TokyoGameShow 2012 News Roundup

The Tokyo game show was recently held and Sony made a ton of very big announcements for the Psvita, PS3, PSP and more. Big changes and news including some new hardware, games and apps You can check all of it out below! 



Playstation Network News

  • PSN will be getting a completely new look and interface:

“To tie in with the launch, PlayStation Store for PS3 is set to get a new look from October 2012 too, making it even easier for you to find and download the content you love from the comfort of your sofa.”

  • Sony has announced that PlayStation Mobile games will begin to arrive on October 3rd.

“PlayStation Mobile will launch in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany and France to start, with more to follow. 30 games will be available at launch, ranging from 50 yen (approximately $0.63) to 850 yen (approximately $10.77) including tax. Titles will be by third party developers and Sony’s worldwide studios, with additional releases coming out often. The PlayStation Mobile Developer Program will also launch in November, allowing developers to access the PlayStation Mobile SDK (software development kit) to create their own games to distribute on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Certified devices as well as Vita. The Developer Program will roll out in 11 countries and will be available for $99 per year.”

  • Andrew House, Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said the new cloud service using Gaikai tech and manpower was on the way and looking to expand the potential of PlayStation business beyond games.
  • Sony bragged about the “Over 600 playable PS One games playable on Vita in Japan”
  • Next month, over 3000 manga will become available for PlayStation Vita owners in Japan.


  •  Sony just announced during the Tokyo Game Show that a new Playstation 3 model is coming. This model will be 20% lighter and 25% smaller than the current slim models. The device will be available soon: 9/25 in the US, 9/28 in Europe, and 10/4 in Japan. Both Black and White colors will be available, and the Hard drive is getting a boost up to 500GB, witb various size models. Check out Wololos post for more pictures and information here
  • PlayStation plus coming in November to the PsVita
  • On sale November 15, Sony will be offering Japanese customers the Vita in Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue. (Pics below!) This may or may not come to other regions.






  • BlackOps Declassified gets December release date (Black Ops 2 Zombies reveal trailer on 9.26.12, teaser trailer watch it on youtube here!
  • Valhalla Knights 3 will be coming to PlayStation Vita in 2013
  • Muramasa: The Demon Blade in 2013
  • Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus coming 2013
  • God Eater 2 will be on the psvita
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus coming soon
  • Tecmo Koei has revealed Toukiden for the PlayStation Vita and PSP.
  • PlayStation All-Stars beta invites began going out today, going out to a limited amount of people and this beta’s for the PlayStation Vita version.

“Those who receive a code will gain access to special forums where feedback can be given directly to developer SuperBot Entertainment. Right now, the cross play developer beta is set to run from now through Tuesday, September 25th.”

  • WB Interactive announced that Spy Hunter will hit PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS on October 9th.

Games (PS3)

  • Square Enix revealed that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is coming to PlayStation 3. The collection will include the original Kingdom Hearts,Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days in HD, all with trophy support. The collection includes the “Final Mix” of Kingdom Hearts; scheduled to be released in Japan next year. No European or North American release has been announced.
  • The digital version of Borderlands 2, available as a download on PSN as of this weeks update.

Other News

  • During the Tokyo Game Show Capcom announced that Monster Hunter 4 will hit Nintendo 3DS in March 2013 in Japan. Online multiplayer will be available. Other regions and platforms not yet announced.
  • Ninja Gaiden coming to iOS
*Note: All of this is confirmed for Japan, other regions and release can change unless noted.


  1. Lelouch’s avatar

    Kinda disappointing if you ask me.


    1. HaunterZeroX’s avatar

      I hear you man. The most disappointing thing for me is that, over half of those games mentioned during the show would be only released in Japan.


  2. SuperVisionaryHD’s avatar

    Dissapointing that i just got a vita and now i want a slim super slim my bad.
    Im gunna cry reeal bad!


    1. xoombie503’s avatar

      They are not releasing a slim vita..its a ps3


      1. Jd8531’s avatar

        They arent releasing a slim vita right now but they will in the next year or two, I’ll bet my life on it.


