(Video) VHBL on Vita firmware 1.81


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113 Responses

  1. Andalia says:

    Good job, as always

  2. Chasez671 says:

    I saw your Mac address. I’m cool.

  3. Yerby says:

    Firmware update>VHBL teases>Game title>Thousands of game purchases>VHBL release>Firmware update>Repeat.


    • wololo says:

      You can also choose to stay on an old firmware as long as you want to :)

    • Brendan B. says:

      This is why I keep hoping that VHBL can be ported to a game I own. If it’s that easy, maybe I’ll try looking for an exploit. I would love to not have to drop $20 on a game I may never actually play and instead use it on a game I do play and love.

      Do we have a list anywhere that’s modern, of games that have already been tried?

      • wololo says:

        We try to avoid such a list. First, some people believe they have tried a game and say it’s not exploitable, but others have found exploits in those same games. Second, we wouldn’t like to help people to narrow it down…

      • Riku says:

        Honestly, I’ve considered pulling out my old PSP-Go and just downloading a ton of games and trying to find exploits in multiple games at once and just tossing them to the people who can do stuff. But time is not infinite

    • Keyblade Spirit says:

      When you think about it, it’s a really genius marketing strategy. They know we want homebrew, so they leave exploits for hackers to find in certain games. These games must be purchased from PSN, and that means sales will go way up once the exploitable game is revealed. They they update the firmware, possibly with some cool new features, patch the exploit, and then let the process repeat by letting hackers find a new exploit.

      Seriously, if they didn’t think of this then they’re just getting lucky.

    • jordon says:

      haha sooo true! :)

  4. CooLMaN says:

    Nice :) good work

  5. Yes says:

    Maybe links doesnt go through, but what about the article that was posted a few days ago, that Sony had found a new way to patch VHBL? Does this not apply anymore?

  6. Jvhellraiser says:

    Nice News,but i refuse to buy another game
    Just to run Vhbl 1,last game was to expensive
    $20 for Me is to much for it to be patch the next
    Day,i see it like this: buy game,use vhbl,sony force
    update,find expliot,buy a game,use vhbl,sony force
    update etc……i see it more painful,Find and Exploit,
    port vhbl,waste more money on a game,sony force
    update.i really dont want to use more than $100 just
    by buying a game for the exploit everytime. i think is time
    to hold on vhbl and work on better thinks,this is my opinion.

    • fate6 says:

      well you could find your own and not have to worry about Sony ^__^

    • Norml says:

      Eh, that’s where you are wrong and Wololo did tell you to buy the game because YOU liked it.

      I think the game sucks but the vast variety of games I can now play, far out weighs the $20 I would have wasted on worthless gas anyway. I won’t be buying any more Vita games until they are $20 or less….and go figure, the one game I love(they realized they could have made it better) became $20 soon after the 40$ + tax I spent on it, Mortal Kombat.
      But no one other game has done that, so I have a few past games I’m still waiting to play in which I won’t have to update for. (The quality is not there)
      Become a smart buyer and get over your impulses, $ony has already said F U to the consumer….

    • gunblade says:

      see dis is wy i wish i new code cuz i was think jus take the first update play with it n layer on it the new updates n make it so u dont have to update it will be optional

  7. KaCeX says:

    Its just that the previous article made it seem like they patched every hole in the sandboxe, what I read now is that there more exploits than just the one type in differente games, is this correct?

  8. garrei says:


  9. johnny says:

    I’m on the fence about buying a vita. Do psp homebrew run better on a vita? Like the snes emulator always had little problems that hindered the experience, does the more powerful hardware increase the performance of such? Also, would future exploits ever be on nondigital games? Like actual vita carts a person needs to purchase in a real life store rather than psn?

    • jdubs says:

      A Kernel exploit in the future could lead to pirating vita games, yes. That may be a long ways off though. And no, the homebrew doesnt run any better because its still just psp homebrew and does not utilize the awesome, all mighty power of the vita.

    • DarkZenRitual says:

      The screen is way better and just that makes it worth it for all the emus and games.

  10. russia307 says:

    when The usermode Hack will come 4 Vita?

  11. Andre says:

    Wololo, did anyone tried the game Valhalla Knights?

  12. shadowfire90 says:

    lets see if I can clarify and understand this since I been out of ‘the scene’ for quite awhile now.
    If you had Monster Hunter already installed before the firmware update, than update your fw to 1.81, would the game be patched?
    If so than I am guessing the fw includes patches to any games you may have installed that have the exploit?

    Someone confirm for me please :)

  13. Bullrog92 says:

    Are you the same shadowfire thats working on the ura project?

