

    After black screen the error shows up..

    Any help?

  61. Rac says:

    hi thank you for the thing

    when i click on the activation link i have this

    The requested user does not exist.

    what should i do??

  62. AsDraS says:

    I’ll try it on 1.8 with monsterhunter as soon as i’m at home

  63. Rac says:

    i mean i cant register to your website :(

    i click on the link and nothing happen just a the user dosent exist could anybody help me please

  64. Rac says:

    The specified username is currently inactive. If you have problems activating your account, please contact a board administrator.

    to who should i ask help? any board administrator here? please

  65. IDontModLobbies says:

    I got a black screen when I load up the vHBL.

  66. henrique brasil! says:


  67. alvin says:

    how abouth jewelry keeprs can any cfw developers for that game be coz i no have money for new psn game for new exploited please rep me thanks.

  68. someone says:

    wololo, I test it on two PSV, all of them only have MH2G
    first: OS 1.69 can’t gen in TN-A
    next: OS 1.80 all is OK

    that’s all
    thanks to all hacker

  69. Sephisel says:

    Hi to all…
    I can happily say that this is an eminent success for MHFU US version… 1.80..
    For those that don’t know, the gray screen with the MHFU picture is the eCFW. Just follow all the instructions and it will be ok…

    • Ghack says:

      Please help me im desprate you got this to work on MHFU US 1.80 i need help could you explain what i need to do to get this to work please please step be step

  70. psvfan says:

    h.bin Mod Don’t work on 1.61 Everybodys Tennis

  71. cscash241 says:

    Its not working for me on 1.67 with SC3 but some people on the forums with MHFU on 1.80 are having the same issue, so I wouldn’t worry to much right now.

  72. RebelDream says:

    This works to MHFU (US)?

  73. soad26 says:

    Okay, now i sold my psp go just to buy a 20$ us card, hope this works. Wololo, the article said to buy a eur card, does this mean that it will be available only for eur? If not, is the 20$ card enough? Another question, the article said that the exploit will be revealed on tuesday, what time will it be here in the philippines which has a timezone of +08:00 hours

    • Brendan B. says:

      If you’re referring to Tuesday’s Ninja Release – you don’t need an EU account or PSN card to get it. I’ve already got the game itself (NA/US region), just not the exploit. Remain patient and you’ll be fine, friend.

      No, I will not speak the name of the game in question.

  74. HIMFan says:

    To anyone who has a working MHFU US eCFW Savefile. Could you upload it?

  75. blah says:

    I replace the H.bin for the monster hunter and ubanix h.bin with this h.bin. Copy from open cma to psvita. I ran monster hunter i get the grey screen with monster hunter freedom unite with the monster hunter save picture but nothing else load when i click the X button or the other button. When click triangle its just ask are you sure you want to delete it? How do you install urbanix because it wont load in the vhbl loader to install it…

  76. HIMFan says:

    I get better results if I don’t use this new H.bin file. At least the original one for TN gives me a red screen. And not just throw up an error.

  77. icyheart says:

    Do you mean monster hunter freedom unite ANd iam on 1.81 ofw pleas answer me

    • HIMFan says:

      Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and MH2G both have working VHBL save files. And those VHBL only work on 1.80. There is no Monster Hunter exploits on 1.81. This is only for te people who stayed on 1.80 because they had just dropped USD$20 to get it and play VHBL on their Vita and didn’t wanna pay anymore money to do so.

    • Brendan B. says:

      Because you’re on OFW 1.81 – the Monster Hunter exploit will no longer work. Sony patched it.

      On 1.81 you will need Urbanix or you’ll have to wait for the Ninja Release on Tuesday.

  78. 666 says:

    For every EU users : here is a pre modified working pack !
    Please read the comment before complaining !
    You will have everything you need !

