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Vita CFW leaked, Coldbird leaves the scene


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  1. auron says:

    could someone send me the files my username is sirauron14 you can pm it to me

  2. rodman says:

    can some one please email me the exploit my email is snake2243@yahoo.com…thanks

    • Xian183 says:

      rodman, i tried to send you the files via email, but the message did not go through, was there a mistake when you were typing your email address, or do you have another i may send them to?

  3. Dj Android says:

    Heres a quick tip. Use Areo Racer (ps mini) replace certain files and BAM vhbl on 1.81

    • Xian183 says:

      Areo Racer is exploitable? do you have proof? if so i may buy it just in case…

      • Dj Android says:

        Im running VHBL Using some of the files that was leaked and the monster hunter save. Combine all those with areo racer and The vita will crash then load VHBL

        • Xian183 says:

          Oh, nice! Im just an end user (newb) but that sounds great. do you mind if i send you a pm?

          • Xian183 says:

            Hey, I know you probably dont want to be bothered by a newb, but i was wondering if you could explain how to modify the mh save and leaked files? I would love to have vhbl as i bought my vita with 1.8.1. Also, i was wonering, if you are one of the (few?) people who know of this exploit and wololo is close to making another vhbl for urbanix, why would you lay down a hint like that, that may possibly get this patched? seems like you wouldn’t want anyone to find out so that you could have vhbl AND stay on the latest firmware. Idk, maybe im way off, let me know, Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Jd8531 says:

            I’m looking into his claims. Wololo doesn’t have a VHBL ready at this moment as said in the article. If its real i’ll let you know soon but i have serious doubts that HxD will work.

        • b2p1mp says:

          Someone with Aero Racers on psp want to try and do what DJ Android has claimed? I am skeptical about this. Why release another title name? Someone can try to make a savedata crash to hbl via psp and not update the vita.

  4. zeron824 says:

    So I can’t use this? So no one can use this? Wow. That guy that leaked it IS A BIG JERK. >.> I hope he knows what the did. -.- Now Sony will be able to patch it faster than lightning. >:(

  5. 2die4 says:

    i updated to 1.81 as i already had this game downloaded from the sony promotion lol if you got this game free you should update its still up on the UK store

  6. Rowan says:

    Im not 100% sure wololo will allow this but here is the files re uploaded to mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/?yc0p3x1zqvdpppj

  7. Dj Android says:

    All you need is a hex editor, and a save from a game that contains a file that has the same name as a hbl file. Then usin the hex editor rename CERTAIN things in to to make it read Other hbl enablers

    • Xian183 says:

      ill be honest, even thats over my head, i guess ill just wait for an already compiled exploit. Unless you want to send me yours? ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. 2die4 says:

    i kept my other vita on 1.80 just in case

  9. Mojo jojo says:


  10. sonicjam says:

    Yay I can’t wait when you release your usermode exploit wololo I wanted homebrew on my vita for a long time.

  11. rodman says:

    think so?

  12. Turd Sandwich says:

    Oops i posted wrong my bad. lol

  13. jwolf3 says:

    Can we have anyone else work on this im really sorry about this coldbird that all your hard work has to go to waist but im hoping you would one day come back to the ps vita community i one for myself enjoy cfw for the ps vita if it were released wololo thanks for your hard work and you also coldbird thanks to the *** hole who messed up something we been dreaming about deeply i may not be a hacker but ill soon become one and one day i can also bring something for the community

  14. NakedFaerie says:

    I’m having a problem with this savefile.
    For me its showing up as French on the Vita where in the video its English.
    How do I fix it so its also in English and doesn’t crash and works?

  15. 2die4 says:

    if no one updates for a year hopefully we might see cfw lolz 9000

  16. Andre says:

    If anyone that have the files could send them to me, I would be very grateful, thank you, greetings from Brazil, sorry for the bad english

  17. Batman says:

    Can this be made on games that support cfw? Like monster hunter? I really want to play Crisis Core but I don’t have that game you guys mentioned, I only have 1.80 Monster Hunter. ;(

    • Turd Sandwich says:

      I know right i would love to play some Crisis Core, and I’m on 1.80 using monster hunter too.

      Since you mentioned that i am wondering the same thing too.

