Release: 6.60 TN-A CFE. Custom Firmware (PSP) for the PS Vita by Total_Noob


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374 Responses

  1. Lee1500 says:

    So what happens now with urbanix pulled from psn will we see a port to monster hunter

  2. san says:

    I run it fine this morning and now when i open the game, i got this error C1-2858-3
    I couldn’t get it working any more

    Please help :(

  3. 9rockky says:

    Thank you for the file,it’s work well! :-D

  4. pycotest says:

    help this is my first playstation handheld (bought it Saturday ) and i caught the game before it was taken down and downloaded this cfe and i cant figure out how to load even the filler. I have read over the install over and over and dont know what i am doing wrong. So if someone was having the same issue and figured it out (or if someone knows easier explanation). I have jailbroken my Iphone and friends Iphones and gone in and changed some files to customize the phone so im not a complete noob when it comes to things of going into filess and added things. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Tzo says:

      create a folder called “PSP” then inside that folder create on called “GAME”…

      your unzipped filer or homebrew folder in inside “GAME”

      Back out till you get to “PSP” folder and zip this folder but use STORE as compression method and ensure all writing is in CAPS for ALL FOLDERS + .ZIP

      hope this helps

  5. Lostnoob says:

    Can someone please help.
    I install the filer but i think i have done somthing wrong with the iso.
    I put the .ISO (renamed with 5 letters all caps and extention in caps) file in the npez00176 folder then using filer i created a folder ISO ( all caps aswell) in ms0:
    I then copy and moved the .ISO game into the ISO folder.
    Then i returned to the menu with start and select but it just went black so i returned to the vita menu restarted and loaded urbanix again but after loading the save it goes white then black and doesnt go any further. Have i dont something wrong?

  6. ricerrr says:

    dose it work on 1.67?

  7. Bambini says:

    I stil hawe no idea How to put psp games . Menu is opening with 2 games urbanix and another mini. PLZ good instractions how to put PSP filer and iso games on vita(video PLZZZZZZ)

    • zorrodood says:

      the NPEZ00176-folder has to go in PS Vita/PSAVEDATA/e0498oenh98rh(or whatever your folder’s name is).
      a few pages back someone packed the pspfiler archive and uploaded it. he FILER.ZIP has to go into the NPEZ00176-folder.
      the ISO/CSO has to be named FILENAME.ISO or .CSO and you have to put it inside the NPEZ00176-folder.
      copy the urbanix savegame to your psvita, start urbanix, load the save and filer and the iso should be in the menu.
      that’s how it worked for me.

  8. PsVITAHackbeginner says:


  9. Bambini says:

    I still cant get games to work. I place games in PSP/GAME/NFS.ISO zip it with winrar and put in ps vita/savdata/32235252/NFS.ZIP why do i need that pspfiler ? I did the same with filler my filler did not work only filer i download from dude who apload it in this forun his filler is working. I try to go into games using filler still its not there. OMG PLZ make wideo i am sick of compresing. PLZZ mage video

  10. gtfoo says:

    no games i tried work….they just black screen.

    yes i put the game in the iso folder with filer.

    what gives ?

    does the compatibility really suck this bad ?


  11. Enkeixpress says:

    Shitttt… Sony has taken the game off of the EU/UK PSN Store.

    As a result, using that free PS Minis promotion, it’ll only give you Jewel Keepers: Easter Island.

    Man, they are really “on the ball” with preventing Vita hacking.. holy..

  12. Enkeixpress says:

    Hopefully you’ll be able to find another PS Minis title with the same exploit to use instead.. :)

  13. souf says:

    Where can I find the backup file?????

  14. Bambini says:

    OMG I put my fifa.ISO into NPEZ00176 folder open psfiler create folder ISO and i cant find FIFA.ISO in psfiller menu I wona play MONSter hunter camon help ME:D

  15. xdarkmario says:

    hey i need some help, I found a way to run this hack on the monster hunter exploit and i can see my purchased games and a test game a.k.a a ISO that has been placed in the ms0:/ISO and i can see it but i press X and it does nothing. it does not freeze but it does not launch ether X just does nothing. the Triangle button does ask me to delete thought…

  16. Whirt says:

    It would be awesome if someone create DosBox for Vita! Now when is custom firmware available.
    Vita can handle Dos game unlike PSP.

  17. HIPHOP78 says:


  18. HIPHOP78 says:


  19. Abdou007 says:

    Any know to install the Pro online client to play online ?

  20. Ven0m says:

    I really appreciate it that he shared this with us. I know i’m a little bit late to say thanks, but ow well ;)

  21. Vita101 says:

    srry for this lame question but how do i install the cfw on my ps vita ? i really need some help

  22. Xc@liburn says:

    I am able to copy the ISO files to the VITA, using the data01 saved game file.
    then i open the exploit and press X, it asks me if i want to move it to ms0:/ISO, it copies it.
    then when i try to start the game, it just goes black…

    tried with 3 ISOs, two just went black, and the last FIFA13, starts to load, asks if I want to save to the memory card and after that goes black…

    Is there a compatability list, or should they all work…
    by the way I tried with both ISO drivers, and it is the same.

    I confirmed with FTP, that the file is in the ISO dir on the VITA…

    dont know what I am doing wrong… help :)

    • Xc@liburn says:

      Actually I was just able to load my first ISO, but i did nothing different from what I did for the other ISOs.

      So probably not all ISOs work…

  23. juan says:

    look im having major trouble im try to install snes and other cn i get a setp by step walk through yu reading does help more then show im hand on type of person n thanks happy new year

  24. sirus says:

    when ever i copy any file,songs and video an error come can anyone help meee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. TrojLF says:

    ok, so i have a vita, & when i had a psp, before it was lost by someone borrowing it i had quite a few iso’s & was annoyed that the vita couldnt use them, im not interested in getting bootleged vita games….(yet) but since psp games arent as new i was wondering if someone would know anything i could do as a very novice game hacker (as in ive never done that yet) to modify my vita in some way where i can off the radar change the vita, i was wondering if i can hack it & make it work like a smart phone or at least have psp iso & regular vita games & etc. but i would like a restart point, ig possible since i got the cheaper vita & dont have cash to buy a new one if it fails or freezes is there a way to put at least back to factory settings?

  26. Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the amazing effort.

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  27. quetz says:

    i answer myself:

    just format your memory card you ***!

  28. SSuk says:

    I am not sure, but can´t you go to PSStore, select DOWNLOAD HISTORY, find Urbanix and download it again?

  29. JAUZMAN says:

    Tried that,they took it off! CHEERS MAN!

  30. chingon says:

    is that including the copy in a bubble on the PS3????

  31. UKDNA says:

    Sony does have a plan that takes advantage of stupid people, no doubt. And didn’t I read somewhere that the PS4 won’t even be backwards compatible with PS3 games? How stupid are people? Sony is headed the way of Sega.

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