Release: 6.60 TN-A CFE. Custom Firmware (PSP) for the PS Vita by Total_Noob


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374 Responses

  1. MikeBeav3r says:

    First :p

    Nice to see T_N still about though :)

  2. Corey96 says:

    First! Anyway, this only supports the EU version of the game.

    • Corey96 says:

      Damn…. I was checking my IRC and in that time I lost first…. Oh well…. XD

      • MikeBeav3r says:

        It will be the one and only time I get “First” it’s not really something I do, but thought as it was such a monumental announcement, I’d get it out the way :p

  3. Feriolll says:

    Hoah!! ps3 version?

  4. TelcoLou says:

    LOL damn! So, should I NOT update to 1.81, and still keep my MH VHBL exploit in hopes of a port?

  5. Jd8531 says:

    Great Scott!

  6. Jvhellraiser says:

    Yes please clear that out,does
    This includes the US,EU,JP SAVE FILES?
    if not will TN release the other save files soon?
    I have the us version of the game on 1.81 so please
    Tell TN will release the other saves.

  7. Samir says:

    Great Work!

  8. Blaze says:

    Works on my 1.81 Eu PS Vita thanks TN and Coldbird 😀

  9. Brendan B. says:

    Where can a guy get $5 when he needs it?

    I don’t even have an EU account but I’m remaining optimistic about this. If this can load PSP DLC, the Vita will be much better.

  10. Kimomaka says:

    What exactly this do , it worked on my PsVita ! What to do now ?

  11. crow132 says:

    I like the mention tu Dark_AleX.

    What a legend.

  12. Litium says:

    What about people with fw 1.80 and previous vhbl exploit? Should we upgrade or stay and wait?

  13. sheeda says:

    so i can play my old psp iso with this ????

  14. wololo says:

    I got an extra code (EU PSN), first come first serve: PJ6Q-8AN7-EMD9

    • BuZz says:

      please can you tell me how to install iso/cso using pspfile i didn’t understand it from the instructions i am new here and kind of a newb..

  15. jamesssss says:

    OMG!!! Kingdom Hearts and Star Ocean here I come. I can’t believe how quick this got released i was about to dump my Vita and go back to the PSP but this is going to save it!

  16. ouhaku says:

    EU version only?

    JP version no..cry

  17. windgust says:

    so no us version i got the game but befor i do update will that work with the us one or we got to wait.cuz i hope its soon before sony does something and mess this up.

  18. Jvhellraiser says:

    No US,JP support where has the TN
    love gone to. (T~T) only EU not fair!!

  19. Proelio says:

    I don’t understand the method to install homebrew. I have to create a zip file, but where I have to place it?, and what have to be the content of the zip file?

  20. quetz says:

    i can confirm it really works.
    even on firmware 1.80 directly.
    amazing work!!
    updating to 1.81 and grabbing store news ’til i got time :)

  21. yuki says:

    The JP version, what I do?


  22. tusso says:

    to me it started once :( then c1-2858-3 error…

  23. Namana says:

    Nice!!! Thanks TN!

  24. sheeda says:

    should i use cma or open cma to use this ?

  25. windgust says:

    i just need to know if the others will be made so i can update and transfer the game please make US one. :)

  26. sheeda says:

    I did everything on the instruction but after the white screen , i just see an urbanix icon with the current time ,
    please someone help

  27. tusso says:

    #sheeda read readme.txt file

  28. Peleep says:

    Wololo…great news. thanks for spreading the word!

    Before i get too excited, I don’t know exactly the value of the gold nugget you’ve just released…..

    What do you do with this? Do i run homebrews already installed via MH VHBL the same way, but this time via this CFE? And what does CFE stand for!?!?!?

  29. Bb says:

    Do emulators work directly on this?

  30. OciexGamer says:

    Okay quick introduction to Homebrewns

    1. Create a zip, like this TEST.ZIP [Note : Can max be up to 8 chars no numbers] all uppercase even the extension
    2. In that folder create PSP folder
    Then in that folder create GAME folder
    then in that folder create [Homebrewn name] folder
    Then in that folder lay the EBOOT.PBP

    3. load up the E-CFW and voila install and enjoy your new/old homebrew

    Ps . GPSP.ZIP <- PSP <- GAME <- GPSP <- EBOOT.PBP [plus everything else.

    Any more questions?

    • OciexGamer says:

      Oh yeah then put that zip IE : GPSP.ZIP in the savegame folder and copy DONE.

      OciexGamer Peace out!

    • Peleep says:

      heh. i think i understand what you’re saying re creating a folder inside a folder in side a folder…and put eboot.pbp etc in there.

      but where do i put the TEST.ZIP folder? inside the NPEZ00176 folder?

      • OciexGamer says:

        Exactly mate, then just copy the save into the PS VITA via CMA boot up that ubrix thingy load install start.

        Hope you have fun!

