Vita CFW leaked, Coldbird leaves the scene


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399 Responses

  1. Randqalan says:

    Thanks Coldbird for everything you have done for the psp
    I know I am not the only one who will miss you

    Stay away from s**theads like Sam Jordam that seems to take more then give to all

    Good luck and stay safe:)

    PS hope you come back but understand why you had to take leave

    PPS hope Sam Jordam Sony gets this person for F’ing with a good person and coder

  2. hene193 says:

    This is really sad… Coldbird was a good hacker…
    Thanks for everything Coldbird!


  3. crow132 says:

    I’m agree with relasing a Kernel exploit I must say. After all I am forced to pay for the PSP games that I already have to play them on my Vita.

    What I can’t respect is the way that this tard have taken to do this.

  4. qwikrazor87 says:

    Hopefully no one else gets tied in with him if Sony decides to take action. I hope they slam him hard.

  5. ndh777 says:

    Thank you Coldbird for your efforts in the scene. We will miss you and most of us understand why you made the decision to leave. I for one do not blame you for leaving seeing as how Sony may want to take legal action as they did on Geohot.

    It’s really a shame that all of that work basically went to waste because of one leaker. But I suppose it won’t go to waste. Thanks for the help, Wololo, earlier.

  6. AsDraS says:

    I hope sony will get Sam Jordam and blame him for this.. he should be blocked from every homepage which has something to do with homebrew on psp or psvita to prevent him to do something like this again-.-
    hopefully Coldbird then comes back.
    btw. if you like the psvita page on facebook you will receive two games for free.. one of them is PSP Mini Urbanix 😉 but i dont know if this still works.

    • fate6 says:

      no it does not work any more but that was why we stressed people to get them, a release was planed and frankly it was not to far off but thats all gone now =__=

      BTW it sure would have made a nice Christmas present wouldn’t it :3

      • AsDraS says:

        Would have been a great christmas present 😀
        fortunately i already own the game and i’m still on 1.8 with monsterhunter exploit :) hope someone is able to reverseengineer those files and work on it.
        i start thinking about learning to code for the vita.. i’m sure it will be difficult but i already program in C,C++,Java, Assembler and AutoIt. so maybe in a few months/years i’ll be able to make my own exploits^^

        • fate6 says:

          it sounds like you already know a fair amount ^__^

          well I suggest starting with finding a user mode exploit and porting HBl then start learning some MIPS cause you are going to need to be good with it to find kernel exploits

          also kxploits a few and far between so yea the loss of one is a very big deal >__<

          • AsDraS says:

            i think i will start by trying to understand how the hbl for monsterhunter works and as soon as i have enough knowledge to make one myself i will try to port it to urbanix. and if i get it to work perfectly i will also search for my own exploitable game so i can upgrade my vita without losing hbl :)

      • MikeBeav3r says:

        Is it possible to buy it from PSn on my PSP, transfer it to the PC with Media Go (or something, never actually used that with my Go) and then use open CMA to get it on my PS Vita?
        Don’t mind buying the game if I can get it over, but don’t want to lose my MHFU obtained VHBL at the moment.

        Thanks :)


        • AsDraS says:

          as i know it only works if you buy it on the ps3 and transfer it via proxy to your vita.. I didnt hear anything about a tool that could transfer from psp to vita

  7. Zoraktorok says:

    Well, im happy to be able to be “in the light”, but unhappy with the way this happened. Im one of those users that pretty much have to be spoon fed, i have the knowledge to use tools given to me, but given is the important word in that sentence. I add nothing to the scene except my own opinions which are rather useless. I would have been willing to wait had it meant a greater chance for sucess for the vita albeit the loss of someone who knew what they were doing with the device.

  8. Mr McGoo says:

    So sorry to see you cold bird but as it has been said in the past, we appreciate all of your work and will greatly miss you. Thank your everything and sorry that one goober ruined it for the future of all users. At this point I will be staying on 1.80 and not bothering with the pick up of this new game. I will be waiting for a legit release and the better of the community has been this entire time.

