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Sony’s New Strategies to Block VHBL

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  1. Fox says:

    I better go check my vita, make sure it hasn’t updated by itself! lol

    • snuffler says:

      haha, damn i bought motorstorm arctic edge and when i tried to load the vhbl save, it was corrupt.. just bought monster hunter for vhbl.. i just found out about this.. haha i’m gonna run out of money for no reason soon

  2. It’s probably only for plus, like it is on PS3.

  3. super says:

    This is starting to get interesting…

  4. Cheesethief says:

    Automatic Updates is a PS+ feature which can be disabled.

  5. TelcoLou says:

    Would they be able to somehow force your Vita to also self-enable wifi? As in, turn it on without your knowing and then force an update?

    • Cheesethief says:

      That would probably be illegal not to mention the poo storm it would make with customers.

      • SSJ-Vita says:

        I wouldn’t rule that out in the not too distant future. Our rented/leased handhelds do not belong to us, or WE would be able to do whatever WE wanted to do with OUR machines. But it’s not like it’s just sony or anything like that, I don’t know about everyone else but I’m collecting old tech to avoid those kinds of problems altogether. This is being typed on an 03 win xp I picked up at a garage sale event for a dollar lol. Yeah this beast sports a full 384 megs of ram on a pentium 3, the old tech collecting is working out.

        • tyde4 says:

          Ohhh. No u don’t! when they place it on the web or even on the shelf for sale they lose all rights to it so if sony says although i bought my $200 devise it still don’t make it mine then they can kiss my a$$ cuzz it is mine and ill do w/e i want with it if sony has a problem with that then they are false advertiseing when they say for sale it’d have to be changed to for rent so f*** u sony

    • wololo says:

      If it reaches that point I would say it’s pretty safe to say somebody could sue Sony for putting some planes in danger or something 😛

    • neverthewiseone says:

      that’s frightening stuff, what if they open our wifi and update automatically they boom it’s bye bye vbhl. put they should also help as in paying our elec. bill. charging is not free you know.

    • svenn says:

      Well in a closed system like PSPVITA, that is actually thinkable, they won’t automatic set it up, but they could force you to connect to the web before beeing able to play any game for once a week. (by example) And legally its pretty solid, since the package states “this product needs an active internet connection”

      Maybe you would think, naaaah, but in the PSP era nobody would have believed if someone told you that you needed to be connected to the internet to put files on your psp drive.

  6. Tontsa says:

    Automatic updates on Vita will most likely work like they do PS3, e.g. once a day Vita will wake up on a user pre-determined time and check for game/firmware updates, sync trophies and upload game saves to Online Storage. If a newer firmware update is available it is automatically downloaded but NOT installed. User has to install it manually.

    And like Cheesethief already said, one can disable Automatic updates.

  7. quetz says:

    i think i’ll stay with my fw 1.80 and my nice vhbl, waiting for the uvl release.
    i’d like to connect the store, but i was lucky enough to purchase resident evil dc and a final fantasy 4… so i got at least sometime to enjoy playing.. ’til new “feature non feature” comes out with other firmwares. beside, if hack scene was waiting so long for having psone emulator, maybe now we’re waiting for playstation mobile suite be released?

  8. cris says:

    it is the time of cfw a release of a patched psp emulator within the vita os
    i have been a consoles owner for many years and i dont like the way they treat to their clients
    first it was the umds
    second the special storage card and the lock in one account
    greedy companies loose customers i ve got a ps vita from day one and i can say that they are not even concern about gaming only for profit,they release ports of games and dont use the horsepower of vita

  9. Minimur 12 says:

    I’m lucky I got a ps3 so if I wanr something (bit long winded) but I can download it and put it on my ps vita lol

    • Thommo says:

      How do you do that?
      My vita keeps telling me to update whenever I connect it to the ps3.

      • Virgil says:

        Heys mine does too anyone got a solution for this? the guy things he is smart by saing that but not even looked into it -.-” when u try to put content from ps3 to psvita it says it has to update, then when u dissable the wifi and the wifi on ur ps3 it sais it need internet to use content manager. someone got any ideas for this? thanks!

