Total_Noob announces CEF 6.60 TN-B for “Later this week”


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153 Responses

  1. Andalia says:

    Sounds good. Thanks for the info

  2. james says:

    First! hehehehehehehehehehhee YAY Keep Up The Good Work

  3. FBrauns says:

    Nice work! Hail to Total_Noob, and ColdBird(It’s a shame that he is off the scene =\) for the exelent development on VITA!

  4. cleberamd says:

    Waiting for the news .. thanks!

  5. XfloxX says:

    Thank you very much Total_Noob, you rox !

  6. 2die4 says:

    sweet dnt forget to go donate to your friendly neighbourhood dev

  7. ness151 says:

    But is he going to try to keep releasing it only for the Urbanix exploit, or for other games? That’s the question.

  8. ert says:

    Monster Hunter 1.81’m not that good?

    Monster Hunter is no longer there?

  9. ert says:

    What is the next psn games?

  10. GS1Azul says:

    This is a dream?, THANKS ANYWAY!

  11. Freedom77 says:

    I hope they port it to 1.80 using MHU, it would be nice even if they confirm it is possible!

    Thanks for the hard work Developers!

  12. FBrauns says:

    People are using most of that tread to ask questions, not doing bugs reports .-. its a pain on the a** to compile it!

  13. 4fan says:

    Wow that’s was fast.I would be great if we got custom background for tnmenu vhbl

  14. Abdou007 says:

    Why no devs help TN ?

  15. Jdubs says:

    Updates are always good! Thanks for your continued efforts!
    Go go gadget Monster Hunter Freedom Unite port! 😀

  16. Jvhellraiser says:

    I will say that it would be better to open a new one
    Asking specifically for the issues and bugs of TN-A.

  17. trecenters says:

    Quit whining about Monster Hunter…

    I didn’t even use VHBL for it because Urbanex came out before I had time to.

    If you can’t check the scene everyday and get the best exploits then you should have to wait.

    • Jdubs says:

      Knowing that a port is possible we are simply cheering it on. 😛

    • Agnostic says:

      checked everyday the scene and just they tell us like one or two day before this that we “maybe” need to buy the game, people like me cant have 3 or 6 dollars in two days so thats why we whining about monters hunter..lets us be

  18. anhell28 says:

    everyone who is running TN A eCFW should definantly donate a little something to Total_Noob for creating and actually releasing this great ecfw.SERIOUSLY.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      yeah lets make TN rich so he can waste the money for himself and not share it with other devs who need it and deserve it as much as him

      • Darkanubis74 says:

        Why exactly doen’t he deserve donations? Not being a jerk, that comment just came off a little….mean?

        • Acid_Snake says:

          I’m not saying to not donate him, it’s your money, but what I say is that there are other devs who also need the money, not just TN

  19. Agnostic says:

    come on try port it to monster hunter, people with urbanix right now dont worry about updates they are busy killing fever with psp games while we await the announcement, which according wololo “maybe” there be a port. second day people and now lets wait “later a week”

  20. jse says:

    Will these hax ever get ported to the Motorstorm version of VHBL?

  21. Rac says:

    Hi un gavé à question i have vhbl mh and i have download urbanix on ps3 should i update or can i connect vita to PS3 and bypass update ?? Or mot move with vhbl?

  22. quetz says:

    i assume PSX compatibility 😀 would be amazing

  23. keyz16b says:

    My PSV is running 1.80 because of MH VHBL exploit. I downloaded Urbanix into my PS3 to transfer to my PSV but when I attempt the transfer the PSV says I need to update the system software. My question is: Will the Urbanix game transfer to my PSV after doing the system update??! It sounds like since Urbanix has now been removed the PSN will not allow the transfer even though I already have it on my PS3 HDD. I also don’t want to loose the MH exploit!!

    Hoping someone gets back to me about this…I just got my PSV last month, thanks!!

    • 91 says:

      no u cant and yes u will lose vhbl MH

    • mrSoczi says:

      Chill… You can safely let him do the update to 1.81. You will transfer then Urbanix from PS3 by CMA on the Vita. Easy. I have also been in this situation with 1.61. Updated and downloaded Urbanix from the PS3 (but it still needs to be in PKG, not installed!).

    • Alex13mod says:

      Im on 1.80 just use the CHarles proxy with PS3/Vita and it should transfer safely :-)

  24. rei says:

    wow this is guy is really on top of things, its too bad i didn’t get Urbanix soon enough but i’m hoping that this can be ported to work on the earlier versions of vhbl

    regardless thanks for the hard work everyone whos working on this and other projects

  25. PSVitaEucfw says:


    With a jap psvita and a jap psn and a jap urbanix.


  26. Rac says:

    U read my minds keyZ im not the one who is puzzled have the same problem as you dude

  27. Rac says:

    Same question as keyz

  28. 91 says:

    u CAN NOT transfer urbanix to vita even if it is on HDD as it is not on the PSN anymore u must wait 4 MH port!

    thanx, TN

  29. Rac says:

    Thank you for light my candle sir god bless u all sorry for the double post

  30. jamesssss says:

    Cheers Total_Noob awesome job on bringing the PSV scene to life! I am loving playing all my Japanese games without the constant BS of factory resetting my console.