  9. svenn says:

    Coldbird isn’t leaving, hes hiding. (who can blame him) Its stupid, but we knew it was gonne happen. There is so much talent, we knew there where kexploits around, just not publicly and that was good, let the hackers enjoy, and let game company’s still make profit.

    Sad thing is, that the PSP is now also kinda dead :(

  10. Sined says:

    Wololo, now that everybody knows that Urbanix exploitable will we see VHBL port soon? Unfortunately I missed Monster Hunter ninja release but i’m on 1.80 and i already have Urbanix…

    • wololo says:

      I learned about this leak at the same time as everybody else, 2 days ago. I did try to port VHBL to this exploit on 1.81 but for now it doesn’t work. Since the exploit is now open, *everybody* can try to port VHBL and fix it, not only me.
      I’ll do my best either way, but I’m just saying, I’m not any more clever than anybody else out there :)

  11. psVitovic says:

    but, what will happen with the ProOnline? will it now go dead?

  12. Sam Lynch says:

    Goodbye Coldbird ;_;7

  13. The Budds says:

    Hah! I’m glad to see all this leaker got was internet hatred.

    Though I must note, It’s sad to see bonds of trust get smashed for oh so stupid reasons. I wish Coldbird nothing but the best in whatever he does next.

    Dammit, it’s just a sad day in homebrew for the Vita :(

  14. tricade says:

    What does the leak files do? running a iso loader or just showing us that a kernel exploit is possible?

  15. Zyphs says:

    I’m totally for Piracy and reason is to hard to explain in text but this guy seems like no good as a person, i’ll just keep watching your “blog” for more news about the vita, thanks for the VHBL its awesome<3

  16. Andrew Wright says:

    I’m a bit confused… I’d urbanix only got a user mode exploit? we don’t need it for this kernel exploit? if I stick with monster hunter vhbl will I still be able to use the kernel exploit or cfw of anyone manages to decrypt it.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, I believe if the kernel exploit gets reversed, it will work on Monster Hunter as well

      • Andrew Wright says:

        I don’t understand though. I thought kernel exploits were within games themselfs. like the monterhunter exploit is a user mode one. I thought someone had to find a exploit in a game that gave kernel access or is a kernel exploit something completely different entirely? so urbanix isn’t a kernel exploit will have no benefit for me if I’m still on 1.80 monster hunter freedom unite exploit?? so how does loading a kernel exploit via a user mode exploit work? sorry to bombard you with all these question, I’m not really that clued up in all this.

        • wololo says:

          Google for “privilege escalation”

          • MikeBeav3r says:

            So basically, you need a usermode exploit to access to kexploit, but the kexploit is not related to theoriginal games usermode exploit, it is in the firmware, would that explain it Wololo?

          • wololo says:

            Yes, that is a good explanation

          • Andrew Wright says:

            lol I read down to the name of the game then bought it with my ps3 but obviously I can’t transfer it without updating the PS vita. I should have read the full article before I rushed into it. atleast I’ve only wasted £1.74. has anyone ever played this mini, is it any good?

    • Norml says:

      $ony made the game free, do you really think it would be a good game???

  17. Caio says:

    Kids everywhere… Why can’t the hacking scene be limited to grown-ups only?

    It isn’t the first time Coldbird leaves the scene, though. Or is it?

  18. Necrotek says:

    On the one hand, it’s really sad that such a mess has happened. We lost a excellent scene member, 4 months of collaboration work, a good amount of scene trust and other stuff.
    On the other hand, I can understand coldbird’s reason to leave the scene, I might do the same thing in his place. I just hope that it will be a lesson to people who think (I wonder if they really think anything) that leaking doesn’t hurt anybody.
    Anyway, thank you coldbird for everything you did for the scene.

  19. Andrew Wright says:

    has this kernel exploit all been coldbirds work? of the files are encrypted and nothing is actually working then surly Sony can’t patch anything except this new user mode exploit. so why does he need to leave, does this not mean that his work is still safe at the moment.

