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Vita CFW leaked, Coldbird leaves the scene


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434 Responses

  1. Haunter says:

    You will be missed Coldbird! T.T

  2. nine1 says:

    just read http://www.coldbird.uk.to/?e=9#body-anchor and sam jordam (this is his real name) is a bit@h im looking for more of his info but if any1 wants his email to complain its samjordam672@gmail.com

  3. nine1 says:

    we lost a great dev over a punk

  4. Abdou007 says:

    Kidds any where even the online playing become sucks because of kidds
    Dont care ColdBird you are a real man

  5. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    That is just unbelievable. I’ve been following the scene for about 2 years, and this is the strongest hit Ive ever seen. I feel so sad. October started so bad. Although I want to say a couple of things to Coldbird(if he ever sees this comment): We, all know you are one of the most respected(if not the most respected) developer in the PSP scene. You have done Miracles. I was a fan of you since you started in the very begin with 6.35 Pro Hen. I knew you were something special. You do the right thing by leaving the scene. Yes, I know I’m saying something super-like weird, but you do the right thing. Sam, is a clear paradigm of a classic PSP Pirate, that wants ISOs and PSX Games. He blamed The Z for this, but The Z has nothing to do with this, since he gave the files JUST FOR PRIVATE TESTING, but Sam was the little barbie and he uploaded the files online.You do the right thing by leaving the scene, since now it is pretty much destroyed.

    I will say a BIG( That big) Thanks for everything you have done, and another Thanks for doing them as perfect as possible. Thanks for giving us a full dose of CFW on our “unhackables”,for enabling Ad-Hoc online gameplay, thanks for everything!

    Hope you a Good and a happy life with your fiance.

  6. Randqalan says:

    Blame the leaker Coldbird was going to wait for sales to increase and more games on the Vita first but Sam Jordam had to be an a** to not only ruin a great DEV but to mess up possibly the exploit because you can bet sony has read this
    got the files and seeing if it can be patched already

  7. letsrapetheleaker says:

    Well ..at least some good can come out of this, if a very experienced hacker could reverse engineer could work on it mabey we can make this of good use

    • celcodioc says:

      Why would you want to do that?
      It’s Coldbird’s work, and if he doesn’t want anyone to use his CFW then you shouldn’t.

      • juchmis says:

        Huh? Intellectual property is a myth.

        The wishes of the creator matter as little as the lowest regard they are held in. Someone out there doesn’t even factor them at all and will likely give it a shot.

        • Tzo says:

          When it’s a choice of an unhackable vita or someone who can potentially decrypt another’s work as they decided to stop working on it…
          I know what one I would choose

          • svenn says:

            What makes you believe its not already decrypted ? The one above is right, nobody cares about Intellectual property, but hackers are elite people. If you present your masterpiece, you don’t wane be called “he-copied-it-from-coldbird”.

            Beside, I assume there is allot of “searching” to be done on the vita, why spill it on piracy when you got a bug to look at the internals ? 🙂

  8. Brendan B. says:

    The PS Vita scene has lost a great Dev over this stupid ***, Sam.

    I wish Coldbird had chosen to stay but it’s his choice nonetheless and I can’t find him at fault. If I remember correctly, Coldbird is one of the guys behind Pro-CFW which I now have on my PSP-3000 again since I’ve fixed it.

    I really want to see revenge come back and get this guy but I guess only the future will tell.

    Good luck, Coldbird, in all of your future endeavours.

  9. be0ut says:

    Great mind coolbird, you will be missed. Wish you the best!

  10. npt says:

    I woke up to sad news this morning.

    All I know is this kid is in trouble.

    On another note, I’d like to thank Coldbird and Virtuous Flame and everyone involved in PRO for such wonderful work. This one’s for you Coldbird – we’ll miss you. A lot.



  11. celcodioc says:

    Thanks, Coldbird for everything you have done. 🙂
    Sad to see you leaving. 🙁

  12. natsu says:

    Punyeta ka.. gago!!! Alam mo ba ginawa mo?? Mamatay ka din bugok..

    [Sorry cant speak out my anger on english… after a long day of rushing college projects, this is what i see? Tngina oh]

  13. Jd8531 says:

    I’m devastated. Thank you Coldbird for your personal time and hardwork for those of us that are appreciative and actually care. Youre a hero man, it’s been a fun ride you deserve the best. It’s been an awful year, some of the best hackers and devs I’ve known have died, got arrested or worse. Now we all need to push forward and make the best of what we have.

