Sony announces a new PS3 model, 25% lighter, 20% smaller


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41 Responses

  1. Ante

    I like the new design. but I don’t understand why they spend time and money on a “new” ps3. Maybe it’s easier and cheaper for them to produce.

  2. -X-77

    Happy i got my slim. Nice and in between :]

  3. hene193

    500gb WOOT
    Now i have the fat original with 80gb HDD which isn’t enough.
    Looks really cool.
    “Prices will vary by country across Europe.” That’s bad. So price will be something around 300€ in Finland.

    • Acid_Snake

      you know, you can upgrade the ps3 hdd without any loss of warranty or any other expensive adapter.

      • clicks

        US price would lean me towards the $300 model. $30 more for an extra 250GB? Not bad…

        But that 12GB model in Europe? I’m sure you can find a 1TB HDD with the 70 euros you just saved.

      • Tony s

        last time i took hdd out of the phat ps3 it wiped that hdd clean nothing found in it or hidden in it

  4. Zonic

    Well, you can’t spell $ony without $

  5. iAlwaysFocus

    If then console is going to be released then maybe no new console next year probably until 2014 no point in making this if a new will be out next year.

  6. Jesus

    100% uglier

  7. meanmachine781


  8. hack for this new board or no i dont know much about hack sony ps3 iam user of xbox 360 but iam interesting in buy one of this i want 12gb and put in 1TB

  9. jamesssss

    wow now Sony beat there record, release a phat, then a slim and now an “ultra” slim!! don’t they realize consumers will stop trusting them and won’t buy a device early on for fear of it being superseded (thats my main concern with the Vita next to it having no games). What are Sony doing, copying Apple now, lets make it a bit smaller and a bigger hard disk (in apples case a screen) and then flog it on! least they aren’t charging twice as much like Apple would!

    whats the point? I can see why they did phat to slim especially when they decreased the NM of the CPU and RSX as well improving cooling etc… to prevent YLOD but adding another PS3 to the mix this late on is just being greedy!

    Plus the phat was huge!! although style wise its silver and shiny black does look much better than the current slim does, and it looks like some of that style might be back in the ultra slim.

  10. KonataRola

    this one looks like a car amplifier o.o and it seems they`re following the same routine like apple buy this model and next year buy the one that is slimmer and lighter …

    1º-is a home console … why we need a lighter model Again ? maybe the table would be broken apart by the other model of ps3 xDDD hahaha….

    2º- it do the same thing like any other PS3 (omiting retrocompatibility of the First Models…)

    3º- it would be better a Price drop and Ps3`s with less capacity using instead of renew all the hardware a SSD of 12GB or something on the slim version >.>

    4º-surely the components are cheaper so who knows what quality are inside the hood

    well …. instead of making that nonsense changes they need to do something with the vita because is a waste of hardware without software …

    sorry for bad english ò.ó

    • liampaulmassey

      I agree with you about the PS Vita, I wish you could alter the home page style and colour like you can with the PS3, but the ridge’s on the new PS3 look horrible

      • The End

        You falter the background color by holding down touch screen at the homepage, when it goes to the “move icon” mode hit the little white square at one of the corners there you can change the color for each block of homescreen 🙂

  11. Atlast! A sexy looking product in PS3.. yehey..

  12. Atlast! A sexy looking product in PS3.. yehey.. I doubt its more cheaper than the old models..

  13. mohsin


  14. Darksin

    Does it play PS2 games??

  15. wala

    and a little bit longer?

  16. liampaulmassey

    I think the ridge’s on this new model don’t look nice, I think they look horrible

  17. jd20dog

    at least they didnt show off the 16 gb unit in the patent from a month or so ago
    that had me scared as to what sony planed to do with the ps3

  18. Rowan

    they way it opens, disable the sensors, make it so you can open via sliding it with your fingers and vola, SWAP MAGIC people for all my game backups

  19. Pirate Cat

    I wonder how much this will shake if it reads a disc at max speed?

    The new model is a waste of money.

  20. regkilla

    It looks cool. Getting this when it releases!

  21. XdarknidjaX

    The unboxing of the new ps3 slim

  22. Noel Abercrombie

    I’m not too fond of the new design, Aesthetically wise, But It does mean that you can put stuff on top of it.
    That looks just large enough to put a NES or Dreamcast on. Excellent.

  23. Shinny

    I wont be surprised if people start calling it PS3 Street.. Pathetic sony, trying to get money while making it look a bit different, i do like the 500GB hdd but then again im boycotting sony..

  24. Aye Guy

    This isnt the rumored ps4 is it?

  25. Zimond

    12 gigs are a joke! I mean, hello? 3 Games and it is full?

  26. so wen comes psvita slim

  27. Arashi no yoru ni

    I would not be stupid and waste money to get this just because it’s lighter and smaller doesn’t mean anything. I was hoping PS4 or something if that even exist.

    This is just lame and boring. Sony continues to unimpressed me. lol

  28. LOLZ

    Trololo. Why $ony keep making s**t. There’s just too much of slim model of every device they made. Seriously, PSP is fine with slim model. Now with the PS3 ? I bet they gonna make more slim model next year slimmer than IPhone and all.

  29. tonyuk73

    Will that make it 45 percent cheaper 😉

  30. saeeid

    very ugly

  31. Chase

    My walmart doesnt have it yet

  32. Richie

    These rehashes of the same system are pathetic. Just excuses to make money off the same thing over and over again. Believe it or not Sony had the same technology to make the first system a “slim”. They just sell things bigger and uglier and then make them smaller to sell the same *** over and over again. Yet, the consumers are so stupid they buy into sony’s ridiculous business practices and support their raping of the consumer. Glad you take it in the you know what so easily consumers.