  79. 666 says:

    YOu need to use the Urbanix US exploit, even if you use the EU MH exploit !
    Please wololo add this information to your post, thanks for all 😉

  80. luxx says:

    so in the urbanix save folder, you make a zip file lets call it HOMEBREW.ZIP with the structure PSP/GAME/(the homebrew you want to put in it), and they all have to be added in store mode. That should make a button on the grey screen which you can extract, after you extract it the zip file disappears from the urbanix folder and your homebrew should appear on the grey screen along with the MHFU button

  81. Klowned says:

    Hello i just recive the new email for registration but when i click on it it redirect me to a page who said this user dosent exist again

    could you explain me what is going wrong??

  82. Catnip says:

    If i have fw 1.81 is there any way to do this?

  83. HIMFan says:

    OK. I got it to work. Wololo’s in parentheses parts threw me off a bit.

    1. Have Monster Hunter Freedom Unite or MHF2g
    2. Have 1.80
    3. Download VHBL for your region of MH.
    4. Download hiroi01’s H.BIN
    5. Drag and drop the H.BIN in the VHBL folder and overwrite the old one.
    6. Download the US version of TN-A for Urbanix, regardless of your Vita region. And again, you do not need the game Urbanix, just it’s modified save file to run TN-A.
    7. Put the modified VHBL folder in the directory where your PSP save games go to transfer to your Vita.
    8. Put the US eCFW TN-A in that save game folder as well.
    9. Connect your Vita and make sure you’re running OPENCMA.
    10. Now transfer both save files, meaning the VHBL save file and the Urbanix save file.
    11. Go into MH and once the game is at the main menu and go down to Download. Then choose “Yes”.
    12. Congrats, you should be on the grey screen showing your save files. That’s how you load the CFW!! Wololo has plenty of other blogs and tutorials that explain how to run Homebrew and to a lesser extent ISO’s. Again, wololO is not for piracy and you shouldn’t be either. This is for people who purchased PSP games in the past that are not supported that they want to play on their Vita!

    • HIMFan says:

      PART 2 OF MY TUTORIAL. How to get Homebrew on this.

      1. Have completed the first tutorial.
      2. Create a PSP folder on your desktop.
      3. Inside that folder create a GAME folder.
      4. Drag and drop any Homebrew into the GAME folder.
      5. Once the Homebrew you want to install is in the GAME folder, exit to the desktop.
      6. For this step you must have WinRAR or alternative! Right click on the PSP folder and choose “Add to Archive”.
      7. Choose the ZIP option, not RAR.
      8. In the Compression Method options, choose Store.
      9. You can either name it now, or rename it after. But you must name is HOMEBREW.ZIP for the eCFW to recognize it.
      10. Drag and drop it into the Urbanix TN-A save file that your put into the PSP save game spot in the previous tutorial.
      11. Use OPENCMA to overwrite the old Urbanix save with the new one.
      12. Go into MH as usual and load the exploit. You’ll now see that Homebrew in the list.
      13. And that’s it! Just tap on that Homebrew to install it!

      • HIMFan says:

        How to install ISO/CSO files of games that you LEGALLY own.

        There are 2 methods to this. The first being the standard USB cord from PC to Vita method. It’s easier, but its more steps.
        The second being the FTP method. There are less steps to it, but it’s for the tech saavy folks out there. However, both methods will be so easy noobs can do them.
        First I will discuss the USB method. Regadless of the method you choose just remember to name the game something 8 letters long and in all caps. Also, make the extension all caps as well. If, for example, you have Katamari Damacy.iso you could rename it KATAMARI.ISO. That is the #1 way to ensure the game will work.

        USB METHOD:
        1. Have completed my previous 2 tutorials, or equivalent thereof.
        2. Download PSPFiler for eCFW (
        3. Install PSPFiler using the method of installing Homebrew.
        4. With your Vita already plugged in, put a ISO/CSO into a savefile and copy that to the Vita.
        5. Launch eCFW and launch PSPFiler.
        6. Navigate to the save file where your ISO/CSO file is.
        7. Highlight the game and select COPY (or cut, I’m not sure if that option is there, I always just copy and delete after I paste).
        8. Go back to the root of MS0, you can create a folder there. Name that folder ISO.
        9. Go into the ISO folder, paste the game inside of it.
        10. Exit PSPFiler and the game will be on your eCFW screen! Play the damn thing!

