Urbanix was removed from the EU Stores


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245 Responses

  1. Saidros says:

    I have a question, should i upgrade the firmware to 1.82? and then install the game? i have vhbl on 1.81 and i bought the game before it was taken down i have it on my pc and on my ps3… Thanks wololo

  2. Cosmo says:

    God Damnit! I had the game on my PsVita one week ago and got rid of it because it was horrible, and now this happens! Just my luck..

    What about Jewel Keepers? that was also free along with urbanix.

  3. Dewey says:


    Thankfully I have it installed. A few days ago, I contemplated deleting it because I didn’t play it any more and needed some space; so I deleted Jewel Keepers instead. Now I am so glad that I did not delete Urbanix, which is quite a nice game, if a little repetitive.

  4. Ernest says:

    go to backport on 1.80!!!! 😀

  5. well says:

    can anyone link me the CMA backup ?

  6. Lelouch vi Britannia says:

    Super Collapse 3 Backport! 😀

  7. kato says:

    need JP game save now!


  8. Turd Sandwich says:

    Well i just purchased the Urbanix U.S one, now all i need is those files. I just hope someone is working on a U.S port….

  9. Hobz says:

    Noob question : I don’t have a Vita yet and plan to buy it for Xmas, I got the game one PS3 before it went down and downloaded it. Do I have a way to transfer it to my Vita later ?

    • lee says:

      we r the same . i think we can transfer minis F ps3 2 vita. i will buy vita after few days.The biggest problem is if my new vita is V1.60,the eary version maybe v1.82. how can i UP my new vita to v1.81 or v1.80?

  10. Ernest says:

    can i download the game from MEDIA GO PC with the code and transfer to psvita??

  11. Randqalan says:

    I think Kernel exploit with psp ISO cso emulation myself :)

  12. Pain says:

    So if I got My Psvita running VHBL with Monster hunter exploit (im still in 1.80), there is chance to found a kernel exploit to run a CFW without Urbanix ??
    I couldnt download it…

    • wololo says:

      The kernel exploit would be the same on Monster hunter and on Urbanix. The Kernel exploit does not depend on the game

  13. Firedragon says:

    There is no need to remove Urbanix on US,
    because the provided files work only for
    NPEZ00176 and not for NPUZ00077.

  14. Muyu says:

    question, I just download Urbanix from US store, but the savedate’s name you post doesn’t match US vision, which is NPUZ00077. Seems your data doesn’t work for US vision. The game still work in US Store.

  15. TheBudds says:

    Wololo…love your humor! gonna go buy some post-it notes.

    …and luckily right after seeing urbanix gone off the EU store, I switched back to my US account and urbanix was still in my download list.

  16. bb says:

    wololo – can you confirm the effort it would take for porting this exploit to the US version of the game? It doesn’t seem very high right? Considering VHBL was always ported to each version of the game and it was based off of save exploits like this – I would expect the US version to be released soon right?

    • wololo says:

      There’s a big difference:vhbl is open source so anybody can help.. In this case, someone needs to reverse tn s work, or we need to wait for him.

  17. R says:

    I’ve never used it personally, but won’t Savegame Deemer work to convert the savegame file to other regions?

  18. Anon! says:

    May be S0ny is afraid of something! That was extremely fast! May be they are afraid of hacking the whole system as well!

  19. CyberMarco says:

    Hey guys, I don’t have a Vita yet but I downloaded urbanix in time, before the take-down. I have 3 copies of the game on my PS3 (in the bubble). Am I out of luck? Thanks!

  20. Dorothy says:

    So if i have US account and US version of Urbanix there is nothing i can do with it, right?
    U reccomend to keep this 3$ disappointment on the memory card. Is there still hope?

    • wololo says:

      Just wait. This was released less than 6h ago and you already sound like you lost all hope… Get some perspective… How do you expect such a request to be realistic?
      Christmas just started and you are complaining because other kids open their presents on the 24th but you have to wait until the 25th…

      • wololo says:

        Whoever works on this will need both the eu and us games, create the us exploit, rencrypt, confirm that usermode works, reverse the kxploit, update it to support the us version, recompile, test, debug, upload…
        That’s hours of work for anybody with all the tools ready and lots of experience. Weeks for somebody with strong programming knowledge but no previuos experience in mips. Months for anybody else.