        • I still don’t get it, i’m new to this. im sorry, :(

          • OciexGamer says:

            I’m sorry i don’t think i can say it better :/

          • bootyhuntah says:

            First “backup” your PS Vita using Content Management Assistant on your PS Vita. Go to where you installed the “backup” of your PS Vita. You should see some folders. You need to copy and paste the cfe660tna archive (cfe660tna is a folder that has files inside) inside the folder called PSAVEDATA, but make sure you put it inside of the one folder that is inside of the PSAVEDATA folder. Now, after doing those steps, you have the exploit fully prepared, BUT first you need to create a .ZIP file out of a homebrew called “PSPFILER v6.6″ that you need to download…it’s not included with the cfe660tna download. Once you downloaded it, extract it onto your computer. Now you’re ready to prepare it for being a usable homebrew that cfe660tna can use. First create a folder (right click on your mouse, then select ‘new folder’)and name it PSP Then click inside the PSP folder and do the same procedure again (right click your mouse and select ‘new folder’) but this time name it GAME Now you need to click inside the GAME folder and make a folder again and name it according to whatever homebrew you are going to be using….right now you need to name it FILER. Copy and Paste the eboot file that is inside the PSPFILER v6.6 archive you downloaded a couple of minutes ago inside the FILER folder. Now you need to use a program capable of making a .ZIP file like WinRar or WinZip or 7ZIP. Open one of those programs and go to the first folder you made, called PSP and select to make it into a .ZIP file. When you name this new .ZIP file you are not allowed to name it with no more than 8 characters (keep this in mind for future homebrew programs you want to install) BUT in this came you want to keep the folder name untouched, so this zip we’re making is going to be called PSP.ZIP (all capital letters!) Now you can place the PSP.ZIP file inside the PSAVEDATA/a folder with a bunch of letters-numbers/NPEZ00176 <—this folder. You are almost done. Now go to your computer and restore the backup (it now has extra files that you added doing all this stuff). Click and open the program 'Content Manager Assistant' and select PC to PS Vita option, now select 'Applications', now on the next screen scroll down and select 'PSP/Other'. You will see Urbanix listed…click it and select 'Copy' and when it's done select cancel. You should now be at the home menu, so select the game Urnbanix and you should have the exploit as well as PSPFILER ready to be installed. Voila!

  31. Oscar says:


    thanks a lot and F*** you SamJordan 😀

  32. Oscar says:

    By the way, it says that I can’t play ISOS from the menu and that’s not true, I can play them directly from the menu :S

  33. 2die4 says:

    do not forget to donate to TN

  34. S1NFUL says:

    Total_Noob is the only reason why I bought a PSP Go…and now he’s a hero for me :)

  35. Icegod says:

    Does psx games play with is cfw?

  36. Oscar says:

    the instructions page says that yes, but without sound. By thew way, the instructions page is outdated, because it says that you can’t play isos from the TN menu but yes, you can.

  37. crow132 says:

    Would be PSX support possible in the future?

    Cause I’m like staying on 1.81 forever and i wont be able to buy the games from the store :/

  38. Oscar says:

    I’m totally lost. Please some help, it doesn’t detect more ISOS than one and neither my homebrew. =(

  39. Hrod87 says:

    Thanks Wololo for the news, just got Urbanix for free and now im downloading the rest of the files, Cheers :3

  40. Oscar says:

    Thank you, but it doesn’t detect the PSP FILER and I don’t know why. I have: and Warning.txt :S

    Also is weird, why it detect one ISO and not the others?

    I try to move then when filer works!

    Thanks a lot for the response!

    • OciexGamer says:

      Go up in these comments there is a explination.

      Create a ZIP like FILER.ZIP even with zip in BIG letters.
      In there create PSP folder
      In PSP folder create GAME
      In GAME folder create FILER
      In FILER folder lay the EBOOT.PBP

      Lay the ZIP file in the same folder as the CFW and copy DONE

      Have fun!

  41. Windy713 says:

    I do everything in the readme, but when I load a game, it show icon Urbanix and nothing happen. Can someone help me?

  42. Acid_Snake says:

    This is bad, really bad. TN releases a HEN on a console that is already struggling, and then pretends to be the hero, a note to TN, don’t ever come again with that “no piracy” *** cause you’re just a hypocrite. On top of that, doing some reversing, VF has found PRO code in this hen, so yeah he hates PRO for using his kxploits, but then uses PRO code himself, what happened TN? you can’t code yourself now? is the dumb TN-PRO war useful to you? why don’t you leave your ego aside and co-operate with the rest of the scene?

  43. Ryugi says:

    I put it on my psvita, and there are a white image with on centre urbanix,is correct? Where i put the iso, i create a folder ISO and put there hear?

  44. khalil ;) says:

    Is there a risk guys to get banned

    • Devin says:

      I don’t think Sony has any legal recourse if you buy a game..
      Even if you plan on running homebrew/isos

      • Yes says:

        They dont have to use legal resources to ban you. It says in the PSN rules that you’re not allowed to connect with modified hardware or software, and PSN is Sony’s network, so they can ban you in this case.

        That said, i dont think there is a big risk of getting banned, but i am not 100% sure.

    • OciexGamer says:

      Nope since it’s within the PSP EMU on the PSV nothing happens to internet, but you bet there will be an update soon, do as i do DONT UPDATE lol.

  45. Devin says:

    I want this.. but is it possible to be ported to 1.80 MH exploit?

  46. zaiii says:

    ps vita 1.81 läuft er
    aber was kann ich mit diesen exploit tuhen er zeig mir nur die psp spiele und ps one auf meiner vita an die ich gekauft habe

  47. Alex13mod says:

    What about the US supports? Anyway to convert the save to US?

  48. Devin says:

    Does the game have to be transferred to the Vita, or can it be downloaded directly?

  49. 2die4 says:

    works 100% tested

  50. Eddie says:

    I have never done any exploits before and I’m having some trouble with entering the TNMenu… I copied the savedata folder into the PSSAVEDATA and into the folder with multiple characters, 34b34a715… and through CMA, I copied the data. I loaded Urbanix and it said there was no data found. Help?!

  51. Shivox says:

    I tested DaedalusX64 nintendo emulator and it’s working :)

  52. Tony486 says:

    I’m on 1.80, can I use VHBL to run the CFW?

  53. BuZz says:

    please can any one tell me how to install iso/cso using pspfile i didn’t understand it from the instructions i am new here and kind of a newb..

