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The current state of PS3 hacking (September/October 2012) Continued

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  1. MikeBeav3r says:

    Sounds good, my PS3 has sat gathering dust for many moons, think the last thing I played on it was Black Ops!!!
    Still sat at 3.55 cfw but very little on the machine interests me, some cool ‘brews would be nice, ISO loading is just not my thing tbh, if a current fw cfw comes out, I can actually buy some real games to enjoy AND use any nifty HB that comes along 🙂

  2. psVitovic says:

    kinda wondering why is there no update on the vita cfw leak story since it’s almost like a realtime-situation-development minute by minute… any update on the sony’s reaction to this? has sam j. been traced by sony as we all saw his mac number, and sony can easilly trace it to who owns it..?

  3. garrei says:

    errmmmm im on 4.25 firmware… will there be a hack for this?

  4. Green Ranger says:

    Sorry Wololo 😉

    but the Red Power CFW will be likely installed on a FW 3.55. I don’t think that its possible to install a CFW on any FW above 3.56 because Sony changed something with the Updating-Process.

  5. NBA 2k13 says:

    hey I know this have nothing to do with this but I have a question I have a vita that’s on 1.67 and I have the game super collapse 3 from the first Wololo HBL I put my vita up and now getting back in to it how do i by pass the update from sony when i connect to my laptop or ps3 ? and how do i add the save file i’m a noob to the vita scene but i was smart enough to know to get vita when it came out first and never touch it. Wololo could you help explain I need to do ? thanks

  6. Abdou007 says:

    *** $ony expensive games and no hack

  7. letsrapetheleaker says:

    I like how just because wololo doesn’t like piracy everybody else doesn’t (when secretly everybody does as does wololo) 🙂

  8. azwald says:

    it’s CEX to DEX, not the way around 😀

  9. darkrcows says:

    So will this RP cfw 4.21 work on ps3 slim 3006b 320gb?

  10. jd20dog says:

    3.55 is gitting older and older in an obvious way
    now with over half the consoles official library being unusable with it, and dex gaming being a pain at present
    it literally turned in to the psp 5.00cfw era
    it really is a major choice to choose ps3 cfw over ofw with loss of the better half of its official library of games

  11. Mr Jack says:

    I would love to have cfw on my ps3. I don’t care as much for emulators on it. I just want to play backed up coppies of ps3 games rather than having to get them from the PSN or even spending a small fortune on a new game. And I kinda want to play my psp games on my vita since it makes perfect sence but I don’t want to re buy all of the games… 🙁 damn you Sony basterds!!!

  12. pimpinpenguin says:

    Going to DEX is well worth while if you don’t use your PS3 much for Blue Rays. I’m on DEX OFW 4.21 and it’s working perfectly. If i need to use CFW features i can easily flash my CEX backup and return to 3.55CFW in less than 10 mins.

  13. Darkanubis74 says:

    Thank you for expanding on that, There were some things I did not know. Thanks though 🙂

  14. Mr McGoo says:

    Hey wololo, do think that with the possibility of a new cfw coming out, there would be a back entry to the psv while connected to the ps3?

  15. Chabba says:

    Would the Red Power’s 4.21 be able to upgrade a 4.21 ofw to this cfw?

  16. F says:

    In the midst of all the ***, I fail to see why the userbase should be punished for it. Given that the files are encrypted and tied to each console, therefore unusable, the only logical conclusion I can draw is that there was never any intention to release them to begin with.

    Having said that, all sides show equal degrees of petty selfishness.

    • wololo says:

      The point of the encryption was to avoid beta testers from leaking, and track down any person who would leak, to guarantee they would not get access to the next beta. Coldbird had also thought for a long time about how to release this publicly without risking any legal action. I can’t say much without revealing too much, but I can guarantee you a release was planned. If anything, I am one of those who kept begging Coldbird to not release this publicly because of the legal risk for him.
      Whatever people say, and even if it is “only” the PSP emulator, the truth is that PSP sales are once again a source of revenue for Sony on the Vita, and nobody knows how they would react to such a hack. It’s not like it’s yet another kxploit on the PSP: it would impact the PSP sales on the vita as well.

  17. Helder says:

    This makes me remeber the time of iPad 2 and jailbreakme, when a YouTube noob had hacked comex server with brute force attack and leaked the pdf file that jailbreak only a old os version 4.3.1 that is only installled in first iPad 2 units

    This makes comex work many ours to finished the jailbreak and release it before Apple patch it

    The differece betweeen coldbird and comex is, comex had released their work and worked hard to finnish it, and couldbird no, do what is more easy, left the scene.

  18. wololo says:

    As many others mentioned, I am not sure the Red Power 4.21 firmware will run on 4.21, it sounds more like a CFW that will bring 4.21 features to 3.55 owners.

    (to all, please note that I didn’t write the article, so no, I am not talking to myself 😛 )

  19. sonic-iso says:

    you can only update to 4.x cfw from a 3.55 console… they added hash checks to the firmware pups in later firmwares to stop people from modifying the pups.

  20. sonic-iso says:

    if you try to install a CFW on anything other than 3.55 you get This file is corrupted error.

  21. huz says:

    PS Vita: Running eCFW TN-V2 at Firmware 2.02

    think maybe week? that tn-v2 with 2.06 r163 load? work or won’t

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