Clearing the Confusion. Ninja releases and Membership


My name is Justin Hartman. I enjoy video games, writing, Modding and anything to do with the scene in general. I look forward to creating quality articles for others to enjoy.

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107 Responses

  1. Xian183 says:

    First! hahahaha ive always wanted to say that 😛

  2. Alucardus12 says:

    Thx for the info Wololo.

    • Mr MaGoo says:

      Uh.., read under the headline and it will tell u who wrote the post. Although this is a wololo forum, not all posts are directly from wololo himself. There are now several moderators and such that now post. This one happens to be darkanubis74

  3. James says:

    Thanks DarkAnubis. Great job clarifying for everyone. I THINK I may have figured it out before hand, but I will have to wait and see.
    Keep up the good work all of you.

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      You’re welcome, make sure you stick around.

      • Telgar says:

        Thank you as well darkanubis for putting this on the front page. I know this is in the forums, but its nice to give all the newcomers a big gigantic “DO NOT RELEASE THE DAMNED GAME NAME” warning that is impossible to avoid. Helps the releases go smoother.

  4. yoreo says:

    I tried to register, but I’ve yet to receive my confirmation email.

  5. Ralph says:

    It seems that no one can register now.

  6. Reggie says:

    I can´t register.

  7. MrJack says:

    you Rock Wololo :)i check the forum every 20 minutes (give or take) just to see if a new post is available. VHBL is Amazing and i have the Monster Hunter version but i am going to update because I really Badly want ISO/CSO capabilities.

  8. ruben says:

    Hello , thanks for notice , I can´t register. . please help . My nick es rubencube

  9. blade8607 says:

    OK just patience patience

  10. Draxirch says:

    Thanks for the clarification, most likely i won’t miss this one then and i’ll have my ISO capabilities, and be playing Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts BBS soon ^_^ Thanks again!

  11. winzg says:

    So to get the info in the forum do u need to post a lot?

  12. Steve edel says:

    Thank you good sir, been wondering if I could for sure go on psn. Been shutting my wifi off except to use FTP every time just encase haha!

  13. Ronald says:

    I think I speak for everyone hear when I say it will be a glorious day to be able to play KHBBS on my ps vita.

  14. Well, This will definitely clear up some confusion, Hopefully by Tomorrow I will Know the name of the game since Its late and I can’t got buy a psn card :(

  15. JecksLG says:

    Thanks for the info Wololo :) !

  16. Doom says:

    The Time is Coming!
    Is this release gonna be all virsion enable or just for EU only again?

  17. Resinmg says:

    Here is my ?
    Is the game on US PSN Store. I want to update going to get a psn card atm if someone could verify that it is on US PSN Store it would be very helpful. Either way if it is or isnt i am sure it will be ported to other games if it is at all possible. ATM i am on 1.80 and have the time out problem threw MH Freedom Unite. If not then im wasting 50$ right now but if it is and the exploit does not get ported to the other games or cant for some reason ill still be able to use Homebrew!!!

    Thanks for the help and info

  18. barturo says:

    Wololo I just want to know if this game is available on the U.S. store or if it’s just one ps store or on every store

  19. beavis71cox says:

    still no activation email. I’ve been waiting 2 hours now. I tried the resend link 3 times. And yes, I’ve checked ALL my folders including the spam folder. Are you not accepting any more “new” members?

    • gyoku says:

      On Login screen, click “Resend activation e-mail”. I tried it mine and it works.

      • beavis71cox says:

        I guess you didn’t fully read the text of my comment…….I stated tat I tried the resend activation link 3 times…..and still nothing……..and now I see that there are others who are complaining about it too………now it’s been 5 hours,and I have tried using other email addresses, but still nothing

  20. chaves2 says:

    Hi, I’ve been following the blog and forums for a while, but hadn’t registered yet. (I didn’t have a Vita) But now I registered and can’t get the activation e-mail. It won’t be a big deal if I miss the name of the game, but if you could look into it I’d be very thankful.

    Kudos for the blog and forum BTW.

  21. kori_261 says:

    I registered today around 10:00 CST so no one should have any problems. I would try another email if it comes down to it.

  22. Stepenlu07 says:

    Hoping for monster hunter 1.80 CFW support. Thanks!

  23. Dante69 says:

    There is a Monster Hunter Portable G2 backport of the cfw from what I read on the forum. So it’s possible MHFU will get one aswell.

  24. GTAfan_01 says:

    ive heard that other people are getting different games in the ninja realese. so is this a fake release, if it is im very angry that i spend my money on a game that wont do anything that i wanted it to. and i will stop following your blog

  25. sora_kun says:

    i didn’t receive any confirmation emel..plz help..i already my spam too..

  26. jinmliang says:

    I registered with gmail,hotmail and sina ,but still no activation email. please help me.

  27. never had any message, been a member for long time, how to check if i have a warning?

  28. Jackxin says:

    Thx for the info Wololo.

  29. narutosamac says:

    help me i can’t login!!!

  30. garyse75 says:

    I for one will not do anything to jeopardize my chances of getting the name. I missed my oportunity with urbanix.

  31. Bludfhart says:

    Awesome news!

  32. Stiffeno says:

    I am currently running 6.60 CFE TN-A using the Urbanix exploit (Vita firmware 1.81) right, and I have a question! When 6.60 CFE TN-B comes out sometime this week, will i be able to just use the new TN-B with the Urbanix exploit? or will I need to use the new game being announced with the exploit? Basically, can i just run 6.60 CFE TN-B straight from 6.60 CFE TN-A?