    • lee says:

      Let us waitting.

  21. Higaya says:

    I’d like to know if you have a jp save for us?

  22. Armookie says:

    God dam I never got it oh well I still have vhbl.
    Wololo do you really think it will be ported for DH explot?

  23. Renan Bianchi says:

    Wait a minute, so the exploit for urbanix was only for the EU version? Not US? Why no one mentioned it?

    • Dorothy says:

      Same question here. Spent 3$ on this ***. Noone’s answering if there is something coming for US users.

      • R says:

        You spent three bucks on what appears to be a pretty interesting game. Only three bucks, mind you. One one hand you got a damn good deal — be thankful you didn’t have to spent $40.

        Secondly, if you’re complaining over three bucks, about the only thing I can recommend is getting a job.

  24. zero2k says:

    seems like after removing the game from psn, its not even possible to transfer the game from ps3 to the vita anymore with the charles methode. at least i can not find it in the list of “apps (ps vita)” that are on my ps3 system :(

  25. Ernest says:

    wololo…don’t sleep tonight…. lol! what do u need to port this CFW for 1.80?

  26. Psvita lover says:


  27. jacobas92 says:

    This morning before heading to classes, I was like: I should make an EU account and download urbanix. Sooooo glad I did.

  28. Rotherick says:

    Hi all. Is somebody here have a urbanix in eboot.pbp version from eu?
    I think if i have a licenc from this game i can copy eboot using CMA to my PSV. But i lose a chance to download game from PSN, so… I try to find this game in eboot. Somebody help me?
    Sorry for my english, i know is bad.

  29. bb says:

    guys – for the people complaining about this not being US and why did I waste 3 bucks….seriously? Patience for the love of god. All that needs to be done is someone update this for US which will def be done. Just be happy you have it before it gets taken down!

  30. bb says:

    no informer but think about it – first CFW for Vita (PSP based) on it’s limited to EU version of a game? Have you heard of any other exploit being only limited to one version of the game in the vita scene? For that matter any other scene? It’s not special b/c it’s EUR, it’s special b/c of the game itself.

    • Dorothy says:

      Can’t say i’m convinced (is this the word?) but i really do hope you are right.
      I’m not into vita scene cause was not interested in homebrews, so you tell me were there cases where exploits came for certain region first and then for the others?
      Anyways i just hope when everythings done i won’t have to be in a hurry downloading something NOW! i want to sleep lol.
      Is Wololo american? When Wololo is sleeping?

  31. new says:

    Is that PV Kernel acess? does that mean full speed PS Vita emulators near by? thank for the reply

  32. prism.. says:

    Is it possible that something can happen with the backup, if it gets backed up from Open CMA?

  33. Viral_Weaponry says:

    is still available on the US store, just downloaded it now

  34. rodman says:

    WELP, i missed out on this exploit, no biggy, some ones gonna release somthing new sooner or later. you know im still on firmware 1.61 on my vita? lmao.

  35. dazman says:

    “”””People who are running on 1.80 with the Monster Hunter exploits might want to stay on 1.80. If anything useful ever comes out of the kernel exploit, I am sure it will run fine on Monster Hunter as well.””””

    I hope you where correct wololo, i guess I am not the only one that stayed on 1.80 in hope of this cfw.