        FTP METHOD:
        1. Have completed my previous 2 tutorials, or equivalent thereof.
        2. Download VitaFTP for eCFW (
        3. Install VitaFTP using the method of installing Homebrew.
        4. Launch exploit and go into VitaFTP.
        5. It will tell you your Vita’s IP address. Enter the IP address into Filezilla (or your FTP program of choice) and connect to the Vita.
        6. Now you can see the PSP Emulator’s file structure. At the root of it all, create an ISO folder.
        7. Place the ISO/CSO files in the ISO folder. It takes a little bit longer over Wifi, so test with a small game first.
        8. Press the Square button to exit back to the eCFW after the transfer of your game(s) is complete.
        9. The game is on your eCFW main screen! Play the damn thing!

        • HIMFan says:

          As far as the USB method is concerned, you DO have to copy the ISO/CSO file into a savefile every time and then copy it over to the ISO folder using PSPFiler. Its definitely better to learn the FTP method if you can.

  84. Arashi no yoru ni says:

    It would be nice if someone made a Youtube video of how to do this and get ISO/CSO/ ect.

    I don’t know what the heck i am doing wrong i followed everything.

  85. aceallways says:

    Would this method work with the upcoming exploit?

    • HIMFan says:

      All exploits from here on out will have TN-A and VHBL attempted to be ported to them. Although its officially known that the next one is definitely going to run eCFW.

  86. Brickpsv says:

    it work for me, i try Sol trigger and it’s run smooth

    this is my save file :

    i use MHFU US , 1.80

  87. iceblast69 says:

    ok i hae it working on mhfu is there a way to keep my save also so i dont loose my progress in the game

  88. BakedOnSomeSour says:

    u need to have a working exploit for this right?

  89. BakedOnSomeSour says:

    u need a non patched exploit for this right?

  90. Mazet says:

    Mmm, this may be a stupid question … Actually i have a JP psn account, so I made a EU account but if I change the account and downloaded M. Diva F Demo, and get the TN running can still run that game? Should I try to (somehow) buy a JPN card? Sorry for my english..

  91. RodPin says:

    Damn… Now I´m afraid of Tuesday… Since the scene is acting so weird, with all those scammers, I´m afraid that the CFW will not be released… Don´t know why.

  92. rafaelhof says:

    i can download a 1.80 fw to install on my 1.67 vita firmware ? where i can download it please and thanks guys !

  93. squiggs89 says:

    If I have a ps vita with fw 1.80, can I download MHPU from the psn store or has the game been patched itself?

  94. isty11 says:

    I deleted the Urbanix :S
    Can i get again?

  95. Munchie says:

    I’ve got MHFU US, I’ve got tn’s exploit running, Im aware that no psn bought games will run through it. But I have installed ymenu to 6.60 tn-a and tried booting up my homebrew. Namely emulators, and get an error. Is there a compatibility list for 6.60 running through MHFU?

  96. Jason says:

    You monster hunter VHBL people should reward yourselves by now playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on your vita! :) Have fun!

  97. WhyKlef says:

    Little question, I had to do Factory Reset as my MH was on a different account, but the game won’t start because Sony needs me to activate my account with PSN. PSN won’t let me activate unless I update.

    Is there any way around this for me to run MH and then VHBL or am I stuck waiting for the next 1.81 version?

  98. XplosivePi3 says:

    Patiently waiting…

  99. Devin says:

    I followed HIMFan tutorial, but I’m having trouble adding homebrew and PSP games. I made a no compressed zip file, with the correct folder hierarchy but nothing is showing up.

