Tutorial: How to copy ISO/CSO/Homebrew on Urbanix


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  1. Spartacus says:

    you know it’s sad that I figured out most of the stuff here and have got PSPFiler 6.6 homebrew to work…PSP ISO backups are working…but when I used filer6.6 and accidentally deleted a folder I thought was a duplicate because my filer homebrew keeps showing up twice, one is the application that runs and the other is the installer it messed up my FTP VITA homebrew and dissapeared. No big deal right? just reload it up on the vita like you had 20 min prior? wrong, no homebrew works on my vita now despite the fact I have PSP Filer and PSP iso’s working flawlessly. Any thoughts? I’m really at a loss.

  2. LOS says:

    ok i have the urbanix game and have copied the exploit as well but i cant get anything else to work at all. can someone make a video tutorial on how to do this please. i would love to play my old isos and things on my new vita but i guess im a noob when it come to this vita. pleae help!!

  3. LOS says:

    my vita is running the 1.81 firmware

  4. Hell666 says:

    Does this mean we can play psp games on vita?,call me stupid but i dont understand any of this jajaja.

    • vcb04 says:

      Yes stupid thats exactly what it means (although we could b4 too we were just limited to psn titles)

      And before anybody whigs out, he said to call him stupid. lol

  5. Whackm says:

    Hi guys, another quick question. Has anyone gotten PS1 games working?

    Let’s see if I can remember my Japanese, the translation for this would be …



  6. william says:

    Can someone please make a brief youtube tutorial on how to copy homebrews….i tried like 15 times literally and still fail im trying to copy FTPSERVER. thnks

    • CronoFear says:

      Don’t use FTP, It is really slow.

      -Create a PSP/GAME Folders.
      -Download a Homebrew and put it in PSP/GAME/
      *For example, if the homebrew is VFTP, the result should be
      *PSP/GAME/VFTP/EBOOT.BIN(take note EBOOT.BIN is always inside in homebrew folder).
      -Then right-click on PSP folder and compress with Winrar. *Name the file as XXXXXXXX.ZIP (less than 8 letter and CAPITAL), compression *method=none and accept.
      -Move the XXXXXX.ZIP to GameXploitSavedata folder (the one that you use for installing TN-V).
      -Go to your PSVITA and copy the new savefile, accept the overwrite.
      -Now go to TN-V4(pspemu)>>games, you should see the homebrew in the list, press triangle and install.
      -After the instalation, accept the erase petition.
      -Go to pictures or video (for refreshing) and then return to game, now you should see the homebrew.

      FOR ISO:
      -Name your ISO as XXXXXXXX.ISO (less than 8 letter and CAPITAL).
      -Move your ISO to GameXploitSavedata folder (the one that you use for installing TN-V).
      -Go to your PSVITA and copy the new savefile, accept the overwrite.
      -Now go to TN-V4(pspemu)>>games, you should see the GAME in the list, press triangle and install (installing is optional).
      -After the instalation, accept the erase petition.
      -Go to pictures or video (for refreshing) and then return to game, now you should see the GAME.

      Srry for my english.

  7. Dakota says:

    how do i create i file in the root folder? with out psp filer mine always crashes tried many versions…

  8. Norml says:

    Works like a charm, thanks sooooooo much!

  9. vcb04 says:

    I had a way easier time using windows ftp explorer (I know not everyone has windows, but still it might help those that do) Every ftp browser plugin I tried just kept asking me to save it to my computer whenever I’d drop an ISO into the folder. What was I doing wrong?

  10. wololosupporter says:

    Thanks WOLOLO works great off of the mad blocker exploit

  11. Symon says:

    IF anyone is having trouble with the VITAFTP instructions, here is a simpler version:

    1. Install the VitaFTP homebrew app (Copy the file inside install.rar into PSP/GAME/”8 Letter Name”
    2. Run the Homebrew from the Menu after running Urbanix / MB:ROTF
    3. Ensure your wireless is enabled on your Vita & run Filezilla from your Windows machine
    4. connect the the ftp server by typing in the ftp server address given on your vita screen into the “host” section of the “Site Manager”
    5. Create a folder called ISO onto the root directory of the PSV
    6. Drag your ISO’s / CSO’s into this newly created ISO folder
    7. hit Square on your vita once the tranfer is complete
    8. click on the ISO from the homebrew menu
    9. HF.

  12. gregdaleg says:

    What is the root folder on the vita I’ve put the ISO folder everywhere and nothing shows up on the ftp server :(

  13. Yatashi says:

    Thanks Wololo, got it working!

  14. Karma_Darkly says:

    I have no idea how to create a folder in the root directory. can someone help me out.