  14. bearmon2010 says:

    Why leave because of CFW leaked ? So what.. Dont let someone leaked it make you sour and bitter. You can still release it and for the next improvement CFW in development will remain in strict confidential and prevent from leak. It will be a good idea instead of quit or leave because over this leak.

  15. groxack says:

    Well that’s why we can’t have nice things, anyways my best wishes to Coldbird, I really don´t blame him, I been on the psp scene since day 1 and always has been full of kiddies demanding for hacks just to play pirated games and craying about the hackers and dev’s keeping the hacks and stoping the scene from going “fordward”.

  16. ryugi says:

    if i test this file, my svita can crash?

  17. Big_Boss says:

    ahh what a big mess, i for one cant wait to play things like crisis core/gundam games on my vita. But would happily wait for a scheduled public release.

    I hope Coldbird will reconsider and continue his work and not let us all be punished for the act of one silly individual.

    Remember as Spock once said.. ‘logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’

  18. windgust says:

    wow not this *** again leaking files geez no one learns.
    over the years of watching stuff like this happen just wow.any one remember the times with darkalex and the old exploits back in the day ppl shared files and later on down the road some one all was leaks something what a wast.
    coldbird next time man dont share keep it tell you get it working would be the safest way to make sure this wont happen again. ohh and thanks for all the work you did in them days 🙂

  19. zercath says:

    comes down to these devs selfish ways,able to run.iso and not releasing coz its not the right time?yeah like it will hurt million dollar sony

    • juchmis says:

      Considering who made it I believe the intention of the developer was to release it at some point.

      There is a “right time” with these things. When exploits are incredibly easy (DS, PSP) and many people take advantage of it you’re going to lose support for the system.

      It’s not Sony they were worried about, screw Sony, it was the developers who make the Vita games and the PSN titles. They’re the ones who lose with piracy. Console pirates aren’t like most other pirates. Due to the nature of the console hacks you usually lose the ability to run most of the services legit consoles have access too. Usually once their console is hacked they only buy a handful of games afterwards.

      Do developers have a right to keep their work private? Yes, but they have to keep their work private. As soon as they give it to any other person they forfeit the right to keep it contained. In fact as soon as the work leaves their head, a developer no longer truly has control of it.

  20. Crimson says:

    Temptation is a dangerous thing indeed in the history of mankind…. O_O

  21. TheHollander says:

    here is what he posted lately… this *** it trying to justify what he did… Unbeleivable, I’ve been around this since HBL was just a baby getting its first leg on the patapon exploit… and its sad to see some *** ruin it for everyone… according to him, HE says he wins if he kills off the scene… (pretty much what I got from the blog on Coldbirds site)… so why the heck would everybody let thjis inbred win?… Keep it goin’ strong…

    • TheHollander says:


      Guess I better add the link to what he posted… lol…

      • TheHollander says:

        to me… reguardless of his “truth in what happened”-bull ***… He had NO RIGHT, doing what he did… Try to justify it all he wants to, but he really did some damage… and UNFORGIVABLE, to say the least…

        • juchmis says:

          Free speech and whatnot. Someone shares data with you, no legal binding not to share it and you can share it.

          More of a gray area as I see it.

          • Corey96 says:

            Juchmis, the leak was technically legal but just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right.

          • Kr0n1kK1ll3r says:

            This is why people go underground and keep things for themselves because they cannot trust a person to hold information. I hope you do not work for a company that deals in software because you are the type that would void the NDA. Freedom of speech is one thing, intellectual property is another.

  22. HackThiefcoder93 says:

    Coldbird,Thanks for all of your hard work that you did for us (Sony consumers) starting from the pro firmwares (i still use on my psp go)up to this kernel exploit (kexploit) (although leekers f**ked it all up. you contributed a lot to the scene and we will surly miss you.

  23. Xian183 says:

    Want to read Coldbird’s say in this?? Go to his blog at:


  24. Apposed says:

    Got the game 🙂 Ima try it on 1.80

  25. headwing45 says:

    So let me see if I got this right, Wololo had files that could help to hack the Vita for ISO’s, then this Sam guy leaked them and made them useless because Sony’s going to patch them?

    Does that sound right?

