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Vita CFW leaked, Coldbird leaves the scene


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400 Responses

  1. agonishadow says:

    huh…now can’t get the “Urbanix” from PSN,good job sony.

  2. gr8n00d1e says:

    Sh*t!!I just hate this kind of guys! They never thinking the result of what they are doing. How many hacks are wasted like this. Damn…

  3. david says:

    It’s too bad,all of this because of an immature man…

    Wololo “everything he’s done for the scene over the past 2 years”

    i didn’t knew that,

  4. Gaoban says:

    You know those files that were leaked by that *** sam whatever his name is. I downloaded the leaked files. They contain Vboot files. They did not work when I first tried them, but then I changed the vboot to eboot ad they worked. I am not sure if they can run full speed psx games, but from the comments I heard that it can. Does anyone know where they can get the leaked files. If not I can upload a link to them. But it seems just like a VHBL to me.

  5. wololo says:

    There was lots of work involved, by many people. It is difficult to explain how bad this is, but some people spent months on this, including planning how this could be released in a safe way. That’s lots of work down the toilet. Sure it took only one guy to ruin it, and not everybody should suffer from this, but hackers will always find at least one guy like this one to ruin their work, and in that type of situation, it’s not worth the work, the stress, and in general it feels like it’s not worth fighting for the scene.

    It’s also not the first time Coldbird runs into that type of situation, it was the last one he could bear, I guess.

    Finally, there’s enough legal potential trouble with this that I understand if a guy just wants to completely dissociate from whatever is going to happen next. Really can’t blame Coldbird for that. The legal risk is not worth the Fame that this Sam Jordam is trying to get.

  6. Cheesethief says:

    I understand this, I read Coldbird’s blog, but abandoning 99% of the scene because of the 1% seems a bit much.

    I respect his decision, but at the same time really hope that he comes back, he is an awesome and talented dev. What is especially rare is he took part in the forums here and interacted with Joe Blow.

    I don’t think Sony will go after anyone in this. Reason being that the files are not really usable by the public (can’t sue for damages as no damage occurred), can be patched by them easily, and the people who created it are unknown/unreachable. The leaker is nothing but that sadly, he did not touch Sony’s code and modified it. Well, I do hope Sony does manage to ram this leaker a new on in court, but I do not have any expectations.

  7. DjEdih says:

    Aaaaand that’s for Plink.

  8. Devilmarx says:

    You need his website then open cmd and his website then you’ll see his ip but i dont tink it will work.

  9. svenn says:

    1) Big chance he is using a proxy.
    2) Focusing on this individual is just stupid, its a kid.
    3) If you can’t find his IP, what are you planning to do with it ? And even if you had the knowledge, beside formatting his hdd (that is what he should do) and putting his e-mail into asian-bride.ext there is little you can do, unlike Holywood movies.

  10. Devilmarx says:

    Whata typos sorry my mistake open you cmd on your windows run then @ cmd type his website then you’ll see the ip address of his server from youl truck his phone no. and location

  11. Randqalan says:

    Blame the leaker Coldbird was going to wait for sales to increase and more games on the Vita first but Sam Jordam had to be an a** to not only ruin a great DEV but to mess up possibly the exploit because you can bet sony has read this
    got the files and seeing if it can be patched already

  12. letsrapetheleaker says:

    Yes let’s find out were he lives and rape his family >:)

    ..jk 😀

    But seriously >=]

  13. PSVitality says:

    Does he even have a website?
    If he does can u plz guve me the url?

  14. Jd8531 says:

    The files might of never been released at all. The blame goes to Sam not at all to anyone else.

  15. juchmis says:

    Free speech and whatnot. Someone shares data with you, no legal binding not to share it and you can share it.

    More of a gray area as I see it.

  16. Corey96 says:

    Juchmis, the leak was technically legal but just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right.

  17. Kr0n1kK1ll3r says:

    This is why people go underground and keep things for themselves because they cannot trust a person to hold information. I hope you do not work for a company that deals in software because you are the type that would void the NDA. Freedom of speech is one thing, intellectual property is another.

  18. Zephyr8965 says:

    It’s not about faith. Those files are pushing some heavy legal boundaries and everyone involved is risking legal action for their distribution. However, since Sam leaked them, he is solely responsible. Also however, this does mean that now Sony is going to be watching the scene like a hawk, hoping to catch the other hackers in the act. It’s not just a matter of faith, but a matter of the scene just being too hot right now.

  19. clicks says:

    Crude stereotype, there’s no need to attack an entire region over one troll.

  20. Jd8531 says:

    I agree. I’ve been in the PS scene and Xbox scene since the start in which the Xbox scene in comparison is way beyond in terms of efficiency and having a supportive community base. Furthermore you are also very wrong, there are devs releasing. They do not keep them to themselves, there way too many issues; it’s not as simple as it seems to just put out such a powerful tool. It’s like the creation of the Nuclear Bomb. If they were hiding stuff, then why were people able to test it?