  10. MGB says:

    well .. i just update it
    i just reserved a beta code for PSALBR
    i cant resist it 🙁

    • Virgil says:

      me 2! i want to play it bad but i dont want to update my vita…. i tought i could just put the content from the ps3 to the psvita. but when i trie to do this it sais it has to update. then when u turn of the wifi on ur ps3 and vita, the ps3 sais it needs wifi to do any kind of contant management via the ps3 to the psv -.-” anyone got solutions?

  11. CDeviant says:

    Yea, I’ll be staying on FW 1.8..
    If there is another exploit in the works,(PSP, or otherwise.) It’s safe to say that it would be released after the PS+ update. Of course, that might not happen, I’m just hopeful.

  12. psVitovic says:

    prometheus site and servers are down! please veryfy!

  13. neverthewiseman says:

    i dont know why sony is very aggressive on a small community like us the vbhl users. we’re just playing homebrews for nintendo and other old console’s which is there rivals on handheld console sales. i think the only way that sony will be happy is if an emulator for 3ds comes out for ps vita.

  14. Jun says:

    Automatic System Update = Forced System Update….lol

  15. JohnJQ says:

    Why? Why are you trying so hard to hurt the already hurting Vita Sales?

    Don’t you realize that with your “work” on Vita the only thing you will get (directly or not) is to open the thing to piracy? That’s what (practically) destroyed PSP market and it will destroy Vita’s.

    Why do you do this? Do you REALLY think you help only “honest” users? Do you realize that the mayority of the ones who are waiting to “jailbreak” the Vita is to get FREE COMERCIAL GAMES? (/sarcasm).

    I will SURE BE HAPPY AS heck if your work on Vita doen’t open this can of worms. I would love to have emulators for games that I can no longer get (no, PSOne games doesn’t count) but I really think this will only result on piracy.

    • wololo says:

      Vhbl has been around since day 1 on the vita. Do you see any piracy on the vita yet? No, so do your research before you troll.

      • Yes says:

        Are the videos of PSP isos running on Vita fake?

        • kuro kitsune says:

          Also @yes no those videos are real but they dont use hbl in any way those isos where being run in a kernal explot of the psp emu while hbl is in user mode and can never launch isos

          • Yes says:

            Sorry, a bit bad wording from me. I didnt mean that VHBL could be used for piracy, i just ment that PSP piracy could be possible on Vita because of the kernel exploit. I wonder if the kernel exploit works on firmware 1.81.

        • wololo says:

          The ones I have seen are true. I gave this precision in the articles I wrote about them.

          • Yes says:

            Do you know if it is still possible to use this on firmware 1.81?

          • SSJ-Vita says:

            Uh yes I’ll have a small windows/or mac laptop, make it a handheld with dual analogs, touch screen and no mayo I mean..second screen. That’s what I’d honestly like out of my vita, free reign on my purchased machine. Thanks for all your hard work devs in helping to bring that dream slightly more into this reality.

      • kuro kitsune says:

        I think he was being sarcasic.abit and phrased it wrong.i think he ment by the way sony is acting aginst vhbl and harmless user exploits there only egging hackers on to create a way to have piracy thus deystorying the vita. Honestly i do think sonys focus is way off.. but imho why are they scared of hard core pirates if 4000 pirate everything instead of buying then how the heck can they hurt sales if they never buy anything ti be apart of sales numbers o.o but id rather see sony work on features for the end.users they should ignore hackers untill something that can result in priacy but that probly stems from the fact who gives orders doesnt understand that a user.mode explot is really harmless to them… x.x

        • gunblade says:

          da only thing i can see if dea was like a ds mod chip a hdd mod da vita would be alright but brutal thing the sytem only got like hundred game out right now n maybe having 1oo psp n1oooo psx games on da vita would be perfect sum apps n still have room fo music n videos but da grapichs fo da vita prety nice

    • HIMFan says:

      Oh man, you did it now. (Educated)fans of wololo and his VHBL creation are definitely about to flame you so hard guy. If you didn’t come to this website, you seriously wouldn’t have even known about VHBL, thats how insignificant it is to Vita.

