Release: 6.60 TN-A CFE. Custom Firmware (PSP) for the PS Vita by Total_Noob


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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  1. well says:

    well if someone could upload the CMA cxopied version, the ones with the key could still install it right >

  2. donkeykong says:

    guys i need help!!! after the white screen i get stuck with the urbanix icon and the time with nothing else what should i do ??

    • kikershadow says:

      Same problem i can see the icon super nes but this said installing and only see the icon urbanix may be a small tuto for noobs

  3. Oscar says:

    Strange…when I try to load 2 homebrew games it goes to black screen when loading it…
    The “homebrew” games are DJ MAX FEVER EBOOT from the PSN, and DDR for psp, about 3 gb in total

  4. bgame2 says:

    Nothing happened for me. It found the save data, allowed me to load it and then…nothing. It went to the title screen of the game.

    Any thoughts?

  5. Jvhellraiser says:

    Confirm Urbanix still on US store, it will cost u $2.99
    But if u can get it i believe it will be worth it.

  6. windgust says:

    man i updated my firmware to 1.81 but all we have to do is wait for the us or jap save to be release. so i can wait long as it get the other saves just play some tunes and wait.

  7. help says:

    i downloaded urbanix from Eu store can i transfer it to my us acct on vita or do i have to make Eu acct on vita too?

    please anwers asap thanx

  8. lovely says:

    Any idea on when this will be ported to USA and JAP regions?

  9. cristian says:

    because when I give leaves to load a blank screen with the image of the game the game caught

  10. razemeitzen says:

    guys last problem, how do you transfer the psp backup games save file? or more precisely, where do you transfer the save data for the psp games?

  11. cristian says:

    sirve para una ps vita europea

  12. Vincent Beasley says:

    Ok so I have the US game and the save exploit on my system but the game wont recognize that i have the save x0

  13. andi23mich says:


    When u start an UMD dump in PSPFiler, you get the PsVitas Touch Keyboard! So there is somehow access to the Vita Firmware!

  14. Oscar says:

    I try to install DJ MAX FEVER EBOOT from Playstation Store but no joy. When it try to load the menu , black screen appears :/

  15. Vincent Beasley says:

    “only works with an EU game so far”
    Are you freaking kidding me?! No one told me that! x0

  16. help says:

    i downloaded urbanix from Eu store can i transfer it wit ps3 to my us acct on vita or do i have to make Eu acct on vita too?

  17. lawliet says:

    I have the urbanix.pkg EU version and I have a code, can I use it???

  18. andi23mich says:

    Urbanix has been removed from the PSN!!

  19. Vincent Beasley says:

    So my US version is completely useless? =0

  20. boom says:

    hmmm… installed the psp filer.. but never needed it.. i pressed x with lord of arcana selected on my screen and boom… it started..

    Hmmm i wonder whats the use of the psp filer..

    but anyways.. tnx.. im playing lord of arcana atm..

    and i enjoy it. haha.. ^^

    • kikershadow says:

      Can you send me a tuto please i just inthe screen with the icon urbanix i have this, urbanix +1.81 Eu urbanix+CMA offline, white screen good but nothing more i can install super nes but nothing hapend how intall psp filer you can upload a note to mediafire i follow tbe instruction but dont said how install filer thanks and only said thanks to wololo for this i hope can run the amazing homebrew and every one in this project i want coperaate to pay pal soon.

  21. quetz says:

    Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep into my PS VITA!!!


  22. boom says:

    Give titles of games to play.. list it please.

  23. boom says:

    Awww Yeah! Patapon never failed to amuse me.. XD

  24. donkeykong says:

    i still dont understand how to install homebrew i press X and nothing happens anyone kind enought to explains thanks

  25. kakahoho says:

    When the US version release?

