Missed the Urbanix exploit? TN has something big coming for you


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328 Responses

  1. Bano says:

    Sounds great, got my PSN wallet ready to go!

  2. Jason says:

    I love you guys! Excellent work!! *sniff* *sniff* I missed the Urbanix exploit but I will NOT miss this one 😀

  3. Jdubs says:

    First!! And that is awesome news! I think im gonna hang onto monster hunter for now!

  4. Jah Jah says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!! I MISSED OUT BIG TIME!!! Now I have a second chance! YAAKKKLEEEE :3

  5. henrique says:


  6. Softtm17 says:

    Just a Word: A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

  7. Thanks TN says:

    Thanks TN!!!

  8. Softtm17 says:

    wait a second…i hope this exploit is “Also” for EU version ç___ç i’m italiaaan ç_ç and i have urbanix in my ps3..and i can’t get it….so please don’t make me suffer even more <3

  9. Wrozen says:

    I think I’ll just stick with urbanix :3 unless I feel it is unnecessary when this is all releaseda

  10. Wololosupporter says:

    @wololo will you be announcing the game early via the talk forums.

  11. Six says:

    Please let it be a update for existing exploits…

  12. Wololo你给我们带来了福音,i love you .

  13. BATMAN says:

    great news thanks wololo for helping those who were unable to get the previous release

  14. Wrozen says:

    Okay so thanks to wololo’s ninja release I got the new game. Keep a look out people!

  15. Dark says:

    Please Any one can someone give me some money or card to buy the next game. I don’t have any idea how to buy the next game on the future T_T

  16. nichikoro says:

    i will stay in 1.80 with monster hunter 😀

  17. nah says:

    well good for the people who missed it. and but for me it would be better to release it after assassins creed liberation and most wanted vita as they might release a forced firmware update on those games. but o well

    • azleerico says:

      i agree. i dont mind waiting a bit longer just so that i can playy assassins creed and most wanted AND enjoy the exploit. Good things comes to those who wait..

  18. Jdubs says:

    Cmon ninja release! Checking every 10 minutes! 😀

  19. ruirui says:

    should i update my psv to 1.81 then wait for the new exploits game? i’m now 1.80 and have the monster hunter 2G?

  20. nichikoro says:

    nice work guys ill wait in the MH VHBL exploit THANKS!!

  21. rodman says:


  22. Kizu says:

    This is great news, because I didn’t like the Urbanix CEF at all.

  23. lerica says:

    EU only ?

  24. snake2243 says:

    can some one email me where i have to go in the forums to learn about this exploit exactly? my email is rodmanbrututs@gmail.com

  25. PSN~hacker says:

    The new game for the TN exploit already leaked, i will give you a hint guys get the game code mention by *****o in the IRC room :))

  26. Raikiri says:

    I have urbanix exploit up and running pretty damn good on 1.81. Do I have any reasons to care about the upcoming exploit or should I stick to the existing one?

  27. Jdubs says:

    This is a typical ninja release yes? Registered members will find this in the same place as previous ninja releases?

  28. boriswinner says:

    I heard, it will be Jewel Keepers Easter Island? Or no?

  29. Dark Collector says:

    Missed the Urbanix one. I won’t miss this one.

  30. MeNeedHELP! says:

    Wololo, just s qiuck question,
    it’s better to stick with 1.61 everbody’s tennis
    or go for the update. (assuming I can get the update)

  31. ThAt_GuY says:

    So this release is a guaranteed in the States, or is that info classified.

  32. Draxirch says:

    Hi guys i’m new to this site, Nice to meet you all, Thoroughly anticipating the new exploit incoming 😀

  33. Mazet says:

    O.o! Must reload psn wallet and make a US Account!!!

  34. jester_ice says:

    Question, is it matter whether 1.80 or 1.81? or we are only talking about the game? thnx

  35. ananviii says:

    question, people in playStation Asia(Singapore) got chance to use that exploit / buy the another game(exploit) ?
    thx for reply ><

  36. mad8vad says:

    Why so fast? I think release should be after 1.82. Or 1.82 will kill both with one shot

  37. squiggs says:

    you fools. why cant you wait till the knew fermware for playstation plus just wait please.

