Vita CFW leaked, Coldbird leaves the scene


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400 Responses

  1. xoombie503 says:

    or was he an allien?

  2. Gourcuff says:

    I am going to sell my Vita and buy a PSP since we will never get a CFW on it.

  3. Dj Android says:

    Thats a same :( ….But ill stick to my VCFW. At least thats under LOCKS!

  4. Chasez671 says:

    It’s really cool how everyone is uniting and backing up Coldbird.

  5. Dovahkiin says:

    FFS!!! There goes another idiot!!! This is the reason why people will never develop on the scene. I just want to punch that guy in the face right now!!!

  6. Mw2b4sk8 says:

    I was jw wondering where I could get the files and that what will happen about the pro cfw for the 1000. This is a shame and words can’t describe how cold bird prob feels.

  7. multiboy2k says:

    “The cycle continues, in the end, Sam does win. The real point is to make the developer quit, that’s more gold than a finished product released to the public. Basically a $ony worker, they love hearing about developers quitting the scene.

    One day, I have a feeling Cold will at least finish what he started. Thanks again though, without people like you, the consumer continues to get sc*** by these big companies.”


    I dont understand why Coldbird feels a need to “quit” behind this.
    Him quitting is exactly the payload that was to be expected. In war, the best way to destroy an enemy, is to have him destroy himself. Mission Accomplished.

    btw…wololo I was trying to tell you last month that something was afoot at the highest levels and possibly in your own camp. It was not my place to spell it out to you. The internet is both big and small.

    Coldbyrd: Why are you not defying gravity in this situation? Show us your strength.
    Fly above this. Reconsider your position in this fight.

    • fgghjjkll says:

      I don’t think you understand the legal consequences that follow if he were to announce he was continuing this project.

      This was kept under wraps for the sole reason of not letting Sony know, not us know.

      If he continued Vita CFW development, he’d be asking for a lawsuit.

      Please, consider Coldbird’s current position. I feel that he really wants to continue developing this CFW, but now that everything is uncovered, to avoid being sued, he has to abandon this scene.

      • multiboy2k says:

        I agree with this.
        You are 100% correct in this assertion.

        I have been a Coldbyrd fan for a very long time. I let emotion temporarily cloud sound judgement.

      • 2die4 says:

        their is no law suit unless you release they hypothetical work does not warrent or will not allowe a law suit and once you have done the job release it anon so no blowback everyone will know who it is but as long as you do not come and say it was me it was me they cant do anything

  8. the files do work. although they arent really encrypted. its more of a decrypted pack file which remains to not work publicly. i will release the files once i can get them publicly working.

  9. Mr. Awsome says:


  10. Dj Android says:

    I have the files as well, I edited a few so it works in conjunction to my Custom Vita Firmware.

  11. rodman says:

    pffffffft lol ya rite playa/

  12. jazneo says:

    you guys need to stop hand out expoit to random people you if you dont want them leak

  13. Zyrkl says:

    Goodbye, Coldbird. You are appreciated.

  14. cscash241 says:

    Today is a sad, sad, day, we ALLMOST had a freakin kernel exploit in the emu. lets just hope some one is able to maby recreate the exploit now what we know that the exploit lies in wlan.prx. It’s sad to a dev go, but its also sad that one person ruined all the fun. This is going to make a lot of people question who the trust allthouhg honestly there are a few short comings in the aspiring vita community like the one exploited here where there is no tight circle of devs or group that every can trust to not leak each other’s stuff

  15. auron says:

    does anyone have the files? i would like to take a look

  16. jwolf3 says:

    Thats not fair we’ve been waiting all this time just to wait for a custom firmware or a hack to come out and yet one guy ruins it for us all. like is there a way that we could get him to come back and work on it again?

  17. Joseph says:

    I say someone should hack Sam and find out where he lives and we should off him like the mafia does. Sam is a coward who hides behind a computer and deserves to die a painful death just like Jimmy Hoffa(Except Hoffa probably didn’t deserve it like Sam does).

  18. Joseph says:

    When we find Sam the coward who hides behind a computer, lets make him swim with the fishes.