    Awesome job!

  31. ghack says:

    hey is the game still available in the US Store????

  32. crunchy head says:

    here’s a bug
    when you press ps home while you’re playing a psp game it sometimes freeze
    would psx converted to psp games work on the psp emu ?

  33. Jwolf3 says:

    Awesome now for the monster hunter port

  34. jlo138 says:

    TN should of left off from the HEN-E and named these CEF 6.60 TN-F, then CEF 6.60 TN-G, etc and so on. Lol, I’m still using TN HEN-E on my psp go.

  35. nichikoro says:

    Amazing job !!! And quickly!! but we need a port to MH exploit … is that so difficult :(?

  36. Nick says:

    New game or old Ubranix? Please, i want a new game with kornel-exploit!!!

  37. cscash241 says:

    Just a friendly reminder about those of us on SC3, I hate to be a lecher but programing just isn’t my thing

  38. Hugo says:

    Thankz for the news, so many things happen in so little time. Im on MH Exploit but damn, without the ninja release, Sony reacts quickly. This CFW will not kill sales on the Vita games. Its just PSP games.

  39. INFINITY says:

    I was lucky that I got those two free minis. :) TN A works great on 1.80. Thanks to Total_nob for his work and Cold_Bird even tho he was stupid to leave.

  40. Randqalan says:

    About the only think I am wondering if Sony will remove PSP emulation now like they did with anything that comes close to unlocking their systems

    • Elratauru says:

      They will not, if they do, they would have to remove the PS1 games that also run on the PSP core. And that would have a massive backlash because people was waiting for it and they already announced it as a “new feature”.

  41. bubby323 says:

    We are still working on porting the exploit to older vHBL releases, please be as patient as possible.

  42. rac says:

    no problem for me guys i respect you a lot and your work please take your time to port the exploits to older vhbl as i said to have good things we need time and to have better things just let the time to the time =) so take all the time you need to port it guys you have my support

  43. ricardo says:

    Wololo I have a question.

    I lost this game…

    I told that everybody who have the Super collapse 3 or the MH vhbl working, should wait.
    If so are you telling that the next exploits will have the PSP kernel exploit, and you guys are trying to implement the kernel exploit to SC3 and MH ?

    Best Regards

    • cscash241 says:

      I am not wololo, but yes, Total Noob released his exploit for the “next exploits” so AFAIK we are waiting for either A {someone to make the wlan.prx exploit work on SC3 and MH};
      B { Total noob to port his exploit over to SC3 and MH};
      C {Sony to patch Total noob’s exploit and him to make it open source and another dev to port it to SC3 and MH };

  44. Manu says:

    I missed the Urbanix exploit :( Hopefully, I’ll be quick enough this time :) Does this exploit disable PSN?

  45. Omic says:

    there is link to total_noob paypal acc in notes of CF donated 5eu i think we must donate some this MAN

  46. yo says:

    Yo wololo. Regarding your statement “It needs to be emphasized that all people involved were aware of the legal risk of publicly releasing such a tool, but this person seems to not be afraid of that (good for him, I guess, he probably thinks he can succeed where geohot and graf_chokolo failed).”

    Im telling you that where i live, Sony cant do jackshit to me. Torrent sites are legal here, bribery is skyrocket, you kill people and get away with the right amount of money sent to the judge. Just so i know, not everyone is chickenshit about Sony. There isnt even a law regarding leaking stuff like this.

    I could release CFW’s all day and not being bothered by Sony. Haha i could even pay a local hobo to do it for me. This is the fun part of living in a 4th world country 😉

  47. arnookie says:

    If you want a retail game thats exploitable
    Ahmm A little clue cough “Ridge Racer”.

    Why do you think so few were put in stores? Because sony themselves found it could be exploited lol. : O)
    I suggest you all buy it up before they start selling on ebay for silly money.
    ; O)

  48. PlayStation Vita says:

    i cant find urbanix…..

  49. henrique brasil! says:

    for two days that I get no xecar Wololo, the
    damn sony strip Urbanix air … and here in
    Brazil has not minis in store … have to
    create an account for parents putting
    another location …

  50. God says:

    A few copies of Ridge Racer was put in stores because the game sucks and only has like 4 tracks in it.

  51. henrique brasil! says:

    Dark_Alex return?

  52. EFUS09 says:

    wow!!! thats nice, i hope that relase fix psx games 😀

  53. garrei says:

    Look, is it “CEF” or “CFE” because you said “CFE” in your last post.

  54. One_Man_Matrix says:

    Quick Question… Everytime I want to add new homebrew to my Vita, I have to overwrite the Urbanix SaveData, correct? This means that I potentially overwrite any savestates etc within those homebrew (PSP games don’t matter so much as the save files are held elsewhere), is there a way around this? What if I copied the Urbanix Savedata back to my PC, added the new Homebrew and copied it back to the Vita, would this work without overwriting the data? Thanks for your time!