  38. blade8607 says:

    Wondering if the game on PSN HK

  39. zercath says:

    Hi,new here have missed the releases so far so decided to register and see if im able to get it a little earlier this time,what url should I be checking for the game release?

  40. deckardbr says:

    Yes! I was so bummed I missed Urbanix can’t wait

  41. rokoloko says:

    how to go to IRC of wololo??

  42. Saul20007 says:

    I am on 1.80 MHFU exploit and is there any news on the eCFW being ported to MHFU? I have heard people say stay on 1.80 and wait for it to be ported (if even possible) and others to update for the new exploited game coming out on Tuesday. I don’t know what to do right now, update to 1.81 or stay on 1.80 hoping for someone to port the exploit.

  43. THIEF says:


  44. mrff88 says:

    the guy that said the name of the game was on the irc was lying.

  45. Rowjack says:

    Does anyone else wonder if there are Sony Employees monitoring this website? like so they can check for new hacks?

  46. Max Meechegan says:

    EASTER ISLAND PLEASE!!!!! I Can’t Buy Paid GAMES!!

  47. fgh says:

    next game hint: tekken series

  48. supot says:

    the game was motorstorm RC that once free at US PSN

  49. haaskub says:

    Super cool !!

  50. Tzosin says:

    I have the urbanix website… Should I update to the new game or stay on urbanix? Aka will new game have an update better than urbanix or just better than Vhbl ?

  51. slayer1091 says:

    well ill probably be missing this one since ill be working and since im a new user i probably wont get the ninja release.sign :/

    • Hello_Indigo says:

      It doesn’t matter if you’re a new user. EVERY user new or not, is guaranteed to have the name of the game before the public. I’m a witness of this as super collapse 3 came out when my acct was only a week old and I still got the game like 3 days before the public.

  52. Maxilus says:

    Good job to them. Well, if only they could find exploit through demo games (that is of course for free), it will be easier for everyone to get it without having to top up the PSN wallet. Im kinda pity for those who do not afford to buy games on PSN.

  53. Dorothy says:

    The whole post looks like half-word pointing.
    Well mister, the game is on.

  54. Rac says:

    Awesome news but should we stick to Mh or already update now? Tank you for say that wololo Like this people wont be stuck if they update its very kind about you to think about us i wish you à good day

  55. evo6 says:

    Thanks for the news wololo. I will be refreshing this page every 20 minutes.

    Can’t wait man :)

  56. bin_0717 says:

    Is the next update will be available too for the urbanix?

  57. PSN~hacker says:

    People wait here until wololo post the tittle of the game 3 minutes before Sony pull out the game in all PSN store haha don’t wait here the game code has leaked but lots of user can’t access IRC now after the leak, but no worry here i got the game. The problem is its working but still freezing in black display after lunching ****. – waiting for TN updates :(

  58. Eazon says:

    Can someone tell me about this “Monster Hunter exploit” please?

  59. sakonshima says:

    put aside 20$ in psn

  60. rac says:

    updating to 1.81

  61. rac says:

    too bad i cant register myself on the forum it say email already use and i cant seem to get the email of registration what should i do?

  62. MeNeedHELP! says:

    So what Wololo mean is that We register and do nothing more rather just waiting for the box to appear?…
    Seems legit to me. LOL

  63. Hell_Noob says:

    download Urbanix PKG from here https://hotfile.com/dl/174710356/3ad5068/PSM_JKIU.7z.html

    how install on psvita?

  64. psvkin says:

    will not work without license!

  65. rac says:

    and try to convert it from eboot to psvimg wont work

  66. psvkin says:

    true, and try to install the reactpsn would also not work 😉

  67. buffet says:

    Dr.wololo,could you tell me more informations to asid psn
    How much does it cost?
    How big?
    For which server is it aviliable ?

  68. ehhan says:

    How much the game?

