Urbanix JP: Weeleeds releases Hello World’s sources, needs help for the next steps

A few days ago, developer Total_Noob released an eCFW for the PS Vita, running through a usermode exploit on the game Urbanix. Unfortunately, he only released the corresponding user exploit for the EU version of the game. Soon enough, a US compatible version was released, but the JP version of Urbanix was left in the cold.

Developer Weeleeds, who had shown some progress on working on the Urbanix a few days ago, recently released his sources for a Hello World running on the JP version of Urbanix. He is now asking for help to port Total_Noob’s CEF to this exploit, and is also investigating the possibility to port VHBL in the meantime.

The US port was made relatively simply by injecting the necessary files into the folder, and didn’t not require too much development work if my understanding is correct. could it be the same for the JP version?

In parallel, Total_Noob has contacted me recently to let me know that porting his work to other game exploits will be made much easier with his upcoming release CFE TN-B.


Download Weeleeds’ Hello world sources here

source: Weeleeds

  1. itreptau’s avatar

    first :DD
    but the real think why i came is to say that there is going to be a new exploit on tuesday(announced on pspking.de by TN(i think))


  2. henrique’s avatar



  3. henrique’s avatar

    very good


  4. tromendus671’s avatar

    how do I use this version?


  5. nichikoro’s avatar

    GOOD NEWS!!! congratulations Weeleeds. :D i hope the cfw works in monster hunter unite :S


  6. bahiano’s avatar

    Uhuuu, Good!


  7. letsrapetheleaker’s avatar

    Wait…how is this a user mode exploit when we can play ISO backups isn’t it a kernel mode exploit?



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