      So here’s a history lesson, homeslice. The VHBL, because it’s loaded through a PSP game (not a Vita game) can only run homebrew through the PSP emulator on the Vita. Just like the HBL on the PSP. Now. The HBL on the PSP is not the same as CFW on the PSP. The custom firmware could do anything, run pirated games, run homebrew, you name it. Wololo’s HBL could only run homebrew (you know the games I make in my home, or the emulators that Sony doesn’t sell you anyway).

      HAVING SAID ALL THAT, VHBL is harmless. Because it, like it’s big brother, can only run homebrew and emulators through the PSP emulator. AND the PSP emulator is sandboxed, that means that even if we run exploits in in (as far as we know) we can’t get to the Vita side. Sony did that intentionally because they KNEW we’d find exploits.

      Now please leave, and never return.

      • xSpectrum says:

        VHBL is posted on every Sony scene site, even if it isn’t by Wololo himself 😐

      • gunblade says:

        cuz da vita game have dat werd ps3 install thing going on like wen u restart the vita n if u have a game in it da game in da game port bounce after loading to da screen n guessing da downloaded ones are more updated n has to run of da memory card but den so does da hbl da sytem setting also look like the saved data jus show apps psp save vita game add ons but its dosent even show all da game add on

    • Zimond says:

      Nice try, sony worker.

    • un3gr0 says:

      @JohnJQ As you say:
      “Poor $ony. Poor $ony isnt winning tons of money because of VHBL, VHBL will lead to piraty… And other bullshits”. This is the most infamous and ridiculous lie I ever seen in my life.

      $ony deserves it. Vita poor sales only cause is they way they threat consumers. They way they change their products and “Terms of Use”.

      -Ps3 was the worst mistake of $ony, and after a year of xbox360 launch they were liying for every one saying they “Got better Hardware” “Better Software” “linux compatibility” and a lot of other lies. I as consumer belived buyied this *** ps3 and what i got?
      -Linux compatibility Broken
      -Game compatibilitie Problems (See Skyrim Dawnguard)
      -I belived in sony’s handled, i like gaming, like mobile gaming, and got a psvita. But here in Brazil this *** piece of plastic and metal cost as expensive as gold. Got a memory card a few games, and now im looking where is my money.
      -And the lies about VITA: “Remote Playing” Ps1, ps2 and ps3 full compatibility. The way they do with retail owners in backward compatibility is ilegal and imoral.
      -Have someone used remote playing with god of war colletion? IT WAS THE WORST PLAYING OF MY LIVE, WITH A 5s DELAY IN COMMANDS. I was using my private network it wasnt even internet.
      -For sure M$ will beat $ony in next generation, playing in windows 8 will be as good. $ony as Sega, will be in the future only history.


      • gunblade says:

        well ill bet sony trying to make maney on da vita apps more den dea full game cartige type game since its a big bother to compeat with apple apps n android apps type devises i mean i heard of mini ipads dat will have screen almost the same size as da vita but guessing it be all touch screen n i like buttons more but den having the *** load of apple apps was alwas a good thing on my jail breack iphone was fun do to da fake dat i had a 16 gig n almost 100 or more apps yeah taking a picture an changing the photo coloar n editing picture would be fun on the vita but the vitas farword caeras make video chat hard but jus saying dat the vita piracy is not realy da issue it having trouble campeting wit apple n android devives but den so does da nintendo portable franchise n if u think dat dea or more moddles of android type devises den vita nintendo n apple u would think dat android apps rank in a bit of cash but den again apple n android devives r hacked systems

    • Balzr says:

      I’m not buying a Vita until there’s a way to play my PSP games on it without re-purchasing. How’s that for hurting Vita’s sale? Idiots… Sony can go bankrupt and Vita can fail miserably for all I care, but blaming it on “pirates” is the most *** thing you can do, and puts you in the same league as the Vita project management at Sony.

  16. Dyablo says:

    I think everyone knows sony is going to patch VHBL every time and maybe when usermode is relase for Vita sony will relase a big update with something that we like making us update thats sony new Game.