  69. rac says:

    psvkin whats your psn id? ^^


    two points for you

    Point 1 Act like a Normal person not like a kid

    Point 2 The Rules have been Set

    if we have to wait for the release we have to wait
    it’s the goal of the game if you dont follow the rules go away

    and if you try to get information we all are not suposed to have exept members of this forum

    if you dont understand that as simple as it is

    it urges for you to found for yourself to found the exploit an exploit who work without a game

    and who could enable a lot of things

    it’s called use your brain

    • mike7500 says:

      i think he is a spy bro ive seen them talking on the play station forums im just saying lots of snitches out there

  70. mito says:

    So, i do i become a member?

  71. mtydawn says:

    So, i just registered.

    Now what to do? :)

  72. 84888 says:

    What that game please ?
    its tekken or motor storm ?

  73. 84888 says:

    How do I register on your website !!

  74. rac says:

    hello i have a problem could you help me please

    i register to the website but when i click on the register link on my mail it sais the requested user doesnt exist

  75. icyheart says:

    Realy think you and Iam waiting

  76. GeoCold says:

    It’ll be Easter Island, the other free “minis” that came with Urbanix

  77. 84888 says:

    The name of the game is available to all people or must register on the website???

  78. rac says:

    not wrong mike i understand your mean i saw a thing around what you said lots of fox trying to put their stinky noise into where the chicken are

  79. snakekill77 says:

    I just registered in the forums yesterday and since I’m new do I still have the opportunity to get the ninja relase update? Thanks in advance. I’m currently on 1.80 MHU

  80. 84888 says:

    GeoCold ,Are you sure ?

  81. Chiklo says:

    Since Jewel Keepers: Easter Island is made by the same game company as Urbanix, i think i would bet on that game. I already have it though. Since looong ago. :)

  82. miguel says:

    hey wololo can you plz answer me if yes thanx am on 1.80 with the mhfu vhbl should i stay in there and wait for the psp iso hack or should i update and buy the game plz some answer

  83. Hugguito says:

    Nice job,
    One question, i have the urbanix on my ps3, but can not find the PSVita, my ps3 is on 4,25

  84. wala says:

    waiting for the big news “Sony filed a lawsuit against a hacker known as Total_Noob”. Too bad total_noob is not an american

  85. Chuckado says:

    I have registered for the site about a month ago so the way a ninja release works is that I will get an email from wololo saying the name of the game that will have the exploit? Thanks in advance

  86. Dennis Johnsen says:


  87. Jason says:

    I know sony is probably going to release 1.82 any day now! I better go download 100+ levels for Little Big Planet vita for offline play!

  88. psvkin says:

    test – why i cant post?

  89. Razorbacktrack says:

    Thanks wololo and TN 😉

  90. ambrosjb says:

    Wololo – IMHO I can’t help but think Tuesday is too early to release the name. I think the Monster Hunter release was one of the best yet and wasn’t that a week plus of time for everyone? I think the scene benefits the longer the ninja release. Don’t get me wrong, I missed Urbanix and am chomping at the bit to try eCFW, but the more people that are reached the stronger our scene no?

  91. Andre says:

    Anyone that know name of game send me please a im brasilian and here dont get psn easy… andregmn@r7.com thanks any help

  92. Aye Guy says:

    Will it alow you to play psp iso

  93. carrot says:

    can’t wait

  94. carrot says:

    will it b monday after midnight or tuesday morning???

  95. Chuckado says:

    Could someone explain how a ninja release works for registered forum members. Thank you

  96. Spambot says:

    Basically what, it boils down to is that. When you join the forum, you get to see a hidden announcement. If there is a game that has been exploited. Or if there is a kernel exploit. Either way it shows when you log in. Depending on how trusted you are, you may get a head’s up a week early or 1 day early. People like The z or moskit0 get it a lot earlier. Then normal forum members. That is what a ninja release is.

  97. jok3r0314 says:

    i just signed up to the forums i hope i dont miss out on this im currently trying to get a free psn code from a trusted survey website if any of you are interested shoot me an email so i can send you a link and before you ask the site works i got lbp for the vita coming in the mail through amazon from that website jok3r0314@gmail.com

  98. Stop deleting my comments says:

    What it boils down to is this. The wonderful forum moderators came up with a plan. If there is a exploit that is about to be released. Like a kernel exploit or a user land exploit. So they make a hidden announcement that only, members of the forum can see. Now wait, there is a catch depending on how trusted you are you get it earlier. If you been around as long as moskit0 then you get it a lot earlier. If you just join your get it a lot later maybe even a day before the release. That is hat a ninja release is.