  54. lReFLeXT says:

    What the FCK!!! Total_Noob is back!!

  55. Cantique says:

    Hi, Urbanix is remove from the psn EU !
    thanks for the intel !

  56. razemeitzen says:

    sorry but, hey, i followed instructions until i copy the savedata, why cant i see the savedata of NPEZ00176 when i go to my vita to copy it?? thanks alot and im a noob here

  57. natsu says:

    since urbanix is removed from the store, can you still use redeem codes??

    if yes, i am trading my 2 codes for 1 psn card of $10… really need it.:(

  58. jcouto19 says:

    Urbanix was removed from the American PSN?

  59. Blaze2k9 says:

    tested on OFW 1.81 works perfectly iso/cso running perfectly also. my vita is now complete :)

  60. gamerforever says:

    We need us save now

  61. quetz says:

    hey nothing new about opencma for mac?
    keeps way to long transfering iso backups through http://ftp..
    and i hate turning on my windows pc 😛

  62. 2die4 says:

    why ppl crying its not like we can dump the psvita carts whats the big deal

  63. meng says:

    hello, wololo. thanks to all hacker at first
    i have vhbl on mh2g and my os is 1.67. i only want to use a media player and good book reader.
    could you tell me what should i do, wait for 6.60 for mh2g or update to1.81 and down the new game?

  64. Badsam says:


    I’m having the same problem. I copy the data into the folder but it doesn’t show in the CMA to transfer.

    • razemeitzen says:

      yeah, wololo, a little help here please?
      we cant seem to copy the savedata our vita’s since it does not show in our content manager, what seems to be the problem? sorry and really thanks alot!

  65. help says:

    trued on psp 6.60 loaded to white screen and stayed so turned off psp and now psp wont turn back on any help??

  66. 2die4 says:

    this is how you do it

    to copy homebrew

    you have to make sure you use the old psp folder methods

    so PSP/GAME/FILER/eboot.pbp

    you have to compress this to a zip the filename must be all capitals so FILER.ZIP

    also the ISO or CSO must be all capitals in my case i ripped my persona 3 umd and renamed it to P3.ISO this must also be in capitals you can the put the FILER.ZIP into the savegame folder as well as the ISO you can put more then 1 at a time and copy it over its simple

    • Thommo says:

      Cool thanks for that.
      Do you know if inside the ZIP file you can have more than one homebrew EBOOT or is it just one EBOOT per ZIP?

      • kikershadow says:

        God question for me i think is only one but i not sure because this dont run more than the icon super nes may be my problem is the hombre and compatibilites

  67. kite says:

    still in US store, but no exploit for US version

  68. ruguer says:

    This work on psvita Monster hunter, 1.80 VHBL?

  69. lReFLeXT says:

    “Extract the “NPEZ00176″ folder to “PSSAVEDATA” and copy the new savedata to your PSVita with CMA”

    I don’t understand this. Any help?

    • lReFLeXT says:

      It said “Do you want to load this data?”, when I click yes, it goes to the “create profile” screen.

      • bgame2 says:

        Same. I’m using the US version. If you are too, we may have our answer because everyone says it only works for the EU version.

  70. quetz says:

    i can confirm it has been removed from EU store, and even into the downloaded content list doesn’t appear

  71. dmer says:

    plz help me how about us port?

  72. Tony486 says:

    I’m on 1.80, can I use VHBL to run the CFW?

  73. help says:

    psp still wont turn on wanted to make sure was working on 6.60 psp b4 i update to 1.81 but now psp is dead please help dont want this to happen to my vita

  74. Badsam says:


    I think I’ve sorted it out on mine, In the folder PSAVEDATA on your PC do you have a folder called fa4e7b53ec155455?

    If so, Copy the NPEZ00176 folder you downloaded into it.

    Connecting the Vita to your PC via CMA with the NPEZ00176 folder in PSAVEDATA creates the folder called fa4e7b53ec155455 which is a PSP folder so the downloaded files will only be read in there as they contain PSP save data I think.

    • razemeitzen says:

      thanks badsam, ive done that now, my next problem is, i reallly dont understand the process to install my psp games backup(kingdom hearts bbs) how do i transfer that to my vita and play? reaaly thanks alot! and help will be aprreciated

  75. mali says:

    Gone from UK store 2.25pm

    • razemeitzen says:

      thanks badsam, ive done that now, my next problem is, i reallly dont understand the process to install my psp games backup(kingdom hearts bbs) how do i transfer that to my vita and play? reaaly thanks alot!

      • StepS says:

        put your backup into the savedata of the exploit. It has to be maximum of 8 symbols in length until the extension point, and all the letters must be uppercase (in both name and extension).
        You can move it with filer to ms0:/ISO later if you want

  76. 2die4 says:

    crisis core looks amazing on oled

  77. Stu says:

    The game has been removedfrom the store, just as expected.

  78. Turd Sandwich says:

    Okay, does this mean no U.S port? Someone obliously snitched otherwise the game wouldn’t got removed that fast.

  79. Cantique says:

    lol, no need to snitch. Just guys from sony doing their work !

  80. Badsam says:


    I haven’t got that far yet as I’m trying to find a PSP game to actually play xD

    From what the readme file says though, I think you basically have to do this –

    1. Install PSPFiler 6.6.

    2. Copy ISO/CSO to the “NPEZ00176″ folder, Using only UPPER CASE LETTERS as the name, The name length can be a maximum of 8 CHARACTERS LONG.

