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Playing-Asia: Longing for localization.


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  1. dragng8 says:

    More games based on popular anime series. I would’ve liked to see a Bleach game on vita, but sadly enough…the PSP ones were only released in Japan and the series was canned.

  2. Blackwolf says:

    The suikoden serie is a must have. i’ve enjoyed a lot (ps, ps, nds) and it’s one of my favorite title along with Zelda, breath of fire and front mission

  3. quetz says:

    JRPG’s are THE GAMES

  4. dante says:


    I loved the older games like zelda, Final fantasy, etc etc (love Dragoon) and actually enjoy tales of innocence on the wii.
    But the older I get and the busier I am with work and family etc etc the less time I have for these kind of games. These days I rather play something that I can finish within a few hours or maybe 2 to 3 days, since I lose intesrest and forgot what happened in the game when I return after a week of no gaming.
    I know we should not really support games like COD etc that is just an iteration of the same thing but I am strangely attracted to the short campaigns etc which mean I can actually finish a game. (I tried to play the HD versions of ico and Shadow of the colossus but I just do not have time each day to do so)
    I have a *** load of games, on all the systems and handhelds out there even SNES etc that I still need to play but time is something that is in big demand when you are married, have responsibilities etc etc. That is why I am saving etc to be able to retire by age 50 , so that maybe then I can sit en enjoy my games, if I am not too old by then.

    • wololo says:

      I like your plan. That’s a good idea. Retiring early to finally have the time to play games. I think I found a new goal in life, thanks 🙂

      • dante says:

        Hehe thanks.Glad you like it. Luckily for me here in South Africa it is still quite easy to save up some real money for retirement, so it is definitely possible, and seeing that I spend a lot of time at work so cannot spend all my money I guess nothing better to do than to save. Lets hope I don’t ‘expire’ before 50 then…hehe.
        O and love the fact that the tales series is coming on 3DS, I loved the anime series.
        Hope you save enough for this dream and have enough time, I only got 19 years left so large amounts of my salary these days goes into my savings accounts, and less and less on entertainment and fancy dinners etc. (luckily my wife loves sitting at home watching anime and jdrama or k-dramas makes it easier for me to save money)

    • James Way says:

      Dragoon, as in The Legend of Dragoon…i completely missed that one for psone classics.

    • Will in that ages immunity and physical fitness of the body is not that active or enthusiastic compared to younger people.. My advice though.. If that’s your plan.. play the games moderately and do some lil exercise or stretching activity. We do not know if the muscles or part of the body will have a peculiar behavior.

  5. ZorakTorok says:

    I actually played both types of games you listed, for example i switch between doomgls and fflll on d360 . I think what i miss in the rpg area now is simple turn based gameplay. Everyone is trying a more action oriented style. It does make sense, square was interviewed and said they would not return to that era fully because with graphics and standards now it just wouldnt make sense for the characters to stand still for any real length of time. Games like secret of evermore (i liked it better than mana) are still eround, just in an evolved state. Chrono cross didnt fare well and neither did the ct ds. Creator stated that if we ever wanted to see a sequel we should have bought more copies of that… Insulting statement considering the target audience of the ds. It is true that most american gamers are into action games. The type that can be churned out almost ebery year for maximum profit. An open world rpg with side quests that would satisfy us in this day and age are massive undertakings that take years to come out ; oblivion to skyrim. Anyone making something has the intent to profit with as little resources as possible, the games we have here in america fullfill that quota. I want to see more imports , but by the numbers, they just dont make it here.

  6. droyd66 says:

    I would love to get Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Final Fantasy Type-0 even though there is already an english patched version of Monster Hunter.

