Release: 6.60 TN-A CFE CFW (PSP) for the PS Vita (US files)


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282 Responses

  1. sasaki says:

    Thank you very much
    thank you for your devotion to the psvita cracking field.
    i am very proud of knowing you.

    but there is still a problem.
    many people(like me )are using psvita pch-1000(japan version),we have downloaded the game before it was banned.
    we cannot get the savefile to play psp games.

    i hope you can do us a favor to port the cracking file to the japanese version.we are all waiting.

    thank you very much for your devotion.

    • wololo says:

      Some people are working on Porting the JP version

      • sasaki says:

        thank you very much
        but would you like to help them
        i have followed in the twitter
        they have met many problems in porting…….

        though i know you are angry about sam lacking the works.
        but i hope you can calm down even i know you cant control yourself…
        i am an asian so i use a different thinking ways of your western people
        i hope you can realise my thought..

        thank you very much for your devotion.

        • wololo says:

          I don’t have more information than anybody else I think. The exploits are not mine :)
          So I am not sure I can help much :(

          • sasaki says:

            ok i see
            thank you all the same

          • sasaki says:

            i am very sorry for disturbing you again..
            i have got the latest news.
            the jp version savedata maker faces a big problem which would make him give it up…
            i know thsts not your responsibilty..
            and i know you dont need to help us if you dont want…
            but…we japanese game buyer has paid for the sony..
            we really want to enjoy the job….

            he said that he is always failed in savedata…
            such as a.bin …

            you can get the info. from his twitter and i see he is following you…
            he is @WeeLeds
            i really really hope you can help us..
            i will very appreciate it.

  2. AzleeRico says:

    i dun wanna buy urbanix, have this hack and be forced to forfeit it for the sake of playing assassins creed like what happened with the motorcross hack(which i had to forfeit to play Resistance, which sucks.) I’ll wait for the next hack after assassins creed but still this is wonderful news to the scene. I was afraid that the Vita homebrew scene was dead and some of my friends have even sold off their Vita and wrote off the Vita as useless. Guess they are pulling their hairs out now!

  3. rathalos says:

    I was really lucky to download it two days ago after reading the news of the exploit ^^

  4. Congly says:

    can i have some demo videoes?

  5. Jonatan says:

    Hi, I get the Urbanix from an old account was i made in EU, then get download files from your link, then follow the instructions and I get a Grey Screen, whith name of Game, Current Time, Game Logo and the only button apparently works is /\, pressing says “Are you sure to want to delete it? Y N” then press X on Yes, delteing Bar come appear. And Doesn’t work, please, help me. What I am doing wrong??

  6. A says:

    I’m on v1.80 MH and was wondering if we will get CFW? I didn’t get Urbanix

  7. Jvhellraiser says:

    Dont worry JP save will come out,
    Theres a new release of a JP Psvita
    Loading the hello world on youtube
    They it will be release soon just wait
    A bit more.

    • sasaki says:

      i have had seen it
      but the cracker said on his twitter
      there is something wrong with the work
      and he would like to stop his work because of this …..

      i have asked him and expressed our thoughts and insprie
      he agreed to work more…
      there are obstacles on his way….
      we are really worry!

  8. blinx says:

    It works with a pirate copy of urbanix?If you download Urbanix psp from internet you can put it on psvita with CMA?

  9. blinx says:

    so you cant transfer the urbanix.iso to psvita?

  10. linkedot says:

    i had downloaded urbanix on my ps3 before they erase it from the store… can t transfer it to ps vita trough CMA, so i transfered it to my psp… then to my pc ! but the game change the format from ps3 to psp… thats why i couldn t transfer it to Psvita with OPEN CMA !
    Wololo… Is there any chance for me to see urbanix inside my vita ?

    • Jd8531 says:

      No, it changed format. If you still have it in the bubble on the ps3 it might transfer.