    3. Copy/Move the backup file to “ms0:/ISO/” using PSPFiler.

    4. Launch Urbanix, Load the save data so it enters the TNMenu with all the icons, then just click the ISO/CSO game you put on there.

    • razemeitzen says:

      again, thanks for replying basdam, anyway, do i run the psp filer from my vita? does that mean i should transfer the psp filer 6.6 to my vita? i really dont get it :(, again, thanks alot for helping noobs like me

    • razemeitzen says:

      also, is that “should be named only 8 characters long upper case” referring to the psp game your transferring?

  81. dboyz says:

    demn it =( i just missed Urbanix (HK version) – removed!!

  82. kato says:

    We need JP game save now

  83. lovely says:

    wow, I literally must have just gotten the game before removed. I’m on a Canadian Vita accessing in Spain

  84. razemeitzen says:

    ALSO A QUESTION GUYS, IS THE “TN-MENU” the pure white screen with the logo of urbanix savedata? because, thats where i get to whenever i load the kexploit from the game??????

  85. Badsam says:


    You’re welcome, In regards to the PSPFILER I’m really not sure as I’ve never used it, It would probably be be to do an internet search and see what it actually is/what it does.

    I -think- that it just let’s you search through the system by directories or something so you can choose where to install the ISO/CSO but I’m not sure.

    The 8 characters long thing is the name of the game yes, so for example if you were putting “Kingdom Hearts – Birth By Sleep.iso” on there that wouldn’t work like it would on a PSP.

    You would need to rename it and call it something like “KHBBS.iso” or “KINGDOM.iso” etc I presume.

  86. psvrrr says:

    I downloaded the urbanix.pkg with media go (logged in with my psn acc) – can i transfer it with cma to my vita(also logged in with my psn acc)? should work or did i miss something?

  87. Psvita lover says:

    My psvita is a us version with urbanix us version as well i can copy the gamesave but after i get into urbanix it says there is no gamesave. Is this only for europe?

  88. Randqalan says:

    Good to see this and nice credits too
    maybe the hate will stop for some for awhile:D

  89. Ernest says:

    i have the code to the game! can i download it from 1.80?

    Can i download from CMA and transfer? Thanks!!

  90. Rowan says:

    Hey, i think i made a mistake, i got pspfiler to show on the white screen but after i installed it it went away and nothing else was replaced, how do i get into pspfiler?

  91. z-upper says:

    too late, too bad, again… :*(

  92. bear585 says:

    Time to upgrade to memory card…Thanks to everyone envolved

  93. garrei says:

    ummm i quit it once then started up urbanix again, it froze on the “Minis” screen and i had to hold On/off button for 10 seconds to turn it of and my vita started up in Safe mode… are you sure this doesnt have the potential to harm our vita’s?

  94. dboyz90 says:

    urbanix removed =( (most of d regions, if not removed, sony remove d download option)

  95. 2die4 says:

    you do not have to move anything using pspfiler its just as a way so you do not have to keep installing huge files over everytime u want to copy something new over

  96. Ernest says:

    still on SPANISH PS STORE??? i have the code!

  97. well says:

    well if someone could upload the CMA cxopied version, the ones with the key could still install it right >

  98. donkeykong says:

    guys i need help!!! after the white screen i get stuck with the urbanix icon and the time with nothing else what should i do ??

    • kikershadow says:

      Same problem i can see the icon super nes but this said installing and only see the icon urbanix may be a small tuto for noobs

  99. Oscar says:

    Strange…when I try to load 2 homebrew games it goes to black screen when loading it…
    The “homebrew” games are DJ MAX FEVER EBOOT from the PSN, and DDR for psp, about 3 gb in total

  100. bgame2 says:

    Nothing happened for me. It found the save data, allowed me to load it and then…nothing. It went to the title screen of the game.

    Any thoughts?

  101. Jvhellraiser says:

    Confirm Urbanix still on US store, it will cost u $2.99
    But if u can get it i believe it will be worth it.

  102. windgust says:

    man i updated my firmware to 1.81 but all we have to do is wait for the us or jap save to be release. so i can wait long as it get the other saves just play some tunes and wait.

  103. help says:

    i downloaded urbanix from Eu store can i transfer it to my us acct on vita or do i have to make Eu acct on vita too?

    please anwers asap thanx

  104. lovely says:

    Any idea on when this will be ported to USA and JAP regions?

  105. cristian says:

    because when I give leaves to load a blank screen with the image of the game the game caught

  106. razemeitzen says:

    guys last problem, how do you transfer the psp backup games save file? or more precisely, where do you transfer the save data for the psp games?

  107. cristian says:

    sirve para una ps vita europea

  108. Vincent Beasley says:

    Ok so I have the US game and the save exploit on my system but the game wont recognize that i have the save x0

  109. andi23mich says:


    When u start an UMD dump in PSPFiler, you get the PsVitas Touch Keyboard! So there is somehow access to the Vita Firmware!

  110. Oscar says:

    I try to install DJ MAX FEVER EBOOT from Playstation Store but no joy. When it try to load the menu , black screen appears :/

  111. Vincent Beasley says:

    “only works with an EU game so far”
    Are you freaking kidding me?! No one told me that! x0

  112. help says:

    i downloaded urbanix from Eu store can i transfer it wit ps3 to my us acct on vita or do i have to make Eu acct on vita too?

  113. lawliet says:

    I have the urbanix.pkg EU version and I have a code, can I use it???

  114. andi23mich says:

    Urbanix has been removed from the PSN!!

  115. Vincent Beasley says:

    So my US version is completely useless? =0

  116. boom says:

    hmmm… installed the psp filer.. but never needed it.. i pressed x with lord of arcana selected on my screen and boom… it started..

