Recent Events and The Future of the Vita.

Recently the have been some monumental changes within the PSVita scene as you all (should) know. But where do they leave us now? And where do we go from here?

To summarise, we’ve had a user known as Sam Jordam (or Ipadboy to those of us on Wololo’s Forums) Coldbird leaving the scene, and a very cleverly named eCFW released by Total_Noob. These are incredibly significant in not only the current state of the PSV but also what’s to come.

Sam Jordam is a name that we all know, and probably hate right now for being a bit of well… an ass. He wasn’t very liked on the forums, and as Wololo has stated, he had also been threatening to hack this site and close it down although clearly these threats were empty however, it never occurred to me that someone such as himself would have such a large impact on the future of the Vita. If you are interested finding out more about Sam Jordam and his antics and Coldbird’s departure, you can find more information here.

If you decide to watch his other videos (Sam Jordam), you’ll notice he starts off by saying things such as “not my files, not my problem” and that he is actually helping us, then he releases a video claiming that it was a mod from Wololo’s forum’s fault THEN he releases another video claiming to apologize for the departure of Coldbird, however it’s just under a three minute long video of several images of dead birds, and two videos of people throwing about and otherwise abusing the corpses of some – not worth watching, and sickening if you do. Furthermore, he ends this video with a troll face, which sadly sums everything he has done up until now which may have destroyed our chances of a fully customisable Vita and full use of its hardware – however, there are many skilled Devs on the case, so only time can tell.

Coldbird had already left the scene in the past due to the ridiculous demands placed upon his blog by people that seem to believe that Devs have no life of their own, and simply sit in front of computers all day doing nothing but coding, which is of course; completely and utterly incorrect (and a ridiculous thought to boot). Finally getting fed up of this, he left the PSP scene returning to the Vita scene over a year later. He had been actively participating in the Vita’s development, and had spent four months writing his own Custom Firmware which had not long been complete when Ipadboy leaked this to public – though, I won’t go into the ins and outs of how he got these files. I guess this just restored the idea of how dramatic and aggravating people can be for Coldbird who had enough and decided to leave the scene once more, which is a massive blow, as there are few people who are as skilled and dedicated to the scene as he was, plus, he joins a list of many other Devs to have quit the scene, due to either the public or specific individuals. So from us all; Goodbye, Coldbird – thank you for all your amazing work!

Total_Noob has been working very hard, and released a Custom Firmware that works on the Vita known as 6.60 TN-A. What’s more is that Total_Noob has promised to release a new Firmware at the end of this week labelled 6.60 TN-B – if you want to know more about this, click here.

This may look like a positive thing coming from a very, very bleak circumstance, and it is – we have a lot to thank Total_Noob for. However, what’s to come in the future? Well, although this remains purely down to speculation I will still state some possible outcomes as I see them: there are multiple groups still working on the Vita, and probably a lot of independent Devs, but the issue arises that there is a possibility that they are using the same, or very similar kexploits (kernel exploit). These files are readily available, as such they can easily patched by Sony in the future which would hinder future developments, or possibly completely stunt them altogether.

The outcome of this is that yes, we have a Custom Firmware with Homebrew and Iso loading capabilities (which for those of you who are unsure, is limited to PSP Iso files), however it may be that sadly, we may never unlock the full capabilities of the console.

What do you think is the future of the console?


  1. Roshan’s avatar

    I agree.


    1. fuckyouwololofag’s avatar

      fuck you wololo…..psp cfw is enough…..dont be lame and try to play vita games for free….just get a job and buy games!!!!!….you guys are hyporcites and said before that you are against piracy but look what happened now?…..stop your bs..also please stop benefitting from the works of others like it is your own……..


      1. wololo’s avatar

        Hmmm, this article was not even written by me, not sure where you’re coming from here?


        1. mike7500’s avatar

          haters gonna hate! i woulndt doubt thats our friend mr jordan


          1. Darkanubis74’s avatar

            nah, even Sam didn’t sound that stupid….

      2. Corey96’s avatar

        Hey! I just noticed something! That’s not the aim! PS Vita hackers and devs are trying to open the console up to homebrew and emulators, etc. Guess what! Sometimes we like to play back-ups of our games so that we don’t need to take as many hard-copies around. Believe it or not we don’t all want to pirate, but sometimes the outcome is piracy, unfortunately.

        Did you know that? Those are some fun facts, hey?


        1. Freddy’s avatar

          nah ,i like homebrew most…alot of aplication so my vita can do more than just playing games, sms or calling thru my 3g vita using the sim would be awesome hehe, sorry for my bad english…


      3. Thecoldest1’s avatar

        Hey dude common nobody likes when people talk crap and anyways wololo did not make this thread why would you come to this site if all your ganna do is talk stuff?


  2. Taylor’s avatar

    I disagree.


  3. Ralph’s avatar

    My Name is Ralph


    1. Rafael707’s avatar

      Hello ralph, im raf


      1. Different55’s avatar

        I’m Different55. Not like anybody cares, but whatever.


        1. OmNom’s avatar

          D: I care! Don’t be sad!