  36. joseph says:

    whered my post go

  37. 2die4 says:

    first the worst second the best third fatter then all the rest

  38. Abdou007 says:

    Good be cause i got the game seconds before it was removed
    And for cfw some game didnt work like pes2012 and age of zombies
    And as you know it is just the begining so wait and you will see bombs coming

  39. psvrrrr says:

    can anyone send me the psvimg of urbanix?? i g0t the license or the .pkg (24mb) but cant transfer it to my vita

  40. Firedragon says:

    the psvimg is encrypted according to the account details
    and will be no use for you without the login data

  41. thanosserres says:

    i have urbanix and tm save/exploit or whatever sho can i run iso files/games i folow the tut but the game did not start please help me wololo

  42. psvrrrr says:

    ok so it was useless to download the pkg with media go ?
    i hoped to come home and send the pkg to my vita and everything is great

  43. stephen says:

    just downloaded it to my 1.81 psvita (us) sadly i just got my vita and updated all the way when i got it. so odds are this will still work on 1.81 right? $3 was no big deal, so if not its no big deal. just looking for confirmation on 1.81


  44. swatsqad says:

    well, am I the only one that fails to run this exploit? after the very breif white screen , the savegame loads, and then I’m stuck on a strange gray page with the urbanix title on top and a icon… as if i’m still in a save game selection menu, but without any characters.

  45. sllls says:

    Sony has removed Urbanix from JP store too XD

  46. Khyle says:

    Woot I’m glad I had two memory cards I was able to get the game this morning for free with the code!

    • sllls says:

      Good for you.
      I was like 5 minutes late of getting it. My Vita was still on 1.80, so I was using the PS3 to put Urbanix on my Download List. But when I’ve finished updating the Vita to 1.81, it was disappeared from the Download List…. lol

  47. Khyle says:

    Was worried about losing VHBL but this loads the hombrews haha love it!

  48. OriginalFool says:

    Is it still up on the US store? I’m debating updating from MH for this.

    • solidsnake says:

      I am going to stick with what I got and wait patiently with 1.80 MH VHBL. I can remember the early days of the phat psp where exactly like this. But now the psp is fully hacked and the same will happen here. So just be patient

      • solidsnake says:

        There was 1.5 then came 2.0 gta eloader

        • b2p1mp says:

          Im not sure you can apply all things psp related to the vita. Sony learned something from their mistakes. Now they may have let the MH vhbl go for weeks due to (sales) or legal issues with it being pulled, however, they pulled urbanix fast. Do you think they would pull the usa version just due to paranoid delusion?… They know it is capable of running the Kxp.

  49. AnyColour says:

    Question: I’m currently on 1.80 with access to Monster Hunter exploit and VHBL installed. BUT i also purchased Urbanix(US) on PS3 yesterday and its currently sitting uninstalled presumably ready to transfer (if i’m not mistaken a 1.81 Vita ONLY)

    Do i wait for the possibility of cfw working on a previous exploit (monster Hunter) or do i update and install Urbanix assuming thats possible on 1.81 before they release a FW update again…

  50. Boomer says:

    Pulled from JP store in midnight

  51. Frisgard says:

    Any word on the US store? Is it still up?

  52. Me says:

    Still on the US store as of 2:05PM Eastern Standard Time October 3.

  53. Frisgard says:

    Thanks so much for the confirmation “Me” ^^^

  54. raikov2006 says:

    I’ve got the game on my ps3 but it won’t let me transfer to vita? Any help

  55. 7se7en says:

    In dire need of a US version of the save file ;_;

  56. GsyDonkey says:

    I missed out on Urbanix! I could have had it for free with a code obtained on facebook! But I am on 1.80 with MHFU so I wasn’t to keen on updating to 1.81 just to download Urbanix! Hopefully something will emerge for 1.80 using MHFU!!

    Good work developers, keep it up!!

  57. Darkus says:

    *** :’/

  58. nine1 says:

    i have URBANIX(eu,and us)installed on my ps3(not in download list,but on the ps3) can sony stop me from transfering to vita like how they remove it from ur download list? on 1.80 MH vhbl

    • dragon says:

      I saw someone have the same problem.He can not transfer it to vita.Because he installed.why not keep the bubble and do not installing ?

  59. Jason says:

    There is a Jewel Keepers + Urbanix Bundle on the US PSN store. Will it work? D: Probably not ):

  60. japanmonte says:

    DON”T DOWNLOAD THE Jewel Keepers + Urbanix Bundle on the US PSN store. I did and my downlist only had jewels keepers no Urbanix don’t buy I wasted 6 bucks you do not have too.