    Hmmm i wonder whats the use of the psp filer..

    but anyways.. tnx.. im playing lord of arcana atm..

    and i enjoy it. haha.. ^^

    • kikershadow says:

      Can you send me a tuto please i just inthe screen with the icon urbanix i have this, urbanix +1.81 Eu urbanix+CMA offline, white screen good but nothing more i can install super nes but nothing hapend how intall psp filer you can upload a note to mediafire i follow tbe instruction but dont said how install filer thanks and only said thanks to wololo for this i hope can run the amazing homebrew and every one in this project i want coperaate to pay pal soon.

  117. quetz says:

    Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep into my PS VITA!!!


  118. boom says:

    Give titles of games to play.. list it please.

  119. boom says:

    Awww Yeah! Patapon never failed to amuse me.. XD

  120. donkeykong says:

    i still dont understand how to install homebrew i press X and nothing happens anyone kind enought to explains thanks

  121. kakahoho says:

    When the US version release?

  122. reggie says:

    Hey wololo, I’ve done what was stated and copied the entire pspfiler homebrew into a compressed file named as stated, however when I load the game and the save it only shows game which were already installed on the vita. any suggestions on how to resolve this

  123. natsu says:



    i am kinda desperate right now..:( its night time and i cant buy one now

  124. Badsam says:

    I don’t understand why the README guide says all the things about going through ms0:/ISO/ with PSPFiler, As I just put a copy of Worms Battle Islands onto the Vita and played it by simply connecting the Vita to my PC then copying and pasting the iso file into PSAVEDATA/fa4e7b53ec155455/NPEZ00176 on my PC then renaming it WORMS.ISO

    Then going onto the Vita while still connected with CMA and transfering the Urbanix thing again from my PC to Vita (Pressing yes to overwrite)

    The next time I started Urbanix and loaded it, The Worms game was there in the list on TN-A and plays fine.

    • b2p1mp says:

      i would switch to OpenCMA if you are using CMA. At this point you are on the highest firmware, but you will get update msg if you keep using CMA.

  125. CharlieLafd says:

    So When will the US version be released? would all i have to do is change the name of the folder the save file is in to the US versions name?

  126. Keneth says:

    Yes I also need the US version Did not now it was only EU :(

  127. twicefalles says:

    How to do that with US Urbanix?

  128. MrFreeze says:

    Yees & Yeaaah!!! Works … Snes, PSPfiler6.6,Bookr,FTP
    And CSO/ISO 😀 … But when closed the game cso from Urbanix PSVita is Slow, I think the emu psp not close very well … BUT WORKS LIKEEE xD

  129. mohsin says:

    aryt we all knew it would happen sometime now they are going to abandon the vita aswell??

  130. Dadudeondacouch says:

    Ok i missed out on the leak and all the latest news and downloading urbanix coz i was in woop woop aka the middle of aus, i do have the previous exploit for monster hunter any chance the cfw could be ported to the older exploit?

    • Dadudeondacouch says:

      Scratch that just read the latest post about the game being pulled and the possibility of the kernel exploit being backported :-) TN is a legend!!!

  131. Psvita lover says:

    More chaos

  132. spicer says:

    i donated.

  133. Keneth says:

    I hope they can Post this to US Version Soon Just got the game in time. :)

  134. Psvita lover says:

    Make sure to make a copy of urbanix in ur pc just if something happens u have a copy

  135. Deadisation says:

    Ps Vita: the premium way to play PSP games.
    i have yet to buy a single psv game except uncharted…

  136. 2die4 says:

    heres a link to FILER already setup for the exploit so you can see how the file structure should be

  137. 2die4 says:

    psp filer is used so u can move the iso cso form the savegame exploit and do not have to go and reupload gigs of data to your ps vita if you want to install something new

  138. MrFreeze says:

    Install the FTP For PS Vita HBL … is easy copy data to PSvita :) IN WinXP/7 i dont know in Linux/Mac but is FTP … so i cant see any problem :B

  139. Darren says:

    wait, because this urbanix is a mini and available for the ps3… do you think its possible for this exploit to work on the ps3 as well?

    • Chaosruler says:

      No, different structure…
      I doubt that the save structure is even similar due to entirely different CPU arch leading to entirely different OS kernel…

  140. floopo says:

    i can’t MOVE a game from the game save folder to ISO when i don’t have enough space for another copy of the game , the problem is the MOVE doesn’t REQUIRE space , it’s just MOVING not F’N COPYING !!!!! please fix dat sh*t

  141. Azio says:

    Hey its work on 1.80 good job guys

  142. Cloud Strife says:

    Ahhh thank u soo much total noob, the scene is forever in ur debt ^^

  143. Nounours says:

    Hello everyone!
    I got a problem (i think this is only cause i’m a newbie :/)

    I don’t know how to copy the “PSSAVEDATA” (withe file in it) into my ps vita via content assistant manager.. it do not appear in my ps vita an option to copy it in..

    Can someone help me? :)

  144. Aggie says:

    Dude how do i setup the right stick for psp games???

  145. andrew says:

    okay the cfw we have, but what about iso games, anyone know where to get them?

  146. Anthrax132 says:

    Great one!
    Tried on my EU 1.81 PSV, and it works like a charm 😀

    At least, i can play Metal Gear Peace Walker without having to buy i a 3rd time, thanks to Total_Noob!