    2. Dalton_Corazon’s avatar

      Exaggerated. I doubt the super ultra slim you refer to is PS3 but for PSvita? I think it will take a long months or years to revise the hardware. For now as what I have read precisely is the housing of the said PSvita..


      1. zoraktorok’s avatar

        SLIM PS3…. PS3…. PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not vita


  3. Yes’s avatar

    Thanks for this roundup :) I didnt know about information like the PS Mobile release date, that Vita will come in two extra colors, and that the PS Store would get a new look.


  4. Yes’s avatar

    By the way, the Youtube links directly to this article.


    1. Jd8531’s avatar

      Its working, might be the browser you’re using?


      1. Yes’s avatar

        I’m using Firefox. Earlier it did link directly to this article, but now it works :)


  5. Cristal666’s avatar

    So sad,how many games the will release on vita until it dies ¿20?,where the hell is god of war,castlevania,rockman,medievil,Crash,parasite eve,new rpg games,resident evil,silent hill where are those perfect games!!!?.


    1. Jd8531’s avatar

      Not even a Monster Hunter 4 announcement for Vita. I bet we will see more games at E3 2013.


  6. jdubs’s avatar

    No final fantasy type-0, FF Versus, or tales….grrr!!!


  7. w7y7a7t7t’s avatar

    for a second my heart fluttered when i read kingdom hearts, sadly it’s just all the games i already own in hd :(


  8. Dalton_Corazon’s avatar

    MMORPGs! like to interact with online gamers yehey.. OWMING! PK! KILL!


  9. pploco1996’s avatar

    Too bad I don`t have enough money to buy a vita… I just have a hacked psp and there are no releases for it anymore, at least not good ones


  10. randy is pseudo’s avatar

    i got the ps vita beta like a day before i updated my vhbl to 1.81. i was already planning on updating anyways so its no way related with sony and stuff…why is japan getting all the love also? isnt sony made like in freakin america or somethin? and WHEN or HOW can i mod my vita buttons or templates to match those of the red and blue vita? should i wait? i want to change my vita skin completely so if anyone knows thanks alot…sorry for bragging!


    1. UE’s avatar

      Sony has always been japanese… always always always… hell they themselves as a company put a lot into that japanese origin part and focus very strongly on keeping it predominantly controlled by japan too.

      Also you can mod the ps vita right now with new buttons, you just have to take it apart and void the warranty… something I don’t plan on doing till my 3 years are up.


      1. Norml’s avatar

        Can’t you tell by how they run business? The reason why we the consumer are getting screwed left and right.


        1. wololo’s avatar

          This is sad because Japanese companies used to be an example of good customer care/ customer service. Slowly but surely, American and European companies are getting better than them at that. Sony has lost my trust as a company that cares about their customers a long time ago. Their customer service was nice but definitely useless every time I contacted them in the past 5 years.


          1. thorwak’s avatar

            For me, the whole Sony brand went from “Good quality, seems trustworthy enough” to “Still mostly cool hardware, but be paranoid, for real!” over night. It happened in 2005.

            (I know, Sony BMG has little to do with Sony CE. Still, the old slogan “It’s a Sony!” forever changed)

        2. Yes’s avatar

          How are the consumers getting screwed left and right?


  11. naki’s avatar

    Blue and red vita looks awesome! wish I had more money to spare lol

    God eater 2 on PS Vita… It sure sounds good but I hope thay don’t have too much exclusive content on it and kind of throw away the PSP version.


  12. DarkZenRitual’s avatar

    Red Decalgirl skin…Close enough,

    SF X Tekken, LBP, Fifa 13 , Jetset radio and more and more…needz money now!


    1. jamesssss’s avatar

      Be careful when you remove the Decal Girl skins! the cheap plastic effect on the top and side of the Vita as well as in the finger grips you see in the middle of the rear touch screen comes straight off!!

      I had my Vita trashed by this, the rubber effect is really cheap and even though I removed the Decal Girl skin slowly and heated it slightly as suggested by Decal Girl my Vita’s look was ruined.

      Sony, not interested that the Vita build quality is so crap that this happened in the first place! Amazon, no problem and simply replaced it next day.