  26. reggie says:

    Hey wololo, I’ve done what was stated and copied the entire pspfiler homebrew into a compressed file named as stated, however when I load the game and the save it only shows game which were already installed on the vita. any suggestions on how to resolve this

  27. natsu says:



    i am kinda desperate right now..:( its night time and i cant buy one now

  28. Badsam says:

    I don’t understand why the README guide says all the things about going through ms0:/ISO/ with PSPFiler, As I just put a copy of Worms Battle Islands onto the Vita and played it by simply connecting the Vita to my PC then copying and pasting the iso file into PSAVEDATA/fa4e7b53ec155455/NPEZ00176 on my PC then renaming it WORMS.ISO

    Then going onto the Vita while still connected with CMA and transfering the Urbanix thing again from my PC to Vita (Pressing yes to overwrite)

    The next time I started Urbanix and loaded it, The Worms game was there in the list on TN-A and plays fine.

    • b2p1mp says:

      i would switch to OpenCMA if you are using CMA. At this point you are on the highest firmware, but you will get update msg if you keep using CMA.

  29. CharlieLafd says:

    So When will the US version be released? would all i have to do is change the name of the folder the save file is in to the US versions name?

  30. Keneth says:

    Yes I also need the US version Did not now it was only EU :(

  31. twicefalles says:

    How to do that with US Urbanix?

  32. MrFreeze says:

    Yees & Yeaaah!!! Works … Snes, PSPfiler6.6,Bookr,FTP
    And CSO/ISO :D … But when closed the game cso from Urbanix PSVita is Slow, I think the emu psp not close very well … BUT WORKS LIKEEE xD

  33. mohsin says:

    aryt we all knew it would happen sometime now they are going to abandon the vita aswell??

  34. Dadudeondacouch says:

    Ok i missed out on the leak and all the latest news and downloading urbanix coz i was in woop woop aka the middle of aus, i do have the previous exploit for monster hunter any chance the cfw could be ported to the older exploit?

    • Dadudeondacouch says:

      Scratch that just read the latest post about the game being pulled and the possibility of the kernel exploit being backported :-) TN is a legend!!!

  35. Psvita lover says:

    More chaos

  36. spicer says:

    i donated.

  37. Keneth says:

    I hope they can Post this to US Version Soon Just got the game in time. :)

  38. Psvita lover says:

    Make sure to make a copy of urbanix in ur pc just if something happens u have a copy

  39. Deadisation says:

    Ps Vita: the premium way to play PSP games.
    i have yet to buy a single psv game except uncharted…

  40. 2die4 says:

    heres a link to FILER already setup for the exploit so you can see how the file structure should be

  41. 2die4 says:

    psp filer is used so u can move the iso cso form the savegame exploit and do not have to go and reupload gigs of data to your ps vita if you want to install something new

  42. MrFreeze says:

    Install the FTP For PS Vita HBL … is easy copy data to PSvita :) IN WinXP/7 i dont know in Linux/Mac but is FTP … so i cant see any problem :B

  43. Darren says:

    wait, because this urbanix is a mini and available for the ps3… do you think its possible for this exploit to work on the ps3 as well?

    • Chaosruler says:

      No, different structure…
      I doubt that the save structure is even similar due to entirely different CPU arch leading to entirely different OS kernel…

  44. floopo says:

    i can’t MOVE a game from the game save folder to ISO when i don’t have enough space for another copy of the game , the problem is the MOVE doesn’t REQUIRE space , it’s just MOVING not F’N COPYING !!!!! please fix dat sh*t

  45. Azio says:

    Hey its work on 1.80 good job guys

  46. Cloud Strife says:

    Ahhh thank u soo much total noob, the scene is forever in ur debt ^^

  47. Nounours says:

    Hello everyone!
    I got a problem (i think this is only cause i’m a newbie :/)

    I don’t know how to copy the “PSSAVEDATA” (withe file in it) into my ps vita via content assistant manager.. it do not appear in my ps vita an option to copy it in..

    Can someone help me? :)

  48. Aggie says:

    Dude how do i setup the right stick for psp games???

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