  99. razor says:

    Can someone tell me why Final Burn Alfa v12 Demo does not work on the vita? I installed FBA successfully to the vita and the roms show (wwf wrestlefest) but the game does not load.
    I know that wwrestfest only works on the psp slim but I thought it would work on the ps vita too. I’m on the moster hunter exploid. Any advice or suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • b2p1mp says:

      the vita isnt capable of doing what the psp slim can do. Unfortunately if you are using a slim version of homebrew, it will not function properly on the vita exploits. This may be your problem. Some homebrew come with a psp1000(aka phat) version and a slim version(psp2000 plus with extra ram)
      For people with psp2000 and above with extra ram, the optimized homebrew will only work as intended on your psp.

      • razor says:

        b2bimp that you very much for taking the time to answer my question regarding the Final Burn Alpha for the vita.

        I have a psp slim as well as a psp vita. I thought that I could play FBA on my vita but I guess it’s not possible.

  100. Cloud says:

    Is this next game available in the US stores?

  101. jok3r0314 says:

    so being that i just signed up today what are my chances on seeing the ninja release message?

    • be0ut says:

      even if u signed up today you will still see it before it goes “public” so u will still have some time to download the game, just make sure u are logged in and keep checking the forum

      • MarSprite says:

        No need to spam the forum repeatedly though, just check back every 4 hours or so. Also you could just spend some time surfing the forums chatting it up or lurking, whatever suits you.

  102. GsyDonkey says:

    If the game stays up as long as Monster Hunter we will be laughing but if it goes as quick as Urbanix then a lot of people will be disappointed!

    The big question for people on 1.80 using MH, do we update as this stage so we can steam in and get the game before it’s gone, or do we keep our existing VHBL???

    • snake2243 says:

      like they have said its up to you….i recommend you do it but hey thats just my opionion

      • b2p1mp says:

        We all take risks at one point. The benefit in unknown. Can you live without homebrew? Make sure to have 20 in PSN credit is what I have heard… I have no clue of the title or the price, heck it could be a 5 dollar title, if so then spend the other 15 bucks quickly before psn updates or you cannot use the remainder.

        • rodman says:

          makes you think though, maybe you should keep the money in your acc in hopes that one day you will return to swoop in and grab more games.

  103. psvkin says:

    1:1000000 asking for eta or crying like a baby for the name of the game – wikl end in an warning 😉 and then u will never be part of the ninja release. 😉

  104. Chuckado says:

    What section of the forum will the hidden announcement be in?

  105. psvrox says:

    changed postname here to my forum name 😉 psvkin=psvrox

  106. psvrox says:

    in the hidden section :p

    nobody read the ninja release notes???? posted on page 1 here?

  107. Crax says:

    Hey,i found a video on youtube showing psvita’s default system/menu by using japan version inside the eu without the default.png

  108. Daralo says:

    Send e mail me you got new info the ninja relase?!

  109. Norml says:

    They’re killing alot of user mode exploits.
    Monster Hunter….

  110. Abdou007 says:

    Hey any one know how to install the Pro Online Client on the ecfw 6.60 TN-A fo the vita ??? Because this plugin request an access to the recovery
    Any ideas???

  111. carrot says:

    How do i register on this thing

  112. Squiggs says:

    Uh… I know how to get a psp demo on the vita if wololo wants to listen I dont know how to test if it its exploitable.but it is a start

  113. Omar says:

    Im gonna try not to miss this one :)

  114. Chuckado says:


    If there is an faq that I am missing about ninja releases that would explain to me where to look on the forums, could you please direct me to it. I saw the forum post about the ninja release rules but it did not state where in the forums the announcement would be on the forums. I am very sorry if this is a noobish question. Thanks in advance.

  115. psvrox says:

    in the rules there is a spoiler 😉 click on it and u will see a picture 😉
    where u will find the info if u got picked 4 the ninja release

  116. Chuckado says:


    The post that you are specifying is the post titled forum rules read first. If I have been picked I would see an image in that post that would specify what game it would be correct. Thanks

  117. psvrox says:

    that would be against the rules 😉 im not picked yet but as i said if you ger picked u will get an msg when u login @forum 😉

  118. DavidBN says:

    There’s already a guy who leaked the game’s title in the Playstation Community… I hope they don’t remove the game before tuesday.