  61. Jvhellraiser says:

    Urbanix removed from the US/Puerto Rico PSN Store.

  62. benbeatz says:

    It’s gone :( I can’t download :(

  63. Jason says:

    If only I would have checked this website earlier!! And not have bought Sonic Adventure 2!!! >.< I could be playing Crisis Core RIGHT NOW!

  64. ricardo says:

    I am so sad :(

  65. Reiki says:

    Man, I am glad I saw this before it was too late. I got Urbanix downloaded and immediately turned my Vita on to Airplane Mode. I left my data cord at home, so I can’t back it up yet, but, at least I got it before it was too late.

  66. jd20dog says:

    us psn pulled it about 45 min ago

  67. Dorothy says:

    Lol. I’m in airplain mode too.
    Is it really necessary?)

    • Reiki says:

      From what I have learned, Sony can completely erase the game from your Downloads list, once they can verify whether or not you have purchased and installed it to your system.

      Also, once a game is no longer available on the PSN, the regular CMA cannot transfer it, because it connects to the internet to check and see if the game is even available on the PSN to begin with.

      Better safe than sorry. I’m not exactly planning on playing any online games or going onto the PSN in the next two hours, anyway.

      • StepS says:

        From what I have learned, Sony can completely erase the game from your Downloads list, once they can verify whether or not you have purchased and installed it to your system.

        not because you purchased it. It’s because it’s no longer in store. Games from downloads list must be present in store

      • yyy says:

        The download list is simply something that redirects you to the store downloads. If something gets removed from the PS Store, then it automatically gets removed from your download list as well. When a game gets added back to the store, it gets added back to your download list as well. Being in airplane mode doesnt affect this process at all.

  68. Lupe says:

    i just got us version of urbanix before it was pulled can anyone explain what im supposed to do like back up and ec.

    • Dorothy says:

      same question.
      opened cma looks exactly the same as common one…or not

      • Reiki says:

        Open CMA looks and runs exactly like the normal CMA, except that it does not connect to the internet and can be used without having a Wifi connection running on the Vita.

  69. Insane says:

    WoW sony u have the right to remove Games the I Paid from my game list. Guest what I Save.Thanks to All Devs who make this Real. AMEN

  70. Josh says:

    Someone please reply, is open CMA compatible with fw 1.81?

  71. etertay says:

    bought the us version in time WHEW, is there a US version of the save file? the eu one doesent seem to be reading.

  72. Insane says:

    Yes open CMA works with 1.81

  73. notauser says:

    What would happen if Sony removed the game as you were downloading it? I’m currently on my university’s wifi in Canada and it keeps fading in and out. I knew today was a bad day to go to school…

  74. Insane says:

    US version THERE IS NO save files right now

  75. Josh says:

    damn i have us version >.>

  76. joseph says:

    the game is no longer available on the us psn store it has been pulled

  77. Tone says:

    I have a vita 1.80 NOT running vHBL should I update?
    I have the redeem code for Urbanix(us) but I heard its been pull. T.T

  78. yyy says:

    Wololo, you say that this is probably a rare opportunity, why is that? Does it mean that there aren’t many PSP games left that can be exploited?

  79. sailogo says:

    Looks like some people don’t know this fact.
    PS3 version mini is different for ps vita mini. It is same game but different file. Having PS3 version won’t do you a thing.
    Anybody know what time the US version got pulled over?? I got it on 9:45 centeral time.

  80. Luis says:

    danm i was lucky when i woke-up in the morning thats the first thing i did was check the site i guest i did good :p

  81. notauser says:

    Sweet, got it downloaded. I think that since I had bought in time, I was able to continue the download even after it got pulled (I finished it about 10 minutes ago). What’s this I’m reading about the US save file? Doesn’t the game create one? So why are people asking for one?

    • DTeKDeV says:

      That save file isn’t just a regular save file. It’s been tweaked/coded into something special. Without the save, you will not be able to run the CFW. Just call it “The Magic Save”

      • notauser says:

        Right, that’s the one that comes with the CFW download on this site, right? I haven’t gotten the chance to play around with it yet, but it only comes with an EU save or something?