  15. Faceless_Sinner says:

    My ISO’s run out of the exploited save from the exploit. For some reason they don’t show up when I move them to my ISO folder in the root. Unique problem I guess but it still works like a charm…

  16. gunblade says:

    got it to work … anybody no how to fix dat thing dat happens in 1.81 dat they added in 1.80

  17. Arashi no yoru ni says:

    I’m having a problem i managed to get FF crisis core on my vita using the FTP. But when i try to put another ISO/CSO in i get this:

    *An error occurred while copying a file to the ftp server. make sure you have permission* blah blah shit.

    So how do i solve this problem? please help me.

  18. richie says:


  19. MUD says:

    How do I make a .iso to a .ISO?
    From this MORTKOMB.iso to this MORTKOMB.ISO

    Thanks in advance.

  20. CJW says:

    Well after buying a few vHBL programs and then never bothering to even install it, finally there is good reason. I am on 1.8 and setup the -B version of the MHFU hack last night and it works wonderfully. I wish there was a simpler way to get into the CFW but hey it works and for me it has worked well. Seeing that the setup of HomeBrew is kind of wanky thing I wish someone would make a pre-pack with all the good stuff like FTP, PSPFiler, and Wagic and other favorite homebrews all packaged up and in the proper directory. That way when you did the oCMA transfer everything you need would be ready to go…..anyone done this?

  21. DAMARR B says:

    Whats going on everyone i have monster hunter us version 1.80 i followed the instructions 2 to a tee (apparently not)
    and after i got the homebrew store change the zip 2 capitals and all only monster hunter comes up on the tn-b menu. Can someone please give me a pointer i want 2 play some Sonic! thank you

    • MUD says:

      Load TN-B then press up on the + pad and find the game in the SaveGame folder and install it.
      Also I recommend getting FireFTP it makes everything way easier. ;)

      Now how do I change a .iso file in to a .ISO file?

  22. RICHIE says:

    I dont have the Urbanix Exploit, how do i get it what if i cant get it from the psn store, will this hack still work,
    Please Help…. Thanks in Advance for your Fantastic work
    and help..

    • MUD says:

      Wait for the next game with a exploit, join the Wololo chat and get in on the Ninja Release to insure getting the game before Sony pulls it from the online store.

      lol, I need help changing .iso to .ISO any one?

  23. Joey Gernaat says:

    Do i need VHBL to launch the FTP-app? I only have the Urbanix exploited game.

  24. PanamaJack says:

    can someone confirm YS Seven working?!?!?!?!?!?

  25. PanamaJack says:

    and in Metal Slug Anthology i can play every game exept the 6th has someone had this problem?

  26. el o el says:

    So, can anyone confirm that Valkyria Chronicles II is working?

    I renamed it to VALKCRON.ISO (which showed in properties: VALKCRON.ISO.iso) and transferred it over, and it showed up perfectly in my games list.

    However, the game crashed upon launching.
    Am I doing something wrong? Ace Combat X worked perfectly.

  27. Jake Granado says:

    My iso’s work but if i put any on it stop my PSN downloads from working…fix?

  28. RICHIE says:

    This Hack is of no use because it depends on psn psp games
    which are not possible to buy or download for everyone,as
    there are removed from the store as soon as there read this hack, Please make a hack that dosent need PSN GAMES,


  29. MajorSnipes says:

    It works if you copy the iso/cso to the exploited save data folder and providing that you have already created the ISO folder to ms0 (root) then when you starts TN’s menu the .iso/.cso file should show> press x on same and you will be prompted to copy it to the ISO folder… It seem faster than ftp

  30. Leona says:

    I just get a blackscreen whenever I try to run the exploit now, a FTP transfer failed halfway and now I’m at a loss…

  31. Mario says:

    Hey i need help please i can’t install the FTP when i put this on the INSTALL.zip my vita wont install it sorry for my bad English

  32. Breed says:

    pls guys i just got a PS VITA VERSION 2.11 as a gift from my nice in south Africa which she was using but, me in Nigeria i can’t afford buying any game so i made my reach to this site now i know some thing can be done for me to run only one ISO game which is Pro Evolution 2012 cause that’s the only game i need; but the game came with one game called WIPEOUT in a PlayStation Vita Card so please if its possible for you to send me Tutorial on how to hack PS Vita VERSION 2.11 directly in to my Mail i will be please E-mail- breedlastcom9@gmail.com

  33. Lucile says:

    It’s a toss up between faster but more unreliable speeds as opposed to slower but reliable speeds.
    Get the added power you crave with our bolt on supercharger systems.
    I’m not talking only about the eating of physical food.

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