  119. gomados says:

    there are various ninja games!!!!! if you see playstation community.

  120. gomados says:

    ups now is just one game the ninja release!!! :)

  121. carrot says:

    there’s no way i can miss this again

  122. Rac says:

    my mouth and mind will be close

    wait for tuesday

    i support you guys

  123. Chuckado says:


    I was not trying to get you in trouble thank you very much for all of the info.

  124. Madblaster6 says:

    s how do I connect to PSN using Super collapse 3 version of the vita?

  125. @haters man hope you get hacked you infested looking fish. Why can’t people just *** and let the process flow like its soppose to. Let everyone enjoy the vita how ever they are pleased. Wololo Respect and Total_Noob has everyone’s respect but not you clown.

    • DavidBN says:

      That’s not the game. So don’t give people fake hopes. Some will buy that game and will be fcked up.
      Go to your cave, troll…

  126. haters says:


    just posting what i saw on PS community 😉

  127. carrot says:

    Shiiiit dont wana have to bug 2 games and then find out its neither

  128. Marx101 says:

    This is destroying my nerves

  129. Soldier says:

    I know what the game is but I won’t say it

  130. jake says:

    the new game is loco roco, **** you neogaf members


  131. yuuu says:

    whats going on did they announce the new game or not why isn’t the moderator deleting that clown haters comments

  132. GreenRanger says:

    damn no news yet

  133. kupomogli says:

    So what homebrew community are we supposed to sign up with to be get the game name before it’s made public?

    I’ll wait until Tuesday for this one, but I’ll sign up so I can be ready for it next time.

    I had the chance to download Urbanix, but because I saw people saying it wasn’t working with the US version I didn’t. Then I saw it the next morning was patched for the US version but too late. Already taken off the store :(.

  134. jake says:

    Leona Lewis you can **** off

  135. jake says:

    TheSeks, David Bowie is lame

  136. Sakonshima says:

    It is sure new game is madblocker?

  137. jake says:

    Skyzard, modnation is lame. play a manly game like mario kart

  138. jake says:

    Hey Skyzard, modnation is lame. play a manly game like mario kart

  139. PeeWeeHerman says:

    Wow, Sony already took the game off PSN where I live… OMG, you leaked the game and ruined it for us all!

  140. rodman says:

    just to re assure every one the game is still perfectly fine. nothing happen to it.

  141. None of the above is the real game. Just wait for the ninja release or just wait until Wololo releases the name on the blog. This idiot is just fooling around. Just make shure to have $20 in your’ wallet and you will be ok capice.

    • rodman says:

      every one listen to this guy, there only trolls, and wants again the game is safe (sony has not touched it)..(what game am i talking about?) wait till Tuesday.

    • yessam says:

      may i sak about is this game all jp eu us server got?
      my living place only allow me to charge jp wallet

  142. TheRealDeal says:

    It’s Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny for reals this time.

  143. enni says:

    Hope this exploit could use the previous vhbl exploit,then I can use psv more than a fecu emulator.But psv’s psp emulator itself could not run all psp games,so maybe only the game already on psv shop could run on psv?Hope more games could run.

  144. Abracadabra says:

    I dunno what to do guys help me please what game is it i’m 10 and don’t have much money

  145. Terence Hu says:

    Sony maybe somewhere looking at us。太糟糕了

  146. Ty43616 says:

    Does anybody know a price or is $10 enough ?

  147. Marx101 says:

    i hqve $18 in my wallet , please tell if it is enough

    • rodman says:

      …i dont want to leave you hanging….so we will say theres a good chance that if you listened to the blog and got 20$ you should be fine. wait till tuesday. (did i tell you to go purchase another 20$ card? no)

  148. armookie says:

    Look on the talk forum If you want the games name. Thats all I can say. Just relax because enough people know what game. : O)

  149. Jdubs says:

    Yes $10 will be enough. Thats all u get though 😛

  150. armookie says:

    Nice work again guys. You have all done us proud once again! Thanks to everyone involved. Happy days again : O)

  151. Ty43616 says:

    I just registered at like 1 today does anyone know maybe when ill get ninja release

  152. armookie says:

    Just a quick word to calm things down.
    Don’t buy a game because someone lists it on this thread!
    People lie and will have you waist your money.
    Lots of people know what game it is already,
    Look in talk forum if you are unsure!
    Otherwise wait until tuesday for wololo to make announcement.