  18. 2die4 says:

    also in the future release it in a country sony cant do nothing about like china, china and japan hate each other currently so releasing it on a chinese forum is pretty safe if you do it anon

  19. Josh says:

    Well, ***. I downloaded the game just in case, but coldbird shouldn’t have left the scene. I was *** waiting patiently for him to release xD. Well, gj Sam, you fcked this up for everyone.

  20. Josh says:

    Damn, sorry for cursing T_T

  21. dave says:

    is it still on the psn? and has it been patched?

  22. miguel says:

    it still hasnt been brought down. i just bouugght it.

  23. 2die4 says:

    if the ps3 cfw 4.21 is real then we will have the vita keys so hopefully it is and it will pawn this

  24. 2die4 says:

    it has not been patchd they do not know what to patch as the file is excrypted

  25. 2die4 says:

    who has heard about the vita browser exploit ????


    and the vita browser is the same software

  26. espero y se haga un port de esto para poder simplificar el xploit y hacer publicos los archivo tan mencionados y poder dar la ultima esperanza a vita en 1.81 y todos los que estamos aqui apoyemos en todo lo necesario ya sea economico o moral para poder dar este paso y asi seguri con el proyecto vhl y mas ports o esto es caso cerrado y nunca sabremos de hombrew en nuestras vita

  27. Pirate Cat says:

    As I’m very tired, I want to make sure I’m reading this right:
    Some nob knowingly ruined a Vita exploit for everyone?

    Or is this a kernal exploit for the PSP emulator on the Vita?

    • matt says:

      Kernel exploit for PSP emu on Vita (and a user mode exploit as well) – jerk got leaked exploit files, but then discovered they had been encrypted by the creator… and since he was concerned he’d never have access to the hack (it had no set release date), he released the encrypted files and game name to try to force the creators to release publicly.

      So he didn’t completely knowingly ruin the exploit… he was just a selfish idiot all around and then his plan kinda backfired ;p

  28. Anonymous User says:

    I found some information about Sam. Don’t ask me where i got it, i rather remain an anonymous source. This info is real not fake.

    name: Sam Jordan not Jordam.

    born in: 1988-06-27

    location: Manhattan, NYC

    email: xbatmanbeyondx(at)gmail.com

    Xbox live id: XBatmanBeyondX

    IP Address:

    I will keep you guy’s updated once i collect more info.

    Viva La Revolucion!

  29. john says:

    so this game has a kexploite for 1:81? and the files are encrypted for the cfw? i can decrypt them with ease. but what this dude has done is wrong and right at the same time. i thank him for leaking greedy hackers work to everyone. what i dislike is that he did it at the wrong time.

  30. trecenters says:

    PS Scene = Drama

    If it isn’t one thing then its another.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      Why cant it be like the 360 scene. They always release things without any problems. EVERYTHING works in the 360 scene. NO DRM DONGLES, NO Devs crying, NONE of the *** we get in the PS Scenes.

      How about the PS Scenes look for some GOOD devs, some that RELEASE things and DONT CRY when things get leaked. Oh NOTHING will be LEAKED as it will get released so you cant leak something thats already released can you.

      To the PS Scene devs, GROW UP and STOP CRYING!
      You’ve had ISO backups playing for months so WHY didn’t you release it? BECAUSE YOU ARE ***! WE DONT NEED YOU IN THE SCENE. We need people that WILL release things and NOT HIDE them from the public.

      • Jd8531 says:

        I agree. I’ve been in the PS scene and Xbox scene since the start in which the Xbox scene in comparison is way beyond in terms of efficiency and having a supportive community base. Furthermore you are also very wrong, there are devs releasing. They do not keep them to themselves, there way too many issues; it’s not as simple as it seems to just put out such a powerful tool. It’s like the creation of the Nuclear Bomb. If they were hiding stuff, then why were people able to test it?

      • wololo says:

        Coldbird has delivered countless times to this scene, but maybe you weren’t around for the past 2 years, when the Pro team was one of the few who still cared enough for the PSP. Maybe you also missed Pro Online, the one big scene announcement on the scene this year, and maybe you missed the detail where it says Coldbird is paying for the server from his own pocket. Talk about being ungrateful, saying a guy like Coldbird is a ***.

