Tutorial: How to copy ISO/CSO/Homebrew on Urbanix


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254 Responses

  1. ils says:

    ISO files don’t have to use 8.3 format if not using CMA

    i use “long name” and they load fine

    • Jd8531 says:

      I know, its just easier to use and helps cut back on errors. Sometimes it doesn’t like the long names :)

    • Enigma85 says:

      Yep same here. FTP method doesn’t need to follow all caps or short name.

    • mad8vad says:

      I confirm

      • sdfsdf says:

        also U can use FTP client like fileZile or any other.

        OK, now i have question. When will come 1.82 update, it ask U to update your Vita when you try to copy anything from PC to Vita.

        How to copy without updating Vita because update will disable patch????

        • sdfsdf says:

          using FTP you can copy files only though WiFi. Too long to wait copyng proces. Im looking any faster metod. USB cable is better

          I think about PSP homebrew “PSP USB data tranfer” or something like this. Anybody can make this tool ?

          • Jd8531 says:

            That can be done through CMA :p Not directly if that’s what you mean.

          • hurricane says:

            Hey guys when I launch the FTP app on the PS Vita. All I am getting is a whole bunch of binary or hexadecimal stuff. It is not showing me an IP or anything like that. It shows up and I even tried placing it in the FILER zip and then launch it from there but still the same thing. I originally placed it in the Urbanix save folder as INSTALL.ZIP and then extracted it and tried to run it. But either way I get the same result

    • chingon says:

      just wondering…is it possible to transfer my backed up ps vita file of urbanix on 1.81 to vita 1.80 via FTP…both on same account…just one is 1.81 and the other 1.80

  2. One_Man_Matrix says:

    The use of HALF-LIFE as an example just kills me… Where is our PC to Vita port/PS2 to Vita port?! Lol, that is one homebrew I would love to see.

  3. HAIDER KIARA says:

    Is there a way to get the game Urbanix

  4. trollkilla says:

    I use adhoc filer , much easier then both those methods, that is if you also have a psp.

  5. Legion says:

    Is there a way to find an kexploit on any other game?

  6. Wolfang says:

    Any chance to get an Open CMA for firmware 1.81 due to not have VHBL or MH3 exploit, just the Urbanix game. Thanks

  7. synntech says:

    I read wololo’s post on finding exploits on psp but it doesnt explain how to find them without one. is there any tutorials on finding exploits without psp?

  8. AlphaLeak says:

    how do you add game plugins ?
    e.g the vice city stories cheat device plugin

  9. AlphaLeak says:

    Also i moved the cso/iso files that worked into the ms0:/ISO folder and it does not show up in the tmenu

  10. MeNeedHELP! says:

    Help, I cant get PSV vHBL Transfer ready to work!!
    PLease Help!!!

  11. Darith says:

    I just copy ISO/CSO into the save file (all cap with 8 characters) and transfer via open CMA and it is good to go .

  12. iRainbows says:

    Wait, KH2 (the PS2 version) on vita? Does that actually work?

  13. Harker says:

    I’m a bit uncomfortable using the FTP-method as it requires you to enable wifi on your Vita, right? I don’t want any system updates taking place when I’m not looking…

    • xTeZx says:

      dont worry, sony cannot automatically update your firmware. all they can do is “ask” you to update, otherwise you will not be able to access PSN. you can still access youtube and facebook without updating, but to access PSN it will just “ask” you to update. its illegal for them to force update your console.

    • Rufus says:

      You actually don’t have to enable WiFi for FTP to work. Strange, I know. The PSP EMU is separate from the Vita OS and Vita WiFi settings do not affect it. I have my Vita set in airplane mode and after launching Urbanix and FTP it connects and works just fine.

  14. Michael says:

    @ Wolfgang, I am using 1.81 and using Open CMA. Just use the one for 1.80, seems to work alright.

  15. gliitch says:

    hey dudes im having a little problem with running PSP Filer so i can install FTP. It installs but then dies shortly after, gets wiped – as if it was never installed in the first place? any help would be appreciated PS once i get this running i will update my ANDROID FTP> PS3 Tutorial to support the VITA 😀

  16. ALMigHty says:

    For ISOs/CSOs. Just stick it in exploited save folder

  17. jaycyn says:

    I didnt have to do any of that for iso all i did was put all my iso and cso into the main urbanixsave 076 folder no zips just the iso files then transfer using open cma eveything works great

  18. gliitch says:

    It said installing… it installs but then refreshes and gets wiped out O_O

  19. b2p1mp says:

    I encounted a couple of files that when placed into the ISO folder, Caused urbanix to load to black screen. At this point you can remove the urbanix save hack and replace it and you will not be able to solve your problem Since files in the ISO folder cannot be removed via the Vita Application Data Manager then I was stuck with Urbanix loading to a black screen. Cma also does not work to fix the file. I was forced to format memstick to get TNmenu back. It only happened on like 2 files out of 100. I could not seem to delete anything from the ISO folder once Urbanix exploit was failing. You can delete games in psp/game. But a bad file placed into the ISO folder can cause you a huge hassle.

