Urbanix was removed from the EU Stores


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245 Responses

  1. chingon says:

    dont work just hangs then errror

  2. chingon says:

    yo what gives nine1???

  3. Jdubs says:

    Damn…Guess i’ll have to do some waiting. Hope something can get made out of this using the 1.8 monster hunter exploit! Good luck.

  4. drdeathmetal says:

    I can confirm that that last link that nine1 posted actually gets me to the cfw menu.

  5. chingon says:

    yo nine1, just got it working for US version, Thanks Homes, dis 4 everyone else having problems, use the NPEZ00176 NOT
    NPEZ00077 THAT ONE IS ALL f!@#ED UP, with some extra weird sh!@t.

    • Dorothy says:

      0176 is not even american. How you get it working?

    • gunblade says:

      well dats becomes the game save is trippy for dis game wen i had the thing on the vita i was playing with the outher save dat day had n was pretty fun notice wy used dis game n wat was da expoit doing finaly got the us save last night played wit dat a lil while but messed it up wen i did not make a copy on the pc n decided to delete the game but playing wit the uvhbl a lil try deleting outher save cuz it didnt show hbl hom.brew

  6. Viral_Weaponry says:

    that US save state works…

  7. Dorothy says:

    Still don’t get anything. I’ll just do it!
    Wish me luck)

  8. Reaper says:

    yo viral_weaponry how did you get it to work? i moved the folder to my ps vita and all i got was a black screen. i tried the NPEZ00176 that was in his folder but it doesnt detect the save.

    • drdeathmetal says:

      I used the “NPUZ00077″ folder for the US version and it worked for me.

      • Dorothy says:

        i dropped both. Now i put one game in one folder, one in another. Ok one didn’t transfer. In a minute will find out which one.

        • drdeathmetal says:

          For it to recognize games do we simply need to compress them to .ZIP and rename them to GAMENAME.ZIP and drop them into the root of the save folder?

  9. Dorothy says:

    SH*T GUYS IT’S WORKING! I copied both folders.
    PSP games are on the way.

  10. Sakuryu says:

    Looks like Urbanix was pulled from the US Store, at least on mediaGO

  11. Dorothy says:

    Ok 0077 didn’t work. Starting assassins by 0176…and it’s working. Yep!

  12. Reaper says:

    nvm got it to work! woot now does anyone know if i need to make a /iso folder and drop all my isos in there?

  13. 91 says:

    U copy both folders

  14. Dorothy says:

    i can’t quit the game. The PS button stopped working lol

  15. Dorothy says:

    and assassin’s freezed on the loading screen(

  16. Oscar says:

    Wow! That was fast!

    I feel so lucky about having the game =)

  17. Vincent Beasley says:

    Ok so Ive done everything right and i got the filer to load. But now my ISO wont appear in the file reader at all. Its in the right folder and everything…

  18. Reaper says:

    how did you guys install the pspfiler? i made the PSP/GAME/FILER then i zip it and named it 8 characters all caps and moved it into the save folder but i cant see it to install it. or am i doing it wrong?

  19. HECZ says:

    confirmed working on US urbanix, downloaded on ps3 redownloaded on vita before the deletion.

    Havent tested homebrew or .isos yet.

  20. Maxilus says:

    Oh man.. I miss the chance. Even in Singapore PSN Store also removed.

  21. Rob says:

    I found a “bundle” in the U.S. today with Urbanix in it, got it, and Urbanix wasn’t there. FFFFFFUUUUUUU
    Well, there went 6 dollars. At least I got Sonic Adventure 2 so I can laugh at how *** it is.

  22. Vincent Beasley says:

    ISOs wont show up on my filer! What do I do?? Ive tried everything x0

  23. BakedOnSomeSour says:

    yay by the time i got home from college it was gone. Will there be a way to do this with other minis? Or can we do this with previously patched vhbl? Is there a chance for those who did not download this game to get a second chance? What can this exploit lead to besides psp cfw? Can this bring along a vita kernel exploit? I know its a lot of questions but i gotta know

    • wololo says:

      Will there be a way to do this with other minis?
      –> probably not anytime soon

      can we do this with previously patched vhbl?
      –> If you have MH and firmware 1.80, yes, it might be backported. If you’re on 1.81, the only game that would work for you is Urbanix

      Is there a chance for those who did not download this game to get a second chance?
      –> Hmm…. Motorstorm, Everybody’s Tennis, Super collapse 3, Monster Hunter, Urbanix… you mean a 6th chance, right? Same question I ask everybody else: if you missed the previous 5 exploits, what makes you think you will get the 6th one?