    • wololo says:

      It will only take somebody skilled enough to reverse the encryption, from what I understand, it was just here to “delay” skilled people, and “stop” people with no technical skills. I assume people at Sony will find the exploit if they look for it. I am not even sure the exploit itself is encrypted.
      The only question is, will they waste time reverse engineering these files…

      As far as Colbird leaving the scene is concerned, that is a personal decision, with lots of parameters involved. It is difficult to explain without digressing too much into various personal stuff.

    • psVitovic says:

      no, sony can decrypt anything, remember, they made the security and they can open the security on their files, so when sony gets their hands on this files it will get patched in a matter of days, maybe hours…

      • hene193 says:

        Well, no. Sony didn’t make this security, coldbird and the team made this and all the security.

      • svenn says:

        Coldbird could not encrypt into what Sony uses to encrypt. Its a different encryption system, depending on the way it could take hours to years.

        I suppose it won’t be to hard to break. But then again its like blood diamonds, not cause its nice to have, you really want them as your center piece.

  20. SmoothCat says:

    This is the kernel exploit:

  21. ricerrr says:

    so theres no point in geting the mini Urbanix anymore is there?

    • psVitovic says:

      you can get it and wait for the unencrypted version to be released, but you must not at any circumstances update your vita if you want this exploit to work…

  22. Ambient_Malice says:

    Poor coldbird…

  23. Dewey says:

    Hadn’t Coldbird already quit the scene?

    He is LiquidZigong, also known as Team Promotheus and is VirtuosFlame is well.

    Mark my words, he’ll come back xD

    • fate6 says:

      he is not VF but they are good friends ^__^
      last time some troll threw a cheap shot at him so he left in a fit-o-rage

      but this time its a bit different

  24. Will Goodluck to this swiper and Goodluck to him if he ever reverse engineered the code. Hope this will not be the last of all hackers ending their scene in PSvita earlier.

  25. Namana says:

    Thanks for everything Coldbird! I will never forget you!

    Goodbye :(

  26. Andrew Wright says:

    can somebody please give me a link of a tutorial on how to use Charles proxy to transfer games from my ps3 to Vita on 1.80

    • qwikrazor87 says:

      h t t p : / / w o l o l o . n e t / t a l k / v i e w t o p i c . p h p ? p = 1 7 2 2 2 1 # p 1 7 2 2 2 1

    • quetz says:

      i got urbanix almost since i bought ps vita, for free even… 😛
      along with jewel keepers.. thats maybe the only 2 gifts i ever received from sony
      good to know that one of these was a great game (jk) and the other one is xploitable

      point now is: i can’t manage anymore files with opencma

      could this be related to this new leak?
      it’s since it came out 2 days ago that it wont work anymore with me..
      ..i want to give the files a try, and suddenly it stops working, in 2 different pc

  27. Mr Jack says:

    All good things shall be released in good time.
    It only takes one person to screw it all up for everyone else.
    A lot of us would want to see that exploit released when the time is right. Now it is ultimately useless thanks to this guy.

    Thank you Coldbird for everything you have worked for. May you return someday with good news.

  28. Jvhellraiser says:

    Now this is a big hit in the face, I been around
    enough to say that this is not good news for anyone,
    CB has been a very strong coder If i may say one of the
    best the scene has to give and now gone because one little
    MF throw his work in the trash, what “Jordan Trash” did was
    not Only destroy month of work he manage to take are best
    Soldier on the scene,Is like ur building a house with lots of
    Details and after 4 month of hard work someone just come
    from no where and says demolish it i dont like the idea plus
    U are no longer the contractor. Iam not very happy with this
    The Psvita is not strong enough to have a CFW yet,as much
    Asi like playing homebrews this leak is just plain wrong,i under
    stand CB for taking this decision,iam still hoping one day he
    Can come back until then good luck,hope this jordan dude gets
    taking apart little by little by Sony. I’M SO MAD Right now ,dude
    jordan u dont even know what u did to the Scene/Psvita.

    the funny part of all this,is that the scene must pay the price of not
    having CB work,we will never get it,so by leaking it u did nothing but
    to hurt the Scene.

  29. jamesssss says:

    damn shame, Sam is an idiot!!