    • Fawkes says:

      could you tell me how on earth you did it?
      becouse i installed it and everything but when i-am in tn menu i only see urnanix,
      i tried all kinds of stuff on installing homebrew but there isn’t appearing another icon (homebrew icon) how did you install homebrew?
      especially FILER

      • Anthrax132 says:

        Just done it as instructed;

        – ushed the savegame into the folder on the PC
        – Inside the “savegame” folder, you also putyour filer prepared zip (must make a PSP/GAME/Filer/… arborescence). THE FILE AND EXTENSION MUST BE IN CAPITAL LETTERS AND NOT EXCEDE 8CHARS
        – Into the same folder,put your ISO/CSO (same restriction for the filename,only capital letters, or it won’t appear)
        – Transfer the folder via content manager
        – On the PSV, launch Urbanix and reply YES when it asks to load the savegame
        – After that, you arrive on the menu, where you should find the Filer icon. “Click” on it to install
        – Launch filer,and copy your Iso to ms0://ISO/ folder (must create it with filer before)
        – Return to the menu by pressing START+SELECT, and launch your Iso with the icon

        Hope this helps, don’t hesitate to ask if i was not precise enouhg (getting late here in Belgium :p )

  147. zorrodood says:

    i don’t understand how to install FILER

  148. Icu says:

    i was wondering if i could up mh on psvita via the 1.81 exlpoit and put the files for 1.80 MH in the save will the vhbl load?

  149. ruguer says:

    The game are removed…

  150. lawliet says:

    I’m spanish.. how I get psn usa card? do you recive the code instantly?

  151. Tony486 says:

    I need your help…

    I have downloaded Urbanix using the PS Store from my PS3 because I was on 1.80 on my Vita.

    Now, I have updated to 1.81 and the game was removed from the store, but it’s always on my PS3 but I can’t tranfert it to my to PSVita… How can I transfert it to my PSV?


  152. Mrfreaky says:

    Please!! i want to use it!! but i have the us version!!

  153. Alex says:

    It’s sad that coldbird left scene 😐

    BUT! PSP/PS Vita scene will not be without their kings, so

    “The King is dead. Long live the King.”

    Thanks to Coldbird and Total_Noob for their awesome work.
    Good luck to TN :)

  154. Reiki says:

    I am beyond stoked. The ONE DAY that I leave my cord for my Vita at home, this drops.

    The next four hours are going to be a pure living heck for me.

  155. Reiki says:

    I JUST NOW actually read all of this and found out that there is no port yet for the US version of the game.

    Color me crushed. I hope I didn’t update and buy this game for nothing.

  156. Sven says:

    I have urbanix on my ps3 but my vita wont recognize any help?

    also i have it on media to go.

  157. Tony486 says:

    Same problem as you… My psvita wont recognize urbanix…

  158. Beenii says:

    Thank you very much Total_Noob.

    after i copyed the save file to my vita i can now access the exploit, but i dont know how to get files to my vita, or set up psp filer. is there a good tutorial on the web for this?
    thanks to whom who could help me.

  159. yigal33 says:

    I downlond the game in eu acoont in my ps3 last night and i did not insall in my ps3 now i have 1.81 frimeware on my vita and when i try to conncent with cma to ps3 i not see the game

    its any way to transfer it to my vita?


  160. Agnostic says:

    I hope there’s a port for MonsterHunter of this, it would be very sad to have spent $ 20 just for hombrews while people with European acc psn had everything free or cheaper

  161. Hitoshi says:

    So… there is NO way to get this working on 1.80 with MHFU exploit right? Any chance it can be ported?

  162. romain337 says:

    This is INSANE 😀 Can finally play snes at full speed!! Thanx!

  163. Nounours says:

    Ok.. Can anyone help me? Im going to die..

    Why do i can’t see in the assistant content manager on my vita the savedata ??? I put the savedata in “PSAVEDATA->eqbgbsrtbETC->HERE” But when im on my vita (in the CMA) from PC to PS VITA: IT DO NOT APPEAR ANYWHERE! WHY?! :'(

  164. Matthew says:

    Great work!

    Well, I hope this will be ported to the Monser Hunter Exploit :)

  165. Zonic says:

    I’m just curious but what exactly does the CFE look like? Is it the same kind of menu as vhbl?

  166. Tzo says:

    Guys Don’t forget to send a donation to Total_Noob… this wouldn’t have been achieved/released without him…

    His paypal donation details are on the Readme doc when you download the files.

  167. andrew says:

    is it only for psp games? or ps vita games too?

  168. romain337 says:

    ha naaaa can’t play snes at fullspeed, This is insane!!! xD

  169. mrSoczi says:

    PEOPLE! Read the instructions that came with the exploit. If you do all the things like in the instruction than it will work. I have tested it, works great.

    However it tends to freeze the whole system if you pause the game with the PS Buttom or Power Buttom (happened to me while playing God of War).

    • Anthrax132 says:

      Have to test, but was a known bug with early isoloaders on PSP; had to take off the memorystick and put it back with the console ON, and it unfreezed

      But haven’t tested on PSV yet

      • Anthrax132 says:

        My bad, just tested; The Vita isn’t really fair with it, and ask to reboot…but freeze like heck

        So yes, it’s a bug xD

    • MrFreeze says:

      its a CFE Basic … n.n’ i hope Total_Noob finish this GREAT WORK.

  170. parzival says:

    The Homebrew don’t compare in the TNmenu PSPFiler 6.6 why?

  171. bootyhuntah says:

    I am patiently waiting for this to be ported to the USA version of Urbanix. Please Total_Noob, make this happen? Great work! By the way the game is still available as of 10-3 2 p.m. CST (-6).

  172. Sorun says:

    That feel when you were going to get the EU version, but just went ahead and bought the US version so you didn’t have to format.

    Well i’ll be monitoring for the next 5 hours or so, hopefully a US port will be made soon, but details from experienced devs seem to make it sound like it may have to wait till TN releases the source code. Fingers crossed nonetheless.

