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I hate you, Humble Bundle!


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  1. Necrotek says:

    $1 if preferred minimun. In that case, you’ll get Steam keys.

    • wololo says:

      Well, everybody’s in their own financial situation so I won’t judge, but paying $1 for this Bundle is kinda lame, it probably doesn’t even pay for the server costs to downloads/store the games, not mentioning the maintenance, etc… I’d strongly recommend people to at least beat the average price, if only to get the 5 extra games.

  2. sly1228 says:

    i hate to be that “guy” but i think i would buy it for a penny lol because between my ps3 ,xbox 360, and ps vita raping my wallet i dont think i have much more money to spend

    • wololo says:

      Then just don’t buy that 1 game you were thinking of getting on either of these consoles, and bam, you get 60$. Give 25$ to the bundle, and spend the other 35$ on a great meal. You got 10 games and an awesome meal instead of 1 game.

      • Tommy T says:

        I agree with Wololo.
        I bought this bundle, and I already own/ed Torchlight…

        I usually buy the bundles, even if I don’t care for the games because it supports the developers and a charity…

        Also, $35 will buy you an AMAZING meal.

  3. OMightyBuggy says:

    With no more Vita eating my money (still no regrets for the people who always ask me), I bought the games for $15.

    This was a great deal Wololo keep posting more if you find any.

  4. TheBudds says:

    Heh, I’m pretty good at guessing trends…

    For as awesome as this deal is, it will have many who feel they derserve to get to be that guy. Then gamers wonder why the companies do some of the things they do.

    Enough of that though, I’m gonna check out the game list 🙂

  5. sly1228 says:

    hmmm…. true……or i buy them for penny get the game i WANT and skip the meal and just cook like most days…..

  6. Kid Vhee says:

    Already got this, want to say i paid $10, then paid anotger $2 to gift to my friends

  7. Egeto says:

    I bought it too, like 3 bundles before…. but Wololo is right, no time to play all of them, just playing torchlight, I would say, Diablo 3 is much worse than 1st torchlight not played the second yet…, diablo bored me to death

    paying constant 25$, i know somebody might say why so much, but I would like to appreciate the offer. I have a lot of original games, sort of colector.

  8. $35 on a meal? For one? *** off, restraunt industry’s newest shill.

    • Mr McGoo says:

      Hence “great meal”. Ive been places that charge $80 a plate and that doesnt include drinks.

      • Clad says:

        Depends on where your at, $35 bucks can get you a great meal if you know were to go. Or it can leave you *** off and confused if you just follow advertising and blew it on a tiny steak.

  9. w7y7a7t7t says:

    I only buy the humble bundles if there is android as well, cause its easier to find time if there on mobile devices, but there was only 1, that I know of …and I might be horrible but I go 25% to humble bundle 75% to devs and 0% to charity :p

  10. matt says:

    haha, this is the problem with games that are priced incredibly well; even if you don’t have time to play it, the amazingly good deal will lure you in.

    beware! (tho anyone who wants to fix the industry should really buy it)

  11. Hobz says:

    How can someone pay less that a couple of coffee or a pack of cigarettes for 10 great games ?

    Not being able to save up 30 or 40$ is understandable, but common, 5$…

  12. JamppCobal says:

    Thanks for the heads up wololo. I already own Torchlight on PC but I bought the bundle anyway. And I beat the average price. A great deal even for what I gave.

  13. Rowan says:

    Nice Article, Damn, i would have brought this for torchlight 1 alone, i really should cut back on slurpes from the 7/11

  14. ndh777 says:

    My brother keeps telling me about the Humble Bundle but I have yet to buy any. For most of it, I don’t want to be someone who only donates a $1 or whatever the bare minimum is. I mean, yeah, they’ve got some really cool games, but you guys should put in more money just to help out the great cause. Taking advantage is only going to make the creators and hosts not want to keep doing this. Frankly, this is awesome both for organizations, the website, and us as consumers. We ought to be grateful and show our gratitude by not being cheap if we can help it.

    • Clad says:

      So far every bundle has beat the last one in terms of sales and average prices, so if nothing else its working. Very few people are going to charge 1c seeing as most credit companies will ping you a $3.50 on anything bought for less than a dollar.

  15. svenn says:

    Buy awesome HB games, has no time to play them. True story.

    • svenn says:

      I even bought HB6, realizing 3 days later I din’t even download 1 game … 😀 I downloaded torchlight yesterday, its a nice game 🙂 even for the 10 min I played :d

  16. NoUsernameMan says:

    I would get tihs, considering ive gotten about the last 4 bundles, but I already own 4/5 of the above the average games, and I already own just some of the normal games. The best bundle was the one that cane with Amnesia, Bastion, and a bunch of other great games.

  17. kittu says:

    I hate you, wololo (If I may)……..for introducing me to such an awesome deal

  18. Roland says:

    Wow this is the first indie bundle that I already own a good portion of the games… Hmm perhaps the next one then

  19. GottZ says:

    i beat the average pricing all time. (besides i put the dev bar straight to max since i dont care about charity and i think that the makers of humblebundle.com have got enuf money already)

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