    • b2p1mp says:

      If i had not backed up all my games, then I wouldnt have been able to even reload urbanix… Make sure to backup all your stuff. Even backup your vita games, if 1.82 is released tomorrow and you encounter what happened to me, you will be sad.

      • shaitan says:

        I had the same problem, luckily I stayed on 1.80 with MHFU, we should have messages everywhere saying to backup to PC because alot of new people would skip that, again I was very lucky

        • b2p1mp says:

          The best method is to copy 1 game at a time into the urbanix folder. Then try to boot urbanix. If it goes to black screen you can remove the urbanix save from vita application data manager. If you happen to copy a certain bad file straight to the ISO folder via ftp, you have no way of fixing this problem without formatting the memory stick. So test that urbanix boots with the file before ever putting it into ISO folder. Movie items with pspfiler isnt that difficult. Make sure to use the move function by pressing square or you will just copy the file.

    • This happend to me but in 1.80 my psvita frozen on rebuild data base this hapened in the nigth just when the update 1.81 coming, not repondin on recovery menu and only black screen not responding this problem become also with change of language and only format memory this become to the life i recomend make a remplace of all your apps because you never can go to market now this problem of black screen crashed when i go out directly from de app and vita crash only you need turn your psvita and go to recovery menu restart psvita and all problem solved crash with emulator neo geo.

      • b2p1mp says:

        I had it occur by temporarily movie some GBA files into the ISO folder so i could move them back to a different GBA emulator. Once these GBA files were in the ISO folder, there was no fixing the Urbanix without format. If i had just renamed the gba files into a folder in PSP/GAME i could have deleted them from in vita system.

        • b2p1mp says:

          sorry for typos its very late here, i meant Moving not movie. whoops. Anyhow, be very careful about what you place in the ISO folder via ftp. You can get stuck at a black screen. The exploit reads all data from the iso folder apparently when its loading, i have confirmed with 2 different cso that if I have them in urbanix folder, i get black screen. If you can load the exploit with the game in the Urbanix folder then its safe to put into the ISO folder. You can even test to see if it runs before even copying it into the ISO folder. So I highly recommend you place 1 cso at a time into Urbanix and test if you can still load TNmenu. Then test if the game can boot before moving it to the ISO folder. The ftp method is a bit dangerous. I would only use ftp for files going into PSP/GAME/xxxxx as those can be removed from vita.

  20. gliitch says:

    i used that homebrew preparer – which works fine but im still having issues running any homebrew, it installs but then vanishes. :(

    • May be your structure in carpets is grong this happened to me but no more you need make a structure for every homebrew like this is fine NEOGEO.ZIP/PSP/GAME/MVSPS/EBOOT here is my problem i put this is grong NEOGEO.ZIP.zip or NEOGEO.ZIP.zip/PSP/GAME/MVSPSP.ZIP in your pc you dont must see .ZIP you rename on 7zip easy and you use caps i mean from PSP carpet click right 7zip and add to file here you can edit .zip to .ZIP this ziped copy and paste on your data save and whe you go to menu install and run your hombrew

  21. shaitan says:

    You might want to add to make sure to exit ftp on the vita first to avoid corrupt data

    • Jd8531 says:

      I ironically just ran into this issue. People need to hit Square and wait until back to the main TnMenu to avoid this and back up Urbanix!

  22. quetz says:

    FTP is good for small items, to move KingdomHearts i preferred using opencma and moving file with pspfiler.. with FTP i reach 300kb\s stable, it’s fast enough? you guys get more? i’m too far from my router? with my pc i touch 1,3mb\s,…

  23. i can install all homebrew booker, supernes, gameboy emulator, neo geo emulator, n64, all works fine but whe copy and paste PATAPON on datasave i cant see from filer and i dont have wifi for the vita so ftp dont work with me and my question here if I use cma only I need copy the ISO to save data but what Iam grong rename iso to PATAPON.ISO or PATAPON.iso i need make a carpet iso with filer may be this is my problem the carpet ISO.

  24. Whackm says:

    Hey. Something which seems really odd, is that when you attempt to move a file in PSP Filer, it seems to actually perform a COPY and then delete. Is this correct? It seems annoying because you end up needing twice the space.

    • b2p1mp says:

      To perform a move instead of copy, press X to bring up menu, Press O to select copy/move. Then get on the directory and you press O for copy or SQUARE to move. You are pressing O button and doing a copy. Try pressing Square next time.

      • b2p1mp says:

        I was wrong, i thought it moved the file but it appears that the move function is actually copy/paste/then delete so you do need that extra free space. I suggest putting the largest files on first if you want to move them. Then when you cant move a certain file you can risk putting it straight into the iso folder via ftp. This may cause urbanix exploit to stop functioning and you need to hex edit the TN menu file to change the ISO directory or format ms to fix that.