  173. dagr81 says:

    what if we have an account of US PSN… dont left us please..

  174. Zyphs says:

    so should i update from 1.80 to 1.81?

  175. blackjesus says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i can’t beleive i don’T have that!

  176. Josh says:


  177. scorpio42lek says:

    Great work,hope this get’s ported soon!!

  178. cscash241 says:

    Im on 1.67 sc3, is the exploit going to be ported?

  179. dave says:

    is the mini still on the us psn store or is it taken off?

  180. sailogo says:

    I want to know why there is still no support for US version. It should be really easy port…ㅡㅡ
    Any info?

    • Chaosruler says:

      really easy? without the source code of the exploit?
      try doing it yourself… I’ve been trying for at least 2 hours ._.

      • sailogo says:

        Come on dude. You don’t think Total_Noob does not have a asource code?? Think before you comment idiot. Lol
        I am not asking you guys for a port but them!!!

    • Jd8531 says:

      “It should be really easy port” Feel free to do it yourself and send it to me when you’re done 😉

  181. Beenii says:

    Monster Hunter 3rd Portable and Cave Story both working like a charm.
    Thank you so much Total_Noob!

  182. sailogo says:

    I really wish hackers wont go farther than this.
    If they go far as PSVITA ISO, PSVITA Games will die.

  183. tony says:

    so there is a cfw to play psp on psvita, thats dumb i want to play psvita games not psp

  184. Chun says:

    I have the game on a second account of mine. My question is, can I change accounts after I installed it?

  185. Gigan says:

    I am on 1.81 ofw and when i try to load the exploit
    the screen flashes white for about 1 second,goes black for about 10 and then an error code is thrown.

    An error has occurred.

    Then the Vita reverts back to the home screen.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    I am using the UK version of Urbanix

  186. Jdubs says:

    I have 1.80 with monster hunter and im in the US. There is no way for me to get this working yet?

  187. SSuk says:

    Ok, 1 question.
    I managed to run filer6. But how di I copy my backup ISO file to Vita from PC?
    Do I have to move it thru OpenCMA from PC to Vita? Or how: I tried to “connect with PC” function in filer, but i says: NOT CONNECTED.

    Any advice?

    • SSuk says:

      Ok, got it working:
      – copy the game (ISO or CSO) to the PC/documents/PSVita/PSAVEDATA\c49d520c3883e202\NPEZ00176
      – Name of the game and ending .CSO or .ISO MUST BE WITH UPPER LETTERS. Name of the game max. Long is 8 Characters
      – Connect Vita to PC and transfer the game save backup to Vita. I could take some time. Depends on size of the ISO/CSO file
      – after everything is coppied, start the Urbanix. And here is ONE problem. Happend to me, but after coppying of save, Vita freezes on “MINIS” loading screen. So I had to restart Vita only and start the game again. Now all is OK.
      – In PSP Filer you just move the CSO/ISO file from save folder do ISO folder wich you have already created (or you have to create)

  188. rathalos says:

    same games doesn’t work i tried bleach 7 and not working but “prinny i can really be the hero” work but only the first level i have to try same other titles

    • sailogo says:

      I see this firmware have 2 differemt drivers for UMD emulation. Have you tried to change to another one? However, I do not know how

  189. Sam jordam says:

    You welcome psvita community, this was my plan all along

    Btw this bricked my vita I recommend NOT DOWNLOADING its a trick probably

  190. bkirby3 says:

    I am having a lot of trouble trying to even get CMA to even work. Everytime I plug in my PS Vita into my computer, it would say “could not connect to the PC” even though it is running on the computer. Can anyone offer any advice please?

  191. Clark says:

    Would this work on on Vita 1.80 with Urbanix or do i have to update to 1.81.

  192. skyhook says:

    Viper i totally agree! Hopefully a developer can make a app that will unblock it so that we can still use fw 1.81 as a real source for tweaking hacking and homebrew running.

  193. Vincent Beasley says:

    ISOs wont show up on my filer! What do I do?? Ive tried everything x0

  194. NakedFaerie says:

    I did find 1 big crash.
    It says it press START to go back to TNMenu. When I press START it locks up. The whole Vita. I have to hold POWER then go through restore menu to get back.

  195. LOLZ says:

    Is this like Lite CFW ?

  196. PS Vita says:

    This can’t run in 1.80 Monster Hunter 2G’s Bug ?

  197. Lee1500 says:

    So what happens now with urbanix pulled from psn will we see a port to monster hunter

  198. san says:

    I run it fine this morning and now when i open the game, i got this error C1-2858-3
    I couldn’t get it working any more

    Please help :(

  199. 9rockky says:

    Thank you for the file,it’s work well! 😀

  200. pycotest says:

    help this is my first playstation handheld (bought it Saturday ) and i caught the game before it was taken down and downloaded this cfe and i cant figure out how to load even the filler. I have read over the install over and over and dont know what i am doing wrong. So if someone was having the same issue and figured it out (or if someone knows easier explanation). I have jailbroken my Iphone and friends Iphones and gone in and changed some files to customize the phone so im not a complete noob when it comes to things of going into filess and added things. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Tzo says:

      create a folder called “PSP” then inside that folder create on called “GAME”…

      your unzipped filer or homebrew folder in inside “GAME”

      Back out till you get to “PSP” folder and zip this folder but use STORE as compression method and ensure all writing is in CAPS for ALL FOLDERS + .ZIP

      hope this helps

  201. Lostnoob says:

    Can someone please help.
    I install the filer but i think i have done somthing wrong with the iso.
    I put the .ISO (renamed with 5 letters all caps and extention in caps) file in the npez00176 folder then using filer i created a folder ISO ( all caps aswell) in ms0:
    I then copy and moved the .ISO game into the ISO folder.
    Then i returned to the menu with start and select but it just went black so i returned to the vita menu restarted and loaded urbanix again but after loading the save it goes white then black and doesnt go any further. Have i dont something wrong?