        I know you’ve been around for a long time, and all I’ve seen you do as long as I’ve been on the psp scene is complaining constantly. Just find exploits on your own, or at least contribute something other than rants, then you can talk.

        Additionally, Sony is much much more inclined to sue people, did you miss the news last year too? People are not stupid enough that they want to get sued over a game console. This is not about keeping the exploit for themselves, this is about protecting their *** first.

        You don’t like the rules of this scene? Then come up with your own exploits, and change the rules. Beggars can’t be choosers.

        • NakedFaerie says:

          I’ve done things in the scene and what I’ve done I’ve released but its all been anonymously. I’m not stupid enough to sign my work like half the “fame hunters” out there. I release things for the scene. I’ve moved from the PSP to the PS3 and when PS3CFW first came out I released a lot and again it all was anonymously as I’m not a fame hunter.
          I’ve also put my hand up for anyone wanting to release anything to do it under my name or give it to me and I’ll release it as I’m not scared of Sony. Let them come and sue me and I’ll laugh at them in court. I’ve already taken them to court 3 times and won each time.

          You know why this release doesn’t work for anyone? It’s because he’s signed it to only work on 1 Vita. THATS why the PS scene sucks when A-holes like him do that. HOW is the scene supposed to grow when people lock down things like this. Thats what the scene is supposed to do, REMOVE DRM NOT insert their own drm.
          Even if it is an internal thing WHY lock it down? If it does get leaked there might be someone better that can fix it and get it working better than the original dev can but as its locked up nobody can do a thing with it but look at a useless file and wonder.
          I’ve left the PSP scene years ago as there are too many a-holes in it. Mainly the devs. they have their own little group and dont like to share with anyone. If someone finds a way to play backups thats kept to themselves until they remove all ability to play backups then release it.
          Thats what the scene started as. NOT a way for homebrew a way to play backups. It started years ago with carts then mod chips and when it got to the xbox360 it was just a firmware modification. Same with the PSP and PS3, just a firmware mod and backups can be played but the devs dont like that so they try their hardest to block it and not release it to the public if it can play backups.

          I bet there is probably a real Vita CFW but not released coz it can play backups and they haven’t found a way to block backups from being played thats why they haven’t released it. THATS why the PS SCENE SUCKS and full of A-HOLES.

          • Razorbacktrack says:

            Are you Sam Jordan ?

          • ass says:

            Agree with – NakedFaerie

          • wololo says:

            Again, if you don’t like ethical hacking, feel free to release stuff on your own. I personally take pride to know that the work in which I am personally involved is not sc*** anybody up, even if I know not everybody thinks like that. You like backups and stuff, good for you, but don’t insist that people who are more on the “homebrew” side work to fulfill your desires ๐Ÿ™‚

          • ji5aw says:

            CB did a great job, no doubt. He owes nothing to nobody.

            to NakedFaerie: u might be a dev, but u r anything but a hacker. u r satisfied with and obsessed in releasing things, which is the last thing a hacker would do.

          • ProgZ says:

            Wait, did you just say ‘ethical hacking’? I’m sorry, Wololo, but what a bunch of horseshit. Hacking is hacking, and it’s always done for the purpose of forcing something to do something it wasn’t meant to. This is already a breach of ethics, so hiding under the white lie of protecting the future of the hardware just doesn’t hold water.

            As far as leaking hacks early, it’s a breach of trust and that’s also unethical..But when you’re dealing with an unethical situation, how can you reasonably expect people to take trust seriously?

          • wololo says:

            @ProgZ if you can’t make a difference between what we do on this site and piracy, I think you lack perspective. Ethics are of course always subjective, but your definition sounds very extreme to the point of being ridiculous.

            By the way, I am into “ethical” hacking not for ethical reasons, just because I happen to have no personal interest in pirating games or playing backups, so this is more circumstantial in my case, I believe I’ve made that pretty clear several times. I’m not pretending anybody’s trying to shield Sony from anything here, do not put words in my mouth.

