You can still get Urbanix for Free


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74 Responses

  1. Mr McGoo says:

    Finally got a first on a wololo post. I got the code but already bought the game yesterday. O well

    • Sharo93 says:

      well, would you mind giving it to me…i dont have a facebook because i really hate facebook


    • Mr McGoo says:

      Ok, free code for 3 reasons:
      I am in the us, I just bought the game yesterday just invade the kxploit was in the near future, and I am happy on my 1.80 with the psx working. Im just waiting for 4.21cfw on ps3 so I can really use remote play properly.

      Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to those devs that have come, those that have gone and those who remain and continue to help this community thrive.

      yea, yea, needs the code. First come first serve: GC4D-G5NR-DNL2 (case sentisive)

    • Utterly Utter says:

      Faith in humanity restored, finally someone who gets the first post and don’t write, First or 1:st. Thank you Mr McGoo!

    • XmeD says:

      the code for downloading urbanix only gives “jewl keepers easter island

    • XmeD says:

      sorry for double posting but urbanix does not comme with the
      offer on facebook. The only game that is guiven out is jewel keepers. So im wondering is there any other way to get the game??

  2. Lawliet156 says:

    Its not working for US, tried the code it gave me on 2 different facebook accounts of mine and my Vita gave me a error code of NP-8128-9

  3. jwolf3 says:

    would the cfw exploit still work on monster hunter vhbl?

  4. bubby323 says:

    Any thoughts on my topic you viewed a while ago?

    • wololo says:

      You mean the ongoing discussion on reverting the kernel exploit? I actually saw it just after I wrote this article. I can follow up with you by PM or email if you want

      • bubby323 says:

        If you have a minute to hop on IRC it would be a bit quicker, I just want to pass some information your way before I head off for bed.

  5. trollkilla says:

    Thanks wololo for the info. I think theres an exploit for the mini game orbit as well.

  6. trollkilla says:

    Forgot to mention platstation mobile is live on the vita store in the u.s. Maybe you can do
    a review on its games which don’t appeal to me.

  7. garrei says:


  8. 9Rockky says:

    If you want to get it for free,format the system then turn EU…

  9. One_Man_Matrix says:

    Excuse me Wololo, I am the happy owner of a 1.80 MHU exploit (Thank You!) and am thoroughly enjoying my homebrew. I downloaded the Silent Hill demo and am being told (no matter which avenue I try) that I have to update my system, which I would rather avoid.

    The real test is when Assassins Creed comes out at the end of the month… Do we know if using a retail copy of the game instead of PSN will bypass the FW update procedure? I don’t want to have to choose… Lol.

    • jamesssss says:

      depends on the firmware version the came is at, for example I have Project Diva F which came out on 30/08 as a physical copy and that was using firmware 1.69 so no need to upgrade but I was on 1.80 so all was good.

      Chances are that it will be either 1.69 or 1.80 depends when the “code” went gold and sent to manufacturing as I presume the production run of a game is going to be at least a month of so prior to release at the minimum.

  10. Johnny says:

    Wololo my psvita version is 1.61 with the Tennis Homebrew do u think i should update? and get this?

  11. etertay says:

    well, i went an updated my vita/downloaded urbanix..there BETTER BE a cfw out of this..

  12. psvkin says:

    link down?

  13. Fed with says:

    I have liked the playstation fb page, wheres my promotion code at?

  14. Sakuryu says:

    I personally think the kernel and CFW CB made should be left alone, he encrypted it for a reason and a jerk betrayed the trust and destroyed the connection to the main person (no offense) that would have brought us forward. He wants it left alone and I think we should respect his wishes and just destroy this Sam guy and make our own kxploit and CFW

    • Lets face it people are going to to try to decrypt this some will fail it will be a matter of time till someone gets it decrypted and working we just to have a open mind and be cautious with the “Sam Jordams” of the world.

  15. crow132 says:

    Soooooo.. the VHBL working at 1.81 that we saw at your video few days ago was not Urbanix..? Interesting 😀

    Still more exploitable games :)

  16. EFUS09 says:

    i have one question, open cma works with 1.81???