  4. NinjaKakashi’s avatar

    I think we will eventually get full control of the vita just in its old age but I don’t know much about programming but there always seems to be someone doing something that leads to a path to another something then eventually makes a big something and all the good hackers like coolbird will not release this un till the right time for the vita or thats what I’d like to believe:)


  5. 2die4’s avatar

    we will get the cfw watch


  6. Ghadz’s avatar

    Its too earlyto tell mate. Theres yifanlu exploit in the works right? And the release of ecfw is unexpected. There are lots of upcoming titles to vita and sony will definitely patch this kernel. Hope they wont force you to update via cartidge we will buy…


  7. Andalia’s avatar

    We may never? What the hell, we know so little about the Vita itself, we maybe crushed a couple of projects for the PSP emu, but I’m sure we did not bring the Vita projects in serious threats.


  8. Brendan B.’s avatar

    Personally, I’m sad to see Coldbird leave the scene. I don’t mind TotalNoob’s work at all – and in some ways I support it since Sony is lagging behind in giving us what we want.

    That’s all I want to see though. If we push any harder we could actually crack the PS Vita and if piracy becomes easy to do on it, we’ll just destroy a cosole that had HUGE POTENTIAL. I didn’t pay $300 to have it become a PORTable brick. I want to see some good exclusives in it’s 10 year lifetime. Let’s not kill it in the first year by releasing a Vita KXploit.


  9. Jethro’s avatar

    Given such circumstances, what we need is luck, and more manpower. But I think eventually Sony would make mistake or someone within Vita’s team got fed up with their bosses and release the source file somehow…

    In conclusion, still luck.


  10. 2die4’s avatar

    it will come sooner then later


  11. Bassflower’s avatar

    Hmm I think controll of the Vita will be sooner as we think. I heared that you can make a directory called “MUSIC” in the PSP Emulator via PSP FTP and it appears that THIS IS THE VITA MUSIC FOLDER. So We got indirect control of a VITAFOLDER. Dont know IF someone can do somwthing with that little thingy but I could think of a Code written into a MP3 to start something inside the Vita sytstem….
    Could this Lead to something Wololo?


    1. UE’s avatar

      unlikely with the bullshit restrictions being as they are on the pictures, videos and music folders.


  12. NakedFaerie’s avatar

    I think We may never see full CFW on the Vita. What it looks like is the Vita will be like the 3DS as it will have backup support for the previous device. Vita will support PSP backups like the 3DS supports DS backups.
    Instead of looking for exploits in games I think they should look into making a flashcard for the Vita. A card that lets either PSP backups play or even Vita backups. Do the same thing the DS does, mimmic a game and goto a menu. Maybe more steps than just that but its a start.
    As for the console sales I think a full CFW or flashcard for the Vita will make sales boom. Look at how well the 3DS is selling. It can play DS backups and the DS games are still being made and sold so piracy there isn’t doing any real damage to sales. Look at the PSP, games are still also being made for it and they are still selling so again piracy isn’t really hurting.
    I think they are using piracy as an excuse why sales are low. Thats total BULLSHIT. Explain the low sales of the Vita then. There is no piracy there and the sales are really low. I think piracy will increase sales not drop them.
    Also if they had more games then it might sell better.

    As the Vita is selling crap, got just about no games and no backups its doomed to fail. As soon as there is some sort of backups playing on it sales will rise but as its still a $ony product it will always suck and $ony will kill it themselves buy locking it down even further and probably start banning consoles or accounts like they do on the PS3. NOT the smart way if you want to sell more consoles. People will just go to the competition if they did that. Noticed when the PS3 started getting banned there were more 360′s sold. $ony’s loss is Micro$ofts gain.

    In the end I see this CFW as a good thing and its now here to stay. The more they lock things down the more the hackers have to do the more they want to do it. If they just left it alone and ignored it the hackers would have nothing to do and give up. Thats the smart way but these big companies arn’t that smart.


    1. Gourcuff’s avatar

      I totally agree with you on the fact that hacking does not kill a console, it is the contrary and if the Vita’s sells are low, it is sony fault and their policy, look at what they did (or didn’t) at last E3.


  13. Thecoldest1’s avatar

    Ohh and by the way I think the ps vita can reach it’s full potential if we got good people like total noob and maybe coldbird might come back


  14. HELPPPP’s avatar

    Fuck that thief


  15. Gourcuff’s avatar

    One big dilemma is if you want to play the next big games like Assassin’s Creed we will probably have to update the Vita, but we don’t want to lose eCFW and hinder an eventual native vita exploit, so what should we do? wait (maybe forever…)?


  16. super’s avatar

    Alright this is starting to get really annoyed with the “we may never unlock the full capabilities of the console, We may never see full CFW on the Vita.” stuff. Like I said before Coldbird is just a soldier ant (a good one at that) in a colony full of ants. Believe it or not, There are tons of people working on Hacks/Exploits on the Vita itself. And there are developers (soldier ants) out there that have their hands on sensitive information (Hacks/Exploits) on the Vita. It’s just a matter of time till someone releases their work/project.

    What happened to Coldbird’s work sucks because he is a good dev and all of the stuff he puts out was awesome. But stuff like that happens and we devs and non devs just have to stop thinking about how this is the end of the road of the Vita hacking scene. And we should start finding another route in hopes of finding a way to the road that leads us to a full vita hack.

    TL;DR= Patience is a Virtue…


    1. Reply freak’s avatar

      Ur right we have to be optimistic and believe in the devs believe in Wololo.



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