    Can’t believe we were this close to a CFW and some idiot trashed it, I have no problem in buying my PSP games BUT the games I want aren’t on PSN and unfortunately look like they won’t be (Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean to name a few). This was possibly the only way we were ever going to see them on the Vita, and they deserve to be on the Vita.

    Good luck Coldbird, hopefully Sony take out there wrath on this idiot and not a dedicated hacker like you.

    I hate the PS 3 and Vita scene there is way to much drama, how come the Xbox scene just seem to get on with it release hack after hack and enjoy a great scene whereas the PS scene is a nightmare. They must laugh and point at all of this!

  30. quetz says:

    i got urbanix almost since i bought ps vita, for free even…
    along with jewel keepers.. thats maybe the only 2 gifts i ever received from sony
    good to know that one of these was a great game (jk) and the other one is xploitable

    point now is: i can’t manage anymore files with opencma

    could this be related to this new leak?
    it’s since it came out 2 days ago that it wont work anymore with me..
    ..i want to give the files a try, and suddenly it stops working, in 2 different pc

  31. gokuhs says:

    WOW!!!! Thanks!!! I can not wait to try it! Thanks for the New Wololo!

  32. surVfate says:

    I’m gonna cry… I about to get the Vita and then this? :((

  33. joseph says:

    dark alex can dycrpt these files probly take care coolbird and thank you for all you done

  34. rewrite says:

    You’ve said that 1.80 monsterhunter people will likely have a shot if anything comes from this kernel exploit, what about the previous firmwares and vhbl releases? I assume due to how it all works that it probably wouldn’t be possible on the older versions; but I was just curious because I’m still enjoying vhbl on 1.67 super collapse.

  35. shaitan says:

    If this can be reversed(now that it’s leaked) and only enable 100% homebrew compatibility I’ll be happy, but at the same time I hate this bleep bleep bleep for wrecking a potantially very important exploit, and the f’d thing is we’re all talking about him now which is probably what he wanted, f this f’er

  36. tricade says:

    Confession: The Z gave me the PSP Kernel exploit on PS Vita

  37. James Way says:

    You guys block IPs or MACs? You should because of fools like him. Even for the last release when the forums got it and people were still asking around here when the game’s name would come out. I held my tongue to respect the wishes of the devs and those making it possible. When the name was released here, I chimed in on it, but nothing until then. Odds are that the leaker has no dev knowledge as anyone with a quarter of a brain in what is being accomplished knows the repercussions of an early leak. heck I’m no dev for VHBL and I know enough to keep my mouth shut.

  38. cris says:

    what a waist to loose a kernel mode exploit
    well i am still on 1.61 with urbanix game and of course the vhbl i will wait until the files are decrypted 😉 or untill a cool game is released

  39. zaiii says:

    hi geht der AUCH für die deutsche version

  40. Total_Noob says:

    Hey everybody as many of you may know i left the scene a long time ago and have decided to come back and give the vita ago and see if i can crack it and also please forgive me for storming out on the scene like i did

  41. gamerforever says:

    Total_Noob this can’t be real if it is it big plz be real

  42. Yes says:

    I dont quite understand the talk about the legal stuff here. Is there any reason why Sony would use time and resources on a PSP CFW hack at this time and age when the PSP is already hacked a lot? I know that this can also run on the Vita, but should this matter much? It is still PSP mode.

    • Zoraktorok says:

      There are other reasons, but a bunch of potential game buyers staying on a low firmware with no way to run (hence no reason to purchase) new games is a profit slope they wouldnt want to see.

      • Yes says:

        I doubt this will have much impact to be honest. People who stay on lower firmeware now do it because they arent interested enough in buying the new games anyway.

  43. XfloxX says:

    is this cfw could work with everybody’s tennis exploit ?