  55. Six says:

    Please port to Super Collapse 3 please!!!

  56. kokyloko says:

    alguien puede hacer un tutorial para que me funcione por favor tengo todo el juego y el programa pero no se como pasar los juegos iso

    • Insane says:

      Ejemplo medal hono.iso=MHN.ISO tiene k ser en mayusculas pon el iso dentro del savedate y pasalo a tu ps vita eso estodo

  57. shuaiyetu says:

    Why does the PSPfiler MOVE files so slow… seems like it first COPY then delete the original ISO, nothing like doing so in Windows…

  58. auron says:

    awesome!! I hope we see a full cfw soon

  59. mike says:

    I am new to this but i have the US version of Urbanix. How ever I am having problems installing CEF 6.60 TN-B could someone please break it down for me.

  60. Chompira says:

    i waiting for port mhfu. Wololo working in this project?

    • wololo says:

      I am not personally working on an MHFU port. I do not have the reverse engineering skills, or the free time required.

    • phoenixside says:

      I think a better question to ask is, is there anyone working on a port for mh on 1.80, and could it be possible? I have to say I to are hoping for a port for mh.
      I would like to mention, thanks for a great website to all involved.

  61. Sigmarius says:

    Please 1.80 …….. … Wololo help us =˜˜˜˜˜˜

  62. boom says:

    Sam Jordam.. Where are you now!? haha

  63. jazneo says:

    Make a port to Monster hunter dont keep skip to different games all the time not everyone going to keep download the new game for new patch

  64. HAIDER KIARA says:

    Can I run games psp.Without the need to download a game Urbanix

  65. deckardbr says:

    I can’t believe I missed Urbanix, do you know if the Total_Noob or another team is working on another game also for CFW?

  66. Turd Sandwich says:

    People like myself are still having problems getting the Urbanix from the PS3 into the PS Vita. Just saying.

  67. HAIDER KIARA says:

    Is there a way to get the game Urbanix

  68. mike7500 says:

    1.80 release would be really nice i mean you have to concider that MHFU was the game that sony left in the store the longest so im preety sure that they are more people running the 1.80 on their vita, than people using urbanix in 1.81.. all im saying is when you have time a little help would be nice

  69. Total_Noob says:

    Well untold you guys a while ago I would give it another go I’m wololo could back
    Me up on this

  70. gunblade says:

    um probly off topic but cant da vita hold more storage den jus da 32 gig card

    • gunblade says:

      um anybody try dat one home brew dat lets u cannect a hard drive to the psp ooh n try see if da psp go cant bluethooth to da vita

  71. Nick says:

    Hmm. The game will be the paid?

  72. Raikiri says:

    Just a pair of quick questions:

    1) If I buy a new ps vita storage card after 1.82 release, will I be able to use it(activate it) without updating from my current 1.81?

    2) I have backed up my Urbanix game via Content Manager->Applications to the PC. Will I be able to copy it to my new storage card?

  73. gunblade says:


  74. sakonshima says:

    I downloaded or urbanx format PGK how can I use

  75. woohoo says:

    will the update stays with urbanix or a completely new game?

  76. Enkeixpress says:

    Will it use a new PS Minis game.. or Urbanix? cause that game isn’t available on the PSN store anymore, unfortunately.

  77. Middnight Snack says:

    So can you downgrade at all? I’m not too familiar with all these terms so bear with me here.

  78. yigal33 says:

    A Way to have exploited URBANIX for those who couldn’t make it at time

    on pspiso news.

  79. EFUS09 says:

    this cef 6.00 and gintama 2012 are for me the best news of October 😀

  80. Ven0m says:

    Yeah, finally a good kernel exploit that isn’t expensive! 😀
    Just got my ps vita to work with this exploit (already had the game) and I confirm that you can play GBA roms, SNES roms and ISO’s with this exploit (Kingdom hearts BBS tested)

  81. Efjay says:

    Wololo how about you make a jewel keepers exploit instead of is not removed yet..just try it i didn’t even all your hacks for ps vita even the new exploit now..

  82. azleerico says:

    I still have motorcross from the vhbl hack. any chance that this exploit can be ported to that game? didnt get the MH and just missed Urbanix….

  83. PSVitaEucfw says:

    sorry,buffer overflow isn’t working on jap urbanix so we can’t do this,i’m sorry.

  84. letsrapetheleaker says:

    Serves u japs right for bombing pearl harbor :)

  85. Stiffeno says:

    Using 6.60 CFE TN-A and trying to play WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 ISO/CSO causes a black screen and then it pops up with an error, will TN-B fix these kinda problems? All my other ISO/CSO’s work fine, but just that damn WWE wont work and i been dying to play it for over a year now! -_-!

    Oh and could we get a list of exactly what is being changed in TN-B? Like a list of what bugs been fixed, weather ISO/CSO compatibility is improved and so forth! Just so guys like me know weather its worth the time bothering to update to 6.60 CFE TN-B or just stay on TN-A?

    • Michele says:

      Stiffeno,I have the same problem with smackdown 2011 eur version,i’m from Italy =)
      If you resolve the problem could tell to me?

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