  31. Jdubz says:

    Well, I can certainly understand why he would leave the scene like he did. Hats off to you Coolbird and good luck!
    ……..oh I almost forgot. Lick my nutz Sam and F U sony.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      Really? She’s had the exploit for months and when it finally gets leaked she goes off crying. She needs to grow up and get out of preschool and into the real world where the public are waiting for things like this and to release them so other people and devs can better it NOT keep it hidden forever and not release it. If it was a new hack and its only been around for a few weeks and needs work then ok, but this has been around for at least 6 months and just not released coz they want to keep it from the public.

  32. Turd Sandwich says:

    I found some information about Sam. Donโ€™t ask me where i got it, i rather remain an anonymous source. This info is real not fake.

    name: Sam Jordan not Jordam.

    born in: 1988-06-27

    location: Manhattan, NYC

    email: xbatmanbeyondx(at)gmail.com

    Xbox live id: XBatmanBeyondX

    IP Address:

    Number: 347-709-6345

    I will keep you guyโ€™s updated once i collect more info.

    Viva La Revolucion!

  33. trecenters says:

    I guess all is lost forever. I am quitting this scene also and throwing away my Vita and my PS3. Xbox is probably next. Some kid *** in someone’s Cool Aid. It is garbage now.

  34. trecenters says:

    LOL^ This kid will be hunted down and scared to death for the next few months. He will never know who is watching him.

  35. gagdet says:

    juvenile “hackers” = warez shitcocks as i said before.

  36. svenn says:

    1) Big chance he is using a proxy.
    2) Focusing on this individual is just stupid, its a kid.
    3) If you can’t find his IP, what are you planning to do with it ? And even if you had the knowledge, beside formatting his hdd (that is what he should do) and putting his e-mail into asian-bride.ext there is little you can do, unlike Holywood movies.

  37. Johnny Bravo says:

    Hang on. If he encrypted it to only work with that 1 Vita then WHY did he leave the scene when it got leaked? If it cant run on anyone elses Vita then whats the problem?
    Is he a total girl and having a cry coz the public know about it now? WHY doesn’t he finish it as nobody can use the leaked files so him leaving the scene is just him having a cry.

    • mrSoczi says:

      Yup… same here. I don’t get it. If it’s encrypted then nothing got leaked. If it can be decrypted than all this talk about “taking the CFW with me to the grave” is pointless. I don’t get this drama. Really… I don’t. It doesn’t have any sense.

      • Razorbacktrack says:

        Maybe because IT IS HIS WORK AND NOT YOUR so HE CAN DO WHAT HE WANT WITH IT ?? If I made something I will get angry If someone as Sam Idiot Jornan leak my work.

        • mrSoczi says:

          OMG… I know that basic logic is not the strong side of many people but come on: acting non-sense just because you can doesn’t make your actions less non-sense. All logic aside for a moment – sorry, but for me actions like “now I’m taking my toys and leaving the sandbox and you can’t have them *sticks out tongue*” is so 3rd grade. Really… Coldbird’s blog post is very interesting, I love his (her?) work on the PSP but the part about leaving and taking the toys with him/her is the most childish thing I’ve read since mathieulh on the PS3 scene. Seriously… man up.

        • ProgZ says:

          ..And by the same token, the PS Vita is Sony’s work and they can do what they want with it, so if they want you not to hack it then you should obey their wishes.

          I can’t possibly take an argument like yours seriously when it’s based on one-sided logic and hypocrisy.

      • wololo says:

        The things that were leaked are a relatively old build. In the meantime, the CFW has been improved *a lot*, and that’s what the community will never get. Sure, eventually we’ll have a working CFW, but not the one with all the cool stuff that was supposed to be in it (full PSX support for example will be missing, I assume)

        • mrSoczi says:

          Ekhm… so the point still stands ๐Ÿ˜€ … Nothing serious got leaked (?). Just an encrypted old build with no great features ๐Ÿ™‚ . I’m sorry for being so picky and maybe annoying, but I’m just trying to grasp if all these files are worth the drama.

          • wololo says:

            Well, err, “nothing serious” is a bit far fetched. A usermode exploit on an almost free game, a kernel exploit, and a CFW that had at least full homebrew support and full iso support. I don’t know about plugins and PSX support, but that’s already quite a lot that got leaked here.