  44. streity7 says:

    [9/28/2012 7:54:21 PM] The Z: the game has a pretty unique import library which it uses
    [9/28/2012 7:54:32 PM] The Z: this was used the last time at the 5.02 PSP OFW gripshift exploit
    [9/28/2012 7:54:50 PM] The Z: its at the moment, the only way for using kernel mode at the vita

  45. Jd8531 says:

    I really can’t believe this. This kid is nothing more than a troll and I’ve fought him many times. This a huge blow to the scene and to be honest I don’t know if it will recover. I decided to update to 1.81 for LBP but I also grabbed urbanix, hopefully we can make use of it.

    • super says:

      This isn’t a “huge blow” to the PS scene. Coldbird and The Z should have came out with a better way to get tester *cough*(have the would be testers pay to test your stuff, have them appear in a skype video call so if someone puts out a video you would know who they are and where they are ‘have your pitchforks ready’…)*cough*

      With that being said there are a lot more developers out there (some are hidden that will eventually pop up) No offence to Coldbird but he is just a small Soldier ant in a colony full of ants.

  46. Jvhellraiser says:

    The same goes for me,i been had urbanix
    and iam on 1.81,will vhbl will be port to 1.81
    using urbanix? if u are on 1.81 Do not update.

  47. Devilmarx says:

    Wololo please tell coldbird to not giving up for this you will have much more than that forget sam, this is a trial to us developers to test our skills if this sam made a mistake on your team then make a much greater than that an exellent cfw. If yiu guys concerned for the people then dont just giving up even a hero have a hard trials in his/her life then why giving up? I knew coldbird can make much more than that , if i can join your team to make yiur team strong then i’ll you but i have a basic knowlage on developing but you can use me for system analysis. Wololo please talk to coldbird not to give up.

  48. kitzuki says:

    I knew Batman beyond was ipadboy he poped up with in minutes of getting his warning god this sucks pretty much hard work for months have been wasted because of a idiot

  49. Steven says:

    great just great….

  50. Peleep says:

    I’m one of the idiots who had the much loved MH VHBL for my 1.80 Euro Vita.

    I stupidly upgraded to 1.81 to get Urbanix. Tried the files that Sam Jordam stated were the necesary save files. And the files don’t seem to do anything. I transferred this save he supplied via openCMA. Tried to open it from Urbanix on my 1.81 Vita… and it just freezes. Nothing happens.

    Now I have no VHBL running. Just memories of playing Commodore 64 Bruce Lee via VICE on VHBL. :-(

    Has anyone got the Urbanix thing to work ? Am I the only idiot?!

    • Alnitak says:

      I’m afraid that there isn’t a VHBL for Urbanix, at least not yet. It may be ported at some point in the future. The files provided are encrypted, so unless you have some major reverse engineering skills, they are useless to you.

  51. YES! says:

    damn it >:(
    I just had to update my Vita to because it wouldn’t let me do anything without updating, even with OCMA :(

    • b2p1mp says:

      on 1.81 OPENCMA allowed me to transfer all things, even the savedata for urbanix to pc. You must have OpenCMA configured wrong somehow.

      • b2p1mp says:

        Oh and I knew the exploit would not work because the filenames arent truncated. Anyone would know this by just looking into the leak. And it was a leak for EUR game on FW prior to the new naming convention sony put into place.

      • YES! says:

        1.81 is the latest update so ofc you can transfer stuff on 1.81, I was on 1.80 and I had my wifi on when I tried opening it then I couldn’t make it forget. 😛

  52. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    At first I read the title and I was in shock. Then I laughed and said “Naaawww, it can’t be true”. Then I read the article and now I’m in shock again. :O

  53. Plink says:

    How many times has Coldbird left the scene now? I’ve lost count!

  54. XfloxX says:

    i don’t know what i have to do.
    I’m in 1.61 fw with everybody’s tennis vhbl.
    Should i update the last fw and buy Urbanix (and possibly lost vhbl)
    Or still waiting for another kernel exploit ?


  55. Devilmarx says:

    Psvita cfw is now doom cuz of sam someday one place one time i will kill you 3x so don’t step up on the philippines sam wish i could do it hehehe. wololo please talk to coldbird to make a new one for us much more than that samstealer.

