Release: 6.60 TN-A CFE. Custom Firmware (PSP) for the PS Vita by Total_Noob


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  1. Cantique says:

    lol, no need to snitch. Just guys from sony doing their work !

  2. Badsam says:


    I haven’t got that far yet as I’m trying to find a PSP game to actually play xD

    From what the readme file says though, I think you basically have to do this –

    1. Install PSPFiler 6.6.

    2. Copy ISO/CSO to the “NPEZ00176” folder, Using only UPPER CASE LETTERS as the name, The name length can be a maximum of 8 CHARACTERS LONG.

    3. Copy/Move the backup file to “ms0:/ISO/” using PSPFiler.

    4. Launch Urbanix, Load the save data so it enters the TNMenu with all the icons, then just click the ISO/CSO game you put on there.

    • razemeitzen says:

      again, thanks for replying basdam, anyway, do i run the psp filer from my vita? does that mean i should transfer the psp filer 6.6 to my vita? i really dont get it :(, again, thanks alot for helping noobs like me

    • razemeitzen says:

      also, is that “should be named only 8 characters long upper case” referring to the psp game your transferring?

  3. 2die4 says:

    people be *** that the E-fame is now all TN

  4. dboyz says:

    demn it =( i just missed Urbanix (HK version) – removed!!

  5. kato says:

    We need JP game save now

  6. lovely says:

    wow, I literally must have just gotten the game before removed. I’m on a Canadian Vita accessing in Spain

  7. razemeitzen says:

    ALSO A QUESTION GUYS, IS THE “TN-MENU” the pure white screen with the logo of urbanix savedata? because, thats where i get to whenever i load the kexploit from the game??????

  8. Badsam says:


    You’re welcome, In regards to the PSPFILER I’m really not sure as I’ve never used it, It would probably be be to do an internet search and see what it actually is/what it does.

    I -think- that it just let’s you search through the system by directories or something so you can choose where to install the ISO/CSO but I’m not sure.

    The 8 characters long thing is the name of the game yes, so for example if you were putting “Kingdom Hearts – Birth By Sleep.iso” on there that wouldn’t work like it would on a PSP.

    You would need to rename it and call it something like “KHBBS.iso” or “KINGDOM.iso” etc I presume.

  9. psvrrr says:

    I downloaded the urbanix.pkg with media go (logged in with my psn acc) – can i transfer it with cma to my vita(also logged in with my psn acc)? should work or did i miss something?

  10. lawliet says:

    ***, *** college, I didn’t time to download that 🙁 🙁 🙁

  11. Psvita lover says:

    My psvita is a us version with urbanix us version as well i can copy the gamesave but after i get into urbanix it says there is no gamesave. Is this only for europe?

  12. Randqalan says:

    Good to see this and nice credits too
    maybe the hate will stop for some for awhile:D

  13. Ernest says:

    i have the code to the game! can i download it from 1.80?

    Can i download from CMA and transfer? Thanks!!

  14. Rowan says:

    Hey, i think i made a mistake, i got pspfiler to show on the white screen but after i installed it it went away and nothing else was replaced, how do i get into pspfiler?

  15. z-upper says:

    too late, too bad, again… :*(

  16. bear585 says:

    Time to upgrade to memory card…Thanks to everyone envolved

  17. garrei says:

    ummm i quit it once then started up urbanix again, it froze on the “Minis” screen and i had to hold On/off button for 10 seconds to turn it of and my vita started up in Safe mode… are you sure this doesnt have the potential to harm our vita’s?

  18. dboyz90 says:

    urbanix removed =( (most of d regions, if not removed, sony remove d download option)

  19. 2die4 says:

    you do not have to move anything using pspfiler its just as a way so you do not have to keep installing huge files over everytime u want to copy something new over

  20. Ernest says:

    still on SPANISH PS STORE??? i have the code!

  21. well says:

    well if someone could upload the CMA cxopied version, the ones with the key could still install it right >

  22. donkeykong says:

    guys i need help!!! after the white screen i get stuck with the urbanix icon and the time with nothing else what should i do ??

    • kikershadow says:

      Same problem i can see the icon super nes but this said installing and only see the icon urbanix may be a small tuto for noobs

  23. Oscar says:

    Strange…when I try to load 2 homebrew games it goes to black screen when loading it…
    The “homebrew” games are DJ MAX FEVER EBOOT from the PSN, and DDR for psp, about 3 gb in total

  24. bgame2 says:

    Nothing happened for me. It found the save data, allowed me to load it and then…nothing. It went to the title screen of the game.

    Any thoughts?

  25. Jvhellraiser says:

    Confirm Urbanix still on US store, it will cost u $2.99
    But if u can get it i believe it will be worth it.

  26. windgust says:

    man i updated my firmware to 1.81 but all we have to do is wait for the us or jap save to be release. so i can wait long as it get the other saves just play some tunes and wait.

  27. help says:

    i downloaded urbanix from Eu store can i transfer it to my us acct on vita or do i have to make Eu acct on vita too?

    please anwers asap thanx

  28. lovely says:

    Any idea on when this will be ported to USA and JAP regions?

  29. cristian says:

    because when I give leaves to load a blank screen with the image of the game the game caught

  30. razemeitzen says:

    guys last problem, how do you transfer the psp backup games save file? or more precisely, where do you transfer the save data for the psp games?

  31. cristian says:

    sirve para una ps vita europea

  32. Vincent Beasley says:

    Ok so I have the US game and the save exploit on my system but the game wont recognize that i have the save x0

  33. andi23mich says:


    When u start an UMD dump in PSPFiler, you get the PsVitas Touch Keyboard! So there is somehow access to the Vita Firmware!

  34. Oscar says:

    I try to install DJ MAX FEVER EBOOT from Playstation Store but no joy. When it try to load the menu , black screen appears :/

  35. Vincent Beasley says:

    “only works with an EU game so far”
    Are you freaking kidding me?! No one told me that! x0

  36. help says:

    i downloaded urbanix from Eu store can i transfer it wit ps3 to my us acct on vita or do i have to make Eu acct on vita too?

  37. lawliet says:

    I have the urbanix.pkg EU version and I have a code, can I use it???

  38. andi23mich says:

    Urbanix has been removed from the PSN!!

  39. Vincent Beasley says:

    So my US version is completely useless? =0

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