Release: 6.60 TN-A H.BIN mod by Hiroi01: run TN HEN on any usermode exploit


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  1. Klowned says:

    yeah bro ^^ lisent to my music on iphone ^^

  2. Joe says:

    Is it tuesday tommorow, or tuesday next week?

  3. Klowned says:

    tuesday 11 am when we will be dead tired of non sleeping night haha 😀

  4. Dante69 says:

    All right! transferred saves for Crisis Core from my psp work on the exploit perfectly.

  5. tha boss says:

    i tried it with motorstorm artic edge but no succes. has any one of you got it running with motorstorm??

  6. miguel says:

    it used to work but now it shows these c1-2858-3 im on MH 1.80

  7. cscash241 says:

    What the *** wololo? You said that people with a working vhbl should stay on their firmware and that there would be a backport and now TN and The Z are saying that the kernel exploit is not going to work on any fw lower than 1.80. I know this is not completely your fault but I am just really mad and need to vent, this is the first time something like this had ever happened where a lower firmware is not supported for some BS reason.

    • wololo says:

      This is just a few offsets to change, not my fault if tn is being lazy 🙂
      As soon as he open sources his work I am sure some people will work on it. I have personally seen his cfw run on 1.67 a long time ago, so dont freak out, just wait.

      • cscash241 says:

        Thank you soo much for the News, I was going insane! Wololo, you have been one of my favorite people in the scene and I remember back to the days when if you wanted to run a homebrew in hbl you had to hop on one foot, and hope the syscall estimation felt like working today, it has come a long way since then

  8. carrot says:

    thank u wololo when is the software release

  9. Well I finally got the name of the game. Good luck guys. drink lots and lots of coffee. Thanks Wololo.

  10. Klowned says:

    hi wololo <(^w^<)

    you wait for the release too lolcnt sleep i can be in re6 as i become a zombie uuuuuggg @w@

  11. vita84 says:

    Yes!!!It was worth taking a day off!!! Thanks Wololo

  12. Khyle says:

    Should just update to 1.81 and get the new exploit 😛

  13. miguel says:

    ok it works now the problem was that i had a corrupted file now i dont get the error msg

  14. Klowned says:

    lets make a game we make a story all together ok?

    i begun

    One upon a time there was a little man a little man who …. you continue and the next person continue the story and take the previous person sentence and add is own ok?

  15. miguel says:

    can some one help me how to put iso/cso games on the mh 1.80 with 6.60 TN-A H.BIN mod

    • HIMFan says:

      Go to the second page of this comment section. I have 3 tutorials that covers it all from start to finish.

  16. kingzhaoqq says:

    its a gooday

  17. miguel says:

    how do i check if u got the ninja release game exploit

  18. Kokumotsu says:

    i have everything working fine, even played Birth By Sleep a little.

    but i have a question, since this bypass VHBL in total how are we able to access pspfiler/FTP since it only shows ISO,(atleast in my case it does)

    i have to rewrite my VHBL file everytime just to add/remove stuff since those homebrew dont show on the ISO loader

    • b2p1mp says:

      Inside a zip named XXXXXXX.ZIP there should be a psp folder, inside that there is a game folder, inside that there is homebrew title folder containing eboot. Place that zip into savedata of your exploit and copy over. Run exploit and then click on the homebrew icon in the TNmenu. It will move the homebrew to the PSP/GAME directory of the Vita’s psp emulator. It will auto delete the install package. You will not have to overwrite homebrew apps. If you arent seeing homebrew you have the wrong file structure.
      NAME.ZIP should contain PSP/GAME/PSPFILER/eboot.pbp

      • b2p1mp says:

        I think caps are only needed for the .ZIP and I always use compression method store(though i read it can use regular compression now)

  19. momtaror says:

    It is Mad Block Anpha , EU store has been removed

  20. Trey C. says:

    Is this “ninja release” tomorrow supposed to include a method of loading ps1 eboots?

  21. RebelDream says:

    I try this in MHFU and the black screen appear any help? D:

  22. alvn says:

    mybe its time to jewel keepers game to be next exploit coz manny users download that game in the store no husel

  23. El Sonrics says:

    I followed the tutorials by HIMFan and it is working for me on MHFU US 1.80 Thank you Thank you!!!

  24. Charls says:

    Hi today i bought Monster Hunter Freedon Unite i try whit this Hirio´s Mod but the normal VHBL doesnt appears i put the VHBL monster hunter freedom unite with the H.BIN and the urbanix, but doesnt work, looks like its goint to exploit but appears error (C1-2858-3) and close MHFU

    im 1.81 and a Psvita US

    Hi from Mexico guys.

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