  56. Softtm17 says:

    I’ve the firmware 1.61 With Motorstorm (and vhbl) i need to upgrade my psvita or this sort of CFW can be run over motorstorm? Thx in advance for the answer. And Great Work.

  57. lovely says:

    so I am on 1.81, is there any point to me getting this?

  58. WiL says:

    To understand this as much as I can. An a$$ leaked files for a kernel exploit before it was really ready for consumption by the general public. Not sure what gain this a$$ saw here. Regardless the files and knowledge of how to use them is missing and they are encrypted, so even sony would have to reverse engineer them to create a vita firmware patch, how likely is something like that going to occur anytime soon?
    coldbird is certainly entitled to his own decisions and I find it unfortunate that the community would lose a highend dev to something like this… personally it would make my resolve stronger.

    • juchmis says:

      If I were Sony I would immediately get people on the job. Depending on the size of the file and complexity of the exploit I’d imagine if anyone could pull it off it would be someone with a developer kit and a lot of money. Sony fits pretty well here.

  59. koko says:

    ich habe 1.81und. urbanix aber beim laden bekomm ichn frezze
    geht es nicht auf 1.81 aber im video. geht es doch auch ?????

  60. zoraktorok says:

    D4:4B:5E:49:5B:64 was his vitas mac…. I’m not sure if I would go that far though. Get mad, send hate posts let sony do what they do. Wait for someone to make some use out of this garbage and let “whatever he wants to be called” be the fallout boy.

  61. zoraktorok says:

    sorry. that was directed to you PSVitality

  62. XfloxX says:

    ok i just bought urbanix. I hope I have not made ​​a mistake.

  63. cristian says:

    where they get the files you’ve downloaded, the folder in which gametes

  64. cristian says:

    donde se meten los archivos descargados

  65. Haunter says:

    You will be missed Coldbird! T.T

  66. nine1 says:

    just read and sam jordam (this is his real name) is a bit@h im looking for more of his info but if any1 wants his email to complain its

  67. nine1 says:

    we lost a great dev over a punk

  68. Abdou007 says:

    Kidds any where even the online playing become sucks because of kidds
    Dont care ColdBird you are a real man

  69. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    That is just unbelievable. I’ve been following the scene for about 2 years, and this is the strongest hit Ive ever seen. I feel so sad. October started so bad. Although I want to say a couple of things to Coldbird(if he ever sees this comment): We, all know you are one of the most respected(if not the most respected) developer in the PSP scene. You have done Miracles. I was a fan of you since you started in the very begin with 6.35 Pro Hen. I knew you were something special. You do the right thing by leaving the scene. Yes, I know I’m saying something super-like weird, but you do the right thing. Sam, is a clear paradigm of a classic PSP Pirate, that wants ISOs and PSX Games. He blamed The Z for this, but The Z has nothing to do with this, since he gave the files JUST FOR PRIVATE TESTING, but Sam was the little barbie and he uploaded the files online.You do the right thing by leaving the scene, since now it is pretty much destroyed.

    I will say a BIG( That big) Thanks for everything you have done, and another Thanks for doing them as perfect as possible. Thanks for giving us a full dose of CFW on our “unhackables”,for enabling Ad-Hoc online gameplay, thanks for everything!

    Hope you a Good and a happy life with your fiance.

  70. letsrapetheleaker says:

    Well least some good can come out of this, if a very experienced hacker could reverse engineer could work on it mabey we can make this of good use

    • celcodioc says:

      Why would you want to do that?
      It’s Coldbird’s work, and if he doesn’t want anyone to use his CFW then you shouldn’t.

      • juchmis says:

        Huh? Intellectual property is a myth.

        The wishes of the creator matter as little as the lowest regard they are held in. Someone out there doesn’t even factor them at all and will likely give it a shot.

        • Tzo says:

          When it’s a choice of an unhackable vita or someone who can potentially decrypt another’s work as they decided to stop working on it…
          I know what one I would choose

          • svenn says:

            What makes you believe its not already decrypted ? The one above is right, nobody cares about Intellectual property, but hackers are elite people. If you present your masterpiece, you don’t wane be called “he-copied-it-from-coldbird”.