  25. gliitch says:

    i goot it to work :) homebrew wasnt named correctly O_o

  26. andrew says:

    better tn do an cfw fpr vita, psp is dead!!!

  27. rac says:

    i have it on my psp urbanix but can i put it to pc then vita? with open cma

    it seem not dont know why?

    take care

  28. me says:

    Can someone tell me if this exploit works only with PSN version of Urbanix?

    Because i see alot of digital shops who are selling this game. Thanks!

  29. Turd Sandwich says:

    I’m on 1.80 and i have the Urbanix as a bubble on PS3. How do i transfer the game into my Vita? because it’s asking me to update to 1.81 and i ain’t doing that. There must be another way…

  30. StepS says:

    I made a folder inside GAME called HALFLIFE (Remember all caps, 8 characters)

    this isn’t required for elements INSIDE archive.

    On your vita you will be shown the address for the FTP server. Type that into your browser (example: Its best to use Firefox with the FireFTP addon.

    The Windows File Explorer (explorer.exe) or Nautilus can be used for that, it would be as if you connected and browsing files from a flash drive.

    The reason this is harder is that sometimes the ISO/CSO will not show up or wont copy and using PSPFILER every time is a hassle. FTP is the best way to do it.

    Did you know that you can make a ZIP archive with an ISO folder in it, and then the backup? This way it gets installed into ms0:/ISO directly upon installation, just like homebrews.

    Change the compression to store

    I think TN supports all compressions as he said, but I haven’t confirmed that yet

  31. i think the harder is the the mos easy way you only need change options on windows to see extension file and you can rename the files .ISO and just copy and paste on your data save works fine my error PATAPON.iso and work like the tutorial (PATAPON.ISO) lol patatapon, thanks wololo .

  32. KEN says:


  33. tatsuya says:

    wololo could you instead make upload urbanix game pls ;(

  34. Chris says:

    Sadly both Snex9x TYL 4.2me (SNES) and gpSP 3.2 test 8.6 (GBA) freeze while or before loading any ROMs. At least RIN 3.2 (GBC) works for me.

    What Emus are you guys using?

    • gliitch says:

      Im just using anything that works. XD trying to find some good isos -_- any recommendations?

    • supernes work 100 rooms tested, game boy work 40 roms tested,
      neo geo work 40 roms tested, capcom 15 roms tested work, mame toki rom work,final burn work all snow bros, but n64 run slow. here the emus
      CPS2PSP 2.3.1 (capcom)
      MVSPSP 2.3.1 (neogeo)
      Snes9xTYL 0.4.2 (super nes)
      FinalBurn Alpha for PSP (mame)
      Mame4all PSP v4.9r2 (mame)
      UO gpSP kai3.5 Mod (gameboy advanced)

  35. Aye Guy says:

    Iso?..So the Urbanix allows piracy?

  36. meh says:

    dang whenever i try to copy the save with the iso file it just wont copy it i try to find the iso file with filer and ftp but it wont show up am i doing something wrong? my iso file name is MONSTERH now last time it was MONSTERH.ISO but nothing again when i copy the savedata it says 600mb but when its copied the save is still 600kb or something what am i doing wrong? is there some other cma program or should i use the sony cma?

    • b2p1mp says:

      I think you need to show file extensions in your OS. You most likely sent over SOMETHIN.iso or SOMETHIN.ISO.iso and you didn’t even realize it. The problem you are having would occur on both of these filenames.

  37. notasuer says:

    Haha, just wait till people start saying, “OMG U USED THE PS2 KINGDOM HEARTS 2 ISO?”

    On another note, I was wondering if it was possible to make other save files to transfer. I ask this because I find it a pain to have to copy the entire one save with isos over again just to add a new homebrew.

  38. Patricio says:

    Anyone know for other game exploit, I could not download the Urbanix.

    • jok3r0314 says:

      im looking to ive purchased a few minis prior to finding this out and just as i was gonna get urbanix it was taken down :/ i hope there are other exploits beeing worked on and i hope i can get them before they are removed or at least may have one in the many minis i have already, really wish i knew how to look for an exploit myself :/

  39. squiggs says:

    is any one going to actualy answer my questoin, i already have a lot of homebrews on my vita, is there any way that i use them, the what i was playing with VHBL

  40. Gadorach says:

    So, I know this is a bit off topic, but would it be correct to assume that the back-ports are being postponed until all regions of Urbanix have been taken care of? I would assume it’s only a simple matter of changing the payload dropped when executing the loader, so I’m curious as to why it hasn’t been touched yet? And don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be impatient, I just think it’s odd that something this, for lack of a better word, “simple”, is not already done. As usual, thanks to everyone in the scene for the work you’ve already done!

    • Jd8531 says:

      If its “simple” then you can do it :) but to answer your question it has been pulled, people are working on porting but its not an easy task at all. Trust me as soon as its done everyone will know

      • Gadorach says:

        Actually, if the sources were available, I would’ve tried porting it myself 😉

        It’s good to know that there are some people already working on it though; Thanks for the information! 😀

        • Jd8531 says:

          The source is supposed to be released after the next firmware update from what I’ve heard.