  33. Asdfjuma says:

    Question: What’s stopping Sony from registering an account to see your Ninja releases early? Once it’s as easy as registering an account to find out the information it’s hardly top secret.

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      Nothing is stopping them but if history is an indicator, they won’t pull it until the actual exploit is released.

  34. mike7500 says:

    waiting for the us version! amazing thx everyone working on this projects

  35. Synntech says:

    This is my third chance at getting CFW/VHBL.

    btw is it comin out on tuesday 2morro or next week? Its currently monday where i live.

  36. Stepenlu07 says:

    I invest my money on monster hunter hoping cfw will be ported to it, for me its a very expensive game because im living in a poor country its the first and only game i bought in psn store but reading this makes me wanna update to 1.81 but im afraid for the worst case that will happen that i will be late to download the game and lost everything for cfw. This is tough decision for me.

  37. wjrgmail says:

    Waiting for Tuesday!

  38. kenny2858 says:

    Is it safe to update to 1.81?

  39. neverthewiseone says:

    yahoo!!!! now i must have 20 bucks in my wallet. it’s better to know it late than to know it later!!!! but i hope tomorrow after work.

  40. Pablo says:

    I am glad to be a part of the community do not know why but for some time I visit this site for years … and I have registered recently because I would not want to miss a new feat with all this I am happy and eager to arrive on Tuesday.

    sorry for my bad English

  41. AraragiTsukihi says:


  42. DongsMBM says:

    been here for a long time, and just regeistered last week for reporting the compability list of the TNA menu

  43. Omar says:

    I Updated to 1.81, am i still capable of doing this?

  44. quetz says:

    i never saw any advising.. and i don’t see the new one. always had luck to get the info in time, and i’m lucky to read other forums.. but why? means i’m not trusted? signaled? thank you wolo i’m gonna remember this..

  45. Walter says:

    How can i get to register in the forums i’ve been waiting so long to get any of the exploits but i alway try to late, i just want an exploit before thuesday it doesnt matter if im one of the less trusted. thnx
    P.D im reading this on my vita

  46. Walter says:

    I think i’ve already done it, am i? no deen to answer my previous post thnx again.

  47. vita84 says:

    glad to be a part of the community…Now i can’t take my eyes off my laptop XD

  48. lizeng520 says:

    why HK server?

  49. quetz says:

    people who missed urbanix should REALLY be googling hard now… because game name got released, and, i think it’s not gonna last long

  50. Soldier says:

    You guys are the best ever

  51. Zephanoa says:

    Thanks for this info. I have been following for a while and always wondered how that worked. Thanks darkanubis!

  52. ronin17 says:

    DarkAnubis – assuming guy were a ronin warriors fan back in the day?

  53. Efjay says:

    Waiting for the message :)…Another chance so I could test the the exploit…I’ve never tried testing the user exploits.. I am always a late in news and updates about this site..hope we all can experience this new exploit.. :)

  54. meh says:

    should i sign up for the release i already have urbanix or do i need other games?

  55. soad26 says:

    Okay, now i sold my psp go just to buy a 20$ us card, hope this works. Wololo, the article said to buy a eur card, does this mean that it will be available only for eur? If not, is the 20$ card enough

  56. soad26 says:

    Another question, the article said that the exploit will be revealed on tuesday, what time will it be here in the philippines +08:00 hours

  57. larx says:

    @soad26 Pre, intay ka lang malapit na. you need to have the game before they post it here coz usually sony will take it out as soon as possible.

  58. Gadrastus says:

    I’m so excited. I can hardly wait!

  59. mariusrhpsd says:

    hi, i registered… yesterday, yeah, so, anyone know when are we, late bloomers, getting the ninja release?

  60. Waiting says:

    It’s almost school time, but release still not coming!
    I cannot get that new game when I am taking classes…hmmmm

  61. Waiting says:

    Hey guys, could anyone give me an answer about this please.
    My collage don’t have WiFi, so I can’t get that new release when I am there. But I can go on to the Internet with the PC which can download stuff. Is it possible I buy that new game from PS NEtwork On PC and Move to My Vita, after that, is it still able to use the 6.60 TN?

  62. Javier says:

    Has anybody thought that among us there is a black sheep that is just waiting to hear about the “special” games then one way or another inform PS so that they can remove the game? Maybe I am just plain dumb and my comment is dumber but I have missed all of the exploits and it seems like they removed the games relatively fast.
    One thing is for sure I am not missing this one.
    Thank you to all the people who make this things possible.
    Places like this make this life worth living.
    I just want to play Odd World so bad on my Vita!!

  63. Waiting says:

    It’s already 5:47 AM on Tuesday Here New Zealand! 😀
    Which Time zone does that new release based on?

  64. Waiting says:

    I Can’t Wait to after school and back home, see that game already out of PSN….that gonna be the heck!

  65. johannes says:

    do i need the new game for TN-B or can i stay on urbanix

  66. Do not wanna miss this one says:

    Good morning wololo!

  67. Dan says:


  68. Gadrastus says:

    Thanks! Wololo!! You don’t know what this means to me!

  69. questioning says:

    ¿What will happen if your forums are attacked by sony?
    ¿there is an “secure” way of getting an e-mail just in case Sony attacks and the e-mails get leaked?
    I just ask because i’ve never been on the “underground” of the computer world -just msn, facebook and a bit of coding-

  70. Hey Danke fuer die schoene Zeit auf dieser
    Webseite. Macht weiter bitte so. Da komme ich gerne wieder.

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