  7. n3rk3 says:

    @play the best Kirby ever called kirbys Adventure for NES

  8. Narles says:

    I really want Valkyria Chronicles 3 to get localized in english and brought to North America. Too bad that is looking really unlikely. Hopefully the fan translation project gets completed and then I will get to enjoy this awesome title. Link for those who are interested: http://vc3translationproject.wordpress.com

  9. starfall05 says:

    i agree, i am a huge JRPG fan myself, favorites are of course final fantasy, chrono trigger/cross, breath of fire series, and three sisters story (lol, last one is not a JRPG, but great japanese game 🙂 )

    and imho, these kind of games brings the best feeling and experiences to a gamer. however it is really a sad fact that, only a few are being ported and even a few more are being developed for western gamers, due to “unpopularity”.

    anyway, i think we are still lucky companies such as XSEED are here..been waiting for ragnarok odyssey for months now.. and i hope someone ports god eater 2 fast 🙂 since my hope for a monster hunter vita has died

    • clicks says:

      At least Monster Hunter would just need a keyword cheat sheet to play through! That’s how I played Mon Hun P 3rd before the fan translation patch.

  10. dante says:

    O yeah what about the earthbound series, would be cool if all of them could have been localized…
    Will go play Black mesa now while trying to remember other jrpgs that would be nice to have here.

    • clicks says:

      There are all sorts of rumors why Earthbound won’t be localized outside of Japan, but the only solid one is that NOA and NOE are evil.

      … Not that it’s too hard to play them all in english on emulators, plus there most likely won’t be anymore at all, so building up the franchise outside of Japan will require more effort than it could ever be worth for them.

      Guess we’ll have to stick with Super Smash Bros for our localized Earthbound/Mother goodness.

  11. francesco says:

    I have started to learn japanese so that i could play import game..

    Final fantasy type 0 exist only in japan, it’s absurd…

    • reaper527 says:

      unfortunately, that’s starting to become only half the battle. region locks seem to be becoming more and more prevalent, and as our consoles become more and more online oriented, methods to override the region locks become less feasible since we are forced to choose between removing regionlocks or staying online.

      look at the x360. pretty much every game in japan aside from 5 or 6 is region locked, so you have to either get a dedicated system for import games, or jtag/rgh your system and forgo xbox live (which is a huge part of the system)

      the ps3 is just as online oriented as the 360 is, and the portable consoles are quickly getting into the same situation.

  12. Crimson says:

    JRPGs Rock!!

  13. Reaper666 says:

    i love phantasy star portable 2 and it’s wifi online .. and it’s rpg game play …

    • clicks says:

      Really wanted PSP2 Infinite here… They’re no PSO but still damn fine games in their own right and a constant improvement over the first PSU titles!

  14. Chasez671 says:

    I really wanted Tales of Innocence R! It’s one of the reasons I bought this darn Vita. But unfortunately, I didn’t do my homework and I assumed they would be smart and localize it. But to my surprise, I found out it would never be available in the US. I’m sure it would’ve sold well here. It would definitely boost the poor line up of games that the Vita has right now.

  15. different55 says:

    I’m sad that summon nights swordcraft story 3 for gba never got here 🙁

  16. jdubs says:

    Tales looks good! But dont forget we do have some actual announced games to look forward to. Persona Gold, HD remakes of final Fantasy X and XII (supposedly), disgea, and phantasy star. I really would love to see Type-0 come out in US for sure though.

    Other series that aren’t jrpgs that I would like to see..
    -Resident Evil
    -Tomb Raider

    How sick would those games be on the Vita!?!

  17. KuroRyuu913 says:

    Brave Fencer Musashi as a PSOne classic (PSP)
    Tales of Innocense (PSP)
    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP/PS3)
    Tales of VS (PSP)
    Tales of Heroes (PSP)
    Neon Genesis Evangaleon(PSP)
    Digimon World RE:Digitized
    Grand Knight’s History (PSP)
    Jump Ultimate Stars (DS)
    Taiko No Tatsujin Series (3DS, DS, PSP, Wii)

  18. Leroux says:

    Whoo I’m also south african 😛
    But yeah if you moan about lack of jrpg’s in the US, be happy you don’t live here 🙂
    Almost impossible to get hold of games like Breath of Fire, Chrono Cross etc. Have to import all of them

  19. NinjaKakashi says:

    I couldn’t be bothered reading over 50% of the posts but guess what dudes I was born in South Africa mwahahahah:)but now I live in England:(

  20. James Way says:

    Hey sony if you’re around here, what’s up with getting chrono cross on the vita. I’m happy I got trigger on it.