      • linkedot says:

        i did transfered it from the bubble format… its during the transfer that it change the format !

        • Jd8531 says:

          transfer straight to the vita or are you on 1.80?

          • linkedot says:

            im on 1.81 ! impossible to transfer from ps3 to psvita since the game is not on the list…

            i was able to transfer urbanix from ps3 to psp.

            now when i transfer from ps3 to psp obviously it doesn-t stay on a bubble format os the psp it gets on a folder with Eboot.pbp and document.Dat

            now when i use OpenCMA to transfer that folder that of urbanix … in CMA i see (corrupted file)

            is there a way to make a .PKG for that game then transfer it trough OPEN CMA ?

      • Tommy says:

        I had downloaded urbanix(eu) on my ps3 too, and the file still in the ps3, but I couldn’t transfer it to psvita through usb cable, the game haven’t display on the list, but it can be play on ps3. What can I do now?

    • albie85 says:

      im in the same boat but if u still got 1.81 and want urbanix ive got a new bypasser ready to go jus waitin for 2.0 so the game comes bk on store. I have MHFU exploit but ive got urbanix on ps3 im gonna update to 1.81 and purposely loose my hack so wen the game is bk I can copy it with my bypasser wich work 100% sounds dumb I no coz already got TN but mini loads save quicker and is a lot smaller. hope it comes bk with 2.0

  11. Psvita lover says:

    I cnat save gamez in any emulator help!!!!!!

    • Jd8531 says:

      Which one? Inside the homebrew folder for the emulator make a folder called Saves or savestate and then copy it over again and it will save.

  12. sasaki says:

    it is written by a japanese urbanix cracker.
    関数のアドレスだけ治すならこうかな? 最後のは俺の力量じゃ見当が付かない。
    the function address cannot be fixed?
    i cannot do this though i have tried my best

  13. bullrog says:

    to anyone who is having trouble installing homebrew on a pc.
    i have winrar so if you dont have that u might wana go install that first. after you prepare all the files like the instructions says to do. right click the PSP folder and click add to archive. there you will have an option to make it a .RAR OR .ZIP. you obviously need to pick .ZIP and thats where you also need to put in all caps .ZIP where it says archive name. you cant just rename it after you compress it. so when its done its just gona say PSP. and thats how you want it. if you right click and go to properties. you should see it named PSP.ZIP and not

  14. Roger Waters says:

    Did someone say we cant play our ps1 backups with this exploit?

  15. Roland says:

    Is there a full step-by-step guide anywhere for setting this up?

    If I missed it I apologize, I’m multitasking like heck…

  16. alvin says:

    gud day to u all i ask is posible to create new one whitout ubanix game because im not have the urbanix game is not fare rigth sorry to my bad english please rep ill wait.

  17. alvin says:

    somthing like exploiting a masstorage of psvita like iphne ipod possibl or not please make have one rep me.

  18. Jdubs says:

    It was stated that if you have any of the earlier exploits that theres a good possibility that we can still get the custom firmware. We just have to wait and see. If you dont have urbanix and did not take advantage of any of the earlier exploits (monster hunter, super collapse ect) then your kinda boned, at least for now. Good things are sure to come in the future. We all just have to be vigilant and sort of stalker-like to this website to see what happens. 😀 Cheers to Wololo and all the other devs who are making this possible. 😀

  19. HIMFan says:

    My question is, could this not work on the PS3? Lets say you’re on 4.25 OFW. Can you not install this savefile and run PSP ISO’s and Homebrew on PS3? I figured the Vita does the same as the PS3 and runs the PSP games in PSP Emulator mode. Just curious, I’m on 3.55CFW anyway, so I couldn’t do it, but I was interested to know if its possible.

    • HIMFan says:

      ACTUALLY, I can try it. I found a version of it on the internet I can download and install on my PS3 and try it out. I’m just assuming it won’t work. But if it DID, we could play PSP games on PS3 FOR FREE!