    • gunblade says:

      yea wy i wander wt sony relased dat update for the dev kit was think dat the vita has a lot more easier explotes den one would think guessing wy it does have does error reports iam guessing dat wen the system is connaceted to the internet since it auto loads to the sony network i guessing it does a system bios report n yet the vita wen it first came out its firmware had a lot of bugs dont think they fix them all yet iam still in one of the first updates

  17. TheSpillmonkey says:

    When you are calling 1.8.1 “forced”, do you mean that If i re-enable wifi, it will auto update, or do you mean it’s required for PSN ?

    • jdubs says:

      Required for psn or to play games online. heck, some new release games might even require an update to play when you pop it into your vita. As far as I know, it wont auto-update.

  18. Jhartz says:

    Seriously… If Sony wants to take vhbl away they should be updating there firmware with kick *** features so I’ll want to update the device and lose my vhbl.

    Works for apple IMO I can’t keep my iPad jailbroken because eventually new features or games that require the newest firmware (bastion) are released so often.

    Sony seems to be putting too much effort into anti piracy and not fresh awesome content

  19. Mr Jack says:

    Well on the ps3 you can turn on automatic updates which is useful with playstation plus if I recall, playstation plus needs to be connected to the psn in order to take effect so if they have an update and you aren’t updated then you may not be able to use the playstation plus feature on your vita if a firmware update comes out unless you update again. Automatic updating sucks and so I never use playstation plus.

    • jdubs says:

      As much as I love vhbl, I do have ps+ and it would indeed be glorious on the vita. Glorious enough to make me update. Sigh, nothing is better than playing Earthbound on a handheld. I may not break. We’ll see. 😛

  20. Alex says:

    This is sooooo unfair. (yes i know how that sounds) but seriously now because of this BS update to “relinquish the ever present threat that is VHBL” i lost Netflix… WHAT!!! what does netflix have to do with anything?! this is total garbage. I buy the vita for $250 plus tax, and a proprietary memory card for $30+ plus tax for a grand total of over $300. Then I buy Monster hunter United for $20, and Sony swoops in and takes away Netflix. Does anybody else see a serious problem here.
    At the very least i can say they didn’t take Youtube, or Twitter, but Netflix?! really Sony. Come on!!!!
    Oh and for auto starting Wifi, I can see how they might do this. They write a script into the new FW, and once a day or every couple of days it starts, but only for a few minutes just to check for updates. If it finds and update, it downloads the new FW.
    Sorry for my horrible grammar.

    • gunblade says:

      garens wy they update dat dev kit dea apps probly does dat windows eight thing wen da live screen updates n wit internet conection loads error reports but den was commen sense dat da apps had expoilts they did have facebook app thing going on but i noticed my facebook app back den would jus glitch n freez up but dont no how dat would all help but atleast on da firmware iam on its dosent flash the home buttun blue dat often but the touch screen lags hella hard sum times.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Its just like how Xbox Live requires gold which is $50 a year to use netflix which is already $9 a month. Its ridiculous and its just your average corporate monopolies haggling the consumer. You are going to have to sacrifice something sadly :/

  21. h1rnt0t says:

    if sony is completely *** up, they might not do automatic update you cant block with turning wifi on without the user knowing it, but do some “stealth patches” (for something like vhbl) instead.
    only the users who use exploits would recognize it, so, if a shitstorm comes up, sony could say that these patches were necessary to prevent piracy -> shitstorm invalid.

  22. Yes says:

    I havnt read all posts yet, but the “automatic software updates” is old from PS3. It simply means that game update patches for games are automatically downloaded and installed. Firmware will not be installed automatically because it requires you to accept the EULA stuff every time.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Right, but if they are trying to find new ways to combat VHBL and exploits then this may be not optional. On the PS3 exploits and hacking wasn’t much of a problem….just food for thought. Software doesn’t necessarily mean games. But like I said the context isn’t known, the automatic update, if it is a game would patch the game without warning.

      • Yes says:

        It was a problem on PS3 after firmware 3.41, and especially after 3.55. Accepting the EULA everytime you need to do a firmware update is for legal reasons, i can’t see that this will change anytime soon.

        I can guarantee you 99.99% that this is not about automatic firmware update. It is being said in context of PS+, so this is an option that will only be available for PS+ users. Even if it should be possible to do an automatic firmware update, this will not be forced. On PS3, it is fully possible to turn of automatic game patching update for example.