    Happy Days Again !!!

  153. Marx101 says:

    Over 10 games have been said to have the exploit, so there are not many clues in the forum, please say a particular clue even minimal

  154. Ty43616 says:

    Is the game in the forums or no ive been looking for a few hours lol

  155. Marx101 says:


  156. Kenzo says:

    Tuesday Tony will shutdown the servers for sure…

  157. Ty43616 says:

    Ive looked in the talk forums but havent found anything :/

  158. armookie says:

    Did you people make an account for the forum? Once you do you must log in to see the ninja release. It will be shown at the top of the talk forum page. Depending how long you have used the forum depends on when it will show.
    Newer members may get it a day before or not at all.
    I hope that helps some of you : O)

  159. armookie says:

    You guys make me “MAD” with all these comments about what game ; O)

  160. Marx101 says:

    jajajajajaj 😉

  161. Marx101 says:

    who you think you are , the alpha dog? jajajaj

  162. armookie says:

    ; O)
    One word top result !!!!!

  163. Marx101 says:

    no la verdad ahora si que no entendi

  164. wei says:

    Man, I want a ps3 hack. my 4.23 FW sucks

  165. narutosama says:

    good luck

  166. rodman says:

    silent thread is silent

  167. sherlock says:

    I’ve been following this post the whole time..saw someone post a game and then the comment was deleted..and then picked up a few clues along the way by means of reading the rest of the comments..just registered yesterday to have this game..but I’m pretty sure i have an idea what it is..much respect to wololo and his public release for tomorrow so I’ll just keep it to myself and confirm if I’m right as soon as I’m presented with the ninja release box. Thanks for the chance you’ve granted us to have a cfw on our vita wololo and all that you’ve done for the scene. 😉

  168. yessam says:

    actually i am new and noob about TN-A
    may i ask can i still continue playing
    psv online game after i make my PSV TN-A??

  169. neverthewiseone says:

    how can i know it before tuesday? i have work and ive been to the forum and i dont see nothing. i really wish to have it please give us some clue!!!!!

  170. lizeng520 says:

    Why HK server? Why?why?why? The PSV should be all over the world!

  171. unknoweb says:

    Good News :-)

  172. Gadrastus says:

    I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty pumped for this. I have the VITA sitting in front of me so I don’t miss this opportunity. The golden age for the VITA is about to begin!

  173. yessam says:

    gosh my wallet only got $15
    can somebody tell me that i got enough?

  174. Rac says:

    hi what is wrong when i click on the activation link i have this

    The requested user does not exist.

    what should i do??

    could anybody help me please

  175. Soad26 says:

    Okay, now i sold my psp go just to buy a 20$ us card, hope this works. Wololo, the article said to buy a eur card, does this mean that it will be available only for eur? If not, is the 20$ card enough?

  176. wyldstallyn says:

    Thank you Wololo and everyone else.
    like all the posts say, if you sign up, you’ll be informed.
    i had only signed up a couple days ago and just got the announcement.

    looking forward to finally being a part of the community here.
    thanks again.

  177. larx says:

    Guys Thanks for all the hardwork you have done :)

  178. mdd45 says:

    For everyone that has urbanmix, are you going to buy also the new exploitable game? Is there a reason i should? thx in advance…

  179. BuZz says:

    Can any1 tell me how to regester

  180. Gadrastus says:

    This will by my favorite site for as long as the VITA has life. Granted, I was always a lurker that enjoyed Wololo’s site for all PSP related goodness but I think it’s time for me to be a part of this.

  181. ray says:

    looking forward to it

  182. Yoska12345 says:

    I join this website yesterday. What do I need to do to know which game will be the one

    • rodman says:

      wololo already made a thread on this in his blog (the home page) just have 20$ ready, your vita at 1.81 and open/cma at 1.80/1.81 ready when the time comes.