    Like others have asked, it would be nice for a youtube tutorial.

  100. AsDraS says:


    There is a file which contains all that stuff so u dont have to patch it yourself.. i failed at patching it myself 😀 xD

    here’s the link:

    All iso’s and cso’s i tested until now worked fine but if i put my vita into sleep mode or minimize the homebrew it freezes.. dont try to go back by press start or u will need to reboot your vita, just minimize it and end it and start it again

    • Ghack says:

      hey did you get this working on MHU US i cant get it to work could you help me please?

      • AsDraS says:

        I dont have the US version only the EU one.
        What is happening when you go to download and accept with yes? if the screen turns black and then gray it works.. you just need to make a .ZIP file which has less than 8 characters and copy it with open cma.. this .ZIP file must be in capital. for exampe “TEST.ZIP” also u have to set your compress program to only safe otherwise it wont work. Inside the .ZIP file there must be a folder called PSP and inside this one called GAME and in there u place the folder with your homebrew you want to install. I hope you understand this because my english is not that good 😀

  101. tiago2394 says:

    can you play ad-hoc mode with this?

    • AsDraS says:

      i think it should work but make sure u deleted your wlan connections in the settings of your vita otherwise sony could patch your vita without letting you know

      • tiago2394 says:

        it says the lan switch on the psp is not turned on

        • AsDraS says:

          maybe urbanix did not have a multiplayer function and because of this wlan is deactivatet.. but i dont know i just think it could be like this.. maybe if a game exploit comes where the game supports adhoc it maybe works.

  102. a27 says:

    someone help me please, i can’t copy the files to my ps vita :( .it keeps telling me “you must update the system software of the ps vita system”. Is there any way to bypass this? I’m on 1.80 HMU vhbl.

  103. Lawliet314 says:

    When I try to install an iso the iso doesn’t show up in the menu of pspfiler 6.6. Why is it not showing up?

    • Alucard says:

      caplock-on,rename it

      • Lawliet314 says:

        Yeah 8 letters too but it wont show up in the menu of the exploit or filer

        • tiago2394 says:

          Use ftp vita
          open the ftp homebrew and then it show you an adress,type that adress in your firefox browser then it should appear a little page right click it and on the bottom it says “open this file with fire ftp ad-on (or
          something like that)
          you should see the content of your vitas memory stick create an ISO folder on the root of your ms and put the game there
          its a bit slow so i advice you to use a game that is small but confirmed to work on the first time.
          the list of games that work are on the forum
          good luck

          • Lawliet314 says:

            Thanks a whole bunch i’ll try that, also i figured that adhoc file transfer 0.7 can work too. im sending psp to ps vita so its easier though im not sure which is faster but hey as long as it gets the job done right! Thanks again for the help!

  104. Dakota says:

    Do we delete previous vhbl files?

  105. rafaelhof says:

    Anyone know if it’s possible to upgrade my PSVita version 1.80? he is still in the running with 1.67 Vhbl monster hunter

    • Mr.Q says:

      I actually asked this a little while ago on the contact page but ended up figuring it out myself.

      1. Get Sony’s official CMA and install it. Download OpenCMA for 1.80. Find the OFW files for 1.80 (I don’t know where to find them nowadays. I’ve had them for a while) and upload them somewhere that you can get a direct download link. If you have your own FTP then that’s better.

      2. Take the “psp2-updatelist.xml” that is in the CMA programs folder and replace the http links just like you would if you were doing the old Charles’ Proxy trick.

      3. Go to the Vita settings and choose to update via PC while connected to CMA (not while using CMAWatcher) and it should tell you that there is an update available for 1.80. If it says 1.80 you did something wrong.

      4. Once you’ve updated, be sure to close CMA and reopen it with CMAWatcher running. You can then transfer files between the PC and Vita again.

      I just did this literally an hour ago. Hope it helps!

