Sony thinks it’s a good idea to track your DNA to prevent piracy


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75 Responses

  1. Mr Awsome says:

    6 Words, just 6 simple things:


  2. Ambient_Malice says:

    *reads in silence*

    *sets PSP on fire before donning tin foil hat and latex gloves*

  3. nero says:

    this will never become real. sony could most likely be sued for all they have and more for this.

  4. Letsgo says:

    Now im going getting rid of everthing Sony.

  5. Mars says:

    I think in the insane event this actually comes to pass that a lot of people, even the ones who normally wouldn’t think about DRM or any of this stuff would look twice and probably pass.

  6. ... says:

    F*ck that sh*t.

  7. Randqalan says:

    and thanks to the touch screen on the Vita already probably used

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      No current Sony console is capable of this, the touch screen on the Vita can not record fingerprints. Don’t jump the gun everyone.

      • Randqalan says:

        and why not it has a cam and touch has finger prints and usually patent are tested first now not sure about dna but think about it afaik no one has cracked the vita yet and it is a 4 core processor so possible

  8. Jd8531 says:

    This is no different than getting a barcode on the back of your neck. The corporations and government want us all numbered, filed and controlled. Ubisofft actually announced on Sept 5th they gave up and came to their senses about DRM, a better example is diablo 3 tho. Doesn’t Sony understand even DRM can be hacked and bypassed?

  9. alasdair.vfr says:

    Holy invasion of privacy, Batman!

  10. ??? says:

    There is no sane people that will fall for that

    • Roland says:

      Any sane person can fall for anything if it is presented in an appealing enough manner.

    • Raizo Shimuzu says:

      its that kind of thinking that will allow it the vita has dual touch dual cameras some with 3g n gps and maybe even rootkits like the ps3 call me paranoid but im sure they can see what were up to if they want already

  11. auron says:

    lol, the idea of that would be good if only it was used to activate a system, not tracking. again sony focuses on security rather than good games and cool features. there missing the big pictures.

  12. ienmity says:

    Let’s face it, if you use the internet your digital fingerprint is already out there. You can Google anyone and dig up information about them. That is about as far as it goes for me, because there isn’t much that is interesting about me in the first place. I’m just your average gamer trying to scrape enough coin together to live a half way decent life. But biometrics… that’s where I draw the line. If it came down to that I’d stop buying games and media all together and find other hobbies. Well if it does happen I might be bored enough to visit the gym a little more often lol.

  13. qwikrazor87 says:

    We might as well ask them for all their source code for all of their devices and their official SDK. See what they think about that.
    I do not like this idea.

  14. marx says:

    you know guy’s i am seek for this sony always making a restriction i am not enjoying my ps vita to play co’z of restriction. its like i am work on company that i am using my assigned pc to work with i can’t store music i cant browse to the internet i only have a limited access to use my assigned pc i cant install a software that i needed to use for graphic designing same as ps vita. at the first i am convince that the ps vita are pretty cool gadget co’z of touch screen and so on but when i both my ps vita i said to my ps vita damn you ps vita co’z of your restriction, i cant even copy my mp3 music to my ps vita, i just needed to connect to internet just to download musics on my system. sony must realized that the person who buy a system like ps vita have a full acess to do the things they want to do to our system, its like i am renting my ps vita to them. sony must think that what the people may feel if they do this and how people may enjoyed the product with out any restriction. the bottom line is i buy this system why you put restriction its mine that why i buy it to your retails its out of your business what ever i want to do with this system. even how strong sony’s restriction, one will showed to break there security. thats all sorry for my English i’m not good in English

    thanks and regards to all.

  15. HAHA says:

    Well it wouldn’t work for me so I could sue them. I am completely bald with No Fingers & Toes. I am also a free bleeder so they can’t take my blood I would die. Not to mention I am blind and dumb. Sorry Sony but I still play your games cause I like the sounds they make when my nubs hit the buttons.

  16. Andre says:

    I’m starting to think to get out of the game scene…

  17. E.J. says:

    This cant be real.

  18. matt says:

    lol, People are pretty dumb, so I could see this sort of thing slowly catching on in some voluntary areas of life, before being mandated by governments in more formal situations.