          • Gadorach says:

            I was recently informed of that as well, which will be nice to have. Assuming the back-port isn’t available yet by the time it’s released, I’ll definitely at least take a crack at doing it myself. If nothing else, it’ll be a good start for converting it to my own user-mode exploit, once I find one. 😉
            Seriously though, 23 games and counting, they’re annoying to find. :/

  41. jok3r0314 says:

    is the urbanix method the only current way to do any of this or is there another method to at least run the vhbl on 1.81

  42. Musab says:

    Hey guys about the naming .. Im just clearing things here, if you are using windows 7 you will have to go to : Organize/Folder and search options and then fo to the second tab ( View ) and UNTICK this > Hide extensions for known file types .. that way now u can see the .iso and .cso in the files and change them to upper letters, if u just put .ISO or .CSO in a game it will be something like this ( nameofgame.ISO.iso ) because u werent actually changing the extension but the name and windows 7 ( vista too maybe ) doesnt show some extensions :) hope i helped .

  43. Arash Andalib says:

    Wololo i already know that there is no recovery mode on the PS vita but a few years ago while i was in the PSP homebrew scene i used to use a home brew called Cw-cheat on the psp and yo install that i needed the seplugins folder on the memstick but can i install it on the PS vita too ?

  44. robin994 says:

    is it possible take a porting of the urbanix’s exploit to the ps3 version?

    • Jd8531 says:

      If you mean as far as exploiting the ps3 version for the vita. No. As far as exploiting the ps3, I would say no as it is a completely different structure and layout. Ps3 isn’t my strong suit so I could be mistaken.

  45. biohare says:

    I have try to put .ISO file in ms0:/ISO/ folder… but TNmenu don’t show anything
    I leave the .ISO file inside savedata folder and TNmenu works great!

  46. juicyjay says:

    dude you dont have to do any of that i just renamed the .cso to 8 chars eg. GRANDTEF.CSO and i put that file on the npuz0007 folder and when i load urbanix its right there

  47. Yes says:

    “(Do not ask me where to get isos or csos!)”

    Why not make a short tutorial on how to get them? It doesnt have to be illegal, you can dump the UMD yourself.

    • Jd8531 says:

      UMDs are not meant to be backed up , let alone played on either the vita or the psp. I do not condone piracy nor does Wololo. This tutorial is simply for knowledge, there are tutorials out there on the Internet for that. UMD ripping isnt a necessity, people would still need to know how to do this to do UMD rips.

      • Yes says:

        I see nothing wrong with ripping your own UMDs. That is an better alternative if one doesnt like piracy. Piracy isnt necessary here, i just ment that there are legal ways to get these .isos :)

        • Yes says:

          And yes, that is exactly my point =) Instead of “not ask me where to get those!” (indicating piracy, at least that is how i understand it), i just wanted to say that it is possible to use these things legit too by dumping your own UMDs.

        • Yes says:

          Sorry, that was suppose to be a 2nd reply to you, not a reply to my own post.

        • Yes says:

          And sorry if i sounded entitled earlier. I didn’t mean that i felt entitled to a guide on how to rip UMDs, i just ment that it is legal ways to get PSP .isos by dumping your own UMDs :)

          • Jd8531 says:

            Oh I understand :) I may later down the road, most people don’t have UMDs to rip. UMD ripping can be used for piracy. I may do a UMD rip tutorial down the road, but this is more of a priority than that atm. Most people ask where to pirate them, which is why I put the disclaimer. Sony, as other companies do, look down apon back ups and in some cases is against the EULA.

          • Yes says:

            I see what you mean :) Yeah, people often ask for piracy in these matter, that is true. In those cases i almost always say that they should rip from their original game hehe 😀

  48. SMOKE says:

    When you zip the homebrew (in PSP/Game of course) you don’t have to choose STORE, you can do Normal too 😉

  49. EL_KRAKEN says:

    Games tested and working in CFE TN-A (1.81 PSVITA)

    : NOTE:

    ? = The game has not been tested on this extension
    (ISO): The game works only in ISO format
    (CSO) = The game works only in CSO format

    7 Wonders (ISO / CSO)
    Angry Birds (ISO? / CSO)
    Bomberman (ISO / CSO?)
    Chili Con Carnage (ISO? / CSO)
    Digimon World Re: Digitize (ISO? / CSO)
    Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team (ISO? / CSO)
    Everybodys Tennis (ISO? / CSO)
    F1 2009 (ISO / CSO?)
    God of War: Ghost of Sparta (ISO / CSO?)
    GTA: Chinatown Wars (ISO / CSO?)
    GTA: Liberty City Stories (ISO? / CSO)
    GTA: Vice City Stories (ISO / CSO?)
    Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA (ISO / CSO?)
    Killzone Liberation (ISO? / CSO)
    Kingdom Hearts BBS (ISO / CSO)
    Little Big Planet (ISO? / CSO)
    Metal Gear Peace Walker (ISO? / CSO)
    Metal Slug 2 (ISO / CSO?)
    Metal Slug Anthology (ISO? / CSO)
    Midnight Club 3 (ISO? / CSO)
    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (ISO / CSO)
    NFS Most Wanted (ISO / CSO?)
    NFS Undercover (ISO? / CSO)
    OutRun Coast to Coast (ISO / CSO?)
    Pacman Championship Edition (ISO)
    PES 2011 (ISO? / CSO?)
    PES 2012 (ISO? / CSO?)
    Resistance Retribution (ISO? / CSO)
    Rock Band Unplugged (ISO / CSO?)
    Silent Hill Origins (ISO? / CSO)
    Tales Of The World Radiant Mythology (ISO / CSO?)