  14. youngoz says:

    WOW! Great job WOLOLO! I hope you plan on holding on to the exploit til a later time… I want to enjoy the MHU exploit a little longer.

  15. Mr. Shizzy says:

    This is great news! 😀
    I was very sad to see that 1.81 had blocked MHFU exploit.

    wololo – maybe you should do a 1.81 VHBL release for trusted members only (ie: no public release) You could still do a public VHBL down the road with a different exploit, but at least this way trusted scene members would have a VHBL they could use and still do the OFW updates too :)

    • Adin says:

      It would eventually (or probably rather soon) be leaked or spotted by the numerous crashes (if they were sent).

      • StepS says:

        crashes are not being send. to my understanding, Sony doesn’t have the right to automatically send a crash report without you being aware. I know this because I ran two times into some serious app crashes, in which Vita has asked me whether to send the crash or not, with the detailed explanation of which data would be sent from me. I have screenshots (in russian)…

  16. TelcoLou says:

    Say, could you test this to see if any Emu crashes/freezes after 30-40 minutes of play time?

    • quetz says:

      i played zelda for at least 1 and half hour in snes9x 😉 no crashes at all… i was alsoo saving state and reloading sometime. mh vhbl

  17. Acid_Snake says:

    mine probably works too but I’m too lazy to update my vita.

  18. slipk487 says:

    don’t plan on updating till new exploit is out.

  19. Norml says:

    Brave soul showing your MAC address, in the end, it really does not matter anyway. Still alive and kicking on v1.80 with vHBL here. The joys, down with worthless updates where $ony holds back the most simplest of features.

  20. Ricardo says:

    I do not know…
    Sony did patch the last exploit so fast….
    It is looks like they do not patch everything because they are earning money every time a new exploit comes and we buy a old PSP game…

  21. kgsws says:

    Of course they can patch it easily – just disable sceIoOpen on ms0:/ -or whatever vita emu uses.
    They can whitelist games that require it, if any exists.

    Other method involves save data and then executable memory scanning, i think vita is powerful enough to do it in real time.

  22. svenn says:

    – report 240912 –

    After 16 hours of intense tracing the MAC address shown in this video, the MAC was found. The MAC address of this user showing his MAC address better known as “Wololo”, known for his “free and opensource spirit” is being located in the general Asian regio of the world. The FBI is currently on their way to this general area, as we speak. Unconfirmed reports show that this person was related to unmanned aircrafts better known as ‘droids as seen on his website in a latest article “An’droid on psVita the right approach”

    -end of report 240912-

  23. Kriss says:

    Hey wololo so if i update my firmware 1.80 to 1.81 i can still play homebrew on the monsterhunter game?? Answer plz back! Because for cma i need to update my system!! So now i cannot download any homebrew to the vita anymore!!

    ok byeee wololo and your team!!!

  24. listentomeimtheone says:

    i’m not complaining but i think my VHBL days are coming to an end, can’t keep buying expensive games like others have stated here already, i think i’ll get myself an Archos Gamepad £159 and see how emulators work on it then i’ll update my ps vita and buy all the newer ps vita games. VHBL is sony’s new cash cow and this is for the first time in hacking history that sony has to laugh at hackers for giving them easy money.

    • StepS says:

      not the first time. some of PSP exploits back in time were also using paid games

    • Ricardo says:

      I have a droid X360, and I can say emulators on it is faster/better then on psvita….
      (I have luck and the controls of my droid X360 are perfect)
      Now I will wait for Vita Kernel exploit patiently.

      and it is very easy to copy new roms on android….

  25. jeka says:

    are there come any new files ??? or its secret?

    • matt says:

      i would assume that people will hold onto the next vhbl until there is a good reason to release it. so until there’s a long wait for the next firmware update, or if there is a firmware update that adds many additional useful features or popular games.

      i don’t think 1.81 even did anything at all (other than block these newer vhbl saves, the proxy, and psn access), so i doubt that people are very excited to waste a game exploit on this update.

  26. xoombie503 says:

    Me too,I’m done with vhbl.i got lbp vita and I’m having lots of fun in this game.zp2 and many psp games I got as well.i don’t see the point anymore as Sony will always have the upper hand when it comes to forcing u to update.i have a psp go with tons of games and I barely use..i might as well use vita for what it’s meant to be..not psp homebrew

  27. muzz says:

    I wont watch ur video cause it shows your MAC, then it makes me guilty by association :p

  28. b2p1mp says:

    I think vhbl is the best thing the vita offers.

    • DTeKDeV says:

      Nah, HBL for the regular PSP was the best thing it offered. Why do people want to pirate old PSP games that they have on their other PSP model. PS Vita is to play games that allows you to touch. If you want to play regular games, go play your PSP. The best thing the Vita offers is games that you touch to play.