      What can this exploit lead to besides psp cfw?
      –> Most likely nothing more

      Can this bring along a vita kernel exploit?
      –> Probably not

      • gunblade says:

        yea is wy i was stooked wen i had da monster hunter running n more wen i got urbanix working after the us save release but yea psp emulation alright but i herd fulll vita cf would be fun but right now not to much games out yet fo da vita so a lil pointless since most of the game take up a lot of memory n da sony memory card cant hold dat much n u can only have like eight screen on da vita home page dat can only hold ten apps or game well i had an eight gb card n filled the thing up wit demos but yea dont think it cant fit all my game n apps almost loaded wit psp mini psone apps n games from sonys mobile (deas a pretty good beats one)but yea psp emulation great wish i still had da game.think da vita only lets u have a certain about of apps or games install on it at a time thinkg wit the apps u cant delete dat u can probly be around 80 welll guess cheack u can have 10 pages wit 10 games or apps on dem. but yea a vita expoit would be bad aszzz

  24. rac says:

    hi everybody hello Wololo

    I have a little question

    i have download Urbanix to my ps3 and i was wondering if i should update my vita and copy the mini in pkg file to it as i didnt install it yet

    or if i should stick to my actual 1.80 and the exploit you share with us?? and wait for a backport of the vcfw

    id like to say thank you for your work as there is the sun in our lives there is Wololo TN Coldbird And all the others people who make this scene wonderfull

    • MarSprite says:

      don’t update, I just tried to do this *poof* goes the monsterhunter exploit, and the vita doesnt see urbanix to install

  25. benbeatz says:

    Wololo is there hope for those who haven’t downloaded the game Urbanix :( My firmware is 1.81

  26. jay says:

    Is there any chance Sony return Urbanix to PSN (after 1.82 release, for example)?

    My guess is: if I activate my Vita PSN account now and download Urbanix via PS3 later (if they return it to PSN) from the same account, I’m pretty sure it will be possible to transfer it without connecting Vita to PSN and updating to 1.82.

    • Yes says:

      I might be wrong, but i’m pretty sure that you can’t transfer games from your PS3 to Vita without being connected to the interenet. And when you’re connected to the internet, then the Vita will ask you to update the firmware.

      Sony did the same thing with the previous games like Motorstorm Arctic Edge and Super Collapse 3. They removed those games and added them back later on. I didn’t hear any stories that it was possible to do a PS3 to Vita transfer for those games when not using the latest Vita firmware.

  27. Darenvy says:

    I got it before it was too late! :D. I upgraded from 1.61 and lost my Every bodies Tennis exploit but really worth it! :D

  28. Synntech says:

    Now that i have missed MH(wasnt able to download till 1.81 was out) and urbanix, is their a way to find my own exploits without owning a psp?

  29. Boriswinner says:

    Is the game also removed from Japan PSN?

  30. gunblade says:

    yea so i got da game did not make back up on da pc but cant get da game on da vita cuz the ps3 messed n da hard drive need to partion is dea some way to save the hard drive with out having to partion it right now i swap out the hard drive in the ps3 wit anader one

  31. Ace says:

    Seems like the JAP version is still on psn??

    Dont have my Vita with me to check, but I do have a jap psn account since the days when the ps3 was launched.

    Is it possible to use a european Credit card to buy things on JAP psn store? It was possible back in the day on my ps3.

    Link to jap version:


  32. gunblade says:

    well trying da safe mode 4 da pst3ree hope dat works

  33. Junaid says:

    How to get Urbanix game ?

  34. Stiffeno says:

    Those who dont already have Urbanix and are waiting for Sony to put it back on the PSN, DO NOT waste ur money buying it coz it will have the exploit patched!

    See when Sony learns the name of the game thats being exploited, they pull it from the online store. They THEN patch the exploit hole over the following few days, and then they add the game back to the online store for sale…so dont buy it thinking the exploit will work, coz it wont. If you dont already own it, its too late im sorry.

    Just thought i would post coz a few ppl were under the impression that once the game is back for sale, they can still exploit it, but thats not the case…i just dont want ppl wasting money coz they are mis-informed or dont know any better!

  35. Max Meechegan says:

    How about the Jewel Keeper: Easter Island?

  36. yigal33 says:

    wololo please find away to transfer the game from ps3 to vita

    you are the last cansh for as.


  37. rac says:

    funny im not the only one who put it in my d mn ps3 XD

    Stiffeno if you said if we already have it you mean if we have it on our ps3 in pkg format?? best way is buy a second vita and update it then copy urbanix to the cma and put it to the old one for cf uses ? no

    and if someone did found how to copy it from ps3 hdd to vita it could help a lots of people i dont ask for help i mean if someone has figured out as i am not impatient and i know that this kind of discovery need time

  38. guy says:

    I got both folders, question is how do you send them to your vita?

  39. StepS says:

    that psn code never worked for US

  40. b2p1mp says:

    There are much worse thing you could have gotten than MHFU. I personally love the game. BTW, he always warned that you purchase it on your own will. We all need to trust in people more. I feel that after sony releases a firmware update, then USA will get urbanix. I recommend that you do not go beyond 1.81. Also make a backup so incase you delete the license or somehow lose urbanix, you can restore from your own version.

  41. b2p1mp says:

    I mean usa will get exploit, i do not think I can edit that post… anyway. the source code will be released after the next sony firmware. Just wait and see. In the meantime, search for a psp with extra ram that is hackable. You can join online matches with just about any adhoc title and you will love it.

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