    • Jd8531 says:

      If you head to the forums, there is a full list already compiled for everyone.

    • Mikey Drew says:

      Crisis Core???

    • gmae says:

      se que me entiendes muy bien, porque si lograste traducir todo eso del tema me parece que me entendes muy bien y espero que entiendas que ese tema se creó para ayudarse entre miembros de un foro en especial, no veo razon para que andes derrochando el esfuerzo de varias personas sin ni siquiera poner la fuente de donde lo sacastes

    • vitaisdead says:

      this is sad….lame excuse to play psp games on the vita…all i see is you just want to play free games…dont you see that this hack will make the devs shun the vita= less games….if you want to play psp games dont make this as an excuse….just get a job and pay for the games…this is next to stealing

      just hope this loser hackers will get the lawsuit from sony in the future…

      its up to sony now to make sure that the vita usermode is secured….cut the bs wololo….and all you FCkin hackers…..

      • Adin says:

        Why follow these websites if you are completely against the only reason they exist?

      • V says:

        I hack my console just for crisis core so If you can give me crisis core in Vita i will ***…And dont fcking say bring 2 console just because you can’t fcking answer my question. So please *** because with my ancestor’s life i bet me or even wololo spend more time and money then you to invest in consoles and play original games.

      • Jd8531 says:

        How will the devs shun a console from being able to play 4-7 year old PSP games and not vita games. What is it that you don’t understand about “Wololo nor i support or condone piracy. This site does not condone piracy ” The reason why people do this is because running back ups of UMDs you own is legal and some choose to pirate because most psp games are not on PSN or cost full price that are equivalent to the price of a Vita or PS3 game.

    • chingon says:


      homebrew and ISO CSO installer on the urbanix exploit

    • Madblaster6 says:

      So people with Super Collapse 3 have to wait?

  50. sakonshima says:

    I downloaded or urbanx format PGK how can I use

  51. tigerchitpile says:

    is working being done on the ps vita itself or just the psp emulator aspect of the vita? this is great progress, but im curious as to what high end emulators/homebrews can be played if using the vitas full power. id imagine this is going to be alot harder, as im not ignorant, however i was wondering if people are just looking at the psp emulator? and if so, is there a way to reach the vitas full power through the emulator? im sure there was probably an article i missed about it lol

  52. Jacques says:

    Can i use the explit of monster hunter?

  53. schwitzer2k6 says:

    does this work on FW 1.80 too?! urbanix i allready own???

  54. MGB says:

    FTP does take long to move files ..
    i hope there is going to be a faster way :)

    • Wrozen says:

      The pspfiler way is faster and I have no problems with it. I think its easier than ftp since I am more comfortable with it and the ftp is slow. That’s just me

  55. gliitch says:

    for those who have trouble running picodrive use 1.5.1b works a charm. :) also to get to the menu screen press select. Install an FTP client so you dont need to use CMA anymore : )

    @Jacques you cant use the monster hunter exploit for this although im sure it will be backported to the lower firmwares : )

  56. no offence, love you wololo, but this blows vhbl out of the water

  57. trecenters says:

    Any way to make this Region Free?

  58. ivo says:

    what about psvita-urbanix-cef-cma-installer or an AIO ?

    • Adin says:

      It would be impossible (all you could automate would be extracting of ZIP to relevant location which is already required to open the automation application).

  59. Shishioh says:

    I installed some homebrew but I don’t know where it went. It’s not on the front screen or in the menu for Urbanix.

  60. tatsuya says:

    wololo i know already to late to get the urbanix but i just wordering how many psp game iso support in vita??

  61. tatsuya says:

    sorrry for stupid question i have the voucher code for urbanix if i use the voucher code using eu account does that mean i can download free for psvita even thoough psn eu already delete the game in they server??

  62. guitripio says:

    If somebody (developers)(USA,CANADA,MEXICO) for PsVita need tester… hey… don’t look back.- I right Here…!!

    I don’t care what happen to my Vita… I just want to help…!!! to Dev.


  63. kratos says:

    pleas gba emulator thx

  64. Tirisecw says:


    I have copied echochrome (as in ecohrome.cso) the ftp way. The game runs well but I coudn’t exit by holding start button for 5 seconds nor by pushing the ps button. I tried to power off but the psv stuck on looping the loading symbol!