  202. ricerrr says:

    dose it work on 1.67?

  203. Bambini says:

    I stil hawe no idea How to put psp games . Menu is opening with 2 games urbanix and another mini. PLZ good instractions how to put PSP filer and iso games on vita(video PLZZZZZZ)

    • zorrodood says:

      the NPEZ00176-folder has to go in PS Vita/PSAVEDATA/e0498oenh98rh(or whatever your folder’s name is).
      a few pages back someone packed the pspfiler archive and uploaded it. he FILER.ZIP has to go into the NPEZ00176-folder.
      the ISO/CSO has to be named FILENAME.ISO or .CSO and you have to put it inside the NPEZ00176-folder.
      copy the urbanix savegame to your psvita, start urbanix, load the save and filer and the iso should be in the menu.
      that’s how it worked for me.

  204. PsVITAHackbeginner says:


  205. Bambini says:

    I still cant get games to work. I place games in PSP/GAME/NFS.ISO zip it with winrar and put in ps vita/savdata/32235252/NFS.ZIP why do i need that pspfiler ? I did the same with filler my filler did not work only filer i download from dude who apload it in this forun his filler is working. I try to go into games using filler still its not there. OMG PLZ make wideo i am sick of compresing. PLZZ mage video

  206. gtfoo says:

    no games i tried work….they just black screen.

    yes i put the game in the iso folder with filer.

    what gives ?

    does the compatibility really suck this bad ?


  207. Enkeixpress says:

    Shitttt… Sony has taken the game off of the EU/UK PSN Store.

    As a result, using that free PS Minis promotion, it’ll only give you Jewel Keepers: Easter Island.

    Man, they are really “on the ball” with preventing Vita hacking.. holy..

  208. Enkeixpress says:

    Hopefully you’ll be able to find another PS Minis title with the same exploit to use instead.. :)

  209. souf says:

    Where can I find the backup file?????

  210. Bambini says:

    OMG I put my fifa.ISO into NPEZ00176 folder open psfiler create folder ISO and i cant find FIFA.ISO in psfiller menu I wona play MONSter hunter camon help ME:D

  211. xdarkmario says:

    hey i need some help, I found a way to run this hack on the monster hunter exploit and i can see my purchased games and a test game a.k.a a ISO that has been placed in the ms0:/ISO and i can see it but i press X and it does nothing. it does not freeze but it does not launch ether X just does nothing. the Triangle button does ask me to delete thought…

  212. Whirt says:

    It would be awesome if someone create DosBox for Vita! Now when is custom firmware available.
    Vita can handle Dos game unlike PSP.

  213. HIPHOP78 says:


  214. HIPHOP78 says:


  215. Abdou007 says:

    Any know to install the Pro online client to play online ?

  216. Ven0m says:

    I really appreciate it that he shared this with us. I know i’m a little bit late to say thanks, but ow well 😉

  217. Vita101 says:

    srry for this lame question but how do i install the cfw on my ps vita ? i really need some help

  218. Xc@liburn says:

    I am able to copy the ISO files to the VITA, using the data01 saved game file.
    then i open the exploit and press X, it asks me if i want to move it to ms0:/ISO, it copies it.
    then when i try to start the game, it just goes black…

    tried with 3 ISOs, two just went black, and the last FIFA13, starts to load, asks if I want to save to the memory card and after that goes black…

    Is there a compatability list, or should they all work…
    by the way I tried with both ISO drivers, and it is the same.

    I confirmed with FTP, that the file is in the ISO dir on the VITA…

    dont know what I am doing wrong… help :)

    • Xc@liburn says:

      Actually I was just able to load my first ISO, but i did nothing different from what I did for the other ISOs.

      So probably not all ISOs work…

  219. juan says:

    look im having major trouble im try to install snes and other cn i get a setp by step walk through yu reading does help more then show im hand on type of person n thanks happy new year

  220. sirus says:

    when ever i copy any file,songs and video an error come can anyone help meee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. TrojLF says:

    ok, so i have a vita, & when i had a psp, before it was lost by someone borrowing it i had quite a few iso’s & was annoyed that the vita couldnt use them, im not interested in getting bootleged vita games….(yet) but since psp games arent as new i was wondering if someone would know anything i could do as a very novice game hacker (as in ive never done that yet) to modify my vita in some way where i can off the radar change the vita, i was wondering if i can hack it & make it work like a smart phone or at least have psp iso & regular vita games & etc. but i would like a restart point, ig possible since i got the cheaper vita & dont have cash to buy a new one if it fails or freezes is there a way to put at least back to factory settings?

  222. Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the amazing effort.

    Visit my web site go to this site

  223. quetz says:

    i answer myself:

    just format your memory card you ***!

  224. SSuk says:

    I am not sure, but can´t you go to PSStore, select DOWNLOAD HISTORY, find Urbanix and download it again?

  225. JAUZMAN says:

    Tried that,they took it off! CHEERS MAN!

  226. chingon says:

    is that including the copy in a bubble on the PS3????

  227. UKDNA says:

    Sony does have a plan that takes advantage of stupid people, no doubt. And didn’t I read somewhere that the PS4 won’t even be backwards compatible with PS3 games? How stupid are people? Sony is headed the way of Sega.

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