    • chingon says:

      update to 1.81 and stay tuned new exploit tomorrow….dont mis out.

  106. icyheart says:

    heloo very think you for supporting
    I am on 1.81 and now I getting 20 dollar
    I should buy Monster hunter or waiting

  107. Lawliet314 says:

    When I try to install an iso the iso doesn’t show up in the menu even in pspfiler 6.6. I placed the iso in the folder of TN but it doesn’t show up :/ Why is it not showing up?

    • AsDraS says:

      did you rename it so that its in capital letters (even the .ISO /.CSO) and it should have less than 8 characters

      • Lawliet314 says:

        yeah it still wouldnt show :/ so i just used adhoc file transfer and sent the iso from my psp to my vita i find this much more easier maybe slowere but its ok 😀

    • chingon says:

      dont forget to CREATE an ISO folder in ms0:ISO/ISOS inside the folder

  108. iAwesomness says:

    Hey sorry to be a bother but i need HELP!

    I have the MHFU VHBL on 1.80 and followed all the instructions but when i go to load VHBL i get no grey screen just the normal VHBL. What am i missing?

  109. miguel says:

    it works perfectly on the mhfu vhbl but i havent download any iso yet

  110. 00 says:

    followed instructions, got error msg, c1-2858-3 im on MH 1.80, do i need to copy isos along with the urbanix save or something?

  111. kenny2858 says:

    Can I buy the game for 3$? Or do I need 20 like people said? hmm..

  112. Cheska says:

    This is great news that shows that patience truly is a virtue. It’s too bad I updated to 1.81 in anticipation for the ninja release tomorrow so I can’t test it on Monster Hunter anymore. Hopefully tomorrow both myself and everyone waiting will be able to join in the fun.

    Keep up the great work everyone. This makes me very nostalgic of the PSP scene many years ago.

  113. xdarkmario says:

    ok how do i install this on MHFU exploit, do i replace save data or just the H.bin file on the the MHFU savedata?

  114. THEGUY says:

    i’m not sure what i’m missing, i tried everything, i get to the grey screen i extract the ftp homebrew and it says install but i can’t see it anymore, i’m stuck here guys, please help me, i tried my own modded files and the pre-packed files on here but nothing seem to work for me, thanks for your help

  115. Klowned says:

    drink coffee guys

  116. spanish MAN says:

    Or other coke ^_^ wait for a great moment
    \m/ (-_-) \m/

  117. Klowned says:

    yeah bro ^^ lisent to my music on iphone ^^

  118. Joe says:

    Is it tuesday tommorow, or tuesday next week?

  119. Klowned says:

    tuesday 11 am when we will be dead tired of non sleeping night haha 😀

  120. Dante69 says:

    All right! transferred saves for Crisis Core from my psp work on the exploit perfectly.

  121. tha boss says:

    i tried it with motorstorm artic edge but no succes. has any one of you got it running with motorstorm??

  122. miguel says:

    it used to work but now it shows these c1-2858-3 im on MH 1.80

  123. carrot says:

    thank u wololo when is the software release

  124. Well I finally got the name of the game. Good luck guys. drink lots and lots of coffee. Thanks Wololo.

  125. Klowned says:

    hi wololo <(^w^<)

    you wait for the release too lolcnt sleep i can be in re6 as i become a zombie uuuuuggg @w@

  126. vita84 says:

    Yes!!!It was worth taking a day off!!! Thanks Wololo

  127. Khyle says:

    Should just update to 1.81 and get the new exploit 😛

  128. miguel says:

    ok it works now the problem was that i had a corrupted file now i dont get the error msg

  129. Klowned says:

    lets make a game we make a story all together ok?

    i begun

    One upon a time there was a little man a little man who …. you continue and the next person continue the story and take the previous person sentence and add is own ok?