    It’s been 30 minutes the same. Is there a way to revert this or do I have to make funeral preparations for my ps vita?

  65. David91 says:

    I am using Tales Of The World Radiant Mythology in CSO format. Confirm it working.

  66. Whackm says:

    Just wanted to add my two cents…

    FTP is an absolute pain if you are transferring sub directories. You will want to get an FTP client which supports recursively putting/getting directories. That way, if you are transferring something which has a complex directory structure (like DOSBOX, PCEngine Emulator, MAME) you will not kill yourself making each individual directory.

    As mentioned earlier, FILEZILLA works ok. However, if you are a command-line nut like me, you can also use lftp. It has a wonderful command “mirror -R” which will recursively upload a local directory to a remote host.

    If you have a directory, for example MAME, which is on your local drive which you want to copy to the Vita, you can just type “mirror -r MAME”

    You can get lftp for windows here:


  67. HELPPPP says:

    syphon filter dark mirror works need for speed most wanted (cso) made me delete all and reinstall dont try the cso

  68. HELPPPP says:

    does tomb rider work?

  69. mangosteam says:

    will there be another game exploit i really hope so cause i dont get to download urbanix too bad…. i wish i could just copy the homebrew with out going thru the process of needing a game…. but stilll your all great…

  70. Middnight Snack says:

    So can you downgrade at all? I’m not too familiar with all these terms so bare with me here.

  71. HELPPPP says:

    gba emulator what about it?

  72. Deafmobil says:

    Urbanix pkg-Files Install for PSVita? who solution?

  73. INFINITY says:

    This might sound a little odd but would it be possible, if you re coded the exploit (CFW) would it work on the ps3 version of URBANIX.

    Ive been messing around with the CFW but with the PS3 ive already got a hacked ps3 so i have been using multiman to transfer the files to the ps3

    It’s a bit funny what happens the ps3 version starts acting like the psp version saying do not remove the memory card and you can actually load the game like it does on the psp. The only problem is, is that the entire ps3 freezers after you load the save file, of course it would do that because the cfw was written for the ps vita.

    But what I’m asking is that can this same exploit be re written for the ps3 version as well. we could possibly load psp homebrew on the ps3.

    I know that this is not a ps3 hacking site but it is related to it.

    Many Thanks :)

    • Adin says:

      No, the exploit isn’t in the game (except the user-mode one which is kinda like V/HBL used to load the full one) it is in PSP Emu and potentially PSP. The most you could get from this on PS3 would be an HBL for PS3 with no compatability for existing homebrews (unless they’re PS3 ones).

  74. Sinergy Clan says:

    This CFW run on the 1.80 VHBL Monster Hunter??

  75. Calvin says:

    how come my isos look terrible on the vit………
    all of them?

  76. gliitch says:

    can someone compile a list of working homebrew for this exploit? as im having a tough time finding compatible homebrew. :( cant find a working Snes emu at all. >_> picodrive 1.5.1b works though

  77. 9rockky says:

    Project diva 2nd :work
    Havest moon hero of leaf valley:work but you need to import save file
    Havest moon boy and girl :not work

  78. Stiffeno says:

    Can someone give WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 a test? I have tried in both ISO and CSO format and it just shows a black screen and then throws a c1-2858-3 error!

    All my other ISO’s work! Oh and for the record, i tried loading with the R-trigger option and it does nothing! I tried pressing and i tried holding and it wont have any effect!

  79. LoLWuT says:

    Where i can get the urbanix exploit?

  80. Whackm says:

    At long last, I can play my FAVORITE MAME shoot-em up of all time… ROBOTRON 2084 with two joysticks!!!

  81. Efjay says:

    Wololo how about you make a jewel keepers exploit instead of urbanix..it is not removed yet..just try it i didn’t even all your hacks for ps vita even the new exploit now..

    • Yes says:

      I don’t think that matters much, at least i strongly assume that Sony is already monitoring all these hacking websites.

  82. Viral_Weaponry says:

    Thats weird, i was able to transfer one of my backups to the root of the exploit using the eight characters format alk caps and i can see the game on the main screen of the menu and play it. I didnt have to do anything of the ftp or pspfiler…

  83. Flame_psp says:

    Anyone know why some ISO/CSO’s don’t show up?

    Also i keep getting an error when i run some. Using a UK vita but im in Australia.

  84. rac says:

    little question is it possible to download a minis from psn and then to trick the vita to think it’s the minis from the pc by modifing the file ?? to transfer Urbanix as i have it on both my ps3 and psp

  85. yigal33 says:

    what about psv game in this exploit will see ?

  86. Qarpz says:

    I am on 1.80 atm with monster Hunter vhbl working.
    Will this work for me? Or do i need urbanix?

  87. Micahel says:

    How do you install PS Vita FTP or PSPFiller on the Vita, I can’t seem to figure this out.

  88. rac says:

    i manage to put urbanix to my vita with ftp …..

