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The current state of Vita hacking (September, 2012)


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  1. Feriolll says:

    I think of ballsacks

  2. quetz says:

    i think the ps Vita if hacked could really have a better future

  3. Randqalan says:

    This look promising look like Vita might get in the next year The psp treatment 😀

  4. ??? says:

    A JTAG on a Sony console? NOTACHANCE!!

  5. Davee says:

    I don’t understand the fascination with JTAG port. It’s unlikely to respond, as it did on PSP, history tends to repeat itself.

  6. PSVita says:

    if Goroh_kun has copyright issues uploading the dump, he can use thepiratebay…… and post it anonymously….

  7. quetz says:

    as now charles proxy doesn’t work to avoid update. i wonder if it’s possible to share psv contents already backed up with opencma, and licensing it to use on different systems. or maybe demo applications no need licensing? could this work somehow?

  8. fran says:

    psvita running games ps2. Please wololo answer me .

    • 0nyx says:

      This video seems fake, there seems to be a significant delay between the moment a button is pressed and the moment the game reacts. I also think it would be impossible to play PS2 games at this point, as the Vita can’t natively run PS2 games, so a user made emulator would be necessary and we are too early in the Vita hack to hope to achieve this.

      The sad part about this? The user who posted this video is the one who also posted the multiple videos showing a Vita running PSP isos. So this was probably fake all along.

    • The End says:

      That’s the trickery of using a *** camera to record fake vids 🙂

    • Pirate Cat says:

      Some games don’t run at fullspeed on PCs with more powerful hardware. It’s safe to chalk it up to nonsense until it’s verified/released by a credible source, like our resident blog overlord :).

      I’m all for the UM exploit. Full power for emulators, a good browser, a media player with better support, or whatever else the system can handle.

    • Miguel says:

      you could see the light changing after he presses the button to start the game, sorry bud… it’s fake

  9. Timberack says:

    I haven’t played my PS Vita in months, but I play my hacked PSP almost daily, it’s fantastic news that so much has been accomplished sofar, I appreciate all the members of the community helping out. I’m waiting for the day where we have full Vita access, maybe then I will blow the dust off it.

  10. Orelldo says:

    I believe it will lead to great things for the Vita if it could be cracked open like the PSP, it has far more potential to become something great.

  11. DESTROYER_ONER says:

    it’s only the beginning!

  12. meanmachine781 says:

    imagine if it could be hacked to play ps2 games!!!! ***!

  13. jdubs says:

    Sony should just give in. Just imagine the amount of 32 & 64g memory sticks they would sell with a hacked vita. LOL! I know I would need that much space…if not more.

  14. andi23mich says:

    Would it be Possible to Hack the Vita so you can Switch to the Psp Emu with the XMB and all the stuff that an normal Psp has? That would be INSANE!!! It’s Iike 2 in 1 Console then.

    • PSVetoed! says:

      You mean like dual booting? Dual boot the PS vita and PSP xmb with maybe a button combo or an gesture. Because that would be kind of cool

      • andi23mich says:

        Yes, thats what i sort of mean, i meant to click on a exploited psp game on the vita and it starts the psp emu with the xmb and all. That would be really awsome

    • neverthewiseman says:

      well it’s nice to dream sometimes. like Santa giving you Benjamins on Halloween’s day.

  15. Well good to hear the scene is alive and well. I wish the vita gets hacked to the fullest, but ISO playing should be the least priority. Imagine all the stuff you can do with the vita if its gets hacked. Sony hasn’t put out its full potential on the vita yet. Can’t believe hackers are the one’s that are making the vita awesome with VHBL.

    -Sent from a PlayStation(R)Vita

  16. PSVetoed! says:


  17. nCadeRegal says:

    good read, im up for any good news. Things will start happening soon if the vita follows the same course as the psp. just imagine in 2 to 3 years from now what we can and will be doing with our vitas!

  18. randy is pseudo says:

    i find it unfortunate to the EXTREMES that im not enjoying homebrew on my vita, it was fun to get the vhbl and all but ima update for now…and wait till a kernel exploit to run psp games legally! lol thanks anyways wololo and everyone else

  19. ALcohol_HeroZz says:

    hey wololo should i update my ps vita because at the same time i feel 2 play psn online and emulator if u was me what would you do??

    • wololo says:

      I am not you. Personally, I’ll stick on 1.80 until I need to go to 1.81 for good reasons. If you need to play online, then you should update. VHBL does not bring much more than a hacked PSP, except the awesome screen and controls of the Vita.

  20. Brendan B. says:

    I’d love to see a VHBL or PSP hack with homebrews and emulators but I really want to avoid piracy of PSP and Vita games. It’ll just kill the system of what could otherwise be awesome.

    I didn’t pay $300 for this beast to have pirates turn it into a fancy paperweight.

    • ghadz says:

      Yeah you have a good point there mate! Hope it would not go down in the same path as the psp did..

    • ??? says:

      You can play pirated games on PS2 since its launch, the real reason why a console become useless is the lack of games and first party support not piracy alone!!

      • jeremymd says:

        actually the “lack of games” is because of long-run piracy. game devs won’t make as much profit if their game can be played for free on a specific console, so they stop supporting it.

        then again, i think this is just greed. if you make 10 chairs and just give it away to 10 people, you lost in all aspects. but what if you can give and give people chairs and never run out because all you do is copy the chair with a gesture and there you go?


        that doesn’t mean we aren’t at fault at all with our unstated motives. for me, it’s fight fire with fire.

    • ghadz says:

      True! Thats why sony updates to minimize potential hacks and encourage game developers

  21. 2die4 says:

    the it cant be shared because of copyright is always bs

    • matt says:

      You’re only saying this because you don’t have anything to share that you’re likely to get sued by some large corporation for.

      I agree that it SHOULD be able to be shared, and I’d attempt to share it if I were him. But the amount of secrecy you’d need to use to be 100% certain that they wouldn’t track it all back to you would be ridiculous, and even then you’d be taking a big chance. After having revealed to anyone that he had dumped this information, his internet connection alone is probably enough to track him down if Sony attempted to prosecute him for releasing it, so I doubt he’d want to take that risk.

  22. CrystalMusic07 says:

    Great things to happen on our vita 🙂

  23. GottZ says:

    *hoping it is a jtag port*

  24. Xinefury says:

    Assassins creed 3 liberation = us updating ps vita.

  25. Aero says:

    Yifan’s PSM exploit seems like the most viable way into the system for now. It’s probably a method to access more of the Vita’s juice than the SDK gives devs access to and nothing more. Maybe, just maybe, a way to run apps developed with Yifan’s PSM toolchain straight from the Vita, without having to submit it to Sony.

    If Yifan’s exploit is what I’ve described, then I don’t see how it by itself would stop someone from developing a Vita game loader. I don’t want that at all, and neither does Yifan, so I’d imagine that he’s creating a whole toolchain that blocks off access to Vita game loading.

    All I want is an excuse for drk||raziel to port NullDC to the Vita. You know that man will if the means to are given to him. Then I will happily purchase a Vita!

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