    I know it’s not thast rpgish, but parasite eve is a good one. I’m glad I got vhbl, because there are some japanese roms I got to try out. Now I just need a cute japanese girl to teach me japanese.

  21. けい says:

    The Tales series has gone to *** since Destiny II, and not the Western re-titled Tales of Eternia, the actual sequel to Destiny.

    Tales of Graces had a nice battle system, but other than that, it’s just a famous series title being milked. Like that fighting game and the *** Musou series wonna be. It just get’s more and more pathetic…

  22. Leires says:

    You should try umm..Xenoblade Chronicles for the wii. Another good game (though it’s a bit difficult) is Resonance of Fate/End of Eternity for PS3/360. D:

  23. HaunterZeroX says:

    I agree with you. There are many great games out there with great story lines, but here in the US, isn’t great. I do trust Namco to bring some of their best titles into the US. But still, there were some great titles that I would’ve liked to see here in the US. Like Tales of Rebirth, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of the World 2 and 3, etc. Many of us gamers that have enjoyed these types of RPG, these are great hits that people are waiting for an oversea port to them, but in the end, would be forced to wait for translations and faqs on the game.

  24. Sakuryu says:

    I agree, I love my JRPGs but it sucks we don’t get any titles, even more painful is the region lock on memory cards, I used to like going on the japanese store and getting some games but now I cant get on there without deleting my memory card and formatting my system

  25. i love gundam says:

    i wanna all psp gundam and ps vita games and ps3 and all bleach psp

  26. clicks says:

    Yeah, 3DS being region locked felt like a swift kick to the *** when it was first announced…

    I would be satisfied getting more Monster Hunter here and I have NO idea why Capcom just… STOPPED giving them to us (spite against their fanbase?).

    heck, I don’t like soccer (futaball or whatever) but the Inazuma Eleven games are an absolute blast! But even Europe misses out on the Inazuma Eleven GO titles, and I relied on Europe’s limited fortune with the games to play versions I can understand (IE1 and 2)…

  27. b2p1mp says:

    jrpg are usually super time consuming with save points far and few between and tactic battles that last forever each. They just seem not to fit as well on a portable system as arcade/action type games. Ported jrpg with more save spots that are designed to be shutdown without losing an hour of gameplay would be ideal. Ive seen some rpgs that would kill my vita battery life inbetween save points.

  28. Cristal666 says:

    And how you get the game,you bought it in japan and then use it?.

  29. Jason says:

    oh yeah I here you on that I am a big jrpg fan and not a lot of them get released stateside.I am excited just to get Ni No Kuni released in the west. I seen a lot of jrpgs on the ds and psp that looked excellent and never got a western release but i know if us fans of jrpg’s try and make a fan page or something to try and get jrpg’s released over here because who doesn’t know about final fantasy.

  30. jamesssss says:

    I never understand with this translation stuff, Microsoft showed with the Xbox 360 how to do it.

    Basically from a Microsoft dev article they said that they do the translations for all languages simultaneously, this brings the workload down as you can be play testing the game as you go along bit by bit. Why do the Japanese build the whole game and then go back and translate it if they see the need? this must make the process so much longer and harder.

    I would be happy if they just translated the text ?(even just give us a Romanji option), not really bothered about the voices as I have a basic understanding of Japanese and the Japanese voice actors always sound so much better!

    Even better… why don’t they design games with language files that they release to the community, that way if the manufacturer doesn’t want to localise somebody in the community can translate the text. Maybe once done you could load it back on a USB stick back in to the game. One of the reasons I like having a hacked console is so that I can get JRPG translations.

  31. neverthewiseone says:

    japanese companies should always release different version of the game a local one and an english subbed/dubbed. english, because most of us here in asia use this to communicate with others, most of us enjoy rpg’s specially the japanese ones. if they cant find an sponsor(like xseed) in the west why cant they can just post it on psn(japan)any way most of us use multiple accounts and im sure they can return their investment in dubbing,encoding and such. they can even earn more with a broaden clientele here in Asia and how much more if you add the west rpg lovers!!!!

  32. Cristal666 says:

    I asked wololo if the game will work even if im in Argentina he said that it will work,the thing is,is it going to work really?,because i think there is Region protection ¿right? or it will work anyways on my vita.

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