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The current state of PS3 hacking (September 2012)


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  1. n3rk3 says:

    4.21dex/3.55dex! And the one and only homebrew is multiman!
    Deank is awesome!

    • Mr McGoo says:

      U ***,l almost finally had first. Lol.

    • Mr McGoo says:

      Deank really is the man. Im still on 3.55 cfw waiting for stated 4.21 cfw ti be released. He stated that it should be soon. I figure that with that, it should make the vita easier to hack and open it to a whole new world

      • Clad says:

        Deank’s multiman and those Chinese dongle bastards are the reason that homebrew on the PS3 never took off. If anybody deserves thanks it should be Andreas Oman for ‘Showtime’ and squarepusher for his tons of ports.

        Lets not forget square also made the cell framework and wargio for maintaining NoRSX the graphics framework to PSL1GHT.

        Here’s a link to some of squarepusher’s work for those interested.


  2. Mr McGoo says:

    First, and I have one 🙂

  3. 3.55 cex, what I only like about CFW is that you can dev on it :), so I’m happy with that, I dont miss online play but would be nice if we could have an indie avail from Sony to develop on their FW so we dont need to JB it, anyways, my fav homebrew -> Multiman, but the one I work on, PS3Print 🙂

  4. Koksi_90 says:

    Two PS3: Fat 80GB bad bd drive, Slim 120 GB and both 3.55 Rogero DEX Cfw and Multiman DEX

  5. crazytomer3 says:

    wololo, you can play online on 3.55 cfw by using fuckpsn 0.9, i have a hacked ps3 and i can play online

  6. MeNeedHELP! says:

    Wololo, can you downgrade and jailbreak my PS3, I will send the PS3 to you. I will give you $50 or if you dont want it I will sent it to whoever you desire.

  7. Riku says:

    Can you do anything with PS3 homebrew other than piracy or is that still the main focus there?

  8. ¿I dont have one but i want the new modell slim you think this is hackable or i still awating for one of this and what firmware is when one ps3 go out to of factory or all came actualized sorry for my english? I actually have a xbox360 but i need play games like GOW3 litlebigplanet i admit sony have nice tittles for playing but about this hack or flash i dont know much, only I konw about one usb can permited install games on your hard disk but if iam grong please helpeme¡

    • shaitan says:

      The rumoured 4.21redpower/bluedisk CFW will only install on 3.55 firmware, the last hackable ps3 model was CECH-25xxB released in December 2010

  9. zoraktorok says:

    3.55 KMEA, havn’t changed my cfw since the start, even had to add lv/2 peek poke. I would like to go online with F*ckPSN for atleast 10 minutes though… havning a legit vita, I’d like to see what two years of trophys would do for me…. not like that would throw up a red flag or anything… but whatever. I do miss online play, in fact I don’t even use my ps3 anymore other than as a media server, showtime is my favorite homebrew, but my son uses all the other stuff. I still mess with it, but it is an addiction — collect, install, collect digital dust, on my behalf anyway. However, if it wasn’t for cfw my ps3 would be almost useless, the bluray has been broke for longer than the jb has been around…. I’m not giving sony $175 to fix a laser lens.

  10. 2die4 says:

    Fuckpsn works for me for hours mw3 online mines a slim dex 3.55

    • ZorakTorok says:

      New patch? Newest one i found was 4.21‚ found out after i rerouted dns that ps was up to 4.25 so if there is, it wouldnt take but 30 seconds for me to be good to go.

      • shaitan says:

        There is a spoofer for 4.25 but it was released as a SEN enabler which didn’t work(wrong passphrase), works fine as a spoofer though

  11. 2die4 says:

    Unfortunately ps3 is all piracy but that’s the ram issue making some emus impossible

    • ZorakTorok says:

      There IS showtime, direct mkv loading. Well worth bypassing 5 hour video conversions. For the most part you are right though. Gensis, snes, nes, blah blah blah works 100% for me. N64 works as well as it did on the original xbox. The saturn emu is hilarious. Within showtime and standalone apps you can have streaming net channels and as stated in the topic, you can play anything with your vita. It is laggy and you must go through a backup manager (xmb stuff dosnt work) and be on private network (no psn remember?) AND connect your vita as a mobile device, but some games work well like that. I personally use the vita to connect that way for media without having to transfer files.

  12. warfaren says:

    afaik you can also insrall CFW if you’re on 3.56 with JFW DH 3.56 MA without downgrading…

    • shaitan says:

      No the JFW-DH needs to be installed on 3.55

      • warfaren says:

        U sure about that? Cuz the news I read about it said:

        “It is the first CFW 3.56 for the system, thanks to DH 356 JFW MA, locked in 3.56 users who are unable to downgrade have a chance to scene” …

        Sure sounds like it will install from 3.56 to me.

        Or maybe the news site was wrong?

        • shaitan says:

          No it definately needs to be installed on 3.55 or lower.
          Most sites just use Google translate which can be misleading some of the time, I don’t speak spanish but I know for sure if your on 3.56 then the first time you install it you need a hardware flasher but after installing it you can use their custom software flasher(MAD) to go back to 3.55.
          From the official tutorial: 3)Watch the PS3 version you have installed the JFW Before Dh 3.56 MA, must have 3.55 or 3.41.

  13. Squiggs says:

    I am intrestedin hacking my ps3, I have a release model with a 1000 gb justice so iguess mass home brew would be awsome, only thing that is stopping me is I just got psn plus

  14. gamerb0y says:

    hoping for a 4.21 CFW. =)

    • ZorakTorok says:

      Yes, i would hate to start from scratch on compatibility concerns, but the vita needs this.

    • PS3GOD says:

      Whoever cracks 4.21 needs to keep in mind that sony firmware will probably be at 5.00, which is why 3.55 cfw is stiill going strong as was easier to manipulate. As soon as sony gets wind of new cfw they add a new update which makes it harder to recreate.I downgraded a 3.72 firmware to 3.55 rogero without any dramas whereas others have.Showtime 4.00 is great but nothing willever beat Multiman.

  15. Acid_Snake says:

    You forgot to mention Swap Magic for BC Ps3, it is the ps3 version of vhbl

  16. Mouseandkeyboardordieowner says:

    Or you could you the mother of all gaming devices a pc

  17. Monk9899 says:

    I haven’t tried for a month, but before that my ps3 used to work with online games (AC:B, uncharted 2, etc.)

  18. M$M says:

    PC and good is who needs a PS3 only 4 Homebrews???
    it don´t make sense to me and you don´t have online gaming only for homebrews??? ***

    • Zoraktorok says:

      Piracy, sense of accomplishment, powerhouse of a pc at way below cost (linux) , portability, ease of navigation via controler and access from friends who are not emu compliant pc users, not everyones pc is hooked up to their 50 inch lcd, conformity in hardware specs for developers, ps vita accesability and it is an addiction.

  19. joejoeyumnam says:

    i hv to get a hackable ps3 pls advice and give me the models available in the market right now am so confused

  20. JamesMilne says:

    Guys my mother bought me a PS3 CECH 4012C, version 4.21… can i jailbreak this now? pls pm me back for the procedures or sites i can look to do it at james_milne04@yahoo.com… thanks…

  21. jordan says:

    hey guys can we play online on ps3 after hacking???

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