  82. DTeKDeV says:

    Hey Wololo, read your PM’s from /talk.

  83. NBA 2k13 says:

    a new video with a update link from Urbanix Exploit
    PSVITA running isos psp. say it was “Credits Dark_AleX, author of Custom Firmware: Thank you master for your impressive work, I always admired you :)
    * Thanks to the guy who found Urbanix Exploit.
    * Coldbird for “his” kxploit.”

  84. hmmm says:

    whiy DONT US Urbanix load that damet data i waste 3$ ??? i got 1.81 is jast dont se that save data CFW :(

  85. nine1 says:

    can u use charles proxey to transfer urbanix us to vita????

  86. hmmm says:

    where i get that?

  87. hmmm says:

    I NEEED HELP whiy DONT USA Urbanix load that damet data i waste 3$ ??? i got 1.81 is jast dont se that save data CFW :(

  88. Mr Jack says:

    This is upsetting… been waiting so long for this to happen and I didnte have any money on my account or any way to put money on my account :(

  89. I recommend to download the free version of Jewel Keepers *wink, wink* You never know what surprises are in store for us 😉

  90. Matt says:

    No longer available on US store. The bundle is still up but you can’t get Urbanix even though you paid for it.
    2:22 Pacific

  91. febag says:

    Damn, I’m so lucky that I checked with my friend VITA if the game was still up, updated, and the game was down when I entered PSN.

    Like, 5 minutes.

    f*** -.-

    No VHBL and no CFW, yay

  92. Jan says:

    US Version removed also

  93. mouz says:

    Looking for JP save file.

  94. Spiker61097 says:

    I Downloaded Urbanix a while ago (from the two free games) and I have it installed on the ps3, but when i try and transfer it, it says “there is no content item” so is there a way i can transfer it like can i use openCMA to tranfer it?

  95. Dorothy says:

    There are no FAKE.ISO and FLASH0.TN files in this US save file…What is the scheme?
    Everything like in the previous instructions?

  96. chingon says:

    dont work just hangs then errror

  97. chingon says:

    yo what gives nine1???

  98. Jdubs says:

    Damn…Guess i’ll have to do some waiting. Hope something can get made out of this using the 1.8 monster hunter exploit! Good luck.

  99. drdeathmetal says:

    I can confirm that that last link that nine1 posted actually gets me to the cfw menu.

  100. chingon says:

    yo nine1, just got it working for US version, Thanks Homes, dis 4 everyone else having problems, use the NPEZ00176 NOT
    NPEZ00077 THAT ONE IS ALL f!@#ED UP, with some extra weird sh!@t.

    • Dorothy says:

      0176 is not even american. How you get it working?

    • gunblade says:

      well dats becomes the game save is trippy for dis game wen i had the thing on the vita i was playing with the outher save dat day had n was pretty fun notice wy used dis game n wat was da expoit doing finaly got the us save last night played wit dat a lil while but messed it up wen i did not make a copy on the pc n decided to delete the game but playing wit the uvhbl a lil try deleting outher save cuz it didnt show hbl hom.brew

  101. Viral_Weaponry says:

    that US save state works…

  102. Dorothy says:

    Still don’t get anything. I’ll just do it!
    Wish me luck)

  103. Reaper says:

    yo viral_weaponry how did you get it to work? i moved the folder to my ps vita and all i got was a black screen. i tried the NPEZ00176 that was in his folder but it doesnt detect the save.

    • drdeathmetal says:

      I used the “NPUZ00077″ folder for the US version and it worked for me.

      • Dorothy says:

        i dropped both. Now i put one game in one folder, one in another. Ok one didn’t transfer. In a minute will find out which one.

        • drdeathmetal says:

          For it to recognize games do we simply need to compress them to .ZIP and rename them to GAMENAME.ZIP and drop them into the root of the save folder?

  104. Dorothy says:

    SH*T GUYS IT’S WORKING! I copied both folders.
    PSP games are on the way.