        • Jd8531 says:

          Even if it is an auto game forced update for everyone including ps+ users its a problem and will most likely be some kind of move to batten down hacks. Its still important that everyone be aware that it can happen. You never know.

  23. Joe says:

    There are few up coming vita games that i really want to buy, but i guess i wont because it probably will force me to update then it probably will blocked VHBL etc. VHBL cant run back up vita game anyways, why try to hard to kill it? now sony is making some people not to buy their vita game because of that. I am pretty sure i am not the only one think that. bye bye vita games.

    • Yes says:

      They’re doing the “better safe than sorry” thing. No matter how harmless VHBL or any exploit is, they dont want to leave it open just in case.

  24. Crimson says:

    I bet the new firmwire still got bugs :/

  25. etertay says:

    I updated to psvita 1.80, but im putting it on airplane mode until i get more info on this.

    doesn’t sony realize that if they block vbhl that there will only be more incentive to hack the vita? much more likely to enable piracy?

    • yyy says:

      There are intencive to hack it anyway. As Wololo wrote a while ago, if something is seen as secure, this is a draw for hackers since it offers a challenge. VHBL worked fine until recently, still Yifan work on it for example. Then there are also someone who looked into a hardware hack. This was also when VHBL worked.

    • gunblade says:

      dis if funny so anyone think it be posible take a psp umd n hook it up it to da vita saying u did not want the rear thouch screen

  26. solidsnake says:

    cant use netflix and pstore anymore. but there was nothing there anyway to begin with thats worth anything ha ha

  27. Zimond says:

    Let them do it. It is a natural law. The more you try to forbid something the more people will try to do it anyway.

    Sony is increasing the challenge for Vita hackers. And that will increase their motivation

  28. PSPGHOST says:


  29. An M n M says:

    You need Wifi to update the Vita. If you don’t have wifi, how are you gonna update? Just tuirn off your wifi before you turn on your Vita. If you want a new game for your emulator, download it to your computer, unplug your wifi, and start up the CMA thing to transfer your files to your Vita without having to update.

    • karadur says:

      Problem with the second half of your solution is that without openCMA, an active internet connection is required for Content Manager Assistant to run.

      That said, there’s another plainly obvious workaround: delete all saved wifi connection settings from within your Vita’s settings menu. Enabling Flight Mode could also work, but on the assumption that a function to switch it off temporarily wouldn’t be too difficult for Sony to implement, having no saved connections would be preferred.

      Personally, I plan to make do with what I have right now (1.80), and not update until some proper game (in an actual box / on a game card) I buy in the future requires it. Who knows? By that point, a workaround may have been developed…

    • gunblade says:

      anyone notice dat da vita um home butten lets u have sum screen dat shows da home screen to the left den all da apps n game u have buttum of the screen it has da web links but think the all go the the psn iam gussing also certain apps r ment to do certain thing but dea systems auto start has only da live area screen online psn update n the messager wander wy of all da apps it has da messager wich is an app dat did com with the system ooh n wats wit the da load tabs fo the minis wy r they like the psp ones idk how the load tabs r fo the psx on the vita iam stilll in an older firmware.. n i have like a few vita game not download they take up to much space but dea load tabs dont all the load screen tabs have atleast da werd book thing a browser thing a psn app link an a refresh well vita games an apps have more of its loads screen tabs have wea u can scrool down n see ur activitys wit the game n post thing dat is automaticly posted on ur account n probly does sum werd app to app thing wit near.

  30. An M n M says:

    The VHBL is indeed harmful. Remember we used HBL to start up Total_Noobs HEN?

  31. gunblade says:

    well da vitas os probly meseed up hybrid of the ps3 os da experia os psp idk since basicly dats wat my vita 3g seems like

  32. saeeid says:


  33. jeka says:

    hello, when i connect my PSVITA to the pc whit cma (openCMA) i need to update but i dont do that !! i cannot download any games anymore to the vita ?? damn !! stupid sony f@ggots that they are… but i need more ROMS on it help meee!!!! how can i still copy games to my vita whitout update my system!???

    byyyeeeeeeee !!!!!

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