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Sony thinks it’s a good idea to track your DNA to prevent piracy


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  1. nCadeRegal says:

    depends on if you have the runs, and or explosive diarhea. lol. plus how many porcelian pings you have during your throne use. they measure the pings like sonar. cant finish reply gotta go gonns hsve accident and dont have on depends.

  2. Pirate Cat says:

    No more public restrooms, gotta go back home and log-in to your toilet.

  3. jdubs says:

    Okay so…spend 200 million dollars for handheld devices that scan DNA. Then saved about 50k because it prevented pirating. Brilliant!

  4. LOLZ says:

    Is Sony degrading from bad to worse ?

  5. InfinityGene says:

    To be honest, I did have VHBL on my vita(through MHFU) but I decided to remove the exploit since VHBL isn’t ready. I use my regular PSP for all that instead since it’s simple and more easy to use. Besides, Monster Hunter is a good game. But things like this is causing disruptions for all players since they need to shutdown PSN for them to patch up the mess you made. And now stuff like this DNA tracking for PIRACY? You should of stayed with the PSP because the VITA isn’t worth it. I’m going to assume when you first saw the VITA you thought Haaaaaaaaax(Not to be confused with Dr.Hax). To summarize, the VITA is fine without all this homebrew. You already conquered PSP. I’d leave it there.

    • wololo says:

      I think you might be confused about what vhbl can and cant do. Vhbl is definitely “ready” on the mh exploit. What exactly are you expecting from vhbl that it isn’t providing? Also, psn maintenance has nothing to do with vhbl

  6. Teleus says:

    Don’t worry people, its taken Sony 6+ years to develop a console which isn’t the size of my house and which doesn’t have the heat output of a dying star, therefore I don’t think that there is any danger of them developing this before the human race has evolved into an ethereal species with no physical manifestation to track.

    The time taken to download and install the system updates would have to be measured in eons.

  7. Bertha says:

    If they do it, I will swear off Sony and switch to another brand that does not do that. That is just not right.

  8. Quentin says:

    No I’m sorry, to heck with Sony. George Orwell’s “1984” anyone? I won’t touch a Sony product with a 10ft pole and while I’m at it the same goes for Apple.

  9. thes says:

    If this becomes the norm for DRM; TV will be my only source
    of entertainment…
    This *** is going too far…
    The person who even thought of this should be shot.
    The biggest envasion of privacy you could do to a person
    just so a company doesnt lose $5? what next, hair samples to
    be able to buy a DVD player?

  10. GottZ says:

    i’m in love with steam and i’m happy with it.
    steam only requires an username and a password and thats all. i can travel to another country, can go to a friend, could login there with my account and can play my games without limitations..

    well. i cannot resell my games but at least i know that i can download them as often as i want, where i want.

    (each humblebundle pops out steam keys aswell)

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