  89. Madblaster6 says:

    So people with Super Collapse 3 have to wait ?

  90. AyeGuy says:

    I hope another iso loading exploit comes out. Can’t believe I missed this one.

    • neverthewiseone says:

      same here i hope there would another exploit. i was to busy so i wasn’t able to see this sooner and the game is free.

  91. Azio says:

    Hey wololo can we run the ps3 iso or cso on ps vita? Try it.I think we almost did every thing.Minis cso,psp cso, i think ps3 iso will run on ps vita plzz wololo give me

  92. Stiffeno says:

    I tested both the US and EU versions of WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 in both ISO and CSO format and neither work. They show a black screen and then throw an error. Im spewin coz i been watching the game for yonks!

  93. be0ut says:

    i think there should be a like option here so i could like all the funny comments 😀

  94. Spartacus says:

    you know it’s sad that I figured out most of the stuff here and have got PSPFiler 6.6 homebrew to work…PSP ISO backups are working…but when I used filer6.6 and accidentally deleted a folder I thought was a duplicate because my filer homebrew keeps showing up twice, one is the application that runs and the other is the installer it messed up my FTP VITA homebrew and dissapeared. No big deal right? just reload it up on the vita like you had 20 min prior? wrong, no homebrew works on my vita now despite the fact I have PSP Filer and PSP iso’s working flawlessly. Any thoughts? I’m really at a loss.

  95. LOS says:

    ok i have the urbanix game and have copied the exploit as well but i cant get anything else to work at all. can someone make a video tutorial on how to do this please. i would love to play my old isos and things on my new vita but i guess im a noob when it come to this vita. pleae help!!

  96. LOS says:

    my vita is running the 1.81 firmware

  97. Hell666 says:

    Does this mean we can play psp games on vita?,call me stupid but i dont understand any of this jajaja.

    • vcb04 says:

      Yes stupid thats exactly what it means (although we could b4 too we were just limited to psn titles)

      And before anybody whigs out, he said to call him stupid. lol

  98. Whackm says:

    Hi guys, another quick question. Has anyone gotten PS1 games working?

    Let’s see if I can remember my Japanese, the translation for this would be …



  99. william says:

    Can someone please make a brief youtube tutorial on how to copy homebrews….i tried like 15 times literally and still fail im trying to copy FTPSERVER. thnks

    • CronoFear says:

      Don’t use FTP, It is really slow.

      -Create a PSP/GAME Folders.
      -Download a Homebrew and put it in PSP/GAME/
      *For example, if the homebrew is VFTP, the result should be
      *PSP/GAME/VFTP/EBOOT.BIN(take note EBOOT.BIN is always inside in homebrew folder).
      -Then right-click on PSP folder and compress with Winrar. *Name the file as XXXXXXXX.ZIP (less than 8 letter and CAPITAL), compression *method=none and accept.
      -Move the XXXXXX.ZIP to GameXploitSavedata folder (the one that you use for installing TN-V).
      -Go to your PSVITA and copy the new savefile, accept the overwrite.
      -Now go to TN-V4(pspemu)>>games, you should see the homebrew in the list, press triangle and install.
      -After the instalation, accept the erase petition.
      -Go to pictures or video (for refreshing) and then return to game, now you should see the homebrew.

      FOR ISO:
      -Name your ISO as XXXXXXXX.ISO (less than 8 letter and CAPITAL).
      -Move your ISO to GameXploitSavedata folder (the one that you use for installing TN-V).
      -Go to your PSVITA and copy the new savefile, accept the overwrite.
      -Now go to TN-V4(pspemu)>>games, you should see the GAME in the list, press triangle and install (installing is optional).
      -After the instalation, accept the erase petition.
      -Go to pictures or video (for refreshing) and then return to game, now you should see the GAME.

      Srry for my english.

  100. Dakota says:

    how do i create i file in the root folder? with out psp filer mine always crashes tried many versions…

  101. Norml says:

    Works like a charm, thanks sooooooo much!

  102. vcb04 says:

    I had a way easier time using windows ftp explorer (I know not everyone has windows, but still it might help those that do) Every ftp browser plugin I tried just kept asking me to save it to my computer whenever I’d drop an ISO into the folder. What was I doing wrong?

  103. wololosupporter says:

    Thanks WOLOLO works great off of the mad blocker exploit

  104. Symon says:

    IF anyone is having trouble with the VITAFTP instructions, here is a simpler version:

    1. Install the VitaFTP homebrew app (Copy the file inside install.rar into PSP/GAME/”8 Letter Name”
    2. Run the Homebrew from the Menu after running Urbanix / MB:ROTF
    3. Ensure your wireless is enabled on your Vita & run Filezilla from your Windows machine
    4. connect the the ftp server by typing in the ftp server address given on your vita screen into the “host” section of the “Site Manager”
    5. Create a folder called ISO onto the root directory of the PSV
    6. Drag your ISO’s / CSO’s into this newly created ISO folder
    7. hit Square on your vita once the tranfer is complete
    8. click on the ISO from the homebrew menu
    9. HF.