  21. NakedFaerie says:

    I’ve done things in the scene and what I’ve done I’ve released but its all been anonymously. I’m not stupid enough to sign my work like half the “fame hunters” out there. I release things for the scene. I’ve moved from the PSP to the PS3 and when PS3CFW first came out I released a lot and again it all was anonymously as I’m not a fame hunter.
    I’ve also put my hand up for anyone wanting to release anything to do it under my name or give it to me and I’ll release it as I’m not scared of Sony. Let them come and sue me and I’ll laugh at them in court. I’ve already taken them to court 3 times and won each time.

    You know why this release doesn’t work for anyone? It’s because he’s signed it to only work on 1 Vita. THATS why the PS scene sucks when A-holes like him do that. HOW is the scene supposed to grow when people lock down things like this. Thats what the scene is supposed to do, REMOVE DRM NOT insert their own drm.
    Even if it is an internal thing WHY lock it down? If it does get leaked there might be someone better that can fix it and get it working better than the original dev can but as its locked up nobody can do a thing with it but look at a useless file and wonder.
    I’ve left the PSP scene years ago as there are too many a-holes in it. Mainly the devs. they have their own little group and dont like to share with anyone. If someone finds a way to play backups thats kept to themselves until they remove all ability to play backups then release it.
    Thats what the scene started as. NOT a way for homebrew a way to play backups. It started years ago with carts then mod chips and when it got to the xbox360 it was just a firmware modification. Same with the PSP and PS3, just a firmware mod and backups can be played but the devs dont like that so they try their hardest to block it and not release it to the public if it can play backups.

    I bet there is probably a real Vita CFW but not released coz it can play backups and they haven’t found a way to block backups from being played thats why they haven’t released it. THATS why the PS SCENE SUCKS and full of A-HOLES.

  22. Johnny Bravo says:

    NO, the Xbox360 scene is fill of real devs that do actually help the scene. It will always be great.

  23. Razorbacktrack says:

    Are you Sam Jordan ?

  24. ass says:

    Agree with – NakedFaerie

  25. ji5aw says:

    CB did a great job, no doubt. He owes nothing to nobody.

    to NakedFaerie: u might be a dev, but u r anything but a hacker. u r satisfied with and obsessed in releasing things, which is the last thing a hacker would do.

  26. ProgZ says:

    Wait, did you just say ‘ethical hacking’? I’m sorry, Wololo, but what a bunch of horseshit. Hacking is hacking, and it’s always done for the purpose of forcing something to do something it wasn’t meant to. This is already a breach of ethics, so hiding under the white lie of protecting the future of the hardware just doesn’t hold water.

    As far as leaking hacks early, it’s a breach of trust and that’s also unethical..But when you’re dealing with an unethical situation, how can you reasonably expect people to take trust seriously?

  27. wololo says:

    @ProgZ if you can’t make a difference between what we do on this site and piracy, I think you lack perspective. Ethics are of course always subjective, but your definition sounds very extreme to the point of being ridiculous.

    By the way, I am into “ethical” hacking not for ethical reasons, just because I happen to have no personal interest in pirating games or playing backups, so this is more circumstantial in my case, I believe I’ve made that pretty clear several times. I’m not pretending anybody’s trying to shield Sony from anything here, do not put words in my mouth.

  28. wololo says:

    I stand to my point. You want the scene to be different? Make it different and stop ranting, because now you sound like a broken record. BTW yelling your rage at me won’t change a thing, I don’t have a kernel exploit. And all the exploits I’ve had, I constantly turned into useful releases of VHBL. VHBL is not enough for you? Well send me a kernel exploit and I’ll see what I can do.

    Your “anonymous” work, obviously, doesn’t count. Anybody can pretend they have helped the scene anonymously with no proof whatsoever. The visible things, however, is that for as long as I can remember, you’ve been demanding stuff and constantly complaining on the PSP scene without ever giving anything back. I’m surprised you’re still around if you hate that scene so much, I can’t think of anybody who’s been on the scene for longer than you and I, who still are so emotional about this. Most people of your era have moved on, why don’t you?

  29. alex says:

    That because we all come to his site, and every body knows wololo is the man. He is an awesome dev, and he keeps us all up to date with his site. He knows hes the man. Im one of who know how many people on this site. Even if I sat here all day parsing wololo, I dont think he knows im here. Im grateful for his, and all the devs hard work, but most of them do it because they love it; not to get props from the community. Most Devs know that their work is GREATLY appreciated by most of the users.
    I say most because we all know there is always some son of an onion that is selfish, but what can you do.

  30. Asukafag says:

    Why should we comment every single homebrews and news on this site? And we talking not just about coldbird leaved the scene but about leaked CFW as well, you uneducated swine.

  31. matt says:

    Kernel exploit for PSP emu on Vita (and a user mode exploit as well) – jerk got leaked exploit files, but then discovered they had been encrypted by the creator… and since he was concerned he’d never have access to the hack (it had no set release date), he released the encrypted files and game name to try to force the creators to release publicly.

    So he didn’t completely knowingly ruin the exploit… he was just a selfish idiot all around and then his plan kinda backfired ;p

  32. 2die4 says:

    No ps3 cfw after 3.55 that’s what its about, that’s why stuff is not released so early in the cycle

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