  130. miguel says:

    can some one help me how to put iso/cso games on the mh 1.80 with 6.60 TN-A H.BIN mod

  131. kingzhaoqq says:

    its a gooday

  132. miguel says:

    how do i check if u got the ninja release game exploit

  133. Kokumotsu says:

    i have everything working fine, even played Birth By Sleep a little.

    but i have a question, since this bypass VHBL in total how are we able to access pspfiler/FTP since it only shows ISO,(atleast in my case it does)

    i have to rewrite my VHBL file everytime just to add/remove stuff since those homebrew dont show on the ISO loader

    • b2p1mp says:

      Inside a zip named XXXXXXX.ZIP there should be a psp folder, inside that there is a game folder, inside that there is homebrew title folder containing eboot. Place that zip into savedata of your exploit and copy over. Run exploit and then click on the homebrew icon in the TNmenu. It will move the homebrew to the PSP/GAME directory of the Vita’s psp emulator. It will auto delete the install package. You will not have to overwrite homebrew apps. If you arent seeing homebrew you have the wrong file structure.
      NAME.ZIP should contain PSP/GAME/PSPFILER/eboot.pbp

      • b2p1mp says:

        I think caps are only needed for the .ZIP and I always use compression method store(though i read it can use regular compression now)

  134. momtaror says:

    It is Mad Block Anpha , EU store has been removed

  135. Trey C. says:

    Is this “ninja release” tomorrow supposed to include a method of loading ps1 eboots?

  136. RebelDream says:

    I try this in MHFU and the black screen appear any help? D:

  137. alvn says:

    mybe its time to jewel keepers game to be next exploit coz manny users download that game in the store no husel

  138. El Sonrics says:

    I followed the tutorials by HIMFan and it is working for me on MHFU US 1.80 Thank you Thank you!!!

  139. Charls says:

    Hi today i bought Monster Hunter Freedon Unite i try whit this Hirio´s Mod but the normal VHBL doesnt appears i put the VHBL monster hunter freedom unite with the H.BIN and the urbanix, but doesnt work, looks like its goint to exploit but appears error (C1-2858-3) and close MHFU

    im 1.81 and a Psvita US

    Hi from Mexico guys.

  140. eviLucifer says:

    Go to heck nobody cares, about your piracy.

  141. OciexGamer says:


    * Homebrews : Playing GBA SNES NEOG Etc, [Emulators]
    * Homebrews : More video formats via HB, [HomeBrews]
    * Homebrews : More music formats via HB,
    * Homebrews : HOMEBREWS.

    This is not at all about the loading of ISO/CSO/WHATEVER.
    Wololo is agains't piracy in all honor but read the freaking post.


  142. icyheart says:

    I will not pay 60 dollar to the games

  143. Jdubs says:

    Unless someone can confirm this is working on the new game…

  144. Brendan B. says:

    Obviously it can’t work yet as we don’t have the save game for aforementioned Tuesday Ninja Release. ;D

  145. wololo says:

    This is just a few offsets to change, not my fault if tn is being lazy :)
    As soon as he open sources his work I am sure some people will work on it. I have personally seen his cfw run on 1.67 a long time ago, so dont freak out, just wait.

  146. cscash241 says:

    Thank you soo much for the News, I was going insane! Wololo, you have been one of my favorite people in the scene and I remember back to the days when if you wanted to run a homebrew in hbl you had to hop on one foot, and hope the syscall estimation felt like working today, it has come a long way since then

  147. wololo says:

    Haha, so true, when we had like 1 or 2 homebrews working…

  148. Joe says:

    Is it tomorrow or next week? And is it at noon or at the morning? Sorry I have school tomorrow but I wanna know just to make sure 😀

  1. October 9, 2012

    […] quote: As announced early this morning, a modified H.bin has been created to effectively utilize Total_Noob’s TN-A on the older vHBL releases. […]

  2. October 10, 2012

    […] quote: As announced early this morning, a modified H.bin has been created to effectively utilize Total_Noob’s TN-A on the older vHBL releases. This is […]

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