  17. Sined says:

    Wololo, if Urbanix VHBL for 1.81 will be released, am I right to assume that it will work on 1.80? There’s not much difference between these two FW, right? I dont want to update for no reason :)

  18. Vahab says:

    Codes not work in Account US
    Pls Help me how i can use this code in Account US

  19. qwikrazor87 says:

    Clicking on your link to the offer brings up a facebook page that says “The page you requested was not found.”

  20. cris says:

    well here is a question as i am on 1.61 and i still have vhbl and urbanix when a usermode exploit is released will it be on urbanix too ,i mean does it worth for me to be on 1.61 with urbanix and vhbl untill usermode is released or just push my luck to newer firmware ?

  21. Sinner says:

    Well it reminds me of sony’s “project” or whatever was posted by wololo to track DNA’s in order to prevent Piracy… I might be paranoid but seems like they put that vulnerable game for free in counterpart for our FB profiles on purpose…or maybe I better go & see a doctor. cheers.

  22. Johnny Bravo says:

    damn, 1 day too late. I brought it yesterday.
    I thought the leaked worked so I got the game. Then finding out it doesn’t work annoyed me as I didn’t want the game without the hack working.
    Next time I’ll wait for a working leak before buying the next game.

  23. ERNEST says:

    Im on 1.80 with MHU exploit/game.. What do you think about to update to 1.81 and buy urbanix, Or still on 1.80 ???? On 1.80 isn’t works psn!!!!! Show me the way!!!! Lol

  24. Jvhellraiser says:

    Just woke up to see TN-A 6.60 being
    release for the Psvita for this game anyone
    can please confirm this has Total Noob come
    back to safe the day? source:PspKing website

  25. ok i have the game i create a new acount and what netx iam on 1.81 i hope this work, but only one thing i study laws how supose i make a exploit where can i find info about this i have the time all time i like edit some codes but realy i dont know how starting if one person helpeme with the programs to start with this i hope this work this work only on eu o i need change the region, ¿but if i change the region the memory ps vita dont format again with this i loose the files urbanix? i need reinstall CMA4 i have the region for mexico i need reinstall all again and make one copy on my pc transfer thwe files from pc work or i need a ps3 for this.

  26. zaiii says:

    geht der exploit auch für 1.81 ??

  27. Joskezz says:

    I dont get it. How do you redeem the code exactly?

  28. dboyz says:

    urbanix removed!!! =.=

  29. Kizzurp says:

    Urbanix has been removed from the EU ps store bleh. I got the code from facebook and it only let me get that treasure game.. whatever it was called. Tried searching for urbanix after and it’s not found.

  30. Asmith906 says:

    people couldn’t be bothered to spend $2.99 on a game really :/

  31. nazar says:

    I only got Easter Island. No Urbanix. Needz help nao!

  32. lawliet says:

    I have the urbanix.pkg EU version and I have a code, can I use it???

  33. Tracekid says:

    Don’t have EU PSN, but have Facebook so here you go:


  34. Jan says:

    removed hehehe

  35. ruguer says:

    The game are removed

  36. God says:

    Sony scammed me, I paid 20 bucks for that Monster Hunter game now the face book code showed up when I said thanks on their crappy facebook. But when I enter in psn it says invalid. They just pulled a con and I hope their cruddy Vita gets hacked entirely. Disgusting scam artist company.

  37. Tvivallo says:

    i cant download the urbanix, i can download the Jewels Keepers but the urbanix no, you can help me?

  38. vegetag5 says:

    They replace the urbanix for some other game i think
    the Jewels Keepers.

  39. Sérgio says:

    are still giving Urbanix?

  40. Павел says:

    Не могли бы вы подарить код погашения?а то я нефига не понял с фейс буком

  41. Alsyme says:

    I managed to get hold of Urbanix from the PSN store in New Zealand just now.


  42. david says:

    hey plz any one help me i dowenlaod total recoi land terraria for vita free hacked torrent and icopy o vita using conect mananger ut on vita it tells me cannot copy things u not owner of

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