            Beside, I assume there is allot of “searching” to be done on the vita, why spill it on piracy when you got a bug to look at the internals ? :)

  71. be0ut says:

    Great mind coolbird, you will be missed. Wish you the best!

  72. npt says:

    I woke up to sad news this morning.

    All I know is this kid is in trouble.

    On another note, I’d like to thank Coldbird and Virtuous Flame and everyone involved in PRO for such wonderful work. This one’s for you Coldbird – we’ll miss you. A lot.



  73. celcodioc says:

    Thanks, Coldbird for everything you have done. :)
    Sad to see you leaving. :(

  74. natsu says:

    Punyeta ka.. gago!!! Alam mo ba ginawa mo?? Mamatay ka din bugok..

    [Sorry cant speak out my anger on english… after a long day of rushing college projects, this is what i see? Tngina oh]

  75. Jd8531 says:

    I’m devastated. Thank you Coldbird for your personal time and hardwork for those of us that are appreciative and actually care. Youre a hero man, it’s been a fun ride you deserve the best. It’s been an awful year, some of the best hackers and devs I’ve known have died, got arrested or worse. Now we all need to push forward and make the best of what we have.

  76. bearmon2010 says:

    Why leave because of CFW leaked ? So what.. Dont let someone leaked it make you sour and bitter. You can still release it and for the next improvement CFW in development will remain in strict confidential and prevent from leak. It will be a good idea instead of quit or leave because over this leak.

  77. groxack says:

    Well that’s why we can’t have nice things, anyways my best wishes to Coldbird, I really don´t blame him, I been on the psp scene since day 1 and always has been full of kiddies demanding for hacks just to play pirated games and craying about the hackers and dev’s keeping the hacks and stoping the scene from going “fordward”.

  78. ryugi says:

    if i test this file, my svita can crash?

  79. Big_Boss says:

    ahh what a big mess, i for one cant wait to play things like crisis core/gundam games on my vita. But would happily wait for a scheduled public release.

    I hope Coldbird will reconsider and continue his work and not let us all be punished for the act of one silly individual.

    Remember as Spock once said.. ‘logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’

  80. windgust says:

    wow not this *** again leaking files geez no one learns.
    over the years of watching stuff like this happen just wow.any one remember the times with darkalex and the old exploits back in the day ppl shared files and later on down the road some one all was leaks something what a wast.
    coldbird next time man dont share keep it tell you get it working would be the safest way to make sure this wont happen again. ohh and thanks for all the work you did in them days :)

  81. zercath says:

    comes down to these devs selfish ways,able to run.iso and not releasing coz its not the right time?yeah like it will hurt million dollar sony

    • juchmis says:

      Considering who made it I believe the intention of the developer was to release it at some point.

      There is a “right time” with these things. When exploits are incredibly easy (DS, PSP) and many people take advantage of it you’re going to lose support for the system.

      It’s not Sony they were worried about, screw Sony, it was the developers who make the Vita games and the PSN titles. They’re the ones who lose with piracy. Console pirates aren’t like most other pirates. Due to the nature of the console hacks you usually lose the ability to run most of the services legit consoles have access too. Usually once their console is hacked they only buy a handful of games afterwards.

      Do developers have a right to keep their work private? Yes, but they have to keep their work private. As soon as they give it to any other person they forfeit the right to keep it contained. In fact as soon as the work leaves their head, a developer no longer truly has control of it.

  82. Crimson says:

    Temptation is a dangerous thing indeed in the history of mankind…. O_O

  83. TheHollander says:

    here is what he posted lately… this *** it trying to justify what he did… Unbeleivable, I’ve been around this since HBL was just a baby getting its first leg on the patapon exploit… and its sad to see some *** ruin it for everyone… according to him, HE says he wins if he kills off the scene… (pretty much what I got from the blog on Coldbirds site)… so why the heck would everybody let thjis inbred win?… Keep it goin’ strong…

  84. HackThiefcoder93 says:

    Coldbird,Thanks for all of your hard work that you did for us (Sony consumers) starting from the pro firmwares (i still use on my psp go)up to this kernel exploit (kexploit) (although leekers f**ked it all up. you contributed a lot to the scene and we will surly miss you.