  105. gregdaleg says:

    What is the root folder on the vita I’ve put the ISO folder everywhere and nothing shows up on the ftp server :(

  106. Yatashi says:

    Thanks Wololo, got it working!

  107. Karma_Darkly says:

    I have no idea how to create a folder in the root directory. can someone help me out.

  108. Faceless_Sinner says:

    My ISO’s run out of the exploited save from the exploit. For some reason they don’t show up when I move them to my ISO folder in the root. Unique problem I guess but it still works like a charm…

  109. gunblade says:

    got it to work … anybody no how to fix dat thing dat happens in 1.81 dat they added in 1.80

  110. richie says:


  111. MUD says:

    How do I make a .iso to a .ISO?
    From this MORTKOMB.iso to this MORTKOMB.ISO

    Thanks in advance.

  112. DAMARR B says:

    Whats going on everyone i have monster hunter us version 1.80 i followed the instructions 2 to a tee (apparently not)
    and after i got the homebrew store change the zip 2 capitals and all only monster hunter comes up on the tn-b menu. Can someone please give me a pointer i want 2 play some Sonic! thank you

    • MUD says:

      Load TN-B then press up on the + pad and find the game in the SaveGame folder and install it.
      Also I recommend getting FireFTP it makes everything way easier. 😉

      Now how do I change a .iso file in to a .ISO file?

  113. RICHIE says:

    I dont have the Urbanix Exploit, how do i get it what if i cant get it from the psn store, will this hack still work,
    Please Help…. Thanks in Advance for your Fantastic work
    and help..

    • MUD says:

      Wait for the next game with a exploit, join the Wololo chat and get in on the Ninja Release to insure getting the game before Sony pulls it from the online store.

      lol, I need help changing .iso to .ISO any one?

  114. Joey Gernaat says:

    Do i need VHBL to launch the FTP-app? I only have the Urbanix exploited game.

  115. PanamaJack says:

    can someone confirm YS Seven working?!?!?!?!?!?

  116. PanamaJack says:

    and in Metal Slug Anthology i can play every game exept the 6th has someone had this problem?

  117. el o el says:

    So, can anyone confirm that Valkyria Chronicles II is working?

    I renamed it to VALKCRON.ISO (which showed in properties: VALKCRON.ISO.iso) and transferred it over, and it showed up perfectly in my games list.

    However, the game crashed upon launching.
    Am I doing something wrong? Ace Combat X worked perfectly.

  118. Jake Granado says:

    My iso’s work but if i put any on it stop my PSN downloads from working…fix?

  119. RICHIE says:

    This Hack is of no use because it depends on psn psp games
    which are not possible to buy or download for everyone,as
    there are removed from the store as soon as there read this hack, Please make a hack that dosent need PSN GAMES,


  120. MajorSnipes says:

    It works if you copy the iso/cso to the exploited save data folder and providing that you have already created the ISO folder to ms0 (root) then when you starts TN’s menu the .iso/.cso file should show> press x on same and you will be prompted to copy it to the ISO folder… It seem faster than ftp

  121. Leona says:

    I just get a blackscreen whenever I try to run the exploit now, a FTP transfer failed halfway and now I’m at a loss…

  122. Mario says:

    Hey i need help please i can’t install the FTP when i put this on the INSTALL.zip my vita wont install it sorry for my bad English

  123. Breed says:

    pls guys i just got a PS VITA VERSION 2.11 as a gift from my nice in south Africa which she was using but, me in Nigeria i can’t afford buying any game so i made my reach to this site now i know some thing can be done for me to run only one ISO game which is Pro Evolution 2012 cause that’s the only game i need; but the game came with one game called WIPEOUT in a PlayStation Vita Card so please if its possible for you to send me Tutorial on how to hack PS Vita VERSION 2.11 directly in to my Mail i will be please E-mail- breedlastcom9@gmail.com

  124. Shellie says:

    Hi I am so thrilled I found your blog, I really found you by
    mistake, while I was searching on Yahoo for something else, Nonetheless I am here now and would
    just like to say kudos for a incredible post and a all round enjoyable blog (I also love the theme/design),
    I don’t have time to browse it all at the moment but I have bookmarked it
    and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a great deal more,
    Please do keep up the great work.

  125. wololo says:

    I rarely delete comments and certainly didnt touch yours. But theres an automatic spam filter.

  126. StepS says:

    you need to do F5 because of cache

  127. alvin says:

    good day to you wololo i ask how can find or download the game urbanix is allready been to the psn store my vita is brandnew 1week ago im not having any games please help me ill wait youre reply thanks.

  128. Jd8531 says:

    Urbanix isnt in the store, it was removed

  129. Jd8531 says:

    How did you do exactly? If you can give me some more info it would help alot of people. The PS3 HDD is encrypted afaik, you mean by a USB?

  130. chingon says:

    how so??? please explain…

  131. ramenking says:

    btw whos this kid in the avatar lol cause it aint me :S

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