    But mainly it might just lead to the death of their business model, if enough people are put off by it and decide to only use some hacked version of whatever future hardware requires this.

  19. A vita user says:

    From simple 8 bit games to this? dang i guess things do change

  20. Norml says:

    So now they now they want to make sure the content is YOU! and not your kid who came home from school and started playing while you’re at work…

  21. Shinny says:

    Lol Sony is trying to do everything to protect their latest device.. If that wont work, whats next.. cops in your house ? 007 is going to spy you ? Come on sony this is getting stupid..

  22. svenn says:

    First off, fingerpriting and iris scans are both unsecure methods of determing a person. I have a fingerprint tool on my laptop and it works with my mom, my dad and me. Iris scans are better, but are in no way “easy” to do, and again pretty easy to circumvent (just put sunglasses on with mr. X Iris scan). As for DNA, in no way they can sequence your genome or even parts of it. (current genome sequences take weeks) A full human genome takes +/- 3GB of storage aswell, and still take a good cluster to assemble. So in order to see a DNA sequencing tool in a PSP, its gonne take a while :) Also unlike sciencefiction you cannot get DNA from your fingers, it needs to be prepared. Large chance that your psp would sequence a bacterial genome instead of yours. Also DNA is not as unique as you would think. The larger the scale, the more you need to sequence to get a unique ID. Considering Sony is a global country this would require a full exome sequence. (current price is around 1000$ for low coverage sequencing)
    Also there is already a current ethic discussion if DNA is a private mather, as unlike gaming, insurance company’s could read if you have a higher chance for disease X or Y, which is kinda scary.

    To round up :
    – DNA sequencing : not gone happen for at least 30 years, technology isn’t here.
    – Fingerprinting : already deprecated.
    – Iris scan : to easy to fake.

    What I think you are seeing here in this patent is a noob system to recognize the player. But in no way this will be perfect enough to link this to DRM.

    Not many times, but I call myth on your article, radioactive injections do not alter your DNA ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

  23. theknox1992 says:

    sounds illuminatic to me

  24. peter says:

    “Feed” in real life..

  25. natsu says:

    this kinda sounds like those sci-fi movies where they inject whatnot to people and track them down or prison them.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. fresno says:

    We will have to be real carefull about Sony. They are well known by being more towards to the dictatorship maybe even some kind of comunists. Once they start with some kind of control with finger prints or things like this, our liberty is quik banished. So be carefull guys, DO NOT ACCEPT EVERYTHING from them.

  27. alpmaster007 says:

    I will stick with all the other systems that are out now LOL. I do not need the next best thing if there taking my freedom away. I still play the PS1 anyway. =D

  28. Ted Sheckler says:

    Truly these people are worse than Hitler.

  29. Wrozen says:

    Uh oh! Dark Alex and Geohot are gonna have to crack the “IPL” of our DNA so we can “inject” ourselves with a cIPL to hack ourselves ๐Ÿ˜›

  30. jd20dog says:

    fingerprint and iris security systems are some of the easiest systems to crack now
    why is sony wanting to use those?do they want to be hacked in a week

    the tv show mythbusters has busted both on tv
    and dna is worthless with the number of humans in the world today
    dna is only different in 997,000 people, with close to 11 billion humans on the earth, this gits jacked very easy
    there are currently 1700 proven federal legal cases in the US of people wrongly accused over dna similarities in the past 4 years

    did sony just have some people name out ideas for securites off the top of theyre heads and not think maybe we need to see if these are good securities
    its like they just dont think any more

  31. Guardian says:

    This people remids me of Shinra Electric Power Company, it is not going to be long before Sony starts recruiting SOLDIERS.

    • Ghadz says:

      Or maybe they plan to combine all the best DNA they could gather and create a perfect gnome army 0_o

      • Guardian says:

        An arm of developers that overtime will turn their backs against the company that created them. Then developers all over the world and fans alike will be free to do with their games and systems as they like. No more DRM and we all will be singing the song of our people!

        That would be a nice thing.

  32. Drew says:

    It’s just a patent, relax.