  85. Xian183 says:

    Want to read Coldbird’s say in this?? Go to his blog at:

  86. Apposed says:

    Got the game :) Ima try it on 1.80

  87. headwing45 says:

    So let me see if I got this right, Wololo had files that could help to hack the Vita for ISO’s, then this Sam guy leaked them and made them useless because Sony’s going to patch them?

    Does that sound right?

    • juchmis says:

      No they’re useless right now because they’re encrypted from the origin.

      Not even Sony can access them to patch the exploit because it’s encrypted.

      • dramaLove says:

        So what would be the main problem to continue the work? No real harm done unless the encryption is easy to break by Sony. Scene should reorganize (again) and think who to trust. Oh, the every-year scene drama.

        • Zephyr8965 says:

          It’s not just about the exploit getting patched, it’s legal issues. The files technically contain copyrighted material from Sony, so it was illegal to spread those files to begin with and Sony can press charges. Anyone touching those files and redistributing them is risking legal action from Sony.

    • Jd8531 says:

      afaik Wololo didn’t have the files

  88. alex says:

    reading TheHollander’s post about “according to him ‘he says he wins if he kills the scene'” It makes me wonder if some people contact Sony and try to ruin the scene in exchange for pay from Sony. I cant really see any other reason to destroy some ones hard work and effort just for the heck of it. It’s really a sad day when things like this happen in the scene. Thanks for your work Coldbird,good luck in all your future endeavors you’ll be missed.
    To all those who honestly keep the scene alive, moving, and in good spirits- good for you keep up the good work.

    And for those of you (and you know deep down who you are) trying to destroy the scene, and cause strife among the devs. SHAME ON YOU, GET AL LIFE.

    • TheHollander says:

      I think you hit it on the nose… I’ve kinda been wonderin’ the same, as to if people are being paid by sony… I just don’t see any other reason…

  89. PrimeNexes says:

    HE Is Leaving the VITA community not the PSP PRO community.
    He Will be developing for PSP
    Take A look :

  90. SSJ-Vita says:

    This isn’t going to make sense and that’s fine, but I blame gravity. And sony a little bit, but mostly gravity, I shall defy you yet!

  91. windgust says:

    well would this mean that sony will have like this way to kill the homebrew on there next firmware?. if it will should coldbird release the unencrypted files or its a lose.not sure whats going to happen now thats why im asking. if the files would be no good might as will remove then from the download sony will just fix or patch it right?

  92. Sakuryu says:

    Out of respect I wont download the files and won’t do anything more on my vita. Coldbird was an innovator and brought us the amazing PRO firmware. He and the others stated explicitly that it should NOT be released until the scene and the device got legs underneath it. At this point PS/Sony will block this and patch a hole that will now be useless in less then two months. Way to go Batman:beyond, I always had a feeling from your posts that you would be the death of us. I know its bad but I hope full legal action is levied against you.

  93. Cloud Strife says:

    hmmm strange while browsing some of the cfw files in hex i noticed a reference to a different psp game, a folder called UCJS10041 which i believe is the japanese version of Loco Roco.. curious…

  94. SSJ-Vita says:

    I just said that to inject a little humor in the atmostphere. If this Sam fellow indeed had financial incentive to do what he did and of course assuming sony is the supplier of said incentive, than in the words of Harvey Dent: “The Joker is a maddog, I want whoever let him off his leash”. Personally I want sony sales to drop to incline them to produce better user end experience but not enough as to ruin the vita. Maybe even this will have a good effect in that people will lose interest in a tablet that is nothing like a tablet enough to where sony finally makes this potential beast a beast. I could be dead wrong and it’s only an opinion. If vita had flash or at least full html5, my opinion would be vastly different. Thanks for all of your combined hard work, good luck and a speedy recovery from these events devs.

  95. mohsin says:

    he dint leave it all together the psp is his main priority now

  96. l.o says:

    how to put it on the vita

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