What’s going on with the Prometheus website?


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33 Responses

  1. Randqalan

    It is a bust for me too Ohio USA
    been thinking was my ISP this at least let me know not me 🙂

  2. Randqalan

    Looks like I can get on with GEB thou so only web resolution problem 😀

  3. qwikrazor87

    Communication with the server failed.
    A DNS error has occurred.

  4. Alex

    Works from New Zealand

  5. Tonakai

    Not working in Wales or England. Unsure about the rest of Britain.

  6. Tonakai

    Just got someone to confirm that it is NOT working in Adelaide, South Australia.

  7. Luzifa

    Not working in Germany

  8. mohsin

    see i told you nobody listened to me!!!!!!

  9. HeroKing

    cb posted in the pro cfw topic of the new link. hop over to pro.coldbird.uk.to or forum.coldbird.uk.to

    • Randqalan

      These should work for everyone but people besides me
      need to check thanks heroking still over there helping out 🙂

  10. LOLZ

    work in my place though.

  11. jlo138

    Not working in Texas, U.S.

  12. Randqalan

    Well these work so good to know 😀

    pro.coldbird.uk.to or forum.coldbird.uk.to

  13. meep

    Portugal is a no no.

  14. LooneyTunes

    Not working at Kerala, India.

  15. svenn

    not working belgium, however dns can take up to 48h to update.

  16. Jvhellraiser

    Not Working in Puerto Rico.

  17. I dont know what the *** is this!
    I just want ad hoc work on the vita

  18. w7y7a7t7t

    big ol’ no from saskatchewan, canada

  19. wistine

    No working in Europe for me!

  20. pploco1996

    Venezuela… Down 🙁

  21. ZgamerR

    U.K Virgin media

    http://www.prometheus.uk.to is unavailable or may not exist.

    under the search results are :

    Top suggestions for failure


  22. Randqalan

    [B][SIZE=5]pro.coldbird.uk.to or forum.coldbird.uk.to Try these report back others are offline now[/SIZE][/B]

  23. Razorbacktrack

    Not working in Italy

  24. openvita

    germany, not working

  25. HIMFan

    Not working here in Topeka,KS,USA

  26. XSpalter

    doesnt work for me on google chrome, opera, internet explorer (Germany)

  27. toBsucht

    http://forum.coldbird.uk.to/ pro.coldbird.uk work thanks HeroKing 😉
    not working http://www.prometheus.uk.to/

  28. whiteguy64

    not working seymour missouri usa

  29. Jaypee

    Not working for me in! Oakland california!