      Learned my lesson, never install a skin on that rubber effect plastic! I just have a skin on the front and rear touchscreen which looks great, then a silicon case to protect the sides.


  13. Foleyfactor’s avatar

    Damn, that blue one is nice!


  14. Teleus’s avatar

    What do we think the chances are of a Muramasa release in the west? They did it on Gamecube!


  15. jamesssss’s avatar

    I never understand with this translation stuff, Microsoft showed with the Xbox 360 how to do it.

    Basically from a Microsoft dev article they said that they do all text translations for all languages simultaneously, this brings the workload down as you can be play testing the game as you go along bit by bit. Why do the Japanese build the whole game and then go back and translate it if they see the need? this must make the process so much longer and harder.

    I would be happy if they just translated the text, not really bothered about the voices as I have a basic understanding of Japanese and the Japanese voice actors always sound so much better!

    Even better… why don’t they design games with language files that they release to the community, that way if the manufacturer doesn’t want to localise somebody in the community can translate the text. Maybe once done you could load it back on a USB stick back in to the game. One of the reasons I like having a hacked console is so that I can get JRPG translations.


  16. KuroRyuu913’s avatar

    All I see is Kingdom Hearts 1.5, Monster Hunters 4, Vahalla Knights 3, God Eater 2, Muromasa Vita, and PS+ on vita (not that i will be using that anytime soon till i NEED to update YAY VHBL)
    New PS3? No thanks, Maybe if mine breaks sure, but no, New PS Vita colors? Not worth the money. Anything coming to america? No? well then…..


  17. CycloneFox’s avatar

    As you wll notice from the following post, I’m a big Sony hardware and software fan. But I also have a 360 and a Wii and I will buy a Wii U as soon as Monolith Softs title or maybe an HD Zelda releases.

    I must saym that this year, Sony showed so much stuff, that nobody needs to be disappointed or anything, at all. Sony had the best show on E3 with the most new games and most exclusive stuff, while Microsoft still keeps disappointing core-gamers with Kinect-stuff and no new IPs. Sony was the only one of the big hardware-developers who showed up at gamescom and even showed alot of new stuff, especially indi-games. And showed alot of respect for the German youth protection, which is really sensitive. And now, even with Nintendo’s Wii U presenations and all those news, Sony keeps bringing so many news for the Japanese market, too.

    I’m especially interested in Muramasa: The Demon Blade. I love Vanilla Ware and hope, that this will come to the west. I loved Odin’s Sphere, but somehow missed this on the Wii. I think, that game is the perfect choice for this Handheld.


  18. Blackwolf’s avatar

    Muramasa in Ps vita!! Awesome!!!


  19. shades’s avatar

    Hoping God Eater 2 will be good. If it’s going to be a Monster Hunter clone like the last one just with more personality . . . that’s too bad.


  20. booler’s avatar

    Fack, is Sony even interested in its own console?

    I beg devs and hackers and anyone who can hear me – please make a descent PSP Iso loader so I could use my own games on my vita, sinnce there was no descent games since march release for god’s sake!


  21. LooneyTunes64’s avatar

    Seems like there’s no ‘big’ news for the psp :(


  22. Aggie’s avatar

    Vita is dead, i wonder why i bought it?


  23. Hobz’s avatar

    If they can bring all those games to US or Europe, I might finally get myself a Vita.

    Maybe I should wait for a “slim” version, how long do you think it will take ? (excuse me if it’s a stupid question)


    1. Jd8531’s avatar

      Its not :P Id say in 2014, given the psp 2000 came out 2 years after the first. We may see one next holiday but its a small chance.


      1. Hobz’s avatar

        Hey thx for the answer, came to the same conclusion by looking at the wiki pages of psp and ps3.


  24. BShornock’s avatar

    A Slim Vita would be a pain in the ass, it’s already a little too small to handle without a grip. The PSP was even worse!


    1. Hobz’s avatar

      Well I don’t care for the slim aspect, but these models are usually an opportunity to enhance screen, battery life and whatnot.


  25. neverthewiseone’s avatar

    wow 3000+ games, imagine if half of them has exploits. sony can patch every week for the rest of ps vita’s life and they’ll have plenty of games left for VBHL.



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