  105. Sakuryu says:

    Looks like Urbanix was pulled from the US Store, at least on mediaGO

  106. Dorothy says:

    Ok 0077 didn’t work. Starting assassins by 0176…and it’s working. Yep!

  107. Reaper says:

    nvm got it to work! woot now does anyone know if i need to make a /iso folder and drop all my isos in there?

  108. 91 says:

    U copy both folders

  109. Dorothy says:

    i can’t quit the game. The PS button stopped working lol

  110. Dorothy says:

    and assassin’s freezed on the loading screen(

  111. Oscar says:

    Wow! That was fast!

    I feel so lucky about having the game =)

  112. Vincent Beasley says:

    Ok so Ive done everything right and i got the filer to load. But now my ISO wont appear in the file reader at all. Its in the right folder and everything…

  113. Reaper says:

    how did you guys install the pspfiler? i made the PSP/GAME/FILER then i zip it and named it 8 characters all caps and moved it into the save folder but i cant see it to install it. or am i doing it wrong?

  114. HECZ says:

    confirmed working on US urbanix, downloaded on ps3 redownloaded on vita before the deletion.

    Havent tested homebrew or .isos yet.

  115. Maxilus says:

    Oh man.. I miss the chance. Even in Singapore PSN Store also removed.

  116. Rob says:

    I found a “bundle” in the U.S. today with Urbanix in it, got it, and Urbanix wasn’t there. FFFFFFUUUUUUU
    Well, there went 6 dollars. At least I got Sonic Adventure 2 so I can laugh at how *** it is.

  117. Vincent Beasley says:

    ISOs wont show up on my filer! What do I do?? Ive tried everything x0

  118. BakedOnSomeSour says:

    yay by the time i got home from college it was gone. Will there be a way to do this with other minis? Or can we do this with previously patched vhbl? Is there a chance for those who did not download this game to get a second chance? What can this exploit lead to besides psp cfw? Can this bring along a vita kernel exploit? I know its a lot of questions but i gotta know

    • wololo says:

      Will there be a way to do this with other minis?
      –> probably not anytime soon

      can we do this with previously patched vhbl?
      –> If you have MH and firmware 1.80, yes, it might be backported. If you’re on 1.81, the only game that would work for you is Urbanix

      Is there a chance for those who did not download this game to get a second chance?
      –> Hmm…. Motorstorm, Everybody’s Tennis, Super collapse 3, Monster Hunter, Urbanix… you mean a 6th chance, right? Same question I ask everybody else: if you missed the previous 5 exploits, what makes you think you will get the 6th one?

      What can this exploit lead to besides psp cfw?
      –> Most likely nothing more

      Can this bring along a vita kernel exploit?
      –> Probably not

      • gunblade says:

        yea is wy i was stooked wen i had da monster hunter running n more wen i got urbanix working after the us save release but yea psp emulation alright but i herd fulll vita cf would be fun but right now not to much games out yet fo da vita so a lil pointless since most of the game take up a lot of memory n da sony memory card cant hold dat much n u can only have like eight screen on da vita home page dat can only hold ten apps or game well i had an eight gb card n filled the thing up wit demos but yea dont think it cant fit all my game n apps almost loaded wit psp mini psone apps n games from sonys mobile (deas a pretty good beats one)but yea psp emulation great wish i still had da game.think da vita only lets u have a certain about of apps or games install on it at a time thinkg wit the apps u cant delete dat u can probly be around 80 welll guess cheack u can have 10 pages wit 10 games or apps on dem. but yea a vita expoit would be bad aszzz

  119. rac says:

    hi everybody hello Wololo

    I have a little question

    i have download Urbanix to my ps3 and i was wondering if i should update my vita and copy the mini in pkg file to it as i didnt install it yet

    or if i should stick to my actual 1.80 and the exploit you share with us?? and wait for a backport of the vcfw

    id like to say thank you for your work as there is the sun in our lives there is Wololo TN Coldbird And all the others people who make this scene wonderfull

    • MarSprite says:

      don’t update, I just tried to do this *poof* goes the monsterhunter exploit, and the vita doesnt see urbanix to install

  120. benbeatz says:

    Wololo is there hope for those who haven’t downloaded the game Urbanix :( My firmware is 1.81

  121. jay says:

    Is there any chance Sony return Urbanix to PSN (after 1.82 release, for example)?