          • ji5aw says:

            afaict, the most sensitive stuff is the kexploit which has been well kept among devs until…
            meantime, dont take for granted that CB is a old baster like i (or u) am. he is literally a kid.

          • mrSoczi says:

            wololo: true there. The exploit was leaked – that is a valid point, but like you said in the past: Sony doesn’t check all it’s other PSN games for a similar flaw but creates black lists, so still a new game might come up at one point with the same exploits (maybe).

          • mrSoczi says:

            ji5aw: man… I’m a junior corporate software dev after a good technical university and if kids are able to find exploits like these in software and hardware then I’m starting to think that I somehow wasted by years in college and really know nothing ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ .

          • ji5aw says:

            mrSoczi : i guess u r new to the scene. if u knew how old r these teenagers u probably would feel urself wasted (as i do).

        • ji5aw says:

          im wondering what VF will do …

        • Johnny Bravo says:

          Stop talking ***. You know it that you will never release a CFW that has ISO support. Thats what all you devs are trying to do, stop the public playing backups. This is why coldbird is having a huge cry.
          This leak is useless as it doesn’t work for anyone so the only thing that is really leaked is the name of the game.
          Bit if a pissy effort in that coldbird is leaving the scene coz the name of the game got released.

          The public want an ISO loader. The PSP already has a full CFW and ISO loaders so why such fuss stopping the Vita from playing ISOs? Even if the Vita can only play PSP ISOs thats good enough till the next exploit is found and released.

          Look at the Nintendo DS scene. The DSi and 3DS haven’t been hacked but they can still play DS backups and thats good enough to keep the scene happy.
          The 360 can play backups and do you see a loss in sales of consoles or loss in sales of games? NOPE so running backups doesn’t really hurt at all.
          The only scene with problems is the PS scene. Its full of ***. If you got a working exploit then release it instead of holding on to it with the hope Sony wont block it in their next firmware. The real waste is if you have an exploit and it gets blocked before you release it. If you did release it someone else could’ve used it to find a better exploit.
          What do you think Geohot did. He released his exploit and other better ones were found.

          • wololo says:

            I stand to my point. You want the scene to be different? Make it different and stop ranting, because now you sound like a broken record. BTW yelling your rage at me won’t change a thing, I don’t have a kernel exploit. And all the exploits I’ve had, I constantly turned into useful releases of VHBL. VHBL is not enough for you? Well send me a kernel exploit and I’ll see what I can do.

            Your “anonymous” work, obviously, doesn’t count. Anybody can pretend they have helped the scene anonymously with no proof whatsoever. The visible things, however, is that for as long as I can remember, you’ve been demanding stuff and constantly complaining on the PSP scene without ever giving anything back. I’m surprised you’re still around if you hate that scene so much, I can’t think of anybody who’s been on the scene for longer than you and I, who still are so emotional about this. Most people of your era have moved on, why don’t you?

      • StepS says:

        it is because exploits are unencrypted in this leak. only cfw…

    • wololo says:

      Why don’t you man up and stick to one username?

      • mrSoczi says:

        No need to be aggressive. I have one other nickname (iPhone) besides this one and it was only used for humorous reason in a topic concerning Apple, I think. Not trying to be anonymous. Even the email is real. I’m just honestly speaking my mind in a cultural manner even if others might not like it.

      • Johnny Bravo says:

        I felt like changing it. People abuse me just coz they read my name. When I use another name I dont get abused.Easy as that.

  38. Harnwell says:

    Hey I have a question Is there a patch that can bypass update when you connect your vita to ps3 ?

  39. After watching more videos from Sam’s channel, it seems like he is trying to blame The Z for giving him the files.
    It’s almost like he’s saying, if The Z didn’t give me the files, I wouldn’t have leaked them. Blame him, not me.
    If Person A gave Person B 100 bucks and Person B spends it all on drugs and alcohol and buys a gun and kills a bunch of people, you can’t just blame it on Person A and be like it’s his fault for giving me the money.
    It does not work that way.

    Coldbird, you have rocked my PSP world.
    Thank you for everything that you have contributed to this community and it’s people like you who I strive to be.
    I wish for you the best in all that you put your heart to.
    Sincerest thanks and blessings.

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