    • juchmis says:

      No they’re useless right now because they’re encrypted from the origin.

      Not even Sony can access them to patch the exploit because it’s encrypted.

      • dramaLove says:

        So what would be the main problem to continue the work? No real harm done unless the encryption is easy to break by Sony. Scene should reorganize (again) and think who to trust. Oh, the every-year scene drama.

        • Zephyr8965 says:

          It’s not just about the exploit getting patched, it’s legal issues. The files technically contain copyrighted material from Sony, so it was illegal to spread those files to begin with and Sony can press charges. Anyone touching those files and redistributing them is risking legal action from Sony.

    • Jd8531 says:

      afaik Wololo didn’t have the files

  26. alex says:

    reading TheHollander’s post about “according to him ‘he says he wins if he kills the scene'” It makes me wonder if some people contact Sony and try to ruin the scene in exchange for pay from Sony. I cant really see any other reason to destroy some ones hard work and effort just for the heck of it. It’s really a sad day when things like this happen in the scene. Thanks for your work Coldbird,good luck in all your future endeavors you’ll be missed.
    To all those who honestly keep the scene alive, moving, and in good spirits- good for you keep up the good work.

    And for those of you (and you know deep down who you are) trying to destroy the scene, and cause strife among the devs. SHAME ON YOU, GET AL LIFE.

    • TheHollander says:

      I think you hit it on the nose… I’ve kinda been wonderin’ the same, as to if people are being paid by sony… I just don’t see any other reason…

  27. PrimeNexes says:

    HE Is Leaving the VITA community not the PSP PRO community.
    He Will be developing for PSP
    Take A look :http://forum.coldbird.uk.to/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=736

  28. NinjaKakashi says:

    My personal opinion is that coolbird should of kept his faith and if this Sam Jordam didn’t live in the United States I would personally go and put a mask on smash his house up when he is gone including his vita if it was there and leave like I may or may not have done to bad *** in the uk:)

    • Zephyr8965 says:

      It’s not about faith. Those files are pushing some heavy legal boundaries and everyone involved is risking legal action for their distribution. However, since Sam leaked them, he is solely responsible. Also however, this does mean that now Sony is going to be watching the scene like a hawk, hoping to catch the other hackers in the act. It’s not just a matter of faith, but a matter of the scene just being too hot right now.

  29. SSJ-Vita says:

    This isn’t going to make sense and that’s fine, but I blame gravity. And sony a little bit, but mostly gravity, I shall defy you yet!

  30. windgust says:

    well would this mean that sony will have like this way to kill the homebrew on there next firmware?. if it will should coldbird release the unencrypted files or its a lose.not sure whats going to happen now thats why im asking. if the files would be no good might as will remove then from the download sony will just fix or patch it right?

  31. Sakuryu says:

    Out of respect I wont download the files and won’t do anything more on my vita. Coldbird was an innovator and brought us the amazing PRO firmware. He and the others stated explicitly that it should NOT be released until the scene and the device got legs underneath it. At this point PS/Sony will block this and patch a hole that will now be useless in less then two months. Way to go Batman:beyond, I always had a feeling from your posts that you would be the death of us. I know its bad but I hope full legal action is levied against you.

  32. Cloud Strife says:

    hmmm strange while browsing some of the cfw files in hex i noticed a reference to a different psp game, a folder called UCJS10041 which i believe is the japanese version of Loco Roco.. curious…

  33. SSJ-Vita says:

    I just said that to inject a little humor in the atmostphere. If this Sam fellow indeed had financial incentive to do what he did and of course assuming sony is the supplier of said incentive, than in the words of Harvey Dent: “The Joker is a maddog, I want whoever let him off his leash”. Personally I want sony sales to drop to incline them to produce better user end experience but not enough as to ruin the vita. Maybe even this will have a good effect in that people will lose interest in a tablet that is nothing like a tablet enough to where sony finally makes this potential beast a beast. I could be dead wrong and it’s only an opinion. If vita had flash or at least full html5, my opinion would be vastly different. Thanks for all of your combined hard work, good luck and a speedy recovery from these events devs.

  34. mohsin says:

    he dint leave it all together the psp is his main priority now

  35. l.o says:

    how to put it on the vita

  36. Mr McGoo says:

    If im not mistaking, psn is down in US. It wont let me sign in so I believe that they have already started there work.

  37. letsrapetheleaker says:


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