  33. S4r0m says:

    Trololol! And all that tracking DNA technology has a cost, and WE WILL PAY for it along with the cost of the device XD

  34. z3 says:

    Sorry, but i have to say that the topic is kinda misleading. This is simply a patent, where the invention _can_ be used to prevent piracy. This is not the only thing the patent is about, and no where does it say that Sony think it is a good idea to track your DNA to prevent piracy. I do agree that it is a ridiculous idea though.

    The idea of tracking DNA is also very unrealistic. There isnt a cheap and simple device for home usage that simply can scan your DNA.

  35. This sounds like the dumbest idea I have ever heard. A DNA tracker on a handheld device? Yea good luck with that. Sony really needs to put their s–t together or they are going to end up like Nintendo making stupid Super Mario games for “kids” that haven’t outgrown the 80’s.

    • Yes says:

      Its not just about a handheld, but about a device in general. I do think it is ridculous anyway though. Not only the idea, but how realistic is it that a home electronic system has a device that can read and store DNA easily? Sounds very unrealisitc to me.

      I wonder what this pantent is actually for. Seems kinda useless, but its also very general. The “can be used for DRM” is just one part. There could be other use for it as well i guess.

  36. NinjaKakashi says:

    lololol at idiots taking this seriously hahahahahahahahaahahahahah

  37. wikid says:

    i could totaly see this going bad just like all the other anti hacking ideas they come up with it dont stop hackers just gives them a challange and the only people that actualy pay and suffer are the legit people that pay and dont actualy cause about this because they dont hack i agree with what wololo stealing music has actualy worked out for some and the music indistery isnt hurting at all sony needs to back off plane and simple

  38. nCadeRegal says:

    depends on if you have the runs, and or explosive diarhea. lol. plus how many porcelian pings you have during your throne use. they measure the pings like sonar. cant finish reply gotta go gonns hsve accident and dont have on depends.

  39. Pirate Cat says:

    No more public restrooms, gotta go back home and log-in to your toilet.

  40. jdubs says:

    Okay so…spend 200 million dollars for handheld devices that scan DNA. Then saved about 50k because it prevented pirating. Brilliant!

  41. LOLZ says:

    Is Sony degrading from bad to worse ?

  42. InfinityGene says:

    To be honest, I did have VHBL on my vita(through MHFU) but I decided to remove the exploit since VHBL isn’t ready. I use my regular PSP for all that instead since it’s simple and more easy to use. Besides, Monster Hunter is a good game. But things like this is causing disruptions for all players since they need to shutdown PSN for them to patch up the mess you made. And now stuff like this DNA tracking for PIRACY? You should of stayed with the PSP because the VITA isn’t worth it. I’m going to assume when you first saw the VITA you thought Haaaaaaaaax(Not to be confused with Dr.Hax). To summarize, the VITA is fine without all this homebrew. You already conquered PSP. I’d leave it there.

    • wololo says:

      I think you might be confused about what vhbl can and cant do. Vhbl is definitely “ready” on the mh exploit. What exactly are you expecting from vhbl that it isn’t providing? Also, psn maintenance has nothing to do with vhbl

  43. Teleus says:

    Don’t worry people, its taken Sony 6+ years to develop a console which isn’t the size of my house and which doesn’t have the heat output of a dying star, therefore I don’t think that there is any danger of them developing this before the human race has evolved into an ethereal species with no physical manifestation to track.

    The time taken to download and install the system updates would have to be measured in eons.

  44. Bertha says:

    If they do it, I will swear off Sony and switch to another brand that does not do that. That is just not right.

  45. Quentin says:

    No I’m sorry, to heck with Sony. George Orwell’s “1984” anyone? I won’t touch a Sony product with a 10ft pole and while I’m at it the same goes for Apple.

  46. GottZ says:

    i’m in love with steam and i’m happy with it.
    steam only requires an username and a password and thats all. i can travel to another country, can go to a friend, could login there with my account and can play my games without limitations..

    well. i cannot resell my games but at least i know that i can download them as often as i want, where i want.

    (each humblebundle pops out steam keys aswell)

  47. Roland says:

    I’m inclined to agree. Lately I’m starting to get the feeling Sony is going to go the way of Sega (R.I.P. Dreamcast) except less awesome. Part of me hopes they don’t and part of me thinks they deserve it for their EULAs.

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