  20. jon says:

    Hope this CFW was ready for public consumption.

    • Firedragon says:

      To be exact, it is not an “Custom Firmware”, this is only a temporary modification loaded via K able Savegame-Exploit.

    • HIMFan says:

      It was. There were 2 CFW’s released. The first one was leaked, and the creator said it was fully finished, he just wasn’t intent on releasing it yet. The second one (the one listed above) was deliberately released by Total Noob…meaning its a finished product. Plus, all CFW’s come out and continually get updated anyway, so no CFW was ever “ready” for public consumption.

  21. HELPPPP says:


  22. Vincent Beasley says:

    So what kind how homebrew works for this? Any emulators? =]

  23. Jason says:

    So if Sony releases OFW 1.82 and puts the urbanix back up,
    can we still download urbanix and use this exploit if we didn’t update to 1.82? Please answer. Thanks.

  24. HIPHOP78 says:

    I finally got everything up and running, PSP game CARS works flawlessly so far. I got SNESG9TYL running but how do you install roms. I copied the rom folder over but I do not see the rom folder to select game.

    • Vincent Beasley says:

      I have SNESG9TYL to and you have to rename all roms like you do your ISOs (Limit of 8 letters and all caps)But the roms load and then freeze =/

  25. coffincolors says:

    Any chance this is getting ported to VHBL? I’m still Super Collapsing on 1.67

  26. xdarkmario says:

    hey i am on vita version 1.80 and cant get my vita online how do i get this game or my vita online

  27. luckyred says:

    I love my vita playing Initial D japn. Ver. street stage

  28. Turd Sandwich says:

    I do hope someone is finding out a way to get the U.S Urbanix from the PS3 unto the PS Vita. I myself is suffering this dreadful problem.

  29. arnookie says:

    If you want a retail game thats exploitable
    Ahmm A little clue cough “Ridge Racer”.

    Why do you think so few were put in stores? Because sony themselves found it could be exploited lol. : O)
    I suggest you all buy it up before they start selling on ebay for silly money.
    ; O)

  30. xdarkmario says:

    is there a possible way to run this using the old vita 1.80 monster hunter exploite ?FW 1. I am too scared to update and lose my vhbl that i do have running and 2 tried th transfer this using the old method and all it does is stay on the transferring 9 files.

  31. xdarkmario says:

    woo i just figured out how to get this working on a 1.80 vita!! with the monster hunter VHBL method i’ll be posting a video later with a tut later.

  32. Jonatan says:

    I Recopy CEW, and Vita send error C1-2858-3

  33. HELPPPP says:


  34. tom22 says:

    ahh…. anyone know if shareing a purchase will work
    for vita? or is the DRM going to block off like,
    1. shareing socom ftb1 savedata,
    (while ftb2 added cR point’s that auto-maticlly allow
    you to need to collect cR’s. Win!!!!!!)
    2. or do’s the DRM kick in and need’s the purchase ticket,
    (Game ID recipt ticket???? to start.)

  35. alvin says:

    how can i get urbanix game is allready been remove to psn store eur please help me a you guys rep me thanks.

  36. chingon says:

    just wondering…is it possible to transfer my backed up ps vita file of urbanix on 1.81 to vita 1.80 via http://FTP…both on same account…just one is 1.81 and the other 1.80

  37. SebasTorron says:

    I updated my PS Vita and Urbanix wasn’t there, i need a new exploit :'(!

  38. Alex says:

    Can they ban your console for this?

  39. HIPHOP78 says:


  40. momtaror says:

    It is Mad Block Anpha , EU store has been removed

  41. Tim says:

    Does this exploit work for the Urbanix/Jewel Hunter Bundle too? That’s still up, on the PSN

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  43. msonja says:

    i put my ps vita MBA but in psvita screen did not show up anyone help me plsssssss

  44. dr_spikes says:

    the cowboys will win it next year

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