  19. 2die4 says:

    it wasnt me

  20. Evilgoober says:

    I don’t understand why they were working on getting iso to work and having people test it if they were never going to release it, it does sound like to me that they want to pirate games they just don’t want other people to, no matter when they would have released it it still would hurt sony.
    The files are useless to us so why quit because of one ***hole.

  21. auron says:

    could someone send me the files my username is sirauron14 you can pm it to me

  22. rodman says:

    can some one please email me the exploit my email is…thanks

    • Xian183 says:

      rodman, i tried to send you the files via email, but the message did not go through, was there a mistake when you were typing your email address, or do you have another i may send them to?

  23. Dj Android says:

    Heres a quick tip. Use Areo Racer (ps mini) replace certain files and BAM vhbl on 1.81

    • Xian183 says:

      Areo Racer is exploitable? do you have proof? if so i may buy it just in case…

      • Dj Android says:

        Im running VHBL Using some of the files that was leaked and the monster hunter save. Combine all those with areo racer and The vita will crash then load VHBL

        • Xian183 says:

          Oh, nice! Im just an end user (newb) but that sounds great. do you mind if i send you a pm?

          • Xian183 says:

            Hey, I know you probably dont want to be bothered by a newb, but i was wondering if you could explain how to modify the mh save and leaked files? I would love to have vhbl as i bought my vita with 1.8.1. Also, i was wonering, if you are one of the (few?) people who know of this exploit and wololo is close to making another vhbl for urbanix, why would you lay down a hint like that, that may possibly get this patched? seems like you wouldn’t want anyone to find out so that you could have vhbl AND stay on the latest firmware. Idk, maybe im way off, let me know, Thanks. 😀

          • Jd8531 says:

            I’m looking into his claims. Wololo doesn’t have a VHBL ready at this moment as said in the article. If its real i’ll let you know soon but i have serious doubts that HxD will work.

        • b2p1mp says:

          Someone with Aero Racers on psp want to try and do what DJ Android has claimed? I am skeptical about this. Why release another title name? Someone can try to make a savedata crash to hbl via psp and not update the vita.

  24. zeron824 says:

    So I can’t use this? So no one can use this? Wow. That guy that leaked it IS A BIG JERK. >.> I hope he knows what the did. -.- Now Sony will be able to patch it faster than lightning. >:(

  25. 2die4 says:

    i updated to 1.81 as i already had this game downloaded from the sony promotion lol if you got this game free you should update its still up on the UK store

  26. Rowan says:

    Im not 100% sure wololo will allow this but here is the files re uploaded to mediafire

  27. Dj Android says:

    All you need is a hex editor, and a save from a game that contains a file that has the same name as a hbl file. Then usin the hex editor rename CERTAIN things in to to make it read Other hbl enablers

    • Xian183 says:

      ill be honest, even thats over my head, i guess ill just wait for an already compiled exploit. Unless you want to send me yours? 😀

  28. 2die4 says:

    i kept my other vita on 1.80 just in case

  29. Mojo jojo says:


  30. sonicjam says:

    Yay I can’t wait when you release your usermode exploit wololo I wanted homebrew on my vita for a long time.

  31. rodman says:

    think so?

  32. Turd Sandwich says:

    Oops i posted wrong my bad. lol

  33. NakedFaerie says:

    I’m having a problem with this savefile.
    For me its showing up as French on the Vita where in the video its English.
    How do I fix it so its also in English and doesn’t crash and works?

  34. 2die4 says:

    if no one updates for a year hopefully we might see cfw lolz 9000

  35. Andre says:

    If anyone that have the files could send them to me, I would be very grateful, thank you, greetings from Brazil, sorry for the bad english

  36. Batman says:

    Can this be made on games that support cfw? Like monster hunter? I really want to play Crisis Core but I don’t have that game you guys mentioned, I only have 1.80 Monster Hunter. ;(

    • Turd Sandwich says:

      I know right i would love to play some Crisis Core, and I’m on 1.80 using monster hunter too.

      Since you mentioned that i am wondering the same thing too.

  37. 2die4 says:

    also in the future release it in a country sony cant do nothing about like china, china and japan hate each other currently so releasing it on a chinese forum is pretty safe if you do it anon

  38. Josh says:

    Damn, sorry for cursing T_T

  39. dave says:

    is it still on the psn? and has it been patched?

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