    My guess is: if I activate my Vita PSN account now and download Urbanix via PS3 later (if they return it to PSN) from the same account, I’m pretty sure it will be possible to transfer it without connecting Vita to PSN and updating to 1.82.

    • Yes says:

      I might be wrong, but i’m pretty sure that you can’t transfer games from your PS3 to Vita without being connected to the interenet. And when you’re connected to the internet, then the Vita will ask you to update the firmware.

      Sony did the same thing with the previous games like Motorstorm Arctic Edge and Super Collapse 3. They removed those games and added them back later on. I didn’t hear any stories that it was possible to do a PS3 to Vita transfer for those games when not using the latest Vita firmware.

  122. Darenvy says:

    I got it before it was too late! :D. I upgraded from 1.61 and lost my Every bodies Tennis exploit but really worth it! 😀

  123. Synntech says:

    Now that i have missed MH(wasnt able to download till 1.81 was out) and urbanix, is their a way to find my own exploits without owning a psp?

  124. Boriswinner says:

    Is the game also removed from Japan PSN?

  125. gunblade says:

    yea so i got da game did not make back up on da pc but cant get da game on da vita cuz the ps3 messed n da hard drive need to partion is dea some way to save the hard drive with out having to partion it right now i swap out the hard drive in the ps3 wit anader one

  126. Ace says:

    Seems like the JAP version is still on psn??

    Dont have my Vita with me to check, but I do have a jap psn account since the days when the ps3 was launched.

    Is it possible to use a european Credit card to buy things on JAP psn store? It was possible back in the day on my ps3.

    Link to jap version:


  127. gunblade says:

    well trying da safe mode 4 da pst3ree hope dat works

  128. Junaid says:

    How to get Urbanix game ?

  129. Stiffeno says:

    Those who dont already have Urbanix and are waiting for Sony to put it back on the PSN, DO NOT waste ur money buying it coz it will have the exploit patched!

    See when Sony learns the name of the game thats being exploited, they pull it from the online store. They THEN patch the exploit hole over the following few days, and then they add the game back to the online store for sale…so dont buy it thinking the exploit will work, coz it wont. If you dont already own it, its too late im sorry.

    Just thought i would post coz a few ppl were under the impression that once the game is back for sale, they can still exploit it, but thats not the case…i just dont want ppl wasting money coz they are mis-informed or dont know any better!

  130. Max Meechegan says:

    How about the Jewel Keeper: Easter Island?

  131. yigal33 says:

    wololo please find away to transfer the game from ps3 to vita

    you are the last cansh for as.


  132. rac says:

    funny im not the only one who put it in my d mn ps3 XD

    Stiffeno if you said if we already have it you mean if we have it on our ps3 in pkg format?? best way is buy a second vita and update it then copy urbanix to the cma and put it to the old one for cf uses ? no

    and if someone did found how to copy it from ps3 hdd to vita it could help a lots of people i dont ask for help i mean if someone has figured out as i am not impatient and i know that this kind of discovery need time

  133. guy says:

    I got both folders, question is how do you send them to your vita?

  134. StepS says:

    that psn code never worked for US

  135. b2p1mp says:

    There are much worse thing you could have gotten than MHFU. I personally love the game. BTW, he always warned that you purchase it on your own will. We all need to trust in people more. I feel that after sony releases a firmware update, then USA will get urbanix. I recommend that you do not go beyond 1.81. Also make a backup so incase you delete the license or somehow lose urbanix, you can restore from your own version.

  136. b2p1mp says:

    I mean usa will get exploit, i do not think I can edit that post… anyway. the source code will be released after the next sony firmware. Just wait and see. In the meantime, search for a psp with extra ram that is hackable. You can join online matches with just about any adhoc title and you will love it.

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