Missed the Urbanix exploit? TN has something big coming for you


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  1. armookie says:

    Look on the talk forum If you want the games name. Thats all I can say. Just relax because enough people know what game. : O)

  2. Jdubs says:

    Yes $10 will be enough. Thats all u get though 😛

  3. armookie says:

    Nice work again guys. You have all done us proud once again! Thanks to everyone involved. Happy days again : O)

  4. Ty43616 says:

    I just registered at like 1 today does anyone know maybe when ill get ninja release

  5. armookie says:

    Just a quick word to calm things down.
    Don’t buy a game because someone lists it on this thread!
    People lie and will have you waist your money.
    Lots of people know what game it is already,
    Look in talk forum if you are unsure!
    Otherwise wait until tuesday for wololo to make announcement.

    Happy Days Again !!!

  6. Marx101 says:

    Over 10 games have been said to have the exploit, so there are not many clues in the forum, please say a particular clue even minimal

  7. Ty43616 says:

    Is the game in the forums or no ive been looking for a few hours lol

  8. Marx101 says:


  9. Kenzo says:

    Tuesday Tony will shutdown the servers for sure…

  10. Ty43616 says:

    Ive looked in the talk forums but havent found anything :/

  11. armookie says:

    Did you people make an account for the forum? Once you do you must log in to see the ninja release. It will be shown at the top of the talk forum page. Depending how long you have used the forum depends on when it will show.
    Newer members may get it a day before or not at all.
    I hope that helps some of you : O)

  12. armookie says:

    You guys make me “MAD” with all these comments about what game ; O)

  13. Marx101 says:

    jajajajajaj 😉

  14. Marx101 says:

    who you think you are , the alpha dog? jajajaj

  15. armookie says:

    ; O)
    One word top result !!!!!

  16. Marx101 says:

    no la verdad ahora si que no entendi

  17. wei says:

    Man, I want a ps3 hack. my 4.23 FW sucks

  18. narutosama says:

    good luck

  19. rodman says:

    silent thread is silent

  20. sherlock says:

    I’ve been following this post the whole time..saw someone post a game and then the comment was deleted..and then picked up a few clues along the way by means of reading the rest of the comments..just registered yesterday to have this game..but I’m pretty sure i have an idea what it is..much respect to wololo and his public release for tomorrow so I’ll just keep it to myself and confirm if I’m right as soon as I’m presented with the ninja release box. Thanks for the chance you’ve granted us to have a cfw on our vita wololo and all that you’ve done for the scene. 😉

  21. yessam says:

    actually i am new and noob about TN-A
    may i ask can i still continue playing
    psv online game after i make my PSV TN-A??

  22. neverthewiseone says:

    how can i know it before tuesday? i have work and ive been to the forum and i dont see nothing. i really wish to have it please give us some clue!!!!!

  23. lizeng520 says:

    Why HK server? Why?why?why? The PSV should be all over the world!

  24. unknoweb says:

    Good News 🙂

  25. Gadrastus says:

    I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty pumped for this. I have the VITA sitting in front of me so I don’t miss this opportunity. The golden age for the VITA is about to begin!

  26. yessam says:

    gosh my wallet only got $15
    can somebody tell me that i got enough?

  27. Rac says:

    hi what is wrong when i click on the activation link i have this

    The requested user does not exist.

    what should i do??

    could anybody help me please

  28. Soad26 says:

    Okay, now i sold my psp go just to buy a 20$ us card, hope this works. Wololo, the article said to buy a eur card, does this mean that it will be available only for eur? If not, is the 20$ card enough?

  29. wyldstallyn says:

    Thank you Wololo and everyone else.
    like all the posts say, if you sign up, you’ll be informed.
    i had only signed up a couple days ago and just got the announcement.

    looking forward to finally being a part of the community here.
    thanks again.

  30. larx says:

    Guys Thanks for all the hardwork you have done 🙂

  31. mdd45 says:

    For everyone that has urbanmix, are you going to buy also the new exploitable game? Is there a reason i should? thx in advance…

  32. BuZz says:

    Can any1 tell me how to regester

  33. Gadrastus says:

    This will by my favorite site for as long as the VITA has life. Granted, I was always a lurker that enjoyed Wololo’s site for all PSP related goodness but I think it’s time for me to be a part of this.

  34. ray says:

    looking forward to it

  35. Yoska12345 says:

    I join this website yesterday. What do I need to do to know which game will be the one

    • rodman says:

      wololo already made a thread on this in his blog (the home page) just have 20$ ready, your vita at 1.81 and open/cma at 1.80/1.81 ready when the time comes.

  36. alvn says:

    do you think the next game exploit is jeewelry keepers?

  37. mtydawn says:

    I registered yesterday and still nothing.. 🙁

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