Playstation 3: Custom Firmware 4.21 (Red Power 4.21) Information.

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned Red Power 4.21. I noticed in the comments that there were people who were slightly confused so I thought I would spread a little light on the matter.

Information is still incredibly scarce, so what I say isn’t carved into stone and is of course subject to change.

The Red Power Team (Hereby referred to as RPT – although the only person I can confirm working on this is Deank) have been working on a CFW that works on 4.21 however; there are still teething issues. It can be run on 4.21, but has been known to crash and fail during the writing process thus leaving the user on 4.21 so of course, it’s incredibly risky (though this will probably be fixed prior to the release of the CFW).

The only information available at present points to the fact that your console will be required to be in CEX, though this information seems rather unreliable, so simply keep it in the back of your minds, but know that it is a possibility.

In regards to it requiring a dongle; Deank has declined this. So ignore sources that state otherwise unless Deank or any other (if indeed there are) other members of RPT state otherwise.

Some of the features of Red Power 4.21 will include:

      • Working Blu-Ray (tested 2 movies so far with full functionality)
      • Working DLC Pkg install
      • Many new games working which include:

- Resident Evil 6 (Demo)
- PES2013
- Dynasty Warriors MR2 HD
- Dead Or Alive 5

      • Working PSX Games (from PSN – other Eboots unconfirmed)

What will not work:

      • Connecting to PSN as it will force an upgrade
      • Hatsune EX (This allows access to PSN via a Bypass. Sadly, will not work)
      • Homebrew (Major sad-face for this one, but RPT have stated that only MultiMAN will work – no other homebrew).

A new version of MultiMAN is also being released for this CFW, which will bring a plethora of new features including: direct disc access, a BD-movie region changer, sc36 BD-emulator and raw access to physical media.

On a final note, they have recently released a video of Red Power 4.21 working and running Dead or Alive 5 which you can watch below:

So for now, keep your eyes open – more information is sure to surface soon.

  1. RazeMeitzen’s avatar

    quick question, will this work on all PS3 models? or only on those cfw 3.55? cos i read that your console has to be on CEX and im not sure what that means probably cfw 3.55 feature?


    1. Mr MaGoo’s avatar

      Cex just means retail version. Recently they released what is called dex version basically meaning dev version. I am going to assume that at this time is an update to 3.55cfw based upon the video asking the user if they would like to set thee params to 3.55. After the video, I think I have more questions my self.


  2. kagaelus’s avatar

    Awesome Hope they get the bugs worked out and the homebrew working! best of luck :)


  3. Hugo’s avatar

    Keep up with the updates


  4. alex’s avatar

    I’m confused. This MAY be a be a working cfw, but homebrew won’t work ?or is this just till all the homebrew gets ported to the new CFW?


    1. Clad’s avatar

      Most likely a vanity thing. They will force you to boot into MultiMAN and then launch your homebrew from its internal launcher.


  5. trollkilla’s avatar

    Info for those asking, this will only work on 3.55 or lower.


  6. Sangol’s avatar

    I have heard many articles that they are also working on 4.25 downgrade, however, I believe this is hardly possible. Most of people here should be on 4.25 sadly. T.T


  7. Riku’s avatar

    So I’m confused… what does this run if not homebrew? Is it just for ISOs?


  8. Mr MaGoo’s avatar

    My whole reason for wanting to update to a new cfw is for vita support. With 4.11ofw, there is now more vita support like official remote play instead of using a mobile phone for it. That and an actual back up for my vita would be nice. Im intrested in how this would work considering u need your psn acct to access ofw now.


    1. Mr MaGoo’s avatar

      correction, I miss spoke, it does not need psn so this should have much less lag and actual support such six axsis for some games. Cant wait :-)


  9. Steve edel’s avatar

    Well it will run multiMAN at least. Which will then run PS3 games that allows you to backup your current PS3 library. Pretty useful tool when I had an old dongle method I used when they first came out


  10. MrJack’s avatar

    :( my PS3 is ofw 4.25 so ill be waiting quite some time for this stuff


  11. HIPHOP78’s avatar

    I have 2 PS3′s a 40gb upgraded to 500 gb CFW 3.55 V2, I also have a 60gb fully backwards compatible with 4.11 ofw. How can I downgrade the 4.11 ofw to 3.55


    1. nero’s avatar

      E3 flasher.


    2. Zaf9670’s avatar

      As of right now a flasher unless I missed some big change.


  12. Kingofbroke’s avatar

    Can i pirate games using this cfw? Sorry for being noob


    1. Anti-Piracy Guy’s avatar



  13. Anon’s avatar

    would this exploit there using still work on 4.25?
    I mean it should still be in there since the only thing 4.25 added was ps+ members able to upload 1gb of cloud space.


  14. wahaha’s avatar

    they rename to blue disk yet


  15. Krasy’s avatar

    will this allow every1 ho sadly upgraded to more than 3.55 like 4.11 and never updated again to run download games or do you need to have a 3.55 cfw in order to install this one??

    from what i read it seams like a new cfw to every1 that have updated by mistake or something like that.


  16. ramenking’s avatar

    hey thanks for the info wololo your sites is getting so good that i dont even use ps3news no more lol.


  17. Luke’s avatar

    No homebrew but multiman? that seems weird, personally for me not having showtime (major in my media life) would be a total no-go, still, is nice to see the “”scene”" moving forward


  18. SsJVasto’s avatar

    So basically, if we can’t run Homebrew, this is only a CFW to run ISO? What’s the use?


  19. ATG’s avatar

    why isn’t this being developed for 4.25???


  20. Jared’s avatar

    Is 4.25 compatible? You didn’t mention that it isn’t…


  21. Alex’s avatar

    I think that the update is not worth it without homebrew , also it doesnt have psn use… The Jailbroken Ps3 users need a way to play online without a hassle. maybe if you want to play any new realeased games then can i install the firmware and when i want to play homebrew downgrade back to my old custom firmware idk … they really need to get homebrew on this cfw and maybe a better flash player for the ps



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