  29. DrakeANDjosh says:

    Hey wololo can u give some more info about the 1.81 game fo VHBL, is it ready to lounch to the public?? When can we expect it?? Ok bye this are only some questions…

  30. DTeKDeV says:

    And I’m pretty suire that everyone has the same games on their Vita as they do on their PSP.

  31. ndh777 says:

    Great news for me! I was using the Super one for a while until I bought LittleBigPlanet and it forced me to update to at least 1.71 or some newer version. Instead of doing that, I just decided to update to 1.81. I love LBP, but I love having VHBL too. I’ll be waiting and watching for the new VHBL release 😀

  32. Aye Guy says:

    Something i would like to see…a firmware downgrader

  33. razor says:

    Wololo can you please tell me how to erase VHBL zip files from my vita?
    I have some zip files I would like to erase to open up memory on my vita. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • AsDraS says:

      you can erase them by deleting the savefiles where they are located at.. or you need to use a homebrew called ymenu. it should allow you to delete files and directories.. with this tool you can also remove installed homebrew but pay attention on what you delete^^

  34. DeathOfChaos says:

    Since I missed the 1.80 exploit, would this mean it’d be safe to just update to 1.81 and then watch carefully for the net title?

  35. Pop says:

    Idk if its worth updating anymore, chasing VHBL might end up costing users a valuable exploit someday…

  36. Good to hear the vhbl scene is still alive and well. I don’t know whose more benefiting from this; Sony or the people who bought the Playstation(R)Vita with the wish that one day we can play every single game via Remote Play.

  37. neverthewiseone says:

    i have a question, can you use a hack psp to search for an exploit within a game before actually downloading it on psn.? because it will cost a ton of many to use trial and error downloading games.

  38. Nice work awesome you vs one comapany full of resources
    well iam on 1.81 i hope this can open before comming more patches or ner firmware i dont have the knowledges but i hope the metod simplified on the future and more like android on ps vita.

  39. Keneth says:

    Will you be relising a 1.81 VHBL I missed the 1.80 VHBL as I just got my New Vita 1 week ago would love to have VHBL on my Vita I don’t mind what the cost is for the game thank’s…

  40. M$M says:

    I have a question about Ps vita
    I have read in a news somewhere on the internet that if you don`t buy your games new in a store but for example a used Game from a friend or from hand market than it don´t have any throphys or you can´t unlock them.
    Is it true????
    please answer.

    Ps: sorry for my poor english.

  41. M$M says:

    thank you for your answer the budds
    If it was that used the games have no trophys
    then I would have never bought a ps vita!!! I hope it is easy as you say

    I’m going to buy myself a Ps vita when more games come out and the Ps vita and the games cost a little less money

  42. M$M says:

    yes your right 4 fun but it would be even if only a small it would be a restriction

  43. M$M says:

    what i´m lying 250 € for a device that had not many games at the moment and cost more than my xbox 360 or a Ps 3 (i forget 250 + 30 € memory card + 1 Game 40 € = 320 € = too expensive)

    that does not mean that the Ps vita is bad but it is too expensive for what it offers! My opinion, Maybe others think differently

    • DTeKDeV says:

      I bought my vita (Madden 13 limited edition) for $257. I got some demos when I didn’t have any fun games. Get some demos and play those over and over until a new VHBL comes out.

  44. Antonio says:

    Que juego es el que libera 1.81 y donde esta el vhbl para hacerlo

  45. One says:

    Ja no se puede :(

  46. Dr_Spikes says:

    I need help

  47. wartaf says:

    hi, can i play FF iso using this? i mean, PS1 Games? and also can i play PSP games using it?

  48. link19013 says:

    *** can someone upload a video on how to put pirate games to the vita

  49. armando says:

    oyes estoy en la vercion 1.80 pero el moster hunter como lo descargo

  50. armando says:

    I hear the vercion 1.80 but as I download moster hunter

  51. Dr_Spikes says:

    Touchdown cowboys!!

  52. Jeppe says:

    if i update my firmware will vhbl so work

  53. cesapllk says:


  54. Andrea says:

    Secondo me dovrebbero inventare cosi come per il nintendo ds un gioco dove poter inserire la memory card e trasferire tutti i giochi su di essi

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  57. Sanoske says:

    I have a question. Lets say i have monster hunter psp game on a ps3 that is latest firmware and a vita with 1.80 how would i transfer the game? The ps3 tells me my vita needs to be updated, any way around that?

  58. gunblade says:

    yea like one cf

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