  183. alvn says:

    do you think the next game exploit is jeewelry keepers?

  184. mtydawn says:

    I registered yesterday and still nothing.. :(

  185. Koal says:

    That is the game 100%

  186. Mad says:

    Im totally mad at all these fake trolls, im an alpha though and will block them from my mind

  187. s7ypher says:

    I mean really…you all are stupid if you dont think sony dont have someone who is registered on this very site just waiting to get the name of the game. I retire all my codeing and what not for psp a while back. I seriously rather just enjoy new content. All these 14 year old who cant afford games line up praying for iso loader, while site trafic spikes. So much fun to watch =]

    • Batman says:

      They probably don’t, many of us didn’t have accounts to the forum on here until recently. Plus, only trusted Members are accepted. Even if they did, they can not do nothing about the possible game or games that may have the exploit until the files are released to the public.

    • rodman says:

      your a coder? ya rite, coder is a hobby just like games, you dont just retire.

  188. Batman says:

    Did you idiots not read Wolo’s recent posts? Any one who posts false games, or possibly the real game, can and will be banned from here. Seems like a lot of dumb people are going to be banned for not following the rules, unless Wolo is nice to you.

  189. KillerBeeCan says:

    i got ps vita backups running from a ssd hdd using my new cfw i will release it tomorrow. The exploit runs on GTA Vice City Stories so grab it before it gets ripped away from PSN 😉

  190. Diceaurora says:

    I love reading forums :-)

  191. Doug says:

    Missed urbanix.. but now i’m ready… To make my vita my main console. I love you people, and this dojo.

  192. ruguer says:

    When are the hour from release that game??

  193. Stiffeno says:

    KillerBee i think you should delete your post about the wrong game GTA, you may be joking but someone might think its true and use their only $20 psn card/money on GTA and then when they find the REAL name of the mini they wont be able to buy it coz they will be broke.

    Also you say that nobody would believe it, well not everyone reading ur message has English for their first language, and Sarcasm doesnt transfer across in text very well to these members!

  194. DeathOfChaos says:

    Is there any way we could conveniently get an update to our email when the article containing the next exploit? I was like 2 days late on the Urbanix one, I’d love to catch it this time!!

  195. cybic says:

    The only real problem is, that you loose the possibility to update your console without loosing the exploit after releasing it :(

    I think it would be really interesting to make at least some exploitable games known just by a really small amount of people + a normal ninja/public release lineup :)

    • wololo says:

      That’s already the case. The people who need to know about other kernel exploits are the ones working on them. These people have access to several user exploits, etc…

  196. neverthewiseone says:

    will the title come up today? and is it vhbl compatible?
    sorry for the noobish question.

  197. momtaror says:

    It is Mad Block Anpha , EU store has been remove

  198. Sven says:

    Sony has removed the game from the store.

  199. Armookie says:

    Works well on the new firmware 1.81 with the new game. not sure if the release today will work better or be the same as the release I got. Anyhow its all good. Total_Noob thanks for your great work.

  200. deathscythe says:

    what the fck where the heck is the ninja release it is almost wednesday whats up??????

  201. anton85 says:

    Guys, I can still see urbanix on my psp Mexican account. Can I buy it and then transfer it on ps-vita??

  202. blade8607 says:

    you guy better got back home playing your psp as pleasure as you want

  203. xSpectrum says:

    Did you say that about him on December 24th 2010? Do you remember how he DIDN’T support piracy on the PSPgo and 3000?

  204. jok3r0314 says:

    just so you know when i posted about that reward site i only had 181 points after all the surveys i did (15 min here 30 there) i have 1200 points by noon i should have the 800 points to make 2000 ($20.00) and viola i have my psn card easy as that so dont say things dont work just cause you dont have the patience to do things 100%

  1. October 7, 2012

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  2. October 8, 2012

    […] um release bem especial para essa terça-feira dia 9 de Outubro de 2012. De acordo com um post no site do Wololo, Total Noob estaria para lançar outro exploit compatível com o seu firmware custom 6.60 TN que […]

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